BBS Radio/Conference Call

Monday 11/29/2010 IMPLANTS 

Source – Ra ‘An

Channel  and Editor– Terry L. Brown

Host:  Wynn Free

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien



Wynn:  This is our Monday night conference call, today is [November 29th , 2010] and this is Wynn Free and my co-host Terry Brown and associate and … and … I can’t find the right expletive to describe you, Terry. 


Terry:  That’s alright, I am what I am. 


Wynn:  You are what you are.  Terry’s definitely an interdimensional being who was… there are a lot of people like this out there.  They carry really high promise, or high potential, to make huge contributions.  Many of you who are listening now may fit into that category, where you know you have something to offer.  And somehow or another, Terry ended up finding she had this unusual talent that she didn’t know she had in her interaction with me, which was:  she was able to bring through messages from sources supposedly, seemingly, outside this dimension.  Well, she did do it once before, apparently, she did a channeling class, I think in 1998 or something.  She got up in front of the room, and something happened. [It was 1995 and Terry did a channeling.]


One of the things - I was thanking all the people that were actually checking into the conference line in particular, as well as the people who are listening on BBS. [For] the people on the conference line [it] is a more grounded energy, because we’re connected by wires instead of by radio waves or internet waves. 


One of the reasons Terry started channeling around me - and this is not an unusual occurrence - Carla Rueckert has two people around her when she channels.  When we have a number of people coming in on the conference line, regularly, and when they start to feel the energy and they feel like this is a home base for them energetically, they start holding the space.  The space that’s being held becomes like a bridge that actually enables Terry to bring through information.  Without a bridge the stuff is just out there, and - imagine if Terry went into the supermarket, she just came from the supermarket, and came up to the cashier and suddenly said “Hi, I’ve got a message for you” … now, Sedona people probably do that … but “Hi, I have a message for you from another dimension.”  If she was lucky, they’d just smile and if she wasn’t lucky they’d call the men in the white coats and have her taken away.


In order to bring information and messages and energy from other dimensions, it has to be grounded into this realm.  It becomes grounded into this realm through people.  We are the grounds.  It can’t be just any people; it can’t be somebody who is sitting there in doubt and skepticism.  That’s okay if you are, but you’re not going to be a good ground.  You have to become familiar enough with the whole procedure so that you feel comfortable with it.  If you’re not comfortable, your energy is going to be incongruent, and you won’t be able to ground it.  The people on the conference call who come in regularly, we have to thank them because they’re helping to hold the grounded energy so this can come through.  Of course, they can also thank us because by the nature of doing this, of being on the call and holding the energy, they’re also learning the frequencies of these higher sources.  They’re also doing a great service, and it’s an opportunity to do a service.  It’s a mutual gratitude society, but I’m mentioning it and I’m acknowledging it, because even though you’re silently in the background you’re very important to this work. 


The only reason we’re doing this is because people kept showing up on the conference calls.  If no one did, this would have died a long time ago.  I don’t have any need to be on radio and talk; I do have a need to be of service, and I do have a need to be authentic.  When I know what we’re doing is connecting with people, then I’m encouraged to keep doing it.  I sent out a thing on Thanksgiving.  Actually, it’s not easy for me to say those things but I did it anyway.  Those of you that are on messageaday saw all my thank yous to all of you.  All of you who are reading the messages, all of you who are listening to the replays - are part of grounding something.


Obviously, what we’re doing is out there.  It does not fit in consensus reality.  There are no places to plug it in.  You have to create a socket.  You have to create it if there is such a thing.  The people that pay attention become part of anchoring the energy, not just during this call, but anchoring a new paradigm into the collective.  What we do is not in the collective, it’s nowhere to be found.  It does not fit in easily to even channeling and New Age, and it’s certainly not religious.  We have to create our own way to fit in. 


The people who keep coming back and the people who keep listening – listening even when I don’t know who you are – I do know you’re doing this.  I do know that your presence on the line is enabling a shift to occur in the collective.  It’s also creating the possibility that we can reach a whole lot more people.  The more accurate and grounded it is, the more stable it becomes, the more people are attracted to it.  We’re kind of pioneers, and you guys are pioneers.  I just want to give you kudos for doing it, okay?


Terry, without channeling do you have anything to say on this topic?  Does that make sense to you? 


Terry:  Well yes it makes very great sense to me.  Everybody that comes on the line or listens at a later time or reads a transcript is a very important part of it.  If they connect with the energy or just when they’re directing their attention towards it by putting their shoulder behind the plough and they can help hold the energy to make positive changes for the Earth.


