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Monday – 02/14/2011

Positive and Negative Aspects of the Internet 

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien



Wynn:  This is Valentine’s Day, Monday February 14th, [2011] and it is a simulcast between a conference call and an internet broadcast system.  This call is one of the first calls we ever did, and it evolved fairly slowly. It started out as a conference call; and when we decided to try it – the thing about this call that we were learning when we were doing it as a conference call is that we could actually make connections with higher dimensions while we were on the call.  Some people noticed it, and some people didn’t and some people noticed it after a couple of months.  There was an energy that could be felt on the line and of course, we’re channeling and we’re talking to sources and they said that energy was them and that they could project into this realm but they needed, the way they described it, receivers – they needed people that were able to tune to their frequency.  So we started tuning to their frequency.


It started out with just myself and Terry or myself and Daphne and we were talking to them.  When I say tuning to a frequency, that may sound a little mysterious the first time you hear it.  Everyone knows what it means to be on a radio.  Everyone knows – say for example when your son comes home or your husband comes home – you suddenly feel differently.  At that moment, you are tuning to their frequency.  That’s what it means.  Not such a big, unusual thing, except that tuning to the frequency of an intelligence that’s outside of this realm is harder.


Gjis:  Wynn, will you please put a little distance on the microphone?


Wynn:  You know my headset was not working right – thank you.  That’s my producer, Gjis, making sure I do everything right.  Thank you, Gjis.


On this call, just by the nature of them talking to us, their frequency is on the call.  You may notice when they’re on the call that it feels like you’re with old friends.  It’s not me, it’s not the people on the call on the one hand.  On the other hand, it is me and it is the people on the call because it’s all one.  So, when you start tuning into the energy of the oneness, then your life starts to change because everything you see, do, and run across – is an expression of yourself, part of yourself.  That’s when the magic happens.


You can’t get there by thinking it or acting it.  It’s got to be a flow; but one of the things we’re doing is we’re setting up a reference point on these calls.  You can take it as your own experiment.  See if you listen for a couple of months if something in you shifts, if you start to tune into the frequency of oneness.  It’s not entertainment; it’s like a slow-burn, it’s like a shift in your own dimensional awareness.  It’s hard to make someone understand it until they experience it.


All I can say is that many people who have been on this call have emailed me and said they felt it.  I know I can feel it, I can feel when the energy starts to come in.  Did you notice right then, some of your noticed – there’s a slight shift in energy?  Usually I can tell if the energy comes in when I stop talking and the energy continues.  Right at the beginning of the show if I stopped talking it would have felt empty, awkward.  If I stop talking now - feel the space.  Now in that space there are a multitude of things going on.  We don’t really perceive all of it except in the space. 


Terry, are you on the line I hope?  Uh-oh.


Terry:  Yes I’m on the line.  I am on the line.  I was on mute.


Wynn:  Okay when you don’t answer I think, “Uh-oh.”


Terry:  Give me a minute – usually I like to stay on mute while I’m sitting in the car.


Wynn:  Okay.  The archives of these shows are pretty amazing.  Those of you who have been listening, all the archives are available in BBS but they’re not very well labeled.  Last week’s show was particularly interesting, because we talked about what happens when you die.  That’s something that everyone should have some interest in because it’s all going to be part of our experience in this realm.  If you’re talking to a source that you can trust you might get some insight scoop on what to do when your body drops.  That was last week and the week before--two calls on dying. 


I picked a topic this week, which I thought was an interesting topic, and it has to do with the internet.


We are all in a position of making connections or trying to make connections, or trying to make real connections.  Real connections don’t have agendas, they don’t have manipulations – they’re just, “Hi it’s nice that you’re there.  It’s nice that I’m here.”  We enjoy each other’s beings.  When you have a couple of people that you have real connections with in your life you can feel them in your space.  If you have superficial connections with people, or – I’m not judging this, or saying it’s wrong or it’s superficial – for example:  if you go to work and you have comrades at work and you’re very friendly with them but then you go home you can’t feel them in your space.  When you go to work, can you feel your wife and kids in your space while you’re at work?  Who can you feel in that space?  Those are the people you have connections with. Those are people that are sustaining your energy. 


