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Monday – 04/04/2011

Traumas and past life patterns that impact our lives

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Wynn:  Welcome everybody - this is Wynn Free.  This our

Monday night conference call where we have conversations with

what seems to be intelligences in other realms that are able to

look at us from another dimension and give, I guess what we would

call, an unusual point of view and reference point to how things

work.  I’m with my co-host Terry Brown, who is the vehicle

for these voices. 

The topic tonight is one that I think is of great importance for

all of us who are concerned about our own evolution as spiritual

beings who have taken on bodies - which is everyone on this

planet.  Some people are aware of that; probably most people

are not aware of it, but the rules apply regardless.  

learned that all of us have had many, many, many lifetimes –

most of us have had many, many lifetimes.  I won’t say

that’s true for everybody.  It’s possible that somebody new

has come into this realm that hasn’t had a lot of past

lifetimes.  But, in all of our past lifetimes, we have incurred

what’s commonly called ‘karma’, and we’ve impacted our

connection with source, and with our ability to even live as

highly functional humans because of the things we’ve brought

forth from other lifetimes.

 This is true whether you know it 
or not, and even if you don’t
know the particular lifetime or 
the particular lifetimes, a way to figure
out what has impacted 
you from past lifetimes is by what I call ‘reverse

engineering’.  That is, when you see a pattern that keeps

repeating in your life that you don’t understand where it came

from. People think that pattern is them; like, I am this way.  

When you start being aware of how things work in the big

picture, you can be sure that these patterns are something that

were established in what could be called your past track.  That

can be good patterns or difficult patterns.  Like, for example,

some people have had past track experiences where they were very

talented in a certain area, and in this lifetime if you have an

easy talent, if you have an affinity for something, then you will

re-establish that talent.

For example, in my case, I’m sure that I was a troubadour

in England a thousand years ago.  When I was younger, I was

into electricity and physics and building things, and I thought

that was going to be my career.  But, as soon as I had a guitar

in my hand and I started writing things, I can do this!  I

became very preoccupied with writing songs and hitchhiking
the country.  I didn’t know I had a past life, but I

triggered into my potential for talent.  It didn’t mean that

I could pick up a guitar and play it right away, but it did mean

that I could learn it easily, and it did mean that I could put

lyrics together easily.  I said, “Where did this come

from?”  Perhaps in the early part of my life, when I was more

technologically oriented, maybe I was tapping into Atlantean

lifetimes, which was a highly technological civilization.  

Then, when I picked up the guitar, I was tapping 
into my past
lifetimes - probably there were more than one, but

the one in particular that I know about - when I was a

troubadour.  My life actually duplicated the outer

manifestation of being a troubadour.  I would travel around

from town to town, I would arrive into cities where I didn’t

know anybody, I would go play at the local pub, I’d get to know

people right away, I’d create a scene, I’d stay for a

week.  Then I’d move to the next city.  I learned this,

because years ago somebody did a reading on me and they told me I

was repeating this past life time as a troubadour, and that

that’s why I was doing what I was doing.  The reading made so

much sense.  It fit so many pieces together that I was sure

that it was true and it was actually my first experience in the

idea of past lifetimes.

Then I realized there have been times when I’ve been killed for

doing spiritual work, and Terry has the same memories.  That

creates traumatic patterns that, “Oh, oh, If we do this work,

we’re going to get killed.”  Then it creates (it)- what

happens is if you let that thought-form keep growing, it will

create the circumstances of that.   All of us have those kinds

of patterns.  I suspect most women have been plundered and

raped at one point or another, or abused.

There’s those of us that are male - and of course we can be

male or female.  I don’t think that from lifetime to another

you have to repeat the same sex. Maybe we’ve been abusive to

other people, maybe we’ve been generals in armies, maybe we

were crooks, maybe we were whatever.  Here we are, and

somewhere in us is all those tendencies and how do we deal with


Particularly trauma – trauma is something which is under the

surface, it’s like an under-the-surface fear, and anxiety and

anticipation and you don’t know why it’s there.  You

don’t even know it’s there; it’s just part of your


So this is going to be a very interesting 
conversation with our
sources to understand “How do we know 
what’s inside of us that
comes under the category of trauma and 
how can we clear it?”  
I know both Terry and I 
have discovered these areas in ourselves.
Terry, do you want to
say anything about this?

Terry:  Well, to clear these patterns, it makes a great deal of


Wynn:  Anyone on the phone line want to share their experience,

if they have one, of trauma that is impacting their life and they

don’t know where it came from?  Anyone want to say something

about this topic?

