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                                  The Ra'An, December 22, 2010



This is Wednesday, December 22nd, three days before Christmas, 2010, and my name is Wynn Free. We are going to do a call tonight where we ask questions to a voice that comes through my friend Terry Brown, that identifies itself as a group soul. Whoever they are, it doesn't matter how they identify themselves, they have the ability to take a very good look at the human condition and people's issues and they have the ability to give some wise responses and project energy so we can connect with them. They just don't have physical bodies. We ask questions that you guys have submitted.

We do an invocation and we do this over and over and sometimes people take it for granted, what we are learning here, besides the answers to these questions is the ability of our intention to move energy. This is a critical thing to learn in this realm. We create a field of energy for all those who can experience this energy.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Do we have our sources present to give an introduction?


Ra'An: Yes. This is Ra'An. We greet you in the love of the One Infinite Creator. This is December 22, 2010 on a rainy night in Sedona, Arizona and we see the rain falling as we connect and we hear the rain falling as we listen through the ears of the channel. We greet each and every one of you out there and we note that some of you are experiencing winter weather at this time in the United States and in Europe and in other areas. We are delighted to be with you and we are delighted to be of service to you and we are available to you, not only now, not only during the call, but at anytime. All you have to do is ask and we are making a connection with those who wish to have a connection made and we are available to you. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. The first question is from me. It has to do with walk-ins and people who say they are walk-ins. Could you explain what a walk-in is, and can one assume that somebody that was a walk in is always positive or are they mixed or always negative. Could you share something of that?


Ra'An: Yes. We look at a couple of examples wherein you have met walk-ins and it can occur suddenly and it can occur when an individual does not have a good tether with the body. Let's say the body might be ill and the person is thinking of possibly leaving and transitioning to the other side and then another spirit may notice that and move into the space of the individual. Adrianne is a walk-in and walk-ins when they are advanced can bring in much new energy into the body and can bring healing into the body. It is difficult when an individual walks into a body because they have the body memories to draw on but they have a different track and they can be confused. You know another walk-in and that is Jay's friend. A walk-in can be as a result, not only that the individual wants to transition but it can also be that the individual, such in the case of Jay's friend, was so ill, but wanted to keep the body, but wanted to somehow make the body work but the body was so ill it couldn't. Her prayers brought in a walk-in who then, from an unconscious state in the hospital, got the body up, in the hospital, in the hospital gown, disconnected herself from the life support and walked out of the hospital, walked across London and walked in the Chinese medical facility and clinic and said, we need help. The Chinese facility called up the hospital because there was the tags on the wrist and said, we have one of your patients over here but we want to keep her for a while. This individual as a walk-in was able to bring the body back to health even though it was missing a significant portion of the brain. The individual, the original owner of the body, stayed around to learn lessons and was too overcome to take back over, but hung around to learn. Those are two examples of walk-ins but there are many more. When the Tibetan monks were beset by the Chinese, many of them left their body and became walk-ins as they do have that ability. Do you have further questions on that?


Wynn: When you say Jay's friend, who is that, Jay who?


Ra'An: Jay in Santa Monica.


Wynn: Ok. Now. Can a walk-in and the original inhabitant of the body both be there at the same time?


Ra'An: Yes, that is the case with Jay's friend, they are both there. The original owner of the body is staying around and is in agreement with what is happening, in that this individual continues to learn.


Wynn: Can a negative do walk-in's or if a negative did that would you call it possession?


Ra'An: If a negative did that you would definitely call it possession and the individual might lose control and then might be possessed not from their own consciousness but from the consciousness of the walk-in.


Wynn: Because on a positive situation there is an agreement between both parties but in a negative there would not.


Ra'An: That is correct, however when there is a negative one, there may be negative thoughts that may have attracted the negative entity in or there may be drug usage which has lapsed the ownership of the body for a short time and then this makes way for other entities to walk-in. This is one of the dangers of drugs.


Wynn: I heard there are lots of negative entities waiting around bars waiting to connect.


