Monday – 12/13/2010

Implants, continued 

Source – Ra’An

Channel and Editor– Terry Brown

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free 

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Transcribed by Connie O'Brien



Wynn:  This is Wynn Free, this is Monday, December 13th [2010]. We’re in Arizona and I have Terry on the line.  She is my associate on this call.


[Sound of a tone indicating someone else is coming into the call.] There’s someone else, but I’m going to mute those tones… I know we have at least one person listening in tonight. 


For you and for anyone else who’s listening in, there’s an aspect to what we do here that even those of us in the middle of it say, “Is this really happening?”  It’s out there. It’s not anything you looked for.  It was a bunch of circumstances that brought something to the forefront that apparently is quite rare to be happening in the physical realm. 


I always tell people, and I say this again, it’s very important to study the materials or read my books.  The reason is that the first time you hear this stuff, the first time you look at what we’re doing, your conscious mind is going to say, “This can’t be real.  Is there something wrong?  Am I missing something?”  I said that myself for about three years, Terry said it for three or four years, Daphne probably said it for seven years or eight years.  It’s like, “Can this be real?” 


The thing about it is that:


1.     There’s no chance I could make it up.  That’s what I would normally think myself if I heard somebody talking.  We don’t just have a story here of a voice speaking through someone and talking to me and saying, “You better believe this.  We’re here…”   No,  it was a voice that said “Check us out.”  It’s a voice that said, “Ask us questions.”  It was a voice that, unlikely miracles would happen around.  It was a voice that made some very precise predictions.  Even with all of that, there was still a lingering question, “Am I making a mistake?  Is this real?  Am I missing something?” 


2.     The second question is, “Is it positive?”


As I got further into this, not just through my own question-and -answer sessions, but through my personal experience and through cross-referencing things with other people: other people who channeled, other people who have personal experiences – there came to be a pretty decisive web of evidence supporting it all. 


Nonetheless in this realm, what we talk about here is not in the consensus.  It’s not in the consensus for a reason.  It’s not because it’s not true; it’s not even because other people don’t know that it exists.  It’s because what we call ‘consensus reality’ is very highly programmed.  When you’re in it, you do not realize it’s programmed, because you’re in it and you’re at the effect of the program.  You believe certain things, there’s key words that trigger you, there’s ways that are acceptable to think and ways that are not acceptable to think.  Almost everyone, to some extent or another, buys into that; is part of that.  It’s not their fault; they can’t help it, they were brought up in it, their parents were brought up in it, all their aunts and uncles were brought up in it. 


Everyone watches television; people think television has truth in it, which maybe occasionally it does, but by and large, people are doing things according to a party line, and if they go outside the party line they will lose their job.  Occasionally, there are journalists –if anyone wants to see somebody that I think is a fairly courageous guy on TV [it] is Jesse Ventura.  Go look up Jesse Ventura on YouTube and look at some of his videos and look at what he talks about.


You will see if you notice yourself and if you have not started your own “deprogramming process” first, you’ll think “This guy’s [Jesse Ventura's] doing it for the money.  Look at this.  He’s getting attention.”  I used to think that all the time.  Whenever anyone was doing anything that was too far out and they were getting attention, they were doing it for the money.  Another thing you’ll say to yourself – now this is actually a conditioned word that has been programmed by the news and I’ll tell you what it is – he’s a ‘conspiracy theorist’.  Immediately if you call somebody a conspiracy theorist, you invalidate everything they say, you think that they’re on the fringe, and they couldn’t be right.  Usually if you’re a normal consensus reality person, you won’t investigate, you’ll just stop right there.


Another way people discredit things is, “This is a cult.”  Now that doesn’t mean there is not such a thing as a group of people that have gone off even the deeper end, and that are blindly following somebody, and not thinking for themselves, and not coming to their own conclusions - and maybe that would be called a cult.  On the other hand, I am absolutely sure that if you applied the present terminology for a cult to Jesus, and you were around then, he would have been a cult and so would probably have been a number of other people who changed the world big-time.  [People] who may not have been accepted in their own time by the powers-that-be, to the power structures, but there was something so true in what they did that it persisted; and when they died the people that were around them, that heard it, carried it forward and we still hear the echoes of those things.  The people that were famous in those [times]– how many people do you know that were famous in the time of Jesus?  You might note everyone that you know that was famous [in that time] was somebody that was in the Bible. 


