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                                                                   Ra'An for March 9, 2011



This is Wednesday, March 9th 2011. Some of you might try writing on a piece of paper, I am Ra and don't think about it, just say it and you might be surprised and some of you will access your high self. Now if you asked Terry how it was to channel it would be like that. For someone who is channeling it feels as if they are making it up and it takes a while to figure when they say something that you could not possibly know or when they say something wiser than your conscious mind could ever be.

So we have some questions for tonight and I will call in the light.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is March 9th, 2011 on planet earth and we greet each and every one of you and we are delighted to be with you this Wednesday and make contact wherever you are or whenever you listen to the call on the replay line or on an audio or when you read the transcript. Our heart and love goes out to Suzanne Hayes for doing the transcriptions and for Terry and Wynn for providing this and for each and every person on the line, we love you dearly and we are alert and awaiting your questions.


Wynn: Thank you.

Just to start before I go through the questions, let's take a moment and call in the light and send it to Carla Ruckert who has gone in for another operation. Anyone on the line who needs any kind of healing, let's just take a moment of silence on behalf of you and bring up that energy.


This first question is from Lori in San Carlos. When awakening and spirituality occurs and there is only one in a family how can that bring the rest in a shared spirituality when none of them are interested to do so. Does this happen slowly for if it were not to occur for the others, why would one be put with such a family to begin with?


Ra'An: Thank you. We take a minute and we are looking at your family. Your family has chosen to be with you. You are marching ahead and the others are not ready to follow that path at this time. They are on their own track. The best you can do is to honor the track that they are on and listen to them as they share their experiences and their goals and their desires. You may find in them the desire that each and every person has to find out more about themselves. They are seeking their own way in their own experience and have come here to experience life in this dimension. There is time for all, so by example, let them know that you care and be with them and let them share and talk with you to find out exactly what their goals are and where they are at, and how you can contribute to them and how Spirit might also might contribute to them. If they do not desire to go into a certain place at this time, then let them be where they are. When you find things that they are reaching out to know or to grow in the spiritual area then you can fill them in or give them data and they will be open since they are seeking that data. People are at different places on their track. They have been together with you before and are working things with you and give them their tether to be able to explore and to come from the area they are coming from but be a spiritual example for them and they will pick this up. This is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you.

Here is a question from the person who giggles on the line and I won't say her name but she asks a question about the pituitary and the pineal glands. She asks, what is the appropriate way to have a more flawless connection with the high realms in connection with the pituitary and pineal glands. I am going to add some things to that question and that is: We know that the pituitary and the pineal glands are connected to the opening of the higher chakras but they are also connected to the heart chakra and the lower chakras? There are physical ways that those glands become disabled. They become calcified and then there are substances you can take, David Wilcock was talking about a certain kind of fish oil that would open the pineal gland. In terms of graduating this realm, what is the importance of those glands being open? Do they affect the heart chakra or just the higher chakras?


Ra'An: The chakras work in synchronicity with each other and the pineal gland opening up is helped to open by an open heart chakra. With an open heart chakra, one then has the ability to see and to develop the pineal gland further and it helps also with the expression chakra as when one in sync and in tune with the individuals around them which they do become when the pineal gland opens. They can be more psychic and they can be more caring and they can then see where an individual is coming from more easily and they are not so caught in the lower ramifications of their life within the realm and can see into others and can understand them with more clarity.


The pituitary gland helps control the other glands and can help the hormones adjust and all of this works together to connect one up with the higher chakras; the crown chakra. Individuals who wish to develop the pineal gland can begin to envision that they can feel that they can open themselves to be sensitive to vibrations at a higher level and the vibrations are directional so that one feels vibrations coming in from a certain direction and then can begin to formulate in their brain what these manifestations are about and can begin then to develop psychic-ness and to pick up what is making these vibrations and the significance of it. The more one uses the pineal gland the more open it becomes and the more useful it becomes. As Wynn pointed out there are substances that can close down the pineal gland, for instance fluoride can calcify the pineal gland so one can avoid using fluoride in water and in toothpaste. So to answer your question yes, the heart chakra and the pineal and the pitutiary and indeed all the chakras and the expression chakra are all related. As one opens, it helps to open the others. When one opens the heart chakra is helps to open the pineal gland because then individuals can be more aware of their surroundings and more open and can see with more clarity and understanding what is out there; the significance of it.


