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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Monday – 03/14/2011
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Wynn:  This is Monday March 14, 2011; my name is Wynn Free.  This
is our Monday night live telecast/ simulcast between our
conference line and BBS Radio on the internet.  My co-host is
Terry Brown – are you there, Terry?
Terry:  I’m here.
Wynn:  You’re there, okay.  For those of you that got our
mailing, we’re going to have a whole discussion about
earthquakes today.  I’m quite sure we’re going to learn some
things that none of us ever knew.  One of the things I’ll start
off with – I mentioned Edgar Cayce and the Edgar Cayce
readings, and some of you have been very influenced by Edgar
Cayce and his readings.  I’m one of those people who was
influenced many years ago.
In the Edgar Cayce readings it was said that there was going to
be a huge earthquake and huge earth changes that were going to
severely create havoc on this planet.  It was talked about
California dropping into the sea; Japan going into the sea, New
York going into the sea and maybe parts of Europe disappearing in
the “twinkling of an eye.”  When I was originally reading
Edgar Cayce, I had a friend in Berkeley and she was, I guess, my
college – I hate to call her my college girlfriend, because she
played a huge part in my life at that time.  She became a singer
in my rock-and-roll band, and I learned about astrology and Edgar
Cayce.  It was my first introduction to metaphysical things
through her.  We would be watching for the signs, like in the
Edgar Cayce readings it said “these changes would not happen
until there was a volcanic eruption from Mount Etna, or Mount
Vesuvius, in Europe.”  We kept looking for signs, and once
every six months we would think “Oh, oh, this is going to be
the weekend of the big one”, and we left and went out of town
somewhere.  Of course, it was never the weekend.
There was an interesting thing – when I was originally reading
Edgar Cayce, I was very attentive and I studied it quite a bit.
I remember Edgar Cayce’s readings would talk about solar
cycles, and I didn’t know what solar cycles were.  I said,
“I should be able to figure this out.”  I looked up “solar
cycles” and I could find nothing anywhere on solar cycles.
Here I am, many years later, and understanding a great deal more
what Edgar Cayce meant by solar cycles.  We talk about the end of
a 75,000 year cycle, and I couldn’t find anything on that 35
years ago.  Today, it’s one of the things that is a prime
turning point, study point, not only by me but by many, many
people now who are using the Mayan Calendar 2012 date as the end
of a cycle.
Edgar Cayce talked about the end of a cycle, and of course Carla
Rueckert and David Wilcock both talk about the end of a cycle.
Most people refer to it as a 75,000 year cycle.  It’s connected
to not to planetary cycles; we know or at least we believe, or
it’s been pretty fairly repeated, that there is an energy that
transmits from the center of the universe through the galaxies
and it gets re-transmitted through the center of galaxy which is
called the Hunab-Ku, which is the precursor to all physical
things, including our bodies, in different concentrations and
frequencies.  And, that energy moves through all the galaxies,
all the planets, and through the energy fields of the earth
before it gets to us.  It is in a state of shift and change,
somehow in relationship to all the positioning of everything it
has to go through to get here.  That’s going through a huge
amount of distance to get here.  If it’s coming from the center
of the universe. and if it travels at the speed of light –
these are questions that we might ask tonight – if it travels
at the speed of light then the time it’s gong to take to get
here by the speed of light is a very long time.  I have a feeling
it travels faster than the speed of light; in fact, I have a
feeling with this energy it just might be instantaneous, and so
it violates all the rules of physics.
