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Monday Calls; 2010 Conferences

Monday – 12/27/2010

How sex got started, continued 

Source – Ra’An

Channel – Terry Brown

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free 

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Editor – Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:  Now everyone that’s checking in on BBS heard us start the recording.  This is Wynn Free, this is Monday December 27, [2010].  We are doing a simulcast on our conference line and BBS Radio.   Somebody just checked in.  Would you like to say your name and your city? 


Suzanne:  Yes, Wynn this is Suzanne in Ohio. 


Wynn:   Hi Suzanne.  Nice to have you.  We’re live on the air tonight, and Gjis I’m just, while we’re live I might as well interrupt myself and say ‘hello’ to a couple of people.  Would you like to say your name and your city? 


Melissa:  Melissa from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 


Wynn:  Melissa, is this your first time on the line? 


Melissa:  No, I’ve been on maybe two or three calls before. 


Wynn:  Carlisle, where is Carlisle? 


Melissa:  It’s south central about half an hour away from the capitol, Harrisburg. 


Wynn:  I see.  I don’t know if you know it, but I’m from Philadelphia. 


Melissa:  Okay, well that’s just two hours away. 


Wynn:  Right, I used to drive past, through Harrisburg pretty often.  Nice to have you. 


Melissa:  Thank you. 


Wynn:  Do you have that Philadelphia accent?  Or that Pennsylvania accent? 


Melissa:  Some of my sayings come from the Pennsylvania Dutch, like “Red up the house” [clean up the house] and I can’t think of some right off the top of my head but yeah – there’s Pennsylvania Dutch in our area. 


Wynn:  How would you say g-a-s?


Melissa:    Gas?  Gasoline for your car? 

Wynn:  See, people in Philadelphia say ‘gaazh’.  You don’t say ‘gaazh’, do you?  How do you say w-a-t-e-r? 


Melissa:  Water.  Not wrotter.


Wynn:  Not ‘wrotter’. 


Melissa:  Water. 


Wynn:  Thank you, I want you to know you’re on the air tonight, so thank you for sharing that. 


Melissa:  Sure.


Wynn:  Anyone else like to say their name and their city?  


Connie:  Top of the evening – this is Connie down here in Missouri. 


Wynn:  Hi, Connie.  How’s the weather in Missouri. 


Connie:  It’s pretty pleasant today, especially compared to Minnesota. 


Wynn:  Hey, for those of you who are reading our Monday night transcripts, Connie is a major force in doing them and Terry’s a major secondary force in editing them.  Thank you both. 


Listener:  Thank you, Connie. 


Connie:  You are so welcome, it’s my pleasure. 


Wynn:  Anyone else on the line? 


Karen:  Karen in Los Angeles. 


Wynn:  Karen.  Is this your first time? 


Karen:  Uh-huh. 


Wynn:  You sound like you’re right next to me. 


Karen:  It’s probably because I am. 


Wynn:  I used to live in Los Angeles, not very long ago, but what part of LA are you in? 


Karen:  The Hollywood area, it’s kind of in the middle of town. 


Wynn:  You’re not an actress, are you? 


Karen:  No. 


Wynn:  You’re not a producer, are you? 


Karen:  No, I do PR and marketing and merchant services. 


Wynn:  Remember, if somebody in Hollywood comes forth, I have this movie project that could actually turn into … that I’ve been working on with Barry Morrow who wrote the ‘Rain Man’. 


Karen:  Oh, wow. 


Wynn:  If you’re one of those people who have connections, shoot me an email and I’ll get back with you, okay? 


Karen:  Yeah, I’ll do that. 


Wynn:  Alright.  This is a movie that could change the planet, okay? 


Karen:  I’m definitely interested, so I will email you. 


Wynn:  Alright.  Anyone else want to say hello? 


Zoe:  Zoë, Sacramento. 


Wynn:  Hi Zoë.  Anyone else?  Anyone else, going once…  We’re on live now, so people are more shy.  All of you that are shy would you just say the world ‘shy’ and we won’t know who you are? 