Ra'An: Yes. Particularly negative beings who wish to experience sex, although they do not have a body, and they might go home with somebody.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have interestingly enough two people who have asked question about Atlantis. According to our knowledge, both from Edgar Cayce and other sources, Atlantis was a landmass that was very advanced technologically that destroyed itself sometime around 10,000 B.C and that according to the history, as I understand it, the previous lifetime of Edgar Cayce, Ra-Ta was living in Egypt and was welcoming some of the refugees from Atlantis. Atlantis had, according to Edgar Cayce, had two factions, The Children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial. Obviously the Children of the Law of One were probably connecting with the Ra Group and the Sons of Belial were the negative. According to Edgar Cayce and others, Atlantis destroyed itself with the use of crystals.

This first question is from Gary in Redondo Beach.

We know that we have had the term 'gross repeating cycles'. Is our civilization repeating some of the Atlantean patterns? Are we doing the same with the use of cells phones, I-Pods and other digital devices?


Now I don't believe that those devices are the same as the misuse of crystals in Atlantis but could you share anything that you see that fits about that?


Ra'An: Yes. You are doing in your earth plane, different countries are doing similar things that to what was done in Atlantis. Use of cell phones and cell phone towers is far down the line of things that are going on at this time, for instance, control of weather, control of the atmosphere, control of the grid lines, being put into effect by individuals within the government who are working towards control over nature. Now when one tries, as they did in Atlantis, to get control of nature, they do not encompass within their sphere of knowledge all of the ramifications, all of the perimeters that cause nature to do the things that nature does, like the weather or the guidance of the jet stream, or the currents in the oceans, and looking at things from the bottom of the layer of knowledge within the earth plane, they do not look down on the earth plane with knowledge of all of the systems, the processes that earth goes through, all of the things earth is influenced by. They forget huge portions and so it is like tinkering. We get the image of a controlled car, one of those remote controlled little toy cars which scoots across the floor and then makes a right turn and then crashes into a wall because the entire situation is not in the control of the operator and the impetus that the operator gives into the situation may start an avalanche of effects that can then crumble an area of the grid system and they do not know, or suspect, or have any slightest clue that what they are doing may cause a shift in the earth factors, parameters, resultant.... and we are getting into mathematics here and do not have vocabulary within this channel to take us into this superhighway of geometric mathematical impulses and connections which causes earth to operate in harmony with it's past, moment to moment.

You had commented that the crystals had an effect within Atlantis and indeed it did as the crystalline connections, and as you still see in various parts of the world, the crystalline connections created a disruption. They had much knowledge but they had gaps and the earth was left in certain areas with a deficiency of energy and then it began to collapse upon itself and many areas went under the sea.


Wynn: If we were trying to make it very simple, would it be like, when we do our grid healing and call in the light, we create an energy flow or invoke an energy flow from the center of the universe to the center of the earth and that things that disrupt that energy flow and cause that flow not to occur are very disruptive to the flows in the planet and can cause a planet to destroy itself.


Ra'An: That is correct and you have it, in that they are not considering the flows between the stars systems, between the Hunab Ku and the earth and the effect and alignment of the grid system in conjunction with the star systems and it's location in the position of the earth in the solar system in the galaxy at any moment of time, needs to be balanced. The grid systems, the connections need to be balanced and individuals working in the earth plane in such projects such a HAARP do not even suspect all of the influences that keep the earth in balance.


Wynn: Now it's been said many times, that Daphne came into this realm to help balance the grids so I assume that somebody who is in this realm can impact the grid system in ways that those of you outside this realm can't do so directly. Now this is assumption. Can you explain a little more about that assumption. Is it correct? In other words, lets suppose, if we are trying to balance some those imbalances, those of us who are in the realm, doing the kind of exercises we do on Sunday, how effective is that in correcting imbalances?


Ra'An: It is effective to have someone such as Daphne or Lisa Renee in the earth plane to ground and to help to reestablish and support and make stronger the grid systems. As we can do a lot but we need grounding with the earth plane. The earth plane needs grounding. People like Daphne and Lisa can ground the grids and tie them down and support them. As we and our frequencies are higher in total than some of these grid systems, and so we need the lower frequencies to align with the higher frequencies to reestablish and support the grid system.


