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                          November 10, 2010 with Ra'An


This is Wednesdsay, November 10th and my name is Wynn Free and this is our conference call where we ask questions that you submit. Over the past eight years I have had this unusual experience of communicating with voices through two people I have been closely associated with. It started out as a bit of a mystery. I am kind of an independent person and I was concerned that some force or intelligence might be trying to tell me what to do or take me over but mostly what they said was just ask us questions. I was writing the book on David Wilcock, the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce when this started and I started asking questions. I asked about the book I was writing. I was having some interesting phenomena. They were able to predict a newspaper headline in advance. My sister was supposed to die and then she had a medical miracle. I asked a lot about this shift we were in and I started to learn that there was an energy that was connected to the voice. They say they created this realm and they answered questions about how they did it. They didn't really present themselves as we have come to think of God. They help in a co-creative way not as some exalted beings we are supposed to follow. The source that is talking to us is Ra'An; a group soul comprised of a conglomerate of the Elohim and the Ra Group and all of this is up to your own scrutiny and your own discernment. We do a verbal invocation to access these group souls.


(Wynn calls in the light).


We ask these group souls to join with us.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is November 10, 2010, planet earth. We greet each and every one of you who will listen on the call at this time or will listen on the replay line or read the transcripts. No matter when an individual reads or listens to the call, we will be there available for them as we are available at all other times also. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. There have been three questions this week about people who are going through really intense changes in their lives and they are trying to cope with them. I know because we are talking to high Sources the individuals expect that something could transform and I wanted to get your take on this. One of the people is Jim in Chicago and he is acknowledging that over the last few years he feels like a completely different person and he is embracing change and is more balanced and is coping with his health issues and has a loving wife and son and family and enjoys what he is doing, but all that being said, he is one phone call away from losing it all. His financial situation is really tenuous and he is wondering how does he cope with this, perhaps this is karma or past life issues or whatever but he is ready for a change. He wants to ask for intervention to swiftly change finances for the best and enable those around me to be of balanced and positive vibration. Can you give him some counsel?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. Your question applies to many people at this time. There has been made a decision in the individuals who govern; the governors, of essentially in various aspects of your world to tighten down the economic screws and make it very much harder for individuals to make ends meet. That being said, there are many people who are surviving well so what is difference? For instance, a few years ago, some people got on the band wagon of riding the economic bubble to the top with consensus reality looking at all aspects of how they could make money, and not seeing the coming collapse or the coming tightening of the screws in certain areas and the subsequent economic collapse in the housing market or the stock market. There are further plans for further economic situations to increase price of gas, to increase price of food and other essentials for individuals. Why is this being done? It is being done by a group of people who could very well make everything go the other way for individuals. There could be tapping of oil reserves in the United States, and if done properly could pay off the national debt and improve everyone's condition. Work such as we are doing and such as Jim has contributed to, is much loved by us and we send you much congratulations and much love to you for the work that you are doing for it is forestalling the plans of economic collapse and lessening the change for economic collapse. In the hard world, individuals do not have a lot of faith in this in general, however, in the world of connection with individual's thoughts, prayers and intentions, you do have a say. So to continue to work on projects as you are doing are in general slowing down the economic screws that is being put in place. So individually, how does one cope? How does one cope in Chicago with the winter coming on and the price of gas and oil moving upward? How does one cope with the price of food going up if they are already having economic difficulty? One thing is to step out of the economic consensus reality. Take a look at individuals who are making their life work, who are making their finances work, despite everything. Cutting down on frivolous spending or spending that is not totally necessary. Revising one's economic expenses. Finding ways of living that are still viable but bring you into less of an economic circumstance. So when we look at this, is to look at other individuals that are making it and seeing what it is they are doing. Holding together the family and getting their idea of what can be done. Making friends with individuals, farmers which even at a distance may be able to provide food at a lower cost. Those are our cursory suggestions.


Wynn: Thank you very much.

We started a question last week from Diane who is having this unusual circumstance in having a bunch of birds landing. She wants to know what the meaning is. She is forty miles south of Minneapolis. I want to know if this is a good sign or a bad sign? We think that the birds are crows and for some strange reason they choose to land right in my yard not my neighbors. I wanted to explain that where I live is on a lake with another lake to the back of us, it's a peninsula. This is my husband's home. He lived here before we met. I have always felt ungrounded here. I was told there is a vortex and it could be good or it can be bad and if I shine a lot of light it could be good. Since these birds have been here, we learned my husband's job is being eliminated, we have a lawsuit, my dad had a biopsy. So could you explain the meaning of all these birds landing in our back yard? Is it because of the vortex, because of us? Could it work out positively in the long run?


