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Monday BBS Call

Monday – 02/21/2011
with guest Carla Rueckert
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Formatted and sent by Robynne Olson

Wynn:  Welcome, everybody – this is Monday, February 21st (2011). My name is Wynn Free and we are on the Wynn Free Monday Night simulcast conference call on BBS Radio. If you got my notice this evening, about a half hour ago, once a month we have a call with my beloved guest Carla Rueckert.

This call usually has an underlying theme, and the theme is positive interdimensional communication and Carla happens to be a pioneer in that. She channeled the [Ra group]. I’m not sure if anyone in recent history has channeled the Ra group other than Carla Rueckert, at least in 1981, or at least (if) they identified themselves in that way. What is unusual about her channelings is that, as far as I know, she’s the first person to channel a group matrix; at least they introduced themselves as that. Perhaps other people have done it, but the concept was never explained – I’ll ask Carla about that. It was never explained prior to Carla’s channeling.

What does that mean?  That the voices coming through Carla was not an individual soul but it was a composite of many, many  souls, we can conjecture about how many – could be hundreds of thousands, could be a million, could be a hundred. As people were answering questions brought forth to her; as her source would answer questions, it would be a composite voice – at least that’s how they explained themselves - that was answering the questions. They called themselves a ‘social memory complex’.

On this particular call, you might think about some questions – we’ve gone through a lot of Mondays with Carla and we’ve never put forth questions. Carla is that okay if people come up with questions?

Carla:  It’s just fine. I remember one wonderful time that we got a question from someone and I ended up talking for half an hour so you have to watch me on that.

Wynn:  Do I have permission to interrupt you and say “Cut it out Carla.”

Carla:  Yes, you do. It’s your show.

Wynn:  It’s only my show if you believe in possession.

Carla:  That’s right; it’s actually the Creator’s show. I have a feeling that Don Newsom who sweated hard, hard work for many years to put this together would have a few things to say about that.

Wynn: Carla, are you the first person to channel a matrix that identified itself as a matrix?

Carla:  I think I had it right. I have no idea what the actual composition is of so many well-known channeling sources of history, especially the ones that floated around Madam Blavatsky and the Theosophists. I think as far as I know as a researcher, I’m probably the only medium of any age that has channeled a source that says that they are a social memory complex, that says they are a composite of many individuals who are speaking with one voice.

Wynn:  That’s what I thought – I don’t mean that no one else had every channeled a social memory complex and maybe other people have channeled the Ra group. Most times, they’re not really forthright in explaining this social memory complex idea because it’s such a sophisticated idea. On one hand it makes a lot of sense, but on the other hand, the real essence of the communication is the wisdom. In many circumstances if you started trying to give this new cosmology of how things work, people would miss the wisdom. So in your case, you brought through both – you brought through the cosmology and the wisdom as well.

How many do you think there were?  Did Don ever ask? Don Elkins?

Carla:  My intelligence on that: no, he didn’t. He asked how many people they were serving, how many people had called them here and they said at that time it was 65,000,000 people. My best intelligence on that comes from research rather than what they said.

The research is on me actually – when Don was investigating the possibility that there were Wanderers, he had done over 200 age regression/hypnosis sessions by then. He was very experienced, and I had accompanied him on many of these hypnotic regressions and I’ve heard people taken back before birth.

He wanted hypnotize me because he had a keen idea that I was a Wanderer and we were exploring the idea of Wanderers, or as George Hunt Williams has called them ‘apples’ or those that come from elsewhere to serve on Planet Earth in some hopefully helpful capacity. He hypnotized me; I didn’t think I would be hypnotizable but actually I was. After they had induced a good, sound trance state in me, then it was actually two people. Don was working with a guy named Larry Allison who was also a very experienced hypnotic therapist. After the hypnotic trance was induced I was taken back before birth and they explored a couple of lifetimes with me. Neither one was on this planet.

In one, I finally found out why I am so scared of spiders, because I was a planet that was not my planet of birth, it wasn’t earth, but it wasn’t a planet I was born on. I was trying to help save a civilization and we were trying to rescue records that were half drowned in cataclysmic earth changes on that planet. We were just bringing up basically library volumes from half-destroyed libraries and trying to put them someplace safe so that the civilization could be preserved. The enemy was about 14 or 15 feet tall, taller than most ceilings in most rooms by quite a bit. They looked metallic and they looked like spiders. Now I know why I’m scared of spiders.

