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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences

Monday – 03/28/2011

Polarity - or, the ‘Positive’ and the ‘Negative’

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

Audio Link -

Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:  This is March 28th, 2011 Wynn Free.  This is our Monday

night conference simulcast which is the simulcast between a

conference call and an internet broadcast.  We’ve just kept our

format because we started as a conference call and actually the

conference line helps hold the energy for the call.  This is a

rather unusual call because it explores the nature of

interdimensional communication, but not from an intellectual

source but with actual interdimensional sources that are

communicating on the call.  Terry happens to be one of those

special people who is able to be a conduit for those messages.


One of the things about our particular sources – just because

it’s interdimensional doesn’t mean that all people who do

channeling are doing the same thing.  Just as if you are talking

to people who are members of the human race, you’d have as much

variations as you could imagine.  In our case, we’re not

talking to discarnate entities, we’re not talking to individual

spirit forms, we’re talking to – how they describe themselves

as ‘group souls’.  If the way they explain it is true, there

are a number of them working together, formulating the words that

come through Terry.  There is an unusual aspect to the group

souls that we are communicating with and that is, aside from

getting information about how things work at a cosmic level,

we’re also able, many of us, to feel their energies.  They

explain that they have the ability to project from where they are

the love light energy into this realm.  Humans are receivers of

that energy.  In fact, they’re a very important part of the



What happens during the call is that there is a lot of

information – some of it that I bring through and some of it

that happens in our conversations.  There’s also this energy

that’s on this call.  Some of you can already feel it.  The

people that have been on the call regularly have learned to tune

their antennas.  As soon as they come into the call there is a

sensation, a feeling – I stop talking for a moment and you take

a look at the vibrations you’re feeling, you might notice the



Every Monday we explore a topic, and the topic today is

‘Positive and Negative’ – we live on a planet that has

positive and negative.  For many, it seems unfair that “Why are

there so many obstacles?  Why is there so much suffering?  Why do

people have hardships?  If there’s a God, how did such a

difficult realm get established and why?”  We’re going to be

exploring that tonight.  Before I do I’m going to have Gjis

just greet some of the people on the conference line so they can

say hello and say their name and help hold the energy for the



Gjis:  Thank you everybody thank you for joining us – Gina,

Jackie, Dee, Andrea and Jim and some more people have joined.  If

you want to do so, please say your name and city.


Mac:  This is Mac Bugulu, Des Moines.


Gjis:  Good evening Mac welcome to the call.


Mac:  Good evening.


Jean:  Jean, South Dakota.


Gjis:  Hello Jeanne, how are you doing?


Zoe:  Zoë Sacramento.


Gjis:  Good evening Zoë, welcome to the call.


Zoe:  Hi Gjis.


Suzanne:  Suzanne in Columbus Ohio.


Gjis:  Hello Suzanne.


Suzanne:  Hi Gjis.


Cindy:  Cindy in Peoria Arizona.


Gjis:  Welcome to the call.


Loretta:  Loretta in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Gjis:  Welcome.


Lisa:  Hi Lisa from San Francisco.


Gjis:  Hello Lisa.


Michael:  Hi Michael in San Diego.


Gjis:  Hello Michael. Welcome to the call Michael.


Michael:  That’s Sam when he says something.


Wynn:  Sam?


Michael:  Yeah, the cat.


Wynn:  Oh hi Sam.


Michael:  He was just meowing and I give him the phone and he

shuts up.


Wynn:  We have to introduce Sam and Nefertiti.


Michael:  I mean, he walks on my keyboard he wants to send emails

to his friends, probably to Nefertiti.


Gina:  Nefertiti has a new competition, a new friend.


Michael:  A new admirer; she has a new secret admirer.  It’s

the Sam Cat.


Wynn:  Just curious: Does anyone have any questions on the topic

that we’ve addressed for tonight?


Michael:  Yes, actually.


Wynn:  What’s your question Michael?