Ra'An: We are mindful of your question and we are look at your area and we pick up time wise the birds as the birds at times are called into connection with events that are coming into formation and these birds are attracted to this energy and there are like an expression of an energy that is like an announcement of a future event. It may be that that birds are announcing the energies that they are picking up and are broadcasting in their bird calls heralding an expression of a future event which may not be positive. Not all birds when they congregate and cry are in tune with negative events. Some of them have discovered food so they are calling others to participate in the event of food being provided. When birds congregate and cry they are communicating. In this particular case the birds are congregating and are picking up energy of events in formation. Give us a moment to look at this. We also see that these birds at that time, although attracted to this area, by the particular energies may have upon coming into the area, found a way to get food and suddenly all fly away, so what we can do is to take a wider look at your area and the energies connected with your family and put clearing in the space that these negative energies may be cleared. Each individual in the family can put forth energy and the intention that all negative energy be cleared so that when the birds come back it will only be for the purpose of food and not as a messenger as some sort of bad news in formation. We see that the birds may come back as they have developed a two year pattern and may come back within their grouping to collect there based upon their past energy so we also put clearing energy to the area where the birds have been, so that when they come back they will be looking for food and water and not collecting because of negative energy. This what we see in this situation and this applies only in this situation.


Wynn: You know to ask a question here. Since these birds are landing particularly on her land and apparently not her neighbor's land, is there some past event that happened on this land that is creating something like a sign?


Ra'An: We do see that there were some past events that did happen on this land like a gathering of people and a feeding of the birds. Beyond that we look down through history and the answer is there was other events that predispose this to negative energy and see some heavy instance. We take a moment and take a look at the possible clearing of these so that they do not intrude in future time.


Wynn: Thank you so much.

So Diane, let us know if anything shifts OK?

This is from Jean regarding Donna Bovero in South Dakota was sent home from the hospital today and told her she has two weeks to live and she said she doesn't want to die.


Ra'An: There is a severe acidity in the body. There are many circumstances in the body that would make recovery difficult at this time. We will work with this woman and see what can be done. We will work to ease her pain. As we say this we are working with her to ease her pain and to provide love within her sphere and relieve her pain at the same time and to introduce her to the higher energies. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you.

This question is from Temperance. According to the Ra channelings through Carla Ruckert, Ra had a series of lifetimes on Venus and she asks what was the experience of life in 3D during the period that Ra had their final series of incarnations?


Ra'An: Thank you. Life was easier than in your earth life. Life was lighter, gravity was not so heavy. Love between individuals was more easily displayed. There was a group that was warlike and they colored the whole planet by simply putting out warlike emanations. They were of a different group, than the group that graduated from Venus. The individuals of Ra on Venus were fluid and flowing and could think with ease and move with ease and there was a beauty among individuals of golden hair and some telepathy available to the ones with the open heart as they had nothing to hide. The other warlike individuals on Venus had a gray aura and tried to veil and hide their thoughts and were not very much fun to be in conjunction with and remained an enigma to the more advanced souls of Ra on Venus.


Wynn: Was that civilization highly technological and did it go through the same cycle we are going through, at the time?


Ra'An: The ease with which one could communicate with telepathy made it easier to survive without advanced technology, however, we did have crystals and energy machines that could provide heat and light and transportation of a different nature than here, in that air buses made of material similar to glass could be gotten into and an individual could guide them, even with thought and they were more a part of the life and so the technology was way advanced from what there is now on earth.


Wynn: Thank you.

What eventually happened to the more warlike people. Did they end up on Mars or on Earth. What was their future?


Ra'An: We of Ra graduated and had a life as energy beings. Those warlike individuals did not graduate and they were moved to Earth and to Mars.


Wynn: Thank you.

So, many of those individuals are now on earth and probably still going through that same dispensation.


Ra'An: They are still working through their anger and their fear.


Wynn: Was there a group soul that was helping those of Venus at the time?


Ra'An: Yes


Wynn: Thank you.

That will be our last question for tonight. For those of you who are listening who want to make sure your questions get registered, please send them to: because otherwise they get lost since I get a lot of emails and it's the only way to register a question. I felt a lot empathy for this gentleman in Nigeria whose house had burned down and I just wanted to just send him the light and of course he was asking and he thought he was doing something wrong to have this kind of calamity happen to him. Can you make some comment on that with the limited information I just gave you?


Ra'An: Thank you. We send love-light to this gentleman and we look back in time. We do not correlate the event with something he has done wrong. It may have been something that someone else has failed or done wrong about, and he should not feel guilty and we send love-light for quick recovery and for the angels and the friends to come and help him to recover.


Wynn: Thank you.

We are going to end this session for tonight. Thank you all for helping to hold the energy so we could do this. I thank Jim and Gary and Suzanne who has been doing the transcriptions of these calls and of course I thank Terry for being here and making herself committed for making these things work and to Daphne who was the beginning of all this and I think she is listening so thank you Daphne.

By the way, this Saturday I am doing a workshop. Some of you may have heard the interview I gave with Damien Senn. Damien Senn has a website called “People You Should Meet” and he and I had an interview last Saturday morning and it was very successful and it was a way of presenting what we are doing for the first time to his listeners and had a great response and we decided we could do a workshop for those people who are being exposed to this for the first time and the workshop is this Saturday. You can register for it at his website. It's going to be at least three hours. Terry will be on it and maybe even Daphne giving introduction to these people who are being exposed to our work. If you cannot afford the price that is on his website, if you email me, he has agreed to give a discount to anybody who are on our message-a-day group or you can go to his website which is: and you can listen to his record of past interviews and you can listen to the audio of what we did on Saturday. There is a link on that page to this workshop. So on that note I wish you all a goodnight and see you all on Sunday with our grid healing and say goodnight to everyone listening and everyone listening to our replays.







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