Thanks to Suzanne Hayes for transcribing.


                                                                                 Ra'An- March 30, 2011


Hello everybody, this is March 30, 2011 and this is our Wednesday night question and answer call where people submit questions and we query our Sources on the answers to the questions. Just as a way of as disclaimer this is not to indicate that everything we say is true but when you are dealing with channeling you are bringing through messages from other dimensions. There is the possibility of a negative source or that there could be a bleedthrough from the channels own consciousness. I do not think we have had negative Sources because of the high intention of the people involved on the call. There are questions we ask regarding cosmological like things past history. There are question people ask about how energies work, also about healing. There are questions people ask about what's going on with the shift. We have had many different kinds of questions and I try to pick the questions that I think would be of the most value to people and I give priority if there is an urgency in somebody's circumstances so a lot of questions do get asked.


We start off by doing a prayer of protection, an invocation of oneness and that helps to bring all our energies together.


(Wynn calls in the light)


We invite our Sources to greet us through Terry.



Ra'An: We greet you in the light of the One Infinite Creator. This is March 30, 2011 and we are delighted to be with each and every one of you and make contact and also make contact with anyone who is going to be listening to the calls at a later date or are going to be reading the transcripts and also we greet others who are open to our energies. We greet the dolphins and the whales and we give a particularly warm welcome to each and every person on the call and each and every person who has asked a question. We are ready for your questions.


Wynn: Ok. The first question is. What happens when a baby dies? Since they are not able to comprehend moving into the light or going to the light, how does this impact their transition?


Ra'An: Babies have often moved from the area of light into the area of the earth plane and therefore still maintain a connection and are able to come back into the light. It is not necessary for someone to be grown or to be very old to be able to connect with the light and move back into the light.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question from a person who is a remote viewer and cross referenced with other remote viewers, have seen a large planetary body coming between the earth and the sun and heating up the earth tremendously and killing most of life on earth. This person said it was imminent and the person who asked feels overwhelmed. Is there any truth to this?


Ra'An: Thank you.

There is much talk at the time about a planet which has come in between the sun and the earth and is moving into the earth plane. We do not see this as a factor in the heating up of the earth. We will see more about this. The heating up of the earth is brought about by the more intense energy and it is not only the earth but other planetary bodies within the solar system which are heating up at this time and is a result of the position of the solar system. The solar system and the earth's trajectory within the galaxy and it is this alignment of the solar system with the galaxy and the spoke of the galaxy as the earth moves thought it that creates the more intense energy that is heating up the earth.

Now going back to the other thing. There has been a lot of talk on the internet and different programs like Coast to Coast about planet X moving into the earth orbit in the solar system. We do not see that this is a factor. There is something we are seeing here but it is not a threat to the orbit of the earth. Now the question is, is it there or is it not? We see that it is a partial presence in a what you might call a parallel dimension and so there is some shadowing, however, it will not affect earth's orbit and the changes in the earthquake activity are not caused by this as they are caused by the movement of the solar system within the direct alignment with the spoke of the galaxy which moves through the Hunab Ku. The planet X that we see is in a parallel dimension and we do not see it creating an adverse effect. We will also review the issue over time.


Wynn: Thank you.

A question from Jim in Chicago. When you have answered certain questions, you have said that we, rocks, trees, oil and even radiation has a consciousness. What is consciousness and what purpose does it serve?


Ra'An: Consciousness is the result of the life force manifesting within substances or within many levels of manifestation. Each level of manifestation contains consciousness as there is intelligent life everywhere and as matter is condensed, it contains a consciousness which is a life force held within that manifestation and as such it can be communicated with and can give and take thoughts and can in varying degrees of connection with it's surroundings; a rock to a less degree, a bird or animal more; a degree of the ability to connect consciously and intelligently.


Wynn: Thank you.

