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                   November 24th, 2010 with the Ra'An



This is Wednesday, November 24, 2010 and my name is Wynn Free. My associate Terry Brown is on the line and this is our Wednesday call and for quite some time we have been taking questions from people on the line and answering questions. I had asked people who are willing to, to talk about their issues and I felt that if they talked they would be energetically more present and that there may be more of a connection to work with them. So if people talk, do you think they can talk and then we can go into a channeling or do you think we need to have everyone talk and then go into a channeling? Or do you think we need to have everyone talk and then go into a channeling? Energetically I think it's better if they talk and then I bring in the light and then we go into a channeling. We are working with everybody's holograms on this line, so I want to make sure that Terry can handle that or you can change it if we start a certain way, you can change it. What do you think?


Terry: Sometimes it's better one way and sometimes it better the other way but when we start out trying to help one person talk and then call in the light and see what comes through.


Wynn: Now there is a person named Andrea and she was the first person to get back with me. Let me see if she is on the line. Andrea, are you on the line?


Andrea: I am Michigan City Indiana and I have been listening to the call for about one month. To some extent I have felt something on the line, and I feel better after listening. I read the message-a-day and some of the transcripts. My issue is depression and loneliness and I just got out of an abusive relationship of many years and I feel completely lost. I just don't know what I am doing everyday. It takes everything out of me just to get up and get through the day. I have one child but she doesn't live with me.


Wynn: What I am going to do. First of all I am going to call in the light.

(Wynn calls in the light)

I will turn this over to Terry to be an intermediary to hear what our sources have to say.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is November 24th, 2010, the day before Thanksgiving wherein Thanksgiving is coming about and individuals are gathering together in family situations to express love and friendship and to have a celebration experience. A day like for an individual who is living alone, can accentuate the depression and the loneliness by virtue of the polar opposite of so many people in a joyous celebration mood. That being said, we look at the fall. The fall and the winter where there is a further disconnection brought about by longer hours of darkness and not so much time in the sun and there is more loneliness in this also. That being said, we move into what can be done. The first thing is with your own self, send love to yourself. We send love to you. We are at a higher frequency so it needs to be stepped down, transformed into a lower frequency, so we ask the Ra Group to help us step down the energy of love so the frequency will be more readable.

Concerning sending love from yourself, to yourself, this attitude that you are worthwhile, that you are a beautiful person, no matter what else is going on or what has been said to you, you are a beautiful person at the heart of it, you are deserving of love and there are people out there who would be happy to give you love. If you seek only to get this love from another person without giving this love to yourself, then you become a needy person, and it becomes rather impossible for another person to give you this love; to change it so you can feel it, to change your own view of yourself from being alone and isolated to one who is worthy of love and knowing there is love out there, waiting for you. You mention that you have had an abusive relationship, take a look within yourself, at what need that abusiveness was filling. Is there something within yourself that you are wishing to correct; something that maybe feels deserving of punishment and gradually spend a little time with it each day and see if you can let that go. Observe it and see what the basis for it is, and know that this is false data, that you are worthy of love and you do not need to be punished. Once you have this self image of worthy of love then you no longer becomes needy and you can move into the relationship mode and individuals can give you companionship and it becomes a reflection back and forth of love both ways and then you are open to accept and to receive. Then you may wish to move back into the family mode where the reflection is among all parties in the family. Know essentially that there are people out there who would love to give you love and caring and once you yourself are strong in your own self image and you will feel deserving of this, then you will attract it and you will broadcast it and people will love to be around you.

We hope that this helps and the key here is that you are worthy of love and you do not need to be punished. If there are aspects of yourself that you wish to change, observe them and whatever it is can be shifted. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Andrea thank you so much.

Is Zoyie on the line? I am not going to read what you wrote. I want you to just express it in your own words.