Michael:  We talk about duality and we talk about positive and

negative and we’re seeing that things are moving closer

together.  Sometimes I have a problem talking about it being

either positive or negative because it’s creating a polarity

and I think what’s happening as we move towards oneness, those

polarities are dissolving.  There’s euphemisms, then there’s

what you really mean.  It seems that rather than just the

polarity of positive and negative – what was it called?  In the

Kabbalah there’s seven Hermetic Laws and one of them is that

everything basically works kind of like a continuum.  There’s

light and there’s dark; there’s light and there’s absence

of light.  If you have two rooms with a door between them and

there’s light on in one room if you open the door that room

doesn’t become dark; the other room becomes light.  I’m

looking for – its one thing I like to do – is to what shows

itself in the Universe again and again.  I think that when we

talk about the dark forces we kind of make them an enemy and if

we make them an enemy we feed them.


Wynn:  I think so, I think that’s true.


Michael:  One thing that I’ve come to realize is that they are

trying to get back to be God, too.  Maybe not the right way or

maybe there is the right way, I don’t know.  The way they’re

doing it doesn’t look good to me that’s for sure and probably

not to anyone else on this line.  What it comes down to is when

we’re looking at light and dark, I think we have to embrace the

darkness.  You have to embrace the darkness in your own self if

you want to gain more light.  If you want to be more conscious

you have to explore your own dark side.  There’s God revealed

and then there’s God hidden and again there’s more duality.

I’m curious just how it all fits and works together and if we

can use that understanding to release opposition and let the

light in.


Wynn:  Michael I think that is very insightful.  Now I can’t

tell that story about the dark room and the light room.  You

upstaged me.


Michael:  Sure you can.


Wynn:  No, you already said it.  Anyone else have a comment on

this particular topic?


Zoe:  Thank you for that very much I enjoyed that a lot too.

This is Zoe.  I wonder about asking them to talk about the

function of the dark.


Wynn:  The function of the dark – okay.  Anyone else?


Gjis:  I want to ask regarding the nature of duality in the near

future will there be significant differences between 2012 or 2017

– will there be significant changes for us?


Wynn:  Terry, are you writing all this down?


Terry:  I didn’t hear the last thing that Gjis said; he said

“nature of duality in the near future” and then he faded out.



Wynn:  In other words: what’s the significance of 2012 and what

might shift, I think that’s what he means.


Gjis:  Will there be a noticeable difference with duality in the

near future?


Wynn:  Anyone else have something?


Gina:  Yes, Wynn.  Maybe the sources can comment on: certain days

are more difficult than others for us, especially those who are

tuned in to what’s happening and the energies going on.  If

they can just give us some insight into how to deal with the

tough days or the challenging days – some of us may feel

depressed or we may feel just lost in sort of a way.  Like, we

just put our hands up and we want this all to be over with

already kind of feelings.  If that’s kind of making sense.  If

they can just address that.


Wynn:  Like Judy Garland in that version of somewhere over the

rainbow, right?


Gina:  Exactly.  Maybe tips on how to deal with those days that

are just more stormy than others or more tough or more

challenging than others?


Michael:  Are you guys drinking a lot?  I have a sense of humor



Zoe:  This is Zoë again – the way they, whether those days

function even though they are difficult in a positive way for us

and what way would that be?


Wynn:  I want to make my comment here on that.  My key to this is

acceptance – that when you’re going through one of those days

to say to yourself “Okay this is one of those days” and just

keep going.  Say “I’m open for it to lift as soon as it

does” - stop dwelling on it; getting obsessive with it.

That’s my experience.  Sometimes calling somebody up that is a

light action that would love to hear from you and just chatting

with them.  On those days it’s really hard to take the step

sometimes to talk to somebody because usually, I speak from my

own experience, it’s like “Oh my god I hope no one sees me

today,” because you feel shadowed or obscured and you’re not

going to be able to put out energy.  So it’s a trick to move

through it gently.  Usually it shifts gradually.


Thank you all for bringing those things up.  Anyone else have

something they want to say?


Jim:  On those kinds of days, you just have to keep in mind that

it’s 10% event and 90% reaction.


Wynn:  Who was that sharing?


Jim:  That’s Jim from Tomball, Texas.


Wynn:  10% event and 90% reaction.


Jim:  Exactly.


Wynn:  I had a teacher years ago that said ”With our lives,

there’s 10% that we’re conscious of and 90% that we’re not

that goes on in other levels.”  That’s interesting – okay

thank you.  Anyone else have something they want to say?