Wynn: You said if a person exercises those glands they open more. What would be considered exercise for the pineal gland, for example?


Ra'An: When one goes to bed at night, with the lights out, one can envision, just to see if one can see. If one can notice what is going on outside of their house. If it is raining or snowing, can one, when they close their eyes, can they see the snow coming down softly. Can they see or sense the rain, if it is raining. At Christmas time, when they close their eyes, do they see Christmas tree lights that are being projected by consensus reality by all of the houses with all the Christmas tree lights. Start to notice little things and track where those little things you are seeing are coming from. And as we speak directly to Temperance, you may exercise this gland by noting phenomena around you. You don't have to do anything about it, just note it and see how it feels to note it. See if you can tell what is the distance of it away. Is it rain above your house. Are the Christmas lights at Christmastime even a continent away even. Something that is making an impact in the consensus reality may project and this can be picked up by the openness through the pineal gland and your pineal gland can begin to sense distances and focus like an eye focuses. The pineal gland can also focus on a remote location. Is it far away, is it near? So the individual can exercise then can exercise, much like a muscle this pineal gland. It can get stronger and you can know more what you are seeing through the aperture of the pineal gland.


Wynn: Thank you

When we do things like shut our eyes and feel the connection and the light coming into the top of our heads, is that an exercise for our pineal gland?


Ra'An: That is an exercise for the crown chakra as you may note a pressure in the crown chakra and a tingling in the crown chakra and you may note a sensation of light coming in. You might see light behind your eyes. This is a connection from the upper chakra. The pineal is more of a focusing mechanism like the eye can focus, the pineal can focus and see things from a distance, you might focus from ten feet away, five feet away and as you are looking at a remote object you can see it more clearly based upon the distance you are away, say you are fifty feet away then it's very small and if you are four feet away then it's very clear and brilliant and if you are one inch away it is very big. This is like a focusing mechanism the pineal gland.


Wynn: So is pineal gland is more connected to psychic awareness or the third eye. Not the crown chakra but the third eye.


Ra'An: Yes


Wynn: Alright. Gary Brownlee is asking what is the unconscious mind, the conscious mind and the super conscious mind. These are kind of phychological terms so I don't know if you will interpret them the same way Gary does. He says what is the primary function of each.


Ra'An: We can answer your question based upon perhaps a different vocabulary. When we talk about the unconscious, we talk about not the individual being, but the body function. Where the body function has closed down but the individual is still aware and is still recording and privy to everything that is going on, and hearing everything and seeing everything, however the body function has shut down to a degree and the individual is still present and still recording and seeing and hearing with his facilities that the individual soul matrix carries with it. The sub-conscious which you have not asked about, may be what you are referring to as the unconscious. The sub-conscious is where there is data going on around the individual and like a tuning station is is recorded in the background and the individual may find it popping into his head, or it may be where the memories are stored from incidents that he has long ago forgotten, however they can be triggered by current circumstances so that something in the current circumstance comes up and the individual hears about it or sees it, or experiences it and goose bumps go down his back and he goes, now that is really weird, there is something to do with that, but he doesn't know what and it's like its in his sub-conscious and starting to surface because the situation has triggered something from the past which has been recorded but forgotten or the individual finds it too hurtful to try to think about so he pushes it back down so that he doesn't want to remember it and doesn't want to address it. So he may become a like a music junkie or someone that wants something going on every minute or he wants to develop money problems or something that will take up all his attention and he won't have this other stuff that is scary and boiling to the surface. These sub-conscious memories that are pushed down have a whole range. They may be close to the surface or they may be just not even remembered at all until that one minute in time when something similar comes up that the individual says, oh my god, something is there, this is giving me goose bumps. We would consider that the sub-conscious. We are unfamiliar with the term super-conscious. It's like we can envision an individual who has opened up all his/her chakras and is recording information and has control over what information over what is recording so they can really focus their attention and awareness on a specific subject but yet can move in and out of that subject so they maintain control and in conjunction with their circumstances. They are like a driver that is in the operator seat and they are operating their matrix with full consciousness and awareness and can even move in and out of the awareness of the small spectrum within which they live and can open up their awareness to other aspects of the spectrum and can have super sight and super sound and can have a sixth sense and open themselves up to be a real live aware individual. Wasn't there one more?


