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                                                         Ra'An, Wednesday, January 19th, 2011


This is Wednesday, January 19th and we are slightly, about two weeks into the new year of 2011 and this is the call where people submit questions and our sources give the answers. There is a lot of value to asking a question. If you ask a question you will get wisdom but you won't get someone telling you what to do. One of the attributes as I have learned it of a positive source in other dimensions is that they don't tell you what to do and the reason is that one of the main lessons here is discernment. If someone tells you what to do and you do it, you are not coming from your own creation, your own creativity. You and everyone who is listening to this call is a co-creator with God, with the universe, with All That Is, and you are not here to follow orders. You are here to discover your way of contributing; your way of finding joy and happiness and that can be a challenge in this realm, as you well know because since the lesson here has been third chakra, power, for many years, following orders, following authority, following other people and looking for someone to tell you what to do is only an invitation to say, make me a slave. If you are on a high path, you cannot be a slave, your unshackling yourself. One of the things to believe is that it's possible to do that.

Let me start here and call in the light. We have some great questions tonight.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Ra'An: We are connected with Gaia and we see areas where Gaia is asking for help and seeking to recover her wholeness as the forces that are at present on Gaia are moving in ways that is depleting Gaia. One of the depletions is with the cutting of the forests, and the cutting away of minerals which help to balance her and she then finds new ways to balance. When you send out your connections to Gaia, let them go where they flow into areas where Gaia desperately needs healing. If you let them flow, they will be guided into areas where Gaia needs healing. They will be directed to forest areas which have been depleted or have burned or to gravel pits where the rock has been taken away. To the ocean which has changed their viscosity due to plastics in them. Gaia also resonates with the whales and the dolphins. You can send love to the whales and dolphins as their frequencies help to make Gaia whole and they are suffering in the areas of the oceans that have plastics and in areas of the ocean that have changes of energy and with the experimentation that is going on with the submarine communications using low frequency vibrations across oceans or under water areas. There is also connection with the sun and you can also send love-light and healing to sun, as the sun and Gaia, both and the whole solar system are under pressure at this time. You can send love-light to the grid lines and ask that in the areas of high pressure that this be moderated down so it does not have to be expressed explosively. Areas around the ring of fire, areas along the New Madrid fault up the Mississippi, areas in the North Atlantic Ridge area. These are all areas you can send love-light to and sense the fractures in these areas and send love-light. You can ask for us, the Elohim and Ra Group to come in with you in alignment with you to help you heal and moderate these areas that are under pressure. This is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

Would like symbolically sitting on a rock or leaning on a tree make a better connection?


Ra'An: It could help make a better connection, yes, however it is not necessary.


Wynn: Why don't we as a group just do that for 20 seconds and with our sources send that energy and the love to Gaia.


Ra'An: Yes, and Gaia is right now directing the energy to Pakistan and the areas underneath the mountains in Pakistan that are under pressure and to areas under water.

It is not generally known, but when Gaia suffers, the people of earth also suffer. Subconsciously they pick up the diverse energies; the conflicting energies, the pressures and it is reflected in their body system although they might not know or recognize what is wrong, they feel argumentative and they feel like striking out and this would be a reflection of pressures that is moving through them from areas of Gaia.


Wynn: Thank you.

Now we have a question from Linice. How do I find a career that allows me to work with the light and take care of myself.


Ra'An: There is an areas within you that makes you feel comfortable and joyous and sort of bubbly and outgoing and this string moving through you is an area you could develop, working with people and foster this within yourself as this can bring you fulfillment and can lead you into connections with others that you would be able to comfortably work with and have a valuable work relationship. If you follow the passion; follow the energy, then it will lead you in ways you may not yet not know about but which can be very fulfilling and growth giving. That is our answer.


Wynn: And Lenice also asks what suggestions can you give her to stop smoking.


