Sunday grid healing transcript April 3, 2011

Transcriber: Gina Brown


Host: Wynn Free

Channel: Terry L. Brown


Wynn: Good morning this is Sunday, April 3, 2011 our planetary healing session . We do something unusual on this call. You may have noticed it the first time, but many do who come onto this call. You have to move into the experience to get it. The whole universe is one being. We as humans feel separate from that one energy. We feel alienated and separated from this one body. According to my sources this call is an exercise to go back to that place where oneness is – to experience it and never lose our individuality and to create a group energy. Our intentions become powerful because they are put into this group energy. It's not just us, but it's these sources communicating with me through Daphne and Terry. They exist in another dimension – you cannot see it but can you intuit It, connect with it? A lot goes into creating a group energy. Some people feel it through their Crown Chakra, goosebumps, inside or outside of their body. Some downloads through the physical body. Some may even feel a healing because they go above the level of imbalance as the energy goes above this and fixes it. A group experience that occurs is what we're doing here, it is something that's evolved over time. I didn't know if this would work or not, but I started experimenting as there’s got to be something more. These calls are a culmination of that experiment. They don’t tell me what to do. It's co – creation. They don't want to take power that's the farthest thing. They want to work with us but they honor free will, but they help to you to plug into your receiver to call on them. It's like finding your frequency radio tuner. It's like these guys are there but we don't know their frequency. I feel blessed, but it’s a huge responsibility for me – and all of us. It greatly contributes to mankind. What we do first is we put things into the light. Jim Mandel from Chicago asked me to put the Madrid fault into the light which we will. The lines are now open.




Jean- South Dakota: I want to put much gratitude in the light, free energy for water battery in the light, animals and children and awareness for humanity and healing for Carla Rueckert.


Wynn: Thank you, next.


Lori – I'd like to put the machine nuclear reactor into the light and healing for clean energy, air, water, fire, and complete solutions and awareness of the masses.


Gina –O’ahu; Hawaii: I want to add that when you listen on the replay lines you do get a different perspective and a different energy when you listen to it and as Terry (RA’AN) so nicely phrased it if we can talk to the materials in the nuclear reactor who feel angry and separated and have them be rebalanced so that they can feel connected again and if we could continue to send love light to the humans, animals, I think the Humpback Whales are joining us all as I see spouts! Also send love light energy to the beautiful bees for their health and healing as we have not done them for a while. Thank you so much.


Wynn: Thank you.


Bridget – Berry Creek: love and peace for the Middle East.


Zoe – Sacramento: let's send love and light to Carolyn I've not gotten any information on her Let's also send love and light to the people in Wisconsin because they got enough signatures to recall the Governor and I hope that they are supported in their efforts for the highest good. Let's send light to the nuclear reactors and tell them we're sorry what we've done to them that we've hurt and damaged them in ignorance. Tell them you love them.


Wynn: The hospital that Carolyn's in is in Oxford; England?


Zoe: There's eight hospitals.


Terry: Her last name?


Wynn: Sabin. She was hit by a car. Some of you get spaced out on the calls. Be vigilant of the real world and be observant of things you should be. I remember as a kid I got my first car – a Plymouth fury convertible car. I was so excited with this huge convertible that I drove off and 2 miles later I smashed it into a wall and it was totaled. This reminds me of that so just be very conscious. Okay anyone else?


Michael – San Diego: I like to put the energy of positive news into the light. We hear so much that is not very good as it creates fear. Let's put positive energy and positive news in the light and to hear more of this. And people finding new ways to cope, find energy, and cleanse the earth. Also the energy of discernment, freedom of speech, and the Internet in the light.


Wynn: Thank you, anything else?

Zoe – Sacramento: let's put in the light our government that it reaches an agreement on a budget to keep it going and see Obama making major decisions that be given support and clarity of vision in service to others.


Wynn: Thank you, one more.


Gijs: I'd like to put you Wynn and Terry and Daphne and the work that you have done and are doing in the light and folks around the world who have an important position in my opinion as you do.


Wynn: Thank you. Let's put our group exploding. We got it down really well. And that loads of people discover us one way or another. I know there's a lot out there who wish we were here. Let's put synchronicity in and opportunities. Anyone else?


Coleen – Vancouver: let's put the wetlands and Gulfstream into the light because they need more healing.


Terry: Wetlands where?


Coleen: around the Gulfstream with the oil spill it's in need of dire healing.


Wynn: I'd like to put Terry and me speaking at the United Nations hee hee.


Terry: Oh boy hee hee hee.


