Monday – 11/08/2010

Title – Feeling the energies (meditation) 

Source – Ra’an

Channel - Terry Brown

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free


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Transcriber - Connie O'Brien

Editor -Terry Brown




WYNN:  This is Monday November 8th, (2010) Wynn Free on our Monday night conference call and BBS simulcast, that’s for those of you who are just picking up the audio broadcast and listening in. 


Everybody knows what it’s like to feel energy, most everybody.  When somebody is in the room with you, even if you’re not talking, on some level you can feel their presence.  If you’re in a room with a lot of people like in a movie theatre or a lecture or a music concert, you can feel the presence of everybody in the room. 


Have you ever noticed that, if you’re one of those old-fashioned folks that still goes  to movie theatres to watch a movie, the experience of the movie in a movie theatre is much more enhanced than watching it on video, usually.  The reason is because you are experiencing the movie with the energy of the group, and you tune into that group energy and you feel it and the movie, as the group gets moved you get moved. 


Even though this idea of energy can seem like “Woo Woo” on one level, on another level it’s not an unfamiliar experience to tune into energies.  Most people, even if they don’t understand metaphysical phenomena, even if they don’t believe in God, even if they don’t believe in anything more than what they can see – most people have some sensitivity to group energies.


In fact every moment of your life, to some degree or another, you’re in the middle of a group energy.  Even cities have energies to them.  There’s ways that the people in the city combine their energies based on years and years of precedent, like maybe hundreds of years.  Somebody starts a wave interaction and that particular city has an ambience to it.  Many people would say they feel an ambience in the city of San Francisco, or even in Manhattan.  Of course, there are little towns that have ambiences even stronger, and then there’s other locations where it’s cacophonic, where people don’t feel energies and everyone is going in their own direction.


It’s kind of like when the energies get lined up, going in the same direction, people can feel them.  ‘Coherency’ is the right word I was looking for – coherent energy – and I would guess that if we were asking our sources about that, they would say the geometries are working together.  On some level, there were geometries created that everyone who’s in that city participates and has learned that geometry.  Of course, they wouldn’t call it geometry, they don’t even know they’re learning, but they were brought up in it and they continue it and it passes on to their children.  So the idea of feeling energies is a universal experience.  No matter what name you call it, everybody feels energy.


Now the real interesting step here is:  Is there energy that can come into this dimension from another dimension that you can feel?  Perhaps maybe all energy that we feel is from another dimension, but it takes a human to be the focus, the source, and then we start tapping into other dimensions.  I remember many times when I was younger I would go to spiritual groups and I could feel a special energy in the room.  If you go to church, some churches can produce that, some synagogues.  It depends on who is leading it.  It depends on the spiritual history of that room because if a room is used to create coherent energy, then over a period of time that room will just hold that space and whenever anyone walks into it, people will say, “Hey, there’s good vibes there” or “I can feel the spirit.”  However you would describe it.


We on this call, on all our calls, have been learning and I’m learning in particular.  If somebody told me I would be doing this five years ago, ten years ago, I would have never believed it.  I wouldn’t even have believed it was possible, perhaps.  I wouldn’t have understood it.  We have been having ongoing communications with intelligences in other dimensions.


One of the ways they described themselves, way back at the beginning of this experience, is they said they could ‘jump in and out’ of this dimension like we jump in and out of a swimming pool and that we could feel them as what they called ‘love-light energy.’  I think when they gave that communication, I had not had the experience of feeling their energies.  Or maybe I felt them but I didn’t identify it as them.  It’s kind of subtle.  If you’re listening, it’s not like you get hit over the head and it goes *kaboom* and “We’re the Elohim.”  It’s very gentle, it’s almost seamless.  When you start feeling the energies it’s hard to tell where you stop and they begin.  Although you notice sensations in your body of some sort, and it’s going to be different for everybody.  So I’m not going to define it so precisely to say “If you’re feeling this, you’re feeling them.”  I can say from my own experience it’s seamless.  You might notice as I keep talking about this, and just talking about them they start rolling in, and it’s almost like “Is that it?  Am I feeling them?”  It’s subtle, it feels like you, but a bigger you, a more relaxed you.