In another incarnation that they asked me to talk about, it was the one before coming to earth and I was standing and waiting with a fairly large group, I don’t know how many, I was telling them it was going to be okay that it was going to be fine. We were waiting for something, I’m not sure what. We weren’t going by ship we were going to move by thought. I guess we were waiting for everybody to get it together to go. In that lifetime I was a member of a clan. It was a clan you chose to belong when people were born into the clan at any age beyond a fairly young age, like any age beyond seven or eight you could choose to stay or you could choose to go; if it was really bothering you could choose to go. Most kids born within that particular group of people liked that group of people and wanted to stay. I would say it’s less than the planetary population of Ra; it’s likely a fairly large group, probably in the hundreds of thousands, that decided that they wanted to serve as Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow because they had heard the sorrowful cry of earth whose harvest was coming up and who had not yet found love, and we wanted to come and help them to find love. That’s the source of my information and it’s very subjective.

On the other hand, were it not for the fact it was recorded and typed out and the transcript is right there, I would not remember any of this with any clarity because I wasn’t told to remember everything when I woke up so it’s all very hazy. It’s in ”Secrets of UFO” which is a book that Don and I wrote in 1976 summing up his research from 1955 to 1975 – a twenty year period in which he had done a tremendous amount of work. He had been all over the United States, he’d investigated physical UFOs, he investigated ghosts by going to séances, and he’d done all these hypnotic regressions to check out reincarnation. He wanted to put a bunch of this stuff down and that’s why we were working on that material then and why I got hypnotized.

I don’t think it’s the entire planetary population of Venus, I think it’s the population of that planet that wanted to serve in this particular way. I think we probably came maybe a hundred thousand strong – a lot of people, more than I could see. I think that the group that stayed home or in the influence of Venus probably does number in the millions. So when you’re listening to a social memory complex you’re probably listening to a clan within the population, but that would just be my guess. Don never asked about that.

Wynn:  That’s what I think – I think they assigned, or people volunteer, or entities.

Carla:  They’re people; they’re just different density.

Wynn:  Do they have bodies in the density they’re in?

Carla:  Sure. I think in the electrical – you have a body straight through to the seventh density. The question is:  what’s it made of?  In this density, the physical vehicle is a chemical distillery and it’s made mostly of water but it’s got all kinds of chemicals in it and it works like a physical machine; it works like a distillation machine that takes water that has a lot of stuff in it and it precipitates out the things that you don’t want. Our body works the same way. We take in the food, we take in the nutrients from food, we precipitate out and eject from the body the urine and the feces that we don’t need. It’s the food that came into the mouth, comes out at the bottom and everything that we could use from that food has been taken out of it. Our bodies are heavy; they have mass and weight, dimension.

I think beginning in the fourth density you have bodies that are electrical in nature. They do not have to eat food, distill the nutrients out of the food and eliminate the rest. They work far more directly with light; they’re light-bodies and their function is electrical rather than chemical. I think that goes right straight through. Little by little, the bodies become more like light and less like bodies until I think by sixth density they can choose to put a body on, but they’re actually light. They’re simply light, so all the characteristics of the human are in that light – the personality, the experiences, the memory of those experiments and so forth. That’s intact. It’s just that the physical vehicle that carries doesn’t have to be so rococo; it doesn’t have to byzantine, so intricate, and so maze-like. We have a tremendously complicated vehicle.

Wynn:  You have such a good vocabulary.

Carla:  I’m not sure it’s helpful; sometimes you’re not communicating when you find the exact right word. You and three other people know the word, it doesn’t help. They’re not searching for a word that’s like that, but it’s entry-level.

Sometimes I can’t find one. I know when I was writing 101: the choice I was determined to make it an entry level book. I had to have a second pair of eyes on me; I’d have to run through a chapter two or three times after my friend who taught English as a second language would say “This is not a word people know, and this is too long a sentence, and that’s not an effective way to say that.”  He just got me so straight and cleaned up and I think it really is an entry-level book. I was amazed at how hard it was to write entry-level prose, because I was used to writing what came into my mind. Truthfully, I don’t communicate with everybody well. I need to have less of a vocabulary and more a feeling for the Ernest Hemingway approach of short words, simple words, clear meaning and just let the material carry it. I hope that’s what I ended up doing in ‘101’.

Wynn:  Terry, are you there?  Hello Terry?  Are you on mute, Terry?  We don’t hear you.

Terry:  I’m there. I turned the mute off.

