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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences

Monday – 01/03/2011

What it means to be a human 

Source – Ra’An

Channel – Terry Brown

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

Special guest(s) – Daphne and Bok Choy, the dolphin 

Audio Link -

Editor – Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:  Welcome everybody – this is Monday January 3. [2011].  I hope you all are recovering from your New Year’s weekend.  My name is Wynn Free and this is our Monday night simulcast conference call on BBS, and just before we went on the air; we should have been on the air because we had Gina.  Gina just had a reading from Terry, and they told her that she was a dolphin in another lifetime after Lemuria.  Now, of course, Gina swims with dolphins and goes click click click with them.  So she really related to that, and she was saying… What were you saying Gina?  By the way if you’re a skeptic, we’re in Disneyland right now.  I am not saying any of this is true; in fact, I’m not sure if anything we do is true.  But you’re free to watch, and it’s an  e-ticket  ride, I guarantee.  Gina, go ahead.


Gina:  Dolphins are empaths, so they evoke energy from the person they’re swimming from.  Oftentimes they have brought me to tears, as much as I can tear in my snorkel mask.  I telepathize with them and on a few occasions now they’ve attempted to communicate back to me.  One dolphin swam right up to me and went “eh eh eh eh eh” and then swam off.  Twice now another dolphin blew a bubble right in front of me and they do it under the water and it’s a big bubble.  I do know that the bubble and the clicking for that matter is a form of communication.  Whatever I’m doing I’m assuming they like it and they’re responding back. 


Wynn:  In other words, you’re in the water and a dolphin swims under you and blows a big bubble up, and you can feel it pop off against your tummy? 


Gina:  No.  The dolphin that blew the bubble was directly in front of me, we were like face to face.  The dolphin stopped and I of course just float in the water because you’re not really allowed to do anything else when you’re near them.  This is in the wild by the way, in the open ocean.  The dolphin made a bubble, a big bubble.  This was under the water now, right underneath the surface of the water.  Another time a dolphin came right up next to me on the side and stopped. 


Wynn:  Through his mouth?  Did he make the bubble through his mouth? 


Gina:  No, they do it through their blow hole. 


Wynn:  Their blow hole; the blow hole is on the top of his head, right? 


Gina:  Right. That’s the muscular flap that they manipulate like a balloon. 


Wynn:  I see. 

Gina:  They don’t have any true vocal cords, so all the noises they make are from the blow hole.


Wynn:  Listen, we have people checking in, excuse me just a second.  Gjis, do you want to see who these people are?  We’re on the air now, we’re live on the air. 


Gina: Thank you Wynn for letting me share, it’s just amazing especially when the dolphins are talked about.


Wynn:  Thank you for sharing.  Daphne, are you there? 


Daphne:  Yes, hi. 


Wynn:  Hi Daphne.  You know what?  We’re busy talking about dolphins, and whenever we talk about dolphins you know what I think of, don’t you? 


Daphne:  Yes, yes, yes you think about Bok Choy. 


Wynn:  Bok Choy.


Daphne:  You think about Bok Choy.


Wynn:  I want you to know what happened, I know you guys are listening.  Thank you for checking in.  What happened was about – if you know the story of the “Don and Wynn Show” - the archives are still up on BBS Radio – I don’t usually talk about it because it’s a little embarrassing.  Hi Don.  Don is the founder of BBS Radio, and when Don started BBS Radio, somebody told him about me.  I called him up and told him my story, and he said, “You have the most far-out story I’ve ever heard.  Would you like to do a show?”  I said “No.”  What am I going to talk about every week?  I didn’t know that I didn’t have to figure it out, if I just started talking it would be okay but nobody would have listened, so there would have been no energy.