On this call tonight … on many of these calls we have had conversations with them.  They have answered questions that seem to indicate that they understand what they’re supposed to understand.  In other words, there’s a whole series of calls where we asked them, “How did you create this realm?”  And, they answered.  Certainly it was information that wouldn’t normally come of out Terry.  We’ve asked them all kinds of questions.  At some point we’ll have archives up; we’re getting close, and this is really valuable material to check out.  I think through their answers to their questions, that one gets the first really (good) indication of who is answering those questions.  Where does that come from?  Terry couldn’t answer that.  Who’s answering it?  Then, you look at the questions and the answers and they attempt to describe how they connect with us.  I started a few years ago to feel the energy of the connection every time I did something publicly with people.  On this particular call, I announced that we were going to just focus on bringing their energies in. 


There’s a lot of really neat things about learning to connect with these energies.  Since they’re intelligent, and since they exist, and since as far as I can tell, they exist in a place where it’s very special for them to radiate love energy, loving energy into this realm.  I don’t know, I was going to say they don’t have much to do, but it’s beyond my ability to understand what a spirit-form, that’s pure energy, has to do.  I’m sure there’s things they have to do or that they do do.  It’s not easy to understand, since I can only think in human terms how they do things.  I do know they have sub councils, like there’s the Council of Twelve, and, at least the way it was described, the Council of Twelve monitors the physical realm in our planet and maybe more, probably more, and they look for places light energy can be focused.  Then they would petition the higher sources to bring the energy in.  We might ask a question or two about that, because there is some sort of bureaucracy.


Then there’s the Council of Nine, and the Council of Nine is closer in than the Council of Twelve.  Some of you were on a grid healing a couple of weeks ago, one of our Sunday calls, and I read something from a book.  Not my book, but a book by a lady named Phyllis Schlemmer.  She’s been a channel for many, many years, and she channeled the Council of Nine, and Gene Roddenbury, who was the producer of ‘Star Trek’, used to attend her channelings.  Supposedly the whole ‘Star Trek’ series was based on the way that Gene Roddenbury learned how the universe worked through listening to the channelings of Phyllis Schlemmer.


The Council of Nine is closer in, and I think one time I remember, it was on the rings of Saturn or somewhere in Saturn’s field which meant – you know Saturn is a ‘controlling planet,’ an administrative planet.  So I would imagine that would make the Council of Nine close into administration of our realm, and our solar system.  All of those councils somehow are part of the connection to bringing in the flow of the higher realms, particularly the Elohim.  I believe what I’m talking about is more of an Elohim experience than a Ra experience, I believe so. 


What I’m going to do is call in the light, and I’m going to ask our sources, a few questions through Terry, and then we’re just going to talk to them and have some silence and see if they can greet us energetically.  For those of you that are open I recommend getting into a quiet place, getting away from your family, turning off the TV and you can lay down and we’re going to learn how to receive the energies of the higher realms.  It’s my contention that Terry has the ability to be the voice of those energies.  We can feel them, and then we can talk to them, and then we can feel them, and then we can talk to them - until we make the connection.  Of course, I always tell people that this is a very free will call; so no one is going to impose any energies on you that you would rather not be connected to.


WYNN:  Terry, are you there? 


TERRY:  Yeah, I’m here. 


WYNN:  Were you muted? 


TERRY:  Uh huh. 


WYNN:  How did I guess? 


TERRY:  My slow response. 


WYNN:  Your slow response.  All right. We are very, very, I would say, we are very lucky, to have Terry making  herself so available to do these calls.  We’re also lucky to have Daphne, who sooner or later will be participating I’m sure, to be able to cross-reference data between two different people.  One of the things about soul consciousness – this is my observation and I think I’m correct, but you can … I think they’ve even said this in so many words – when Terry is bringing through their voices there’s not a Terry and them.  They blend with the energy of Terry and I think this is true with Daphne, also.  When they talk, Terry is not vacant.  There are other channels that go into trances, but Terry does not go into a trance; she is not vacating her body and saying, “Speak through me,” she and they are combined, connected.


Is that accurate Terry?  Am I saying that right? Does this feel right to you? 


TERRY:  Well, sometimes I do go into a trance like when they were speaking to Turkey. (This was in a past channeling on the conference line where Ra’An greeted a woman named “Betul” in Turkey, by name when we had never heard of her before and were not aware that she was on the conference line.)


WYNN:  Betul. 


TERRY:  :  (Yes), I was present, but I didn’t know what they were saying.


But it’s essentially, I’m just there, but I’m making myself available to bring through the messages of whatever they’re saying.  I have to tune. I have to tune to them like tuning in a radio station. 


