Sunday Grid Healing Transcript March 13, 2011

Transcriber: Gina Brown



Wynn: Letís go into visualizationÖ

Michael (San Diego): Weíve the power to make a difference in Japan ourselves. We can charter our own energy/healing to Japan for the Nuclear reactors. An Earthquake hit Hawaii with a tsunami and people got together and said we wonít let this happen, so we can do this.

Wynn: Thatís why weíre here. Thereís evidence that this little call can make a difference around the world. Itís a template, and example of what people can do with focused intention. You are making your vote, energy, intention known to the Universe and the Universe is listening, answering back through Terry in a moment. Letís go into a guided meditation/visualizationÖIf you trust the energy on the call and the sources, be neutral. Shut your eyes, put your feet on the ground, and create an energy connection between your body and the Universe now. Think of Mother Earth: A conscious being energy around her as we do, coming up through the ground, into the floor, through your feet, legs, calves. Think of the energy of the Earth through your Solar Plexus, neck, head. Punch through the top of your head-the Crown Chakra. See the energy above your head using your imagination. Keep going up through the ceiling above your house. Keep going above the clouds, keep going above the veil as you hold the grids of this planet in check. Keep going to the place where all the energies touch each other to become a group energy, while doing this maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We may feel something in our body. Time exists simultaneously, time is just a mechanism. All time (oneness) exists now. So we can go back to the oneness, we can go before this time. We still exist at the bottom of the track as we are tuning into the energy at the top of the track where weíre all one, to the bottom. So weíre going to bring the energy back down to all levels of oneness. Will bring it back down through the veil, through the energies of the Earth, to the top of our head. Remember how we felt when we did it to the top? Well now weíre going back down. We are directing this energy-itís following our requests. We can ask for what we want to request. How about our teeth and gums, our brains, wherever we want to focus energy to do it. We then go to our chest: the heart, the lungs. Letís heal the physical aspect of those organs. Take a deep breath ďAaahĒ See all the blood pumping and flowing. The arteries going through the heart. See the plaque falling off the walls, opening up the arteries. Imagine it. Look and see whatís stuck energy in the heart. Whose hurt you that you need to forgive? We want to let all the energy go now in your track. Anyone who has ever hurt you, just free the space. Former lovers, husbands, anyone that stole from you, anyone who has talked badly about you, ruined your reputation. It doesnít mean you have to be friends with them, but let the feelings/energy go from your heart. It doesnít mean we havenít done the same to others also. Just let it go, like a beautiful energy crystal in our heart, so others can feel it. Letís go to the Solar Plexus-our stomach. The digestion, the elimination. See it working, not holding on or being quenched. Fill the Solar Plexus with energy-radiating power around us. This creates boundaries that other people canít move into our energy field, unless you want them to. Letís move down to the second Chakra. The sex Chakra. Weíre all animals on some level. Sex is part of the animal side energy. Weíve to deal it one way or another with no shame or guilt. Just donít hurt others. Many of us have expectations with this. If you are going into this with someone you know, know the level of expectation with the other person, and be honest with them. Letís go to the Root Chakra. The root of the Earth. The spine, a security and groundedness back through our feet. Take a moment, look what we created. A oneness, a group energy of souls down to the top of our head, through our feet, through the energy, into the Earth. Any place in our body we havenít asked for healing letís do it now to that place. Anyone that you care about go ahead and send energy to them now for the highest good of all concerned.

Wynn: Ok I am going to call in the light: ď Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect everyone on this line. We see ourselves radiating in the flow of energy though the center of the galaxy, to the center of the Universe, to the center of the earth and down through the center of our bodies. We ask that any negativity must leave now. We invoke a group energy/consciousness and a protected space that only the positive has access to and any negativity must leave now.

Terry (RAAN): We greet you in the love light of the One infinite creator on this March 13 as we look at the Earth. We ask help for the Japanese people as they search and help as many are buried. The major concern of the country is the nuclear reactor. We also have with us the Whales and Dolphins are on board and are aware of this situation and are sensitive to other parts of the ocean and whatís going on in Japan and the breaking and moving of Earth. They are in harmony with and aware of the connection with the agony of the Earth moving into new position based upon the energies/pressures built on it. From the Japanese islands to the stars and from heavenly bodies as these put pressures on weaker areas that are exposed opening to these areas where Earth may move other areas. Like San Andreas, Gulf plate, Madrid fault, Mid Atlantic Ridge, there is potential for movement in these areas.

The individuals look at these areas. Fear and influence tends to take over. They donít consider the longer picture and the needs of those under pressure, but the needs of the individual him/herself as part of the greater picture. Each individual is reminded that they are a part of all that is in Heaven. Every individual is working hard to bring an individual through their passing experience. The individuals on the other side are working to help the ones passing over quickly. 1,000, 5,000, 6,000, 7,000 individuals within that realm. They suddenly pass over but are still in the energies of the Earth plane.

