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                                        The Ra'An, December 29th, 2010


This is Wednesday, December 29th and my name is Wynn Free, and this is our Wednesday conference call where we ask questions to Source. We have asked many questions too and if you read message a day, you know we have communications with what identifies itself as an inter-dimensional intelligence; a group soul which is not in this dimension. I have had the very unusual experience, that I didn't look for, where two people in my personal life suddenly started saying, these guys want to talk to you. As a result of these communications there has been two miracles of healings. There has been a lot of wisdom about what it means to be human and how to cope with being human and a lot of understanding about dimensions that we don't usually know about and the way things work. On this call tonight we actually have a live conversation with those Sources and Terry is a person who is able to be the in between agent. This is not designed for you to give up your power to something outside yourself, it is designed to assist you. It's also not to ask you to believe that who we say we are talking to is who they are because there is no way to prove it, but to draw your own conclusions but to be neutral and evaluate it on the information and wisdom presented and the energies that you feel on the line. One of the aspects of these communications is that the Sources we are speaking to, explain that they are a group of energy beings and they have the ability to project what they call love-light energy into this realm. They also have the ability to energetically connect with you.


We start this by doing an invocation called 'calling in the light' and we are intending to create a group energy on the line. The calling in of the light is to bring in energetically the experience of our oneness.


(Wynn calls in the light)


We are going to turn this over to our Source as they speak through Terry.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is December 29th, 2010 and as the 2010 year draws to a close all over the planet, this is Ra'An and we are with you and greet you and welcome you and we feel honored that each one of you is participating. We are available to you if you have anything you need assistance with and it's for the highest good. Be sure to ask and we are there and we can provide assistance when it is for the highest good. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do.

The first question. I would like to know if it is possible to raise our vibrations at this period of evolution, so there are minimal effects from all the poisons that we are being subjected to, for example fluorides in water, GMF foods, chem trails and anything of that nature and that's from Lee in the UK.


Ra'An: Thank you Lee. The answer is yes. In order to raise the vibration of the matrix of the body system, one needs to bring the whole system higher, so that it does not ingest and take into itself poisons such as fluoride and then they can move out of the system. For poisons such as fluoride and other toxic materials to catch in the body, the frequency needs to be similar to the frequency of the fluoride or other toxic materials. There are harmonics that one has also to be concerned about where it can lodge, however you are correct, if one raises the whole body frequency, including the organs particularly the liver highness, then the liver will kick out these toxins and shut them off from the body.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a message; a question from last week from Bill in England. Bill says: Several months ago I was quite despondent about my financial and other personal situations and I had been listening to some of the questions and answer sessions and decided to do a special meditation and prayer at an ancient spiritual site and burial ground. I asked for help and guidance. I got it in spades and when I got home that day there were two messages with work opportunities and other matters which boosted my spirits on projects which had been stalled. I was frankly overwhelmed for a while and actually burned out. For months things seemed great but I reached a critical point where things just disintegrated financially and heath wise. Some weeks back I asked for perspective from the Elohim and got a real emotional boost and I am grateful for that, but things still seemed practically hopeless and I sometimes wonder if it's getting my time to graduate and I need to say goodbye to my kids and friends. Now I am asking again for more specific guidance. I am almost afraid that if I ask it will be too much or that I am not deserving or ready. On the other hand, things are pretty desperate as people I trusted have not been coming through with their commitments. The holidays are probably going to be cold, broke and bleak in many ways. I will probably not be on the call tonight due to shear exhaustion but I always read the transcripts so any insider perspective on my unique situation would be really helpful. (this was last week).


Ra'An: We recall the call that you were on previously, that you listened to. You are dealing with things in the physical universe and things at this time for individuals in the current economic situation have gone beyond many people's control and it is hard to stay with the course. As we look at the different situations, number one, the economic situation, we see that some of the things that you have undertaken can pan out and can work out so it needs discernment on how and which ones to advance with.

We are looking at this now.

There are ways to cut back and ways to increase, to fan the economic fires, and we see you as moving through a maze that you can find your way out of it. So examine the different avenues and see which one can bring you through economically. Economics is key because it makes for a happier life. There was a study done about how happy different people were making a good living, not excessive but an adequate living were happier than the ones that were not which is not surprising. You ask if graduation is near. Our time line is different than yours that you still have time. In our time line things pass very quickly but we see that you still have time to work through more in the 3rd density. It is not time yet to say goodbye. Economics can lead you through and bring you to a happier situation; to find the one avenue through the maze that goes clear through and brings you out of your financial dilemma. We send energy to you and love and we appreciate you and we welcome and thank you for your questions and your connection with us.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have Jere from Finland. I am going to pick three questions from what he sent me because I think they are things which many people would find relevant. So, the first question is: Is there a specific way or a few really good techniques to lessen physical pain or heal it that would work in most cases?