Here is a question from Suzanne in Ohio. I often pray to my deceased mother, asking for her strength and guidance. If she is already reincarnated and is living in a different life, does that mean the message never gets to her? In general then, can a soul respond to prayers and communications from a previous lifetime while living in a different life. I ask this because I have been told that my daughter now, was my mother in a previous life time. Could she have been my mother from this life time since she died before my daughter was born?


Ra'An: The answer to your first question is yes as when one has been so connected to another and been so touched by another then when they project out to them, even though they are within a different life time they may feel the warmth. They may feel the connection. They may not know in their new life time, what it is, or where it is coming from but there will be the old memory there that will connect them up. So if they live their current life time, they would in that life time have focused upon their new surroundings and new situation which then would place the focus upon the past life time in the background, however, depending upon the strength of the connection, they would still be able to feel this one. When communicating with one who has moved on, one can project, but with the caveat, that the communication be for the highest good so they do now wish to interrupt and refocus that person out of that life time. They can send communications; something you had wanted to tell your mother, something you have wished her to know, however, to attempt to pull her out of that lifetime or receive information from her might disrupt her focus on that new life time and would or could be disruptive.

As to the second part of your question. The length of time between incarnations can be almost immediate, in fact in some Tibetan monks and other individuals the time can also overlap such as in the case of walk-in's. We do not mean to indicate in any way, shape or form indicating that your daughter is a walk-in, we are just giving information so that it is possible from that standpoint that your mother could have reincarnated as your daughter. We will leave this to you to examine any characteristics although it could be genetic. First of all it is possible within the time frame given, that your mother could have reincarnated as your daughter as many times people do incarnate into their family line. At first glance, we see more complicated situations here where your mother may be coming in and looking at your daughter and caring very much for your daughter. Those are our comments.


Wynn: Thank you.

I would like to tag my own question onto this. During the course of communications, I had a conversation with what identified itself as a soul fragment or a soul stream of a previous life time of Daphne and I was asking questions which were being answered. So later on, I said, how can that exist when she is present. The answer was that the soul streams of all your past lives exist forever and how does this relate to the answer to the question? Maybe you could explain better what a soul stream is and if one is looking to connect to a deceased parent, would you be connecting to the parent's soul or the soul stream?


Ra'An: As an individual moves through a life time much like a plane moving through the sky leaves a jet stream, the individual moving through the life leaves a soul stream of their emotion through the intelligent All That Is, and the copying of the intelligent All That Is; of the total individual's life through the soul stream, more ordinarily it could be categorized as an Akashic record, however, spread out over time it becomes a soul stream where the individual and all the manifestations of the individual in moving through their life leaves a complete track; a complete record and the intelligent life that is co-occupying space with the person at the time copies the entire soul's pictures and this remains and this is able to be captured and can be pulled out of the recording and repeated and played and so the individual in moving through their life; the soul, the soul matrix in moving through their life is the one that, say in the case of the mother, that Suzanne would be contacting, a soul stream would be a memory and the copying of the intelligent life that can be contacted and has permeated that individual's life within the past. There could be reverberations if one contacts the elements of the soul stream and one could get information and intelligence and information from that also. Does that help?


Wynn: Yes, thank you.

Another added on question. There is a lot of indications that Terry was connected to a Catholic Saint named St. Catherine. There is at least one other person today who is channeling a voice that is identifying itself as St. Catherine. Would that voice not be St. Catherine, or could that voice be the soul stream communicating and answering questions or could it be the Ra Group or whatever group who was working with St. Catherine modeling and mocking that up as a way of getting information into this realm?


Ra'An: This could be the information accessing the soul stream.


Wynn: So would the person channeling St. Catherine have access to that inter-dimensional source through the soul stream?


Ra'An: This would depend upon the individual channeling and their abilities to access. They could access the source through the soul stream.


Wynn: Thank you. Complicated isn't it.


Next question. A couple of people have asked for light here and they want to send light and healing to Carolyn in Oxford and to Carla Ruckert.


Ra'An: We send love-light and connection. We actually see the light of connection to her and to her doctors and also to Carla.


