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Monday – 01/24/2011
Host:   Wynn Free
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Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Wynn:  Welcome everybody.  This is Wynn Free. This is Monday night, this is January 24th (2011).  Let me link into the conference call.  We are linked up!

Hi everybody - we’re now live on BBS and on our conference line.  We have a really interesting topic tonight and one that I would say is, if you look at it it’s probably everyone’s challenge – everyone.  We use the word ‘Karma’. 

We’re rolling.  Terry, are you there? 

Terry:  I’m here.

Wynn:  Those of you who are tuning in for the first time if there is anyone that fits into that category - on our Monday night call we have discussions about various topics that usually are hard to understand or for a human to figure out for themselves.  Those of us who are on this planet and - I assume everyone listening fits into that category - are living on a planet that has a veil as it’s described.  We don’t have a direct connection with the things normally beyond the veil.  We try to figure things out.

There is a number of ways of figuring things out and one way is by what I call ‘reverse engineering’:  you try this and you see what happens and you watch this and you see what happens and you look for an agenda.  If there’s an agenda, the agenda usually shows up over time if you’re paying attention to something.  Even if you look at yourself, you’ll see there are patterns in your life that you don’t know where they came from; it doesn’t make sense but yet it’s there.  Most people think that those patterns are who they are.

When you start looking at the bigger picture of life; when you start looking at Hindu and Indian philosophies there is the idea of karma, which means that the patterns that you have are not necessarily who you are, but they’re a product of all your past lifetimes - not only in this realm but in other realms; and, that each of us is creating ourselves every moment, re-creating ourselves every moment.  I believe it works this way; I’ve had enough of my own direct experience in this lifetime that it has convinced me that there is such a thing as karma and there is such a thing as past lifetimes and that each of us is carrying a track from all our past lifetimes.  Who we are now, to some degree, is based on that track.

For example, if you had a past lifetime and you did something really bad, then the chances are in this lifetime you would have this guilt; maybe an apologetic nature like you’re sorry about yourself.  You don’t know why, and yet somewhere in there is this subconscious memory that you did something bad – maybe you killed a bunch of people - and it comes out as guilt.  Sometimes you’ll meet somebody and there’s an automatic affinity between you and that person and an instant connection.  The chances are likely, at least the way I’m looking at it that you and the person have had a positive experience in another past lifetime; maybe even many of them.  You meet them again and that positive experience makes you feel comfortable.  Maybe you find that you suddenly find an organization that you feel really comfortable with and who you are really is present.  Maybe some of you who are coming on this line feel that way about the work we’re doing on this line and the work we’re presenting – you feel a connection to it.  Maybe that’s because we all have worked together in another lifetime.

This idea of karma – you could say good karma, bad karma – then you could say ‘no karma’.  How do you work that?  In other words are we just at the effect of all of this past stuff, or is there a way to modify things so that patterns that were deeply rooted in past events can be shifted and changed during this lifetime? 

Of course, on this call we have not only my perceptions, but we have this opportunity to have conversations with a voice that identifies itself as a group soul that is outside of all of this and can look at this.  Can look at your patterns, look at your energy patterns, look at our energy patterns.  I guess this look of describing it this way, we also have the earth – everything has a connection, everything has a link to other dimensions in one way or another, and has an energy attached to it so we can assume that even the earth would have karma, the Solar System would have karma, and the universe could have karma.  We are tiny little pin pricks in this realm of what we call life. 

The way I’ve described this in the past, it seems to be a good way of understanding it:  If you think of a computer, a desktop computer, and it has a keyboard and a monitor and then it has this hard drive.  The hard drive has huge amounts of information stored in it; it can also have viruses in it.  We don’t see that information unless we have the right access code.  We would be like the monitor and the keyboard and so we’re constantly inputting data to the hard drive.  The hard drive, if you feed the right thing in it feeds the right thing back.  For example, let’s say you had a certain lifetime where you were an architect and you had a wife who helped and you met that woman in this lifetime.  You started talking, and suddenly you can be reconnecting with those energies of being an architect because that woman reminded you in some way or another.

For example, when I met Daphne there were a whole bunch of things that were totally unconscious to me that meeting her caused to come to the surface and have to be dealt with.  All of us are in that predicament of driving around this computer that has all this stuff in it and our lives are really very much at the mercy of the computer that we’re attached to.  It’s not really a computer; it’s an energy field that has everything stored in it.  It’s about “How do you understand what’s stored in that memory of that matrix, of that energy field?  How do you know what it’s doing and how it’s impacting you?  How do you fix it?”

