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                                                                                  February 2, 2011 with the Ra'An



This is Wednesday, February 2, 2011. My name is Wynn Free and this is the call where people submit questions and we ask them. The source that talks to us say that they can project love-light energy to each person on the call. Over the time we have done the call I have felt the energies and many of you on the calls have felt the same things. We will stop at 7 and not go overtime so if we don't get to your call we will keep it on the cue.


(Wynn calls in the light)


The Source that speaks to us is a conglomerate of two group souls which have been part of the contribution of the spiritual evolution throughout history or so they say and I think it's true. So we await their greeting.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is February 2, 2011 and we play our energies over the planet and we see a cold area over a part of Canada and the US and over other areas we look at the oceans and we see it is indeed winter in the northern hemisphere. We look at Africa and we look at Australia and we send greetings and love-light and support to individuals that have been in the flooded area. We are mindful of everyone on the call tonight and send you our love-light and are here to answer any questions. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes.

This is a question from a fellow who asks what is the best way to open our hearts fifty-one percent, and the best means to teach/share with those brothers and sisters who are not awake yet in a manner that they would listen and understand the great importance and meaning of opening their hearts. I want to be able to awaken as many beings from their dream as possible, as fast as possible and all of a sudden in this lifetime and to make it as effortless and easy for everyone in divine ways. What would be the best way or ways to do that?


Ra'An: Thank you for your dear question. In your realm time is different; it is slower than in the upper realms or the realm where we reside. We know that individuals who are in the 3rd density have trouble in very many instances, if not all, with the difference between the speed of light and the ability to accomplish things in the 3rd density within the time frame that thoughts would need to be done, and flash to them and telegraph what they would like to achieve. This difference in time creates a difficulty in opening one's heart, because as the thoughts flash by and the patience or the difficulty that is needed to accomplish an act and bring it to completion is such a time differential that the individual becomes frustrated and sometimes angry and does not allow within the 3rd density, the time to patiently work through and finish the job. This sometimes leads to not taking enough time and care with one's own friends and relatives and providing activities of love and sharing and communication and openness. As one seeks to accomplish and serve the survival tasks of the day that are necessary, and this is now aggravated by the economic situation which is affecting most of the world. One can observe this differential and be patience with their accomplishments and attempt to slow down and to keep up with their body and their ability and time frame to accomplish things. To send patience and love to themselves, in that, they are doing the best that they can, and to slow down, to make time for the important things of contacting and communicating and doing little things for others around them, that they may make heartfelt contact. When one is able to give and receive, they can experience a satisfaction that is treasured, that one has taken the time to be with them and to communicate with them. Another thing is, when people are in the process of preparing to leave this realm, to take time with those people to ground them and let them know that they are cared for and how much you care. To express this care for them, to communicate. If you become angry to communicate about it so that you do not hold it within your throat chakra and in your heart and if you can communicate it, then it can clear and become part of the past. Move with the times. Be in the present time and allow the time it takes to complete tasks with your soul body and with your soul dimension. You are a being of more rapidity and so be patience with yourself in your accomplishments and be patient with yourself and know that we love you.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question from Nancy Jones, which is something has been covered in the past and maybe I will take the first stab at an answer here and see if there is anything left or anything to correct in what I say. The question is: What is DNA activation and why do I need it? Well this is Wynn's answer from a lot of channelings. DNA is the blueprint that's in your body for your connection with higher dimensions and there are 12 strands of DNA and as those 12 strands open up it opens you up to the higher dimensions holographically. This doesn't mean you see them but you get a muli-dimensional awareness, you sense them. The way the strands of DNA open up is connected with you personally opening up your chakras to allow energy to come in. The in-streaming energy that you take in starts to open a strand of DNA and when it holds it's openness then you can anchor that into your own space. It's like the reason why people stay around Gurus as that was one of the past models of spiritual evolution, was because that Guru, if he was authentic and legitimate would be able to hold the energy in his space of unconditional love which is the energy of the heart and by being in his space of unconditional love and letting that energy move through you, over a period of time will open up your 4th strand which corresponds to the 4th chakra. That is my quick model of how that works, now one of the things that I believe is happening on these calls is that we are all in that stream of energy on these calls and those that keep coming back can have more of an opportunity to open up their higher chakras by being on these calls. It's one way of doing it, but there are lots. There are all kinds of spiritual people who talk about DNA activation and that's how I have learned how it works and I will turn it over to our sources and see if they have an additional answers.