Sometimes you don’t even have to know people to feel them in your space.  Sometimes somebody like Johnny Carson on TV - I think that anyone who watched Johnny Carson felt him, could feel his presence.  Even though he didn’t necessarily consciously feel your presence, on some level he was able to feel the presence of his audience.  That’s one of the reasons he was so successful because if you listen to him, you felt “felt”.


So we all want to have people like that in our lives.  I hope that we can create that here on these calls where – and I think we are, because we get emails from people that I don’t know on a personal level who are feeling the energies.  If you’re one of those and you never emailed me, emailed us – I really would appreciate it because it helps me validate what we’re doing.  I’m not doing this because I need to be “out there”, I’m doing it because I think it’s helping people and I think it could help a lot of people and that’s the goal.  For that to occur, we have to feel each other.  Notice the space.  So in that space is you and me as energies.


And it’s also our sources, I call them our sources – our source of information, sources of energy, they are present.  They say they’re present on the line.  Unlike you and me, we have bodies, you hear my voice.  They don’t have bodies but they talk through Terry.  Every Monday we come up with a topic and this week--now I may not stick to this but I wanted to talk about the internet.  When the internet was first coming out many, many people, including me, were thinking: “Oh my god!  No more privacy.”  When the computers were coming out: no more privacy.  Anyone could scan records, find anything – in microseconds where in the past it would have taken sometimes days to find information.


So on one hand, all of us are more vulnerable because of the internet.  I should say most of us.  Some of you have managed to keep off of the internet and your name never shows up but most people show up.  Of course we know there are negative forces out there and we can assume the negative is using the internet as part of their agenda to try to control people, to find people, to do whatever they do with the internet.  Then there are a huge of amount of spiritual things on the internet, on YouTube and people are finding those things.


Then there are a huge amount of “conspiracy things” – although I don’t think it’s conspiracy in many cases I think it’s the way things actually happened – but, there’s many ways to find out some of motivations and inside agendas that are occurring on our planet that you wouldn’t find in mainstream media or the newspapers  If you subscribe to the Wynn channel – that’s – I occasionally put some of those things up for your consideration.


A few months ago one of the most remarkable things that came through a channeling with Daphne had to do with Facebook and how Facebook – I didn’t ask this, they just mentioned it – Facebook was having a huge impact in the balance of power between the positive and the negative.  The reason was, Facebook was – this is my take--we’re going to ask some questions.  I think we’ve been understanding this – all of your may understand a little more how to connect with energies, whether you go on Facebook or not.  My take on Facebook was that it was providing an opportunity for people to connect without agendas.  Like “Hi, how’re you doing?  I’m here now.  Good to hear from you.”


That doesn’t mean everyone on Facebook doesn’t have an agenda, I’m sure that’s not true.  I’m sure there are people that want to sell things, people want attention, people want to get a million friends, they want to brag.  But, within the basic nature of Facebook are people connecting just for the heck of connecting.  People are connecting to old people that had dropped out of their lives and they’re finding them.  It’s giving that connection in the spaces for the people that are working it.  That’s my take.  One of the whole games here is getting energy into that space, getting into the space where you stop [and] the energy is still present. 


Wynn:  Terry, are you there?  You’re probably muted again - Are you muted?


Terry:  Yeah, I’m muted.  Can you hear me?


Wynn:  Yeah, are you okay with that topic?


Terry:  Sure.


Wynn:  Now you’re in a parking lot, right?


Terry:  Yes, I am.


Wynn:  Okay, Terry went to the dentist today and she’s in a parking lot in Orange County.  Some of you know, we were at an expo this weekend called the Conscious Life Expo and I was a speaker there and I’m doing a workshop this Sunday.  If any of you are in LA I hope you can come.  The URL is


So I’m going to call in the light, and I’m going to ask them for clarification on some of this internet stuff and how our sources can work through the internet.  When we first started doing this, I said at the very beginning tonight, that we started on just conference calls.  And when we went to the internet, I was scared.  When we first started doing it, it would break down all the time.  Every time there would be something wrong.  When we asked questions about it, they said that to get the kind of energy that we’re getting through on these calls through the internet was going to be a bit like climbing a mountain - it was easier on a phone line.  We have to get through all the electronics and all the other people that are on.  Some of the stuff I don’t even quite understand it, although I was experiencing the challenge of doing it. 