Ra'An: Thank you. When you experience physical pain, there is a build up of prana that cannot move through an area and it gets stuck, therefore, if the individual feeling the pain, stays moment by moment in present time, and moment by moment lets the pain go, then this can lessen the pain to some degree. One can use another technique which is, instead of trying to avoid the pain and get away from it, look at the pain, to be with the pain, this is similar to the first method we talked about. You look at the pain, be with the pain and totally encompass the tissues; the area of the body that is sending the pain signals. We are talking more slowly as we are doing this as we speak. There are two things going on. One is the bleed off of the pain and the other is the reconnection of areas that are blocked. When there is an area of the body where the connections are cut or stops then pain occurs, so when one puts back the connections and the body reconnects the area, then the energy can flow through and the pain will dissolve. One can heal burns in this manner if one catches them fast. Totally concentrate on the area and totally view the pain, moment by moment in the now, and put the bridge back; the connections back that have been cut. Then the sore, the pain will go away. The sore will go away, the cut will heal, the burn will heal and the pain will dissipate and be no more. It is a more other worldly ability to so heal. It is the reconnection of the bridge over which prana can travel and when one is at the correct frequencies, the area of the pain or sore or anomoly can correct and the pain can go away and the anomoly can heal and reestablish proper connection of flow. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. This is also from Jere. What is the best way to be able to see our higher selves and integrate them in our construct, to fully be one with all that we are in that sense. It would be such a great value to connect more with the highest parts of ourselves.


Ra'An: One can realize that the higher self is the Oversoul. It is the one who is overseeing and is guiding and the one who is wise and is leading and if one has lower thoughts of a gross nature that one is not happy with, then one can seek the guidance of the higher self to get the correct answers. It is the light, it is a guide and it is with each and every one who finds their way to these calls.


Wynn: Thank you.

If I might add from my own experience which may work for someone, I find that if I move out of the physical environment I am in, where there are a lot of other energies or other people and particularly we tend to respond to the energies of the physical environment and it easy to become constrained even if you have your own room in a house. So I find that if I move my body to a completely neutral place like my can and drive it somewhere like to a top of a hill or it could even be in a supermarket shopping and I do a meditation that I can sometimes get more into it, particularly in the past when I was living in places where I didn't have a lot of pleasantness. In fact, even Terry and I, many times when we would do our grid healings, we would be in the car, sometimes the same car but sometimes separate cars. Being in our own little contained space would allow both of us to connect more easily to higher dimensions. So someone might try it and get in your car, go to a location you are comfortable with, maybe in nature and call in the light, call in the higher sources and see if you feel more response and then the more regularly you do that it becomes second nature and then you start carrying that energy into other areas where you have been more compressed. Thank you for your question. The last question is from Jere:


Could you speak on jealousy because I know it troubles many people on earth and at least has had a huge impact on my life and I would love to know the implications of it and how to overcome it and move with the lessons it carries with it.


Ra'An: Thank you.

This is an important question and this is very widespread, although individuals do not usually speak of it. It can affect individuals actions as it is a disconnection; something that can put a barrier between the energy that one is seeking. It is a barrier to getting the fulfillment that one really wants. It is a lower scale effort to get love. It is a barrier to getting the love that one needs and wants. When one sees another having something that one very much wants then they can be jealous which then brings in resentment for the other person having it and it is desired for the individual himself to have it. It is something that one can observe. It is often an indication that when one was little, they did not get the love that they needed when they were a toddler or in the ages moving up to six or eight, that having not gotten it, that desire, that need is lurking there, wishing and hoping and it is something that had it been given at an earlier age, then the person would feel happy that the other person had that certain thing. When you were little, you had a time of difficulty that you overcame but it was difficult. Where there was something that you felt was deserved or something that was promised that did not materialize that left a mark or a hurt. One can look at the inner child and send love to the inner child and give the inner child a present; something for the individual, something of an appearing nature that the individual can feel happy with. We suggest this. That you give yourself something that you really want and feel happy about getting. Have an inner action that you feel happy about or if it is not possible with the individual you wish to make up an inner action and give yourself the caring and love that you wished that you could have in that circumstance. We take a minute and we review this and we are at a very high frequency and so when we send love it can come down in harmonics and the harmonics can touch your frequency. Check back in a few weeks and let us know any new results or thoughts that you have. Thank you for your question and your contact.