Wynn:  Terry didn’t want to talk too much because she’s got a flu going. I know she has some memories of spiders; spider-planets. Don’t you have some memories of spiders?

Terry:  Yes. There was one planet where I remember landing on that planet. I’m not even sure I was running my own incident but the person who was running the incident had trouble with a flying saucer and it had to land on this planet where they didn’t [normally] land. They were looking at it and they thought that it was covered with runways, but as they got closer it was a canopy of spider-webs. The spiders were huge. They landed there in the middle of that and the people were all – they opened the door, and they were all like “Oh my God. What should we do now?”  They were trying to call for help to come and get them but it didn’t work out. The trouble with the spacecraft after it landed it eventually exploded and they weren’t able to get help. It was a really scary incident. It was really clear; it was like a movie to hear that described and sort of remote-view it.

Wynn:  I was just thinking that probably 20,000 years from now, we will all be doing another radio show somewhere else in the Universe. Carla will be saying “I had this regression and I was on this planet that was called earth and there were all these chemtrails in the sky.” 

One of the channelings that came up they said you and I had worked very closely together somewhere in the past doing this kind of work. I can’t remember what planet they said; it might have been Arcturus, it might have been Andromeda – but that we were like old buddies. Here we are again.

Some people get very much into “Oh my God – there were spider planets; there were this planets, there were those planets.”  I think what’s amazing is that this reality that all of these things, including this one, are all fleeting. We make it so big and so important and yet no matter how big and important we make it, it’s going to be fleeting by, we’re all going to die. When you start to really integrate that, life looks different. There are no more big deals. It’s all just “How do we make a contribution?  Let’s make sure we help lots of people graduate.”

Carla:  It’s a school.

Wynn:  Then we’re going to go on and have another life in another world somewhere. We’ll probably choose where we go at that point. We choose to say “How can I make the greatest contribution?”  One of the things that gives your life meaning, one of the things that makes life worth living is the value you create for others. It could even be one other; it doesn’t have to be a huge amount. When somebody else values the fact that you’re alive and it enhances their life and they feel your life energy and you know they’re feeling it. You’re feeling their life energy you have a reason to be here, of a high purpose and a low purpose.

Carla:  You certainly do. I remember being at a funeral not too long ago, just a couple of three months ago. They guy had owned horses, he had a farm. He’d worked all his life from when he graduated to the time that retired at the age of 65 for a hardware company. He was in charge of making sure the warehouse had everything it needed to give to all the various places around Louisville, KY – the stuff that they needed to sell in their stores. He was not a famous man, he was not well-known. He did not write any books. He did not have the kind of effect on the world that you think of as being a contributing man. But when I was at his funeral that place was packed. People were standing along the walls. They were people he’d known at the warehouse, people he’d known from the horse business racing, people that were from his church, people that had just met him in life and loved him, people from his alma mater, University of Louisville. He never missed a game. All the environments that he had in his life showed up. You knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this man’s life was full of giving and receiving love. It was there in the people who wanted to say ‘bye.’

One great thing that happens when you really get an awareness of your mortality is that it makes life so much more precious. Every morning you’re just so grateful to be alive and in this environment where you can still do some good. So you get up and give it whack because you’ve got the chance, you know – if you don’t realize you have a chance then things do just go by in a fleeting away. They fleet anyway; you’re so right, Wynn. It’s an ephemeral world and we’re just here a moment. I sometimes think we’re here in the last second of our lives, but the second is taking a while.

Wynn:  Let’s see if anyone wants to ask a question. We’ll start out on the conference line. I don’t know the number for BBS; I know people can call BBS. If you’re tuned into BBS look at their home page and feel free to dial in and we’ll address your question. Let me do the conference line and see if anyone has a question.

Bill:  I would like to; can you hear me?  This is Bill Giesking from Denver. I want to say how much I appreciate all your efforts. I want to tell Carla I’ve been a long-term fan of hers. I’m very surprised you sound so young – your voice is so young. I would like to ask a question.

Wynn, in your work you put the Elohim and the Ra are together as a sublogos on this side of the prime creator. I’m surprised about Ra, because I always thought of Ra, through the readings of Carla, as a sixth density complex. I never saw it as a co-creator; can that be explained a bit?

Wynn:  Carla?

Carla:  I can’t explain it because I’m not the one that put those two things together. Perhaps you ought to take this one, Wynn.

