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                      The Ra'An, November 3, 2010



This is Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010. This is Wynn Free and we have a lot of questions tonight. Now with any health issues, we are not doctors prescribing anything and occasionally something happens energetically that can help someone. So if you are on the line consider it an experiment. We have some helpers and their involvement has always been very positive and that is to help us to love each other and the higher realms of spirit. Thank you to everyone who has sent questions and if you want to send in a question, send it to: .  I do a little protective invocation to make sure that our intentions are as high and positively tuned to bring in positive sources and to keep anything not of that nature of that space, so share this intention with me.


(Wynn Calls In The Light)


Do we have our Sources present?


Ra'An: Yes we are present with you, each and every one of you wherever you may be, whatever time zone and whenever you listen or read the transcripts of this call. This call was originally made on November 3, 2010. Sedona, Arizona is a focal point and also every individual on this line or reading the transcripts later or listening to the audio later has the opportunity to become a recipient of these energies. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes. This question comes from Walt and it has to do with the idea that we are in a free will zone. He asks, are there other zones within the 3rd dimension perhaps with a little closer supervision? I guess we can figure out what he means with a little closer supervision and I would like to say, I know there are places with a lot of slavery and even our realm, even though it is called a free will zone, there seems to me that most people don't exercise free will very well. Perhaps a bigger question might be, what does it mean to exercise free will? We supposedly have it extended to us here.


Ra'An: An individual always has free will whether they are in 3rd dimension or higher or on another planet or here. There are certain perimeters however, that bind up a person's true free will. One of them is gross repeating patterns where they are bound to expressions of patterns from the past and they cannot see outside of those patterns to have a bigger box to choose from. Another is a person's initiative in overcoming suppression. An individual may give in to suppression and feel they do not have the ability to operate outside of the given guidelines of another individual who has a strong will and is projecting it over them. So there are all sorts of ranges of free will and what is meant by free will. One of the things an individual can do in opening their heart, is to begin to see other avenues of expression, so they do not feel so bound and sometimes frustrated by their gross repeating patterns or by the doctrines laid in on them by another.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question here. Now normally I don't like to ask questions about people that have modalities, or this group or that group, but in this particular case, I am fairly certain there is a connection with our work with this other group because there was an experience Terry had in a room with this very person. The modality is called re-connective healing which Eric Pearle teaches and it's a modality of energy work, connecting energies through this practitioner, of course there is other energy work out there that might not be as well known but it just as effective. In this case, Terry was in a room where Eric was giving a talk and at one point he asked people if anyone noticed any unusual phenomena in the room and Terry saw what appeared to be this winged bird which was the symbol of Ra, which is the crop symbol on the back of the book. I don't even know if Terry mentioned it and held up her hand but three other people had seen that same bird. So the question is from Javier and he has witnessed an experienced frequencies involved with re-connective healing and they are very powerful and can you share if the energies that we connect with, are somehow connected to re-connective healing?


Ra'An: The energies of the Elohim are higher frequency and the energies are grounded also to that group in re-connection. In re-connection there are miracles that happen. Parts of the Ra Group are working with Eric Pearle and his group and in the group that Terry attended, three other people saw the bird of Ra over Eric Pearle's head and we of Ra were present working with individuals as Eric Pearle is bringing through some of the same energies that he brought through in Egypt. So the answer is yes.


Wynn: So it's mostly the Ra Group working with Eric Pearle.


Ra'An: Yes


Wynn: Are there other groups that the Elohim group empathizes with more?


Ra'An: Often the Elohim gets calls to go where needed and if we were needed in this area then we would appear.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. Gary Johnson is on the line tonight. Gary got on the line quite a few months ago and there was an unusual interaction between our Source and Gary who was having a problem with tinnitis, ringing in his ear. He was told that they were working with a lesion in his ear and he could feel something happening and he had some slight bit of improvement and we were all amazed because that is not something that happens on this line and he came back a few months later and he was told it was not the right time to do anything further. Now this is eight months and Gary is asking if there is anything he or they can do to help this condition. If you want Gary I can bring him on the line.