So we do a thing called “calling in the light”, which is just an invocation to oneness.  If you follow my words you might feel the energies through this.




Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and  transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy, radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through our galaxy, through our solar system, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth and right now we invoke a group consciousness, a blending of all of of our energies and we invite  those  sources who are positive, service to others, honoring the law of one to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have a source present?


Ra’An:   We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator on this Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2011; and Wynn in Los Angeles and Terry in Costa Mesa.  We are happy to be with you on this day of hearts, and we send love light to each and every one of you.  Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Well we were going to start a communication about the internet, and the positive and the negative aspects of the internet, and in its contribution to the shifting energies on the planet.  Would you like to make just a general statement about that or would you like me to ask specific questions?


Ra’An:   We can make a general statement.  We see that this is an increase of communication between individuals in different countries and even within the same country in that individuals who have similar interests can hook up with other individuals and find people that they previously knew and re-establish communication, so it is a great source of connection.  When an individual connects on the internet, it is the individual who is making the connection, it is the life force, it is the person with the soul that is responding and expanding their body of information and their ability to communicate although they are communicating through the airways and through the switches and through the electronic connections within their computers which makes it a more (how do we say this?) impersonal connection within the electronics. 


When you connect via a phone line, there is an electrical connection between individuals and this can convey more information in other parts of the spectrum.  When one communicates through the internet, then it creates a more of a robotic, “switching” energy; however, at the other end of the line, at each end of the line, the individuals are refreshing and establishing and moving the information into the life force after it having gone through the air or the electronic switching.  It has provided a great background for the noisy Egyptians and their demonstrations.  We hear, as we tune into their past administrations, we hear the sound of their voices and the joy when the president or the head of the country resigned.


Individuals connected there in a like-minded thought they thought together on the internet, and using the cell phones and were able to accomplish something that ordinarily would not have been accomplished.  Eventually the internet was shut down; but, by that time the people had made their connections and their set course.  The internet is a people’s machine that can allow the people to speak and the people to connect and the people to find out information they would not have found out otherwise, and it shortens the distance between people.  That is our comment.


Wynn:  Thank you very much.  The internet is allowing information that would be too controversial to go through any other kind of media to reach huge amounts of people without censorship; at least, up until now.  It’s kind of a, it looks to me like a race going on, between those sources that want to be negative and try to control everything and those sources that are using the internet to free everything as a point of freedom to get information out.  What happened in Egypt is a point in reference of the power of the internet – in fact as I recall it was Facebook that started that revolution.  While we’re talking about this, this was something that was started by Facebook – how do you see the long-range impact of what happened in Egypt and how it affects the whole world?


Ra’An:   This is a device that can bring people together in the world, as they can make better choices and have better discernment because they see more of what is available for them in their life so it can create a world-wide revolution of people coming together and finding ideas and finding individuals who can share ideas with them to better the lives of everyone everywhere. 


Wynn:  Thank you.  Even this call that we’re doing, we know that there’s people all over the world; I mean not millions, not even thousands but hundreds of people at this point that are listening to this call.  I know for many of the people that listen every week there’s a shift, there’s a change that’s happening.  I know it; they email me and they come out of the woodwork and it’s always a delight to realize all the efforts that we have done to produce these calls.  We didn’t know it would work, but it is bearing fruit and that it has the potential to reach thousands or hundreds of thousands. 


So from your point of view, when you’re working with the energy of the call, are you moving your energy through the wires and frequencies of the internet, or is the internet just triggering something so that the person at the other end listening becomes a cosmic receiver, not through the internet but through their own chakra systems?


Ra’An:   We contact and touch each person through their own chakra systems, as we are non-linear and we do not need a linear path from person to person.  When you first started talking on BBS Radio we attempted to go through BBS Radio; however, it was so robotic, it dumbed us down.  We then, as we progressed with the calls, learned to simply tune into each and every individual wherever they are, whether they are on the air or whether they are on the telephone line.  The telephone line is easier for us to make connections through; however, in working with the individuals that are listening to BBS Radio, we need to bypass the dead air of in-between and not attempt to move through there, as it acts to slow down our pathway to the individual or our connection with the individual.  So, we abandoned that approach and merely move to the individual who is responding and note the individual by the frequencies that are bouncing back to us from those individuals, whoever they may be.