In the Edgar Cayce readings, there were two distinct, separate
indicators of this period we’re in right now.  I remember
reading both of them, and I remember asking myself, “Why are
there two distinct indicators?”  One indicator was this long
reading about the earth changes of California going into the sea,
Europe going into the sea, this place disappearing in the
twinkling of an eye, etc. etc.  The other reading was just a
short reference to this period where it said these changes will
happen gradually.  I asked myself, “How could they both be
true?  How could, at one place it says all these things are going
to happen in a twinkling of an eye and another place – these
changes will happen gradually?”  That puzzled me.  Of course,
at that time I never had an answer until I discovered David
Wilcock.  I began writing the book The Reincarnation of Edgar
Cayce? and I started the study of Wilcock’s channelings.  In one
of his channelings, the Ra group, and of course the book that I
wrote makes the case that the source that was speaking through
Edgar Cayce was the Ra Group.  It was a group soul composed of
graduates of this realm, of billions of graduates, and acted as
pure energy and worked with planets at lower levels of evolution
like ours and throughout our history made interventions here,
talked to different beings in this realm just as they did through
Edgar Cayce.  In some cases, those beings might have been the
prophets of the Old Testament, might have been Jesus and most
recently Carla Rueckert and then David Wilcock and then, of
course, me.  Because, both Terry and Daphne – when we first
started talking to the Elohim, mostly we were talking to the
Elohim but occasionally a voice came in that said “I am Ra”
and they came in for certain specific reasons based on a question
I was asking.  Those of your who are regular listeners to our
line know that the voice that talks to us on our conference calls
explains itself as a combination of the Ra group and the Elohim
group, and that both group souls have created an alliance or a
cooperation to work with our group to answer questions.
The Elohim group, by and large, have not had bodies in this
realm.  Their information, even though it’s over billions of
years, is derived through vicarious observation.  Also, feeling
us,  I believe they can feel us, they can occupy our space and
feel us – but, nonetheless, I don’t think they’ve suffered.
 [whereas] The Ra group, the members of the Ra group, understand
suffering in this realm in a way that the Elohim group doesn’t
understand it.  The Ra group, speaking through David Wilcock, did
a whole transmission where they made a correction on that
prophecy, the prophecy – the devastation prophecy – that came
through Cayce.  In their correction, they said that wasn’t
them.  They said “That came from a source that we would think
of as negative.”  They said that both Cayce and Wilcock, from
time to time, would connect with a negative source and they
didn’t know it.  This is one of the reasons why I say – those
of you that are listening at any time – never take channeled
information and blindly believe it, because it’s just as
possible I could have a negative source or anyone else.
When I learned about this possibility of a negative source, I
also learned how you could give up your power to a channeling and
that there had to be something more to it than prophecy and
information.  I decided that I could trust the loving energy that
I could feel from these sources more than any information that
they said.  But then I would have to integrate the information,
and cross-reference it, and if it went through enough tests I’d
say, “It’s probably true.”  So that’s why I always tell
you to put all that we do here through your own tests and some of
you can feel the energy.  Some of you, the information wakes up
cellular resonances; nonetheless, we’re not bringing forth a
truth that you should be sure is correct.  That’s a caveat.
I went back and looked at this Cayce channeling, the devastation
channeling, and in most cases Cayce’s channelings did not have
a by-line.  A by-line means they didn’t say where they were
from.  Cayce called it his source and sometimes he said it was
the Christ talking through him.  In this particular channeling
the source had a by-line, and I think the name was Hilaleah –
I’m not going to say that name again because I don’t want to
invoke that source on this call.  I did a lot of research.  I had
the Edgar Cayce CD-ROM, and I did a search on that name and I
found other places where he came up.  Like: there was one place
where it said, “I am in the heavens as Jesus was to your
realm.”  There were other places where Edgar Cayce had a group
of people around him who were monitoring these channelings.  He
was unconscious; he didn’t know what he was saying, so they
would evaluate and make recommendations.  They decided, at some
point, they didn’t trust this source.  They recommended that he
didn’t bring it through anymore, and from that point on he
didn’t, but in the history of Edgar Cayce’s channelings this
particular distinction was never made.  People quote that source
over and over again, acting as if it was as accurate as all of
Cayce’s other readings.  I don’t think it was.
What would a negative source have to gain by coming in and making
a reading like that?  What would the negative have to gain?  Of course,
when we talk abut the negative, it sounds like all the negative
is in one little place and you can just point to it and say “bad” and it’s
not that way. 

It’s far, far more complicated.  The negative is a whole subset of the
universe.  In Carla Rueckert’s readings, in her Ra readings, Ra said
that the negative was very pleased to work with anyone in this realm and
if you happened to have a service to self disposition, and you
called on them they would work with you, encouraging and helping
your service to self disposition.  In other words, you could
create invocations and they would create a group energy to help
the negative invocation.  So somebody like Hitler who was very
occult-oriented, was very likely connecting to negative sources.