Listener:  Nice try. 


Wynn:  Nice try – would you all say the word ‘nice try’?  I heard a ‘shy’ in there, thank you.  Whether you talk or not, we know you’re there.  Not only do we know you’re there – as long as you’re not embarrassed to be seen, they know you’re there.  That’s a really strange concept to be doing on a radio show, to say, “They know you’re there.”  Over the period of time we’ve done this, probably the most striking thing that ever happened on this Monday … I think it was a Monday night, I can’t remember.  [It] was – Terry was channeling, now you know when Terry channels there’s part her and part them.  It’s like a blend of energies, it’s not like she goes into a trance.  That’s why she always recommends Dr. Marshall, because she loves Dr. Marshall.  And, if she loves it, the love makes it all part of everything so there’s no difference.  Maybe way back when, she was an Elohim that came into this realm so it gets all mixed up.


One Monday suddenly Terry - or they - said ‘hello’ to this strange name, and afterwards Terry said “I couldn’t understand what they wanted me to say, but I said it anyway.  I asked them three times ‘Are you sure you want me to say that?’”  We get an email the next day from a lady in Turkey that said, “They said hello to me.”  There’s little things like that that just kind of creep in if you keep on listening to these calls that “How did that happen?  Where did that come from?”  Some of them are really amazing and some of them are just funny.


We have voices that talk to us that say they’re the Elohim group and the Ra group, and one of the worst mistakes someone could make is to believe that’s true because I say it.  Let me mute everybody – because I didn’t believe it was true even when they kept saying that was who they were.  I went for three years saying, “No, it can’t be,” or “They must be making a mistake”; “There’s got to be somebody better than me that can do this job.”  Nonetheless, I tested them.  I asked questions, and they kept passing all the tests; then, there were little miracles.  So when you come on this call I don’t want you to believe they are who they say they are.  I want you to keep doing your own tests on it – test me, test them, test Terry.  Test your own heart and see how it feels.  Mostly, start seeing if you can feel the energy on the line.


That is an amazing thing, and if that intrigues you please come to our Sunday call.  I call it a grid healing, a personal and planetary healing session, because our Sunday call focuses on feeling the energy, focuses on creating a group energy, and many people can feel it.  It actually feels really good.  It kind of feels like an energy of home.  It doesn’t feel invasive, it feels connected.  By actually making this energetic connection, you move your own energy beyond the veil.  Have you ever heard of the veil?  The veil of forgetfulness, the veil that keeps us feeling like we’re separate, the veil that keeps us from connecting with source, the veil that keeps people imprisoned in 3D?  There’s something called a veil that a lot of metaphysical people have talked about which is the energy of contraction.  Your mind can know there’s a veil, and your mind can know there’s something beyond it, but that doesn’t mean you move beyond it.  For most of us, we’ve lived all our lives in a box - some a bigger box, some a smaller box – but, nonetheless, a box.  Whatever we do, we’re kind of just keeping walking around the circumference of our own box.  Somebody can tell you, “Well there’s a world outside the box”, but you can’t see it because you’re contained.  On some level, the way you get out of the box, the easiest way, is to go into a circumstance or a situation that holds an energy that’s bigger than your box.  If you keep doing that eventually your box will get bigger.  If it gets big enough it gets beyond the veil.


In observing this phenomenon, this is not something that knocks you over the head.  It’s rather subtle.  When you get out of your box, or you get bigger than your box, there are a couple of things.  One of them is that your physical equipment – your eyes, your ears, your senses – are not designed to see outside of the physical box.  So you have to engage other senses or intuitions or vibrations.  It’s hard to explain when you experience it on the line, you go, “Ah that’s it.”  It would be like when you’re on a mountain top and you look down and you see all of the cities and terrain from a very high vantage point.  Suddenly, there’s a moment where your breath gets taken away and it’s hard to describe that moment.  Some of you know exactly what I mean.  It’s like, you’re looking down from the mountaintop, and the truth is:  in many cases, when you’re on a mountain top, your energy field expands to contain the area you can see.  So you actually have gotten expanded in that moment on the top of the mountain.  Maybe you get expanded, have the experience of expansion in the moment of an orgasm, for example.  You can’t describe it but you’re so expanded which happens to be the topic for our discussion tonight.