Wynn:  Exactly.  I didn’t know this when we started doing it.  It’s been a learning process; as I said in my thank you letter on messageaday, all of you are part of that process.  You are teaching me, teaching us, and teaching each other how to do this.  This is a group occurrence.


I had a very interesting topic today.  When I pick these topics, Terry never knows what I’m coming up with until she’s on the call.  That’s another thing – it took me quite a long time to develop the confidence that we could do this, and that I wouldn’t ask Terry a question and she wouldn’t go “Duh?”  Terry is pretty shy, and also there’s a great responsibility in bringing information forth like this live.  You can’t retrieve anything, you can’t take it back.  If you make a really bad mistake, it’s out there.  It’s really been Terry’s dedication to make this possible to do this in this kind of way.  It may be trust; trust that in general I don’t think there’s anything negative that comes through.  Maybe there’s some bleed-through.  Sometime privately, I’m going to have a long conversation with them about Dr. Marshall and see.


As I understand the way it works; as I watch it, there’s not a ‘them’ and an ‘us’, there’s only an ‘us’.  When you have a group energy, Terry’s energy – this is not true of all channeling, by the way – this would be the way it works, the way it occurs for me:  When you have a person who is channeling with a group soul, it’s not a group soul and them.  They kind of temporarily become part of the group soul, and everything gets filtered through them.  That’s why, if you listen to Daphne, and you listen to Terry, you’ll hear quite a big difference in the way it sounds.  It goes through the hologram of that person and becomes one with the group soul.  Would you say that’s true, Terry? Is that accurate from your experience?  Is that a good way of saying it? 


Terry:  Yes.  It’s filtered through the vocabulary of the person.  I know that there’s such a thing as trance channeling, where you just go under and then you don’t know what’s being said.  I think I’ve gone into that state a couple times, like one time when we were speaking a different language for a little bit - I was aware that we were greeting people.  That was when we greeted Betul in Turkey. 


Wynn:  Edgar Cayce could be called a trance channel, because he never remembered what he said.  In that case, I don’t think his consciousness was part of the group.  The group was using his consciousness.  I think when that occurs, you might get deeper information because when you’re part of the group then it’s harder to [get deeper information]. Probably Daphne gets into more of a trance sometimes.  Because when you get this really specific information, the conscious mind of the channel would have a harder time assimilating it and saying it.  So you have to, like, almost like let go and not participate as part of the group, but you’re separate and they’re using you.  So Edgar Cayce did that, Carla Rueckert did that when she did The Law of One.  I don’t think she does it when she does Q’uo, I hope I’m saying that right. 


Terry:  No, she doesn’t. 


Wynn:  No; but with the Ra group and The Law of One, she was totally unconscious and they were speaking through her.  Generally that seems to indicate a deeper level of information, I would imagine say, for example, if you were in a trance channel and you were going to make a recommendation, instead of saying Dr. Marshall, you might – like, Edgar Cayce was so specific in the stuff that he could come up with.  They might look at every different alternative practitioner that they could tune into and say, “I think you should go to so-and-so.”  Edgar Cayce had that kind of precision.


Of course, occasionally we’ve gotten that kind of precision through both Daphne and Terry;  For example, when I said, “Was Terry ever anybody famous?”  Out of the blue, they said “St. Catherine of Sienna,” whom I had never heard of, that looked like… of course, you know the story, that looked like Terry and she was a channel in the Catholic Church that was actually, I believe, perhaps, the only channel ever officially recognized in the Catholic Church and it’s still for sale on Amazon.


I have a very interesting topic, and one of the reasons I’m willing to talk about this topic is because so many of you are holding and have learned to hold a higher energy.  This is a topic that could be scary, and I wouldn’t want to just go out into the public and say “Hey, here’s something I want to talk about,” because first of all it’s hard to prove.  Although in certain ways, there’s been proof.  Second of all, it explains certain things that are very hard to explain otherwise.   The good part of this is that many of you who have been listening to our calls and coming to our conference lines have actually come closer, more face-to-face, with your own issues.  You’ve looked at your issues more carefully.  Many of you have said, “Why do I still have this issue?” I’ve been coming in on the conference line for a year.  Why are certain issues so difficult to get over?  This is a not a new topic to me, it’s not a new topic, but it’s one that’s probably new for most of you.  The topic is “Implants.”