Wynn:  So what’s happening, let me try to put it in words that are really simple here – is that:  When somebody listens, it’s almost as if there’s a tuning fork.  The audio is like a tuning fork that has frequencies in it, and you are in the frequencies of the tuning fork.  So if they can resonate, and let their own inner tuning fork go, it starts a connection directly between them and you – but, outside of the path of the audio and the electronics.  Does that make sense?


Ra’An:   That is correct.


Wynn:  Uh hum.


Ra’An:   We hear/see/feel/sense the tuning of each individual who is tuning to the call.


Wynn:  Now throughout history, it’s been the challenge to get people to feel these energies I would imagine.  There have been eras where things were passed down from hand to mouth; or, from person to person.  There were eras where there were libraries that were passing it down.  There were eras where there was written words passing it down – and, it was more open.  Can you share anything about the experience of all these different times; that there were attempts to make people connect with the higher realms?


Ra’An:   We do not think of it as connection with frequencies so much, although it is.  We think of it as the significance of the life force of the individual; and the value, the treasure, that each individual is, who is listening.  They are not merely frequencies, they are whole beings that have gotten remote from home in very many cases, and we send love light to them and value the reconnection and value the touching, the sensing, the caring, the – we look for the word, as there are words that we do not have to describe the whole range of beautiful, caring feelings that we have for these individuals and we long to let them know how much they are loved, and, that home is there and cares for them.  That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Ra’An:   And you had asked during various periods of time.  It is always the same that we seek to approach the individual to assist the individual, to let the individual know that the individual is not alone and there are brothers and sisters here.  Although we do not have a gender, we are in our energy bodies. 


This is Valentine’s Day – with great love we put forth touching and sensing and communication, and we are there for each and every individual who wishes to touch or sense or communicate with us; although we are at such a high frequency it is hard to sense us because in some aspects we are out of your spectrum there in the earth plane.


Wynn:  I’ll tell you what – we have about four minutes left.  Let’s take a four minute little meditation and all of you that are listening right now - open up to the highest degree that you can to feeling these sources.  “Feeling them” means: allowing your energy to become one with their energy.  If you want this to be experiential, take a moment and be in a quiet spot, be in a place where other people are not around.  Sit still.  Turn the TV off.   Just imagine that right next to your body, all around your body, you have energy friends.  You don’t have to understand it, you don’t have to call them angels - but you can.  They’re beings not so different from you and I except they no longer have bodies and they’ve graduated from this realm.  Just surround yourself with them, and if you like the feeling ask for their presence.  Take moments during the day and say, “Okay guys come close.” 


Usually I would think that would be the Ra Group that would be doing that, but truthfully it doesn’t matter the name.  It just matters that you make the connection, and it feels good, and that it shifts you and that when there’s no one else around to love, these energies from the higher realms can be there for you.


As far as I can tell they don’t have anything else to do but that – they probably do, but that is an important part of their project because many of us in this realm got lost and separated.  It’s been a long, long time that we’ve been separated.  There’s the opportunity to close the gap, to close the separation and feel connected.  As you learn how to feel these connections, as you learn how to become used to them, make them familiar – you’ve taken a huge step in graduating from this realm and getting off the wheel of reincarnation, because these are the energies that evolve your DNA.  These are the energies that get you through the portal, so get used to them any way you can.


On that note, it’s 7:50 [p.m. Mountain time], we’ve come to the end of the call. 


I thank everyone who is volunteering, I thank Terry, I thank BBS, I thank Gjis for being such a wonderful host to reminding me to turn the tape recording on – and, if you’re listening - we do have downloads and transcripts of our calls available on the  If you subscribe, you’ll get them.  If I’m correct and listening to these calls helps do what I say it does, then you can download them into little MP3 players and listen on the way to work and just keep a constant flow of energy in your direction.  It’s an excuse to pay attention to something other than TV.  We didn’t go into that, but it’s in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce that TV, in general, is not a good thing to watch.  It tends to be programmed by the negative.


So on that note, wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and we’ll see you next Wednesday –







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