Wynn: Thank you.

I want to add my own experience with jealousy and I remember when I was younger and I felt that no one was paying attention to me and there was something inside of me that felt there was a promise and I didn't understand it. Then when I was playing music, I would look at someone that was getting attention and I would feel jealous, like how come they are getting attention and I'm not? As I grew a little bit, I understood that if someone was doing something and doing it masterfully and they were getting attention, it was my job to learn how they were doing what they were doing and honor it and then I could learn how to do that myself. I also learned that there was a point in my life when I had many friends and we would all talk to each other and share our hopes and dreams and in many cases, the people who were my friends would have been jealous is my dreams had come to fruition. Because they were my friends, I carried their consciousness around inside of me and on a subconscious level there was this thing going on that if I were to become successful in some way, I might lose that relationship with that person because they would be jealous. So if I did not become successful, I could maintain those friendships. This is all going on, on a subconscious level and it took me sometime to look back at it and see how it worked. So when you have a lot of friends, you might ask yourself, if you fulfilled your dreams of some sort, if you got married and had a wonderful relationship, if you did became very successful financially, if you did something that was going to contribute to other people that you got acknowledgment for it would those friends be supportive of that, or would they look at you and feel jealous, because in which case all those people around you are putting a thought form in you, that in me, that would inhibit me from being all that I could be. It didn't mean that I had to cut them off. It meant that I didn't talk about the things that would make them jealous. I just left that out of the conversation and had to find other things to relate to them on so that I didn't put their spin on my dreams. Even doing what I am doing now, there are people that I don't talk to anymore because they think I am a total nut case and that I couldn't really be doing this, or that I am fulfilling some kind of ego trip that's the way they interpret it. So that was my experience and how I learned to deal with it.


Wynn: Ok. Next question. This is from Dee in Ohio. How do I know if I have angels with me? If I ask for one and get one, how will I know my angel is with me?


Ra'An: Thank you.

You may feel the vibration of love; of caring. When you close your eyes you may see an angelic form. You may feel protection; protection of angel wings over you. You may feel a raise in your spirit. We are experiencing that now as we are speaking. There is a slight golden glow and there is a frequency of caring. With your senses, including your sixth sense, you can feel and when the vibration and resonance is positive and reinforcing and supporting you, you can know you have an angel nearby.


Wynn: Thank you.

This next question is from Dennis in Scandinavia and he asks a question about the difference between the Gregorian Calendar based on the sun and the Calendars which are based on the moon like the Chinese and the Hebrew. I am going to add here my question. What is the difference between those two calendars? Is there an impact on those people who would follow one calendar or another. From my understanding the moon is a negative influence and the sun is a positive influence and negative does not mean bad just means polarized. The moon is reflective light is outgoing light. Dennis says that the end of the Mayan Calendar has a different date by the moon calendar than the Gregorian Calendar. So could you give a comment on the differences between the two ways of measuring our days?


Ra'An: Thank you.

Give us a moment. We are looking at your solar system and we are seeing the rotations of the earth that creates the night and the day and there is a leaning of the earth towards the sun or away from the sun, which creates the seasons. There is the rotation of the solar system and they are all synchronized. In looking at the rotation of the moon and the rotation of the earth, which brings the cycles of the moon's monthly new moon and the full moon, these are different methods of measure. We see that they emphasize different factors and the lives are slightly impacted differently by the different measurements. In our looking at this, we are looking at the different customs, however, we do not see that one is significantly better than another. The western world has gotten used to the one moving with the sun and the one wherein the seasons are defined and are used to that and have built their customs and holidays in connection with that and then other societies have built their customs in a slightly different manner with a different new year. We will take this question under advisement to see if there are other deeper factors, however, we see the things that you, Wynn Free, have itemized and we see different customs that have developed. We will take this question under further advisement in it's relations with the Mayan Calendar.


Wynn: Thank you.

A question that I've had is an unusual phenomenon that I have never heard anyone explain. I have heard that the moon was in fact, really an artificial satellite that was into orbit by ET's millions of years ago. I don't know if that is true or not but I have read that. There is also an aspect of the earth and the moon that I have never really gotten an explanation and it has to do with the fact that the moon's rotation is precisely aligned with the earth's rotation, so that we never see both sides of the moon, in other words, we always see the same side of the moon when it's a full moon which means that the moon has got to be rotating precisely with the way the earth rotates. Is this something that was created by 3 D intelligence or universal intelligence that was in this realm or was this phenomenon something which was created as part of the creation of the universe, and why is the rotation of the moon so precisely aligned with the rotation of the earth?


