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                                                                       February 16, 2011 with the Ra'An



This is Wynn and this is February 16, 2011 and we have questions to be answered from you folks. I encourage people to submit questions which can be a very good thing and yes there is a lot of wisdom from the answers and there is also the energy connection with source. There is an energy on this line that if you listen over and over, this energy will keep you focused and above this realm. We are getting a lot of emails that this is working and thank you for showing up. If you submit a question be sure to be on line when I ask the question. I am going to call in the light now


(Wynn calls in the light)


Do we have a source present?


Ra'An: Yes. We are here. We wish we could speak to you in mathematics because mathematics contains the full range of all the spectrum of all the frequencies and then it would touch and reach everyone in the listening audience and whomever would hear us at a later date or read a transcript. We are here February 16, 2011, planet earth, focused right now in Los Angeles, California. This is Ra'An. We send each and every one of you love on this green planet of life and consciousness. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes I am going to ask the first question from someone is South Carolina and she has experiences where she thinks she is slipping into different universes where she hears people talking to her and she actually bumps into solid objects. She can walk down a street and there can be many who don't see me but I can see them. My question reminds me of that movie where the kid says I can see dead people. Is it possible that we can slip in and out of universes while being on the earth plane?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. There are angel presence as you flutter here in the presence of the unknown ones in the earth. You move or shift at times into the higher frequencies, which are of the angelic realm where the individuals who make it across the great divide as the transitions move and are welcomed. We see your shifts and you, in this lifetime, can gain more control, much like a radio receiver in dialing, we want to say manifestation, but in this analogy it is dialing frequency and in your life; it's dialing the manifestation in which you tune. You can tune more into visibility and then individuals will be able to see you more. You have sensory perception that extends beyond the spectrum of the ordinary person which allows you to tune and de-tune your own manifestation into knowingness and perception in different frequencies. You are a child of the universe, a child of God, a wanderer, who is seeking more knowledge, more control over your existence, and your existence takes you into higher realms and back. It is a journey of wonder, and stay tuned and grounded with your feet on the earth and with your crown chakra opened to the higher frequencies and you will be safe. Keep yourself tuned in the area where you attention lies.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a number of healing questions tonight. One is from Jean whose thirty-seven year old son went into the hospital this past Monday to remove a tumor from the pancreas, which was found during surgery for his gall bladder a few weeks ago. The doctor was not able to remove the tumor due to scar tissue surrounding the tumor which he said was about an inch in size. He took tissue for pathology tests for cancer. He will be in the hospital for a while recovering from surgery and as we wait for findings on the tissue. The doctor said he 90% sure it is cancer but he has been wrong before. Could you please send healing light to our son so that he as well as us can get through this and whatever comes.


Ra'An: Thank you. Yes, we send love-light to your son and we look into the area of his body and we do see this tumor and it is not receiving enough inflow-outflow in this area so this has happened and it cannot exchange energy properly and it is trying it's best to figure out how to continue in this area. There is a bypass point. We see the hospital and the doctor. We do see the stasis. There is energy in this area which is caught up and is bound. This individual needs more liquid, more water to be able to keep the fluids flowing in the system. He is very determined, very committed to the things he is doing and the people he is with. We are speaking slowly as we are reviewing the circumstances. We will keep this under advisement.


Wynn: Thank you.

Ok, next question. This is from Suz, who has been on the line quite a bit. She says, what am I doing wrong in my life. I am believing that the universe wants good for me and staying positive while at the same time I am being blocked. For example my husband lost his career job two and a half years ago and he hasn't been reinstated in fact he has been told that if they take him back it looks like it will be new hire and he will lose his place and seniority and the salary he made. We are in dire financial straits having to use all our funds to sustain during this and anything short of reinstatement very soon will be devastating. Now she asks will he be reinstated and I don't think that is the kind of answer they can give. Is there some other position for him? Maybe? That's me talking.

She says she was driving over a bridge, keeping up with traffic and there were no pedestrians and in this small neighboring town has a speed trap fifty feet into this area and and then a cop stopped pulled me over and gave me a ticket. (Everything is falling on my head that's Wynn's words) When will I be receiving the favor and blessings that I am praying for. Just want to know when my blessings will be coming in to me. I dream of renewal of myself on a cellular and spiritual and mental level with great health, vitality, adventure, joy, humor, and happiness, love, protection, loyalty and peace and I have always believed this would be my life. I hope this doesn't sound crazy. Maybe I am and I just don't know it.  But what I am is another good question.