Wynn: That's why some of you have volunteered to come to this plane even knowing that you are going to forget that you come here, but if no one did that, this plane would not have much hope. Is that correct?


Ra'An: Generally, the earth can stay in alignment but with the disruptions that are caused by the negative, it is makes it difficult and it is difficult to keep the grids in alignment.


Wynn: Ok Thank you.

Let me ask Edna's question. She would like to know why she has strong emotions every time she hears about anything that has to do with Atlantis. It brings her to tears. She feels she has been in Atlantis before and worked in the Temples of Crystals and needs to know why she feels such strong emotions and if there is guilt or something in there that causes these strong emotions?


Ra'An: Thank you.

The crystals began to crack and there was some responsibility taken by the entity who is Edna in this life and it was a shock for the crystals to crack and Edna realized the significance of the crystals cracking and it was the crystalline connections that were a line of support for the earth to the degree that the individuals knew. It was not Edna's fault that they cracked. It was the other individuals who had set up the networks and did not have all the data. Edna was very responsible and caring and it was not her fault and she considers herself responsible.


Wynn: Thank you.

The next question here is from Connie and Connie has been finding that many of the people around her is developing heart trouble including her significant other. She wants to know why she is seeing so much heart trouble in those around her and how can she do to help her husband and can some healing be provided?


Ra'An: We would suggest calling Rachael at Dr. Marshall's and asking her this question of Rachael and finding out the different programs Dr. Marshall has for supporting the heart area and to clear the toxins from the liver, which once cleared will be able to take some of the toxins that are going into the arteries. We see at this time, that individuals have additives included in their food that can clog their arteries. Another thing, is that individuals are not drinking enough water. We would almost say that the majority of individuals do not drink enough water and are not clearing their systems of toxins and waste matter that should be gotten rid of.


Wynn: You know, I want to mention that Connie and anyone, one of the best supplements I found for the heart and it's in every health food store. I would suggest going Coenzyme Q10 and see if it resonates with these kinds of issues.


Ra'An: Coenzyme Q10 is one of the primary nutrients that Dr. Marshall gives for someone who is working on developing a healthy artery system. There are other nutrients that can work with Coenzyme Q10


Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question from Margaret Highland in New Zealand. She is very ill. She asks, what am I failing to do in carrying out my spiritual guide of eleven years purpose for me? I am very ill and am not receiving highly desired and needed guidance on how to pull myself back from possible best, despite my prayers and petitions done in all the appropriate manners that I can determine. He (her guide) seems to have left me and I am very tired and yet very afraid of my failure in the task of overcoming my cross. Could you please give me some guidance on this?


I want to make this disclaimer on this. When we ask a question like this the answer to this person, she has to evaluate it herself, she has to resonate it herself, we are not a dispenser of truth and her answer may be correct for her but not for you. This is a very specific question.


Ra'An: We are reviewing the circumstances. (Pause) There is a long term pattern of deficiencies in the nutrient systems and the intake of certain nutrients in the body. One of them is oil. For instance, a good virgin olive oil, not canola oil. We are speaking slowly as we are looking at the systems of the body. There is a build up of material within the system that makes the intake of nutrients and the excretion of waste within the cellular structure of the body makes it difficult. There is a need to clean the system. We would suggest fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and plenty of liquids, like water or juices, like carrot juice and greens. As we were reviewing your body and working on your body, if you can, you may wish to go on the internet and review the site healthline.cc and see what is there and you may wish to also place a call to Dr. Marshall's office at 310 320 1132. It is free to call and ask to speak to Rachael and she may be also able to give you some guidance. We are still speaking slowly as we are looking at your body. There is waste trapped within your cellular structure and the little openings within the cells are not operating properly to release the waste and then to take in the nutrients. Those are our observations and we are working with your body as we are speaking.


Wynn: Thank you.

I should mention again that we have no business relationship with Dr. Marshall's office. Terry has worked personally with him for many years on different issues and when she is channeling her conscious mind is also part of the group mind so that tends to bleed through and recommend Dr. Marshall. Terry told them if any discounts coming her way just give them to the person. If you just say you heard about them from Terry they may give you the best price.