This is not a Christian show.  As far as I know, there was a guy named Jesus and he did things and I’m not sure I would describe what he did in the same way the religious tracts do it, but he did do something and it was positive.  He warned people about the devil.  If you’re a logical thinking person, you’re going to say “What the hell is this devil?  What is the devil?”  And it sounds like mythology, it doesn’t sound real.


Tonight’s show is about implants.  A couple of weeks ago we talked about implants.  Oftentimes, we talk about that a human is not just a physical body, but they have an energy field that goes off into the cosmos, and each human’s energy field has certain stop gates that go so far and then it, very much of it, doesn’t go further.  It’s possible to make your energy field get bigger.  There are certain processes that are required for that to happen.  One of the things for that to happen is: you have to let go of the attachment to where you are.  If you hold on to where you are, then that’s where you are.  If you want to expand – expanding may not be a great thing, because it brings more responsibilities.  If you have new knowledge you have new responsibilities to deal with that knowledge.  Somebody said “ignorance is bliss,” and there’s truth to that.  It’s not like you expand your energy field and you walk around, “Gaga, isn’t this cool?  I’m really expanded.”  No.  When you expand your energy field, you expand into areas that you can’t see.  You also expand into areas where what we could call God, or what we could call the intelligence at the center of the universe exists and you connect with those energies.  This is a tricky thing to do, to expand your energy field, because it would be as if, in a certain sense, you want to get to this wonderful place on the other side of town and you have to go through some really tricky neighborhoods to get there and you’re blindfolded.  So, you don’t even know when you’re in a tricky neighborhood and somebody has to tell you: “Listen for these sounds.  Look for this, watch for this.  Have an intention of protection,” because in these other neighborhoods there are some intelligences, beings, that have impacted the human race from the beginning of mankind.  They’re in different timelines. It’s complex.


When I share this – I don’t have enough time in this short hour that we take to prove that this is true.  Although there’s a lot a people talking about UFOs, there’s people that talk about being possessed; all through history there’s some kind of indication that there’s something out there that is not positive, as well as something that is positive.  When you start to go for what is positive, you invariably open yourself up to connecting with what’s not positive.  Even if you don’t go looking for something that is positive, there’s still a very good chance that you’ve had openings to things which were not positive.


One of the things that is not positive, as far as I know, I haven’t heard any indications of it being positive – one of the things which is not positive that’s out there is something called “implants”.  I don’t really want to go into telling you how I know they’re real.  Let’s just say that as a result of the work we’re doing here, as a result of the kinds of sources we’re connecting with, that everyone who is at the center of this has had some kind of experience with what I’m talking about personally.  Some of it is scary.  I don’t even want to tell you because I don’t want to scare you.  But, if I don’t tell you, I don’t give you the right warnings of what to look out for and how to protect yourself. 


This evening I don’t want to talk the whole time.  I’ll give myself another few minutes, then we’re going to do a channeling, and we’re going to ask some questions about this.  Anyone listening for the first time, be open minded, start cross referencing some of the information on the internet, look up David Ike, look up Ashayana Deane – someday I’m going to put a book list out for people to [read]… a recommended book list.  I’m not the only guy in town talking about this.  I didn’t learn about this from other people.  I started looking for information from other people when I knew that it was real and I wanted to understand it. 


There are essentially two kinds of implants – I’m sure there’s more than two, but if we just made a general category:  you have an energy field.  There are intelligences that have access to your energy field that don’t have physical bodies.  They can somehow or another put deviations, things in your energy field, that can greatly impact you.  You could call those etheric implants.  Then there are implants in your physical body.  An implant in your physical body comes from some species that has the ability to abduct you.  This has been going on for a number of years on this planet, maybe thousands of years.


I know when I was first talking to Daphne, they said information that I was not aware of – they said something like there was a pact made with the government to trade technology for permission to abduct humans and to experiment with them.  That was probably one of the first times that I ever heard this.  They brought it up in a channeling, and then I started cross-referencing it. 


If you look on the internet – let me just tell you… I’m going to give you a caveat, a warning:  what I’m talking about tonight is meant to increase your discernment.  It’s not meant to make you preoccupied, and curious, and look at this too much.  The key to this is to know the signs to avoid it.  If you’re too curious, you actually can attract it to you.  So you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, so I’m giving you the basic information so that if something like this has happened to you – we’re going to ask how many percentage of people this has happened for tonight – if it’s happened to you, that you have some idea of how to look for it and find indications of it in your system and some idea of how to clear it, which is possible.