Wynn:  Maybe I better take this. First of all, if you’re trying to figure what’s true and just quote the channelings, you’ll probably not succeed in figuring out what’s true. What I get, in what has come through in my work and it may be different from Carla’s work, or her original Ra stuff, is that the Ra group fans out. It starts out one place and you could say I might be Ra in third density, for example. There could be Ra in fourth density; and there could be Ra in fifth density and sixth density. Maybe at the highest level the Ra starts at sixth density and fans out. They need to fan out; if they’re going to penetrate this realm, they need to connect with the realm on some level vibrationally that they’re penetrating. Does that make sense?

Bill:  I’ll sit and think about that one for a while. Thank you very much.

Carla:  I do actually have something to add here. I’ve noticed that the Elohim describe themselves as co-creators and I think that fits in with what I know of angels in that the archangels, the highest orders of angels – they’re very hierarchical – are like guardians of the planet and have never left the infinite creator and are full of that creator energy. They probably have input into the Sun’s decision on how to create the archetypal mind of the planet. That co-creatorship has not been something that I’ve seen in any of the readings from the Confederation; they simply say that the creator is a mystery and that they are devoted to the creator because the creator’s vibration and frequency is that of unconditional love.

Basically, according to the cosmology of the Law of One and the Confederation in general, we are all co-creators because we are all sparks of the Creator. You know we all make our own universe. I wake up in the morning and I see the same thing that other people see but it gives me joy and sometimes it gives other people less than that. So I think that we create from the get-go; we create how we interpret the things that come to us. According to the way we respond, we live in a universe of joy, peace and happiness, or we live in a universe where everything goes wrong all the time and we’re victims and we have a hard time – or, anything in-between those two. We get to decide; we get to choose.

By the way, if you want to call, it’s 530-413-4511.

Wynn:  Thanks for checking that. You know that number you just had to call?  I think that’s the number that I’m on.

Carla:  Well, they may have a switchboard, Wynn.

Caller:  I have a question Wynn – hello?  Are we able to ask questions right now?

Wynn:  Yes. We can hear you. Who is that speaking?  Who is that?

Mariel:  It’s Mariel. Hi – nice to speak with you all.

I have a question that kind of interacts with the first gentleman’s question – I just came on the line. My understanding is that the Elohim and Ra are one of the hierarchies. I think the Elohim is supposed to be higher; I haven’t studied this, as you know, in a year or so. That we are theists – meaning that there is One God, One Creator within the Elohim realm being part of that one Creator. Am I off?  The basic question was:  Are we theists?  Meaning there is one God, one Creator – or not?  That’s my question.

Wynn:  I’m not a theist.

Carla:  He was trying to make a pun.

Mariel:  T-H-E-I-S-T, like theist. It’s a term for believing in one God as creator; a multi-theist would say that; a monotheist is somebody like Hindus that believe there are many Gods. I’m wondering is this group a theist group?  Do you believe that there’s one creator, or even that the Elohim is the creator – subdivisions of the creator-- but it would still be one God?  Can you explain that?

Because the gentlemen was asking about sixth dimension and co-creation and things like that, not about us creating our own reality on earth. That wasn’t the train of thought [of] the other woman, if I understand what she was saying. Is there one creator?

Wynn:  Mariel – I think to answer a question like that, for me, you have to get on one side of the duality or another. The question itself is a dualistic question. It would be like wave-particle thing in the Heisenberg Theory. Is it a wave?  Is it a particle?  Sometimes it behaves like a particle, sometimes it behaves like a wave. If everything is one energy in the universe, do we really exist or are we just that one energy?  We exist; we experience ourselves as unique in our own little world, yet everything is one.

Mariel:  Is there is one creator in my view. We all are one; we all are part of one creator. Does that make sense?

Carla:  That’s true, but I think that there is one creator in both the Elohim philosophy since they are angels they are pointed towards devotion to the one creator. In the Law of One, in the Confederation philosophy – if all is one, then there must be one creator. The creation is all one, but the creator is not simply the sum of the parts. The creator is more than the sum of the parts, which is why I said – even sixth density entities say that the Creator is shrouded in mystery. I think we all in shrouded in mystery.

Gina:  I have a question, Carla. I know that Ra’an has given you and channeled through you a lot of information, but I’m curious to know what Carla is the most memorable thing that Ra’an has told you?

Wynn:  First of all, don’t use the word ‘Ra’an’ with Carla, okay?

Mariel:  I even know that.

