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                                                                 Ra'An for Wednesday, February 9,2011



This is Wednesday, February 9th and is our call where we ask questions that you all have submitted to our sources. If you are one of the people who is listening to this call and never asked a question, even if you think it's a stupid question, you'd be surprised how many of us have stupid questions no one is asking. I hate to use the word stupid but sometimes the most simple questions have keys to the answer that can trigger a whole bunch of growth for you. Also, by the nature of asking a question, and they have said this, especially if it's a personal question, it causes them to move into your space and look at you. If you are feeling comfortable with our sources, that's a really great thing, because some intelligence is going to look at you, that is aware of things that no one on this planet could have that awareness. We had a dialogue some time ago about this, and I asked. When you answer a question and look at a person does that make a personal connection with that person? They said, it leaves an energetic track which a person can go back on and it helps make the connection. Because there is free will they don't stay in your space. You have to keep asking, but once there is a track there is an easier way of reaching back.

Let me get our questions ready for tonight.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Do we have our sources present?


Ra'An: Yes. We are with you, this day of February 9th, 2011, planet earth. We beam in from the higher realms. This is Ra'An. We send love-light to each and every person on the line. It brings us joy to see such kind of life and each individual living and aware and reaching out in the third density. We are aware of each and every one of you and send you love and we are available to bring whatever information or answers to you and we caution you, that if the answer does not resonate with you, discard it as it is not for you then at this time. Also when we bring answers, they are answers to the specific question, for the specific individual so if an answer or part of an answer resonates with you, take it for your growth or whatever growth you can get from it or information, however if it does not resonate with you, don't worry about it, as it is not meant for you, and it may have no bearing upon your situation at that time. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. This is from Edna. If you recall, Edna had been separated from her husband and she had a reading and ended up moving to Seattle and it's helped her relationship. She needed to get a job there and she got one and is not comfortable with the new job. She says: I am getting too much stress and I'm afraid I will get sick. It doesn't feel right. How should I evaluate my options?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. We send you love and we take a look around at the stress within your job and people are off center in the area of your job and they are pulling upon you as you are more centered. This is pulling you off center. Within your own heart and self, maintain and establish your center and ground yourself to things around you that can bring you stability without being pulled off center by those individuals who are off centered themselves and seeking to hold onto something. As you move through your daily chores, keep your own center and realize that it is a tremendous area for growth to maintain your own center and allow them to be off kilter. Make a shield for protection of your own integrity and your own loyalty and do the best you can each day and let it go when you leave and re-establish your ground. When you maintain your center, also maintain your motion. Your motion within your own framework towards something that you like to do. There are aspects that you like. Look at those aspects and take solace in your ability to accomplish them and use them for motion within your own growth to then propel you into something more that would be more give and take and value for being around you and a job that does not pull you off center. We are reminded in looking at Terry's past work history of a job where the owner of the business was holding Terry very off center and had decided that Terry had so many psychic abilities that she indeed must be a witch. So one day he fired her and three days later he called her back and begged her to come back. She said she didn't want to, however she felt sorry for him and as he begged, she agreed to come back so she came back and as she sat there in the office within the first few weeks a gentlemen came in the door and said. I am looking for someone to give a job to and do you know of anybody that would like to apply. So Terry applied and it was a wonderful job and she was able to move into the new position. This is something wherein you can ask for synchronicities to propel out of the situation you are in and provide you with a better framework for your job; your daily connection. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you. That is a great answer. This is a question from Suzanne in Columbus, Ohio and it's a really good question and there is something I had read that I want to add to the question, but let me ask her question as it stands.

After a person dies here on earth, will they have a harder time reincarnating if they do not believe in such a concept at the time of death, in other words does the state of mind or the belief system of an individual determine how they spend their existence in the afterlife? For example, if they believe that the afterlife is a giant church with choirs singing, is that what they will find when they leave this realm?


Ra'An: Wynn, did you wish to comment before we answer?


Wynn: Why don't you answer her question as it stands and I will ask a question afterward.