Dee:  I will, Wynn.  It’s Dee Collier from Missouri.  I

just want to say several years ago probably in the last ten or

fifteen years, I have developed a great fear for riding in cars

and vehicles, just out of the blue.  I have no reason why I

would do that, and can’t figure out why.  If I’m driving

I’m a little better, but I have such a fear of riding in a

vehicle with somebody else driving, it’s horrible, absolutely

horrible.  I don’t know where that came from.

Wynn:  Okay.  Anyone else have something?

Chris:  Wynn, it’s Chris.  I want to say I think a lot of

my trauma – I don’t know if I should say this it’s not so

much physical, as I used to see spirits as a kid and demons or

whatever.  I don’t know if you want to go this way, but I’m

telling you it’s part of my trauma I think, that I’ve had to

work through over the years on the paranormal kind of side and

I’d even include ETs in it, if that’s okay.

Wynn:  You saw things that went bump in the night and they

scared the hell out of you.

Chris:  Yes, ever since – a lot more to these memories are

coming back.  They’re getting validated by my family so it

all happened, all these paranormal experiences I had when I was a

kid really scared me.

Wynn:  It’s quite understandable, and it’s probably real. 

Chris:  It is.

Cindy:  Can I add to that, too?  This Cindy

in Peoria, Arizona because I actually was going to present

this very thing, curious if it was any kind of past life.  I

just had a friend call me last night who has dealt with this from

the time he was four, and he had a horrible nightmare last night

and felt that these experiences were coming back.  I told him

that I would put him into the love light for protection, but I

also had the same experiences.  (They) caused great trauma

because nobody can validate what you’re going through.  It

paralyzes you.  I don’t know because it starts at a very

early age in life, if it’s carried over - or why we even

experience those things.  So put me in.

Wynn:  Give an example of the how the trauma affected you.

Cindy:  Well, from a very young age when you can’t understand

what’s going on and you’re seeing things, my hair was pulled,

I was choked, and there’s no one you can turn to.  Then, you

don’t know if it’s something in your head or if it’s really

happening but I mean it went on for years and years.  Then, I

would shut off any kind of – I felt if I prayed, then they

would come around me.  So, it stopped me from doing a lot of

things, you know being in the dark.  Just little silly things -

it just paralyzed me from a child.

Chris:  When you’re a child it’s really, really frightening

you know because your parents don’t believe you.  They think

it’s just being a kid, it’s imagination.  They would say,

“Okay, something happened, but that was just a

coincidence.”  I’m just frightened every night in bed.  I

have to sleep with the light on to keep these things from messing

with me sometimes and having to fight things off. It’s pretty

tough for a kid.

Cindy:  Right.  I still sleep with the light on.

Alice:  My name’s Alice Simpson.

Wynn:  Alice, hi Alice.  You’re just checking in right?

Alice:  That’s right, I’m just checking in from Wisconsin.

(I've been listening since 8:00.)

Wynn:  Welcome.  We’re just having a little bit of a group

discussion on trauma, things/patterns that hold people back.

Alice:  Part of what’s been different for me, is my

grandmother was totally into the paranormal, so I was raised

appreciating and feeling at home with that part.  Then, when I

was fifty that’s when I started to remember childhood sexual

abuse with other people, and part of my question is, “Is there

a way to quicken the clearing on a cellular level?”  Because,

I just don’t want to stay in the past so much because there’s

life (out there to be experienced).

Wynn:  That’s exactly what we’re going to be asking.  Don

told me we could go over tonight, okay?

Alice:  Okay. My husband’s here with me, because for my

fiftieth birthday I went to a workshop on abuse, abandonment and

neglect.  We have two great children; I just repressed and

suppressed everything.  I taught them about the

paranormal.  That was not a trauma; that was where I felt safe.

Chris:  This was what was all going on with me: my mom was an

alcoholic at the time; my dad was doing a lot of psychedelic

drugs and I think he might have been involved with the occult and

all this stuff, too.  He didn’t live with us so that all kind

of played into what was happening in my whole life.

Cindy:  Mine is the opposite.  My family was very open to the

paranormal, and there was no abuse or substance abuse.  It was

quite stable but I still experienced it.

Wynn:  Again, remember some of these connections were very

likely made in other lifetimes and carried forth.  Most of us

don’t know about our past lives.  I happen to know a few of

them, but I know there’s many that I have not a clue

of.  You carry the matrix forward from lifetime to lifetime.

Alice:  I know a bunch of mine.  