An implant would mean anything that is not you that is affecting your system.  I have learned there’s two kinds of implants.  One kind of implant is in your energy field.  The other kind of implant is actually in your body.  I know this is true; I know… this is something that I don’t usually talk about, but I do know that there is such a thing as abductions.  I have some idea why they take place, and I have some idea what happens when you get abducted.  A lot of this is not from channeling, but it’s from cross-referencing lots of information on the internet and having personally known some people who have been, who believe they’ve been, abducted.  I’ve known them well enough to be fairly sure that it happened for them.


This is a big topic – why do people get abducted?  What happens when you get abducted?  What are implants?  If you have an implant, how do you get rid of them?


I’m going to tell you a story of someone who wants to remain anonymous, leave anonymous, who had a reading from Terry a few months ago.  I hope its okay to tell this story.  I’m not going to say who it is.  I’m telling it because it’s something that I think will help other people, and I think they wouldn’t object to sharing it as long as they are anonymous.  It was a person who was dealing with an issue for many years of his life where he was - to say ‘not fitting in’ would be an understatement.  He was living almost anonymously under the radar.  He had a tremendous amount of fear running through his system.  I’m not sure he knew what he was afraid of, but he was afraid.  Having fear in your system that doesn’t seem to be – no reason to be, nothing externally was happening, and yet it’s there.  Particularly, if you have money and you’re not starving, obviously when any of our lives get threatened in some way and things gets tough, fear is a natural response.  In this person’s case, there was nothing obvious to be afraid of.  They had a reading through Terry, and in the reading it was brought up that this person had an implant in their nose, and that their energy was being drained through this implant.  The implant was placed there to keep track of them, and to tap into their energy.  When you say “keep track,” are you going to say, “Who is keeping track?  How does this work?”  Perhaps I’ll go into that a little bit, this is a whole new sphere of information that I’ve never brought up in these calls. So I’ll go a little bit at a time, and see where we get with it.


Then I asked our source, “Can you disable this implant?”  They looked at it and they said it had actually melded with the DNA, and that it was not easy but they kept looking at it then they said “Well, we could shift the frequency.”  Then they said they shifted the frequency.


This was a fairly interesting channeling because we had never come up with anyone who came for a reading that was told they had an implant.  Of course, for some people if they were told they had an implant, it would scare them which would mean you would start having a negative effect even on working on it.  So I would say even if somebody knew that someone had an implant it would be a hard thing to bring up in a reading.  For some reason, this person had done a lot of study of these things, and it didn’t freak them out and so they [the source] said it. 


So the reading was over, and of course this was done on the phone, and then the person had a second reading, and I think over a period of about two months their whole pattern shifted.  They stopped, to a great extent, being afraid; they stopped running, so to speak.  It seems to have created a permanent shift.  This was one experience of a few where I learned to tap into this awareness.


There are different kinds of implants – there are implants in the energy field, they’re not a physicalized implant, they’re not in your body, they’re not physical.  They’re something in your matrix.  It’s something is there not as part of your creation.  Some external intelligence put it into your matrix.  Then, there are things in your body.  If any of you have gone back to the creation of man – we’re talking about a lot of things that are not validatable, so you have to go along with it and say, “Well, what if …?”


Supposedly, four million years ago, there was a group of space travelers which are known as the Annunaki and had come to Earth to mine gold.  They decided that they really didn’t like the hard labor of mining gold, and that they were going to create a creature that could work for them who could do the mining and so they actually genetically engineered, these guys were very sharp, and they were able to genetically engineer a human.  They had engineered these first humans to only have two strands of DNA open because the idea is that people that have more strands of DNA open, and more chakras open is another way of saying it, than someone else – can usually have a certain degree of power over the people who have a lesser degree of chakra opening, or DNA opening. 


If we take an example of that, we can look at that – that works both in the positive and the negative.  We could look at Martin Luther King, who was able to demonstrate in the kind of terminology that I’m using now, a great deal of expansive energy, and was able to reach and touch and lead many people who were not as expanded as he was, he was able to inspire them.  [We could look at people like] Nelson Mandela, even John F. Kennedy, as our President, Gandhi.  Then in the negative, we probably have somebody like a Hitler, who could also take a lot of control over a lot of people, and his DNA would have been at some notch higher than the people who he was controlling.


The Annunaki wanted to make sure that humans would stay at two strands that would not evolve.  There was a vested interest in keeping them under their control and their power.  This is something that came through our sources, I believe it came through Daphne, and then when I started cross-referencing it, there is a scholar who studied a lot of the ancient texts, the Bavarian texts, named Zecharia Sitchin, who put together the same story of these ETs that had space ships that landed on Earth and were using humans to mine the gold. 