Ra'An: Very good. We picture from individuals who pass over and expecting choirs and singing. There are probably many concepts for individuals passing over that vary from individual to individual. What an individual expects does hook that individual up with synchronicities, particularly at the time of death, that propel them into situations that are attempting to match their expectations, however there is the reality in the crossing over that matches the situation of passing over and a number of things that are are available to them. So in the passing there are many expectations. If a person has a truly open heart, then they can not only have their own idea of what will happen but they can also be open to situations available to them in the passing and they can receive the love of the angels and they can receive the love and give the love from their open heart that will match them up to a truly beautiful passing and a connection and openness towards relatives and friends that are reaching out to them in the angelic realm which can help them pass through in a phrase that may be a cliche the pearly gates which are the portals to the higher realms and to be received with love and to receive the healing that is available to them to heal them from their earthly traumas. When an individual has a closed heart and is not open for receiving of the love available to them, then they may keep within their mental framework and miss the opportunity and stay in the realm still attempting to move through the situation that they were in at their death. For instance, if they were a land owner and their attention was on collecting the rent and working within the complex that they owned. They may miss the opportunity of the love available to them and keep in the realm and become a ghost attempting to continue in this realm. This becomes difficult as people do not see them any longer and people do not answer when they speak and they do not translate to the higher realm where people can love them, people can hear them, people can respond to them and give them what is needed for their healing and their rebirth into their new situation in the higher realm. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you. So what I was getting is was, if your heart is open and you have belief patterns that are skewed,when you die, those belief patterns are not going to impact you that much because the open heart will keep you in the flow of motion so when something comes to you, you will respond with your open heart and not your belief systems. Is that kind of a simplification?


Ra'An: When your heart is open you can be available for the help of the angels and of your departed relatives and friends that can show you the portal to the higher realms and as you move through the tunnel of light, you are intercepted by light healing energy that helps to diffuse stress and helps you relax and once on the other side you are welcomed and you are placed in a healing energy that you can de-stimulate and you can become strong and you can know your own worth and you can resume as a vital energy being that is able to give and take and feel valued and loved and surrounded by what you need to progress in your growth in the hereafter.


Wynn: When a person is in that state of having an open heart but they have belief patterns, will there be, I don't know if verbal is the right word, but communication of some sort that helps the person to release the belief patterns?


Ra'An: There is within the tunnel of light, a diffusing energy which translates the individual to a higher frequency; a higher spectrum of viewing, that allow time to move faster on the other side and having disconnected from their body and the earthy realm, they become more free and discerning and more mobile and more open to love and communication as they have left the slower moving aspects of the earth realm behind.


Wynn: So their experience that they are having supercedes their belief patterns and they move with the experience because it feels loving.


Ra'An: Yes


Wynn: Ok, I understand. Now, I had read from another channeled source that on the other side, there is a huge amount of people who are stuck in the astral and they can't release themselves because in their belief patterns they were waiting for Jesus and they don't trust anything unless it looks like Jesus. Is that true?


Ra'An: Yes, there are a great number of people who are stuck in the astral not just because they are waiting for Jesus but for all sorts of reasons. They miss the ante-way to the higher realms in their monaural view; their linear view of All That Is and although the opportunity to move to the higher realms may have been right there before them, as is it for everyone that passes, they have chosen to pursue their belief and to dictate the outcome and the outcome in these cases, is that as they have chosen to stay with the parameters they were working in, they stay in those parameters and still move in the astral demanding the outcome that they believe will be there or they have an unfulfilled goal within the third density and they are demanding that they do not give it up for even an instant until it is fulfilled and completed and they hang in suspension as there are other factors they need to take into account to propel them into the fulfillment that they really seek.


Wynn: Thank you.

