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December 15, 2010, with the Ra'An


This is Wednesday, December 15th, my name is Wynn Free and we have some new people on the line tonight and I am so pleased to have you on the line. There are some really special things that people discover when they keep checking in on this line and the most important thing is that there is an energy on the line and some people feel it right away and some people have to keep checking in. The goal is for you to be empowered within yourself and everyone on this line has the ability to do that and it all begins with the first step. Our sources are anxious and excited and they say this all the time about making an energetic connection with people on this planet, because for millenniums most people have been disconnected from this connection. When you make the energetic connection with them, you now have a whole bunch of extra spark plugs helping you to manifest who you really are. You start carrying around an expanded energy field.

The Elohim say they can project love-light energy into this realm but they need someone to receive it, and most people don't tune to their frequency and that most people, being in this realm; the physical realm, instead of looking backwards to where the source of energy is coming from, they look downwards and try to get energy from below them and that is how things got screwed up. So we are now learning now how to tap into the energy above us and to be able to hold that connection, no matter what happens in the physical realm. If you do that, not only do you not take everything so seriously down here, and also when you die, the energies you are connected to, you stay connected to. If you are connected to really high sources then if you have learned to hold those energies then that connection will continue and that certainly would make for a better experience when you leave this realm.

The other group soul is the Ra Group. The Ra Group, is the group soul who spoke through Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock and they are made up of graduates of this realm in the terminology 'getting off the wheel of reincarnation', and they work very closely as a group helping those of us still going through the incarnation cycles to also graduate. The Ra Group is more wise to the ways of this world and the Elohim are more powerful in terms of creating miraculous transformations and because I had written a book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and I had studied the Ra Group and I had felt a really intense connection with them, and then Daphne began channeling this voice which said they are the Elohim Group, I was directly communicating with the Elohim, a few years later, suddenly Terry says because we had become familiar with the energy of both groups they have created an energetic affiliation to work with our group. So the voice that speaks to us through Terry is Ra'An and is both groups working together. Ra is the Ra Group and An is the Council of An, a subset of the Elohim, so the voice that is going to be talking to us is both groups and they have access to the Elohim's power and the wisdom of the Ra Group.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Now I turn it over to Ra'An to give an introduction and we'll ask the questions that you guys have submitted.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is December 15th 2010 and we welcome each and every one of you and feel you and make contact with the ones who wish to have contact made. We enter into the free will zone and we are a free will group, so we only extend ourselves to individuals that are asking and are open to it and would like communication. It is our joy to connect because we do feel emotion and sometimes we are very sad that it is as if the third dimension has lost it's connection with the higher forces, with the higher frequencies. It is so imbued with the lower frequencies and these lower frequencies are a beacon and the people are connected and attracted to the lower frequencies and then they do not look to the higher frequencies. We are there in the higher frequencies, and home is there in the higher frequencies in that it is a source of where individuals and souls have come from. We see you in your radiant beauty as a source of light within your third dimensional sphere. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes. We are going to ask a question about bi-polar. This question is from a person named Joe who considers himself bi-polar and of course that is something that even Daphne considered herself at one point. Bi-polar means people who seem to swing from one extreme to another. The question that Joe has is: Every couple of months for about a one week period it seems as if I am living with someone else. Is this negative energy? Is there more than one spirit in me; another being or am I only moving from one part of myself to another?

If I am experiencing this thing that is diagnosed as bi-polar what can I do?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question.