Ra'An: Thank you.

These manifestations are there awaiting you, however there is division between you and the manifestations of these things. When you are existing in any one circumstances bring through present time to connect with your circumstances at that time. Bring through the connection for present time. There is a gap between the dream and the manifestation. Put one foot more into the present, so you can spot the synchronicities between your dreams. The circumstances in your environment that represent your dream, that you can hook your dream into those particular circumstances. Move into present and bring your dream in while yet being more grounded in your circumstances. Put your feet on the ground and connect to the ground, connect with your crown chakra through to the higher forces, to your dreams and picture your dreams manifesting and see what in your surroundings is a manifestation of your dreams which you can move your ownself into.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Rose in New Orleans and this is a good question. My parents were loving and caring but my siblings and I all have low esteem and low confidence issues. I may have passed this on to my daughter. What can I do to break this cycle for my grandson?


Ra'An: This is coming partly from the past track, and we look at individuals who come into your genetic line who may bring this, not entirely as a result of something you have passed on, but something that the group has attracted you together to work through, something that may the putting of a challenge there, to overcome the low self esteem. To just wave a magic wand over your own worth, and picture the dissolving of any doubting of your self worth from your past that you may have been given by others, and from your past that you may have somethings that you feel as a result you are not deserving. We give this a minute to extend forgiveness throughout your track and the elements that may be traveling with you. Forgiveness and release and it is in the end all totally explainable, and you in the end will know your worth as a treasure, a shining star, a jewel which has taken on elements of the lower frequencies to experience difficulty and to work through it in the 3rd density realm. As we speak, we send you jewel like light, a treasure of vibration moving to reestablish your worth. When you picture your own worth and vitality and beauty and your treasure as a life force, then you can bestow it on your grandson and picture his vibrancy and this will convey. We send these vibrations to his family line to him.


Wynn: This is a question from Dee Collier. Wynn, as you know, she says, I have been able to get extra feelings, good ones with my readings since being on the calls and especially since Ra'An expressed last week, that I should do more readings. I have so much energy, spiritually speaking that getting it into my body is quite a chore. I also feel a deep connection to the Ra Group and seem to somehow picture them in my mind. Is it possible for you to ask them if I might have been at some point in history one of the groups, somehow. This question is almost agonizing in thinking about it and it is eating me up, not that I figure I would get any special attention from this. I do not seek recognition or special attention to my ego.  I just feel close to the source and want to know if we were connected in a closer way in the past. Thank you.


Ra'An: We see that you, dear one, are expanding your connection at this time, and moving into an expanded awareness and an expanded receptivity. We send love-light to your husband and to your being. We see that you are connected to a part, and we speak slowly as we are looking, of the Group although you have come here to the 3rd density moving out of the frequencies of the Ra Group and into frequencies of the 3rd density but yet bringing the frequencies of the Ra Group with you and healing ability and reading ability with you from the etheric path.


Wynn: Thank you.

Another question on the same line. My name is Linda from Sarasota. A few weeks ago during a meditation a golden face appeared to me. Is that Ra connecting? I am asking because a week later I was reading one of Wynn's messages and Ra describes himself as golden.


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. We see that this was a special circumstance of a face that brought golden light to you. It is more of a friend, more of a guide being that is manifesting to you. We look to see any possible connection to the Ra Group, however we see a more closer in connection with a spirit with a golden look.


Wynn: Thank you.

We will close this evening with one more question from Charmaine and the question is it dangerous to sleep in a room with a wireless router for the computer, along with other wireless devices in our homes today, possibly posing a negative impact from constant exposure.


Ra'An: Hello Charmaine. We do see that there is a constant underlying current that is draining to a body when an individual sleeps within eight feet of the router, and this could pose a constant draw and a constant burning of energy for tissues at a subliminal level taking life force manifestation away from the individual wherein the body then has less life force to reflect and direct and respond, and it deadens the response to a small degree on a subliminal level which is not generally noticed. There is more vibrancy if one does not sleep within eight feet of the router and perhaps even nine or ten feet away. It is a diminishing return as the individual is further away it has less affect upon the individual. We love you Charmaine.


Wynn: Thank you.

Submit your question and say if you are going to be on the line. Emily in Ohio. On that note we are going to end the call and thank you everyone who is participating and thank you all volunteers who are helping and loads of blessings.







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