Chris:  Remember Wynn, we had that call that one time - they

said I had spirits attached to me and they were into the light

and all that.  I was thinking that was a big part and I felt

that clearing now.  That’s why I’m changing, and being able

to grow and stuff now, because I’ve got all that negative

energies or attached spirits or whatever it was away from me, or

that karmic pattern or whatever it was, I don’t know.

Alice:  My real big question here from Wisconsin is how,

since we’ve all experienced shock and trauma, there isn’t

anybody here that isn’t part of the shock treatment as far as I

can tell.  How do we support huge groups at a time being able

to clear it so we can just stay grounded and love what is?

Wynn:  That’s what we’re going to learn tonight I

hope.  We’ll get some keys.

Alice:  Praise God on that. I hope, too.  Praise God on

that.  I hope that will happen.

Wynn:  Personally I have this one idea that by coming into the

conference calls and reading all this stuff over and over again,

it starts to move your own matrix consciousness up to a level

where all these negative things exist in your track.  For some

people, it starts to clear.  In my own little watching of things, there’s
two ways of 
clearing patterns – one is from the bottom up and one
is from 
the top down. 

Alice:  That’s exactly right. 

Wynn:  From the bottom up is like observation, maybe going to a

shrink, going to all these therapies that people have for

different things.  There’s a workability to it.  From the

top down, it means going above the pattern and bringing light

through the pattern so that you can heal it through – the word

I would use is ‘grace’, that’s the conventional word –

where you can clear something from moving your space above the

place where it was created.

Chris:  It’s like a fight almost; it was kind a fight for me

for a long time, and now I’m kind of on that positive side of

it.  I’m up; I’ve won.

Wynn:  You’ve been coming into the calls a lot, and you’ve

noticed the benefit of that, right Chris?

Chris:  Yes, yes, I’ve noticed that energy has been a part of

my change, tapping into that energy.

Wynn:  I think the very step somebody has to take is to at

least identify the pattern because prior to identifying it, it

feels like you are the pattern; that’s who you are.  Until

you know that’s a pattern that’s been imposed upon you by one

way or another, you can’t even begin to deal with it.

Alice:  That is really a cool way of saying it:  “I am not

the pattern.”

Wynn:  Yeah.  You’re not the pattern.

Chris:  The thing is, I’ve been told one of my past lives in

the 1800’s I was a doctor that developed an addiction to

narcotics, because I was so sensitive to my patients. It all

makes sense you know.

Wynn:  Is there anyone else have anything they want to say?

Dee:  Wynn, this is Dee again.    I want to ask, can you

give some insight on identifying a pattern?

Wynn:  Yeah, we’re going to ask about that, how does somebody

identify a pattern?

Dee:  Okay, thank you.

Edna:  This is Edna.  I’m terrified of the ocean, water,

swimming – whatever water it is, I just cannot get

there.  It’s a trauma I have been having my whole life.

Wynn:  About being on the ocean?

Edna:  Yeah.  Something about the water that just terrifies


Wynn:  That would probably be probably an indication that you

drown sometime, okay?  Anyone else have something?

Caller:  There is just one question about California because

I’ve got friends calling me saying they’re hearing channeled

information that it’s going to be gone by the end of June or

October.  So that builds up trauma right there!

Wynn:  That’s a question that should be asked on a Wednesday,

probably.  One of the things that I’m learning, this is like

a big thing to learn, that you don’t have to be scared of

dying, that we go on.  Once you face that in yourself, and once

you know how to die - which we’ve talked about on different

calls - then there’s not such anxiety about this kind of

stuff.  We did ask our sources a question but they didn’t

say California was going underwater.  They said, sometime in

the future they expect some kind of event like what happened

in Japan.  They wouldn’t say when, but they said it

wouldn’t be a bad idea to live fifty miles away from the coast,

that’s what they said.  That’s about as clear as we could

get it then.

Chris:  Aren’t some of the peoples’ DNA being upgraded so

we can more withstand all these changes that are coming about?

Wynn:  They say that a human can, if they’re upgraded, they

can withstand radiation.  But, I don’t know if a human could

withstand a tsunami if it was coming at them.  I think you’d

have to say, “That was it.  Let’s go, I’m ready.”  Who else has
something they want to offer besides 
the people who have
already shared? 

 For some reason I don’t like to speak up a lot, but I

got to tell you guys this.  You really make me feel better.  I’m
64 years old.  My best friend was killed 
in Viet Nam.

Wynn:  Who is that speaking, who is that?