Who are these Annunaki and why are they powerful?  It’s my understanding that, if you have been following how the Elohim have come into this realm, some of them, and then either lost or didn’t go back to their Elohim form - that evolved as humans.  To a certain degree, they had power over the simpler life forms here, which then when they played that card, they could control those people or those beings.  The Annunaki are the derivative from those Elohim that came into this realm initially. 

Now, I’m telling that it was the Annunaki who created the first men. 


Over a period of many years, probably millions of years, the men started evolving.  In one thing that came from Daphne, the evolution started to occur because of sex.  Sex was part of the creation so that they didn’t have to keep creating new people, and they wanted them to duplicate.  Through sex, people would have exchange of loving energy at a higher level that started to open up the DNA strands.  When the Bible said “the daughters of men mated with the sons of God,” I don’t believe that was the Elohim because they [the Elohim] don’t have bodies.  Rather it was these, I don’t even know if it’s completely correct to say “Fallen Elohim,” it’s just that these Elohim had chosen to be in this realm and many of them became negative because they had the power to control aspects of this realm.  When they played that card, instead of coming here and helping everyone evolve by their expanded energy, they used their position to control people.


Over long periods of time, there are many many other influences, interstellar influences, ET influences, interplanetary influences - that have added to the mix on this planet.  Those of you who have read the Rueckert material, or even The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, there’s the story of how this planet was used as so many of the people in different stellar populations who did not go through the graduation on their planet and had to be cycle-repeaters, many of them came to Earth to be the cycle-repeaters.


Now we’re way beyond all these goldminers and these Annunaki, although they do exist somewhere, they’re probably on spaceships and they’re probably can tune into things.  The Earth apparently is a valuable piece of real estate in the celestial market, and it’s valuable because it has vortexes, it has portals.  What is a portal?  A portal is way to move from one dimension to another, like the Bermuda Triangle is a portal.  It’s a portal that’s not necessarily a positive portal, because people disappear because they’re going through a dimensional warp.  We’re creating portals when we do these calls, when we can feel the energies.  In inter-space, where they are lots of ET populations, different populations, there’s many … some of those populations, would desire to control the Earths’ portals.  It’s not quite as simple as saying, “Let’s go in and get rid of all the humans and then occupy the planet.”


Here’s how I’ve come to understand this.  Let me tell you that I’m talking off the top of my head, and I’ve done a huge amount of reading so I’m trying to synthesize.  I’m not going to say that I’m 100% accurate, and even if I was there’s no way for you can validate it, so just consider it as a ‘what-if’.  The reason they didn’t just come in and say “Let’s get rid of the humans” and take us by force is because the humans have the DNA, and the right kind of DNA, to ground the energies from the sources, from the – we do this.  Say, for example, when we do our Sunday grid healings and you feel that energy that’s moving to you, you can do that and move them into the Earth because your DNA was created here, and it has links to the Earth.  If you took an alien from another planet and put them on Earth, his DNA couldn’t do that.  For whatever reason, it’s important to have humans here so that the planet needs that energy that comes through humans.  That’s what I think. 


I’m going to tell you about – how much time do we have?  Let’s see, it’s 7:39 [p.m. mountain standard time], we have eleven minutes. We haven’t done a channeling.  But, maybe I have to say all this as a precursor to a channeling, so you get the idea of some of the interplays that are happening.  This is information that is really hard to come by, what I’m sharing here.  I’m only sharing this because of the trust that you guys have put in me; I’m not trying to prove it.  I could talk for hours on the research I did, and then I cross-referenced channelings, and then I did personal experiences.  So I have an idea that it’s correct.


Where do implants come from?  Making it simple, most of you have seen the gray, the gray alien.  This the most common alien with big eyes and skinny body.  The grays have been a dying race; they’ve lost their home planet and they’re floating around as I understand it, in spaceships.  They have lost the ability to reproduce, maybe through radioactivity exposure, but they can’t reproduce sexually, so they have been duplicating themselves by cloning.  They’re very highly technically advanced with not much emotions.  In their cloning they have created a distortion over millions or hundreds of thousands of years, where each clone is a little less accurate than the one before.  So they’ve been close to being a dying breed that their cloning would stop working.


So they got the idea of creating a hybrid; a hybrid would be a human-gray combination, DNA-wise and that the hybrids could continue on Earth.  Apparently, there was some agreement from higher forces for this to occur so that this race wouldn’t die off.  One of the reasons abductions occur is for this hybreeding.  When I was first studying David Wilcock’s channelings, this was actually addressed in one of his channelings and we used that channeling, in the book [The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?], and I decided to edit this out, because I said it’s going to freak people out to hear about this.