Zoe: Let's put organic farmers and Monsanto as they seem to be trying to co-op selling of seeds and keeping others in bondage to their seeds with pesticides in them. So all our foods should be clean and they can switch over like everyone else.


Caller: Monsanto is with Whole Foods now.


Zoe: Oh really, uh oh.


Caller: Monsanto has a vested interest and is affiliated financially with Whole Foods.


Zoe: Maybe whole foods can have a positive effect on them.


Wynn: Anyone else? Let's put to all cat lovers.


Zoe: Let's send love light to those who are in grief of lost loved ones from naturals disasters and seek comfort and support.


Wynn: Okay thank you.


Horst –Belmont; Canada: let's put love light in HAARP installation in Alaska that all the energies and intentions be transmuted to positive ones.


Wynn: I don't know if there is a lot of positive in HAARP. Other sources can disrupt the negative frequencies of HAARP.


Terry: They’ve the ability to ameliorate earthquake action.


Wynn: Yes I said that they disrupt anything for the highest good.


Zoe: Let's put chem trails also.


Wynn: Yes I usually do. There is the story of my sister where they put a filter in her blood and took Lupus out I am even asked if they can disable a nuclear weapon and they said yes but there has to be free will and the people wanting that. I'm be surprised if they couldn't break up chem trails or HAARP frequencies.


Caller: Let's ask for divine peace and harmony for the whole Earth for the highest good of all concerned.


Wynn: Well the negative have other intentions and they have free will. A lot have a strong disposition and are rigid. They can comment on it.


Caller: Am I naïve to think that love can melt the darkest heart.


Wynn: Probably so. Like with our friends we put out positive love and hit a thud. If a bunch of people are having fun and someone dark looks at that and wants it then we begin to win but they have to reach back. Am I missing anything?


Gina: Yes Libya and the Middle East.


Wynn: Okay we’ll put that in.


This is Zoe: That the state meeting their budgets with less harm and deprivation to everyone.


Wynn: In the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce RA said through David Wilcock there were two agendas: one was the world, the state of the planet , the economy and the dark and the light of this planet. The other is the state of the individual being able to keep the heart open to ensure graduating this realm. Two things are happening. The first one seems more urgent (in-your-face, on the news). The second one is more important we’ll all leave this realm and how will it work? The breakdown of things seems very harsh and negative, but it will force people to turn to each other and help each other. It will be a catalyst for many more to graduate this realm. Hardships are positive if you look at them in the right way.

The next exercise we do will be to connect our energies, we can connect with our sources through Terry a conglomerate that is coming through was one voice that we ask their assistance for and then I'm going to do a planetary healing and break through the veil of higher consciousness. Anyone that can feel these energies connect and bring these energies through to the physical body is the highest service that you can do. Many wouldn't believe it. It's a great service to this planet even though you don’t get recognition for it, you do get it in other realms. The first is one energy. Imagining the center of the Earth and its energy going up through the Earth – through the center of the floor/ground to our feet. Notice any tingling? So we go through our feet, legs, groins, chest, stomach, through our heads. The energy is going through the Earth to our body. Pop that energy right out of the top of your head. The energy is 1 foot above your head. Keep going through the ceiling, sky, clouds, through time, space, and finally we’re going to hit the place where we connect – all our energies converged. If you could take a snapshot of how you feel now and compare the snapshot to how you'll feel during different parts of this you can compare different energies. Now we invite our sources to join with us.. I noticed the energy change at the top of my head when I said that.


Terry: So did I.


Wynn: Did you, yeah. These energies are here now and we’re still connected to the Earth but we’re here all at once. We've joined this energy of oneness and were going to string it back down into our bodies again like a big electric cord plug in down through all the realms and through the top of our head. As we do this we take another snapshot of this how the energy feels to our bodies? Can we feel a difference? We connect to the parts of ourselves before we became disconnected and separated before we have a track record of energy that screwed us up. Now we're in a prior time to this and can heal the distortions. In the body there are places where it's stuck and not flowing, this can lead to disease and imbalances. We’ll take this energy, move it around our body and ask this energy to direct it around and flow it there. We can direct this conscious energy. We can move it to the top of our head – what do you feel like? We can then move it to the brain, eyes, nose, teeth – fix cavities and infection there and move it down through the mouth. If you communicate things that are dishonest you will lose the connection to this energy. If you are dishonest you create you and them and a disconnection from this energy. So to hold the energy you must be honest. Okay let's continue down our neck, chest, to our hearts, working on healing on anything where you directed. In your heart go to the judgments and unforgiveness of others and let it go. Move down to the Solar Plexus – the power Chakra, stomach, digestion. See the energy flowing in the Solar Plexus protecting you. This keeps people from violating your space. Then we go down to your genitals – make the genitals acceptable. It's okay to have them you're in a physical body. Learn to accept them. There's no right or wrong just don’t hurt anyone. Then go to the Root Chakra – the base of the spine connected to the Earth through your body – okay let's have a moment of silence. You direct and move energy around and notice how it'll follow your requests and see your body in the flow – in the middle of it all. When body goes all these connections will still be there and now was a good moment to take people you care about and expand this energy so that they’re included.


