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January 5, 2011 with Ra'An

Welcome everybody, today is January 5, 2011 and this is Wynn Free and my co-associate on the call Terry Brown. Some people are listening for the first time tonight and as a bit of an intro. When we ask these questions, we don't guarantee our answers and we aren't telling you to believe this blindly. The way to determine the meaning of this call for you, is to check in often enough, or to read some of the materials because historically there is a predisposition is to give up their power and the real goal of these calls is not to just get answers and information but to create a reference point for a connection with a positive energy from another dimension. The key to this realm is co-creation. There is something called The Law of One and many of you are familiar with the Law of One in your own words. It could be John Lennon, saying I am you and you are me and we are all together or 'as you do it to the least of these, you do it to me.' The Law of One means that the entire universe is one energy sub-divided ump-teen trillion times and in our particular realm, according to our sources on planet earth there is a pre-disposition to feel cut off from that energy and to not be able to experience it. Our sources tell us that they are able to individually connect with each person on this line as an energy. What we do is what I call an invocation to the light, created a group intention to create a group energy.


(Wynn calls in the light)

We await our sources greeting.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is January 5, 2011 and we adore our experience with working with each and every one of you and we send our wishes for not only a new year but for each and every one of you to move forward towards your goals, not only in this new year but beyond time for each of you is beyond time in the home universe. We look at your serious questions and we had a sneak preview that it is not only of concern to a number of people on this line but a lot of people across the country, the United States and beyond are looking for a reason that the birds have died, not only the black birds but other species of birds. We see some brown birds with some white. We see birds flitting about as they are catching insects and they are very confident and intent and in control, then we see another species of bird and they are flying and the birds in front of them are falling and losing altitude fluttering and losing control of their bodies and fluttering down. The birds behind are totally confident of their path and their ability to fly and then they hit this electronic grid fence and they become totally confused at first and their body fails and they feel pain and trauma in their head as if they have hit an electronic wall and then they follow the birds in front and flitter down. We look at them as a part of All That Is, with life in them and the life was kicked out of their bodies by this impact that was created followed by their body failing. We see that what they hit was an interference pattern which created the trauma. The origin of the electronic interference pattern at this time we do not wish to go into that, however this was an unintended response to the positioning of the energy along the grid lines. This has happened with a directional broadcasting of electronic microwave signals that got magnified unintentionally. We now take a minute now to clear the channel as the channel is experiencing head pain. When we move into an area of viewing, all of the sensations that happened at that time is present can be experienced by the channel; the disorientation followed by the failure of the organs of the birds. We send love-light to the birds who fell to the earth and fluttered outside of their body as they continued their life experience, not realizing they were outside their body and that the birds operate with a consensus reality in which they move as a body and this is how birds can all change directions at one time as they are in direct telepathic communication with each other. We send love-light as they have moved on and are regrouping and are themselves are holding above the area where this happened and trying to reorient; each bird trying to supporting the whole, as they attempt to reorient and readjust being outside their body so suddenly. We send love-light to these birds. One of these circumstances that happens in a situation like this, when the birds where in such control and so confident in their abilities of leveling and turning and banking and then suddenly they don't have control, then they have a great loss of confidence in their ability, so one of the things at this time that we do, as they are struggling to regain their confidence, we send them confidence, we send them pictures; the sensations of banking and turning and having control over their bodies so they can recover more quickly from this incident. Those are our comments on this question.


Wynn: Thank you.

There were also fish that had a similar experience. Is it the same cause?


Ra'An: Give us a moment to take a look at the fish. This was a fish in Arkansas, a certain species mainly and it was fish that also came into the conductivity, we would not exactly call it a downdraft but we visualize it and we see it beaming down upon the river and the fish got in the way and the beaming down of this energy that was the result of the shifting of the grid by beaming energy upon the grids; the microwave energy came into a down beaming and moved into the water and illuminated in its' beam, not light, but energy beam, into the area where the fish were. It is much like what happened in the Bay of Aden near Yemen when there was a viewing of a downspout and the sea turned red and the following twenty four hours many fish were beginning to wash ashore and they were burned. It is similar to that event where the fish swimming and then their life went out of them as they could not hold air, they could not use their gills, they could not exchange in the water, and again this beam moved into their bodies and they overturned and floated to the surface and washed ashore. It was a particular down beaming from high up and is similar to what happened to the dolphins in the Bay of Aden near Yemen. That is our answer.


Wynn: The question is begging. Will this happen to humans?


Ra'An: This is not likely to happen to humans as the frequency affected most that smaller organs of the fish and the birds and made them more vulnerable than to humans but we would like to indicate that humans are moving through microwaves more as they move their wireless connections and whole cities are working to make the whole city wireless. This is moving the whole species into a slightly more advanced state, where individuals who cannot tolerate this are opting out so it is creating a shift in frequency in what humans can tolerate. We see the fear of not only some of the people on the line, but of the country of the United States and elsewhere that this could easily move into something that is detrimental to humans and create a dying off of humans similar to the birds. For it to affect the humans the magnitude of the beams would need to be much stronger than what affected the fish and the birds.


Wynn: If humans learn to hold a higher frequency; a higher connection to their multi-dimensional selves, would they be more protected from this kind of possibility?


Ra'An: Yes. If an individual were locked into a frequency, they do not tolerate the higher frequencies and then they do not survive as well. When an individual learns to hold the higher frequency as individuals now coming into this place like babies and children, they have to be able to hold the higher frequency to be able to tolerate and move with the new paradigm and as they are able to do that then they move into utilizing more strands of their DNA to help balance them in the higher frequencies.


