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                                                                       The Ra'An, March 2, 2011



This is Wednesday, March 2. This is our Wednesday night call where people ask questions. We are getting a lot of healing related questions and I wanted to take a moment and just call in the light before we start asking questions and channeling the answers and just bring our sources in to send light to all those people who are going through health issues. The way it works is that whenever there is something wrong in your body there is something in your energy that is off, your astral energy which is connected with that part of your body so if you can start correcting the energy, it automatically goes into the body and can help correct the body and promote a little bit of healing in the body. So of course, we are dealing with sources that are here to help us and they are here to do that as long as it doesn't violate someone's free will and as long as it is for the highest good of all concerned. Sometimes people get sick and something goes wrong in their body to teach them something and if they were to be denied that lesson by healing the body, probably it would not get healed. Sometimes when a person loves someone and wants a healing for that people, so sometimes they say they can't do anything without that person's agreement and sometimes something happens without that person's agreement, like what happened to my sister.

My thinking about why that happens is because I had a very close connection with my sister on inner levels and so they could work through my connection and get my sisters cooperation though even while she didn't know what was going on, but on a high self level.


So we have a few people here who have asked for healing and so let's just close our eyes and ask our sources to come into that connection, and we do this always maintaining the sovereign integrity of ourselves and right now we have created this group energy and lets put each person into this energy. I will leave a space if you are on the replay line so you will be able to do it also. The people who have made requests. We have Jean whose grandson is going into the hospital for an operation tomorrow. Let's put that into the light. Let's put Dee's husband into the light for his issues. Her husband has blockages and polyps. Let's put Isis' mother Celia who lives in Nogales, Arizona. She has a discomfort under her rib cage and doesn't know what it is. Let's put that into the light. Let's put Jim in Texas. Just put his whole body into the light. Edna for lymph nodes in her neck. Just close our eyes and send love-light to those people and to ourselves and those we are close to for healing whenever it is possible. Let's send healing to our planet. Anywhere where there is opportunity for light to get through the cracks.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is March 2 2011, and we are mindful of each and every person and situation that you have put into the light. These situations are person selective and each person has different issues and different outcomes. We put each one of those individuals in the light and one at a time we send love-light and healing to each individual. To Jean's grandson and we send love-light to the operating room and to the staff to the nurses and to her son and we send love-light and see the breathing difficulties and we send love-light to the operation of his body and to the larger matrix that he is occupying. We send love-light to Emma and see that the flow of liquids needs to be increased and the movement of liquids is what keeps the lymph flowing. An increase of liquids is needed.

We send the light to Jim and take a moment. Thank you for being open. Notice any changes that occur after this call or even now. We send love-light to Celia to Isis' mother and we see there is a lack of flow in an area under the rib cage. There needs to be an increase in liquids and in this particular case we suggest that information may be given in calling in more advice from Dr. Marshall which we have given the telephone number before. To get the movement going in that area of congestion, as it is causing pain in that area. We give it a moment to send energy and love-light to her whole system. Do you have further questions tonight?


Wynn: Yes we do. We have a question from Chris. What can I do to keep myself from affecting electrical things? Now I assume that he is one of those people that screws up computers and a number of people have this question that when they start to make celestial connections, they start to affect other people's things. Is there something they can do to prevent this from happening?


Ra'An: Observe the situation. We are aware of this phenomena. Terry too has this to some degree has this phenomena in logging on and having it go out or on computers suddenly jamming. It is the radiance of the field intersecting with the devices that sends an extra surge that puts the device out of commission. If one is using a computer, one can use shielding around the body from preventing this. If one is walking under a street light that their energy intersects with the flow of electricity in the street light, this can be difficult to control. One can enjoy the phenomena and marvel at this. We suggest observation and also tolerance that this is happening. There is at some level, an individual may learn how to control their field and become sensitive enough that they can foresee the reaction and they can withhold the frequencies that cause the interference. So this is a challenge one can undertake through observation and control of one's own view to bring this phenomena under control.


Wynn: I have a question about this and that is: If a person starts to ground their energy more, would it tend to limit this phenomena? In other words if they were getting more balance in their lower chakras so the energy would flow through them into the earth. Would that impact how the way they affect electrical devices?


Ra'An: Yes. We would suggest that women wear flat shoes instead of high heel shoes which will ground them better into the earth. That individuals may take off their shoes which will ground them better with their feet flat on the floor or the ground and not only ground to the earth but ground through the crown chakra to the Hunab Ku which will ground them from both directions and tend to align their energies.


Wynn: Thank you. This is from Trevor in England. Why are there dictators like Gaddafi of the earth plane? Are they advanced or just negative souls? What is the life long long lesson or path for those who treat us so badly?


Ra'An: this is the second time Gaddafi has been mentioned and we see he is a negative individual and we also see that from our vantage point when we all send him love-light that there was an area within him that is burning brightly that is able to receive and send back the light. He is learning in the area of power and mastery and feels that he makes the general rules and the rules of others do not apply. This is the area that he is seeking to ground himself and to come into his own realization of himself. He does not consider the outcome for the lower individual. He considers his matrix of overlay of power and he run energy through it at an etheric level. It makes his to some degree, compelling to some individuals and it gives him power to override other systems. He is one of the individuals who can use these techniques to move into negative 4D. He has the etheric electrical connections to bring things to him in the area of power and mastery and it makes it hard for his subjects to move into their own power. To some degree he has siphoned off from his people power and money. He is riding on a wave we don't have a word for. His people are working to liberate themselves from his power. Those are our comments on that. Do you have other questions on that?


