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Monday – 02/07/2011

The Death Experience 

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:  This Wynn Free, this is our Monday night conference call.  It is February 7th, 2011. We were just talking with Seth before we got on the air.  He’d made a boo-boo last week.  He played music in the background at the beginning of the call, and we couldn’t get rid of it. 


So it reminded me – here’s a story that I never told you guys.  This was my first mind-blowing synchronicity in my life.  In fact, one day I’m going to do a channeling and I’m going to ask them how did that occur? 


I’m going to tell you this story quickly.  This is an amazing story, and it has to do when I was in college I used to go back to Philadelphia. 


I was going to Berkeley, U. C. Berkeley to be a physics major.  The reason I wanted to be a physics major, and I mentioned this, was that all through high school I was a ham radio operator and I had commercial radio licenses.  Obviously, I was in my Atlantean technological phase, and I would come back to Philadelphia and I would work at TV stations as summer relief.


In those days they didn’t have computers, so everything was manual.  So if somebody took a vacation, they had to hire someone to do their job.  One of the stations was WHYY, and it was an educational radio and TV station.  I was working the radio station and I remember very clearly: I used to be kind of nonchalant and arrogant, and I would be playing things and I would be calling people and chatting and chatting with my friends and doing my job. 


One evening, there was a Gilbert & Sullivan opera and it was on records and there were two turntables.  There was side one on turntable one and side two on turntable two.  I had to fade side one out and fade side two in.  In the meantime, I was on the phone talking to some girl I was trying to impress, and I said, “Turn on your radio, I’ll make it louder” and then I would make it louder at the station, and it would go louder in her house.  I was just having a jolly old time when suddenly there was a phone call from some listener who said the Gilbert & Sullivan opera was out of order.  I looked down, and sure enough I played side three instead of side two.


When you made a mistake you had to write it up and they put it on the board and everybody knew you made a mistake and I got very chewed out for making that mistake which was obviously a mistake of negligence, total negligence, on my part.  So the next week there was another Gilbert & Sullivan opera, and now I was on very high alert to make no mistakes, or it could cost me my job.  Again, it was side one and side two.  I remember looking at side one and then I looked at side two again and then I would look at side one.  It wasn’t playing yet, it was waiting to play, and I remember thinking: “I keep looking because maybe it’ll turn over if I don’t look.”  I was so scared to make a mistake.


So I play side one, and then I go into side two.  There’s a phone call from the very same guy that called the week before and he says, “Hey, they’re out of order” and I said I said “No, they are not.  I have side two on.”  He says, “Hey I’m a Gilbert & Sullivan expert.”  I kept looking at it, it said side two.  He said “Go pull up the script.”  So in the record-thing they had a script.  Sure enough, I was playing side three.  Somehow or another, somehow or another, the second week they mixed up the radio labels!  The labels on the thing.  Side two was really side three.  Can you imagine in all my life I have never, ever run into a mixed-up record label.  That’s the only time, and it was the week after I mixed it up.  So that kept me thinking for a long time, “Was it a coincidence?”   Did I think so hard that it would mix up that I molecularly changed things?  Now, of course, I wasn’t that metaphysical at the time, but that thought definitely occurred to me, because I was thinking so hard that, “They‘re going to mix up, they’re going to revert.”  So that’s one of my radio station stories.


Somebody told me that this life was actually – I was finishing up 27 lifetimes, and obviously one of the them was an Atlantean technological lifetime, another one was a troubadour and all the other things in between.  There’s a scholar, a college student thinking he wanted to be a professor.  That’s what happens when you have a lot of unfinished business, you end up with a busy life. 


Now I think I’ve found my niche – in fact, some of you that have read my material know that I’ve started getting readings, little sentence fragments in my dreams a few years ago and one of the sentence fragments said, “You finally found a job you won’t get tired of.”  So I guess this is my job for the rest of my life. 


We have an interesting call tonight; I’ll stop talking about myself.


Last week we had Terry’s conscious self, her conscious side, not her channeling side, share the experience that she had when she was in the hospital when her friend died, John.  John’s a very evolved guy, very smart and he was a great writer and probably in the territory of Walt Whitman or Robert Frost and that kind of persona – kind of a little crotchety but wise. 