What happened was – hi guys, thank you for coming.  I’m going to say ‘hello’ to you in a second.  What happened was, I dictated my story into a tape recorder, a little cassette, I sent it to Don and he played it.  Probably nobody listened, but he played it.  He kept calling me and we had these very interesting dialogues.  I said, one day I recorded one of our conversations, and I sent it to him and I said “Don, why don’t you just play this and call it the “Don and Wynn Show”?  So he did.  We started a regular thing of just b.s.’ing for an hour on BBS.  Then one time of course, there’s this historic event where I invited Daphne – Daphne was living in Cape Cod – and I invited her to be a guest on the show, because I wanted her to see that other people found what we had done relevant.  We were interviewing her, and of course in the middle of it, she suddenly says “Those guys want to talk to you.”  Suddenly, we have the Council of Twelve, which is part of the Elohim or a subset of the Elohim, communicating in front of a public audience perhaps for the first time.


Every so often, Daphne would come on the show; of course, Don was always saying “Hey channel, talk.”  So one time the voice that identified itself through Daphne – now you know they describe Daphne as a cosmic – Daphne, are you there?  Hello, Daphne.  Daphne, are you there?  Hello? 

Daphne:  I am here but you have to give me a few minutes, I’m kind of in the middle of something.  Can we come back to this?


Wynn:  We could.  Listen, before we come back to it, are you there? 


Daphne:  I am. 


Wynn:  Would you do a dolphin sound for Gina?  You make really good dolphin sounds. 


Daphne:  Um, will I do dolphin sounds – okay, hold on a second.  [makes sounds] 


Wynn:  Okay, we’ll see you later. 


Chris:  Did we just talk to Flipper?  --laughing-- 


Wynn:  That brings us right into tonight’s topic.  What does it mean to be a human.


Thank you, Daphne.  Who knows, maybe bok choy will say ‘hello’ to us tonight.  We had this voice that came through Daphne that identified herself as bok choy, and then every so often Don would be on the “Don and Wynn Show” and would make a comment like, “Hey, how’s that Chinese cabbage dolphin doing?”  --laughing—This is how this all got started. 


Of course, we have a really interesting show tonight and some of you checked in while I was busy talking.  So would anyone like to say their name and their city?


Chris:  Hey, it’s Chris in Memphis, I just got out of Reiki class.  I’m on my way home. 


Wynn:  Hey Chris.  Anyone else? 


Nancy:  Hi it’s Nancy in Philadelphia. 


Wynn:  Nancy Braggon. 


Nancy:  Yes, yes hello. 


Wynn:  Hey.  You’re on Easton Road near Willow Grove, right? 


Nancy:  I am, not far from there. 


Wynn:  Is Willow Grove still there?


Nancy:  Yes, it is. 


Suzanne:  Suzanne in Columbus Ohio. 


Wynn:  Who’s in Columbus? 


Suzanne:  Suzanne. 


Wynn:  Hi Suzanne. 


Suzanne:  Hi Wynn. 


Wynn:  Willow Grove was a poor man’s Disneyland, about ten miles out of Philadelphia which is where I used to go when I was a kid all the time. 


Nancy:  I did too when I was a kid, it was the most wonderful place.  It’s now a shopping mall. 


Wynn:  Is it?  It’s no longer Willow Grove Park, eh? 


Nancy:  Well the mall is called Willow Grove Park Mall. 


Wynn:    I see. 


Nancy:  The lake is still there, but there’s a giant mall in its place. 


Nancy:  Remember the Alps? 


Wynn:  The elf? 


Nancy:  The roller coaster. 


Wynn:  It’s always good to hear people that ground me back to my Philadelphia roots. 


Nancy:   Philadelphia Freedom. 


Wynn:  Would you like to hear the biggest mistake of my childhood?  Yeah.  The biggest mistake was when I graduated high school I went to Berkeley, then I used to go back to Philadelphia.  I worked at a TV station which was WHYY which was at 46th and Market.  It used to be WCAU and WHYY was the educational station.  I worked for WHYY when they first took that building over and there was all the old stuff from WCAU in the building.  And they were just telling people to take what you want home.  Guess what I took home?  I took home the original Band Stand  logo. 


Nancy:  Oh my gosh. 


Wynn:  I took it home and about a week later I gave it to a woman to impress her.  That’s my mistake.  I hope she kept it anyway, and may have sold it for $100,000.  I can’t remember what it looked like now.  But, there was all these paraphernalia; this was before ‘Band Stand’ was even a network show.  It was just a local Philadelphia show and I had their logo and gave it away - a long time ago.


