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                                                                 Ra'An channeling, January 12, 2011


This is Wednesday, January 12th and this is Wynn Free and this is what we call our question and answer call, where people send in questions and we answer them. There are two things that happen on this call is that we communicate with our sources, we ask the questions and they answer and who are our sources? They explain themselves as two huge group souls, one of which created this physical universe and one them is graduates of this realm and they have all the wisdom of this realm and that is how they explain themselves. I believe that they just might be that but I don't expect anyone who is just checking in to believe that. Keep checking it out for a two weeks because the other phenomenon that happens on these calls is that, aside from just answering questions, our sources say they have the ability to penetrate through all the dimensions and connect with us individually. So when you are on that call and if you are open to that kind of connection, because they do not violate free will, you may feel an energy around you and you may feel some strange but comfortable sensations. Some people say it feels like home, some people say they feel vibrations all around you, but if you have those kinds of experiences on the call, consider the possibility that the same voice that is communicating with us verbally is also the energy behind what you are experiencing.

We have a little ritual called 'calling in the light' and that is creating a group intention to create a group energy and to bring the energy of our sources in and Terry is the vehicle they speak through.


(Wynn calls in the light)


On that note, we invite our sources to give us a greeting and we will ask our questions for tonight.


Ra'An: This is Ra'An and we greet you in the name of the One Infinite Creator. This is January 12, 2011 on planet earth as you approach the alignment within your solar system with the Hunab Ku. Just what does that mean? Just briefly, it means that the solar system is passing through one of the arms of the galaxy wherein the out-streaming energy is denser and of a higher frequency and more connected with the Hunab Ku which is the center of the galaxy where there is a black hole and in this in-streaming energy it contains more frequencies than when earth in the solar system is not in alignment with the center of the Hunab Ku. This brings out situations where individuals may suddenly speak their mind more, where they have trouble withholding more, as there are situations of withholding where individuals try to be politically correct and withhold information or behaviors and suddenly it becomes harder to withhold that behavior and they find themselves speaking their mind more.

We greet each and every one of you and we are a complex group of individuals who are banded together and we are working for the betterment of mankind and our heart goes out, our energy heart as we do not have bodies, to each and every one on the line. We ask if you have questions?


Wynn: Thank you. We have a question that many people might have value from this question. This person wants to know about marijuana and they wanted to know the impact, both positive and negative, on their spiritual growth, their DNA activation and any other way it might impact them. Their comment was that smoking marijuana seems to stimulate their creativity.


Ra'An: In the general view of this marijuana is bad in that it leads to the further taking of other hard drugs and it is illegal which is another point against it, as it creates a barrier between the individual and society and the possibility of being discovered. In the popular views has been some breakthrough in the use of marijuana in that it has been used medically in terminal cases; medical cases to relax a person and alleviate their pain. Setting aside all of those issues and just looking at marijuana itself, it can have some expansions of the consciousness in the observing of smaller details when one is under the influence of paying attention to a wider frequency; a higher wider spectrum of information that the individual can then expand into, as the individual does have within his capabilities, the ability to use more of the spectrum. When one can use it to shift awareness into areas that they would not normally shift into or not normally notice, it can be mind expanding.

There are other areas where it is detrimental in clogging up the lungs with particles of smoke, much the same as a cigarette or cigar. You have asked concerning about the effect upon the DNA. As the individuals view more areas of the spectrum or pays attention and notices them, then they can resonate through his body and open up more areas of DNA. There is another factor which can be possibly detrimental and depending upon the individual, possibly positive in that the individual, when they are under the influence can have a letting to some degree of the body system and can be more themselves. This can be detrimental in that it can provide a vacancy for another entity or other influences to affect the body when the individual is not taking such direct control and the body is not under such direct control of the individual and may provide an opportunity for other influences upon the body system. These are the various factors that we see involved in the taking of marijuana.


Wynn: Let me ask a further question. If someone is vulnerable in experiencing in what they would term, negative attacks, would marijuana increase or allow them to be more open to that phenomena and if that's true, would the openness last for periods of time after, in other words, they smoke marijuana and they had a period when they were high and then they were not smoking it for a few days, has the vulnerability lasted only during the time they were smoking it?


Ra'An: Once they have opened the door to a negative experience, which they may be doing by smoking marijuana, then the negative experience has cracked the door and it is no longer dependent upon taking marijuana and it may have jarred loose and opened up a door to negativity based upon influences not one's own or influences opening up misadventures from their own past track, which then, if they are not solved, can plague them but hang, not only the few days that they have not smoked after, but it can hang on and plague them as something that has opened up and needs to be solved.