Ra'An: Thank you. Hello Gary. We have been connecting with you over the last week and we were hoping you would call in. We look at the ear condition and we see that there are some things needed. Two things. One in the realm of nutrition to fortify the kidney area and this should also strengthen the area in the ear. We also have been looking at the focusing of the tension. We look and we see that your ear has been affected by sound in the past and been overtaxed. We suggest looking outward with you hearing senses and then looking inward and then remembering the sound of the musical instruments. When looking and sensing your ear, sense it being stronger; building a strength within itself that will maintain it's own frequency rather than being so much picking up other frequencies, silencing itself. One of the things that may produce some help in the strengthening of the kidneys is to call Rachael at Dr. Marshall's office at 310 320 1132 and asking her for any information she may have to strengthen the body to bring tinnitis in a tolerable reach. We love you and thank you for calling in as we have been thinking about you.


Wynn: Thank you.

If any of you have called Dr. Marshall and have results, either some results or no results, please email me as I would like to track this. We are not making any money on Dr. Marshall and it's an area where Terry has had personally a lot of impact with him so whether that's bleed through from Terry's mind or a co-creation between her mind and her Source, I don't even venture to know but I would like to know the results so anyone who has bought something from Dr. Marshall, send me an email. Thank you.


The number thirteen is believed to be an unlucky number by many people. Is it unlucky?


Ra'An: Thank you.

Thirteen is a superstition and individuals who believe in this superstition, then move into frequency and bring it to themselves so it is unlucky for those people and in consensus reality it is considered unlucky. Some buildings leave out the thirteenth floor and some individuals on the thirteenth floor do very well. We see that there is a certain relationship in the planetary evolution and in numerology to these numbers and it is not as strong a number as some of the other numbers and so also is considered unlucky from that standpoint. There is more information on the number thirteen and we are not able to bring that forth at this time.


Wynn: Thank you.

The person asks, when the Apollo 13 mission failed. Was there a connection because the Apollo had that number in it?


Ra'An:We do not see that it failed because of the number thirteen in the mission.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have an email here and has to do with a lady who has a grand daughter who is fifteen years old and is pregnant and has a terrible attitude. How can she help the attitude of her granddaughter. Her name is Leia and she is in Tyler, Texas.


Ra'An: Thank you.

We send greetings to Tyler and we send greetings to the grandmother so we answer the question for the grandmother. The grandmother first of all can give whatever love and guidance to the granddaughter that she has available and opportunity to give. Do not feel that you have failed when there is such a situation and there is the bringing through the karma of the girl and she is working through some unpleasant situations and patterns. One of the things that you can do is to listen to her which may be uncomfortable, which may be hard since she may be hard to listen to. We see and we answer the question for the grandmother. Maintain your own center and do not be thrown off, although this can be very disheartening a situation and a very important situation to you which can result badly or well. The child is picking up some of the discomfort and attitude as he is bathed in the attitude. We will at a distance provide love-light although we cannot violate free will. We say to you the grandmother to love yourself and to keep your own counsel and we send love-light particularly to you as this is such a difficult situation and it is so important to you to have a positive outcome. This is one situation in many lifetimes and keep your own center, knowing that you have not failed and that other factors are in play here and do the best that you can under difficult circumstances if your wisdom sees possible, but realize the girl is working through her own free will issues and past patterns which makes it difficult. Underneath the bad attitude there is fear and there is grief and you can by facing up to whatever is going on and maintaining your own center you can provide an example for the girl, although it may not appear like it. Thank you.


Wynn: There are certain people that recommend that we don't eat meat and this person is asking for her own need for protein and she has a negative feeling about the value of soy and other people have spoken about soy, not necessarily being a good replacement for protein and she mentions she has an O negative blood type and has been told by the medical profession that grains and beans are not healthy for her because she has that blood type. This is a two part question. The first part is the idea that we should stop eating meat and eat vegetables. Is that true for everyone?