Ra'An: This was created as part of the creation of the universe and the rotation sequences have been in the past created and are currently carrying on according to the movements of the surrounding bodies and the positioning of the surrounding bodies in the solar system and everything is balanced so that it stays in it's orbit as it is balanced because of the rotational energies of the rest of the bodies in the solar system.


Wynn: Thank you.

A question from Jean in Sue Falls Idaho. Her grandson Christopher Jones in South Dakota has been getting muscle spasms and twitches in different parts of his body. He is only seven. Can you please tell me if there is a cause that I can know about and if there is something that can help him?


Ra'An: We would recommend that this little fellow gets enough magnesium in his diet and gets enough minerals and gets vitamin D3. We take a look. We would also suggest running this question by Rachael at Dr. Marshall's office and she can email Wynn Free for more information on this but we would look in the area of proper nutrition and in the area of proper nutritional support in the brain. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a gentlemen who is a regular listener to our calls in Nigeria and he asked a question a while back ago as he was really in dire straits. His house had burned down and he was having trouble with his eyes and he asked for help. He sent me an email and said thanks to our friends on high the new house is looking real. He says he has known about reincarnation and says he thinks he is deserving of a miracle and asks if he can get help for his eyes.


Ra'An: Thank you.

We remember your previous questions and we would suggest for proper nutrition for your eyes support which could be achieved by taking something called Eye Complex which is available through Dr. Marshall's office. Eye Complex to provide proper nutrition for your eyes and also D3. Other than that, we move into other things that we can do to send frequencies for reconnection of tissue that needs to be realigned. We will work with you on this.


Wynn: Thank you.

I would like to make a disclaimer here. Anyone who is listening for the first time. Terry has known Dr. Marshall for many years and it's part of her conscious mind and when she is speaking she is blending with the Sources so she has a great deal of conviction in Dr. Marshall's ability to help people with different remedies. We make no money on recommendations to Dr. Marshall but if you mention you heard about it through Terry, they will probably give you something extra or some discount or something.

We have one more question.

We have a lot of people who need healing of physical problems and asking on this call. I don't know if that is the best use of this time but if we have the time I will include it. This is a question about Tamara's cat. She requested that I ask this quickly and the cat is suffering from flea bite allergies and they want to get rid of this because he is miserable and he is fifteen years old and they want to be careful as he enters old age and they don't want to expose him to toxic chemicals and compromise his immune system. So there are many flea products that have toxicity and they have been using herbal food supplementation and homeopathic remedies and environmental controls like vacuuming. Ginger is his name. We don't know what to do. We feel this may be a teaching situation of some kind. Can you please help us. They ask if it is safe to give him the chemical substance Advantage that gets rid of fleas. This is extremely urgent to us as we feel we are worried that we might have failed Ginger and don't want him to suffer like this. We are trusted with his care in this lifetime and want to fulfill that responsibility and he is a special animal.


Ra'An: Thank you.

First of all, take a look at the food that Ginger is eating and be very careful with prepared cat food and know all the substances that are in it as there are many cat foods on the market that are very detrimental to animals. Include proper nutrition for the cat, that the cat may have the substances within it's nutrition to support itself in to heal. Concerning the flea substance to get rid of fleas, we work on how to put this into words. We see that the substance is not generally harmful but Ginger's system is weakened and may have even a reaction to that. We would ask if you can manually get rid of the fleas by getting a flea comb and using the flea comb very carefully to see that you can lower the amount of fleas and maybe even eliminate them. Then there is a question about where Ginger is picking up fleas and if Ginger can be kept away from the source where Ginger is picking up the fleas. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you.

It seems to me that I remember that Eucalyptus leaves are unpleasant to fleas and you might check that on the internet and that if you spread Eucalyptus leaves around where Ginger is the fleas may go away. It might be Eucalyptus oil around and it smells pretty intense but it might work.

Ok. That is the end of our session tonight and do you have any closing words for us?


Ra'An: We greet you and are delighted and honored to be here. We are with you even though we are signing off from the call. We feel your presence and we love you. Thank you from the bottom of our energy hearts. We love to make contact.



Wynn: Thank you for being here and thanks to Terry and everybody who is helping to support these calls. Thanks to Gjis and Jim and Suzanne who is transcribing them and Connie who is doing our Monday calls and all those who are listening to our replays and we hope you will show up on our Sunday grid healing and that you all have a very happy New Year.






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