If it becomes a preoccupation, and then you just constantly think about it, you’re going to increase the potential to attract it to you, especially if you relate to it with fear.  So be strong, get strong in yourself, no fear, better to know than not know. 


On that note, I think we’ll call in the light.  Terry, is this topic okay with you?  Hello Terry, are you there? 


Terry: Yes.


Wynn:  Is this topic okay?


Terry: [Yes.]


Wynn:  It’s okay?  Terry doesn’t know what I’m going to talk about most of the time, and so I do like to clear it with her.


Some of you know that you’ve aimed for love and light, you’ve done everything you can, and you still keep repeating patterns and you’re having trouble moving through something.  Now, some of those things are just your patterns and patterns are not easy to move through.  They tend to recycle [and] recycle, and come back and they’re ancient. 


The cycles of the collective which have cycles: the collective [has cycles]. At one point in a channeling, they talked about gross repeating cycles, talking about how planets exploded, and then the populations were moved to another planet, and that one exploded; so gross repeating cycles happen because the individuals on that planet have gross repeating cycles. 


So when you clear your own patterns, any advance you make, you’re not just doing it for yourself, you’re doing it for part of the collective.  Every time we do a grid healing on Sunday - when we move our consciousness, then we are doing that not just for ourselves, we’re doing it for the planet and we’re probably doing it for the universe, because otherwise things get stuck.


At different times in the history of mankind, there have been times when the higher forces actually considered giving up on the whole thing, and just letting this realm run itself because it was so difficult to get through and most people don’t know what’s going on, and most people don’t want to know what’s going on.  Many of you have tried to talk about what happens on this line with us to other people and you know how hard it is to break through.  It kind of takes just the right blend of synchronicity, accident and intention for something to actually get landed in this realm.


I believe that all this stuff I’m talking about – ETs that put implants in you, aliens that can channel through people and look positive when they’re not – is all part of what Jesus referred to as the devil.  Of course he couldn’t even use the word ‘ET’; I don’t think there was any thought at that time that there was life outside of this planet.

Nonetheless, the universe is teeming with life, and one way of looking at it is: every intelligence is placed somewhere in the matrix of the universe; in the matrix of the time lines and the negative just looks down to figure out how it can get energy moving towards it, and the positive looks behind and gets energy from source, as well as moving down into the levels below.  The positive aligns itself with energies of others through free will.  The negative doesn’t honor free will. It does whatever it can to get your energy and once it gets it, it does whatever it can to hold it, to make you dependent to it, to make you beholden to it, and essentially to trap your energy and all of you, I’m sure, have been in relationships at one point of your life or another that trapped your energy. 


We’re going to learn about that tonight - together.  I have no idea what our answers are going to be.  I’m going to ask questions that I couldn’t answer, and who is speaking through Terry explains itself to be a conglomerate of group souls.  When they say ‘group souls’ does that mean you could understand what it is?  I don’t think so, no.  We use the term ‘group soul’; it’s like if there’s an individual soul and the souls come together, they’re now just a big combination of energies that operate as team that help planets at lower levels of evolution, like ours.  So when we talk, we’re talking to an intelligent matrix, we’re not talking to an individual being.  Other people do talk to individual beings in channelings, but that’s not who comes through for us.


The group souls we’re talking about, because they’re a group, because there’s a multitude of them, and because they really do want to contribute to this earth, they say that they’re paying attention to you when you’re on this line.  Of course, they pay attention to you when you’re off the line as well, if you learn how to hold their frequency and call on them.  If you’re feeling energy on the line, you can take some mental snapshots of how that energy feels, and work on recreating it when you’re not on the line.





Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry and myself and every person on this line, both on the conference call and on BBS and to everyone who is listening to the replays where ever they are in the world, at whatever time. We let our negativity go to the higher realms of light and be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  Now we’re going to invoke a group energy; there’s part of each of us that is multidimensional that exists in the hologram that’s not in this realm, in the physical.  We’re going to work with that part of ourselves, and we’re going to ask that they touch each other; that they move back to the place where they were one before they separated out.  We’re doing this while maintaining the individual sovereignty, integrity of your soul.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, operating the Christed light - to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.  

 You might note, since we’re talking about negative, we’re talking about things that are negative – how carefully that invocation is framed so that we create a space that’s protected, and that only the positive has access to.  This is a very important intent when you start to expand.  And I now wait for our sources to introduce themselves and answer some of our questions.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is Ra’an and we are available to you tonight to answer questions, and we remind each and every person on the line that the only reason to enter a negative situation, the only justifiable reason, is to purify it.  With this in mind, we are available to you, and with you and it is our delight and joy to make contact.  Do you have questions? [Long pause.]