Ra'An: That is not true for everyone as some individuals do need meat to sustain themselves and to get the best protein for their particular system.


Wynn: How can a person figure out if they should be a vegetarian or a meat eater. Is it something they have to experiment with and watch their own energy patterns?


Ra'An: This is one way to do it, to watch their own patterns and see if they go strictly vegetarian how does this affect their energy level and how does this sustain them over a month or so. Soy is promoted very highly in some health arenas, however, there are two things about soy. One, there has been much damage to the soy product through genetic engineering, so if one is going to eat soy they should eat soy that is not genetically engineered. The genetically engineered soy carries with it some of the genetics from crops that are detrimental to the pests that invade the soy crop and so the genetically engineered soy becomes resistant pests, however that does not set well with human consumption. The second thing, soy is not easily digested in it's raw form, therefore, if one eats it over a period of time, they may notice they are not doing as well. They may be weaker or their connective tissue may start degrading. Their body may start not being as resilient for them. Therefore is one is a vegetarian and is eating soy, their problem with the vegetarianism may be that only that they are eating the soy, and may not be the vegetarianism. If one is eating a good diet of vegetables and getting proteins from this, they may be doing better than if they were eating meat, but this is for certain types of people.


Wynn: Any particular comment if you can read what an O negative blood type is, that this particular person has been told that grains, beans and dairy is not healthy for them.


Ra'An: We understand what this is and we do look at this person and we do see that they would do very well with organic chicken and some organic meats. Now let us look at grains and beans. We see that this is not such a simple question as one may at first take it to be because certain grains are prepared in certain ways that make it very hard to get the proper nutrition from them. There are ways of preparing grains and beans that they maintain the best nutrition possible and others where much of the nutrition is removed. Oats is an example. We are looking at the possibility that if we give a blanket answer this would establish guidelines for this person and we do not wish to establish guidelines for this person. We wish perhaps to give some information which will help in the choosing of their diet. They may try some grains and beans also and find some are healthy and some may not. For instance, wheat may be hard to digest for this person and the intake of some meats may make a stronger base for this person. We only give some information to guide this person but we do not wish to give strict guidelines for example, staying away from grains and beans because we do feel there are some grains this person could eat that would be a very good source of protein, and if this person can try some different things and just be sensitive to their own body and see what makes them stronger, what grains are they allergic to and stay away from, like perhaps wheat. To really sense what is going on, even perhaps even keeping a log, of what they eat and how they feel for the days after and again what they eat and how they feel on the days after. Get a sense of what that food feels like in the system. Does it give energy and sustenance and make the person feel more complete or does it feel empty, non nourishing, does it give a toxic or allergic reaction. We suggest this person keep a log of what they eat and then keep the log of how they feel and get a sense of how a particular food feels in them and how it maintains over days. We also say that if a person is having digestion problems then they can find out very much information about this by taking different enzymes and they can improve their digestion when they are eating cooked food and Dr. Marshall does have products that one can take, for instance, digestive enzymes that can very much increase the amount of nutrition a person can get out of cooked foods. As a person gets older their digestion can very much benefit by some of the supplementation of digestive enzymes. We hope we have been clear.


Wynn: Thank you very much.

This next question is from Gina. It has to do with graduating from this realm. At various times there has been bits and pieces of information so I can mention now, just so those listening now can tap into this question. Graduation has to do with keeping your heart open 51% so that your energy field fits in to what is sometimes called the new earth or the upgrading earth where people will be going through lessons of compassion and empathy as opposed to power as opposed to power which is the old earth, so to speak. At different times we have been told that the higher vibrations are as an overlay now and we are feeling the vibrations of that even though our bodies are still on the old earth there has been some information that the transition from the old earth to the new earth will be assisted by good ET's or maybe the Ra Group who will come down on ships and we will have to go with that at a moments notice without hesitation or second thoughts. There is another bit of information that says people will disappear from this realm and end up in another realm in this process Jesus called rapture or ascension. We asked about that and they said this would be possible for some people if their chakras are all open. Most people will not qualify for that but to qualify for graduation your 4th heart chakra has to be open. You would die a death in this realm and incarnate on this new earth, so to speak. Gina wants to know the current clarification on all these possibilities.