Trish:  I’m Trish in Florida.  I was from another city but

I moved to Florida when I was 13.  Prior to that we spent

every day together.  Never boyfriend and girlfriend.  Ultimately,
he appeared three weeks after he died 
and I thought I was
crazy, scared the hell out of me.  I never 
told a soul.  I think of him a
lot, he’s always with me in 
times of stress and then I won’t think
of him for ages.  Now 
that I’m older, I think about him a lot because
I know more 
about the spiritual realm.

I’ve had my past lives read.  "Eddie" was his name.  When we

were little we’d play house and he was always the soldier

coming home from war.  Then I get my past lives read and he has

been a soldier in most all the lives we’ve been together.  I

get goose bumps when I tell people this, because I was amazed

when the woman read one of his lives.  I was a healer for the

King, and he was sent to me because he had a festering wound in

his left leg.  She told me, I kept him alive for three weeks and

ultimately he died of a festering wound in his left leg and pneumonia.

Well, In Vietnam he hit a land mine when he was driving a Jeep

and his leg was shattered, his left leg, but he actually died of

a lung injury, which was almost similar to the past life.  When

she told me, there was no way this woman could have known

anything about him.  She didn’t know his name, all I sent her

was a picture.  That has reinforced a lot of things in my

life.  Just the fact when he appeared to me when I was twenty

years old; I knew he was gone.

Wynn:  Who was it that appeared to you?  What was their

relationship to you?

Trish:  We were best friends.  Never boyfriend and girlfriend

- maybe sixth or seventh grade we got kind of goofy with each

because everybody thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend.  He

was like my brother to me then.

When he appeared to me, I went into my apartment and all the

drapes were drawn.  I live in Florida – my apartment faced

south; it was three o’clock in the afternoon.  My drapes were

closed; there was no way sun was shining in my windows.  He had

nothing but just bright light all around him.  All I can describe it as
stardust is what it reminded me of.  Now I just 
realized it was his aura,
I guess.  It’s just 
something.  I’m not afraid to die anymore.  It’s just

amazing, how when we really get into this.  As I’ve gotten

older I’ve gotten more into it.  We were raised Catholic, so

we have a lot of that stuff.  It’s hard to get rid of that

daily Catholicism we had because we went to Catholic school and

basically from the time we were three years old, we were

together. I’m told he’s waiting for me up there now.

Wynn:  Right.  Did you ever read about Terry’s past life?

Trish:  I think parts of it.

Wynn:  She had a past life – I’m going to say this because

you said you were a Catholic and this is meaningful.  There is

this idea that I have that the sources we’re talking to were

very much a part of Christianity, and very much a part of many

positive interventions from other realms into this realm.  This

was a member of the Ra group.  When I first was considering

this, I said, “Can this be true?”  I said “Can this be

true?” for a couple of years.  

There were a number of 
sledgehammers - one of them was
when I asked “Was Terry ever 
anybody famous in a past life?”  
I really didn’t expect 
them to answer, because it’s not necessarily
in a person’s 
best interest to know that they were somebody
famous, because 
then their ego gets involved in it but in Terry’s
case, Terry 
as you probably can tell, has been fairly shy and fairly

reserved.  When we first started channeling she was scared:

“How do I know this is positive?  Do we really want to put this

out into the world?”  When I said, “Was Terry ever anybody

famous?” They said “Look up St. Catherine of Sienna.”

Trish:  Right!  Now, I did read most all of it.

Female Caller:  Cool! That is so cool.

Wynn:  There was this fourteen year old girl who used to go

down to the local monastery, and the priests and nuns would write

down everything she said because they thought God was speaking to

them through her.  When you read St. Catherine’s “Dialogues

with God,” which are available for free – there are PDF files

of it – it’s outside of copyright.  You can buy it on  Amazon.  You can
see how they used Jesus - because it had to be

within the context of Jesus and Christianity for them to get a

message through – how they used that and still brought through

the wisdom through St. Catherine to help people make


It was amazing for me to read that, and if you

haven’t ever read it you might go (read it).  I have a (web)

page, that I put up on

it.  I put a link to St. Catherine’s “Dialogues with God”, which are available
for free.  You can see how they use 
the Christ epic through St. Catherine
to bring through the wisdom 
and the guidance for the people at that time
who were following 
the Christian motif.