Who else is on the line?  This is Maya I just joined you on the phone.  I’ve been listening to you on the air online, and it just stopped like a minute ago, it completely stopped online - I only can hear you on the phone. 


Wynn:  It’s good to have you Maya.  I was also in Hawaii, is Dale listening?  Hi Dale, if you’re hearing.  Dale is Maya’s roommate.  Anyone else want to say ‘hello’? 


Michael:  This is Michael in San Diego.


Wynn:   Hi, Michael.  Greetings.  Michael. 


Raleigh:  And Raleigh in San Diego, also. 


Wynn:  Who is that in San Diego? 


Raleigh:  Raleigh, Fall Brook San Diego. 


Wynn:  Fall Brook – the avocado festival place. 


Raleigh:  Correct.


Wynn:    You know why I know that, don’t you?  You know why I know? 


Releigh:  No. 


Wynn:    Because for quite a few years of my life I sold things at every festival in Southern California.  So I am an expert.  Who else is on the line? 


Jeanne:  Hi, this is Jeanne in South Dakota. 


Wynn:  Hi Jeanne.  Who else is on the line? 


Andrea:  Andréa from Michigan City, Indiana. 


Wynn:  Hey Andréa.  It’s always a pleasure to have you. You’re so sensitive, and now you’re getting bold as well as sensitive. 


Andrea:  Ahh, maybe. 


Wynn:  Look at this – you’re on the air right now and everyone is hearing you.  Now just that is bold, is it not? 


Andrea:  A little bit. 


Chris:  Hold that bold thought for one fat man. 


Wynn:  Alright.


Chris:  Off the grid. 


Wynn:  Chris, go back in your cage. 


Chris:  Okay, yes sir. 


Wynn:  Who else is on the line?  No one.  Okay.  Let me mute everything.


Michael:  There were nine other people.


Wynn:  Michael, I know you said something, but it’s gone. 


I put a headline tonight on what it means to be a human.  One of the things that we’re doing on these calls is we are enjoying each other’s humanness.  When I first was faced with “How do I do this?”  Put yourself in my position – you got … for three years (this was in 2002 to 2005) I have a voice coming through two people with whom I am personally connected with that says it’s the Council of Elohim.  They’re telling me they created the physical realm.  All I’m doing is asking them questions.  Throughout history the word ‘Elohim’ has been a word which is used in the Old Testament for God, and in the Mormon religion for God – and they say they’re part of the same.  It’s not easy to validate that they are who they say they are on one hand, except by the way they answer questions.


(A voice in the background)


Wynn:  What’s that?  I hear some static in the background.


 ….by the way they answer questions.  All they did was tell me to ask questions; they didn’t tell me to go out.


So we’ve had the opportunity to ask them all kinds of questions, I’ve had that opportunity, and there’s a pattern of how things work that’s developing. 


At some point I’d like to put together another book, because there’s this explanation for the way life works, for the way they interact with life, who they are, who we are – lot of bits and pieces of it I’ve never heard it put out before.


 Before we do a channeling, let me review some of the stuff, a quick review.  This is like little data points from many different channelings.  You’ll see how it creates a mosaic that is quite different from anything I’ve ever heard.


First of all, at the beginning of the universe there were just energies.  In fact, there was nothing; and nothing became aware of itself and could subdivide and could become individuated.  So, you have these individuated pieces of energy or bits of energy – of intelligence.  These original energies were what has explained itself to be the Elohim.  They didn’t think of themselves as God; they thought of themselves as… they were aware of themselves and they were aware of each other.  They enjoyed interacting with each other.  They were having fun.  As part of having fun, they started to learn how to concentrate their energies; how to project their energies so there would be form.


If you can imagine this, everything started with no time, and as soon as there’s awareness, the first bit of awareness is also the beginning of time.  Awareness has to look at how you were and what you’re becoming, so you’re in a flow. 
So time is required, and so now these energy forms are creating time, and they’re creating persistence.  I don’t repeat this stuff that’s happened in other conversations, but the persistence of the casting of energies, of frequencies, of two or three of them together - would interlock and create persistence so there was the beginning of the physical universe.  Of course, we’ve learned the excitement of amoeba sex a few months ago, which was their first thing of interchange of energies.