Terry thinks he might have been Socrates in one of his previous lifetimes.  When I read the story of Socrates I saw a lot of parallels to John, very close parallels, because John was very unusual.  He didn’t want things that normal people wanted, he lived alone.  He was 88 years old, he would hang out at the health-food store and he knew all the young people that worked at the health food store.  That was his family; he would go there every day.  That was his joy every day to hang out in the health food store.   Then when Terry moved into town he would talk to Terry at least an hour a day, she would go visit him and they were like really good friends. 


So when he died, it was an unusual death because he was fairly healthy at 88 and he crashed into a building, a building on the complex where he lived, broke all his ribs.  They took him to Flagstaff, which is about thirty miles away.  First they thought he was going to live.  Then, he stated slipping away – his lungs started filling with liquid and finally Terry was there, she slept there.  She was holding his hand and at the moment he passed she had an amazing experience, something that she had never experienced before.  Terry, why don’t you share what happened just so that people that didn’t listen last week will know what happened… but, don’t go too long because we want to get into the question session.


Terry:  Well, the staff of the hospital was there taking very good care of him and John’s daughter was there, Jane.  I was there and the first day– like he was critical when he was brought in, but then he stabilized and they thought he was going to survive.  However, the second day when I went back, Jane told me that he wasn’t going to survive. And that there was a process that individuals went through, in the death process, and he was not able to breathe properly because of the broken ribs, so he wasn’t able to expel the carbon dioxide.  It was permeating his organs and his liver and kidneys were failing, and it was just a matter of time before he would pass away.  So they put him in another room with a very beautiful view of snow capped Peaks out the window on the other side of Flagstaff.


I kept thinking he would turn around somehow, but he wasn’t. Then I noticed that he was exterior to his body.  I can see spirits, and I noticed that he was outside of his body and he was looking at Jane and I like we were a couple of aliens in a science experiment that he was doing and observing.  I realized we were talking about him and excluding him from the conversation.  So, I brought him into the conversation, and he went back into his body and was communicative and would answer questions.  He stayed connected with us then, pretty much right up until the end.  Like, just before the end he opened his eyes and I said, “Do you see the mountain?” and he nodded his head “Yes.”


The unusual experience was after he passed, after he stopped breathing Jane asked me, “Do I see any angels?” because I had mentioned earlier that I had seen angels around him.  There was one huge angel that was bigger than John and John’s 6’1”.  So I told John, because I can see spirits [I could see John out of his body], I told him to let the angel show where the portal is to the tunnel of light.  So the angel was showing him, and I was drawing up behind and I wanted him to make it to the other side.  So the angel showed him and he went into the tunnel and I went right in behind him, because I wanted to make sure that he was getting off okay and this light was amazing.  It was propelling me forward and it was moving through me, through my whole spirit, and [it was spinning slowly,] cleaning connections off.


I was talking to John in the tunnel I was saying, “Go find your jazz friends” because he used to go listen to Billie Holliday and I said ,“Go find Billie Holliday.”  He was on PT-boat 77 so I said, “Go find your friends from PT boat 77”, and I said, “Go find Robert Frost”, who had been a friend of his.  He said, this was by telepathy, that he didn’t want to leave me.  He was worried that I wouldn’t be okay if he left. So I told him that he needed to go and break trail for Jane and I and [he] needed to go first.  He said “Was I sure?” and was still worried that I wouldn’t be okay and he was pausing and hesitating in the tunnel of light.  I told him “Yes, I would be okay” and he needed to break trail and go find his friends.  Jane said “Go find the poetry corner” because he was a poet.  So he finally let go, and he went on in the tunnel of light and he was moving.  He was excited about seeing his friends that he missed so much.  I had to, at that point, back out of the tunnel of light because it was starting to disconnect me from my body and then I was getting disoriented because of that.  I was very oriented to the tunnel. 


Wynn:  Terry you missed the best line.


Terry:  Yes, at one point John said, “Come with me.”  I said, “You need to go first and break trail.”  Was that the line?


Wynn:  No, you already said that one.  When you said ,“John, be nice and go with the angel.” 


Terry:  Yeah, I said don’t give the angels any trouble.


Wynn:  John is very gnarly, very obstinate.  Another funny thing that Terry told me is when he saw his vital signs going, dying was a actually a topic of thought for John.  He was concerned about dying, he wasn’t sure what happened when you died.  Now, he is watching himself and he knew his time was up and said, “Oh-oh.”