Trish:  One of the lives - I met Eddie at the time of

Jesus.  He was a Roman soldier guarding the tomb, and he had

lost his family - his children and wife. They were killed in a

ambush of some sort.  We fell in love.  That was one of my

lives with Eddie.  It’s amazing.  Maybe these people think

you’re crazy when you don’t really understand it all.  I’ve always
been into this, even as children when we 
were little.  We knew
you came back again.  We had these 
little discussions… I don’t
want to waste all our time, but I 
love talking about this.  And, I love
your thing, I listen a 
lot on Wednesdays.  I love Edgar Cayce, and
other psychics, 
Ruth Montgomery.  Anybody could read any of those
they’d love them.  Read anything they can find from these


Wynn:  Thank you so much.  I’ll just make a mention – I

don’t usually say this because last time I said it took three

months to do it.  We had all these things: Terry’s friend

John died; we were going through a lot of things.  Readings – we’ve
done readings for people and 
they are really, really valuable.  Edna
had a reading.  Edna, 
are you there?

Edna:  Yes, I’m here.

Wynn:  How did that reading impact you?  You had two

readings.  How did you get impacted by those readings?

Edna:  The readings were wonderful.  It really

resonates.  Many questions that I had I kind of knew, had a

feeling about, how things were in my life.  I had a vague

feeling why it was the way it was and it was confirmed, it

affects my life positively.  After that It just changed my life

--my attitude, the energy, everything.

Wynn:  Thank you.  In any case,

"" is there, and you can read about

it.  If you’re interested, just don’t rush me, that’s the

thing, because I feel like once we start the process… right

now, we’re probably clear to do some in the next couple of

weeks.  I felt really bad because last time it took about three

months because when we do a reading there has to be a really

clear space in our lives that can handle so much energy.  How

can I say it?  It’s not just a reading – we become

affiliated energetically with the person and the sources and

we’re like the in-between agents.  It can be a great, if you

resonate with our material a reading can really help in this

particular issue, I believe, for many of you.  Thank you all so

much for sharing.  Terry, is there anything you’d like to

share about this topic? You’ve spent a lot of time working out

past life stuff in different ways.

Terry:  I’m here.  I’m half in a trance right now.

Wynn:  Okay, let’s start then.  Go back into a trance and

….Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to

surround and protect each person here, and any negativity be

taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the

highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of

energy radiating from the center of the galaxy through our bodies

and into the center of the earth.  Actually, from the center of

the universe to the center of the galaxy, we’re going up there

– and right now we invoke a group energy connection, a blending

of our energies; we go back to the place where we were one with

each other and the universe, before we separated.  We invite

our sources to join with us as part of the oneness and we create

– we do this while maintaining the individual sovereignty of

each of our souls.  We’re still separate while we move into

this place, we’re not losing ourselves.  We invite those

positive, service-to-others sources to join with us as we create

a protected space that only the positive has access to, and

anything not of that nature must leave now.  

Do we have a 
source present to answer our questions on
“Traumas – and past 
life patterns that are impacting our present
life in particular, 
in negative ways – they’re not all negative ways,

obviously. You have a talent, that’s not negative, but you

want to overcome parts of our ….

Terry:  Well, it sounded like his phone went off right

now.  This is Terry.  The BBS audience can hear me but the

conference line can’t.  I’ll just fill in for a little

bit.  They (the sources) are really ready to go on this

topic.  They are giving me information already. 

Technical difficulties span the time from 38 minutes 22 seconds

until 48 minutes and 30 seconds.  The program continues:

We’re on the air and we’re on the conference line.

Let’s just quickly call in the light again.  We ask for the

light, we just go through it all.  Bring in group energy; bring

in protection.  We ask for the presence of our sources to

begin, however they would choose, to open this topic.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite

Creator, and we are delighted to be with each and every one of

you blasting though and sending love-light to eliminate

frustration over interruption and re-establishing firm connection

with each and every one on this line.  We welcome each and

every person who will listen to the audio later, or read the

transcript.  Give us a moment.

We speak first of all to Dee, and we note that there is trauma,

as you have mentioned, when riding in a car driven by others, as

riding in the car driven by another means less control.  There

is not only the short past wherein automobiles have been

available on your planet, but there have been earlier times,

earlier planets, where automobiles have been available.  We see

that there was an incident in your past where there was a

drowning automobile accident.

Now do not take our word for this.  When you are riding in a

car, notice the specifics of your fear.  At first when one

experiences fear from a past life pattern, it moves into the

individual’s life and is generalized, and the fear tends to be

of a broad nature. However, as you take the fear as an

opportunity to learn more about your past, you can zero in on

specifics.  For instance, is the fear a little greater when the

car is turned to the left or turned to the right?  Is there a

fear when in a particular part of the road? Is there a fear when

the car is moving through a particular environment, does the fear

get stronger?  If the driver veers a little bit to the right does the
fear get stronger?