Ra'An: Thank you. We look at Gina with great love and we see the question. Moment by moment the earth is moving closer to shifting. As we move closer to 2012 and after 2012 some of the actions taken by the government can bring the difficult times more into the earth realm and create further opportunity for the opening of the heart by individuals. This is the salvation of individuals, the opening of the heart. We do not see that many will qualify for a sudden disappearing although that is possible to happen with some individuals who are more advanced. We do not see the arrival of ships that would be of a positive nature that would take individuals away. We do see that as individuals open their hearts they are ready for a life in an area of love and compassion. As the earth plane increases in frequency it is becoming open to those individuals. Other individuals who do not have an open heart are dropping away. They may be leaving the realm. It is too hard for them to exist in the difficult circumstances. Individuals with an open heart can move from realm to realm more easily, can survive in what length of time they still have to survive on the earth plane, more easily as they will bond together and people that are bonded together will have a better ability to survive together in the earth plane. The earth plane is becoming harder as it increases in frequency for individuals with a closed heart to be here at all so the new individuals coming into the realm are the more advanced Indigo and Crystal children that have an ability to work with the higher frequencies. That is our answer at this time.


Wynn: Thank you.

So just to reiterate one clarification. If a ship lands and says get on board, one should think about that decision very carefully?


Ra'An: Definitely, one should think about that decision as it may be a negative source that is coming.


Wynn: Is there any possibility that a positive source would do that?


Ra'An: There is some slim possibility, however, we will give you the short answer here. We do not anticipate that it would be a positive source.


Wynn: Thank you.

This question is from Dee from Ohio. She had a spider bite and it became infected and her question is that could it be possible that her thinking of that and putting it out there caused the spider to bite her?


Ra'An: Yes, synchronicities can be brought about because when one is thinking about it one is in the frequency of it. We would suggest that you really have your house and the lots around your house, that you have control of, looked at and see if you can clear the area of spiders. She asks for help with healing of her spider bite.


Ra'An: Thank you. We are looking at your bite and sending love-light to the area.


Wynn: Thank you.

Now we have a question from Edna. Edna is feeling a light vibration on her left foot sole that has been happening quite often and when she meditates or is in silence, the vibration increasing. She wonders if this vibration has anything to do with healing. She has been asking for help in opening her chakras and wonders if this vibration is the light working on her body.


Ra'An: Your left side is more open and so the vibration is energy moving in through the fourth chakra. There is a chakra in the sole of your feet and this is energy moving in and through this foot chakra you can see if you can balance and bring energy in the other side and at some point put your feet on the floor with your bare feet and feel the energies and the variation of energies that you can bring in through your feet chakras. We also notice that you feel tingling sometimes in the palms of your hands. These also contain areas of chakras that can give and receive energy. You also have chakras in the tips under your arms.


Wynn: Thank you.

A question from Lorna.

When people are reading prophecies which are anticipating negative consequences from the Bible or other sources, what is the impact from people who have their attention on prophecies and the actual prophecies coming about?


Ra'An: This can bring about these prophecies happening and you may even have officials in power that have read the prophecies and feel so much that this may happen that they create the circumstances for this happening.


Wynn: That is actually existing right now, isn't it that are those in power who believe in these prophecies and they are not just thinking about it but creating circumstances for these to come about.


Ra'An: Yes


Wynn: Ok

We are going to end the questions for tonight. Please submit your questions at: questions and on that note I thank everybody who is listening and on the replay line and I thank Terry and I thank Gina and Gijs who is not on the line tonight for his help and I thank all of you who are on the line holding energy and helping us do that. I wish everybody a good evening and the next time we do something is Sunday morning and I will look forward to seeing everyone.






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