There is another spirit in you and send it love and send it care and send it worthwhileness as it is simply sharing space for a time and when the time is right and the individual then have gotten to the point of growth where they are able to stand alone, they can be and can then have their own radiant own beautiful center and can be the source that they were meant to be. This is meant only for Joe and individuals other than Joe do not need to take this as applying to themselves unless in some manner it resonates with them. Individuals who are bi-polar often times have difficulty in sleeping and the renewal of their pituitary gland and they can get a very good source of melatonin and when they are having and episode of depression can take melatonin and go to bed and sleep primarily a good sleep should be from ten o'clock to two o'clock where the individual may reestablish and within their own pituitary can manufacture melatonin on it's own and then can help to readjust their own endocrine system. They would also be well advised to take very good care of themselves and their nutrition and make sure that their body was alkaline and not to eat too late at night as that can disturb the best sleep cycle. It is a wild ride sometimes to be in the third dimension. Individuals who are bi-polar often have a very creative side and they can within their creative side get excited about the creation and they can work upon their creation to the exclusion of the proper rest and the proper rehabilitation of the body during the sleep cycle and can deplete the body and then can lead them into the depressive side of the cycle. Those are our comments and we suggest that is person can get in touch at Rachael at Dr. Marshall's office also and ask if there are other nutrients to support this individual during this cycle, particularly during the depressed cycle, that during that time can support the body system of the individual to get him through this easier. The number is 310 320 1132 for Rachael at Dr. Marshall's office as they have dealt with many questions and many aspects of the psyche and the physical body and it's needs and it's nutrition requirements. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you. I would like to say that we have no connection to Dr. Marshall's office and recommendations and when Terry channels there is a group energy which Terry is included in and it's probably a bleed-through from her own experience because Dr. Marshall has been one of her heroes for many years.

A question about bi-polar which is also referred to as manic depressive. Are most people who would be diagnosed as bi-polar, do they have another spirit entity attached to them in most cases or are there other reasons that someone might have this diagnosis?


Ra'An: There are other reasons that somebody can have this diagnosis also. It can be genetic wherein the individual has more requirements for certain nutrients and is missing certain nutrients. It can be that the individual has gotten into drugs and used up a lot of the nutrients within the body and during the high of the drug cycle will have the maniac side and after then come back down off the drugs and then experience the depressive side. It does not have to be triggered by drugs. It can be triggered by the individual's life cycle wherein they are radiantly in some sense, very creatively pursuing some goal and use up many nutrients in the pursuit of this and do not get proper sleep and proper nutrition which can then send their body and their brain into a depleted cycle wherein they experience depression. Righting the cycle can be done somewhat through proper nutrition to bring them back up to the proper metabolism of nutrients and the availability of proper nutrients and the materials needed to make hormones for the proper operation of the body.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question is from Susan in Sacramento. She has been studying my material and seen the evidence that people look like their past lifetime. She has seen the remarkable resemblance of David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce and Terry and St. Catherine and that the premise is made that the DNA is carried from lifetime to lifetime somewhere in the soul matrix, so how does it connect to children who look like their parents?  Is that a percentage of influence and does that vary from person to person? Like some people will tend to very closely resemble their past life and others might look just like their parents, what causes those variations?


Ra'An: When an individual is born and during the development of that individual they tend to develop looking more like their parents and then as they take more and more hold of the physical body, which can also take hold they put that influence and manifestation into the physical body and the body may shift in it's looks more and more towards how the person looked in a past life. The individual may, in the selection of the parents, choose parents that have a similar DNA structure to their past life and a similar predisposition in metabolism and form and weight and body type and DNA structure to the structure they are used to in their past lifetime and are comfortable with and so move into the new life with the structure that is similar and is some cases then can become more and more influenced by the memory of the DNA of the past life and bring forth the change of looks or hair color as the individual gets older as they are looking more and more like the individuals they were in their past life.


Wynn: Now I would imagine for example, if David Wilcock, the indication was that David's father was Cayce's father because they looked alike, I don't know about his mother, but if you transfer the same parents from one life to the next, that would probably be a really good indication of a very close resemblance. Would that be true?


Ra'An: That would be true, as the father looking like the past life father would then foster a child looking very much like the past life child.


Wynn: OK. Now the question here from Lorna from Canada. When you talk about distortions in an individual's matrix, could you please elaborate more about what those distortions are. How do these distortions become part of the matrix of the individual and how can one recognize these distortions and how can they be transformed after they are recognized? That sounds like a book but lets see what we can do in three minutes.