[The individuals on the other side, as well as those on this side] this includes everyone on the line, the Whales and the Dolphins to let the individuals know that they may move on. Theyíve moved on even if the energies are still in 3D, the energies have stabilized. For the individuals passing over in these earthquakes, let them know whatís happened and in each circumstance let individuals know they may let go of the experience. They may move on.

Let their relatives know to let go and find solace and comfort, and that people will wait and comfort them in the Heavenly realm. The Japanese individuals-they may feel solace. The Whales and Dolphins, the RA, Elohim, and all on the line and the replay line are helping them pass over with solace and dignity to waiting Angels. We send them comfort to the families still in Earth realm. We give a moment that each of these individuals are comforted with solace.

There are more in the rubble and more dead bodies in Japan. May the living and dead people move beyond disaster and fear and the dead ones move to the Heavenly realm to solace. May the Japanese speak a universal language of solace and comfort to individuals which have passed over not knowing. We send them love/light energy. The people on this line, the Dolphins and Whales are sending love/light energy on time track as these people move to a new home.

Itís the synchronicity of the Angels working with the families in the Earth realm fighting to look for their loved ones. We send love/light and signals to rescuers to find people more easily.

Letís look at the nuclear reactors, and send signals for someone to get capability of restoring electricity to the reactors instead of mixing sea water into the mix, otherwise it will be a more turbulent situation. Perhaps other reactors are working properly we send that they stay under control. We send love to people working on this to bring it under control. The Dolphins and Whales and us Elohim and us the RA, and everyone on the call blending love/light to stabilize and end this situation rapidly.

We send love/light to alert the facilities and the rescue workers in other areas of the world: The conveyer West Coast belt, U.S. Madrid fault, So. California, San Francisco area ridge, Mid Atlantic ridge that these places hold in harmony with the Earth. Let individuals know that they may open up their information and connection with the Earth. To grant Earth the ability to stabilize and reharmonize. Also be willing to change the circumstance and that they may be connected with the other side.

We send love/light energy to the Earth to help stabilize the Earth.

We send love/light to the people working to stabilize the economy. To the teachers in Uganda and everywhere and students. Especially for Uganda in peace and harmony. We send love/light for individuals everywhere to bring truth to the Fluoride situation and the effects of it. May this be put in the proper perspective so the good of Mankind is represented.

Those are our comments. We particularly send love/light to everyone on this line and the replay line for help and synchronicities and harmonious existence. Our profound gratitude and thanks and feeling of connection to each and every one of you, we send our profound love. Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you so much. We have seen that violent deaths stuck in this realm/Astral have many incarnations. This comes up a lot on these calls to release the souls. I can not validate the effects of a violent death, but this seems to be so.

Terry was anticipating this call and feeling the increased energy of it. I thank you all for holding this space.

Ok letís go back to the group energy. The place where we exist as a group, with our sources with us, as a part of us, as a group. Letís send energy to that place just as we did with ourselves. We brought the energy up to the celestial realms and grounded it to the Earth. As we work to heal distortions in our track, the Earth too has distortions in her track. The more those are released, the more minimal those Earth changes will be to bring energy to those places. We spring back to old patterns and we need to keep coming back to keep clearing our space. We need to bring this to the Earth to clear the Universe. We act in the spirit of this oneness. We beam razor beams of light energy to Earth: to the water, lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, tap water. Water is very responsive. Dr. Emoto has proven that the molecular/crystalline structure of water can change, especially when love is beamed at it. Letís aim love at the body of water-all oceans. Envision a body of water you are connected to. You do so with every place youíve been as a part of you is still there. I remember when I went to Atlantic City to sit on the sand and watch the ocean, and to Venice; CA. where Iíd walk up and down and see the ocean. Think of places youíve been and send connected energy to the water. Letís do the same with the Earth- the hills, the mountain tops, ranges, anything that goes upwards. Send energy to these projects, spreading to the Earth below. Letís do all the plant life-the trees, aiming their leaves upwards, converting them with photosynthesis through their branches and roots.

Letís send energy to the animals-the Dolphins and the Whales. According to our sources, they can feel the energy on this line. Some of you notice the energy coming back. Maybe we are feeling the energy of the Whales and the Dolphins. Letís also send energy to the pets dedicated to their owners keeping their hearts open-the dogs, the cats, the birds, the hamsters, the lizards. And animals in the Zoos staring at all the people staring at them. The wild animals-the Giraffes, the Elephants. Everything on the planet has a connection. The animals help ground the energy to the Earth. To the Lightworkers-people with high intention and spiritual awareness of the Law of One, and learn how to express compassion and empathy for their fellow man. May they learn to lift the energy connection with higher realms. We send them support as their higher selves and their energy join us on this particular project. To the Indigo/Crystal children whoíve come into this realm from higher realms for this shift but have gotten lost . We ask they be guided to their purpose and to those in power make decisions for the highest good of all concerned. Whether theyíre in Government or business or a concierge at a hotel cheering up people that enter a hotel, may they all connect with compassion as they are all part of the spiritual evolution.