WYNN:  Now when you tune to them, do they blend with you?  Do you feel like you’re part of them, or is there you and them? 


TERRY:  At some level everything is one, but at other levels, they’re totally separate than me. 


WYNN:  Okay.  So if I bring in the light, are you ready and we’ll ask them some questions about the kind of work we’re going to do on the rest of this call?  Are you ready for that? 


TERRY:  Okay.  All right.


WYNN:  You are?  Are you in a good, safe space? 


TERRY:  Um Hum. 


WYNN:  Okay.  So many of you know that we already have a flow of energy happening, and so when I call in the light it’s not like we weren’t having energy flow and we are suddenly having it, it’s always been here but the calling in the light is formalizing it, and it creates more protection.  So it’s my little invocation.





Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through our galaxy, through the planets, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through the top of our heads, through our feet and into the earth.


So we are wiring ourselves up to the universe, our energies are extended, ad infinitum, both above us and below us and we create a group energy while maintaining the individual sovereignty of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, operating in the law of one to join with our group energy and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.  And we take a moment and feel those energies… and we’ll wait for our sources to come forth and introduce themselves.


RA’AN:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  We are here today, the 8th of November 2010, to commune with each and every one of you, and we wish to be of service to you and we are available, all you need to do is ask.  When we honor prayers, we do it for the highest good of all concerned.  Do you have questions?


WYNN:  On this particular call we want to emphasize those people on the line making a connection where maybe they have some chance of feeling your presence.  Since we are looking for that right now, can you give us any guidance on opening to those energies?


RA’AN:  Each and every person on the line is also connected to consensus reality and connected to the energies of the planet of Earth.  As we look upon Earth and we feel the energies, we feel that they are of the nature that comes in when the Earth is in the various season of fall in the northern hemisphere, and moving into spring in the southern hemisphere.  We see the more dark, lack of sun, that plays upon areas such as Alaska and Canada and the United States, and provides, perhaps more of a ‘separate’ or a colder nature.


We then, using this as a backdrop, then connect with each and every individual, warmly, on the line and we are mindful of the positions of the solar system and the various stars and the energies, at this time, have changed in the northern hemisphere from the warmth of the summer in the more northern parts, and moving into a colder back drop.  However, we are warmly connecting and available to connect to each and every person on the line, and it is our joy and honor that we meet with you on this call whether you listen to the transcript or you listen to the call, and we send special warmth and energy to one of the callers on the line who can profit by this connection and is in doubt, and perhaps wonderment, that this can be true.


One of the things that makes it difficult to connect to our energy is that we do not have a physical body, and we are made of energy, and we have great powers to manipulate and use the energy; however, we do not do this, generally, as we wait to be asked. And for people to make the connection so that we then know that our services, for instance say, something that is asked for, that our services are wanted and are asked for and it is the will and intention of the person and the desire of the person to have that experience.


We are at a certain frequency and we have taken on parts of Ra and parts of the Elohim, that we may have a broader band of frequencies available to you.  So we are putting forth a broader band of frequencies that you may sense; however, we are generally at a higher frequency, even so, than the denseness of your realm, the denseness of the body.  Therefore, when individuals look for us to connect energetically with us, we are at a different range of frequency than they may look.  They may be looking for us in their own range of frequency; however, we are generally of a higher frequency, so it makes us hard to sense.  We hope that helps some.


WYNN:  While we’re on this call, can we take some silence and have you work with people individually, on their own energy fields, help them wherever they need balance or healing?


RA’AN:  For everyone that has the desire, yes, we can.


WYNN:  So you like that idea, that’s a positive idea, yes, to do that?


RA’AN:  Yes, it is.  For individuals who wish it – only for individuals who wish it.


WYNN:  Right – to make a connection.  So I’d just like to ask everybody, take a moment and shut their eyes.  Just passively, let these energies go through your body. These are energies from other dimensions.  They’re not from our Earth realm.


RA’AN:  These are higher frequencies than you are used to, in general.


WYNN:  If you feel the energy, start running it through your body, just direct it.


RA’AN:  Wherever it is needed, wherever it is desired.  Some of you are looking at too low a frequency to feel our energy, but do not be disheartened.  There is no need for you to struggle with this.  Your desire is where the connection starts, and we then are available to you, and you may not be looking in our frequency, but we are available to connect and even so, if you cannot do it, there is some difference that is made by the desire, your desire of healing, your desire of connecting,, your desire to grow, your desire to move into a better life.