Zoyie: I have been around for a while. I am in my seventies. I am conscious of having had a life of a lot of internal pain and blockages and I've been trying to lessen them throughout the years and especially maybe during the last ten years or so, maybe I have been made some progress, but my making the calls and some of the meditations I do and things I read, I would really like to be free of all feelings of anger against other people, any hatred and fear, I would like to just be open to love. I am tired of all the other part. I would like to know what a person can do to clear things as thoroughly and quickly as possible and not be kidding yourself but actually get them cleared.


Wynn: Thank you. So let's bring in the light again and I 'll turn it over to Terry and our Source.


Ra'An: We welcome your question Zoyie and we comprehend your question and we see other individuals other than you, also are combating and working with those things such as anger. We see that things build up when not expressed. For instance, when and individual is in childhood often they are told certain things that may not seem true and they are forbidden to express their own viewpoint and this can buildup and collect like moisture or a particle in the clouds that helps to form more clouds and eventually forms rain. Things build up around the original particle and when it is forbidden that a person express their own point of view, or if they do express it and it's not accepted then things can build up from siblings, from other people, who seem at the time very big and very powerful and things build up and then when one gets older they fit and get triggered when that same subject comes up again and anger is a result. Anger is a stop; and it is a result of not being able to go forward and it is a holding back and it is also based upon frustration. Just living in the 3rd density creates frustration in that one has a body and the body is physical and the body is slow and one has thoughts; one wants to clear oneself immediately and to only just feel love because that is the nature of one. One has picked up these 'other nesses' from the 3rd dimension or from even higher dimensions when they have been frustrated in not being able to go forward in some manner or another or to say or express in some manner or another. This becomes what might be called a ridge. This is a desire to go forward and a blocking of one's going forward by others stopping one, which one then agrees with the stop, and then internalizes to stop and then within themselves they become stopped and they are stopping themselves. What needs to happen is for the floodgates to open and the stops to come down and all of these past frustrations and stops that one could not go forward, need to be sort of released or forgiven or let go. One holds it to oneself like a capacitor and picture letting it go, all of these past grievances, injustices, stops where one could not go forward, or little failures, like the breaking of a favorite dish, and one feels sad and angry because one has loved it. It is a monumental task to let all these things go, yet it is easy if one can non-linearly spot each one of these things and free them up and let them go and forgive. The reason to forgive another for a past injustice is not for the other but it is for the self, so that one can can free up the attention. Once one's attention is freed up from all of these frustrations and stops that is held in anger, then one has so much more energy to move forward and put more focus on each daily thing. The other things is that there are many stops within society, within the news, within the attempt of the media frightening news to individuals because it is what individuals tend to listen to because they are trying to see if there is danger in their environment. To handle this and strengthen this within their own core. The connection with us, the Elohim, or another word would be pure love, which is an actual thing but it is at a higher frequency where when one is residing in anger it is harder for one to move into that higher frequency for in the higher frequency where there is all this love and everything flows and one does not hold onto this or hold on to that but lets it move through them and onward, that way it does not catch and stop the individual as they seek to right the wrongs, to right the injustice and say, I'm not moving on until this gets righted.

So then it becomes a stop. If one can look at it freely then one can move on. There is an exception to this and that is, if there is an ongoing situation where something physical, something within the physical universe is tormenting you and keeping on critically and is a continuing problem then one does need to take it one and confront it and take it apart and see what can be done to correct it. There are some things very hard to correct in this society as the economic situation and some of the threats that are being made regarding terrorist activities are very hard to confront because one does not have within their daily life the tools to correct that so one can go beyond that and connect to the higher realms into love. In the higher realms and this is something you can connect and see and it is a separate layer that would be like maybe looking at the sky and there is all this love, and then within yourself you could see this angry but yet you could tune into the love frequency at the Elohim and moving down more solidly into the Ra frequencies and know that this is there and work a little bit on tuning into that. Reading the book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, and the sections on connection; feeling the energies there as an example to move into and yet acknowledging the anger, not putting it under the rug, because if you put it under the rug, it's still under the rug, it's still there. We see that your desire is to eliminate it so that you are truly your own radiant self who you are, and you can be that without tuning and focusing in on the angers of society and you can eliminate the angers that you are holding; within your capacitor, the charge within your being. We love you and we feel your presence.