Then, the DNA was – I don’t know if DNA was created by the Elohim, it probably was – and DNA was the building block for life forms.  One breakthrough bit of answer that came about DNA was when I asked, “How does the soul get connected to DNA?  How does the soul get connected to our genes?”  And, they said that the DNA -  if I’m getting this right, remember I may have this wrong but I’m using my memory here – the DNA had the unique ability to pull energy out of nothingness and give it form.  Imagine that for a moment.  DNA created energy out of nothingness, and then energy would have a form.  We’re not talking about a body form, we’re talking about an energy form.  My understanding was that energy form that surrounded the DNA and the body was the soul.  The soul was created from the DNA which whoever created the DNA created the individuation, and that once that form was created when the body died the form would continue.  It retained the DNA imprint until it reoccurred again in another physical body.  I have never, ever heard that in all my studied of spirituality, and yet it makes sense.  How did creation work?  Where did we come from?


Of course, I don’t know if we talked about this on a Monday night, but there were advanced Elohim that came into this realm.  Apparently, once they were in this realm, they didn’t remember they were Elohim I don’t think.  Many of them became service to self, because they had a lot of power and control over the other created beings in this realm and they were called the Annunaki.  When you read in the Bible, “The sons of god mated with the daughters of men”, that would have been the Annunaki.  When you read about many of the gods, sub gods of Greek history, many of them were very likely these Elohim souls that came into this realm. They had a lot of power, and took positions of gods over the people who were still evolving.  Who were the people who were evolving?  The information is – this came through one of my channelings, it’s also come through historically.  Zachariah Sichens, who is a scholar who has studied Sumerian wall carvings and whatever, and has put together a history of the past from archeological point of view.


Where did the original humans come from?  Some of you are going to be disappointed when I tell you this, and maybe this isn’t true.  Remember, we’re in Disneyland now – I don’t say anything that’s true, although there’s a lot of evidence that it just could have been this way, and that is:


These Annunaki who were the descended Elohim into this real 4,000,000 years ago were on earth.  They would have spaceships and they would travel around from here to there and everywhere and they were on earth and they were mining gold.  They engineered, genetically engineered humans to be their slaves to do the manual labor of mining gold.  When they did this original engineering, there was a design to keep the DNA strands at an opening of two – remember there are twelve strands of DNA, and scientists think of DNA as being junk DNA.   Another thing we’ve learned on these calls is that DNA, those twelve strands of DNA, each one is like an antenna to greater hologram of the universe.  The first seven are related to your chakras.  If you engineer somebody to only have the first two strands of DNA activated, what do you have?  You have sex and survival.  Those are the first two strands.  You don’t even have power, which is the third strand; or heart which is the fourth strand.


Humans were genetically designed to operate under sex and power, except - there’s another bit of information that came through Daphne – through sex, over millennia of time the interchange of sex became an interchange of love and the loving energy created more strands of DNA to open.


DNA strands open when it’s in the energy of the chakra that it represents.  In other words, if you’re a human that has two strands of DNA open – sex and power – and your next growth phase is to have your third strand opened, or your fourth strand which is power and heart – you need to be in an environment where there’s power demonstrated.  Power is an energy that comes out of your solar plexus.  Martial arts people use that as a projection.  You need to be in an environment where power is expressed, because that and being in that environment, opens up your third chakra, or your power chakra, which then activates your third strand of DNA.  To begin with, you’re on the intake of energy, and then when that strand holds its openness you can hold that energy out.  It would be like to get your heart chakra open, you need to receive love, receive love, receive love, feel loved – it can be loved by your parents, loved by an intimate relationship, loved by a guru – but, it goes through your heart chakra and it activates.  You can feel love on these phone calls.  It activates your fourth strand of DNA, and as it’s activated long enough then it holds its own activation and you can now put out love so that other people can activate.