Wynn: Yes. When there is a situation where there is someone like Gaddafi who is oppressive to the population, at times I have read that the population choose that because it was their karma patterns and past episodes. Is this always the case or is it sometimes the case or is it sometime the case that someone choose to be born into a certain country and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time?


Ra'An: There is a situation of ending up at the wrong place at the wrong time as one when they came in did not consider all of the factors but wanted a certain experience and was not entirely cognizant of the total ramifications of where they came in. As far as the people having chosen it, it is a synergistic relationship where the people came under the power and spell of Gaddafi and now they are seeking to break free of this power and he is holding on as to the magic invisible star reigns of psychic power over his people he feels he can revitalize by saying such things as 'my people love me' and to say this and believe this then he is seeking to put power back into the magic connection where they give him power.


Wynn: Thank you.

Ok. Next question. This is a from Case and this is one of those esoteric questions. He uses the word sub-Logos, the level of the sub-creators. How many levels do we have between ourselves and The One Infinite Creator? In other words can you explain the hierarchy of energies from Infinite Creator, Elohim to typical human? I would say, this is Wynn speaking, you know there is a connection energetically from hierarchies to something called Sacred Geometry where there is like umbrellas of energy over umbrellas of energy over umbrellas of energy back to Source and they are in geometrical patterns. I would like to add to the question, is there a way of understanding the geometrical patterns in the way they connect to the hierarchy as he calls it. I don't like to use the word hierarchy because it creates perhaps 'lesser than' and then there is 'greater then'. I imagine that when we are doing these calls bringing these energies in we are bringing them all the way through these levels. I imagine it is different for different countries, different people, differ races. There are different ways it sub-divides. Can you shed any understand on this question?


Ra'An: We look at the creation and we see different structures, different hierarchies. For instance there is the star, the sun and then there are the planets and within and around each planet there are sub-logi, we would call them, spiritual advisers, spiritual guidance that watch over their planet and there are some individuals, and by that we do not mean lesser, we mean they have different jobs. There are guardians at lower levels and they all fit together into a matrix and a pattern that all work together and they all work together with the star, the sun. Information is sent back and forth and structures are based upon mathematical relationships that code and send information and channeled information into forms of communication, radiation, frequencies, wave lengths that move throughout the solar system and there are very high frequencies. There are spectrums within the spectrum that earth may see. It is a small spectrum and there are whole other spectrums available; frequencies that give and send information and relay information and all is a part of everything. So for ourselves, for the Elohim, we do not look at the structures, we look at individuals and can see into their heart and do not operate through others. We can look in the areas and obtain information. We can go straight to the Source without going through the hierarchies involved. Just like looking at a city and seeing houses and buildings and seeing power and little things and they all have their form and they all have their administration and they all have their workers and they determine their life. We can move into a house and see a family or see an individual and we can move back out. It depends upon our focus. We hope this sheds some light upon this question.


Wynn: I think it does and that was the Elohim answering and the question comes does the Ra Group operate in a similar manner or what is the difference in terms of how the Ra Group would move into this realm and work in connections here.


Ra'An: As the Ra Group, we have planning sessions in which we meet and we have assignments such as Israel to see what is needed, what can be done to stop terrorist activity if it can be done according to the free will clause. We have sessions and we report back and we work as a group and we note areas of trouble and can move in and out.


Wynn: Thank you. Are there times when you ask the Elohim to work with you in a particular situation or circumstance?


Ra'An: The Elohim is a higher frequency than us and as individuals within the earth plane forget that heaven is watching, we tend to forget that the Elohim is watching.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. You know this is the second question about electrical disturbances and this person who did not give their name realized that during the phone call the camera on their computer did not work and then it works fine afterward. I would just assume it was the energy on the call that was disturbing the camera similar to the previous answer for Chris.


Ra'An: You may check and see if there is some circuitry put in place during the call that is disconnected after that senses the camera from the circuitry.


Wynn: Thank you.

Edna had a question here. She would like to know how to create a shield of protection when under stress. How to protect myself and be grounded and centered. I assume this is about her job but she did not say that.


Ra'An: One of the things that you may do it call in the light, as Wynn calls in the light, that any negative energies may be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the good of all concerned. To see yourself in golden light and be in connection with the higher sources and also grounding yourself to the ground, which can mean wearing shoes wherein the chakras on the bottom of your feet, as each foot has an chakra in the sole of the foot, in the arch that this may be grounded to the floor to help you ground and also to know within yourself that you are separate from the individual who is irritating and that you are separate and picture yourself as strong and loved and whole and yet that other person, give them the freedom to be themselves yet know that your are whole and good. Also in your environment look for the individuals who are not giving you trouble and isolate those who are and that way you will see better what you are dealing with. If you can then focus on dealing with the few individuals that are giving you trouble, rather than the whole of everything, it may help you to gain some control of the situation. Try this and then report back and let us know the results


Wynn: Thank you.

I am not going to ask any more questions tonight and there is a lady who has a health question and I thought we would just thought we would take a moment and send her the light. She had bladder pain where she had a job where she was unable to go to the bathroom. Her name is Kathy. She no longer has the job but she still has the pain. So in a moment of silence lets send her the light.


Any final comments before we sign off?


Ra'An: We send love to each and every person who listens on the line or listens to the replay or reads the transcript and we send love to those wishing to connect. It is our profound joy to make contact with you in the earth realm.



Wynn: Thank you.

I just wanted to send light to two more people that I forgot. One is to Terry who is recovering from her cough and the other is Carla Ruckert who is going through a lot of pain in her back and may have to have another operation. On that note we will close this session and thank all who are present and listening to the replays and will see some of you on the grid healing.






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