Wynn:  It is not a word that she uses; Carla is a channel of the Ra group. She has channeled the Q’uo group and [her] group is a combination of three group entities that identify themselves that way. Re-phrase your question so that you address her with the way her sources identify themselves.

Gina:  Carla, I would like to know please – out of the several groups that you have channeled, what message do you feel is the most memorable to you?


Wynn: Gina is asking out of everything you’ve ever channeled, what is the most memorable message you’ve ever had?

Carla:  I probably would say that there was something in the very first session with those of Ra and it’s not what everybody always quotes; it’s not the all is one quote which of course is the very heart of the material. It is:  in that first session, I’m getting it up on the computer now – aren’t computers wonderful?  This has stayed with me and this has influenced my life from that moment to this. I work all day, every day to be attentive to my thoughts, because of this quote and I’ll read it for you:

 “Let us for a moment consider thought. What is it, my friends, to take thought?  Took you then thought today?  What thoughts did you think today?  What thoughts were part of the original thought today?  In how many of your thoughts today did the creation abide?  Was love contained and was service really given?  You are not part of a material universe; you are part of a thought. You’re dancing in a ballroom in which there is no material. You are dancing thoughts. You move your body, your mind and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns, for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original thought.”

That’s the quote; I love that quote – the original thought that they say over and over again is the thought of unconditional love; how we are part of a universe of love. Our thoughts, if they have virtue - for service to others polarity - are part of the original thought. The creation abides in love; we abide in love. I love that quote – thanks for asking.

Wynn:  That is a beautiful quote – thank you for sharing.

Let me see if there is another question. Anyone have another question?  530-413-4515 is the other line to BBS. We have a couple of more minutes. Does anyone on the line have another question? 

Maya: Yes.

Wynn: Is that Maya? 

Maya: Yes.

Wynn: Okay, Maya tell me your question and I have to repeat it because you’re not on the air right now.

Maya: Can I ask a question regarding telepathy? 

Wynn: I don’t know if anyone here is an expert on telepathy, because we’re really talking about the channeled material – the Ra material and the Elohim material. However, what’s your question and we’ll see what happens.

Maya: As far as I understand telepathy works based on intention; I have observed a phenomena connecting telepathy people whom I do not intend to and not being able to connect with people I do intend to.  

Wynn: What Maya is saying is that she believes telepathy works with intentions, I’m not sure that’s true, but in her experience she ends up getting telepathic thoughts from people that she doesn’t really intend to. It sounds like that’s not a pleasant experience; that it interrupts her. Then people that she wants to get telepathic thoughts from, she’s not getting them. Do I have that correct, Maya? 

Maya: Yes. It is possible that certain levels of my consciousness…

Wynn: Maya, we’re going to run out of time; we have about one minute. Let me let Carla answer that, or Terry, or anyone else who is qualified.

Carla:  I think that the way telepathy works is by concept. Some people think in concepts, some people are right-brained and they have insight and they think in concepts. Some people are left-brained and linear and logical and they think in terms of ideas. If you’re trying to communicate with somebody who is linear and logical it’s probably not going to work. It’ll possibly work; sometimes artists especially are tremendously powerful senders and they don’t even really mean to. They don’t know that they’ broadcasting, but they are. So I think, that’s the probably the reason you can do it with some people and not with others. It’s not something we’re trained to do here. I believe it is something that is inherently possible for the human.

Wynn:  To give my little take on it, as we walk through life and are around people, as you start to become more spiritually evolved, you automatically become more sensitive to people. Everyone is broadcasting, so you feel their broadcasts and you hear all kinds of things going through your mind. Oftentimes it sounds like – you think it’s your own stuff because it’s hard to distinguish sometimes between what’s you and what’s someone else. At a certain point, one needs to learn how to shield themselves so that you don’t have lots of transient thoughts and feelings and everything go through you in the course of your day because it starts leaving you off-balance, particularly if you’re trying to hold a steady space.

I hope that answered Maya’s question. It’s 7:51 so I think we are going to sign off for the evening.

Carla has a website – She has thousands of pages of her channeled material on her website. I believe she has one of the most accurate sources of information and cosmology available on how things work in different dimensions. Particularly who are some of our major helpers in other dimensions and reading that material helps access those guys. Is there anything you want to say Carla?

Carla:  I just want to thank everybody for tuning in and asking such great questions. I love you all.

Wynn:  Great. We’ll see you next month and we’ll see everyone else next time we do.


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