On this call, there’s an expansion that occurs that is somewhat akin to being up on a mountaintop, and feeling that expansiveness when you’re looking miles into the distance.  Maybe you felt it at the ocean, when you’re looking at the ocean and see how the ocean goes on and on, there’s a moment of expansion.  Maybe you’ve seen it in a movie, in a movie that just takes you through a beautiful journey.  Certain kinds of movies leave you in this really expanded state.  You watch that movie, and you became one with the theatre, and everyone in the theatre.  As they’re leaving the movie they were looking at each other, you were looking at them and you’re all in the same place because you expanded.  The movie became a catalyst to expand you into the same place.  They were all strangers and yet you did that.  Many of you are strangers on this line, and yet on this line we expand into a place where we experience a oneness of our energies.  That’s my way of describing it.  Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s something else, but that’s the way I describe it, that’s the way they describe it. 


When we experience this oneness of energies, we not only experience the energy but if we believe everything our sources say, and our sources are these group [souls]– they explain themselves to be group souls, and a comingling of two group souls.  They are kind of – if you’re on a mountain, they’re on the mountain above you.  They are able to project energy from where they are into this realm.  There’s millions and billions of them, and they work as a team or they work as separate councils, depending on what’s required. 


So when we’re on these calls, we are, through a whole series of trial-and-error circumstances—because, you know, I happen to be inquisitive and curious and I want to know “How does this work?”  I do things as experiments, and say, “Well, if they’re there and we’re here what happens if I ask them to beam in and people started feeling it, particularly in my live lectures?”  Then we talk to them while they’re beaming in.  You’re talking to the consciousness that’s out there, and you feel the energy that’s coming in and they say it’s them.  So there’s an area there where I can’t prove that, but if I’m correct it’s worth coming back for a while and checking it out for yourself and seeing if it holds true for you.


There are a lot of really good advantages on a personal and planetary level for making connection with these energies.  One advantage is that when you start connecting with these higher realms, you can have healings occur because they operate in the matrix from where they are to where you are and in the highest sense of the word, they are you.  They are me.  I am you.  We are all together as John Lennon said.  So when we can invoke a oneness that not just includes each other, but these group souls, then we are connecting the dots up, the energy dots of a huge universe that normally we’re disconnected from.  In the connection of those dots between them and you, there’s a lot of what you could call ‘distortions’ in your auric field, distortions in your matrix, distortions in your past track.  All of those things can be remedied, but it takes a co-creation of you and the higher part of you working together to heal what’s in-between.  So, that’s one benefit; another benefit is that on our Sunday calls we create a group energy with us and them, and then we project energy into the physical planet, onto the planet.  It’s like we have the ability to do that.  This is like accessing your divine part, your divine self.  Accessing the ability to expand above this realm, and then project love light and aim it into this realm for the highest good of all concerned and operate honoring free will.  We do that every Sunday.  It’s an amazing experience to feel the energies while we’re doing that.


So on that note, I’m going to shut up because it’s 7:20; I didn’t talk too long.  My co-host is here – Terry, are you there? 


Terry:  Yes. 


Wynn:  You don’t know what we’re talking about do you? 


Terry: I went online and I saw the topic …


Wynn:  oh!  *laughing* is that because I didn’t tell you and you wanted to find out? 


Terry:  No, because I happened to be online and noticed it.


Wynn:   I see.  A few months ago, we started a topic and I think the topic – I make up a topic that I think people will find interesting and that I will find interesting.  Oftentimes it’s things that I don’t know the answers to.  Here we are, and we bring their energies in and we talk to them live and ask them questions and say, “Well, what are they going to say?”