Then Carla Rueckert said in her channelings that if somebody was
positively disposed and was service-to-others there would still
be attempts by negative sources to connect with that person.  The
way they would connect would be acting positive and giving the
person things that seemed valuable to them, like prophetic
information.  The negative can do prophecies, just as well, if
not better, than the positive.  They were trying to get attention
pointed towards them.  One way of getting attention is creating a
certain kind of credibility through prophecies, which both the
positive and the negative use.  In other words, Jesus was a
fulfillment of many prophecies of the Old Testament.  David
Wilcock was a fulfillment of a prophecy through Edgar Cayce,
where it was said he would return in 1998, live in Virginia Beach
and may be the liberator of the world.  So in my analysis of it,
they were attempting to create an anticipation, and that they
were hoping that they would be able to fulfill the prophecy.
When I say hoping, because all of this is free will, when they
asked David to go to Virginia Beach, they couldn’t be sure he
would go.  If he didn’t go, the buck stopped there.  But, he
did go and that’s when he learned he looked like Edgar Cayce
and that’s when he learned about this prophecy.  This is how
they made him know who he was.
Why would a negative source want to create a prophecy like that
through Edgar Cayce?  Two reasons as I see it – one reason is
to discredit Edgar Cayce.  Since Edgar Cayce was, according to my
understanding, a representative of the Ra Group, that they would
want to find ways for people to turn their back on Edgar Cayce.
In fact, I believe they said that devastation was going to happen
somewhere around the year 2000.  Of course, it didn’t happen.
You can still go on the internet and find people discrediting
Edgar Cayce because of this prophecy that never happened.
The other reason for a prophecy like that could be – we’ll
ask this – to create fear, to create anticipation, just as when
I was in college, and we would have this background vibration of
anticipation, that we would leave Berkeley every so often to get
away from this devastation.  Perhaps a third reason to do it, is
by stating it and perhaps if enough people thought of it and were
anxious about it, you might actually bring it around.
As we listen to the answers tonight, we’re all going to be also
testing our own sources with our own intuitions.  And, if I ever
feel there’s something totally off, if I’m sure of it, I’ll
send an e-mail off the next day and say “I think we should all
disregard that.”  Terry is very highly intended and thus far, I
haven’t ever found a reason to challenge the kind of
information that was coming through.  I’m still going to be
neutral and open-minded as we ask these questions.  We’re not
here to give up our power to information; we’re here to be
co-creators with each other and with Source, positive source.
That is really the best positive outcome of attending these calls
and paying attention to this material, as I see it.
Prophecies which talk about earthquakes and inundations create
very easily – fear.  Some of us who have been on these calls
have gone a long way in overcoming fear, because when you
actually take the perspective that this is one life in many,
we’ve all had thousands of lifetimes and although this period
is very special in many ways, we may have gone through this kind
of period in the past, in the past epochs.  I think once one
becomes neutral, then one overcomes the fear of dying which is
probably a major anxiety in this realm.  Of course, if you’ve
made connection with our sources energetically I have this idea,
which I can’t prove but I think it might be true, that when you
do die – if you’ve made these energetic connections they will
be there once your body is gone.  On those notes, I’m going to
call in the light, and we’re going to ask some questions about
earthquakes.  We have about 23 minutes. Let’s find out why we
have earthquakes.
WYNN CALLS IN THE LIGHT:  Father/Mother God, we ask for the
presence of the light to surround and protect Terry and myself
and each person on this line and each person on the replay line
and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and
transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see
ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the
universe through the center of the galaxy, through all the
planetary fields, through the earth field, through our bodies and
grounded into the center of the earth and right now we invoke a
group connection, a blending of energies while maintaining the
sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that
are positive, service to others, operating in the Law of One  to
join with us and we create a protected space that only the
positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave
We wait for the presence of our sources to identify themselves so
we can ask questions about the selected topic for this
evening’s call.
Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite
Creator.  This is March 14th 2011, transmitting through Terry
Brown and with Wynn Free in Sedona, Arizona and connecting with
each and every person who is on the BBS Radio listening and on
the conference line listening or any one who will listen later to
the replays or will read any transcripts of this.  Transcripts
are generally put out and sent through the Spirit Channel.  We
are available and we are here.  This is Ra’an.  We understand
your intense interest in the area of earthquakes as we see that
an intense earthquake has affected your sphere within the last
week.  (The earthquake in Japan and resultant tsunami.) Do you
have questions?
