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         November 17, 2010, Wednesday with the Ra'An,


This is November 17th, 2010 and this is Terry and Wynn in Sedona and this is our question and answer call where we ask questions that you submit. We ask those energies who are in service to others honoring the Law of One to join in this protected space.


(Wynn calls in the Light)


I will turn this over to voice that identifies itself as Ra'An through Terry.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We say we, because there are more than one of us. We are grouped together to bring information to your group to the other side. We consider the 3rd density to be the other side and your group considers our group to be the other side. The other side of what? This is a another topic for another day. We are very pleased and happy to be able to serve you. This is November 17th 2010, focused through Terry Brown and Wynn Free in Sedona Arizona, and also through each and every individual on this call or who will read the transcripts later who wishes to have contact and wishes to feel our energies. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes. Our first question is from Wanda in Los Angeles. She asks:What are the benefits of celibacy on a spiritual journey and is it the same for men and women?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. Each individual is on a path and in different points in the path they may choose to have sex or have families and express themselves through those means. There is a growth that can be had by moving into this expression. It is actually more than one expression. The expression of a relationship with another individual and this relationship can fill something the individual is seeking to fulfill and make a fuller life. When an individual is in a family and then moves into the family mode, this also can be be very fulfilling and provide a lot of growth. If an individual chooses the path of celibacy and is with the animal body, this can make a divergence wherein the animal body may ask for fulfillment and the individual will have an incompleteness as the individual is copying the desire of the body. Sex can satisfy the body and increase the availability of creativity. We look at various institutions wherein the members have practiced celibacy and their desires have overtaken them at various points and they have discarded their vows of celibacy or found other ways which are more secret but yet still against their vows and even against societies' mores. When we look at monks and their practices we see that they may use, in some cases, celibacy to enhance their upper chakras, as the energy then, which would ordinarily go into sex, relationships and family, then moves into the higher chakras and the more spiritual nature. There is a substance called anatomic gold which when the individual takes it can be very healing, however it moves the energy into the upper chakras and the individual can be very good experiences yet is not grounded in the lower chakras. We have not a preference as we do not have physical bodies. We can experience closeness by sharing space and we see that individuals who are in a satisfying relationship do achieve more completeness in all of their chakras when they have a good sexual relationship and a good spiritual relationship and an all around good relationship with another partner. We do see the choice of the other path as many in India or other areas are being celibate and moving their energy to develop their spiritual nature; their third eye, their means of expression, and to open their heart to the higher order of things. We do not have judgment one way or another but have tried to lay out different aspects of this. It is up to the individual to make their choice and if they do choose celibacy they can move into a fuller development of some of their upper chakras and this is the choice of the individual. Thank you for your wonderful question.


Wynn: Thank you so much.

This is from Chris in Memphis Tennessee who has been going through a lot of rehabilitation from drugs and I think on our last Monday call, he never quite explained to me, but he had some kind of epiphany of connection. He has been hoping to be free of his old patterns and he is asking is he free of his old patterns and the lessons he had to learn from his addiction and is he ready to start a new life?


Ra'An: Yes. We see that as you intent in this and as you desire, you are ready to start a new life. Do not be shy, do not be withdrawing although this is fine. Whatever you are feeling is fine. As these things that you are feeling are guides for you; markers so you to see where you are at so do not be upset with yourself but use different emotions that you have as markers and guideposts to tell you where you are at. We love you very much and see that you are ready to breakthrough.


Wynn: Thank you.

Dee from Ohio wants to know how to access her higher self and perhaps before you answer that, could you try to explain what the higher self is from your point of view?


Ra'An: We see that the individual who is connected in the third density has within herself their body, she has her mental equipment, her brain and a series of gates which sends signals through the body, their nervous system, their chakra systems, their acupuncture points and these are all used to connect and operate in the third density. Beyond that there is the individual, beyond the body, beyond the mental body and then there is the feeling body and the point of connection to the earth plane and the point of connection back to the higher plane where an individual receives sustenance. There is an area in between where an individual receives energy from the different star systems, from the earth. A person is in a very small spectrum of viewing and feeling when they are in the earth plane, however there is a greater spectrum, and in that greater spectrum there are connections that orient and ground, and like a GPS system, help a person to locate and feel comfortable where they are and orient. The body of the soul, the you, person that is him/herself is not any of these smaller systems but is connecting very completely and not so completely in some cases with the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body that is connected within the realm. They are the master operator of their life and whether they take it and move forward with grace, or whether they give it over to others and move it by default is a lesson in power and coordination that every individual who moves into the earth plane can learn from.