A couple of months ago, we had the topic of how sex got started.  When we started having the conversation, they went into amoebas and how amoebas were like one of the first life form creations, and how they would watch the amoebas share energy and eventually share body fluids.  I listened to it recently, and it was just really funny.  Then I read the transcript of it to a friend of mine, and she bowled over laughing.  I think one of the things was the innocence.  From the Elohim’s point of view – if we have it right – the Elohim are energy forms that were here before there was a physical universe.  They created the physical universe.  We’ve asked them how they did it and they explained it, but they didn’t really think of themselves as God at that point.  They were just a bunch of energy forms having fun and having joy and learning if they zapped energy this way and that way, something would stick and persist.  Over what we would consider millions of years and even longer - but to them there’s no time so they didn’t have that experience - they created a physical realm.  Their idea was not to control this realm, but to create free will and let it evolve of its own accord.


I think they were watching it and enjoying watching the fruits of their creation.  It would be like if you had children you would watch your children, and if they became successful, you would say, “Oh there are my children and look what I’ve created.”  Something akin to that kind of feeling, except the realm got screwed up. It got screwed up because of the way – this is an oversimplification, they can correct me – it got screwed up because of the way there were possessions in this realm and there was power and enslavement.  It got really out of hand where really dark, negative forces were attempting to control everything. 


The Elohim – I keep saying the Elohim and I don’t credit the Ra group – those two group souls are both able to do interventions in this realm.  Because they honor free will, and because their goal is not just to make our lives better but – I would say their goal is, they might change it, but I would say their goal is:  for us to evolve.  For us to evolve: into divine realization, for us to evolve into the experience of knowingness of the Law of One, for us to evolve so that our little boxes can expand to include much greater view/perspective of things.  And, it all honors free will, so they have to be asked for help.


One of the things we’re doing is creating a kind of a telephone line to them, from us to them, and Terry can speak for them and they can speak through Terry and we have a telephone line where we can say “What do you think of this” and “Can we send some light here?”  They seem to be doing it. 


We’re going to continue our conversation, if I can remember where it let off, and if you want to hear the original audio and transcript, be sure and subscribe to the Spirit Channel because I am going to re-send it out:  If you feel the energies on the line, if you listen regularly – try it for at least a couple of months – listen diligently for a couple of months.  You might find yourself going through a huge expansion, and a huge new view of life.  But, [it’s] not in your mind – in your being.  It’s not a new philosophy, it’s not a new idea, it’s not a new belief pattern - it’s actually an experience that pervades on a cellular level – you.  And, [you are] starting to experience the people around you in a new way:  instead of seeing them as separate, you see them as part of yourself.  But, you can’t do that with your mind, it has to be from your being.


Now are you there, Terry?  Hello, Terry. 


Terry:  Yes, I’m here.  I’m muted. 


Wynn:  Okay, you were muted. 


Terry:  I’m not anymore. 


Wynn:  Alright – I can tell I can hear you.  I’m not dense, I know a voice when I hear it.  We’re going to do a calling in of the light.  This is just a fast invocation for oneness.  Many of us have been on this line enough so they already feel the energies before I do this.  You might be feeling the energies yourself and say is that it?  Take a moment and look at the space in between if I don’t say anything.




Now on normal entertainment, if somebody made a space like that it would be like “Uh oh, gotta jump in – uhoh, we got to say something.”  If you notice, that space is not empty; it was filled.  Other dimensional energies come in the spaces.  That’s like the key, the key to your life.  See where you have developed space like that and feel the presence of space, of that energy in nothingness.  Then you know you’re making progress in connection with the higher realms. 


So we’re going to call in the light, and I am going to continue my conversation on how sex got started in the physical realm.  I have no idea what is going to come up. 


Terry:  I don’t either. 


Wynn:  Hopefully it won’t embarrass us both, but we’ll see.




Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy, radiating from the center of the universe, through all the galaxies, through the planetary fields, the solar system, through the energy fields of the earth, through our bodies, through the top of our head, through our bodies, through our feet  and into the center of the earth and right now we invoke a blending of all our energies, maintaining the sovereign integrity of our individual souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, operating and honoring the law of one to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We give a space for an introduction.