Ra'An: Thank you. That is a very good question, and there was more on distortions on the Monday night call, into when an individual moves from a higher density, which many of you have, into a lower density like the third density; a slower time density, a more dualistic density, the individual moves with the time line with the dualistic nature of that density. In the third density in which you live, there are economic choices, there is attention on getting the proper amount of money, and food and survival and these worries, take a person out of the higher density framework that does not take any of this into consideration because it does not have a body that is dualistic that can transition and then one can focus into the body into the third density and become very concerned about the continuation of the body and this can be a generator of all types of distortions depending upon how an individual solves his problems. Essentially, when a person leaves the state of All That Is, the intelligence; the God Force and sections off and moves say, from the 7th density of love and light and moves to the third density of duality and struggle they take on these perceptions, and these perceptions can become solid or a very big part of their thinking, and then this will disorient them or fix them into a dualistic third density philosophy which makes it hard for them to see the higher frequencies which do not have the dualistic nature with them. Even the Ra Group, as they have graduated from the third density, still carries in some cases the dualistic thought that has been ingrained within them and they seek to clear themselves to move to the higher more pure ability, to exist without worrying about it or being nervous about how one is going to survive. The ideal situation is to get so facile with these systems and processes of the different densities that one can move from the third dualistic density and shift into the pure love density of the tenth density and the higher densities. Then one can have the ultimate in survival in spite of the body transitioning, because they exist during the transition, they can move to the highest frequencies, they can move with grace in and out of the densities and become gracefully part of situations and then move back out of them. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you.

I wanted to add that often times we think that we are supposed to be exalted and we want to move into the higher realms and one of the reasons that many of you are here is that you volunteered to come into this realm to help purify it and it is a great sacrifice because in doing that you would forget that you did that. You would actually be crawling through the realm almost on your hands and knees, picking up the understanding and the wisdom of how the lower realms work in the purification process and then when you finally get it; when you finally reconnect with the higher realms, you don't leave the lower realms, but you pull them with you and start to change their frequency. If people didn't do this, if souls did not volunteer to do this, this whole realm would fall into a dark pit and many people here would end up with no hope and perhaps getting stuck forever or losing their soul identity. This is one reason why souls from higher densities choose to come into this realm. So the very obstacle you have in front of you, the very negative that is holding you is your personal mission to figure out how to work with that and to move it up. Not to leave it, but to move it with you, if that makes sense. That is my understanding of this.


Wynn: Here is a question from Svetlana in Russia. She says: When I have energy I start to bite my cuticles and I give my energy away to do these animal things which I can do for hours and then I feel tired and hungry. Why do I do that? I don't like to spend energy for useless things.


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. It is a grounding what you are attempting. In the fingernails there are nerve endings and it is a grounding through your fingertips and a desire to relieve the energies within you and to let them go so it is a release of energies through your fingertips. You could also massage your fingertips or your whole hand bringing the energy from your hand down through your fingertips. We make connection with you and we send you love-light.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is international question night because this is from Josine in France. I think this is a question many people are experiencing in connection with some of the previous things we have discussed. I am going through this phase of not being able to relate to the old 3D world which makes me feel at a loss. It makes me wonder who I am, what am I doing here. What is the 'me' in this body. My question is this; Is this a phase everyone goes through? Is it part of graduation from this realm and ascension? Thank you for responding to this.


Ra'An: Thank you. Our love goes out to you in France. This is a phase that many in the whole earth in many countries and every country are going through at this time and it is part of the graduation process. There is an increase in energy. The earth, the solar system is moving into alignment with the arm of the galaxy which is in direct alignment with the center, or the Hunab Ku of the galaxy.  In this alignment it is moving the matrices of each individual, it is sending them energy, oscillations, vibrations and the vibrations are increasing in frequency and this is awakening people.  It is bringing their issues to the surface.  It is causing them to look at what is going on and this is a very good and healing process and one that should be stayed with.  Some individuals are finding it very hard and we do not include you in the category we speak of now.  Some individuals are finding it so hard that it's hard to stay with the process at all, and you are staying with the process and this will lead to awakening and further awakening which will transform your life and to stay with it. Observe any negative patterns that come into your consciousness as it is being brought up so you can observe it and you can get to the heart of it.  Sometimes when these are brought up, it gets worse and they get harder to deal with and that is a symptom that you are getting near the core of the issue; you are getting close to the heart of it, to the source.  So just stay with it, and then note to observe it and let it move through you.  Do not take it personally so to speak, although it is personal.