Wynn: Thank you.

There is a gentlemen in New York who is really going through some stuff. His name is Bill. He has been listening to our calls. He has been suffering from some setbacks. It seems he is getting hard lessons about good and evil. Bill says: it all seemed for the best until I began to meet what seemed like really evil resistance. I prefer to remain anonymous but you can use my name Bill and I am from New York. I need some guidance as to why the resistance. I feel like a target. Super negative entities have attacked me through friends and others I barely know and what my best options are. I cannot seem to keep up the fight to get myself and others to the light and opening the heart chakras. The resistance seems truly almost deadly in opposition and the Elohim seemed to have evaporated after being there every minute. What is up? Did I screw up somehow?

This is a very personal thing and I need some specific advice. This actually was life threatening through two really evil human beings and this sickness has really knocked me out. I plan to be listening to the healing session on Sunday. Thanks very much to you and Terry.


Ra'An: Thank you. We encompass you and see that underneath the fear is sadness; great sadness. When you attack evil and do not allow it to flow through you and struggle to be in the light, it becomes stronger. You might want to listen to that over again. When one fights evil, we would put it this way, it can become stronger. It depends upon the upon the technique that you use. To truly be in the light, to truly be in love, there is no resistance. It is just there and it is a choice and it is totally open and one does not have to fight to be there. If one has to fight to stay there, then there are factors they have not considered. There may be kernels of jealousy, kernels of anger, kernels of resistance that one carries, and in carrying those, they collect around them more resistance as it attracts like energies to it. We are speaking slowly as we are looking at your space we see fear and we see a kernel of something that would attract the adverse energy and we see a great fighting against the adverse energy. First, let us say we send you love and we see an envelope around you that there is this resistance and this fight. If one does not acknowledge that but tries to go straight to love there is a gap between it is hard to jump that gap as the two run counter to each other. Let that sink in for a minute. Are you upset with yourself and are you upset with others? Sit back and take a look, piece by piece at what are the triggers. We see that looking at this is something that can dissolve it. There is past life influence here too and you notice as we said that, that it got a little bit more heavy. You are doing yourself a great service to look at these things and your impetus and your intention to move through these barriers and into the area of an open heart is very commendable as it is these intentions that will carry you through these difficult energies to reconcile and help you to eventually dissolve them. It seems like they will never dissolve, like there is a pressure involved with them and like it is very hard to step into the light, but you in your heart know what the light is like as you have been there before you have picked up these darker energies in your track. It is a noble journey to walk through this dark night of the soul, and you by continuing your path, can find means, one of them is observation of what your triggers are, and letting the energies pass through you without acting on them. There are past injustices there which you wish to right. Those are our comments and we will be with you. All you have to do is think of us and we will be there anyway, whether you do or not. We see your dilemmas and there is grief behind that. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

Why don't we all just send that gentlemen some of our love. (pause)

Ok. Now we have a message from Gary Brownlee in Redondo Beach. He says: Supposedly God created Adam and took a rib from Adam to create Eve but in human gestation period fetuses all start as female and later some become male. What is the meaning of this? Why is it this way? Does it have any significance?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. This is the way the genes were sequenced to develop the human body. Concerning the earlier question of Adam and Eve, we see more than one story and there is deeper significance to the Adam and Eve story. We see beyond this Adam and Eve story there were many cycles on the earth where individuals were brought forth and then eventually became destroyed. There were many cycles. Some of the destruction did not have to do with the people of earth. Some of the destruction(s) had to do with countries that were misusing their power and making other countries angry and at looking at this earlier history, we do not see one incident of the Adam and Eve moving into earth. We do not have a further answer at this time. The main thing that we see is it has to do with the sequencing of the genes of the humans and this was brought into play by individuals or races who were working to reseed earth with a population that would be viable to earth.


Wynn: Thank you. Let's ask another question.

This is from Joseph Deason and he asks: Are there places on earth which are like transportation points to other planets; planets that can sustain human life? I think what he is asking is if you watch Star Trek, people would go into a chamber and be transported to somewhere. So are there natural vortex points that if you went there you could be transported somewhere else? This is Wynn now expanding on this.