Next question is from Lorna and it's a question about free will concerning a Near Death Experience she had. She had this NDE, and she wanted to transition at that time and she experienced an intelligence that she believed was Jesus who was there with her. Now let me just say, that I am reading this and as you notice I never like to draw conclusions. If this was Jesus, how do you know? Are we talking to the Elohim, how do we know? We don't have to know, we just have to get the resonance and the energy and the experience because as soon as you are with someone who is exalted we all have that tendency to give up our power and reduce your discernment and just start to follow. So excuse me as I translate this into my language and for Lorna it was Jesus, not an alien intelligence who identified itself as Jesus. She says that it was her desire at that time to stay in the higher density and not come back and Jesus made her come back to her body. She felt angry because it felt at the time her free will was overlooked. She says, could this event have happened in the way I remember it or am I missing something? Or was this a figment of my imagination. Thank you for answering my question.


Ra'An: When you went to the false transitioning you were still tethered to your body. When an individual has a Near Death Experience, it often feels very good in that the systems of the body are left behind and one does not experience the heaviness of the body, the pressure, the pains, the lumberingness of the body and often one has a good release and they feel very wonderful at leaving the body and when they come back to the body they are hit by all the frustrations of the body that is hard to move and hard to be with at times and can be painful and heavy and feel pressure connected with being in the body. So then one can be angry when one finds themselves back in the circumstance of the difficulty or slowness of movement and the difficulty of control that one can have of the body. So when you left, and let me look for a moment at the significance of Jesus, as Jesus is available and Christ Consciousness is available to individuals. You, being tethered to your body were drawn back and the Christed energy saw you were so tethered and had not finished with your experiences in the body, yet it was your tether that drew you back; your uncompleted things that you wished to learn that drew you back. If you had not had such a tether and a commitment to some degree with the body, you would have flown free at that time but you had more to learn.


Wynn: So it was not really a matter of free will or not free will. That would not be the issue in that circumstance.


Ra'An: The issue would be the commitment; the tether to the body, the unfinished business in the earth plane, the need to learn more.


Wynn: Thank you.

While we are on this there was another question. When someone passes this realm do they often make a choice when they are immediately passed to connect to those people they were close to and of course I am sure it's going to be a matter of some do and some don't but could you answer that?


Ra'An: Usually as a person is going through the stages towards transitioning, the relatives that were close, or the friends that were close and on the other side, come and help with the transition and help guide the individual so it's not exact thing to say there was a choice. There is a choice but it's not necessarily a conscious choice, it's a choice that has slowly worked through and moved into.


Wynn: Thank you.

A more general question about individuals who leave the body and this is a question that I've pondered on and I don't have a clear picture of it. In some of the channelings we have actually spoken through Daphne to a voice that spoke through her and identified itself as the soul stream of a previous life of Daphne. Now when there are soul streams of previous lives, how is that different from an actual life, in other words if all of us have had many lifetimes then there are many soul streams related to those lives that exist but are those soul streams conscious and aware or are they just woken up when there is a consciousness in this realm that they are connected to, to speak through?


Ra'An: An individual as they move through a lifetime, make or create as they move through this soul stream of getting together of all the impulses, all of the things that involve the person and the soul stream is the forge within the plane where one is and it is a movement not only of the soul but the resultant stream of the particles and changes and the movement of the individual through that lifetime, then the individual when they transition, then they move into a new state of existence wherein the soul stream becomes less solid and more malleable and the individual then can flow and can change more easily then when stuck in a body and so the soul stream at top point begins to flow more with the transiting person and the individual is moving into the future in a different state but still creating a more malleable soul stream.


Wynn: Does that soul stream have an awareness of itself?


Ra'An: There is an awareness within the soul stream of intelligence; of movement through the God Force of all that happened within the individuals passing through that area and there is intelligence that has experienced the soul stream.


Wynn: When someone reincarnates do they always carry access to the soul streams energetically of their past lifetimes or can they be accessing multiple soul streams of different entities or can they in the middle of their life, maybe they identify with someone in the past, can they bring in the soul stream of the entity that they identify with at part of the matrix in their present life?


