Sunday Grid Healing Transcript

March 27, 2011

Host:  Wynn Free

Channel:  Terry Brown

Transcriber: Gina Brown


Wynn: This is Sunday March 27, 2011. Welcome everyone listening to replay lines.

Gina: This is Gina from Oíahu; HI. Iíd like to put in the light radiation subsided and neutralized in the air, water, for all humanity and animals and the Whales and the Dolphins. Also to put clean water in the reactor rather than salt water, to be able to shut it down properly. Also happy spring Solstice, as these heightened energies are coming in if people can be helped to deal with these positive heightened new energies. Thank you.

Jean: Iíd like to put the children, animals, and binding of chem. trails in the light.

Lori- Clean free energy to raise awareness for the need of this.

Chris- can we also put people with sensitive lung issues in the air for me and all.

Zoe- Send love/light for the complete healing for Carolyn from her accident in Uganda and for the highest good to resume her life teaching purpose.

Edna- Iíd like to put Teamshift and the workers in the light.

Wynn: Teamshift is a little program where you meet like minded people every day. Itís where you can keep connected and have your heart open and stay above the negative. Where you can call in and connect against the Ė pervading the planet.

Terry: I was listening to Richard Hoagland and heís disclosing secret things. Investigating NASA and MARS projects. Heís been closely following the radiation reports as well as other nuclear physicists. One day the report in Tokyo was that the water was not safe for the children and babies to drink, then the next day it said it was safe to drink. This can not be as the active life of radioactive life of radioactive Iodine is 30/31 days. This information is very contradictory from day-day. He believes someone is working in secret to change the half life of radioactive substances and neutralize radioactivity and working feverishly to do this. So any prayers we can put out there for RAíAN to use Torsion wave energy to neutralize this would be great. Hoagland saw something on cold fusion which is to cut through the half life of Uranium 235 and it was effective. So he knows this is out there as he saw it. So the Torsion Wave energy and cold fusion would work. So RAíAN can use their toolbox and we can keep saying our prayers and see what the sources say.

Caller: What about the Sun? I heard it was breaking down the radiation too.

Wynn: Well we donít know weíre not scientists.

Vicki, Calabasas: I am concerned with the continued military exercises killing Dolphins off the coast of CA. I ask the energies to neutralize this and the rules be stricter against this.

Wynn: Letís ask for anything that can be done for Dolphins.

Terry: They didnít clear the area of Dolphins first?

Vicki- No and theyíre using a different kind of sonic thing thatís killing them.

Gijs- I want to ask for all humanity and the opening of their hearts and a realization that we are all one.

Matt Bugaloo; Des Moines; IA.: Send love/light to all sacred sites and Adam's calendar in So. Africa.

Terry: How do you envision helping these sites?

Matt: To increase the vibration of hyper dimensional forces.

Wynn: Itís a theory and we canít validate it, but the original sacred sites were portals to hold the energy together as anchors holding the grid system together for the planet. The energies were confiscated for the negative. So when we send energy to them, itís NOT to support the negative. My goal on this call is to turn everyone into a sacred site. The council of 12, working closely with the Elohim, like their cabinet, look around the planet and look for places where light is needed and petition the Elohim to bring light to that area-like a church with people praying. Itís very rare to make a direct connection and bring the energy through in this way. I asked how can we do this and the council of 12 are not involved. We made the connection so we are able to do it by making this direct connection. So it sounds funny each of you a sacred site, but actually itís not so far from being true.

Terry: I Love it.

Wynn: We are bypassing the normal rules, normal laws, normal limitations by petitioning and making a direct connection for the energy. We do this casually by having the energies flow naturally through the universe. Each of you are special showing up for this.

Lori: letís send energy to Japan, Middle East, Haiti, and anywhere that needs assistance for divine healing and inner peace.

Zoe: Letís put into the light all the nefarious plots not serving the highest good of mankind to be exposed and new ideas, and economics and means for them to take hold to be brought forward as soon as possible.

Michael; San Diego: Letís put energy of discernment, transformation, and transmutation in the light, and put energy of free speech and expression and preservation of the internet into the light.

Wynn: Terry is getting very talkative and bossy!

Michael: Go get em Terry, you go girl!

Gijs: Last weekís call was awesome with Terry and Carla.

Jean: Letís ask earthquake action be small in nature.

Bridget: Letís send love/light to Israel.

Lisa; San Francisco: I put everything in the light that everyone else said and my brother-he drives me crazy and I pray for his happiness.

Gijs: Peace, love, and Happiness

Zoe- Letís add Mt. Shasta to the sacred sites please.

Diane; Minnesota: I ask that everyone suffering from own money problems from big bank Inc. be released from that grip and be able to move on with their lives.

Wynn: Weíve been conditioned to think that something outside ourselves will take care of the Government or our parents. We see this isnít going to work this way. So if youíre sitting passively, you may want to be active. Many canít go out there because they fear the rejection. But they should use this rejection for a positive lesson. If you knock on 300 doors youíll get 1 job. Prepare yourself for rejection and keep going until you make it happen. So many people knocked on doors before they made it, so you should use this as a model for yourselves.