Wynn: Thank you. If Carolyn has a computer maybe Zoe could send me her email. Ask her if it's ok to put her email out and people could send her positive things but just ask her and then send it to me.


This is from Chris in Tennessee. Even though my body is not so great now, I am going through what I call an upgrade. I am being prompted to go out in the sun. So my question is, is the sun involved someway in our upgrade. I stayed in the sun a lot this weekend and felt a profound effect. Is this how this works?


Ra'An: One of the things the sun does is to provides is vitamin D which helps the whole body to heal and provides the connection for minerals to be absorbed better into your system. Another thing is the energy that comes from the sun that warms the body, that sets the connection within the DNA to vibrate more vibrantly and can move the whole body into greater resonance with not only the sun but with other star bodies.


Wynn: Thank you.

Some people have said that wearing sunscreen or sunglasses is not good for you. It diminishes the positive effects of the sun.


Ra'An: One must take into account how their skin reacts to the sun and if one is getting burned then one should either get out of the sun or put sunscreen on at that point. As far as wearing sunglasses the same thing would apply. If one did not wear sunglasses they could be exposed to too much sun, and through their eyes and begin to go snow blind where everything starts to turn pink. So if one is going to be in the sun for hours they should learn their tolerances and then protect themselves past that point.


Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is from Gobiaga in Nigeria. I am going to ask his general question. Are the Ra or Elohim behind the wave of miracles in many churches and crusades all over the world?

My added question is, if there are miracles and predictions that people are making and that can be effective and correct is that indicative of a positive source or can a negative do that?


Ra'An: there are so many questions here.


Wynn: Ok let me ask the first question. Is Ra and the Elohim behind many of the miracles in many churches and crusades all over the world?


Ra'An: Ra and the Elohim and the angelic realm and the intentions of many people and light workers are all behind miracles and changes. The individuals who ask, put into effect a multiplying response on all levels, not only of the Elohim and Ra Group but of the angelic group of intelligent All That Is. The response is to come to the aid and assistance of the person. That is our answer to that.


Wynn: And my question is, could a negative Source make such a positive outcome in order to hold everyone's attention?


Ra'An: If a negative Source was asking for a positive outcome, they could put their votes in with the positive for a positive change.


Wynn: Thank you.

Here is the other person asking for a healing. This is from Linda Olson. Could you please ask them to do a healing on my daughter who has had back surgery several months ago and is now having complications from it. Any helpful advice would be appreciated. I pray every night for her to have release from pain.

We can ask her to resubmit that with what kind of back surgery her daughter had and her city.


Ra'An: Give us a moment. We put in the reaffirmation for the daughter for healing at this time. Yes this should be resubmitted.


Wynn: Marilyn says that she is sleeping and out for the night she senses a small bright light pointed at my face. Very bright but small. I wake up and my husband is sleeping next to me and I am feeling my dream was very real. Is there any significance I should take from this?


Ra'An: Ask for a clarification dream and upon awaking, write down the dream then, before you forget the dream, write down what you remember of it and see what connections there are to what you write down and see any connections to life issues you are attempting to work through in your daily life.


Wynn: Thank you.

Question. Are parts of California in danger of tsunami or earthquakes soon and if so, where would be a safer place to live?


Ra'An: Thank you. There are parts in the valleys that are in danger from a tsunami. From the beach this would be fifty miles but we do not wish to give any dates.


Wynn: Could be ask for a time frame?


Ra'An: Right at this time we do not have a date.


Wynn: Thank you.

Maurice Curtis asks that in the past one in 5,000 children were affected by autism and now the figures have risen to one in a 100. Can you share what the cause of autism is and why this increase?