Ra'An: When you have within yourself the particles from the cigarette and the particles of the tobacco within you, it attracts you to put more there and to bring and match more tobacco smoke in the areas also. To raise the blood sugar level and also to take your attention off of physical areas and to give you a break. So we suggest in stopping smoking a method of getting all of the smoke out of your lungs and this is the method and we give credit for this method to a gentleman named John Sandborne who totally stopped smoking on a dime by using this method to breathing out all of the air, to get in some very good clean air and to exit all of the air out of your lungs. It takes work to exit all of the air and you may notice that as it passes your lips it may tingle. Then get a magazine and push the air away after it comes out of your mouth so you don't re-breathe it. This is one method towards getting all of the tobacco influenced air out. To do that a little bit, a few times, every day. It does not need to have to be a lot but to breathe deeply and exit all of the air. It is hard to do it more than one to five times in a row. Second of all, select something that you really enjoy which can be also a break for you. Looking at pictures in a magazine, reading jokes that you can substitute while you are coming off of smoking so you can have something to look forward to that is not the cigarette but something that you enjoy that you can take a little break and gets some relief from. Those are our two main suggestions. Another suggestion would be to wash your clothes and clean your house so the smell does not stay around and you are not breathing the reminders of your cigarette or other tobacco smoke. This will set you in the good path in eliminating the tobacco. This is a good thing to do as many individuals are adversely affected by smoking later in life.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is a message from Jean who is a regular in our call and who lives in South Dakota. She says: My grandsons have experiencing some negative energy in their bedrooms at night. I have told them to send them to gramy and I sent them away. Last time our seventeenth month old cried for his mom and she went into the room called in the light and slept with her son and watched as they pulled the covers over his head. My other grandson slept on the sofa upstairs rather than the room downstairs. Question: what is visiting, why and how to get rid of them.


Ra'An: Thank you. Downstairs is closer to the earth and there is history; a vibration of discomfort in the area there. We see past incidents before the house was there that are bleeding through and are reminders of past lives, past difficulties that are not comfortable to remember and the children, the seventeenth month old is trying to get away from some past life memories and the area just being in that downstairs room is reminding him of past life memories. This should be outgrown as he gets older and we take another look at the area and we analyze what has happened in that area as there is a great deal of fear in an incident that happened and the individuals left memory tracks within that area of their incident and we send healing and love-light to the people who endured that incident and set them free that they can again move with the times and not leave trails of fear. We are speaking slowly as we are moving through these trails of fear and filling them with a feeling of more comfort; more ability to move out of that incident and into better times. We thank you for your question as this is an area that needs healing within the surface of earth.



Wynn: Is there anything that she can do herself to aid this process?


Ra'An: She has asked the question and the boys have observed what is happening and it is a sentiment that we have moved with the fears and we have cognized on them and we approach an areas where we do not have words for the filling in of the fear with a more comfortable, supportive, grounding feeling for the individuals who have had the fear and for the erasing and dissolving of the fear and replacing it with the now, with the plants, the trees, the people and the incidents of now and allowed the past fears to recede to the past where they belong, as they do not belong in the present, so that anyone involved or experiencing this can move on and into the present with joy.


Wynn: Thank you.

This person say, earth's moon originally broke off from this planet, but first of all they are making an assumption there. I know there are a lot of other ideas of where the moon comes from and now they go on to say. Is it a living being as earth?

My comment on this is that the moon in Egyptian times there was a religious cult around the moon called the Amon priesthood and I know there was another religious group around the sun called the Aten and there is also the ideas that the moon is an artificial satellite moved into place millions of years ago. So does the moon have a consciousness as earth has a consciousness?