Wynn: (calls in the light) Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect everyone on this call and myself and Terry. We see ourselves radiating through the flow of energy through the center of the galaxy down to the center of the universe down through the Solar System down to the planetary fields entered the outer fields of the earth and through the top of our heads for our bodies we are connected all on this line and all that are listening on the replays while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls we invite the group energies that are positive, service to others, Law of One to join us and anything not of that nature must leave now. We wait for our sources to identify themselves and their presence through Terry and to address our concerns.


Terry: (RA’AN): We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator this is April 3, 2011 planet Earth and we send love light to everyone on the call. We may contact and appreciate your presence and provide an opportunity for us to be of assistance and to be present not just on this call, but with you 24/7. We don't need a telephone line we are wireless. We are available and are calling the Whales and Dolphins. We experience a wave of joy at being contacted that they experience. We see them swimming in their pods and their circumstances. We see pollution of the waters and radiation in the waters off Japan and we send clearing. We see and join the Whales and Dolphins in explaining to them what’s happened as they are able now to connect with our energies and intelligence and enable them to send love light to their waters. We speak slowly as we hear them doing this. We are in all locations doing clearing. We note the radiation and sickness in the water of some of the sea life. Some see life's invigorated by the radiation they are taking it in. We note the sickening feeling of some of the Whales and Dolphins. We take them through us and our energy and move radiation out of them. It's a continuous process. It's like moving pain off as it occurs. It's the same with radiation. We do this process for sea life in the area. We teach them how to do this. Dolphins they are very cognizant so we teach them the process as they move through the waters. They are getting it down. It's a slow process. It's a psychic full protection against the radiation. Humans can do this too. We move to the Fukushimo plant and the workers working hard with this. We see the coast and the water it's not all coming from the plant. We moved to the seaweed – and we use the same process – move it through and let it go. We look at the half-life. We ask the materials to heal faster by taking off the radiation and move to a shorter half-life. We see it can heal faster by speeding up half-life and shortening it. We look at the materials in the core – we see some success as there’s cooling here. And the core may relax and cool of the three reactors 1,2,3 and therefore may also relax. Once this is relaxed then people can relax.

We turn to Libya. We see violent tempers, wills, attention. We send love light to these people. We look at basic stirs up of problems in the world.

We look at HAARP– a machine that follows the will of the people running it. It can be used for negative and for positive. Negatively it turns violence of financial earthquakes and causes trouble in the Earth. We see that there is an imbalance that can be expressed through the use of machines. As we look at this we are face-to-face with this malevolence and we take a moment and let it move and we track it to certain areas. The desire for power, attack, using people to obtain things. We indicate to those people that within themselves they have the power and can turn around and use this power for the good of the people and bring great changes to the Earth would they use this power towards this way versus the war. We look at them and contract and we ask that they consider the opportunities for reaching out and connecting in a positive way and bringing bountiful peace and bountiful economy situation for the quality of life for people everywhere: organic farms, food, people, water, the whole Earth to resonate with love. And the Dolphins are clapping hee hee. As we speak we send love to Carolyn, the teachers, her projects, the children, and support for sustenance for their lives to go on creatively still stuck within the Earth plane.

We send love and light to Daphne, Wynn, Terry with profound thanks for starting these connections to bring love light from the higher dimensions into the Earth realm and bring the freshness and warmth of home into 3-D realm. We send love light to the water everywhere the wetlands again we see the ocean around Japan, we've change the paradigm by teaching the lifeforms there how to work with radiation and again the Dolphins are applauding. We thank each and everyone on this line, listening to the call later, the transcriber, and to everyone participating here, the animals, cats and birds, or all who are partaking of this energy and everyone on this line our profound appreciation and joy at connecting with you. Adonai.



Wynn: Thank you. I'd like to ask a question on some people's minds we know you were compassionate and caring for those on this planet and for those reaching out for higher connections. Why is it so important for us to ask, why can't you in your own volition just say we better do this to help the planet ?