This applies to everyone on the line who has a pattern of trauma

based upon a past life incident.  Whatever the trauma may be,

the fear can move into isolation of the specifics.  The specifics may,
for instance, be a trauma where an individual was 
killed in a past life.  

When a trauma of a current incident triggers a past life trauma

that is similar in some way to the (current) trauma, one can

isolate (it) out eventually by observing the specifics of the

trauma.  When one gets to the basis of the specifics and

understands what the original trauma was and the reason for the

pattern, the pattern will fade into the distance and will no

longer create discomfort.

When one experiences discomfort, there is one way to tell that a

pattern or trauma from the past life, or this life, has keyed

in.  Normally, there is some incident in this life at an

earlier age that has triggered the pattern.  Something has

happened to the individual, an incident, wherein the pattern (is

set up and then) is triggered by similar circumstances.  So,

when one looks in their earlier life, then they can find some

maybe terrifying incident or some scary incident (some injustice)

wherein after that there was a change in behavior as the

individual may be dodging the possibility that the original

trauma could happen.  We think of examples here, although we

debate giving you an example.

Before we take a look at that, we will also comment that a number

of individuals on the line have mentioned incidents to do with

spirits.  This is another layer on what could be happening.  There (are)
a multiplicity of things that can be 
going on.  The showing up of the spirits
and the scaring of 
someone when they are sleeping or alone by a spirit  
showing up is 
not a pattern, it is a this-life, current, real-time incident

wherein one is making a connection with another. 

This can be where a spirit has gotten trapped in this third

density realm (after death) and does not understand that their

life as they knew it was over, and they still attempt to carry on

in their past life circumstances and they attempt to scare people

or to control people or to just, in the confusion, attempt to get

help within their circumstance.  This is not a pattern, and

usually the individuals who realize that there is a spirit there

are more perceptive, are more aware, and they can actually speak

to the individual (spirit) and if they are aware enough they can

converse with the individual (spirit) via telepathy even while

they are verbally speaking and can do the spirit some service to

offer them the opportunity for returning to the heaven realm

where the ghost or spirit can actually get help.  The more

perceptive an individual is, the more they will be able to deal

with the situation, whatever the situation is.

Going back to an example of a situation of a pattern

(developing), there was an incident in Terry’s life when she

was six wherein she had gone to live in a foster home and her

parents had promised her a birthday party (and) to come home to

the natural parents and to have a party given for her sixth

birthday.  She got picked up by her parents and taken to the

homestead and she, at the homestead, saw all her cousins and

their parents all visiting; they were all arriving and sitting at

a long table.  As they sat at the table they were talking and

having a good time and Terry was very excited about this birthday

party, as she had been feeling isolated living in the foster


At the party, her mother gave her a tray of little glasses of

ginger ale and asked her to serve the people at the party.  She

had not talked to anyone yet at the party.

In moving out on the porch, the porch had stones that were

angled.  Her little foot stepped upon the stone and tilted,

whereupon the tray tilted and all the glasses fell over on the

tray and the ginger ale spilled up the front of her dress which

was her birthday present, a beautiful new organdy dress.  Her

mother came screaming out and yelling at her that she had ruined

everything. So Terry explained that the dress couldn’t have

been ruined and it would probably dry and that she would go into

the living room and wait until it dried.

So Terry sat in the living room during the party and no one sang

her happy birthday, nobody wished her a happy birthday.

Then people began to leave at the end of the party and the dress

was beginning to dry. Then her grandmother suggested that maybe

they should give her some ice cream and cake, so someone brought

her some ice cream and cake.  

Then it was time to go back to the foster home.  Her mother told

her to take the dress off.  Terry asked if she could take the

dress with her.  Her mother said “no”, that Terry didn’t

know how to take care of the dress and the dress was ruined and

had to be cleaned.  

Terry went back to the foster home.  Now Terry was quite hurt

and angry, because this party had been promised to her. 

During her life, how did that form a pattern?  (Terry became

terrified of making mistakes, tried to be perfect, hated

criticism.) (Terry) would go to somebody’s house and they would

serve her tea and she would spill the tea and she had quite a

thing about spilling things.  She seemed to not be able to hold

the cup without getting it a little bit spilled, or a lot

spilled.  Then Terry experienced in this pattern, a desire to

actually spill things on purpose, to shower people with the

water… and so Terry observed this.  So she began to isolate

out the different components of this.  One of them was when

people were sitting around a table that was similar to the table

(the guests) were sitting (around) at the party, then it reminded

her of that, and she wanted to get everybody’s attention and

say, “Look, I’m here.  I’m here.”  Once she made that

connection, the whole thing faded and people sitting around a

table were just normal and they looked friendly, and no more of

this rage about “Look, I’m here.”  