Wynn: Ok. Next question. This is about the idea of twin souls or soul mates. This is a common phrase that is out there and many people think that there is a particular person that is going to come into their life and love them that is totally clear and the question from the person is: I have have a feeling that all my life subconsciously I have been looking for my twin soul. I had marriages and relationships, but it was with people that subconsciously I knew were not my soul mates. For some reason I felt I would not meet this person in this lifetime. Recently, I had a whole series of dreams where I saw men from my past and I forgave them. I never thought about these people but it looks as if my soul needed closure. Then I had a few dreams about the man who I never met before but I had such a love towards him. It was like my soul got free to meet the love. Then a young man much younger than I am, introduced himself to me, and I almost felt like saying, I have been waiting for you all my life, and of course, I did not since I couldn't understand what was the energy that enveloped me the moment he shook my hand. It seems the energy brought images flashing through my mind of similar looking men, it seemed they were coming from my previous lives and all I could feel in his presence that I was finally home and a feeling of peace and completion. Knowing that in this reality there is nothing that can come out of this encounter I wonder why I went through this experience? Does this mean I met my twin soul but nothing can happen in this life because I have to clear whatever karma I have with other people first? Even though the energy was so amazing and intense I wonder what they was? Just my imagination or a sign of something? The only thing that came out of this for me is the clear realization that even though I am in a stable relationship with my partner at the present time, there is still part of me that is looking for my twin soul. I just feel that finding my twin soul is very important to me and it might be why I came into this lifetime and I want to know what this has happened.

So maybe we could just start this out, by discoursing on the idea of twin souls and soul mates and then go more in depth in her question.


Ra'An: Thank you. When an individual meets another individual that has resonances that move through them, there can be resonances of agreement, wherein the vibration of one individual, just by virtue of being in the presence of that individual, can resonate the frequencies; the energy field of yourself and you can resonate theirs, so that if you find they are resonate yours it is likely you are resonating theirs as the resonance goes both ways. Much like when one refreshes a computer screen and the screen vibrates all over again with the original frequencies and comes to life again so that another individual with resonances in the same range as yourself, comes into your field you vibrate with that and they vibrate with that and it is a beautiful feeling. When one meets somebody like this, then this can be a sign of their having met their soul mate. It is not only one individual, it is usually more than one individual that can create such a resonance and one can feel totally completely encompassed and home. It may not mean that the individual is meant to culminate this relationship sexually or in a relationship phrase. There can be more than one individual who can create this resonance in you or you in them that can be twin souls. That is our answer.


Wynn: So in terms of the specifics of that person, when she touched that person's hand and she felt a vibration, was that an indication of that kind of relationship or was that a different kind of phenomenon?


Ra'An: This would have been a knowledge, deep in the subconscious of a past connection that was very significant with that individual.


Wynn: Thank you.

A question from Sylvia. She has noticed that there are many channelers out there, who are pushing to get their agendas to get into our minds and how can we really know if something is true or not when it comes from a channeled source, including the one we are having right now?


Ra'An: Thank you. This is a very good question. You can know by observing, listening, feeling the frequencies and seeing if it resonates with you. If the answer makes sense to you. If something does not make sense, even though it has made sense before, and that particular thing does not make sense, then it is not for you at that time, disregard that bit of information as you are a source and you are generating your own field and it is very important in your travels to be true to your own knowledge and your own data and your own sense of what is correct and so use whatever you can and whatever helps or assists and discard the rest.


Wynn: Thank you.

My own criteria for looking at sources does it tell me something is going to happen in the future that is going to save me but it doesn't do anything for me at the present time other than giving me hope. Could you comment on that?


Ra'An: Alright. We don't think that that has a lot to do with it as it is an individual situation type of thing as there could be something coming where it would be wise to comment on it and alert someone and it depends entirely on the situation and what is manifesting at the time.


Wynn: Ok. The other one is a source that always patronized, from my point of view the egos of those people who are listening and would at least make me wary of that type of information.


Ra'An: Yes that would indicate a off purpose source.


Wynn: Thank you.

Let's go on to the next question and this is from Gary in Redondo Beach who asks about the function of the pineal and pituitary glands in our evolution and how we create our reality.