Ra'An: Yes the moon does have a consciousness and we would say the word individuals and by this we do not mean humans. We mean rocks and moisture and gravel dirt and we look at the moon and we see a coarse material and a sort of a dust and this is a low level of consciousness and it can be connected with and communicated with at it's lower frequency and it responds wonderfully when we send this connection to the moon. The moon is peaking in the window as it is a full moon over Sedona at this time. It has been modified by the sun and dried by the sun and the dust has dried and grated and the atmosphere is dark. The sun is shining on the side of the surface and is reflecting the light off of the landscape of the moon and the whole moon as we encompassed it with an expression of greeting feels joy and comfort. You asked concerning the history of the moon. There was a period of time in the solar system where there was a great upheaval and we see large bodies moving at random areas and we see one of them being captured by the earth orbit and moving in towards the earth and moving back out and gradually stabilizing in it's orbit around earth. We see other bodies moving around other planets and establishing themselves as moons around those planets. That is what we see.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Bill who has been going through a hard period and has found a lot of help on our calls in connecting with our sources and is experiencing interventions and response to prayers. He says, just when I think all is lost and there is no hope in all of this, the difficulties continue and I don't know if I am on the right path. For some time I have anticipated a more substantial intervention or clear direction from our sources so I simply wait. I really do not know where to go and there seems to be so few pointers. Is it ok for me to just wait on that moment when Elohim, Ra or God deems it appropriate to act? Or is there something they need or want me to do? In other words, how do I, in my circumstances, with a pretty well defined set of goals in my own mind, which I think is sanctioned by divine spirit's guiding us, know what direction to move in when there is no clear direction from above except these little synchronicities of support for my very survival. Do they have any advice for me in particular and all of us participating in general. How do we know what to do next and what steps to take?


Ra'An: Thank you. Your are Source. You are your own source. We are of assistance and we can give guidance but it is you that lights your path and chooses your direction. We are assistance. We are support. We send you support and vitality and we can give you synchronicities as you set your course and move into various actions, so within that framework, set your own course and we will help and guide within that framework. Do not wait for us to send the army until you have set your way that you are going and then we can support as we do not wish to take you over but to support you as your own source. This is where you will grow the most. Don't be afraid of making a mistake. Keep moving and if you do not know exactly which way to move at sometime, choose a course, choose action. Keep the motion going and then reassign your direction if it does not seem quite like the right direction after you are moving, but keep moving. See what the next thing to be done is, and do it, and keep moving because the motion will bring things to you.


Wynn: Thank you.

I often say, energy follows action. In my own life when I felt really stuck it's just hard to do anything. If anyone sees me I'm going to look terrible. There is a fear and you become paralyzed in your stuckness and you start to get depressed and then your depression goes on top of it. Then you say, how can I do anything if I'm depressed. I can tell everyone that energy follows action. You must take an action, you must do something. Even if it's not going to work. You go in one direction and just because you took an action, you get a synchronicity that takes you in a better direction, but the synchronicity wouldn't have happened if you didn't take the action, so try taking actions that are safe to do that don't cost a lot of money. Knock on doors, volunteer at a homeless shelter, so anything that moves your energy so that you start bringing in the space for things to flow around you. Because you look for the perfect thing to do and it's not been my experience that it works like that. Thank you for your question and for your appreciation for the work we are doing.


Wynn: Next question. What is homeopathy and is it truly beneficial. Maybe I have to tell Terry what homeopathy so she can add it to her vocabulary. Homeopathy is a holistic modality where minute substances are put in these little pills. Some of them were even poisonous but for whatever reason, with the right minute substance it can change a condition in the body. It can make you not depressed. It can heal a flu, supposedly, and there has been a study done on these minute substances, not like herbal stuff, not like vitamins. They are tiny fractions of things in pills. With that I hope that is enough to ask the question.