This is the game of higher evolution on this planet, to be able to get people not to believe in something but to activate and hold the space of higher DNA strands.  That’s what Jesus did; he held many strands open and the people around him could feel the energy and they evolved into loving spaces because of that.  There was the desire of the higher forces - we’ll call them the Elohim group and the Ra group - to evolve humans, not just let them be two strands.  The problem with being two strands of DNA--sex and survival - the root chakra – the problem with that is that whoever has their third chakra activated can control you; they have power over you.  You have no resistance to their power.  That’s how you create a slave.  But, it didn’t last, because – according to the information and history that I’ve read – the humans became quite rebellious and there were all these attempts to keep them in check. 


Eventually, there were two factions, one that wanted to get rid of all the humans, and one that wanted to evolve them into divine beings.  Many of the beings from higher realms that are positively disposed came into this realm and this has been going on for millions of years.  And, here we are.  Probably some of us on this  planet are part of the evolution of those original humans, some of us are wanderer/star seeds who came in from other planets and other dimensions and chose to take bodies here; there’s many, many different interplanetary races that are having bodies on earth.  I never asked this question – I wonder if the Native Americans were part of that original two-strand original human.  I wonder who represents that?  Guess what?  We’re going to find out tonight.


Who would have a show where that could be found out?  You guys are here, and of course I say it again – we don’t say any of this is true.  If you have a strong belief system of the way things work, you’re welcome to listen and consider this and you’re welcome to discard it because we’re not claiming any of it.  Are you there, Terry? 


Terry:  Yes I am.


Wynn:  I’m just curious – Daphne, are you there?  Hello, Daphne.  Okay.  Gina, one week we’re going to have Bok Choy say ‘hello’ to you and you and Bok Choy can have a conversation on this line.  Gina lives in Hawaii and as she was telling at the beginning of the show, her main joy in life is swimming with dolphins.  She interacts with them.  She had a reading from Terry last week, and they told her that she was a dolphin after Lemuria went down.  I already suspected that very strongly, but they confirmed it.  She’s looking forward to swimming with the dolphins and communing with them.


Let’s ask some questions about….


Gijs:  Wynn? 


Wynn:  Yeah. 


Gijs:  Daphne might not be able to unmute herself. 


Wynn:  That’s right, I muted everybody.  Daphne, are you on the line?  Star six if you want to say something. 


Daphne:  Hi, I tried to get in there, but it wouldn’t let me get in. 


Wynn:  Earlier there was some background noise, so I muted everybody. 


I’m not putting you on the spot, okay?  I’m just making the question: Does Bok Choy want to say ‘hello’ to Gina?  -


Daphne:  -laughing-- We have to ask him, huh?  


Wynn:  Yeah.


Daphne:  I guess I feel him around – okay.  Sometimes I have to translate for him.  Let’s see. 


Wynn:   Should I call in the light before you do this? 


Daphne:  Yes, that would be good.  Yeah.


Wynn calls in the light:  Father/mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect all people on this line, Daphne, Terry, myself and everyone listening and that any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, though the galaxies, through the planets, through our bodies and into the center of the earth and right now we invoke a group consciousness, a blending of energies a merging into oneness while maintaining the individual sovereign integrity of our souls  and we invite those sources who are positive, service to others, operating in the law of one to join with us  and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


If you take a moment, shut your eyes.  We’ll take a moment of silence and feel the space and the energy that we’ve just invoked.  Now that we have a protected space, we started out seeing if Bok Choy – when I say Bok Choy I say the voice that identified itself as Bok Choy – through Daphne.  We may all just be crazy, and that’s okay.  They said it was a dolphin and we haven’t really spoken to Bok Choy for a few years.  We just thought we’d see if he would say ‘hello’ to us.


Daphne:  I don’t know if he’s going to speak in dolphin or have me translate it into English, hold on. 