There’s a Christian concept called grace.  Grace says you can fix everything in a moment – how does that work?  How can you access grace?  If Grace is real, it’s not just a Christian concept, it’s concept of the way the universe works.  How do we access Grace so that we can clear our computer?  There are a lot of Christian words that correlate with this, because I would say the idea of clearing your karma, clearing your computer is another way of saying “being born again” where you can live in the moment and live as a child of the Universe, operate in the moment, create in the moment – without having all this baggage of all these past lives.

Then, of course, in the topic line today I said that we want to know how not to create baggage for the future.  There are two things:  how do you clear the baggage of the past and how do you not create baggage for the future.  We’re in the middle of a life right now so everyone one of us is involved in a) leaving the old programs of our computer and b) installing new programs.  How do we stay clear and above that whole process and access this concept of Grace?  I’m trying to think of another word besides Grace – being clear, being unencumbered, being connected to all that is, creating in this realm knowing you have the assistance and the support of other realms.  Living the Law of One – how do you do that?  I don’t know if we’re going to be able to handle the whole process, but maybe for some of you if we understand the process, then we’ll get some keys on how to work with those parts of ourselves that are invisible; that we can’t see.

We’re only fifteen minutes in so let me bring up of things that I’ve learned personally in this process, because in this lifetime I’ve gone through a lot of things and so has Terry.  Terry can mention some of what she did personally.  I think that when you do something personally and you master something and you see how that works, there is something to be shared there that’s certainly important to the data from other realms.  One of the things for myself personally:  When I was younger, I would say I was fairly contracted; I felt very unexpressed.  But, I didn’t know I was contracted.  I’d spent a long time being contracted and it felt like that’s who I was.  Everyday you get up feeling a certain way and I think I felt that everyone else must feel that way also.

For me, one of the first things that started to un-contract me was when I started writing songs.  I started writing songs as a need to express myself, because otherwise I seemed almost like invisible in the world; like, no one knew who I was.  I would write a song and then I would sing it to somebody and they’d say “Wow.  I was thinking the same thing; that was exactly how I felt!”  I was amazed because suddenly I realized that feeling the way I was feeling was something that lots of people were feeling and as soon as I said it in a song there seemed to be a connection that I never could have made on a personal level through my personality.

At a certain point in my life, I had a reading from someone who could supposedly see past life times.  He told me a story of a past lifetime I had lived as a troubadour; he said I was repeating a lot of patterns in this lifetime from that lifetime.  He went on to share with me the events of that lifetime in quite a bit of detail.  There was an individual that poisoned me, killed me.  I wasn’t related to him, but I created some embarrassment for him. He said that person was my father in this lifetime and that because he took my life I had the option of being born into his family.  This was a new idea at the time.  He said that I actually could choose that from the other side.

The fact that he killed me did not mean that he was happy to see me.  I simulated all these subconscious patterns - for him that probably went something like “I thought I got rid of this guy and here he is again!”  All through my childhood, he made me feel rejected, like I was never good enough.  But I didn’t understand it at the time.  I just wanted to be good enough, and he kept rejecting me.  I used to walk around with my shoulders hunched up to my ears and I remember one of my aunts coming over and saying “Relax – let your shoulders down.”  When I look back on it, I see I was protecting myself from him.

Finally, when I was 18, I couldn’t wait to leave home and I went to school at Berkeley, University of California.  I thought I wanted to be a physics major because all through high school I was a ham radio operator and I was putting antennas on my roof.  I probably, I am sure, had past incarnations where I was highly technical.  Now I was in college and I met this woman who responded - I started writing lyrics to other people’s songs and I think I actually was doing it just for fun.  I sang some of my lyrics to this woman and she just fell for me.  We ended up travelling around the country; I had all these synchronicities.  She was a key person to click me into another program in my computer because I don’t think I would have pursued being a songwriter if I hadn’t met her.

The interesting thing about this karmic situation is that when this guy gave this reading to me, I had written a song about the same lifetime which I thought was a fantasy and yet it totally, precisely matched the information that he gave me in the reading.  It was that reading that convinced me that reincarnation had to be real.  I started to understand this pattern that I was going through; this self-rejection that I was going through.  I saw how it got implemented by the way my father’s energy field worked with my energy field as I was growing up.  But, just knowing that didn’t release me from the pattern.  It helped me understand the pattern and I had this great tool that I worked with for quite a few years.  It was:  observing the pattern.