Alright, we have a couple of questions about Egypt. We had a very unusual thing happen last week when we had one of the members of the Ra Group come forth and answered a question and was sharing with us, how he had been one of those beings who manifested in physical presence in 3D while he was still operating in the higher realms. For those of you who have read the Ra Material, the Ra Material through Carla Ruckert indicates that somewhere around 10,000 B.C., there was a great attempt by the Ra Group to create a new template of loving energy that would infiltrate and change the planet and of course indications were that they had worked with a previous lifetime of Edgar Cayce as Ra-Ta. That particular intervention didn't work well because the priests of that time took the information of manifestation and working with the higher realms as a way to gain power over others instead of allowing others to just evolve and so they made this knowledge secret. Although this was not said in the Ruckert material, I, in my own intuitions came to the conclusion that it was this particular intervention that ended up becoming in today's world the foundation of the secret societies; the negative elite, who are still attempting to control people through occult knowledge. The big clue to that is how they all use Egyptian symbols in their rituals and sometimes even referring to Ra. This is a very careful thing because since that happened one time the predisposition for that can happen now. It would be as if, the people listening to this call could start feeling superior other people, that they could control people and that they learned how to use these energies for control instead of upliftment on a planetary level. I will ask this question. If our individual wants to answer then we will honor that or if not then we will accept the answer from Ra'An. First thing is, is my description fairly accurate in the way things transpired?


Ra'An: Yes. There is great shyness in speaking about this as it reveals an error in thinking in that making information available such as what was made available was conveying of feeling, not only of love and desire to help, but of feeling proud of dispensing and in the operation of the mechanics of appearing from the other realm in a physical form which has physical satisfaction and a pride that lacked connection with the individuals of the whole, in that the connection was so far removed from the reality of the general man that they had wonder and they had worship without much connection and they felt disconnected from us that appeared because of the difference in abilities and there was a pride that lacked true connection with the people. The individuals who took advantage of the situation and wished these powers for themselves were very bright and clever and perceptive and wished the information and we showed it partly in a manner of feeling superior, however we did wish to bring them up to speed so they would work with the common man in the common man's own speed and time and we trusted them. However we see now that the connection must be with individuals at the level that they can comprehend and benefit by. Therefore, the individual that spoke previously, is after speaking still reconciling what has happened and to bring in his own consciousness and karma up to speed and how he can make reparations and how he can help for the debilitating situation as the individual Ra-ta and the individuals that were brought in on the situation, did not hold, at the time, the honor as Ra-ta is now working to bring reparations and to help society to move over into a better life and we hope and back that. The individuals who have let the integrity down and took the information for their own benefit will realize that their errors has separated them further from All That Is, and has separated mankind further from connection of All That Is. That is our answer.


Wynn: So, the next question has to do with the Sphinx. We understand that the pyramids were to be designed to be healing and initiation chambers and were designed to focus, as my book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce calls, torrid wave radiation, or spiritual energy or holy spirit; that energy that moves through the galaxies that we call on at the beginning of our invocation that was a focusing device for that, that people could go into and experience shifts in their DNA and perhaps even preparation for ascension. Is that accurate, what I am saying?


Ra'An: Yes, that is very accurate.


Wynn: The question is, how about the Sphinx? Was the Sphinx part of that. Who build the Sphinx, why was it build, when was it built if that is ok for use to know that.


Ra'An: The Sphinx was a marker to mark a library of information that is meant to preserve items for future mankind and also to act as a other dimensional marker to point out where information is kept. This information is part inter-dimensional. That is a holding area for individuals. It is not individual entities as it is a marker for a beacon leading to inter-dimensional information that is radiating and pulsating as a beacon for other societies in other dimensions which has fallen into disuse although it is still there.


Wynn: Is that underneath the Sphinx?


Ra'An: It is under one of the paws of the Sphinx.


Wynn: Would that be valuable for that to be uncovered now or would the information still be reserved for the elite?


Ra'An: It would still be reserved for the elite, but it is doubtful that they would understand what they have found.


Wynn: Thank you.

I think that is it for tonight and do you have any closing words for us?


Ra'An: We thank you for this opportunity to be with you and we thank Terry for the opportunity of using her body to speak. We say that sometimes it is hard to speak within your terms as we are very mathematically oriented and it is a great opportunity that brings us joy to speak with you in concepts and have them translated into your language. It is such an honor to make this connection, here is a word we do not know how to express in your language, how joyous or beautiful or wonderful we feel to make this connection with each and every individual who hears us on the line or reads the transcript. We give our utmost thanks for each one of you.



Wynn: Thank you. I thank everyone also who is supporting this to bring this kind of communication forward. I will stop the recording. Bless you.







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