Ra'An: Thank you for your very succinct answer. We also indicate that as the individual operates within the 3rd density, there are certain withholding frequencies where an individual based upon past trauma or past incidents, shuts down in certain areas and does not vibrate in certain areas and this can be reflected in the tones of their voice, wherein their voice does not resonate within certain tones. It can be reflected in the vibration clear through their body including the vibration within their DNA strands and the operation of their chakras wherein those areas are operating at a deficient level or lacking frequency. That is why working with the singing bowls which can produce certain frequencies which can help activate missing frequencies within the individual. That is why certain individuals like certain music or don't like certain music because that certain music can resonate them or it may be in areas that are shut down and cause them difficulty in experiencing that range. When one can be open to the in-streaming energies from the center of the galaxy and the energies moving through the solar system, having come from distant parts of the galaxy can resonate the strands of the DNA and can activate them, assuming that the individual is not holding back and trying not to vibrate at certain frequencies. By opening the heart, one can begin to open frequencies that are missing or are deficient or are playing at a lesser volume and can again be able to become communicative and thus become more free in their heart and as such they are open to the higher frequencies moving up through the crown chakra and the kundalini and transmitting these energies and making them able to see the higher frequencies and the portal that one can move through to ascend. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

On Monday we talked quite a bit about John Sanborne and his transition from this realm and my question was, at the place where John's frequencies or matrix is now, is John aware of us now?


Ra'An: Yes, John in aware of you in this realm and as the window opened to view you was totally and completely aware of everything going on and the frequencies and the connections. He is in the area of life review where he is being debriefed and integrated into life at the higher frequencies and is excited about the new movement in his life and with the connection with people who had disappeared from his life in the past time. Yes, he is aware, however, he is busy with activities at this time and so he does not focus upon the 3rd density realm or his previous life as he is moving into the future in the now in the upper level where he is now and he is very connected and connecting further with that realm which is filling what had been a big hole in his life.


Wynn: Thank you.

Alright, next question. This is from Roland in Quebec. Again this is the answer I know the answer to so I will give my answer and it is. You said that Ra were the gods of our past, especially in Egypt and what did you look like at the time, why were you taken for gods and how did you encourage the natives to believe so?


So what I understand, and this is directly from the Ra Material, where they said they took on bodies, but I think they were light bodies, they were not born into this realm and they were working with a past life of Edgar Cayce, Ra-ta. They were attempting to help transform this realm by direct physical intervention and doing miracles of healing and they were blond and blue-eyed and they built the Pyramid as a healing ascension chamber at that time and their take on that, from the Carla Ruckert readings was, that that was not a good way to contribute to this realm because the darker priests took what was contributed for self serving power and in that life time of Ra-ta there was the beginning of what some people refer to as the negative secret societies and today is known as the Illuminati and it began at that time when the Ra Group intervened. The gods of Egypt were not, as far as I know, the Ra Group. There were lower level god forms that were vying for power and they were individuals who either manifested or were channeled and were part of the negative of Egypt that started with Ra-ta and then Ankhnaton tried to correct that and then that didn't work and so it's continued to the present time. That is my knowledge of that and I will turn it over to our Sources to correct or add to what might be important to share.


Ra'An: Thank you.