Ra'An: Thank you very much. We would indicate that homeopathy is the refining of the little substances that are put in some material that would be inert, or that the person would not react to and then it is refined down and down and down, until in the majority of cases, depending on how the homeopathy material is made, the poisonous substances is no longer present, and all that is left would be the memory of the toxic substance in the base material and then that is ingested by the person which then brings the frequency of the toxic substance within the person's body without having them encounter the actual toxic substance. The substance then builds up the frequency as the individual is already having the symptoms of the disease and so the substance then is placed in the base substance and refined down so that merely the vibration or the memory of it is left so then when it is introduced into the body, it magnifies the frequency of the disease without adding actual pathogens. This helps the immune system to fight the disease off better without having more of the disease actually present. That is our understanding of how homeopathy and Terry did not know this, however we present this to you in answer to your question, that homeopathy can help alleviate symptoms and help an individual to get over the disease faster, however it depends also upon the disease, on the strength of the disease, of the toxicity of the disease and of the purity of the homeopathy product as some are not made well and can contain vestiges of the original toxic substance within and in some cases and is not refined enough. It pays when looking at homeopathy to investigate the integrity of the lab that is making it and make sure that this does not contain any of the original poisons or toxic material or pathogens within it.


Wynn: Thank you. It is interesting that while you were talking I looked up homeopathy and I was a little nervous because I don't think Terry knows what that is. The way you described it was very accurate.


I have more questions for tonight. This is from a gentleman named Manage and the question is, how do I find my soul?


Ra'An: Thank you Manage. This is an easy question to answer but a hard question to fathom. You are your soul. You are your soul, so when you go to look at yourself, you generally see other things because you are looking from your soul and what you are seeing are other things. How can you see who you are, or see your soul? You can see the reflection of your soul in other things and you can also secondly get an idea of who you are and who the you really is by looking at your effects in the world. Now, as we look at this, as one meets someone, they look at them, they meet them for the first time. Try this as just an experiment. When you meet someone for the first time, spend five minutes with them and think of exactly what it is about them that impresses you the most and when you leave them after five minutes, then think of what it was that you noticed about them that impressed you about them the most. This is information Margo Fonteyn, the dancer felt was true and relayed that information to someone who relayed that information to Terry. When you look at that person after the five minutes and then you go off by yourself, what was it about that person that impressed you the most. And then see if that is something the person is working very hard, an image they are working very hard to convey, something that they want others to see within them, in their own image. What are they putting forth. So generally individuals have something; an image they are putting forth but that is not necessarily them. The soul is the individual source; the driver, the person that is intending, that is bringing things to them and around them and is interfacing with others and at the root of it all, at the basic root of the soul, they do not have form, they give themselves form. They do not have frequency, they manifest frequency. So you can see the effects but you don't really see the individual. We hope this sort of a zen answer helps in this answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

We are going to finish with a question from Lisa from San Francisco who is a regular on the calls and she is asking about a health issue. She has Lupus Scleroderma. It is such an obstacle in my life particularly as I now age as it is progressive. It is not like me to let it defeat me. Right now I feel that my body is torturing me way too much and I am in the forty-sixth year of dealing with not just two auto-immune diseases but coronary heart disease, diabetes, and chronic daily pain for more than a quarter of a century. I need to know from my higher sources if there is any way my Lupus Scleroderma can be helped with emphasis on the Scleroderma which if far less common than Lupus. The statistics are between two hundred and fifty thousand to three hundred and fifty thousand of the three hundred million or so of those living in the United States have it. Still not enough research or treatment for it. SEL is short for it and SLE is short for Lupus. I know that I wrote up in my contract for this lifetime to experience this health tsunami but enough and enough and am I not supposed to be healed because I have turned myself inside out trying for forty-five year. Ok I am done.



Ra'An: Thank you. We see inequity in differential electrical as we look at your endrocrine system a lowering of the electrical potential of the charge of the potential that would ward off these pathogens. We are stopping for a minute as we seek to raise the potential. We see from one organ, one gland to the next gland, a lowering of the potential and wee seek to raise it and raising of the electrical potential could begin to reverse the situation. We will take a further look at it this week.


Wynn: Thank you.

Is there anything she could do for example, devices that run electricity through your body, Rife machines, anything like that that would work on her behalf?