Zoyie: Thank you.


Wynn: When somebody has anger there used to be a technique of grabbing a pillow and screaming into it. Is that a good technique for releasing anger?


Ra'An: This is the release of surface anger, however there is the source, the fountain of the anger and it can keep generating and one can rid of surface anger and perhaps use it to observe oneself when one is screaming and pounding at the pillow to observe more within the self about it, however the source needs to be addressed so start at the source or else it will keep regenerating.


Wynn: Thank you.

I have a question from Trevor. He is in England. I don't think he is on the line but I know he listens to the replays. He has been diligent in listening and he is actually part of the Team Shift group in Europe. I am going to ask this question on his behalf. He has been going through a challenging man time with his work, life, children, finances, health, indeed many aspects of this life recently. He has become a bit of a cave man in such circumstances, and I guess that means he is kind of in retreat. Normally he says he is very cheerful, but just recently I have been on a downward spiral and I am trying to pull out of it and I would appreciate any help and counsel on how to get out of this downward spiral. This is from Trevor Heinz in England.


Ra'An: Thank you. Hello Trevor. We send you love and light on the replay line and we put love-light around you. You are sensitive and you are aware. There has been something else that has been put around you recently which you are picking up which is making you unhappy and sad and this is the difficulties. One of them is economic and you see it around you. You see it in your walk down the street. You hear it on the news. You feel it in your pocketbook. An individuals in living in the 3rd density has certain physical needs and when they are not met or the threat is that they will not be met one loses a certain level of happy sustainability that one experiences when one does not have what they need, to be able to give and take in the area of economics can set a happy tone for a life and you are feeling the difficulty of others and the difficulty and threat to your own economics. Of course a change in the economics would partially heal this and it would still be difficult based on what you are seeing around you, as individuals are connected socially to their surroundings and you generally desire for people to do well, which also brings you happiness. This situation is contrived and does not have to be that way by the powers that be, however, one does not experience a way of getting out of it if one depends upon the powers that be or the surroundings. If one can rise above that and can assume first of all that they themselves are in control, then they can begin to step out of the economic decline of others who wish to bring about economic disaster to individuals. That is hard to say that individuals in control have this in their mind, and it's not the individuals who you hear about on the news who are in control and have this in their mind, it is beyond the individuals who are obviously in control wherein these changes are brought to bare. One may assume control, or just announce that you are going to be in control and that is a place to start. That you are going to control your finances and you will find ways and you will broadcast ways to control your own finances and first of all bring yourself back to the level where you are confident of your own survival. Once you are in that position you will become more happy and you will have more money to spend on your health and the items you need to keep healthy. It is almost as if there is a game, wherein the individuals who are in power, behind the people who are obviously in power, are making certain circumstances that are hard for individuals. Individuals who can rise above this and can take control of their own life, despite of the circumstances that are laid before them, will be respected by the individuals who are in the shadow control. We see that this can be a challenge to not assume that the government and society giving out money to people or making sure people have jobs are not the ones who control your life but step out of that and see how you can create a life for yourself that brings you economic stability and is an example for others who also wish economic stability. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you.

I think that a lot of people who are plugged into the system of jobs and the economy, are going to have to face that issue in the very next short while and it's not a bad idea to start facing it now. This doesn't mean you have to quit your job, like figuring out something to do to bring in some money which is not based on big external structures. By doing that you can get a lot more security in your life and according to all the information, and we see that happening, it's going to break down. Even in the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, in the chapter of prophecies it said that things are going to break down where people are trading with each other. I hope that doesn't happen. Another thing that was in the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce was that the actual circumstances of creating this breakdown will give more people an opportunity to graduate this realm because when people are secure financially, most of them tend to not reach beyond their circles and their own particular parameters of their life. Things breaking down causes the need for the heart to open, in the best case scenario and the need to commiserate with other beings so that you have co-creative connections that go beyond the external circumstances. There is a kind of damned if you do, or damned if you don't regarding the kind of potential economic breakdown that may happen. That's some comments from the book. Let's see here. It's 7:04. Let's see if there is anything else that's important here.