Ra'An: Autism comes into effect when the child is struggling to learn how to better connect to one's surroundings. There are suggestions that tying people to the television, wherein the children that hear the television going on very much of the time and the children then do not have a chance to get grounded, to ground into something that they can be happy about and feel a sense of accomplishment. Their own projects, their own sense of worth, their own ability to complete a project and identify with the work that is done and to feel good about it is so lacking in many situations. And the individual, the child then, does not have a way of grounding, to get connected solidly. The parents are working. They do not spend time with the child to get them grounded. This is not all cases of autism as sometimes the individual child does not have the proper nutrients in the body to bring their attention span down to a grounded level. They need proper nutrients and nutrition and in some cases they have been given vaccines that change the response by putting stress upon the system of the child so their system is working to overcome the results of the vaccination, and they do not have the attention to put all that energy into grounding and they are agitated as their system attempts to deal with being injected with a foreign matter. For instance mercury and the individual's body's attention goes to dealing with that stress and does not go into grounded and working with the soul matrix in establishing oneself much like a tree gets rooted, the individual would get rooted and establish the fundamentals and become familiar with his life surroundings, instead sometimes with the vaccinations the body is still trying to deal with the results of the vaccinations and channels the energy into that instead of getting grounded and familiar with surroundings.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have one or two more questions for tonight but just before we do that let's put our energies together and send healing to the radiation to Japan. We did this Sunday and they said it was very positive. So anything we and our Sources can do as a group to deactivate it just a moment of silence and put our thoughts towards that direction.




Wynn: Thank you.

Do you want to make any comment on that before we go on to the next question?


Ra'An: We would also like to send healing to each and every individual who has a loss. Loss of loved ones, loss of property, loss of home, loss of their livelihood, loss of family, anyone who has been disrupted in the tsunami and we hear your agony. We send love-light for a brighter future and hope for a re-establishment of a grounding within your life and a re-establishment of connection within community and with the effects of radiation will diminish so that the life within the surroundings will be able to pick and resume. We send love-light to the brave workers and the people involved with helping with the plant at Fukashima. We see that they may keep the water under control and we see that the radiation diminishing and the children being able to drink the water in the area and the re-establishment of the fertile crops.


Wynn: Thank you.

Our last question for tonight is from Cindy McDonald. Cindy feels a strong affinity to crystal and indigo youth and has a desire to help them in a realization of who they are, their strengths and how they can inspire their generation to awakening. She had previously tried to organize a group to help do this but the timing was not right. I have once again began organizing my ideas and put together a website. I would like to know the best way to inspire the youth to evoke hope and not fear and how I can be most effective in this endeavor?


Ra'An: To each indigo and crystal child we send love-light to them to expand their sphere of influence that they may share what they have to share to help other. On the website you might have them share what ways they can contribute? What do they shine at? What are their hopes? What is their artistic desire for contribution those who have artistic abilities or musical abilities. So you might have them share what their desires for contribution are. What their talents are, what they are good at. Have they written songs? Have they painted pictures? Perhaps they would contribute some of these to your website as a token for their contribution and your website could be a place where other individuals could come and be inspired and see what others have done and make comments or blogs about how they have liked these contributions. We like your spirit.

As you try things you will find things that fit.


Wynn: Thank you. What great advice. Something I have found in this work that where we are co-creative and people asking questions and sending me things that I forward. There is not a hierarchy here, like I know and you don't, like we are working it out together so if you can inspire the children to participate in your website and to post their things and find leaders who will then tell their friends, look at what I posted, you could get a roll going, but you have to experiment to see exactly how to do that. All of you who are healers or want to make a difference this is a key suggestion that will let the people you want to heal; let the people you want to contribute to, to tell you how to contribute to them because if you give them the opportunity, they will.


Do we have any closing comments?


Ra'An: We again send more faith to those in Japan for the dawning of new day and we see today they are receiving that prayer and they are responding and thank you for the beautiful contact with the people of earth as you provide the open window. Thank you each and every one of you on the call.



Wynn: Thank all of you who are volunteers and all of you who are listening. Thanks to Terry and those who listens to the replays and you who are helping to ground this work. You are all very important. One of the things I learned a few years back is that there was no place to ground us, it had to make it's own footing and all of you who listen are helping to make that footing and you are very appreciated. We will see some of you at the Grid Healing and I will have a couple of announcements and until then I will see you later.






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