Apparently, there are some good grays and there are some not-so-good grays, or service-to-self grays and not-so-service-to-self grays.  The service-to-other grays are still participating in this program, and they’ve made, according to one book I read, this is not channeled, but… they made agreements with people in their dream states or before they came here to allow this hybrid program to work. 


The other group of grays is fairly ruthless and they want to control this realm.  That particular group of grays actually made – now this is going to be for those of you who have never heard of this, I don’t mean to blow your reality systems here – but they made agreements with our government going back as far as the ‘40s or even before, to exchange technology for permission for abductions. 


This has been going on for many, many years and it’s been very insidious and it’s been behind the scenes.  These grays have the ability to implant people etherically.  They have the ability, according to one book I’ve read, to project holograms into this realm.  They have the ability to use the symbols that trigger us and make the hologram that makes people think something is a religious experience when it’s actually a projected hologram from these guys.


For example, I’m not going to say this is true in every case, or even in any case.  But, say for the possibility, when people see a statue cry or they see an apparition in the sky-anyone who is religious is going to automatically give up their power to that.  They’re going to think it’s what they’ve been waiting for.  These grays have the ability to do these kinds of things.  Throughout the history of mankind, we have all been implanted; we are not bad in of ourselves, part of what makes us think that we are unworthy and undeserving, part of this which keeps us disconnected, are implants that we’ve carried around for many, many lifetimes.  You’re not bad because of that.  It’s been imposed on you.


It’s 7:46; I’m not going to do a channeling.  I’ve opened up a big door here tonight.  I actually know Terry from her own personal experience, has experienced this.  It’s something I’ve worked with.  I also believe Daphne has.  I also believe I have.  I’ve had to work through a lot, a lot of stuff in myself and I started to understand this whole idea over a long period of time.  It seems so incredible, it sounds like a movie.  I’m only giving you a smidgen of the story, but it’s an important smidgen to hear because in this future, you may see one of these holograms and you may say, “That’s the sign I’m waiting for!” and it may not be a sign.  It may be a totally generated something projected into your consciousness, or into the realm and you’re going to think it’s real.  This is why discernment is so difficult in this realm.


Terry, are you there?  Terry? 


Terry:  Yes, I’m here. 


Wynn: I don’t hear you. 


Terry:  Can you hear me now?


Wynn:  I hear you. We have about three or four minutes.  Would you like to share something on your experience on this idea of implants? 


Terry:  Well, there are some different types of implants.  One of them might be by sound-wave control, where an area of the Earth might be blanketed with broadcasts at the frequency range of an individual or of the human being, and then they [human beings] may become like a receiver and may pick up something.  Like there was a case in Los Angeles where a policeman got a call, and the lady said, “The walls are talking to me” and he thought “Oh, wow – there’s crazy lady” and then they got another call from somebody from another part of town and she said, “You know, the walls are talking to me,” and then he started to think, “Well, what’s going on?” 


There are radio broadcasts that go through the air, and they can be picked up by the devices with crystals, they used to have those little crystal sets that could pick them up, and the radios pick them up, there are TV waves, and there’s wireless - those are generally at frequencies that are not picked up by the human being; however, it is possible, from my understanding, that they’ve been doing some experimentation with broadcasting at human frequencies.


Also, when an individual has a traumatic experience in the past, like maybe even in a past life, like a past life death that might have been very traumatic that can tend to move forward.  Like there are situations where, like there was this fellow from India, he had a birthmark and he remembered in an earlier life being shot right in that place.  So some of these traumatic things carry forward, and it can be psychological too, where suddenly a person has something… thoughts that are irrational for the situation, but it can be just a key in to something that has happened in the person’s past; and got indelibly implanted into the person’s psyche.  These can all be cleared, but it takes diligence.


Wynn:  Terry, it’s 7:51, and I don’t think we should keep going.


I don’t know how people are going to react to this show, but I hope I’ve given you guys something to think about because if you understand the game that’s being played, you stand a chance of winning far more than just dog-paddling and hoping something comes about.  I think this is going to be some very valuable information to work with, and that next week we’re going to talk about it more with our sources and how can we help ourselves, clear ourselves, from these kinds of things which are so underneath the radar of our awareness. 


So on that note, let’s just take a moment and bring in the light energy – just think it in protection for what we talk about.  For some people, it invokes fear and there’s a chance to go through the fear of this and take a look at something that may be one of the underlying programs that has been making your life difficult. 


This is Wynn Free with Terry Brown. This is our Monday night conference call on BBS Radio.







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