Terry:  He would come out of his coma and he realized his injuries and he would say ,“Oh-oh.”


Wynn:  Listen, I don’t want to talk any more about it.  I want to talk to our group guys, and I want  [to ask questions.]


Terry:  Can I say just one quick, last thing?  His greatest fear was that there was life after death [because he felt that would mean eternal torture as he was in a lot of pain.]


Wynn:  I see.


Terry:  That was his greatest fear – okay, go ahead.


Wynn:  Yeah.  I’ll tell you another thing, John used to say to me sometimes – how did you get Terry to talk so much?  She never used to talk.  As you can see, when we started doing these shows Terry was very shy.  Now she’s better than me.  In any case, let’s call in the light.  Of course, this is unrehearsed.  We don’t know what we’re going to hear.  Death is a mystery to all of us on this side.  Terry had this interesting experience of this angel and this tunnel of light.  Now we have sources on the other side that can help us understand this process.  That’s a rare experience.  So are you ready, Terry?


Terry:  Okay.


Wynn:  Are you nervous?


Terry:  Um hum.


Wynn:  You’re “okay” was a little tentative.  All right, let’s create a group energy and bring in our positive intent.





Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy, radiating from the center of the galaxy, through the planets, through our bodies and into the center of the earth and right now we invoke a group energy, a blending of our spirits, and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the law of one, operating in the Christed light to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.



 Do we have our sources present?


Ra ‘An:  Yes.  This is Ra’an and we are here for this special moment in time to greet each and every one of you who listens to the call or hears the call later or reads the transcripts and we are here to answer your questions.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Are you okay with the topic we have for tonight?


Ra ‘An:  Yes – you may ask any questions, however we reserve the right not to answer.


Wynn:  Okay.  First off, could you explain a little more about this tunnel of light that Terry was talking about.  Why is there a tunnel of light and does every one perceive that when they die, or is that an option for those people who are graduating to higher dimensions?


Ra ‘An:  This is an option for individuals who are ready and whose heart is open more than 50% that they may perceive this tunnel and move through it and be ready with their open heart to move into their new circumstance.  If they are not open with an open heart more than 50%, and then their attentions are in the areas of the lower chakras, then they will not perceive the tunnel of light unless it is a more unusual circumstance wherein they may be negatively oriented and still able, then to perceive the tunnel of light and to move into it.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Did John end up in that higher dimensional Earth called Terra?  That we’ve talked about a few years ago? 


Ra ‘An:  He moved into the receiving station which is in shared space with heaven and higher dimensions.  We see the area and it is your heavenly area and it is as a switch station, also for individuals that are headed to other places.  It is a half-way station wherein individuals orient.


We give you further information on the tunnel of light.  The tunnel of light, as it is spoken of, is a tunnel shape and it is a vortex wherein light is especially generated to cleanse and purify an individual and to further disconnect him/her from the energies of connection which would trap the individual in the earth plane.  This tunnel of light disconnects the person and transports the person to this higher dimension, which is a way-station for other areas where in the individual may like to go.  It is a de-briefing station, and an area where the individual can rest and can detoxify from the earthly experience and get his/her strength back and get his/her confidence in him/herself back and to be renewed in strength and can greet relatives or wait for relatives to help them “cross-over.”  Then with time and study in the libraries of knowledge they can then move into other areas in which they might wish to establish themselves. 


Wynn:  Now is this the Ra group that is the major helper in this realm?


Ra ‘An:  The Ra group is more loosely formulated to move in and out of the scenarios and to be helpers at roaming and available, on call.  This is more an area of angelic governorship or participation.  It is an angelic realm.


Wynn:  The thought occurred to me that if Terry was not in the hospital, and John was by himself, he may not have gone to this place.  Correct?


Ra ‘An:  :  One of the things that Terry and Jane did for and with John was to express love for him, which opened up his heart to receive and to give love back which opened up his vulnerability to be able to let go of the realm and move through the tunnel of light. 


Wynn:  So whether Terry was there or not he would have gone through it?


Ra ‘An:  Had he opened up his heart he would have gone through it.  There’s some possibility  that if he did not, if he merely left with a cold, hard feeling he may have not transmuted to the other side, but may have stayed in the astral. So Terry and Jane provided a very good service as if someone is dying it is good to be with them and to express love and to keep them current with love that they may move over to the other realm with a loving give and take.