So, this is an example of how an incident which is highly charged

and has a lot of emotion can ride with a person and then they

forget that it’s there.  Here, like a computer program with a

little glitch in it, it tends to skew somebody’s emotion(s)

(and self-concept) and the emotions leak through from the

incident even though they may not even remember what the incident

is.  This can come from the past life, too, (normally there is

a trigger--a this life incident as a child.)  So that one

incident can create a number of different factors and each factor

can be slightly different and then can be observed and can be


So when somebody has an uncomfortable pattern, they can use it as

an opportunity to be able to evaluate it and see “What are the

specifics of it?  Does it involve a direction –

left/right?  Is there a pain connected with it that only is

felt when the pattern moves in?  Is there a pressure on the

head?  Is there a pain in the foot?  (Is there

anger?)”  One can use this for evaluation to learn more. 

What is the trigger?  Is the trigger riding in a car and

driving by a river on the way?  Is there any feeling of

suffocation or not being able to breathe?  Sometimes the

patterns, the feelings, get stronger and stronger, and then it

seems like it’s very hard because it seems like it will never

be better and it seems to get worse the closer one gets to

isolating what it was that happened.

One might see pictures in their vision or they might dream about

it and have some knowledge come in dreams.  One can ask for

dream clarification and then begin to write down their dreams

when they first wake up and get some more information from their

dream state. 

So these patterns are an opportunity to find out more and to then

detoxify them to eventually move them out of their focus so that

they can put their attention on what is important to them in the

current life.  We hope this information helped.  Do you have


Wynn:  Somebody had a fear of water, and I would assume that

would be indicative that they had drowned at some time.  Can

this kind of fear—as I understand it, we have thousands of

lifetimes—can it travel through thousands of lifetimes into

this lifetime?

Ra’An:  It tends to travel non-linearly, wherein an

individual may have the incident as we were speaking of in their

earlier childhood, where it can key in an earlier circumstance in

an earlier life, and not linearly.  It might key in a whole

chain of incidents in their earlier track.  It does not have to

be the last lifetime or the lifetime before; it might be the last

lifetime death and then 50,000 years before, a similar

incident.  When one can find out more and then get down to the

first time that it happened; one could ask for the first time and

once they get to the basic on that particular incident, then they

will notice an easing of the symptoms and they can say

“aha!”, get their ‘aha’ moment and say “Oh you know, I

don’t have to be scared of that.”  That’s what happened

and that was one small little incident in time.  It doesn’t

happen all the time.  Most of the time it doesn’t happen,

most lives it never happens, so they can zero in by observation

on the first time it happened and spotting the incident in this

life wherein something similar reminded them of it and that it

and it triggered the earlier floodgates of information to come


But, it’s not the last lifetime and the one before and the one

before.  It’s a chain of similar things, not necessarily the

lifetime before and before and before, but it might be jumping

from one lifetime to twenty lifetimes to five hundred

lifetimes.  Does that make sense?

Wynn:  So, it’s kind of like we all have the pre-disposition

to certain patterns, but until something triggers it in this

lifetime (it doesn’t manifest).  This probably goes for both

positive and negative patterns, like when I picked up a guitar it

triggered that troubadour lifetime.  Although, if I never

picked up a guitar, I could have missed it– it wasn’t like it

was pre-destined.  The negative patterns have to fall into

something that triggers the pattern from the past lifetime; but,

once we do, it’s triggered and now lodges and it needs to be


Ra’An:  Right.  That’s correct.

Wynn:  Right.  Now - often times people are very

unconscious.  They go through their life and something does

trigger a pattern, probably when they’re young as it happened

in the case with Terry.  Then, they live with that pattern and

they’re working with it, but they don’t even know it’s a

pattern.  It seems like these patterns are operating at a

rather unconscious level.  So, we think we’re the

pattern.  How does a person dredge out a pattern from their own

conscious and know it’s a pattern and it’s not them?