Dee:  Wynn, this is Dee from Missouri – my question is: when

it’s us going through a hard day as ourselves looking over it

or just saying let’s get through it, that’s not a real big

task.  I mean it can be, but what about when you have somebody

around you that is going through a miserable, miserable day in

their mind and you tell them you love them, you give them

everything you can to lift them up and they don’t lift up –

can you address that, how we could maybe lift them up?


Michael:  You tickle them!


Dee:  It doesn’t work, I’m sorry.


Wynn:  If you can, one of the things just my comment, is you

can’t always lift somebody up, okay.  Sometimes you can and

sometimes you can’t because they’re a whole other universe.

One of the tricks is not to get caught up in what they’re going

through and being able to hold the space inside yourself for

positivity regardless.  Be there for them.  Because once you get

pulled into feeling sorry for them or feeling like it’s your

responsibility, I think that’s a losing proposition because it

would be like: you can’t save someone who is drowning if you

jump into the water and they pull you down in.  You have to stay

on the shore and keep holding the hand from the shoreline and not

from drowning with them.  We’re amassing all these questions,

so we’ll see what our sources say.  Anyone else have something?



Gijs:  May I quickly add something to it?  I’ve had great

experience with just having the intention being there near

somebody and sending love and light just silently where a

situation like a miracle changes.


Wynn:  I know it’s a trick because I’ve been around people

– I can say this, but I’ve been around people - especially

when your emotions are involved - that sometimes it seemed like

the negative was using the circumstance to keep me disabled.

It’s so tricky because I couldn’t get out of it even though I

know all this stuff I got stuck and disabled.  It’s not easy

just to know what to do.  Anyone else have something?


Michael:  I think we’ve really all been talking about the same

thing in terms of how do you lift your vibrations?  What happens?

You get stuck. How do you lift?  How do you get out of it?  Am I



Wynn:  Here, I’m muted.  I’m sorry.  I heard you Michael, I

was muted.


Michael:  I wish everybody had a mute button you know sometimes

that would come in pretty darn handy.


Wynn:  It would be nice to go in the world and be able to mute

the world.


Michael:  That’d be fun.


Wynn:  Go do your errands and say ‘mute.’


Michael:  An undo button that would be great.


Wynn:  Right.  There we go.  Okay, I’m going to mute everybody.

 Terry, you’re still there right?


Terry:  Yeah, I’m still here.


Wynn:  Alright.  One of the amazing things that I have learned

over the course of the last years as a result of all our

conversations, interdimensional conversations.  It took me quite

a bit of time to really incorporate that and that was that

everyone – this idea that everyone is one, it’s easy to say

– just imagine that this huge oneness of energy keeps showing

up in it’s separate forms as you and me.  Here we are in this

lifetime, right now, and all of us have had many other lifetimes

which we can’t remember.  Some of us may have even been part of

the creation of this realm, and jumped into it and here we are.

All those aspects of our past are on some level still present,

but our memories are blank – except that when you hear it,

there’s a cellular resonance.


When you read history and you had a lifetime in a certain place,

there’s something that clicks.  Recently we did some readings

for some people and they happened to go into their past life in

Atlantis or their last past life in Lemuria.  When we do those

readings I’m always a little bit, it’s out of my control.  I

hope the information resonates, but I can’t tell.  I thank the

people that had the readings when they emailed me because it made

a big difference to both me and Terry, because there’s a huge

responsibility in bringing this stuff forth and I don’t want to

make a mistake and I don’t want to do anything that could

possibly be harmful.  I don’t want to have a negative source

come through, which I don’t believe has happened - but I know

it’s possible.   In every situation I kind of have to be open,

and so do you.  Every time there’s channeling to never just let

your guard down.


I think the thing that constantly validates our sources is the

loving energy we start to have with each other because in spite

of the fact that we do these calls three times a week and

you’re getting inundated with messages, from my point of view

there is nothing to follow.  You may choose to give up your power

but there is nothing inherent in what we’re doing that requires

that.  This is an adventure, and it’s an unusual adventure,

because we’re all moving forward with this unique contact with

other dimensions - or what seems to be.  We’re all getting

privy to understandings that are fairly rare in this realm.  How

did the positive negative, my quick take on this is that – we

can go back now, because if we’re talking to the Elohim and

they created this realm I can make a quick review on how this

works from the way they’ve explained it.