Prior to observing this pattern, I thought I was the pattern.  It made me feel unlovable; no one liked me because I was rejecting myself because I was mimicking the rejection I felt from my father.  So I defined myself as being unworthy – some of you read my poem “Worthiness.”  Now I knew that was not me, but it was programmed into me.  So I started to watch and when that feeling would come up I would say, “That’s not me, that’s the feeling that I was programmed with.”  Every time it would come up, which was quite often, I would say that.  The part of me that was observing the pattern was outside of the pattern.  So, this is the key – the key is when you have a repetitive pattern that seems negative – this is quite normal to feel unworthy.  It’s quite normal to feel all kinds of things for many people, and they think that’s who they are.  They act that way; theyact it out.

Once you can identify a pattern that keeps repeating in yourself, whether or not you have a past life reading and you can point to that and say “That’s from that” you can be fairly certain that’s the case – that it’s been something that’s programmed and that just the act of observing it helps clear the pattern.  This is not Grace – this is a different way of working with it.  Grace, I think, is a little faster; a lot faster.  Grace is something that’s implemented when – I say this on our Sunday grid healings:  it’s possible, since there is no time in the universe and all time exists simultaneously – when you can connect to the part of the yourself that existed before all these patterns got established, and when you can connect with these sources that we speak to on this line, it enables a moving back to the place where you were before all these patterns got established.  Then, the patterns can start to heal not because you try anything  or do anything; but, it’s like magic.

I believe some of the people who have been on our conference call over and over again have experienced some of that.  I know they have, because that energy is on these lines.  If you discovered this line, it’s worth your while to experiment yourself to see if this works.  There’s an energy on the line of Grace, and if you come in and start to pick up that energy on the line that moves into the matrix higher and above where all your karmic patterns are.  When you start to tap into that energy, your karmic patterns start to heal.

The way it looks to me, or a way of understanding it is that – we say this over and over – the universe is one being but we’re separated from that here in this realm.  When you start to access, for your own experience, the truth of oneness; when you can see everything as part of yourself, you’re no longer getting caught in lower matrices.  You’re in a flow; you have to be in a flow because each moment is its own moment and its own recreation and you can’t carry things from yesterday into today.  You have to be able to recreate today in a total, new, blank slate.  Not only recreate today, but recreate the next second, the next minute.

One of the easy ways to do this is to be of service – true service.  True service causes your matrix to shift because it creates an intent to care above and beyond anything you’re going to get back from the caring.  In this realm, when you are involved in give and take – give and take, cause and effect – he owes me, I did this, if I do this maybe I’ll make more money, if I do this maybe she’ll sleep with me.  As long as you have that kind of transaction in your mind, there’s an exchange going on that on some level creates residual, unfulfilled, incompleted energy.

For example, if you went out on a date with a woman and you forgot (I’m talking from a guy’s point of view) that you really wanted to sleep with her while you’re on the date.  Part of you will always want to, but you forgot it and you just had a really good time and you enjoyed her – well, guess how much that would increase the chances of her going home with you?  Quite a bit!  If you’re just trying to be good and to please her saying “I hope I get what I want” she might be looking at you and saying “Well if I do this, he might spend money on me, he might do this.”  There is nothing wrong with that, but it’s a kind of exchange, it’s like give and take, obligation, tit for tat.  There’s a whole level of the universe in this realm that works on that law, it’s like the law of karma, the Law of Moses.  To some extent, you can’t be in this realm and not be part of that law because you have to have some give and take and exchange and obligation just to be in this realm.  You have a house you pay your mortgage, you have an apartment you pay your rent, you go to the restaurant you buy food and you have to pay for it.  This is not to discard give and take, but it’s learning the difference between give and take and real service.

Real service means you do something with no expectation and totally from your heart for the benefit of the universe and for the benefit of the person.  The person may or may not take it, but your intent has to be really spot-on and you start operating above karma and to create circumstances in your life – each person has to figure out “How do I do this?  What do I do?”  It could be visiting an old age home, it could be answering a suicide line, it could be walking around and giving dollars out to homeless people; just deciding this is the day I’m going to do that.  Do these things occasionally, when you give with absolutely no expectation of return and notice the shift in how you feel inside of yourself because this starts to access this higher principle.  You need to have an experience of having a transaction in this realm that’s not karmic, that’s not bound by the law of cause of effect.  As you learn that, you learn how it works and you can implement more of it in your life.