Some of you may be connected with other energies which are very valuable and important to you.  You do not need to give those up, or feel threatened by our frequency, as we--moving into the Elohim group--are pure love.  You do not need to give up your own frequencies to feel our frequencies either, as it is all there together.


WYNN:  Perhaps you could explain some of the benefits of learning how to tune in to your frequencies.


RA’AN:  We are your friend and your companion and your advocate, and we can help sustain you.  We can also bring you synchronicities by amplifying your desire so that it broadcasts better and you can match up with synchronicities of others that wish to bring a fulfillment of a desire. 


There are more of us, so when we work with you and for you, then it broadcasts better and helps you bring in the object of your desire better, but this is for the highest good only.  So it is not witchery, or it is not outside the bounds of free will.  Free will is totally considered in all aspects of this connection.  We do not violate free will; your free will or others’ free will, in working with you for a better outcome.  All is considered.


WYNN:  Thank you.  Is the Ra group also working with the energies right now?


RA’AN:  We’re working with the energies. 


There are some that are, particularly one, that is moving away and we say, “This is okay, and you are where you are, and we do not violate free will.  So, from a distance, we acknowledge your point of view as yours.“


WYNN:  Thank you.  When someone connects with the energy and they make a request while they’re feeling the connection, does that request for a healing or an intervention have more power to it?


RA’AN:  It only has more power in that they themselves, when they’re feeling the energies, may believe it more that they can be healed, that they may more fully imbibe the healing frequencies and that then they may have a better grounding towards the healing.


WYNN:  Thank you.  We have about five more minutes   Is what we’re doing right now unusual in this realm?


RA’AN:  Yes, we look throughout the realm.   The majority of individuals in the realm move within the frequencies of interaction in their own plane, and move to control and to be the top dog and to be the winner or to have an injustice righted.  They carry an injustice in their heart, and the anger becomes critical, a critical emotion that eventually they do not even know where the anger came from or what it is about and it just becomes a blanket anger.


So individuals in this realm can profit by this type of an interaction, which is broader-scope than the majority of them experience.  They feel grounded and feel comfortable within their own earthly transactions and do not usually go into the range of the frequencies of where we reside, and where they reside at some forgotten level.  They’re merely focused on the lower level of transaction and on the consensus realities, and it is quite a shock to them, some of them, when they pass through their transitional stage and they have to take some time to get used to being able to travel – not on two feet--but to travel by intention.


When one is in the third dimension, thoughts are very much faster than they are able to put into the physical; therefore this is another barrier for their connection with our energies because our energies are very fast but they can still protect, vanguard, surround, be a friend to individuals in the third dimension.  This is very rare and this has been undertaken by your group and Daphne has realized the importance of the mission to bring love light into the slower third density and to help move individuals in the third density closer to home, to their own home on the other side.  It has been said, “One’s home is on the other side, but not a lot of people wish to go there when they are in the third density.”


WYNN:  Thank you.  It’s 7:50 (p.m. Mountain Time) now, and can you continue working with the people after the call ends if they stay quiet and stay focused?


RA’AN:  Yes, the ones with the intention to keeping work with, we will continue to work with, as we are instantaneously in touch with them in coincident time, and we sense when they are moving into other avenues of expression, and we work instantaneously with them in their desires.


WYNN:  Thank you.


RA’AN:  We send greetings to the one who is so skeptical, and we sense your one of area of wishing to connect to feel whole.  Thank you for attending today to that person.


WYNN:  We’re going to very softly end this call and let you continue, those of you that are connecting, to become familiar with this as long as you like, this evening. 


As many of you know, on Wednesday we have a call where people submit questions, and if you’d like your question to be considered, please send it to  Thank you all for helping to hold the energy so that we can do something like this.


If some of you had profound experiences or noticed things, please send me an email. I’d like to read them.  It’s always interesting, because I only have my experience, but when we do these things I get some amazing emails, particularly from people who are highly intuitive or psychic or can see beings, and occasionally they see all these energies around them in some way, shape or form. 


We wish you blessings for the evening and we’ll see some of you Wednesday and some of you on our grid healing on Sunday.  Thanks everybody who is on the conference line and thank Daphne for helping to host this evening, and we thank Terry, of course, and thank our sources.  We’re going to sign off.






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