It is an energy, much like a computer program is running, and then let it run through, let it dissolve, let it move off and as you find out more, do not judge it, do not judge yourself, no matter what it is. This is the road out; this is the road you have been searching for, and these are good things that can be signposts on the road out. You are a beautiful, worthwhile being and we will be available for contact with you and with each and every person who is on the line and with each and every person on the earth who, in these times of change, are searching and are opening up their hearts towards a better, more resolved, better communication out of life.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is my question. There was a channeling from Daphne a few months ago indicating that there might be flooding on the East Coast. There was even a suggestion that people who live in coastal areas might want to relocate. Could you give an update on that particular prediction?


Ra'An: There are a number of factors involved here. We have seen that the hurricanes have moved up the Atlantic coast in this past season and created a lot of rain. We look beyond that and we look at the changes that have been brought about by the cooling of the Gulf Stream and this may change the hurricane patterns. We also look at potentials for earthquakes which could cause flooding upon the East Coast and earthquakes in the mid-Atlantic ridge.  In the Sunday earthquake healing that we go through, we do look at the mid-Atlantic ridge and we seek stabilization, and we do recommend as many people as possible coming into the Sunday grid healing to help put forth energy of stabilization and support for Mother Earth.  That the earth changes that the earth is being triggered into at this time by the position of the earth in the solar system, and the position of the solar system in the galaxy, be modulated down in magnitude and do not create such a sharp outcome of devastation.  That this can be modulated, and each and every one of you can help by coming into the grid healing.  We work on Sundays with this, we the Elohim, and also through the week to help stabilize and modulate the change, therefore we do not make specific predictions here.


Wynn: Thank you.

In our last question for tonight. This is from Dee in Missouri. She has a sick husband. She calls it COPD and CHF and she has decided to try and make him better with herbal remedies and good food and exercise. He is in stage four of COPD and she wants to be a nutritional consultant and she wants to know if she is on the right track to help her husband and others. She has indications from her guides that she has healing powers and she just wants some confirmation on the path she is on right now.


Ra'An: Thank you.

This is an excellent path and this will help with the process with your husband.  Be gentle in any detoxification measure, to detoxify slowly, as too fast a detoxification can overload the system.  We feel the feeling of the disease and we feel that the system is clogged and needs to be cleared but be very careful to not overload the system, as this could detoxify too fast and be detrimental.  Be sure to provide plenty of liquids. Liquids may help the detoxification process. With your nutritional program be sure to monitor how he is feeling to tell whether you are going in the right direction, or you are providing too much of a healing crisis.  Healing crises are alright, but they should be monitored so they do not tax the body systems too much.  We can also recommend in your nutrition you may be delightedly surprised to have a conversation with Rachael at the number we have given, 310 320 1132 and just simply run by her what you know and your goals and see what you can gain in information from Rachael. Our love goes out to you and your husband.


Wynn: Thank you.

Do we have any closing comments for tonight?


Ra'An: We look at each and every person on the line and we are pleasantly surprised at the number of people and their strength and their interest. It is our blessing and we are so honored to be in touch and contact with each and every one of you. We feel the bond growing between what you might think of home in the higher dimensions and the third density anchored by each one and every one of your who wishes to be an anchor.



Wynn: Thank you so much and I thank everyone for being here. I thank everyone who is listening on the replays and I hope you will join us on Sunday on our grid healing. If you are signed up on messageaday, we always give a notice about an hour before and people say, why don't you say before that, and I might start doing that, but nonetheless, all our conference calls are listed on our website at: and if you go there and print it out you will have fair warning and can schedule yourself. On that note I am stopping the recording and we will see some of you on Sunday. Thank you Terry and Daphne who is listening and all those who have volunteered.






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