It has to be an experiment.  It’s like if I said “Do that and you’re going to free yourself from karma.”  Then you do it because you’re think you’re going to free yourself from karma it would be no different than some minister saying, “Come to church every Sunday and you’ll go to heaven.”  Or: “Tithe to the church and you’ll go to heaven.”  No.  That can all work, but not because you’re doing it for that reason.  If you came to church because  you felt the brotherhood of everybody; if you came to church because you felt the spirit of people in the room – if you did it for those reasons, it’s working.  If you’re doing it because you have some expectation of something, it’s not going to work.  You have to move into the place where you do things with no expectation.

Obviously, you can’t live your whole life this way so it just has to be a tiny little segment:  What can I do today, what can I give where there’s no expectation involved and where I stand the chance of changing somebody’s life?  Now, you start to invoke Grace.  I’ll give you an example that happened to me this way where I was at the Conscious Life Expo six months ago.

There was a guy who came by our booth and I looked at him and I could really feel him.  I felt a real connection with him and I could feel that he was oppressed.  Instead of saying “Buy my book.  Come to my lecture.  Come to my workshop”, I just talked to him for a while.  I tried to address his compression in a really caring way and I struck home because he shifted, something shifted him on the spot.  He looked at me and he had all this love in his eyes and he did come to my workshop.  I didn’t have to take that time from the point of view of being at an Expo, taking twenty minutes and talking to somebody was not a good use of time because we spent $1,100 to be at the booth.  Part of it is to sell books; you don’t want it to not work out in a successful way, you don’t want to lose money.

Yet I took that time, then two weeks later the guy called me back and said, “Wynn, there is somebody I want to introduce you to who I think might help your work.”  He made an introduction and something may happen on that.  The point is, it was the good nature of me; I didn’t talk to him because I wanted him to introduce me to somebody.  I really cared, and then because of that he reached back and said,“I want to introduce you to someone” and it’s a free flow of really good energy, not like somebody wants to get involved and make money from me or me to use them to make money from them.  It’s a building connection.  That’s one example, so there was an innocence that started it on my part, just to share something of value with this person.

I’m doing all this talking; I’m going to stop for a moment.  It’s 7:36.  Terry, are you there?

Terry:  Yes.

Wynn:  I know you have worked through a lot of stuff this lifetime, and stuff that we could call karma.  It’s 7:37; we don’t have a lot of time to do a channeling but I think this human side of things is really important.  Maybe we’ll take a few minutes if you want to – do you want to share something on this?  Does something come to mind to share?  Share how you transformed some of your patterns from the past, and I know you have.  I’ve seen you transform a lot of stuff just around the work we’re doing in the last few years.  Maybe go ahead and share something that comes to mind.

Terry:  Okay. I have had certain patterns that I know I’ve had over certain lifetimes and it’s like in some ways being a broken transformer box.  It wasn’t just one thing that was bothering me; it was a whole multitude of things.  I started out looking back over my past lifetimes and seeing incidents that were brought forward.

One of the major incidents was my last life that it seems like how a person dies - is kind of important.  If it’s really sudden, there’s no transition and so you get situations where a person dies suddenly maybe in a car wreck or something and you see the ghost of the person standing on the side of the road hitching a ride and maybe getting in the car, somebody gives the ghost a ride and they sit in the back seat and say “You know I had a wreck.”  Then, the guy turns around and looks at the person and they’re gone because there’s no transition and so everything keeps going forward.

That happened to me because in my last life I was murdered by my husband’s girlfriend.  I didn’t even know what was going on.  He brought her home one day and suddenly I found myself dead and I became a ghost.  I was walking around everywhere and talking to the mailman saying hello to the mailman and he never answered.  I got kind of uncommunicative, like what’s the use of saying ‘hello’ or talking to anybody because they didn’t even answer? 

They had thrown me in the ocean [and eventually] the body broke into parts and then I felt released.

I went spiritually to New York and I was kind of used to operating as a ghost so I observed this very patient, beautiful woman drawing beautiful pictures, artistic demonstrations for a magazine.  I just thought, “This is so beautiful.”  I have an artistic bent, so I hung around her.  I got born to be her girl.  I was outgoing and cheerful and communicative and everything until I was about six, and then I got placed in a foster home.  My parents told me that I could come home for my birthday.  I was very happy about that, I was just ecstatic.  They said they were going to invite all my little friends over, my little cousins.