Wynn: Thank you.

Let's go to the next question here. This is from Martha. She is living with a pattern which has plagued her for some time. “When I am away from home running errands I think of many wonderful projects that would be enjoyable, but as soon as I walk into the door of my house, all I want to do is just hunker down and check out. I live alone with my dog and do not feel in any danger but feel very much like all I want to do if be safe. Is there anything our sources could do or say to assist me in freeing myself and I would greatly appreciate their help? I will check the transcripts for an response.”


Ra'An: Thank you.

We send you love-light and we see your dilemma. We know that when you arrive home that within your own sphere of the home you have the energies totally grounded in being safe, and your energy moves into this, rather than when you are awake you are in a state of movement, and when one is in a state of movement then it can lead the thoughts and the projects and the goals to be in a state of movement and one can look at those thoughts, but when you have hunkered down at home things come to a stop and this is a resonance through your house. We look at your neighbors, we look at your structure and we see a lack of movement at the house. What you may want to do is go to coffee shops and other environments where you do not feel this hunkering down and see in sitting in the coffee shop or the restaurant or some place where you feel safe but things are moving and you can get yourself something good to drink and take a book with you and write down your goals and start to write down some of the things you are thinking. Do that when you have a chance and see if you can jar loose this hunkering down feeling and can more move into the motion and the movement of your goals. Writing them down can be a start. Let us know how this goes?


Wynn: Thank you.

That is something I have done a good portion of the life, where I wanted to be creative, I would go into a public place, a coffee shop in fact, most of my book was written in Denny's and Starbucks because I could get my energy flowing there like I couldn't when I was at home. Maybe I felt lonely when I was home; I felt separated and there is something about the energies of all the people that helped tune me in.


This is a question from Jason who lives in Brooklyn and he is on the line tonight. Jason is experiencing negative attacks and he is asking for help to overcome it. 'The more I seek my higher self the more intense they become.' He gets them in his dream and sexually so maybe there are beings attacking that part of him. Can you give him any guidance on this and any help on how to release it?


Ra'An: Yes, thank you very much. This is a very widespread pattern that when one seeks their higher self, one's lower self starts to object. One can start by honoring one's lower self and not leaving it out or not trying to disband it. It is like a generating life force there and one can send love to it and notice when we say those words; sending love to all of you and not leaving anything out but sending love to the part that is objecting and feeling like attacking. We note that these feelings are indications are like going up to a roadway and seeing the red light blinking. It is an indication that one needs to negotiate a different way than just going straight ahead. One needs to honor all within. One needs to give it your ear. What is it saying? How does it work. There are different things to consider. One is not one's mind and if one tries to control one's emotions with one's mind, that is not where the control comes in. The mind in connection with the heart. How does that work? It has been said that the mind is the enemy of the heart. The mind intellectually works to figure out things, but the heart, the feeling part of one is a signal system telling you, are you going in the right direction? So if you attempt to go straight to the higher self there may be objections from the lower self that feels left out. Play with these ideas and feelings and notice what relieves that from getting worse and what makes it get better? Play around with this and see if honoring all of you makes this feel better and then you can use these signal systems to work through things to tell when you are moving through the maze to make progress to getting to the other side. It is perhaps aggravating to the higher self who more realizes that you are the radiant being; the one who is radiating love and pureness to work with the lower self and send love and help to the lower self to guide it and let it know it is love without leaving it out. Those are our preliminary comments.


Wynn: Question. Does coming into the calls regularly have the potential of offering a degree of connection and protection?


Ra'An: Yes, when one listens to the Calling in of the Light and one feels the frequencies that are coming in, one can connect with that and that can be, we don't actually call it a protection, but moving into the area where the negative does not exist.


Wynn: So in terms of working with the lower self, would that translate into, ok, I'm going to go out and get an ice cream sundae or I'm going to a movie, or I'm going to find someone I care about and have great sex with. Are those the kinds of things that help bring energy into the lower self so that it's more balanced?


Ra'An: Yes, these can but it doesn't have to be that; that is putting it into action but it can also just be giving acceptance and love and recognition, and honoring it as just existing and being with it and caring about it, not just trying to bypass it.


Wynn: Many times when people have spiritual experiences, I think they try to deny their lower selves or make it bad or wrong and that might be where vulnerability comes in. Am I right there?


Ra'An: Yes. It is more than vulnerability. The lower self can act up, as it is there and in not honoring that it is there it can really be like a naughty kid just screaming for attention and love.


Wynn: Ok. Thank you very much. Do you have any closing words before we close?


Ra'An: We send love-light to Dee in Ohio and we still think of your question concerning your husband and we indicate the importance of nutrients for the body. Super-nutrients that the body is not allergic to, so the body can use these minerals can be used for building blocks for healing. We send love-light to each and every person on the line and we thank you for your concerns and your questions and we are available for connecting whether or not you are on the call. As it is said in your terms 24/7. We love each and every one of you and feel honored by the connection with you who wish to connect.



Wynn: I thank all of you who are participating. I thank all of you who are asking questions. Some of you make yourself vulnerable in these questions, and you are sharing things that many people are going through and thank you for the courage to come forth and do it publicly and you are doing it for many people as well as yourself. I thank all of you who are helping to get this out and I thank Terry and Daphne and we will see some of you on Wednesday. Blessings to you all.







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