Initially the physical world was created – of course they’re

still listening so please correct me if I say anything that you

find out of resonance, or if I’ve got something wrong.  The

physical world was created, not with an understanding of what

would happen.  It was created as an experiment of – if you can

imagine – a bunch of spirits that are just having a good time

and they can resonate and communicate with each other and somehow

or another they can project holograms and be aware of each other,

but there was no persistence.  The idea was “Well, if we could

create persistence wouldn’t that be fun?”  Persistence was

the beginning of the physical realm.  But, there wasn’t a great

understanding completely of how it would unfold and as it

unfolded – because there was persistence, there was

possessions.  Because there were possessions there was hierarchy,

because either I own it or you own it.  Theoretically you could

have a society where there was no ownership.  I remember there

were times when I watched hippies go into that and say “Well

everything is everyone’s” – communes – where people would

come in and they’d say “Just give us all your possessions and

you can live on our farm.”  I’m not going to say that’s

right or wrong, but usually when somebody sets that up in this

realm it gets branded as a cult.  I think the reason is because

once you give all your possessions up you have no options.  If

doesn’t work for you you’re stuck.


It’s a trick, it’s not easy because in this realm we all need

the physical things to survive and to feel free and physical

things allow us to make decisions, to travel, to go out and have

dinner, to go see a concert – to do things which are uplifting.

 Being that’s true, the individual interprets it as well these

things make me feel free then more makes me feel freerer.  Now,

not only am I going to worry about my freedom, but how about my

children’s freedom and my grandchildren’s freedom?  There’s

a desire to create huge amounts of money that suddenly is going

to create a lot of freedom for people in the future that you’re

connected to.


When you set up the idea of reincarnation, I’m pretty sure this

is true.  I haven’t asked it specifically, but I’m pretty

sure it’s true – that is:  the act of creating a family and

children and grandchildren creates the opportunity for you to

reincarnate in that same family down the road.  You’re

vibrationally connected, so someone knows on a subconscious

cellular level that’s true.  They may not know it or think

about it consciously, but this is one of the drives to create

families and children.  Because when you create a happy family,

you create an opportunity to incarnate in the future.


I remember we did a reading for someone where they talked about

tribal love versus unconditional love.  Tribal love is just what

it sounds like, it’s like you’re connected to your family,

you’re tightly round in with your group.   It can extend

outside your family, it can connect to your tribe, your religion,

your church you go to, the particular community you live in.  The

thing about it is, you get something back from those involvements

- it’s not unconditional.  It can be beautiful and it can be

loving, but it’s not unconditional because you are tying your

energy field into that group.  


Gjis:  Excuse me, Wynn, the guys in the sky are knocking on the



Wynn:  The guys in the sky?


Gjis:  Yes.


Wynn:  You mean you want them to talk?


Gjis:  Yes.


Wynn:  Wait a second.  Terry?  Terry, are you there?


Terry:  I’m here.  … they’re knocking on the door?


Wynn:  Gjis is trying to push us to channel.  It’s 6:31, we

have about 23 minutes.  I’m just going to take another two or

three minutes because I want to make sure that those people

listening understand how the negative got founded.


If you can follow my logic here, this tribal thing meant we have

to have more compared to that other tribe that doesn’t have it.

 It’s like whether it’s your tribe has more than theirs and

then we have to go get their land and we have to grow food and

they don’t have it.  This has been the history of humankind.

Then someone breaks out of it and starts to set an example of

unconditional love.  Unconditional love means love that goes out

but doesn’t need anything in return.  It may get it, but it

doesn’t need it, it’s not requiring it, it’s just

free-flow.  Each of you can look at yourself and say how much of

me is involved in tribal love, and how much of me is involved in

unconditional love?  It doesn’t mean the two are mutually

exclusive.  You can have a wonderful family and still have

unconditional love, because your family is a subset of you,

it’s not where your consciousness is totally engrossed.