Ra'An: There may be some help and we ask if you would like to send an email asking for further information to Wynn Free and to Terry to. We look to other potentials for healing modalities.


Wynn: Thank you.

Let me make an announcement about this. Doing the work on this call, puts me in a quandary because I do know there are a lot of people out there that need help and are going through physical problems and it's like other than doing a mass healing, it's hard to figure out how to do this. I will say that those people who keep on coming into the conference calls and supporting the energy of the calls will get my attention and they will also have more chance of getting results, more than someone who is just hoping for a miracle transformation So if you are one of those people that would like that kind of question asked, start coming to our conference calls regularly, because I am fairly certain there is a correlation with coming to the calls, not necessarily an absolute correlation, because anything can happen, but there is some correlation between coming into the calls, feeling the energy and frequencies on the calls and having something happen. There has been people coming into the calls and had some miraculous transformation and I didn't know them, I didn't even know their name and yet they emailed me that their breast cancer disappeared or this happened or that happened. Other people come into the calls regularly and nothing shifts and they have physical problems. So I not sure exactly the model by which all this works and I really wish everyone who has any physical disability, any disease, any suffering, I wish them healing, right now. Before we close off maybe I will have our sources comment on what I just said, if that is accurate.

You know that one of the things that happened to Edgar Cayce was that towards the end of his life there was an article in the New York Times about the work he was doing and he started getting bagfuls of mail every day from everyone that was having trouble. He was told in his in his channelings not to do more than two channelings a day and he did six and he ended up dying. So I have to have a certain balance between my tendency to be very compassionate and wanting to help everyone and having time and energy and money and everything else so that everyone is being supported. So I asked that question for Lisa because she has been on our calls for more than a year now and I am not saying not to send me your emails. I will tell you that if you have started coming into the calls regularly, if you read my books, if you are starting to feel the energy of our sources, then it makes it much more possible that some kind of intervention will occur for you, rather than just dropping in one day and asking for a miracle and then we never see you again. Am I kind of accurate in what I said there because this is just me talking from the human view.


Ra'An: Yes, you are accurate in what you are talking about and seeing and we can add a little more data to it. An individual is a composite being. He or she has their cells, and their blood cells and their bones. They have their psyche and their mind and their mental body and their emotional body and their physical body and if we come in we are not usually able at the first time to penetrate through their systems, and they may not want us to penetrate through their systems. We have to allow totally free will and work with their consciousness, whether they want to be healed and what is their intention towards being healed. Like in the case with Lisa there is some carry over, some past life carry over that is attempting to be worked out here that then leads to a lower potential within some of the areas of the endocrine system and to bring the endocrine system up to speed, it needs Lisa's intention; her moving out of the range and pattern of this frequency of the disease and just picturing moving into the clear without this. The potential being high enough within the endocrine system of the body to produce that hormones and produce the thyroid and produce melatonin so she can sleep at night and renew her body, to move into this upgraded frequency that the pathogens will move off. If she can get the idea of this, hold this, a little bit at night before she goes to bed and you can come into the calls, get the frequencies and renew this postulate, get the idea of this and cheer yourself up, this can all help. So you are entirely accurate, coming into the calls and experiencing the frequencies can reset the body so it is valuable to keep coming into these calls.


Wynn: Thank you.

So it is 7:30 and thank you all for hanging in there and thanks for Terry for her dedication on these calls and thanks to Daphne for her founding of all this and thanks to all the people who are volunteering, Gjis, Gary, Jim, Connie and Suzanne who are transcribing the calls. By the way, if any of you want to transcribe calls and are fairly accurate in English there are probably a lot of benefits that come in karmically from doing that so send me an email. We have so many calls to do. I am almost ready to put up my archive section where you'll be able to browse through many of our calls and listen to many of our past audios. On that note we'll see some of you Sunday and a very warm hello to everyone who is listening on the replay line and want to know we feel you. We feel that all of you are helping to build a whole energy with this work we are doing that is start being strong and firm.






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