Ra’An:  We greet you In the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is Ra’An, and this December 27th, 2010.  We are orienting ourselves at this time to the coordinates of the sphere, planet earth and we are available to you.  Now we are making ourselves available for contact with each and every person on the line, each and every person who will listen in the future or read any transcripts.  Now we have become oriented in this fixed configuration, and we ask if you have any questions.


Wynn:  Thank you for being here and working with us.  You know, we had a – I assume you were listening to my preamble.  We were talking about our conversation about how life got started.  We know, or we understand, the Elohim were part of the creation of life in this realm; and first they created physical objects and planets and however that was.  Then there was the creation of the first life form which they said, you said in that other conversation was the amoeba.  That you observed how the amoebas could get near each other and feel each other’s energies, and then there was the exchange of bodily fluids.  The exchange of bodily fluids was the beginning of what we call ‘sex’ today amongst humans, which usually starts as an exchange of energies which people experience as love.  Then, it becomes an exchange of body fluids, which is love expressed through physical expression.  First of all, am I recalling all of our past conversation in a way that’s fairly accurate?


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We are looking at the past history which is also the present history, as life comes about even from silicon and sand.  Life in its primordial state was even simpler than the amoeba, as the condensation of manifestation brought about as the result of motion and intersecting motion.


Wynn:  Inter-what motion?  I’m sorry - could you repeat that word “inter-“?


Terry:  This is Terry, I don’t remember.


Wynn:  Alright, let’s go on. I’m sorry I interrupted.


Ra’An:  Intersecting motions were set into place.  In the intersection of motions, there was a disturbance created that entered time into the situation or the equation, as it made a little delay in the situation which caused a manifestation.  This was the beginning of life.  [It was] as if the intelligence of All That Is was put on a delay, which created a looking back, or an ability to look back, created a track and entered time and entered a delay and therefore, manifestation began and life began.


Wynn:  I would imagine that even before there was a physical realm, for the Elohim to exist as separate energy units that they could recognize – there had to be the element of time just within that: the beginnings of time.  You would have to remember how someone was and how someone is and who they become, so there’s a track even in the first separation from All That Is.


Ra’An:    The Elohim has the ability to appear and to manifest and to enter a time delay within their manifestation, and the more manifestations or intersections of motion that there are, then there is more to reflect and resonate with the manifestation of the Elohim – or, any entity.  So the Elohim have the unique ability which may be an ability that all would wish to strive for.  For the ultimate in survival in a difficult universe is to be able to move in and out of it with grace, and with control over ones’ ability to appear and to disappear to instigate time delays at will - or not;   and can unmock, so to say, or to disappear their manifestation retaining within it the spark of joy and love; to spark new travels within the densities.


Wynn:  The Elohim – you’ve said this a couple of times – that the Elohim can actually go back into nothingness and come out of it again - if I’m saying that correctly.


Ra’An:  Correct – retaining, not complete nothingness perhaps, but retaining the potential of the spark of joy and love that they can then build upon to recreate themselves.


Wynn:  Kind of like – I don’t know if this is a good analogy – but, like a bear that goes into hibernation and then comes out again?  Is that an unfair – it’s too worldly of an analogy, correct?


Ra’An:  It’s too complex an analogy; like an intersection of two motions which can spark a manifestation or a little existence or a particle, and then can move back into a dissolving wave.


Wynn:  Question:  We talked about amoebas, and I’m going to let everyone hear that original conversation we had.  Obviously somehow an amoeba – and if I have this right, the amoeba or something like an amoeba, was the first thing that could exchange energy.  This was a direct creation of the Elohim.  Now how did the amoeba go from being an amoeba to some kind of animal where there was male and female?  When did male and female …


Ra’An:  We would like to start with the manifestation of the existence of an energy form, a spirit, such as an Elohim that can move in and out of the manifest universe.