Terry:  Wynn?


Wynn:  Excuse me.  There’s the idea in the reincarnation of wanderers, of beings that came in from your realm, of the higher dimensional realms, and have graduated from this realm and voluntarily chose to come back into it.  I would assume, in most cases, the original intent of coming back into this realm was to purify it.  Am I right in that?  What was the intent of those higher dimensional beings who made those choices?


Ra’An:   There is an intent within a great many of the wanderers to purify themselves, and there have not been means or awareness enough within even some of the higher levels to know what to do to totally purify one within their soul and within their framework within which they give and take with the outside world.  There have been distortions in individual’s matrices which leads them to move from one situation to another to learn how to purify themselves so that they can again know the pure soul, the pure joy, the give and take, without holding distortions in their matrix.


Wynn:    So even when someone graduates this realm, they’re not perfect?  They still have distortions in their matrix that make them want to come back here to work out those distortions.  So there’s got to be something special about being in this realm that makes that more easy than in other realms.  Am I correct?


Ra’An:  When you say it makes it “more easy,” that there’s something in this realm that makes it more easy, what is it that you see?  For someone to purify themselves more in this realm – is that your question?


Wynn:   Well, I’m saying… we’re talking about wanderers, souls that come into this realm that graduated.  There’s a predisposition on my part to think that if a soul had graduated this realm that they had mastered all the lessons and they were off somewhere else.  Supposedly, according to Carla Rueckert, even after you leave this realm you go through many millions of years, or thousands of years - a very long evolutionary process - before you’re a member of the Ra group.  And now, you’re a member of the Ra group so to speak, and you’re living as a group soul energy, and you make the choice to come back into this realm.  I suggested that a person would make the choice to come back into this realm to help purify the realm, to help other beings in this realm graduate.  You were saying that oftentimes a person comes into this realm because they still have a distortion in their matrix, and that they come back here to work it out even though they’ve graduated.  Do I have that correct?


Ra’An:  Yes, that is possible.  Even though one is part of the Ra group, they still maintain within themselves from [as a result of] having lived in the third density, certain orientations, that they are not aware of, which lean them more toward the third density in their thinking of, for instance – the instinct toward survival, which at the higher densities one does not think of because there is not the situation of having attached oneself to a scene wherein one has to cope with survival.  In the majority, or … let us take a look.


We see that an individual, even though they have moved into the Ra group, and they have an extremely high desire for service to others and have compassion upon the situation in the third density [may still carry distortions]..  Individuals in that group may move into the third density again to help others across the bridge. 


The individual, who, as an individual, comes in contact with different situations and orientations and distortions, and although someone is a part of the Ra group, they may not be totally aware of all of their distortions and may still need to refine and tune their own responses and their own purity within their matrix to free themselves further of distortions as there is still a divergence in distortion between members of the Ra group and members of the highest Elohim group, as the members of the [highest] Elohim group have not taken on as many distortions in their life path.  This is over several dimensions.



Wynn:   Terry’s voice is a little distorted; perhaps you could move the microphone a little bit further away from her mouth.


Terry:  Okay.


Wynn:  That’s much better.


Terry:  I wasn’t able to find the cord to connect. This is Terry … I was unable to find the cord to connect the earphone to the phone.


Wynn:  Okay.


Terry:  So I will attempt to hold it more straight.


Wynn:  Try to hold it in that position, because it was muffled.  Okay, next question is:  we’re talking about implants.  When a being is in the third density, how many beings, for example, what percentage of beings in the third density have implants of any kind?


Ra’An:  The number of people that have implants of different kinds are very high, we would say most likely in the high nineties, and the reason that we would say this is because we include psychic implants, distortions that have been taken on in an ancient path that moved with the individual and the individual was aware that something is the matter.  For instance,


Wynn:  Terry, you’re distorted… you’re distorted.


Ra’An:  They may feel unworthy, and in the feeling of being unworthy they are unable to resume their radiant outflow that they have as a natural ability, and they hold that back because beings are naturally good and they feel if they are unworthy that they may do unkind or undeserved things and if they would do that then they would hurt others.  So this places them in a withdrawal of their own energy in connection with the lifetime around them, and it makes a barrier to their natural fulfillment.  This idea that one is unworthy has, within the great majority of people on the earth plane, has been implanted in ancient times in the effort to cause individuals to withdraw so that they do not become a… there’s a word that we are searching for… they do not become a ‘problem’ - this is a simple word that is not the word that we were searching for, but the individuals do not become a problem to the people who wish to control.


