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Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing.



                                                        The Ra'An for February 23, 2011



This is Wednesday, February 23rd. My name is Wynn Free and we are going to ask some questions that you have submitted to our sources tonight.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Do we have our sources present to greet us?


Ra'An: Yes, we greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with you this Wednesday.


Wynn: Terry has the flu. Can you guys help her heal herself?


Ra'An: Thank you. She has already asked and we have put a total blanket over her which will be healing from now on, as she has been working through some big grief with the passing of her friend. She will begin to heal.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question that we didn't get to last week. Australia has been having a lot of flooding and storms and people wanted to know what is the reason, if there is a reason that can be pointed to for that occurrence. We know that Australia is on the ring of fire, that we are expecting changes to occur, so it's not like it shouldn't occur, but particularly why Australia?


Ra'An: Australia is surrounded by water, and it is getting more rain in this period and having a couple of large storms which have brought rain as rain has been precipitated out of the moisture laden clouds by cooler ocean temperatures in the area of the rain. Looking at it from the broader picture, the wind currents have brought the storms to shore, and brought moisture ashore along a similar path with more rain along the same path, and the circumstances themselves bringing more downpour. It has to do with ocean currents moving north of Australia which are allowing the clouds to have more moisture than usual and then the winds patterns have directed them towards Australia. Some years there is more rain in the area.  This year it has been extreme, and it is based upon the ocean currents, the flow of the air, and the coolness in parts of the ocean.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. Can you share with us what the astral plane is and how it helps us and how it connects with us?


Ra'An: The astral plane is a layer. It is a layer of energy surrounding the planet and each individual, and it contains within it, feedback from consensus reality. It is a medium in which spirits when they leave their body for astral travel can negotiate from point to point with lightening speed, within this plane. It is a medium which can transfer frequencies, resonances at lightening speed. The astral plane is our friend as it surrounds us and bathes us in an etheric light that enables third density beings to move out of their bodies into a medium which is closer to their complete spirit structure in which they can travel and send and receive messages and emotions and love.


Wynn: Thank you.

I have a question. My friend has a friend who is in the hospital in Claremont with prostate cancer, I think he is in his sixties.


Ra'An: Thank you. We look in the area for the friend and we do pick someone out. There are several people in the hospital with  prostate cancer there. We do not know which one your friend is. We zero in on one person and we take a look and we suggest that Barry and Wynn and Terry talk about this off the line as there is a possible solution.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. This is from Suzanne Reed from Ohio. She says, my seventeen year old cat Onions has been very clingy in her old age. Whenever possible she lies on my chest directly over my heart chakra. I have been having trouble in this area and I was wondering if she is trying to assist in my spiritual growth?


Ra'An: Thank you for your questions. There is a strong heart bond between you and Onions, and she is attempting to open this up and make it stronger. As she does this also monitor the amount of love and energy she is giving and the amount she is receiving.  And also, take some breaks from this, and give her love outside of this and get her moving more.


Wynn: Thank you.

Question about what is happening in Egypt right now. Obviously there is some kind of insurgence of the common people. Can you tell us how this looks from your perspective?


Ra'An: We see a ground swell that is moving from Egypt to other countries of individuals who are seeking freedom and seeking more control over their own life and not to be used by the government and have a better life for themselves. We see that this is moving into more countries and the voice of the people is seeking to be heard. The voice of the family man and woman, who is attempting to have a better life and to raise their children in a more equitable arrangement and lifestyle.


Wynn: Thank you. Some of you are sending questions where you are asking really specific medical advice like treatment or should they do this or that. We really cannot answer those questions, even if we could we can't because it's not legal. We are not practicing medicine here. We are not licensed to give that kind of advice. If something goes wrong we would be to blame so think about that when you ask that kind of question. General questions are ok and asking for healing for someone is ok but when it comes to giving the specifics of advice, should they do this treatment or that treatment, I don't feel it's a good idea for us to answer those questions from both our points of view. It could get us in trouble. I think I will ask one more question. I am making it short tonight because Terry is not feeling well and I am letting her conserve her energy. I am going to ask this for Gjis.

He asks about his older brother Jan from Holland who committed suicide in September of 1996 and it is his understanding that his brother's soul might have gotten lost or stuck in the planetary realm. His question is, is it possible for a human while connected to awaken a lost soul and give the lost soul the option to connect to the higher realm; home. So if this is so, I want to ask you, can there be help given Jan with the option to release him if he is stuck. This tragedy happened close to where he and I used to live in the Netherlands. Thank you for any possible help with this.


Ra'An: The brother has fallen asleep and is attempting in this sleep to heal,or to not feel any wounds that he had, to ignore and to sleep in a healing sleep but ignoring the issues having to do with the suicide. We take a look at this as we can surround your brother with love-light and if we increase the intensity enough to match his slumber, he may be able to open his energy eyes and be able to see where he is and evaluate what is happening with him and be transferred to a place in the higher realms where he can get care.


Wynn: That will be our last question for tonight. Thank you






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