Ra'An: They are all important but the time is drawing to a close so choose one.


Wynn: Excuse me. Thank you for correcting me. They are important. A number of people have the same issues that they brought up. Tom in Rockwell, Maryland sounds like some of the things that Trevor was saying and Zoyie was saying. Here is an interesting question from Cindy. She has a great fear of what she calls the astral plane. My guides gave me the opportunity to meet them and I let fear take over which shut down the connection. I still remember what I saw. It is etched in my mind forever, but I still wonder why I let fear take over and continue to do so whenever I am given the opportunity to meet or speak with my guides. Why on earth is that? I have good intentions but fear soon begins to flood in to ruin my attempts to make contact with my guides.

This is Wynn commenting. When I read a question like that, there are a lot of presumptions that the person has written locked within that question like who are her guides, how does she know her guides are positive. Are they guides or something negative and why is she afraid? So I would just like to ask that so in the answer to this those things are clarified within the context of addressing her question.


Ra'An: We are starting to pick up her energy now. There is fear of the unknown. What will happen when one moves into the astral plane and the desire to hold on to the body. Though it is not generally known, some things in the astral plane which can be hard to deal with and it can be that one is afraid that one will meet a spirit that is scary, although the guides in this case are angelic and loving and beautiful, which she is seeing. There is a fear of meeting an adverse spirit that may be quite overpowering and to some degree, scary. This is holding the individual within her body for fear of meeting the adverse one. There is only one guide that is the scary one. Other guides are angelic and beautiful and caring which she is seeing, however she is scared of this one who has been in her family tree in the past and is controlling and she has had some dealings with that one in the past in her own family tree and in her past. This person is very controlling and this lady Cindy is held back in meeting her guides because of this person within her ancestry who may have been in her family, her mother's family and it may have been both grandparents on the mother's side, perhaps the grandmother and as we speak of this, we look at the grandmother and her desire for control. Do not worry about this and do not go into the astral plane when you are afraid of it, however, when we look at this entity, we see an entity that is controlling because she is afraid and she is controlling because she does not understand how to wield power and is controlling to get energy, which she has done, from her husband and her family. She is controlling because she does not feel totally right about the ability without demanding power. This is what we see and we look at the grandmother we see that her mother terrorized her and her solution was to become very controlling. So it is something that is played out throughout the family history, and we see it moving down a chain earlier in the family history. As we look at it, it releases just a little bit and we honor each and every one of those individuals within the family history. We air the feelings, like a sheet that is in the wind, drying in the wind, so these feelings are able to be released through the family history and we look at these feelings being released and again say that until you feel good about moving into the astral plane do not feel compelled or like it is necessary to do this. You might send love-light to your grandmother and your grandmother's grandmother through this history and to yourself and notice if there are changes within your psyche. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you very much.

I thank Lillian in Sweden. Lillian, we are sending you light. We kind of covered some of your questions tonight in other people's answers. I hope that helps. I thank Paul Chung for sending me a thank you. Marilyn had a question about dreams. Dee I did not ask her question since she was not going to be on the line. Sheila. I thank you all for your questions and I will try this another time soon, after I see how Terry feels about it and how she recovers from the line. On that note, I wish everyone a really really happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being here and thanks to all the people who are supporting these calls and volunteering and particularly thank Terry and thanks to Daphne for being so implementable in starting all of this. We will see some of you on Sunday on our grid healing. Blessings to everybody.







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