This is Ra'An and we bring forth an individual who was there at the time. He speaks now. I am from the Ra Group. I was there at the time. I manifested in the physical by condensing and manifesting my energies into body form. It was a heavy feeling but a good connection feeling to manifest my energies and to walk around among the people. The manifesting of the energies was startling to some people and there was more than one of us that manifested our energies. We commanded a lot of attention. We have blond hair and blue eyes and light skin and we were more apparent in the area of the head and the heart and the chest than in other areas. We were somewhat less dense than others and so we were seen, to some degree, more like mists that have come together in a solid. We were proud at our appearance and the attention that we commanded as we looked difference than other individuals. We offered our assistance and others met with us, and priests met with us, and we shared our secrets of manifestation and they wrote them down and they made secret societies at that time and took this knowledge, as they felt to guard the knowledge and felt that the common man would not be able to deal with the knowledge. They would write it down and study it and they would then become the holders and conveyors of this information. We were very happy to share our secrets with these individuals and we see that it did not work as the individuals took the information for themselves and did not properly share it with society as we who are more, you might say, caring and loving, did not see the possibility that they would not share it and that they would greedily keep it for themselves and they would become the self generators of the knowledge as if they were very important for having the knowledge and they made themselves important by being superior to others and holding it above the others, and this is not what we intended. Therefore part of us stays here to undo the wrongs that we have started and misjudged the keepers of the knowledge. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you. When you were manifesting were you able to go back and forth? Was is a kind of energy body? Once you manifested it, did you have to stay in this realm and have to eat and sleep?


Ra'An: No, we could go back and forth. We learned to manifest the body and to appear but yet to de-manifest and then we could go back to our place with, as John Sanborne would say, the sky people, our place within the Ra Group. We then could meet and the ones that had manifested within the Egypt 3rd density could meet and be debriefed by the Keepers of the Light and we could then be instructed on how the next intersection with the realm could take place and could progress and so we went back and forth.


Wynn: When you were in the physical part, were you able to create words. Could you do miraculous healings on people because of the way you were interfaced here?


Ra'An: Yes we could. It took a tremendous effort just to manifest our mist energy bodies. It took a tremendous amount of energy to do that, however, we were able, to then use our knowledge of levitation and other things to manifest things with us and the people around us that people were amazed about. The priests wished us not to do this for the public but instead to write down the knowledge of these things and keep it a secret because they felt that the public was not ready for these secrets.


Wynn: And of course by being the keepers of the secrets, they could empower themselves and make people need them.


Ra'An: That is correct. They could command great attention from the individuals as it is nothing like to know something and make a paranormal effect that will attract individuals who also wish to do the same and break free from the realm.


Wynn: Were you involved in the building of the pyramids and perhaps share something about that, that we wouldn't know from history?


Ra'An: There is a talking to the stones; a command of matter, wherein the stones move with and re-form in the manner you call for. We would have control of the surroundings in a 360 degree area. We would work with mathematics to bring coordinates in for re-formation of the stone and with total perfect affinity instruct the stone how to move and reorganize within the coordinates. It was a miraculous joy.


Wynn: Wow. I think on some Monday night, if it feels appropriate. I would like to focus on asking about that period and I think that would be a very special thing. I am really honored that you choose to come forward.


Ra'An: We are honored that we have found a group that is able to share with the public in the individuals are allowing the joy to ring forth information and to share without violating the made up rules of some.


Wynn: If we want to call you on some Monday night, is there a way to address you?


Ra'An: You may address us as you have tonight through Ra'An, as we work with Ra'An. We are a division of the Ra Group and we were called in to speak tonight as we are part of the Ra Group which is available to you, as the Ra Group, and the Ra'An Group is a manifestation which is a translation in your terms like a switch station that can bring in areas of All That Is, that you, we, us, our wishing, and the people on the line are wishing to access.


Wynn: Thank you so much and we will definitely on a Monday night and bring this section of the Ra Group in and talk about the Egyptian epoch and just reveal it publicly. Thanks so much for coming in.


Ra'An: You are very welcome. We are honored. We are nervous that the situation in Egypt did not turn out right and we work together with you as we can use discernment for how to share information that went so wrong before.


Wynn: Thank you. We are running over and I promised Terry we wouldn't. I am just going to ask this one last question and than you Roland for asking that question. That was a special thing that happened just now and thank you for provoking it.