Terry: (RA’AN) Into free will clause it's all individual. Individual has the right to do his or her own creation – the path of access to see the consequences and even learn through the negative this really is in the long run is not their chosen path of fulfillment and the shortcomings of this and how it isolates them from others. It may fulfill them in the short term but in the long term it sets them adrift from the rest of mankind – alone and unfulfilled, disconnected. The ones that are negative are learning important lessons and if one were to cut their lesson short and moved in and change things it would set them further adrift.


Wynn: Are dolphins able to ask directly for interventions?


Terry: (RA’AN): Dolphins are able to ask directly however the sacred point: they are so connected with all there is and some of them do know how to ask but they are connecting as things are more than to ask for changes and that this is something as a group, and they are listening, that they may experiment with and explore.


Wynn: Thank you so much for being with us. Let's go to the final part of this call where just as we did a personal healing meditation and brought the energy through our bodies we now ask as a team to go to the area of oneness and project our energies to the Earth/planet. We see ourselves in oneness. We see the Earth separated from us as we’re looking at it. We look at the water Let's project love and light to the highest good of all concerned never violating the free will of any entity. And so from the waters to the lakes to the rivers to the water to drinking water. Next the land – the mountains where the land rises up to all the mountaintops through the mountains and hills through the Earth projecting all that energy. Let's go to the plants and trees. We see the trees the photosynthesis the light of the sun but the energy field starts the universe to the trees and branches and trunk to the center of the universe -bushes, flowers with all their colors, reaching upwards towards the sky – energy reaching upwards through them to the Earth and the grasses. We’ve pretty much done the Dolphins and Whales, the dogs, cats, birds, pets, zoo animals, wild animals, every bit of is a connection to the universe potentially. Let's do humans: the light workers- beings who have a conscious intention to lift the vibration of the planet with their expert high selves permitting these energies to work with us and to add to our calls for asking. The Indigo/Crystal children: the beings from higher dimensions to serve the planet who took bodies in incarnations on the planet like many of you on the call made a choice to be here at this time, but forgot once you were here. This is a wake-up for all life forms to be of service for this transition who don't know. We send energy to people following their own spiritual or religious traditions like the Lamas, Dalai Lama and all those reaching for higher connections. Let's do the earthquakes and light all over the planet wherever there are faults. Remember we are working with our sources in partnership and ask for any movements of land be released gradually and away from population centers. Let’s do the Ring of Fire (area around Pacific Ocean). South America- let's send sheets of light energy from the oneness connecting with Earth and surrounding all the fault lines. South America, Central America, Mexico, California, Chula Vista, San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Orange County, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Fernando Valley.


Terry: As we envision these areas take this deep into the Earth as this is where the faults are.


Wynn: Thank you. Ventura, Santa Barbara, of the coast of Carmel, Monterey, Santa Cruz, South San Francisco, San Carlos, San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, through Sausalito, Marion County, Marion Valley, Oregon, Encino, Mt. Hood, Yellowstone, California, that's where the volcanoes are very potent. And up through Portland, Washington, Seattle, Vancouver, but send this energy deep into the Earth, the West Coast of Canada, across to the South Coast of Alaska, the East Coast of Russia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Hawai’i, all the islands in the Pacific. This whole area let's look at it like a map and being met with our intention the whole area into the Earth. Okay I'm opening up the lines and say your name and city and wait 10 seconds and all of us will focus our energy and oneness to the person who is speaking to anchor it to their physical location.


Jean – Sioux Falls; South Dakota


Bridget – Berry Creek


Gina and Humpback Whales in- O'ahu; Hawai’i.


Belinda – Santa Fe; New Mexico.


Maya – Kailua Kona; Hawai’i


Ann – Tahoe


Dee- Peoria; Arizona


Lisa – San Francisco; California


Arlene – San Antonio; Texas


Coleen – Vancouver; British Columbia


Zoe – Sacramento; California


Holly – San Carlos; California


Horst- Belmont near London Ontario; Canada


Marsha – San Fernando Valley Los Angeles


Gary – Redondo Beach; California


Wynn: Now we're going to move into interventions and ask for everything toxic in chem trails to be transmuted to everything non-toxic and the transmutation of radiation. Not allowing any nuclear weapons to go off on this planet and disabling any mechanisms. Let's take the collective consciousness of mankind, we see that each person projects an energy in the other realms and when all combines to create the collective energy and that this energy be protected from fear. Seismic activity like the Atlantic Ridge and the new Madrid fault, and the one along Washington. Let's see this energy moving into the land. We ask for special blessings for all of us on this line to be connected, healed of physical issues, and to be able to hold this space in our lives and change the space we walked in. We bring this call to an end. I thank everyone who is making it possible: Terry, Gijs, transcribers, Jim, Gary. I will see some of you tomorrow on Monday night be BBS call 6 PM.







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