Riley; Fallbrook: Iíd like to put into the light Mother Earth and all her forests and minerals and the organic farmers and the food supply.

Wynn: Ok weíre going to do our visualization. We are working with group consciousness bringing the energies together. These exist all the time. In the physical realm we are disconnected from the oneness. Our focus is on reconnecting with these energies. The universe is one being and we ourselves are one being in the universe. Letís shut our eyes and take our shoes off, and bring in the energy through our feet, our you feel tingling? Thatís the Earth, tell her you love her. We go to our groin, chest, neck, head. We are all listening together with a string of energy up through the Earth into our body. Letís move the energy through the head to the top through the ceiling ..keep going above the clouds..above the earth. How far can we go? Pretty far. Thereís a location where all our energies converge-come together. When I said this you mayíve noticed energy shifting brighter. I did. Letís invite all those positive sources paying attention to us if they choose to freely join with us in the energy. So we have all our energies together and now we have the Elohim and RA group however many they are assigned to join us. We have a huge team to make it work as long as we stay in the zone for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. Letís bring down through the top of the Earth to the top of our head, through our body. We ask for healing. Itís you healing you. The Sources we talk to are us, just expanded sources of us. So direct energy where thereís something out of balance. Where thereís hurt, pain, if youíre sick, direct to the lungs or wherever. Move it through your chest. Feel your heart open up. Feel the expanded space. Open heart doesnít mean being nice. It can, but itís more an energy you radiate from the heart outside the body. In order to do that youíve to clear the heart from miasmas, baggage you carry. Forgive people and yourself because any one you donít forgive is in your heart because you hold them there. Letís move down to the Solar Plexus- power area. Not to control or have power over others. Itís an energy you radiate, creating an energy around you causing others to respect your space, whereas if they violated that theyíd be in trouble. Letís go to the sexual area- this is a normal human urge in the body. Deal with it. Some like it more/less. Itís an individual thing. To thyne own self be true. Thereís no right or wrong. Just donít hurt others. Letís do the Root Chakra- base of the spine. Ground it to the Earth. Can you feel it? Can you feel the space weíve created? Feel your body from Middle Earth to the celestial realms. You are connected to the part of all there is and not separated. When your in the space youíve a lot of power, loving power. Take a moment and send energy to those you care about, to those who need healing and to yourself.

Wynn: calls in the light father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect everyone here. We see ourselves radiating from the center of the universe through the center of the galaxies, through the planetary fields, through the center of the Earth, and through their bodies. We invoke a group consciousness and a blending of our energies, maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive service to others in the Christed light Law Of One and we create a protected space where only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Terry (RAíAN): We greet you in the love light of the one infinite creator. This is March 27, 2011. We make connections with each and every one of you. Together we make a grid network of light. Each person puts in the light a concern and it creates a light in that area around stabilization with that thing that was put in the light. It has a basis to anchor to ask for as long as itís for the highest good of all concerned. It creates a network of light. Itís putting it into reality within your density.

We look at the nuclear energy in the core reactors. We see material used and taken advantage of. The core material stripped of electrons and utilization of material to create heat, boil water, and generate electricity. We see darkness within these materials as theyíve separated out from the light giving form. The lightness has been utilized leaving the consciousness of nuclear materials depleted and grasping for stabilization and balance taking unto themselves heat in an effort to stabilize themselves and try to move to higher forms. We see desperateness of materials to stabilize and have homeostasis and bringing heat to themselves increasing our temperature as they desperately try to balance themselves. We send this energy to [reactor] 2, 3, 4. 3 in particular. We send this consciousness to materials as we know their desperate search for balance. We see they are so separate and thus connected with the negative world. The negative world has taken some connection with them. We take a look at these connections with an inversion with intention. The negative uses this to get back at the positive world for perceived injustices as a payback. This spreads through the negative. As the injustices move to the materials taken advantage of in nuclear materials and they take part in negative then as an effort on metaphysical side to create justice. We take a look at all of this and look at reestablishing materials to balance as this is their (nuclear materialsí) desire to give and take in harmony. They donít want to be with the negative. We are in the cores. We see where itís melted down in # 3. We move down into the reactor to encompass, permeate, share space with nuclear reactor material and then release to the whole area. Particularly one of those areas thatís moved downward. We then release the desire for one of those materials to explode in anguish. We permeate the whole area who wish to explode as a whole area seek stabilization. We speak slowly as we move slowly throughout the materials and radiation moving around it. We cut it to half life. We are aware of their desire to seek harmony with individuals of Japan nearby. We give this timeÖ