As being the first life form, and then as energies became more complicated and more intersecting and rotating galaxies began, the individual that developed out of the rotations and the intersection of different rotations and added the eddies within the boiling mass of energies were DNA, which was pre-life, and the structure upon which life is hung.  It began as tinier life forms, or free life forms, then into amoeba, then moving into more complex structures having received the notice of the Elohim and extending love and light to the amoebas, and of observing the code within the life forms and producing further, and searching further codes by intention and will in the life forms and observing the results gradually building in more features and more complex life forms with delight that the resulting creatures could then begin to operate on their own.  Like a computer program, they begin to regenerate; then the idea of making different sexes that could combine their codes and could then create a combination of the two, male and female partners, to have an offspring.  That [offspring] could then maintain and stabilize the unique genetic aspects that were inserted into the developing structures, the developing racial characteristics or species, the entity structure that was resulting.


This was then carried but later then given intelligence, and these eventual humanoids were able to work to further develop the genetic sequences, to further a more intelligent and survivable form.  Then the Elohim and other entities began to hop into these humanoids to experience what it was like.  Their senses were limited and they enjoyed the sexual contact much the same as they would enjoy sharing space.  However, in a more dense realm of the third density the impact was greater, and you had many more cells involved to heighten the senses as it was a course of unique cells to do with the sexes and the development of the chakras, and the lower chakras that could then increase the rotation speed and heighten the sensation and bring the condensing blood and fluids into the area, that then would impinge upon the cells.  These cells would experience joy and resonate with the joyous sensation, and to some the degree some corruption was entered in as some individuals combined their distortions, bringing them into the sexual area.  The experience was the one that procreated the race the best, and was the more survivable.  This was how sex began.


Wynn:  I’m aware, I believe through some of our previous conversations, that the creation of DNA and the engineering of DNA got taken over – not completely necessarily, I don’t know the answer, but – there were groups of very advanced beings on the Earth that were able to engineer DNA.  [And that] humans were actually a product – as I understand it – not a direct creation of the Elohim, but a creation of subsets of beings in this realm who were masters at DNA engineering.


That is a whole other topic about how that got started, because we’re out of time, or we’re close to being out of time. 


One thing that I had a cognition on while you were talking – tell me if I have this correct – that the creation of a being is far more complicated than the creation of a being, because a being reflects the universe.  [And that] for a being to reflect the universe, the universe has to be created so the holographic links can be connected from the universe into the being’s DNA.  As the universe had to reach a certain level of evolution to be able to create a being that would be big enough to be a complete human.  Now that was my cognition – am I anywhere on the right track on that?


Ra’An:  The first thing that you said did not make sense to us.  The second thing you said is correct.  The being and it is not only the being, but each cell, each life packet.  The human being is a composite – it has the cells, and it has the DNA and it has the organs; it all works together. Many little lives are all working with their little flame of light, are all working together.  When they resonate together it is a beautiful experience.  When they all resonate together and can move in and out of flow then they can reflect the universe, they can reflect the stars and be connected in a beautiful way to their surroundings and to the star systems, and can move with grace through their life.


Wynn:  Thank you.  That is a good place to end this call.  We’re going to put this topic on hold, we’ll bring it up again.  It’ll be Part Three.  Thank you very much for sharing the perspective of how it all works from your place.  We are honored to be here listening and feeling the energies and hearing this understanding.  Maybe I should just let you say officially ‘goodbye’ before we sign off.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We connect with each and every one of you, and send you a resonate hug and kiss for the ones that wish to receive this.  We are with you, and we bid you adieu.  We leave but we do not leave.  Adonai.


Wynn:  Thank you.  For those that are listening – Gina, Julie at get response, if anyone wants to show up they’re going to do an experimental program to try to get people to know each other and be a little support group.  We’ll see you Wednesday.  If you have questions:  Thank you all who volunteered.  Thank you Terry, thank you BBS.  We will sign off – wishing everybody a Happy New Year.  Remember that you are a microcosm of the entire universe.  







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