I’m going to close the door because my aunt is going to think I’m flipped.  Hold on a second, my mom’s flying in to Boston and from Boston she’s flying to Phoenix so she can’t think I’m too rattled here. 


dolphin sounds-- 


Okay, now what’s he saying?  Let’s see what he’s saying. He’s not as playful and joyful as he usually is; he’s saying that he’s concerned about what’s going on right now.  He’s concerned about what’s happened down in the Gulf of Mexico; he’s concerned about the warming trends in some parts of the ocean, and basically the oceanic and earth disturbances that are happening in so many parts of the world.  In general, that the humans are not aware - most of them are not aware, they’re still going about life kind of like it’s thirty years ago – consume, consume, consume.  He seems to be feeling a little sad, he feels a little frustrated, they feel like there’s not a lot of time left to try to explain their case.  In some instances, there have been massive beachings of the whales and I think of some dolphins in some parts of the world.  They’ve been trying to say their piece, and only a few people are understanding it.  Do you want to ask some questions?


Wynn:    We’ll just ask one or two questions, because we’ll go back to Terry.  We might do this again and schedule Bok Choy for the major part of a show to talk to us.  Bok Choy (I hope I’m saying his name right) – thank you for coming; what part of the world are you swimming around in?


Daphne:    Right now he’s saying the South Pacific; near Fiji, I guess.


Wynn:  Near Fiji?


Daphne:  Yeah.


Wynn:  Are you in a pod?


Daphne:  He’s connected with one.


Wynn:  Are there other people on the planet that you talk through or talk to, like you’re doing right now with Daphne?


Daphne:  Yep.  There are about seven.


Wynn: About seven?


Daphne:  Mmm.


Wynn:  Can all dolphins do this with people, or are you kind of exceptional in some way?


Daphne:  No, there are others.  There are others.


Wynn:  How about all, or just some?


Daphne:  Some.


Wynn:  What distinguishes a dolphin to give them the ability to talk to and through a human?


Daphne:  It has to be on their kind of scholastic track, the same that for humans you have certain subjects.  Some people specialize in mathematics, some people specialize in economics or English or music.  It’s a specialty, interspecies communication.  Yeah.


Wynn:  I know you’re concerned about the quality of the oceans.  Every Sunday we do a grid healing; this Sunday we did one and we hope you’ll be energetically present on our grid healings.


Daphne:  They are, they are.  The dolphins are.  They appreciate the work that you’re doing and they hope that many others, many others will do this work as well.  They’re really hoping for this.


Wynn:  When we send the light to the dolphins on Sunday maybe we’ll have you, if Daphne wants to, say a few words to the group on behalf of the dolphins and help enhance the affinity.


Daphne:  Yep. that’s a good thing to do.


Wynn:  Alright.  Thank you so much, and by the way – I wanted to mention that on Sunday, Gjis was on the line and I remember he put his son in the light because his son had a – he called it a wart.  How long has he had the wart?


Gijs::  For,I guess, a year or so.


Wynn:  A year.  And, we put it in the light and they said they would work on it.  Did [he] know you did this?


Gijs::  Yes, and between after I asked I called him over and I told him if it was okay if I did this. He said “That’s great.”  He was aware of it.


Wynn:  This is one day later, and you’ve noticed a difference in the wart, yeah?


Gijs::  My wife called me and she said “I can’t believe it, his warts are disappearing”


Wynn:  In one day.  And, this is like for a year there’s been no change, right?


Gijs::  Correct.


Wynn:  Okay.  Thanks for sharing that.  Come to our Sunday grid healings and things happen like this.  We may be on a Disneyland e-ride, but then you figure it out when things like that happen because they happen all the time.  Gjis has been obviously greeting people at the beginning of the calls, he’s come to all the calls.  People that really want a miraculous thing to happen have to learn to connect with the energies.  The way to do that is to just keep coming back.  It’s not like “Please help me, I’m empty.”  You start to feel the vibes on the line, and you feel the connection with our sources.  It’s 7:41, we have nine minutes.


Terry:  This is Terry.  I would like to send my love to Bok Choy.


Wynn:  Okay.


Daphne:  Mhm.  It’s appreciated.  Mhm.


Wynn: Alright.  One time I was – I better not talk, because then we won’t have any time.  I want to ask a few questions to Ra’an through Terry.  Is that okay, Terry?  Are you ready?


Terry::  Okay.  Yeah.


Wynn: I’m not going to call the light in again, we’ll just do it quickly, like let’s bring the energies together, let’s bring the space of oneness.  Do we have our sources present?