Ra'An: Yes there are. There is a point near Yemen and a point near the Caribbean and they are underwater areas that are inter-dimensional portals.


Wynn: Is the Bermuda Triangle such a place?


Ra'An: Yes


Wynn: But if you go there and end up somewhere else do you have any control where you end up, is it like connecting two points and you just end up at the end of the two points?


Ra'An: If one falls into it accidentally one may not have control over where one ends up but he himself would end up at the end point that the star gate is set to transport one to and there may or may not be anyone on the other side to receive them.


Wynn:Is that point there an anomaly or did somebody create that in some point in history?


Ra'An: It was a particular point within the geometries of earth was open towards this and it was accessed by inter-dimensional beings in both places; the Caribbean and the Bay of Aden.


Wynn: Ok and I think we have room for one more question. Here is a personal question. This is from Georgina who works at a prison as a social worker and for her, management is all about power and control. Visitors have systematically abused the correction officers at least verbally and emotionally. Mental health is not really allowed to help inmates and I got in trouble for doing so and was put in an administrative position pending investigation and this was eight months ago. How is this going to end? She asks will I get my old job back and I don't think you can handle that, but how is a person supposed to handle a circumstance where a they are in charge of helping others yet they are under certain restrictions that keep them from doing what their heart wants them to do?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question.

When one is working in situations that are so frustrating and one would like to be able to help but yet in other ways they are forbidden by the rules in helping in the ways they would want to help, this is a lesson for the soul in forbearance and a lesson in granting free will and also a lesson in control in working with the energies and the tools that one does have in the framework. It is a strengthening of the soul to be able to work in such conditions, particularly where there are individuals within the prison system who are being rude and obnoxious and this is an opportunity to build the character and the strengthening of the soul. Concerning the situation you are in right now, you can ask for these binding energies that bind the unseen systems of all and force them into a certain channel. You can ask for clearing for yourself and you can learn to look at things non-linearly where these more obnoxious and rude individuals are granted the beingness to express that as they are doing it and wish it to be different is to put a drag on the time stream and to non-linearly view the situation so that you, yourself can be free and flowing and yet then allow these other individuals and the system and the system that has locked you out of that job, allow it to move through it's moves and yet you maintain clarity and fluidity and love within your own system. This is a strengthening of an individual system, so that the individual can then walk through the earth plane and maintain their own center, their own view, their own self, their own soul signature without getting wrapped up in objecting and fighting and taking taking on tinges of other soul signatures which are not their nature.


Wynn: Thank you.

I am not going to ask our Source but someone asked about Atlantis and I wanted to suggest that there is a book called Edgar Cayce and Atlantis which goes into great detail, talking about how Atlantis was an advanced technological society and had two opposing groups, one was the Children of the Law of One and the other was the Sons of Belial who were the Atlantean version of the negative elite that we refer to today.

Someone else asked if our DNA is being changed into twelve strands? As I understand it, DNA transformation is potential. Twelve strands is pretty high, most people are lucky if they get four strands, it's an individual thing. This is my take on this that if they have their chakras open and they are a kind of a portal to the DNA unfolding. There is a relationship to having the chakras open which translates into your DNA. Before I end that, am I correct in the way I said that?


Ra'An: The energies that are coming in are of a higher frequencies and are like strumming the strands of the DNA and bringing them to life which is opening more connections to the outer world and allowing more information to come into the individual and it is like bringing the body into movement as a full orchestra instead of a few pieces. Where the individual can broadcast better and receive better; can pick up information and give information, can be more intelligent as they are more aware.


Wynn: On that note we are going to end tonight's session and I want to thank everyone who is on the line for holding the energy and everyone who listens to the replay line and to thank the people on the line, because we need people on the line to hold the energy, although we have many many more people listening on the replays. I would like to thank everyone who asked a question and I would like to thank Suzanne Hayes who does the transcriptions and I would like to thank Gary and Jim who are sending the emails out of all the replays to everybody and of course I would like to thank Terry for being such a dedicated source available for being here and bringing through these intelligences. I would like to thank Gjis for saying hello to everyone at the beginning, and Gina who is Gjis's stand-in.







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