Wynn:  Thank you.  When John went through this tunnel of light, where was he when he came out of it?  Was he around people?  Did it look like not abnormal, did it look like it could have been normal surroundings?


Ra ‘An:  Would you repeat that?


Wynn:  When John went through the tunnel of light where did he arrive?  Did he have a body?


Ra ‘An:  :  He arrived in the receiving station in his energy body with the abilities to think, to move, to be seen, to see and to communicate at a very much higher frequency than he left.  He translated in the tunnel of light to a higher frequency, much as an elevator takes one to a higher floor, the tunnel of light translates one to a higher frequency and spectrum wherein they may view others and may be seen by others who are at that high frequency.  The dense body of the third density is not needed in that density, and the jewel-like light giving off frequencies of the individuals in that realm where one communicates via thought and telepathy as well as verbally.  It all moves together into a shining spiritual body that is able to move with grace and ease and communicate easily with telepathy and thought and also words.


Wynn:  Okay.  When John is experiencing other people from this place he doesn’t really have a physical body nor do the people.  How does the experience of seeing other people translate into not having any physical senses?


Ra ‘An:  There are physical senses in that realm.  There are physical senses – the sense of touch, the sense of moving energies, the sense of motion, movement, the sense of sound –it is just at a much higher frequency. 


We would also, if you like, explain what happens after the receiving station where one is received by friends and relatives and the angelic beings in the realm who are welcoming  individuals there. 


Wynn:  Yes, please. You can explain that.


Ra ‘An:  Yes.  One is, after the welcoming, is wrapped in a cloud, you might call it a cloud, a mist.  A very warm, welcoming, a soft ,cloud-like substance that radiates to the being of warmth and care and friendliness, yet absorbs from the being negativity and harshness, which the individual may have encountered – or trauma vibrations – and gently absorbs those vibrations.  And love flows to the individual as the individual moves into reverie, the individual is allowed to move into a state of remembrance, remembering the individuals, the good times one has had with the individuals of his lifetime on earth and the difficult times and what his/her influence on others has been so one can clearly view what one’s impact has been in the earth realm and then any negativity then is absorbed as the individual is allowed to radiate off negativity and move one into a state to be in harmony and to receive and give love in the heavenly realm. 


Then the next step would be to determine where the individual would like to be, would like to go, would like to find a home or to move into a next phase of growth.  There are positions open that one may seek and be shown.  You may continue.


Wynn:   The angel who came down to work with John, if you want to call it an angel – was that part of the Elohim or the Ra Group, and is that entity’s particular job to assist the people who are dying?


Ra ‘An:  That is correct.  That individual’s particular job is: people are categorized with what angelic being would be the best help for an individual that was passing over, and would best match the spiritual size of - not the individual’s body but his larger body.


Wynn:  So there is a lot of administration going on?


Ra ‘An:  Yes, there is.


Wynn:  Trying to figure out who’s best for that particular individual.


Ra ‘An:  Who would be the best – the best one with the most connection and affinity and the most presence on John’s case ethical and loving person.


Wynn:  Um hum.  In John’s case, would it always be a Ra person, or would it always be an Elohim or could it be either?


Ra ‘An:  This would be an angel within the angelic realm and would John then move into the Ra group, which he would have [as] one of his choices.  Then, he could move into such.  Generally it is negotiated and the Ra group is alerted and the individual him/herself is alerted in the subconscious.  The past track of the individual plays a part and it is all evaluated.


Wynn:  Now I know that it’s probably possible that that individual might choose to take an incarnation on another planet somewhere, even another galaxy.  If that’s possible, then are they kind of briefed and say, “Well, if you go here it will be like this and if you go there it will be like that.”… How is the direction established?


Ra ‘An:  It is a knowingness wherein the individual met had a past life in a foreign galaxy and they have been stranded in this galaxy in a spaceship disaster or crash and then may reincarnate into this plane, but then have this memory of the past and the longing to go back.  It can all be matched up vibrationally, as different planets have different vibrations that other planets do not carry all the frequencies of a certain planet and an individual may yearn to go home to another planet where he has last found solace.