Wynn:  What is the reason that what we could call service to self…? Let me just ask the question: Can we assume that all implants of any kind are done by beings who are service to self?


Ra’An:  We do not assume that all beings that are service to self have created all the implants, as there are many unaware, unforeseeing people who stumble robotically into going along with a service-to-self generated plan, and they do not have all of the information to be able to tell that what they are doing is supporting the service-to-self goal.


Wynn: Okay. You’re getting a little muffled, so move the phone a little - half inch or something - away.  Are there implants which are across the board almost in everyone, the same implant?


Ra’An:  Yes.  One of the… we are talking about the psychic implants, implants that are very broadly ‘across the board’ where an individual is led to believe, even from ancient times, that he is unworthy, that he is a sinner, that each - and we include the female sex in this as we are not sexist; as we are talking about both sexes, as an individual as they reincarnate from life to life can operate in either one sex or the other or move back and forth; but we see that the individuals, as they encounter lifetime situations, the majority of individuals have encountered lifetimes wherein they have been led to believe that they are sinners, and that they are unworthy, and that they don’t stand much of a chance of moving into the radiant energy which they really truly are, which they do need to move into in order to achieve total fulfillment and to move in and out of the third density, achieving fulfillment.  They need to realize that they are deserving, and they are worthwhile of love, and that even though there are thoughts that seem twisted, it does not mean that they are unworthy, it means that there has been some entry into the fields of their matrix that has started those thoughts.


Anger can be a good symptom; however, when one appears that they are angry, they may condemn themselves for a bad attitude and they may be condemned for that attitude, and so they hold it in.  Then they do not know how to get back to the loving give and take.


Wynn:  Now we could say, if someone felt unworthy then unworthiness is a-- it’s easy to enslave somebody that feels unworthy.


Ra’An:  Yes.  And this has been realized by the masters at psychological manipulation and they have sought ways, even using ways that can move an individual into more of a subconscious state, and then use implants to bring them into the thought that the individual is not worth while.


Wynn:  We have time for one more question, because I think the “I am not worthy, I am not lovable, I am no good - I am all of these things,” I think everyone, most people that I know on some level, come up against that.  If someone has the realization that they have that going on inside of them, and then they have the realization that something has impacted their energy field to create that as a … it’s not even a thought, it is a …


Ra’An:  It is a belief.


Wynn:  It’s a belief, it’s an energy that can hold you in.  I’ve lived with that, I understand that feeling.  It’s an energy that compresses you, pushes against you.  So if someone identifies with that, which most people will - we have one-and-a half minutes to answer this - what is the best thing they can do to work with that, to clear that?


Ra’An:  We thank you for your question.  We are reminded of what Carla Rueckert went through when she was a child when she had a Raggedy Ann doll and she would take the doll everywhere and hug the doll and feel loved by the doll. 


One can first of all observe themselves and then when they see that they are having thoughts of that nature they can say, “Alright, what is it that triggered that particular thought?” and then they may run into a bank of thoughts and these can be implanted so that when one would think a positive thought maybe then automatically they might trigger the negative thought, and then they might freeze up and think, “Wow you know my mind is just really bad, I’m an angry person.  I’m not worthy of being, I can look at myself and I can see these thoughts, and if I am to be a worthy, loving person then I’m going to have to get through these thoughts.”  But realize that these are symptoms, too.  It is a symptom of an implant, or it is a symptom of an anger where something needs to be corrected, and to be viewed.  It is a symptom, and one can learn to accept whatever it is and work it through.


Wynn:  You’ll have to excuse me.  We have to go off because Seth is going to come on at any moment. 


I wanted to say that one of the things that I’ve done is when I feel that thought, I do a counter-thought; I say, “This isn’t really me, this is some part of me that’s projecting.”  I’ll notice it, and I’ll correct it and say “I’m worthy” and then I’ll do worthy things.  And doing worthy things starts to correct that; doing things where you really create value for other people, in spite of feeling worthless.  You can’t help but create value and not start to transform that.


Thank you all for being here, we’re going to be on Wednesday answering your questions.  Thank you Terry for being here and being online, and thank you Don and everybody else who has been volunteering to help support this.  Thank you all who are listening on the replays, We’re going to stop the recording.








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