Ra'An: Thank you. The pineal gland is a gland that can be developed and it has fallen into some disuse as individuals have not used it to it's fullest ability. To put it's ability to work, one can practice to think of a remote location and try to picture that remote location. One can learn to focus the pineal gland and can develop remote vision within this and remote focusing of distant objects. It also needs certain things. Darkness at night to be able to manufacture proper melatonin to relax and regenerate the body and keeps the endocrine flowing. The pituitary gland emits light when operating in a perfect function and helps to stabilize the rest of the endocrine system. These were developed as stabilizing and orienting organs as an individual moves through their life and their locations and act like stabilizers to orient the individual. Both of these glands do that, help orient that individual not only to their localized surroundings but to their larger surroundings at a distance and can make great incite(insight?) and feedback for an individual when these are fully operational.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have about three questions today and one is carried over from last week on Autism and one is from a person who has an autistic child. So before I ask the question I just looked it up on Wikipedia so we will all know what Autism is. “Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication and by restricted and repetitive behavior. These signs all begin before a child is three years old. Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering how nerves, cells and their synapses connect and organize and how this occurs is not well understood. It is one of the three recognized disorders in the autism spectrum, the other two being Aspergers Syndrome, and Pervasive Development Disorder. It has a strong genetic basis, although the genetics of Autism are complex and it is unclear whether it is explained by rare mutations or by rare combinations of common genetic variance.”


Now we will go into these questions and Zoyie and she asks why has there been such an increase in Autism over these last years. I understand it's something like 200 percent?


Ra'An: When we look at general in cases we see a number of changes with their sphere that is 1980 or 1970's and there is a quickening of information flow. There is TV which infiltrates many a home, bringing at an early age, confusing pictures in rapid sequence which the individual may bring into his own matrix or plasma energy field and may trigger things from earlier and confused things as the information is coming so fast it is hard to correlate and to stay grounded in such an atmosphere. There are cell phone towers which interact with the human system. There are cell phone which interact with a human biological body. There are microwaves that interact with the devices in the house. One may have their baby on their hip as they may be moving around the kitchen interfacing with the motorized devices in the kitchen like the microwave oven, the coffee maker, the bake oven, the Mix-master and all of these are unseen influences where previously in the last century or not so prevalent. There is also a tendency to let the TV be the babysitter and keep the individual occupied and there may be even waves that emanate from the TV or even the walk around telephone that can interact with the human biological person and can confuse the pathways as it makes a jumble of information that the body is trying to decipher out and ground. There are also the factors of the pesticides and we recommend organic foods without pesticides. We recommend grounding situations as on the TV the ideas are very rapid and the individual gets little chance to ground his body and accept his body be in a slower mode and thought and to take time with such a small individual, that young one and find out where that individual can ground, looking slowly at pictures and telling stories and making sure that the child is in touch with and the child can begin to find things to ground with and to find comfort themselves with, that they can begin to carve out their own life without being overwhelmed by the rapidness of the data going past them and being presented to them in their sphere.

As working with this child can then begin to help the child get grounded and be comfortable with his own body and sort out how to relate and what to relate to and to have things he can identify with that he can get grounded with and feel good about, to feel like he has completed something or accomplished something; something of his own. We hope this helps.


Wynn: Thank you.

This next question is this. I sometimes feel as if I have been given the unique opportunity to be the parent of an Autistic child, not because it is a burden, but that it is something wondrous because these little people are so amazing. My prayer, my question is that I receive guidance on taking all the right steps in guiding such a special person through their journey of life so that he will serve his own life purposes as I feel with every ounce of me that my son is here for a larger reason. This person requests that we leave her name anonymous and she resides in North Carolina.


Ra'An: Yes, the work that you do with your boy is very valuable in the time you spend with him, helping him feel grounded and observing him; observing what is gives him delight, what he can feel accomplished with. He is his own individual. He is accomplishing something. He is having a good effect; a good effect on you. He has capabilities that he is developing that he can become accomplished with and he can succeed with and feel worthwhile in knowing. It will take time to find out where these niches are where he will fit in and begin develop his own talents and his own interests and his own expressions. By working with him with two way communication he can get grounded in social interaction and communication by listening to him and by seeing where his interests lie and then working with him in those interests that are beneficial for all and are for the greatest good. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

That will be our last question for tonight.

Why don't we take twenty seconds and shut our eyes and make connection with the energies.


Ra'An: We thank everybody on the line and we send love-light and connection to every person and we feel the joy of connection. We are honored to be on this call it is sacred beyond belief.



Wynn: Ok. If any of you who are listening have questions in the future, remember questions at: and we also have a Sunday planetary and healing session where we focus on bringing in these energies which is at 10 in the morning. If you would like a schedule of all our calls we have and you can get the complete schedule.

I will say goodnight and have a wonderful rest of the week.







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