Wynn: Conscious, unconscious and super conscious.


So conscious, we would consider someone who was operating within the spectrum of their density and was able to track and be on top of their game, because when they become not on top of their game, they tend to wish to shut down their awareness or they might become uncomfortable and then their awareness begins to decline in the area as they seek to conserve their energies so that they may obtain the best survival of their organism. So somebody that is conscious is somebody awake and aware and able to operate within their surroundings and have normal operations with others and be able to track and comprehend and there are many rounds of this, like there would be his own life and his family and his family's life and the group and the group's life and the worldly animals and plants and be able to be aware in these different aspects and the social conscience and be operational and be able to take in and give data in all these areas. We hope that that supplies some information and if we have interpreted these terms differently and if you wish to ask further questions be sure to ask.


Wynn: Ok. This is a question from Peg in Massachusetts. Sometimes I feel that my spirituality is being taken over by negative forces and I have a hard time getting myself back on track. Could this really be happening or is it just my imagination working overtime?


Ra'An: Thank you Peg. Trust your instincts and this is an awareness that you have, so the next thing is to observe when you feel that your space, your thoughts, your sphere is being taken over by a negative influence. Back up. Take a minute and observe. Is it coming from the same direction? What can you isolate out about that. Is it coming from consensus reality? Is it coming from some incident that has happened in the neighborhood or the area or is it something very strong on the news. Is it something that is being beamed in, and if so, can you move out of the field. In your own space move a little bit to one side. Move a little bit to the other side. Can you get out of the space of that negativity? Can you then see that negativity as over to one side or is that negativity coming from a fear of something that is boiling up from underneath. See what you can observe about it and the more that you can observe about it, the more that you can tell what it is that you need to do to be able to handle it and get out of the fear. Is is something that is coming from the house? Is it more than one of these things? Can you isolate out one part of it? Can you then isolate out another part. Is is coming from multiple sources. Is it coming also from the panic that certain individuals are feeling about losing their house or about the economic situation or that people may be putting on a brave front. They may have undercurrents of fear and this may be permeating the vibes of the whole neighborhood. So that is our first inclination. Trust yourself and then observe and know that you are a good person and you are loved and are worthy of love and have confidence that you will be able to walk through this and out of it.


Wynn: Thank you. We have a question from Holly Tipton. Does wealth hinder technology and one's spiritual progress? How is wealth; money, viewed spiritually? Does a resource based economy work for society? Are other planets or entity environments resource based instead of economy based? It seems there is such an vast imbalance in how financial wealth, the representation of power, is distributed. The lack of wealth seems to be easily used to punish and deny the less fortunate. The ones that do have vast wealth do not seem much happier or better off spiritually, in fact, some of the wealthy seem to be very unbalanced. Why do fame and wealth have more value power than righteousness, purity and honorable intentions. Why is the shirt that I make out of scraps of material for five dollars of material, yet if someone with a famous designer name were to make the same shirt, worth five hundred dollars? Why do entertainers and athletes make tremendous amounts of wealth while teachers, scientists and production workers make just enough to get by? It seems to me that the monetary system prevents progress because those with power and fame discourage and suppress new discoveries and technology because they are making so much wealth with the status quo. On the other hand, there are those like Wynn Free and David Wilcock who can use their power and fame to advance awareness, however, they are prevented from exposing this knowledge to the masses due to financial restrictions. Can you comment on this?