Ra'An: They can in accessing the soul stream of the individual, lets say it was their own soul stream, they can access it from two sides, if it was their own. One, through their own track; through their own memory, through their own past. They can access it also through the memory within All That Is, of everything that happened during that lifetime, all the changes, all the essences, all the happenings that it is in a record that they can access, that is a second way that they can access it. Now if an individual had a great identification with an individual which was not in the lifetime, then they could go ahead and access the soul stream and get all the information from that lifetime of the soul stream of the person that they so closely identified with or had some desire or intention to connect and know about that individual.


Wynn: Thank you.

The last question for tonight is from Sue Potter in Costa Mesa. The question has to do with how can we insure that our heart is more than half open to graduate. I continue to worry about a possible separation from my son because I think he is going to graduate and I might not. How can I ensure that this will not happen so I can stay with him?


Ra'An: If you look at how you can receive or do you feel that you are receiving from individuals in your daily contact, from individuals even at the store. Do you feel you are open to receive. This is one of the things that happens when the heart opens, then the individual is open to receive and feel joy in connection then heartfelt love in interchanges with other individuals. It does not have to be with everybody but within any transaction that you make. When you are open to receive and feels good about receiving, and that somebody has gotten through to you, this is a sign that your heart is getting open and this is what will help you to graduate.


Wynn: Thank you.

That is a very good answer. So having an open heart means interfacing on a daily basis with everyone and in some way that there is a heart energy that passes between you and those you have interface with.


Ra'An: It does not have to be with everyone. For instance, if you have a bitchy clerk at a store, you do not need to open to that person, however there needs to be with someone and with maybe more and more the opening of the heart and receiving more and more with even a few people or a cat and a dog and a way to open up to receive.


Wynn: Thank you.

Michael wants to know if creating a group soul in this dimension is part of our evolution in the higher realms. How does this pertain to raising our vibrations to a light body?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question.

As you raise your vibrations and vibrate at a higher frequency, you become more radiant and more of a light bearing individual as you actually give off light that we can see as you move into a higher framework of energy; of vibration and this strengthens you light body to be able to move into the higher frequencies. So as you are on the call and are experiencing the higher frequencies of the call and of the Elohim, which we are and the Ra which we are also part of, and as you experience these frequencies, it is like holding on to a step ladder that can bring you to be a more radiant being and to shine your light body.


Wynn: Thank you.

So to put that in my words, to confirm this, is that when we create a group energy in this realm, we are supporting each others' growth into the higher realms and within the context of the group energy that we create, it becomes easier for you to access us, to see us. Whereas if we are just by ourselves, its' not as easy to break through the energies to the higher dimensions, because Jesus said where two or more are gathered, I am present, similar to that. So it is the group energy that creates an easier highway from the higher dimensions to this dimension and it causes us to grow into the higher dimensions by having that experience. Do I have that correct?


Ra'An: It is more that the individual is learning to bring in the higher frequencies and connect with the higher frequencies. This is where the individual will have his light body triggered so that as he becomes more facile at moving into the higher frequencies, which you do as you move into the group energy, move to a higher frequency to be able to do that and then the Elohim and Ra comes in and boosts the frequency even higher which then the individual can connect with and then can move higher in frequency which can trigger the light body to activate.


Wynn: Thank you.

That was our last question for tonight and thank you for being with us. Are there any closing words before we close the line?


Ra'An: We are really pleased to be with each and every one of you. We loved your questions Michael and the lady in New Zealand, we feel your energy and this is not all there is. We are with you. Everyone on the call, we thank you for your presences. Edna, we thank you for your question and the opportunity to look at you. Everyone on the call, we appreciate each and every one of you. Come back soon and we are with you always.



Wynn: I wish everyone a really wonderful Christmas and hope you all find ways to lift your spirit and find people that care about you and that you care about and if you don't have someone, find someone and take them to dinner and do something memorable.

Thank you for everyone listening to the replays and doing the transcriptions and to Terry for being so dedicated and to Daphne for getting it all started and we will see some of you on our Sunday grid healing.







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