Wynn:  Yes.  Number one – we know earthquakes start because of
what’s called “tectonic plates”, and that somehow the crust
of the earth has ruptures in it and there are times when these
ruptures separate.  When they do, it creates what we call an
earthquake.  Can you explain why the earth has ruptures? Probably
there are geologists that know the answer to this, but I’d like
the answer from our celestial point of view.
Ra’An:  Much as if you would take a sheet of say plastic
material, and you would torque it and bend it beyond its tensile
strength, then it would rupture.  It is the same with earth, as
the earth is round – it is a sphere.  At times the sheath of
the earth is torqued or bent in an area or way that it cannot
adjust to without breaking.  It is a matter of simple physical
forces that creates pressure points upon any one given area and
when the pressure is too much in one direction over another it
ruptures.  Then the earth, the rock, the matter on the other side
seeks to stabilize, and also ruptures.  As you may note, when
there’s a big earthquake, then the area around that earthquake
creates misadjustments, misalignments which then create an
earthquake in another area, perhaps at a certain level (or depth)
due to the three-dimensional (aspect), in that there is depth
involved, and the depth of the earth moves to readjust itself to
the new position.
As one moves into the alignment with the Hunab-ku, extra forces
are brought to bear upon the solar bodies; all solar bodies
within the solar system, and upon earth.  These create a
movement, as does the (influence of the) moon, in the crust
wherein the earth, in a certain area, may be attracted and move
towards the moon and create tides.  Then the water would swell
further and be affected by the gravitation of the moon being
closer.  Water has a terrific weight in certain areas, as in the
San Francisco Bay; so that when the tide comes in and is, say a
very high tide, it creates a significant pressure and weight upon
the ground underneath.  The earth then responds accordingly and
where there are weak points, it adjusts and you experience
earthquakes.  There are weak points within the structure at the
interface of the tectonic plates as under and near Japan, and as
near the Pacific coast off of Oregon and Washington and Canada.
There is significant slippage possible within these areas, as the
weights of water change and as the pull of the magnetic forces of
the moon have the pull of the alignment, being in alignment with
the center of the Hunab-ku.  If one would examine it, (it) would
be significant mass.
When earth comes in alignment with the Hunab-ku, significant mass
then would be pulling and affecting earth at that time because of
the star matter, the amount of matter that comes into alignment
with earth at that time, as the spoke of the galaxy, the flat
part, is directly between earth and the Hunab-ku which creates
significantly more gravity upon earth at that time.  Therefore,
there are more ruptures at a time like this.
Wynn:  Are there more ruptures at a full moon than a non-full
Ra’An:  Repeat that.
Wynn:  Is there any connection between the phases of the moon and
the potential for earthquakes on this planet?
Ra’An:  There is definitely an influence of the phases of the
moon, and particularly the distance of the moon from earth, as a
full moon gives more of a pull, and you may notice a
de-stabilization of human behavior during the full moon and even
jokes are made about it.  There is, as you’ve learned in
history, more of a connection between large earthquakes and the
full moon.  The distance from earth of the moon also makes a
Wynn:  Are any other planets very strongly involved in the
potentials for earthquakes or planetary aspects or positions?
Ra’An:  All planets are affected by these factors.
Wynn:  It’s been indicated to us that when we do our grid
healings, that when we bring energy into a tectonic plate that
has the potential for an earth rupture, we are doing something
positive that could either cause this to not occur, or limit it,
or move it to another location.  Could you explain the process of
how the energy that moves through the cosmos and the energy that
we create, impacts the potentials for earthquakes?
Ra’An:  Yes.  All things are created, and there is a higher
place where “one is all and all is one”; where one may then
may affect the creation at the creation point of specific
individual things, and can then change the outcome, change the
pictures, the manifestations, as in that point there is control
over all.
Wynn:  Thank you.   Would it have been possible, if there were
enough people on the planet or enough people with a strong
ability to project energy, would it have been possible to stop or
reduce that quake in Japan, or was it something that was
Ra’An:  It is always possible to change things.  As they
approach in time, they become more and more manifest in the
physical realm.  As they approach in time, the manifestation, or
their pre-manifestation symptoms - we think in mathematics and in
potentials, through calculus curves where the potential for
manifestation increases, and the potential to change them
decreases.  As an event nears then it becomes harder to change,
and in the sub-logos, we arrange the manifestations within the
realm, take in the data and begin mathematically to put it into
manifestation to the point where at a specific time then the
manifestation occurs and as the time towards the event happens,
it becomes less and less likely to change it, as the
manifestations work itself more into the underlying substrata of
all that is.