This is from Dee in Missouri. She asks: I read from one of the transcriptions that we are to make our own way, and if it does not produce results try something new. I have been trying new things for years. Currently I am an insurance agent, a real estate broker, own a small retail herb shop and trying my hand at network marketing. I have always been like this but nothing seems to produce very well no matter how hard I work at anything. The only thing I do that brings me great joy is teaching people about the light, doing intuitive readings and being a support system for people and their problems. I am also very creative. I do not care about being rich but I would like to find an area so I can pay my bills. My question is, does Ra'An see me concentrating in one of these areas to the point of helping people and making a living? My husband is very ill and you know and I need to know I can take care of us, as well as me, someday financially. Thanks for asking my question and thanks to the Ra and Elohim for watching over me.


Ra'An: Thank you for your question and we send light and love to you and your husband. We will take this under advisement as we scan the area. You are a warm and caring person and we will take this under advisement. You can start with what your passion is and working with people and doing readings. There are many people who would be overjoyed to be able to share your warm compassion and friendship. We look to see what in this area would bring you finances in the area within which you can contribute with your heartfelt caring the most and still be available for the caring of your husband. We will take this under advisement as there are things no one has done where you could share your compassion and companionship and be available to individuals. We see many older people who are lonesome and need companionship. We look at possibilities in this area of providing companionship and a listening ear and yet which would provide you your much needed financial stability. We see if you can think of areas in which this could provide you with money and at this point we leave this open for brainstorming. Right now this is our answer, at this point. We love you as each and every individual on the line on this cold winter day in much of the country or countries. We send you warmth and caring and love. We leave but we do not leave.


Wynn: Thank you so much and thank you for the being from the Ra Group who came in to share a little bit of the Egyptian experience.

I wanted to just add something to my little bit of a take on Dee's question because this is something I have had to cope with and I've learned something from observing it. That when you are doing spiritual work and you start out charging for it because you have to make money, one of the things about money, is that as soon as somebody pays you for your spiritual work there is a sense of obligation, that's like goes in with the receiving of money. Money says, I gave you this and you owe me that. As soon as there is a feeling of obligation, it moves the work you are doing off the total center of spirit, because now, the obligation wants you to please the person. They are not free to come from the highest source when part of you wants to please someone else, so the need to please becomes a compression in this realm and then the spiritual energy can fade out. This is one of the reasons why it is such a tricky thing to charge for spiritual contribution. On the other hand, we all need a roof over our heads and we all need to eat and to support ourselves. What I have learned from doing the work we are doing now, is that if you do something long enough, people get your intent and if you become important enough to other people, and if you are making a contribution to them, they want you to be around to continue to be around and make that contribution. It goes with just understanding of the human condition that if someone wants you to be around then they do what they can to make sure you do what you can because you become important to them.


So there is a reciprocation that occurs that goes beyond the obligation. It goes into this person is creating value for me and as you keep building on that, the exchange of money or finances becomes at a higher level and does not create obligation. You can still get sucked in to say how do I make more money and just focus on that but you don't have to. Someone may have a whole different approach that works better than mine but you have to prove to yourself that you can do spiritual work without feeling obligated and money makes you feel obligated. Suppose you are a masseuse, that's difference because it's a physical thing but it's an exchange and you can still do an exchange like I am going to be your coach, I am going to counsel you, but the key is to for your own self to rise above the feeling of being obligated so that you give the person what they need instead of what they want. When you are clear and neutral and nothing is controlling you then it comes through and you intuitively know it as opposed to trying to figure it out in your mind. I don't know if that helps but that's some of the stuff I've learned and I think the work we are doing is successful and supported. It's not at that place yet but getting close. There are so many of you who are contributing small amounts like 5 bucks a months it really makes a big difference, not only financially but it makes a difference in knowing that you are finding value in the work we are doing and somehow we are managing to keep going and paying the bills one way or another. I don't like sending those donation things out but I am getting to the place now where the energy the group is holding is beyond making me feel that. All of you who keep coming in on the lines are helping to create this really good energy and the channeling we had tonight from the Ra Group was really special. They can come in and do that because of the energy that all of us are holding so we can tap ourselves on the back for doing that and keeping your own intent pure which makes the whole group energy pure. I want to thank Terry and everyone who is volunteering and lets take a moment and send love to Egypt and Australia and on that note have a great night.






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