We move to the sacred sites throughout the world. We see shaking and urge of these sites. Tempered given the thought, the job to remain sacred-a center of solace, inspiration to humanity that can be activated by energies coming in from the galaxy. The harmony, intelligence, vibrations, the Hunab Ku. This increases energy and amplifies harmony and the ability to increase the life force through people, plants. Thereís a resonance within the pattern how these sites are laid out in that they pick up the energy pattern and zoom/transfer it. This increases harmony and amplification of resonance. People within these sites can increase their psychic abilities and connections from each other. The connections are established through the Hunab Ku the life force that is healing to people on the planet. We include the nuclear materials which feel separated out and used and sort of resentful. We send them love light that they may again feel part of all there is. And reestablish and block intensity of nuclear radiation. So part of all that is us is take, take, take as theyíve been taken from, taken from, taken from. We send love/light healing to all the people that need that they connect with and are sent new heightened energies. We include Carolyn and Chris and all that are suffering from respiratory illnesses. And that these people may heal in spite of those who wish them not to. These people are like the nuclear materials. They feel theyíve been unjustly treated and are angry.

We send light/love to Lisa and her brother and to all the people experiencing economic woes. Use this as a teaching experience. Itís pressure on them to handle their own economic situation and step out of the problems.

We send love/light to the Whales and the Dolphins and better checking of tests going on off CA. and to clear the area and the people (Govít/military) may reconsider tests.

We send love/light to every individual on this line. We see light/love energy within each and every one of you in connections that we all are making to bring love/light into 3D and vibrations of home to the heart into each and every personís life. Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you. Well letís continue with our planetary healing. Each of us in addition to our own personal of being human on this planet going through the transformation are part of mankind. We are part of a family, community of man mankind. Vibratorily as we change our vibrations it changes the vibration potentials for community of mankind. Itís a community of oneness we bring into the space as weíre connected not only with each other but positive sources of other realms who work with us for the benefit for mankind. We look at the planet from a high vantage point. Weíve lived many lifetimes before and created distortions, as we work to heal them. So too does the Earth. Thereís been wars, injustices, damage to the planet ecologically with the forests, inhumanities. These have all created energies which the Earthís absorbed/internalized. Look at the Earth from oneness vantage point. We send energies to shift/transmute these Ė energies that Earthís internalized. Letís do all the waters of the planet- the lakes, oceans, rivers, tap water, drinking water. We send our energy to all the mountains, Earth part of Earth, the land masses where the Earth rises to a peak. We hold these land masses in the center transmuting all negative around them. We go to the animals- The Whales and Dolphins-the most sensitive vibrationally. All the pets who are helping their owners keep hearts open-the dogs, cats, fish, birds-keeping people whoíd be lonely connected. The animals in zoos, captivity, wild animals. The lightworkers who are reaching to do planetary service. To groups of people with intention of lifting the vibration of the planet. The Indigos and Crystal children incarnated into this realm to assist with the shift but forgot their purpose. Theyíve had huge challenges how to interface with 3D human life and that they find their purpose and to manifest love/light. And to all those who are spiritually searching for a way to be more spiritual through individual practices. Send love/light to leaders in positions of power to make decisions for the highest good of all concerned against their own personal advantage. We ask the sources to look for any tracks/openings in this realm for light energy to be manifested. Look for any places with imbalances or tectonic plates that could become an earthquake. Letís do the Ring Of Fire (around Pacific Ocean) Weíve been doing this for months now, this is the most volatile of all the earthquake zones: Japan, Indonesia, Chile. We see a stream of light pouring through the center of energy through the tip of So. America, we see sheets of light..Central America, Mexico, California, San Diego, Oceanside, L.A. letís take a moment to focus on L.A., Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Daly City, South San Francisco, San Carlos, San Francisco, Berkeley, Concord, Oakland, Sausalito, Mendocino, Oregon, Portland Mt. Hood, Washington, Seattle, Canada, Vancouver, Mt. Ranier, Yellowstone National Park, Vancouver, Canada, So. Alaska, Venutian Islands, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands, Islands of the Pacific. See all those coastlines with an aerial view. Inundate them with light. Madrid fault, (center of our country) Atlantic Ridge (East Coast), and any place in the world where thereís potentials and to bring protection in your area. As a group we hold the energy for your physical location. See the energy moving through the top of your head into the earth. Know that you can actually do this. Ask interventions as the entire universe is part of energy. So we look at the collective consciousness of humanity. We protect it from fear. This is the emotion that cuts off our connection. The negative would like to promote fear. So letís cut fear from the collective. Letís ask for disabling of all radioactive and dangerous toxic elements of chem. trails and water and the breakdown of harmful stuff in the water. And in the Gulf-whatever residual aspects of oil remain that could still be a threat to our planet. Some of you notice as we get to the higher realms you lose consciousness, or lose track, or become tired, maybe even fall asleep. Thatís okay. We ask that all nuclear weapons are disabled and any synchronicities be upheld and any nefarious plots of the negative be interrupted. On that note letís bring this call to a close. I thank all of you for being here contributing your life and energy, all listening on the replay lines and all in spirit who could be here if they knew about us. We all play a part in this transformation. We thank our Sources, Terry, Volunteers, transcripts getting out to all of you. See you tomorrow on Monday night call on BBS 6 p.m. topic to be discussed. Wish you all a great day.







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