Wynn:  I see.  So in order to get to certain planets in certain galaxies, you need a certain state of evolution.  Suppose somebody said, “I want to incarnate on Andromeda or Arcturus.”


Ra ‘An:  Generally an individual makes a track wherein he feels comfortable and then will move to reconnect with individuals he has connected with previously and is in a growth experience with, and will seek out those that he needs in order to receive his best growth experience.  It takes a real hard-core wanderer to say, “I am going to a totally different place and I’m going to check that out.”


Wynn:  They have to be quite curious, yes?


Ra ‘An:  Yes.


Wynn:  Where John is right now, is he aware of us?


Ra ‘An:  He is aware of us at a level, at a certain level, he is aware and therefore anyone that has known John or anyone that has experienced anything good from the information would just help by sending warm thoughts.  How did the story help you?  Anyone that’s known John, what wonderful experiences have you heard, hearing stories about him or experienced in talking with him or in being with him?  Think of the joys, how he has helped you in any way that he will get that thought, and as he does his cacoon-like adventure with his memories, these thoughts of how he has helped or made or brightened another person’s life, made it better or brightened it will help him in his regaining of his strength and his emotional body.


Wynn:  Thank you.  If someone finds themselves in the predicament where they are dying, what’s their best way to relate to that circumstance?


Ra ‘An:  To look for the tunnel of light, to look for the portal – to ask the angels to come, to think of someone that you love, to think of good times you have had with someone, something that can lighten your spirit and can open your heart.


Wynn:  If you know somebody that’s passing, it’s a really good idea to go to the hospital and spend time with them – yes?


Ra ‘An:   Yes.  To be with them and to track with them, to not ignore that they are there; but even if they have gone exterior, to speak with them as they are there and they are most likely, even if unconscious, hearing everything that you are saying although it does not seem like it.  So include them, send them love. Tell them how much you love them, if you do. This will get them a good send-off.


Wynn:  Um hum.  A loving send-off sounds as if it can make a difference between whether someone graduates or not.  So it’s a big deal.  Am I correct in that?


Ra ‘An:  Yes.  When an individual has had their life violently, suddenly cut short it is harder for them realize. There is no transition and so they see that they are still alive and so they tend to stay in this realm as a ghost.


Wynn:  Um hum.  Now Terry believes she was a ghost for many lifetimes.  Is that true?


Terry:  I was a ghost between my last life and this life, and I was a ghost between the life before and the last life.  I was a ghost.  For several lifetimes I was a ghost in between [lifetimes] and I did not go back to the heavenly realm.  I merely translated and stayed in this realm, and went and chose another body and was born again, although without very much time in between the incarnations.  This was created by lifetimes [where I was killed suddenly], for instance, in the French Revolution where I was a writer and tried to make peace between the King and the peasants and they decided that I needed to have my head chopped off.  I then had a series of lifetimes where between lifetimes I did not translate back to the heavenly realm, I just continued from one life to the next as there was no transition point.


Wynn:  I guess when you’re in between lifetimes; you don’t remember to look for a heavenly realm or a column of light.  Something has to trigger you to notice it.


Terry:  Something that one does not realize when they are suddenly, [killed], their body suddenly dies, and there is no transition and they still feel alive and they’re walking around.  But no one can see them, or not many people can see them or hear them or respond to them and it is a very hard experience which leads to one not saying anything because nobody answers.


Wynn:  You can see ghosts right now, can’t you?  If there’s a spirit walking around?


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Yeah.  You know what?  We have to say goodbye to everybody, its 7:52 p.m. [Mountain time] . Thank you all.


Terry:  I just wanted to clarify that I can see ghosts when one is there.  I don’t see them if they are not there.


Wynn:  If you saw them when they weren’t there, that would be a credibility problem, right?




Wynn:  Your question is: “How do we prove that there is a ghost there?”  Let’s get off and thank everyone for listening tonight.  Keep in mind on our Wednesday call, you can send in questions:   Some of you are going through big issues right now.  Ask questions.  Oftentimes, it’s not the answer to the question, it’s the way they come in and work with you and connect with you energetically.  We’ve gotten a lot of emails from people who have had that experience.  Being given the opportunity to ask a question is not trivial.  Thank you Terry, thank everyone who is participating and helping us out.  We’ll see you all next time.







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