Ra'An: You have asked many questions that are questions in themselves so that if you take all the questions individually, you will have each one having a part of the answer. The way the society is set up, when an entertainer entertains, it is something that the individuals wish to bring themselves in contact with and there are then many individuals feeding money then into one entertainer. So, in a way, it is like the structure of a bridge that is unwieldy and awkward and has not been designed quite right. However, it is the demand of the individuals who are willing to pay for that. There are societies in other parts of the galaxy who do more on the exchange of goods more directly and more with directly providing services to others that are needed and then having services provided for them that are needed. Like a bank wherein so many credits would be assigned to a maker of clothes in return for the providing of energy and it is all kept track of so individuals can move into collect their energy resources; the work of their hands, the food that is needed based upon a data bank of how many credits they have contributed and then they can go draw out that many credits for whatever they wish to purchase and have that many credits deducted from their energy bank of credits. This seems to work very well, however it takes keeping track with a computer system which is not available at this time in the earth realm. There are more equitable ways and in some ways and in some ways, the earth society is lagging behind. There are areas of glitches wherein the economy gets hung up and there are areas of lobbyists which then make use of the system to bring financial reward into certain companies which is causing the system to stick in some places and go off the rails from the true idealistic situations that would bring each person the most economy and the most fairness and the most help.


Wynn: Thank you.

I am just going to ask one question for closing. Let me comment that many times people come on the line and they ask a question and something changes. There is always a little mystery involved, because was that a coincidence or was that our sources. That mystery is kind of a positive thing. It's as the Ra Group has mentioned, that if our sources just did everything we asked we could become slaves to them, plus, we are getting the idea that it is co-creative and we are part of the solution as well as the problem. There was a fellow on the line last week who was talking about a polyps in his colon and apparently it started to shrink after we put it in the light. He emailed me during the week. Our sources may not want to answer this but I'm going to ask the question. This morning I had a conversation with Jim here in Sedona. Jim was a little bit in a panic because his house was supposed to be foreclosed and they were going to be selling it today and he was trying to get his lawyer and find some kind of excuse to go down to the court and delay it. So we put it in the light and I said for the highest good, can we get any help on this? We hung up and I just let it go and he sent me an email and the date of the selling was delayed thirty days. If our sources want to answer that. Were they involved in that delay? Did we do it or was it just co-incidence?


Ra'An: Thank you.

In each instance of this nature where something changes after you have asked, it is not generally one thing or another, it is a co-creative thing where orientation is able to change and the situation is able to move into a different situation and it is based upon the fact that the individual himself wishes it, he intends it, he hopes it, he is putting forth his effort towards it, which is beginning to move the thought and the molecules involved with everyone. In bringing in the higher forces there are more individuals which are able to bring thought into change into the area and that together that provides leverage for the change. So it is not one or the other but a combined effort co-creative effort that is able to move into manifestation in the third density.


Wynn: So the fact that the two of us were on the phone and called in the light and asked was really a major impact then on this shift.


Ra'An: It was a major impact on the shift, however it shoved it over the side because there were other influences on this. He was already thinking of this and the lawyer was already thinking of it and so there was other influences. There was a clerk and it was more easy to move the clerk into that mode.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is a good time to do a little promotion for Team Shift where people get on the phone every day and put things in the light so if you want to shift something in your life go to and fill out the form and somebody will schedule you and put you into a group and try it out. You don't have to be on everyday, as much as you can, three or four times, it's like a five to ten minute call just putting things in the light like this. Anything from our sources to say goodbye to us before we disconnect?


Ra'An: We are honored that you are working with us and that you are asking assistance. We desire to assist you as it touches us deeply as we are then connected more with you and it brings the family that we are all of closer together.







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