Ra’An:  Yes, this is Ra’an.  This is the 3rd of January, 2011?  Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Have you been monitoring our topic tonight?


Ra’An:  Not that closely.


Wynn:  Not that closely?


Ra’An:  What questions do you have?


Wynn:  We were talking about the nature of a human.  To my understanding, you could say there are two main categories of humans on this planet.  There are the humans that were created by the Annunaki gold miners four million years ago, and there are the humans who were the wanderers from all the different planetary systems.  They’re not wanderers, they’re actually reseeded people, humans that didn’t graduate planets that had exploded – Maldek, Mars and others – that ended up having room for incarnations.  Now you have beings from other planets creation of humas, and you have humans that were part of the original four million years ago creation of humans.  Then you have Annunaki and space men who were downward-flowing former Elohim.  Do I have that all right, in general?


Ra’An:  There were different influences, but then yes – there were the Annunaki who did the gold mining.  There were the species that were developed to work in the mines and were seeded in the area of Africa.  Then there were other races – Caucasians from other planets, and Caucasian-looking from other planet rhar did space runs to pick up gold from earth at the time.


Wynn:  Were the Plaideans Caucasian?


Ra’An:  :  Yes.


Wynn:  And were the Sirians Caucasian?


RA’AN:  The Sirians?  How do you spell Sirian?


Wynn:  Sirian – S-i-r-i-a-n.


Ra’An:  They were not the blond Caucasian type.  The Plaedians were not Caucasian, but they were of the Caucasian looks.  And the Sirians were more of the darker, more olive-skin and darker hair.


Wynn:  How about Native Americans, and how about black people?  Where did they come in on this scale, or on this …


Ra’An:  They were seeded in Africa, the black individuals were seeded in Africa as they could take the heat.  Their skin was very resilient to the environment.  The Indians indigenous tribes were seeded from different groups that were off planet that wished to colonize and to start a new life.  Some of them were also Sirian; they were genetically bred to be able to withstand more particularly the environment in the earth plane.


Wynn:  Tell me, today what happened to the original humans that were created by the Annunaki?  Where are they today?  Are they mixed up with everything, just one big hodge-podge of DNA mix-up, or is there an indigenous group that could be said to be them.


Ra’An:  Some individuals were moved here from Maldek after Maldek exploded, and had the more higher forehead.  They had a different forehead, and they were growing, planting themselves in various parts of Africa and North America and Europe.


Wynn:  According to Carla Rueckert, the first Maldekians that came here were actually … there was some kind of intervention by the Ra group, and they came in as cro magnan man.


Ra’An:  That’s the name we are searching for, yes.


Wynn::  Yes.  They were putting …


Ra’An:  They were … go ahead –


Wynn:  The way it was put in the Carla Rueckert materials is that they came in as a twist-- when Maldek exploded there was a twisted mass of fear that they were all stuck to each other, so to speak, and that they were trying to untangle them.  The first step was to cro magnan man here as their individuation out of the tangled mess. 


What happened to the original two-stranded humans that were genetically engineered by the Annunaki?


Ra’An:  They intermixed with other groups that had come here to start outpost civilizations in the earth density, and they became the races we know today.


Wynn:  I see.  They never retained their individuation from that time; they’re part of everything else and mixed in.  In other words…


Ra’An:  The Cro magnan man gradually disappeared and the humans were taking the forefront.


Wynn:  So, the Maldekians came in as the… we’re going to have to go.  We’re like, it’s 7:51.  One question I wanted to say was:  the Maldekian souls came in as the cro magnan man, that was an intermediary step, and eventually they occupied the human bodies.  Is that what happened?


Ra’An:  That’s correct.


Wynn:  Okay.  It’s 7:52; thank you everyone for listening.  Thank you to all of you who are listening on the replays and are participating in the energies here.  Thank you so much Daphne for risking the making funny noise in your aunt’s house, and thank you Bok Choy.  And, we will see some of you Wednesday when we ask questions live that you submit:  Thank you, BBS; thank you Gary; thank you Gjis – thanks everyone who has been volunteering so that we can do these shows and get them out to people.  I’m going to stop the tape recording.







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