I went to the party and I made a mistake – I spilled – my mother gave me some ginger ale, little cups to take to everybody and I managed to spill it on my dress and tipped them all over.  My mother began yelling at me that I had ruined everything, and I got so upset.  I just said, “No I hadn’t ruined everything and the dress would dry.”  So I went into a room by myself and I kept trying to dry the dress.

Meanwhile, the whole party went by and I didn’t even attend or talk to anybody.  Then at the end of the party, my mother said, “Okay, we’re taking you back to the foster home.”  So I had this fury; this was my big deal, this was my party.  I had all this anger and so I felt like I wasn’t worthwhile because she yelled at me in front of everybody.  It’s like an incident, and I think a lot of people have some incident in their life where things start to screw up.  They get an idea like I got the idea that wasn’t worthwhile, because she was yelling at me that I always ruined everything.  [And] I was very impressionable during this time.

Wynn:  We have about seven minutes left.  Let’s bring them in and see their take on what the fastest way to deal with what’s called karma or anything they want to add that’s really helpful to this topic.

Terry:  I’ll take two sentences and finish the story.

Then I had a lot of anger and I didn’t know why.  So the process was observing myself and seeing like when I spilled something what my reactions were.  Gradually I sorted the whole incident out so it wasn’t affecting me, but it took quite a while.  Observation is really important. 

Wynn:  Observation and grace are the two ways that I see of transcending your karmic track.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and that any negativity to the higher realms and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the planets, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now we invoke a blending of our energies, all our consciousnesses while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, operating in the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.  We await the greeting from our source.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is the 24th of January 2011 on planet earth and we greet each and every one of you with warm feelings in this cold, clipper express climate of the United States and England and Germany and other countries.  We send warmth and love to you in this winter-time.  Do you have questions?

Wynn:  We were talking about the karma about how to lift yourself above old karma and how to not create new karma.  Why don’t you just address that topic in any way you think would be most beneficial for those people who are listening?  We have about four and a half minutes; sorry to give you such a small area but we can continue this later if it would be worthy.  Thank you.

Ra’An:  Thank you.  Each individual connects with a hologramic view to their lifetime and move within their hologramic connections.  Within the hologram and the moving through the one lifetime, there enter factors which affect the individual’s belief patterns.  One of them is whether the individual is worthy or not and when they run into questions of the parents or the person or people raising the child that might be just an off-hand comment by one of the parents, this can then affect the belief pattern of the child.

When the individual feels feelings of inferiority or not worthwhileness they can, at that moment, observe and see what the connection with earlier incidents in that lifetime are that may have influenced this belief.  The pictures or the sounds, the sensations – what are they when one is experiencing that.  Realize that whatever comes in, it is part of a past incident or trauma.  It can be this life or it can be an earlier life that has been impressed upon the individual and it is not truly the person’s identity or it is not correct in that the person is a beautiful child of all that is, a child of God - and is worthy of love no matter what has happened.  All of these distortions that have been brought into the hologramic field can be observed, and one by one cleared so that with each thing that is cleared the individual may move more into his own center, his own control center.  If a person feels that they are not worthy or not worthwhile, then they will have trouble with control because they don’t feel that they should have control and they’re placed under the control of other people.  So some individuals use degrading comments in order to get control and to take the energy.

Those are our comments in this area.

Wynn:  Thank you.  I have a lot of questions that I could ask, but the question that we don’t have time for is:  When a person starts to – I’ll just mention this myself – clear these patterns oftentimes they surface and they make the person feel worse for a while instead of better which is called the Dark Night of the Soul.  When you really choose to face all this, most people will have to go through a period that may be not pleasant.  Then they avoid going through this and they just keep repeating the pattern.  I don’t have time to have an answer for that.  Excuse me for not giving much time and I think we will table this conversation for a future Monday night where we can continue the idea of how to clear your karma and how to not create new karma.

We have thirty seconds; would you like to say goodbye before we end the show?

Ra’An:  We are with you and we are available to you, and we send our energy heart-felt love to each and every one of you.  Adonai

Wynn:  Thank you so much; I thank everyone for listening tonight.  Wednesday night we have our question and answer session so feel free to ask a question,

We’ll see you next time.  Thanks for participating.

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