I’m going to call in the light – Terry are you ready?


Terry:  Okay.


Wynn:  Okay?  Alright.  You don’t sound too anxious.


Terry:  There are a lot of questions here.


Wynn:  I did want to announce this experiment, but I’ll do it

after the channeling, okay?  (There is) something that I want to

try this Saturday.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to

surround and protect each person here, and any negativity be

taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the

highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of

energy radiating from the center of the galaxy from the center of

the universe through the planets through the outer energy fields

of earth, through our bodies and grounded into the earth.  Right

now we invoke a group consciousness while maintaining the

sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that

are positive, service to others, operating in the Law of One to

join with us as we create a protected space that only the

positive has access to.  Anything not of that nature must leave

now.  We await our sources to identify themselves and deal with

our topic in any way they see fit.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite

Creator.  This is the 28th of March 2011 on planet earth.  We

bring through the connection with planet earth, connecting it to

the higher vibrations of love - unconditional love.  It is what

replenishes and nourishes the soul.  Sometimes when an individual

is in the third dimension, they do not have access to this

unconditional love and flows from the earth realm move through

their life and they then can copy these unpleasant experiences

and experience negativity.  The whole earth game is a plan

wherein an individual can learn to deal with lack and deal with

plenty and deal with the different emotions of individuals, and

their depression or their cheerfulness or their greediness.


An individual can learn to establish their own center and keep

their own connection with the love light and keep bringing the

love light through, bring it in - in prayer, in wishes and hopes

and intentions – to individuals who are going through difficult

times.  There are different levels of frustration wherein one

might experience different emotions and for instance, losing

their grounding.  Having a grounding of shelter and food and

harmony can buoy one up.  In losing that harmony, they can then

flounder and not know what to attach themselves to, so it is a

lesson in attaching one to the love light, to the grounding of

the love for one’s fellow man to the love from the higher

sources which is willing and able and ready to flood in upon one

when they seek it and sometimes in the losing of one’s economic

situation or one’s shelter or one’s food supply, it causes

individuals to group together and to re-realize what working

together in harmony with each other means in finding the



Fulfillment is something that an individual is really working

towards, not towards having a lot of money or a lot of

possessions; what will bring them connection is fulfillment and

connecting with spirit and connecting with others in a spiritual

way.  There are many emotions one can experience.  They can go

from being cheerful to being frustrated to being angry to giving

up more to being sad, to feeling apathy in that they can’t do

anything.  They can go into negativity wherein they may wish to

simply run off and hide and to not communicate at all.  These are

all areas one can move into.


You mentioned light and dark – light is the presence of an

energy, a connection, a spiritual connection.  Dark is the

movement into separation, into aloneness, into no connection.

Dark is not bad, it is simply another side of the coin where one

is not connected.  Spiritual disconnection does not bring

fulfillment, spiritual connection with others and the higher

forces and all that is, which one might call God, is a

fulfillment.  One thing that has been mentioned is the absence of

light, the dark forces, the individuals who have moved into that

are trying to get back to the God too.  They are trying to

short-cut the connection process and have reversed their response

and reaction into a striking out, an anger, a frustration, a

retaliation for not having been included, for not having been

connected.  For having, perhaps by the parents or some other

individual, been suddenly disconnected and set adrift into their

own world - a disconnection.  The people that have disconnected

that person many times have been disconnected previously

themselves and are striking back and have chosen the wrong target

as the real target would be whoever has disconnected them.  We

hope these comments are helpful.  Do you have further questions?


Wynn:  I think one of the questions that everyone has, is when

people are feeling separated, when they are feeling dark, when

they are feeling all their angst, how should they deal –

especially when they’ve had moments when they have been

connected and not felt that.  How can they best deal with that

aspect of what they’re going through?


Ra’An:  One thing is they can observe, because sometimes there

has been an incident in their past, either in their past life or

when they were a child in this life which has made them feel

disconnected.  Perhaps they had a parent who themselves were

disconnected and that parent had heaped disconnection and abuse

upon the child.  Then, the child feels isolated and alone and has

not developed the social skills to connect that the individual

needs to connect.  So, that individual can observe him/herself

and can also find areas within themselves where they can feel

some sort of connection and they can observe other individuals

being warm and friendly toward them and then observe their

reactions.  If their reactions are to withdraw in fear that the

individual showing them warmth and affection may be like some

character in their past who has been withdrawn, or it has not

been true.  But, individuals can seek, within their experience,

to let little cracks and openings in, to let the warmth and love



They can go to the coffee shops and can observe other people

being friendly and chatting, and let it seep into some degree.