Letís do the earthquake grids/ faults. Around every fault let there be energies. When these energies disconnect they tend to be more violent. The more people connect with these energies and flow it into the Earth the more peaceful transitions will be. There will be more earthquakes. We ask that they be smaller and away from population centers. We have gratitude that the Japanese earthquake didnít happen in populated centers. We ask earthquakes to occur off population centers with minimal damage to life. Every week we do the Ring of Fire-the land mass around the Pacific Ocean. This is the most violent area for earthquakes on the planet. We can see this with the earthquakes recently in So. America, Japan, Indonesia. So letís go up the coast to the tip of So. America up the coast line.

Terry: Letís do it multi-dimensionally, so we do it at a great depth as well as the surface.

Wynn: Good idea. Letís go to the crust of the Earth where faults are running. Go from the tip of So. America up the coastline to Central America, up the coastline to Mexico to So. California, San Diego, Chula Vista, Carlsbad, Oceanside, L.A., Imagine/visualize these energies penetrating the Earth, Ca., L.A., Malibu, Ventura, Santa Barbara, sending love/light to the Earthís crust.

Terry: Fault lines too, surround and permeate with love/light.

Wynn: Letís look at the area of sea around the coastline and any faults within the sea as weíve seen the potential for tsunamis. Then up the coastline to Santa Cruz, Pacifica, Daly City, So. San Francisco, San Francisco, Berkeley. Some of you are in those areas, so hold the space in these places. Letís go to Sausalito, Walnut Creek, Concord, Oakland, Marin City, up to Mendocino, Oregon, Mt. Hood, Portland, up to Washington, Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Vancouver. Shut your eyes and feel the energy coming off the top of your head if you choose to see energy going into these areas. Letís move to the West Coast of Canada, Alaska, Russia, down to Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaiíi, Fuji Islands. Letís be big right now, no limitations, zoom out and look at the whole area. See the masses of light surrounding and protecting the Pacific Rim and permeating it especially the part in Japan that had the earthquake and tsunami. Letís see Japan and surround/permeate it with this energy. Each of you on this call is potentially an anchor for these energies in your physical location.

Wynn: Iím going to open up the lines so you can say your name and city and give about 10 seconds in between so each of us can focus the energy to help them anchor in the area that they live in.

Terry Brown: The New Madrid whole fault area, for stabilization and love/light to go to the whole ground of the whole earth in the area and the people.

Crystal Free- Sedona; AZ.

Gina Brown-Oahu; HI. With beautiful breaching Humpback Whales


Matt Bugaloo-IA.

Belina-Santa Fe; NM.

Don-Pembrooke Pines; FL. I send love/light

Jim-Humbolt; TX.

Charmaine-Atlantic Coast


Michael-Southern CA.

Gary-Redondo Beach; CA.

Zoe-Sacramento; CA.

Lori-San Carlos; CA.

Ann-Lake Tahoe

Coleen-Vancouver; BC.


Wynn: As we do this see/imagine the links of light coming to each person connecting the planet together.


Cindy-Peoria; AZ.

Debbie-Costa Mesa; CA.

Horst-London; Canada

Francis-Concord; CA.

Gijs-Magalia; CA.

Wynn: Letís ask that to any earthquake fault on the planet we give our energy/intention to our sources to surround every fault with love/light and to minimize the loss of life and to minimize the tragedy.

Terry: To permeate every fault with love/light. Let the Earth know that in these areas of ruptures that the Earth is loved and connected.

Wynn: Some of you might be feeling the energy with Earth coming up as sheís expressing her gratitude for being acknowledged and cared for. Feel that energy?

Terry: Ah hah

Wynn: Send it back and think, Earth we love you.

Terry: Earth gives us so much support with the nourishment from the plants, support, grounding, she provides a home, habitat, a place for us to interact.

Wynn: Weíll ask for interventions in the area of protected energy in the field of the concensus of fear and have obstacles and synchronicities to intelligences using fear to control us and to stumble them in their efforts so they canít do it. Letís ask for interventions in the break up of toxic materials in chem. Trails rendering them harmless to all life. Letís ask for the disabling of nuclear weapons. Letís ask for synchronicities and obstacles to block the free will of the many who violate the free will of the few. That these agendas be blocked. I ask that everyone on this line that reaches back can hold the connected space of the energy during the week remembering that every moment is an opportunity to anchor the energies of the higher realms. I thank all of you for participating: Terry, Gijs, Volunteers, and our sources being here energetically, and I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and Iíll see you next time. I thank all of you listening on the replay line (and reading this transcript) as it is just as strong to hold the energies. I also thank those in other countries that we donít know youíre listening, but we DO know you are listening. Thank you.







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