Wynn:  Thank you.  In the situation of Edgar Cayce, we discussed
a prediction of what Ra spoke as a negative source through David
Wilcock.  Could you share why a negative source would want to
make this kind of prediction?  I know I gave my reasons, but can
you share it from your perspective?
Ra’An:  The negative source may be negative because they are
reading a so-called TVs - the trailers, the tracks, the remnants
of what things are build up of, and they are seeing the presence
and are jumping to conclusions.  They may be an upstart who is
wishing to have control or to simulate some kinds of control over
future events in the prediction of them and they may not be well
versed in the details and have jumped the gun and misread the
situation and peeked in different events in the future and put
them all into one event.
Wynn:  Thank you.  Could you share – and you can pass on this
if you would choose to – are there places where there is a high
probability within the next near future of having major
earthquakes on our planet and perhaps share this so that when we
do our grid healings we can be sure and include these locations.
Ra’An:  There are.  Pay particular attention to Chile, pay
particular attention to Australia and to Christ Church, for
possible future earthquakes.  Pay close attention to Japan, as
Japan needs much healing at this time.  Pay particular attention
to the pressures that have built up in California, and up along
the coastline of off Oregon, Washington and off Canada and lower
Alaska.  Pay particular attention to pressures that have built up
as this is a weak point and pay particular attention also to the
New Madrid fault, as there are pressures that have built up in
this area and some of it is hanging all together and as we speak
we are sending support and love light to this area for the
strength of the rocks and the holding together.
Pay particular attention to the mid-Atlantic ridge; pay
particular attention to volcanic activity.  There were some
volcanoes that also began to erupt or continued erupting.
Pay attention to the Cascades and volcanic movement under the
And pay attention to the – and we may get beyond some of you
here - to the sounds of the earth, to the sounds of the wildlife,
to the anticipation of the wildlife as they’re connected in a
way with earth that humans are not.
Wynn:  If animals start reacting unusually, will it be just in
the area of a potential earthquake or can it be very far away as
Ra’An:  Whales and dolphins react at quite a distance away; the
whole earth and all of the inhabitants, animals and the whole
consciousness of the earth in an area before an earthquake can
begin to take on a hush, a quietness.  So, it depends upon the
sensitivity of the species.  Generally, if you’re speaking of
animals, they will begin to react locally in the area of the
disturbance.  There are sounds that come off, radio waves,
ringing of the earth that come off the earth and changes of
pressure before earthquakes, which one can become sensitive to
and when they hear ear tones then can begin to sense direction
that those ringings have come from, and begin to correlate the
directions with earthquakes that are about to happen.  Not all
ringing creates earthquakes but most, although some are very
minor.  It can be easy to misidentify a ringing to do with some
machine in the background that one might be picking up.  So, one
needs to develop one’s sensitivity if one is interested in this
Wynn:  Terry seems to have some sensitivity in this area, I
believe, as well as Daphne.  Is that true?
Ra’An:  Terry does have great sensitivity in this area; also
(some) individuals who tune into Jim Berkland’s website put
down their sensitivity (on his website).  Terry does have
sensitivity and also getting headaches that are directional and
are quite strong before earthquakes.  Some individuals also have
great sensitivity, and are able to see and sense disturbing
behavior in humans around them before earthquakes, for instance:
fighting, yelling at each other, getting very angry where
ordinarily they wouldn’t.  These can be picking up of the
earthquake energies and expressing them in their physical
environment of the human.
Wynn:  Thank you.  It’s 6:53 (p.m.) There is one question I
didn’t ask which will probably pend off and that was the
earthquakes being stimulated by artificial, man-made things which
I believe some happen.  I’m not going to ask that question now,
because we’re a few minutes over and so we’re going to bring
this to an end.  We can just take ten seconds and just send love
light to all those earthquake locations that were mentioned.  I
thank everybody, and Don and Seth from BBS and everyone on the
line.  We’ll see you all Wednesday.

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