They can find music, something that they feel connected with.

The object is to begin to reconnect and to feel connected.  Once

one feels connected then the isolation drops away and their need

for love can begin to be filled.  They can observe themselves and

write down each day what good thing did they accomplish in the

day.  They can observe when they are feeling connected and can

find circumstances – going to a dance, going on a chat room –

whatever the persons’ gradient may be to begin to connect.  The

object is connection, to bring the love light in and to move the

darkness aside and fill the individual with warmth and love light

and know the individual is loved.  They can come in on our calls

and connect with us and see the connections coming in.


If one is experiencing disconnection do not be disheartened with

yourself.  It is an opportunity for big growth where you may have

the opportunity to observe as if you were in a lab to observe

yourself and see where the roots for the disconnection lie.  What

were the thoughts that happened before the disconnection?  Was it

something material that you were counting on that went away and

now you are simply at sea and can’t ground to it anymore?  For

instance money is a big thing, where if there is no money then it

sets someone at sea and they are not sure how to ground.  One may

find new ways of grounding with individuals who can give and take

love light and bring warmth into their life, even if it is

opening a crack and just bringing through a little bit.  Because,

once somebody experiences the love light and  that someone loves

them, if they can experience even a little bit it is a big gain

that can lead to bigger advances in the future.


Wynn:  Thank you.  I have this idea, I said I was going to

announce it and no one knows it but me.  So I’ll announce it

and see what you guys think of this and if you don’t think

it’s a good idea, we’ll can it.  I have an idea to do a

rally, a telephone rally, maybe this Saturday or Sunday which I

will announce, and invite everyone who has been touched by our

work on the rally and to have a little pep kind of thing for

fifteen or twenty minutes, and then take a break and have them

invite someone else to call in on the line who has never heard of

us before – without trying to explain it, just say, “Could

you get on this line listen to this guy?”  But, we’ll do a

talk and introduce this work to new people.  What do you think of

that idea?


Ra’An:  We are open to that idea and it is worth a try.


Wynn:  I know that many people that are touched by this work will

try to talk about it.  It sounds like they’re crazy to their

friends.  Maybe we’ll try it out this weekend and we’ll see

how it works.


It’s 6:51.  One comment I’ll make as I know many people feel

separated because they think they need their soul mate, the need

someone to love.  Without someone to love they feel disconnected.

 How can a person who has this deal with this in the best way?


Ra’An:  One way would be to see when they move through their

day how they are connecting with others.  Everyone needs others,

and if they do not have others they feel disconnected because

that connection with others is something that only a connection

with others can fulfill.  But, there is the connection with

one’s own self and one, in evaluating and feeling one’s own

worth, it’s something that they need to fulfill from their own

self.  They can do things in that arena that can fill within

themselves the need for the love of self and the need for the

feeling of self worth, so that they do not get needy and ask

others to constantly fill up that gap.  However, the connection

with others is something that is needed, and they can fulfill



Now an individual, if they are looking for a soul mate and they

have their conviction of self worth, can then begin keeping with

their own goals and their own projects, finding people with

similar goals and projects that they can move into co-working on

those goals with others.  Then, this is a common ground for

individuals to build a relationship, rather than making the

relationship be the whole and the only goal.  Because if one

makes the relationship the whole and the only goal, then after

the connection of good joy of walking down the street with a

good-looking person or the joy of going out to eat….


Wynn:  We have to stop, I’m sorry.  It’s 6:55 and Gjis is

going to be mad because I was talking too long.  I know Seth is

sitting there saying he’s got another show to put on.  Excuse

for stopping that, and thank you so much for that great counsel

on this topic.  Thank you all for being here.  We’ll see some

of you on Wednesday.


Ra’An:  We love you all.


Wynn:  Thank you.

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