Ra’An:  When they feel uncomfortable about something, like

(when) a feeling comes up and they feel uncomfortable about it,

it doesn’t feel right.  It feels like something’s wrong, or

they go into a rage and it doesn’t even make any sense really

that they should be in a rage right then.  They really aren’t

in the current, present surroundings.  Something has bled in

from the past that they are trying to deal with, and the logic is

with whatever happened in the past.  Their anger is logical

from that standpoint, but from the current moment it is not

logical.  It’s just that something has reminded them very

strongly of something that happened in the past and it’s even

subconscious and they don’t really know where it’s coming

from.  It’s just all of a sudden there’s an uncomfortable

feeling and an illogical reaction to something, and a person

really is not at home with that.  It’s like there’s a

contradiction between the surroundings and what they desire to

express.  This could be one symptom of the pattern that one can

say, “Hey wait a minute!” and can begin to look at it.

Wynn:  One of the things I talked about in my little

introduction had to do with trauma, with women who were sexually

abused over some period of time in the past.  I would think if

somebody had that experience that when they try to be intimate

this lifetime it surfaces that experience.  A person could have

had abuse way back when and they could have been a woman, I’m

assuming this is more for a woman, but probably in some cases for

men.  There was a period of time when women were the

dominators, supposedly, and men were their slaves.  In this

particular time period, when somebody had that experience, how

might they identify it and clear it, because that’s a heavy one.

There can be all sorts of variations of fears, based

upon all sorts of theories about things that could have

happened.  It could be an indication that a person was brought

up to believe that sex was bad, or it could be that they had

abuse.  There’s another factor here, too – if a person has

had abuse say in a past life, then emotions may come over them,

an urge to be the perpetrator, as they don’t like the position

of having been abused. They may then overreact, and then not

knowing how to correct (or control) the abusive situation, may

get the feeling of rage and desire to get control over the

perpetration and then they may become a perpetrator

themselves.  That’s to try and handle and get control over

what they experienced before.

Sometimes if a person has an illogical urge, then they have been

perpetrated against in a similar manner, and they’re attempting

to become the top dog and to somehow deal with their emotions in

a more powerful way.  If that is the case, and then they (can)

observe themselves and begin to zero in on what has happened to

them, it can even eliminate those feelings of desiring to


So, the logic makes total sense when an individual

has experienced something and their reactions are based upon what

they have experienced in the past and make sense based upon that,

although in current time their reactions don’t (appear to) make

sense in their current situation; the people involved may not be

the right people.  The situation may be totally different.  Like, they zero
in on the wrong location and the 
wrong time, and wish to act out of that
previous situation and 
time to somehow deal with something that has
gone by and (has) 
not been dealt with at the time. 

Wynn:  In other words, if somebody had been in a circumstance

where they were abused, instead of having a fear of intimacy and

just avoiding it, they may use intimacy as a way of having power

over someone else to protect themselves from being abused.

Ra’An:  That’s correct.

Wynn:  What comes to my mind is I’ve read this and most

people probably don’t even know this, but there was some period

of time in the ancient past where the women were the dominators

and men were their slaves.  In recent times there’s a been a

thing where men totally dominate women and it’s like being part

of a collective and a general pattern.  Is that connected?

Ra’An:  It is an individual thing where although in the time

when women were the dominators, they did have some abuse toward

the other sex – there were rituals that were very barbaric.  This would
set off patterns within individuals that 
were abused or abusers.  It is
an individual thing based upon 
what the individual experienced.

Wynn:   Let’s take a situation where a person did something

that we would call negative.  Maybe they killed people, maybe

the stole from people.  They didn’t do that in this lifetime

but they did it in some past lifetime, perhaps in excess.  When

they come into this lifetime, how would that background of

experience impact their consciousness in this lifetime?

Ra’An:  One of the things that might happen is if the

individual stole things, let’s say that they, in Roman times,

walked into a store and stole bread and got in trouble for it;

got in a whole lot of trouble for it.  In this lifetime, then

they walked into a store and they got the cameras rolling and

taking videos of all the people in the store and they may feel

guilty, like, “Oh the shopkeeper going to think that I stole

bread.”  Or, “The shopkeeper’s going to think I’m going

to be a robber.”

It’s also an individual thing because one can be picking up the

thoughts of the shopkeeper.  The shopkeeper may be sitting

there thinking, “Oh my gosh, somebody might rob me” and then

somebody might walk in the store and they don’t even have the

history of being a robber or anything but they pick up the vibes

from the shopkeeper, “Oh my gosh there’s going to be a

robbery” and then the person feels guilty.  Or, say they

don’t even have a history of abusing people and then they walk

into a store and a woman is very over zealous about protecting

her child and is putting out the thought, “Oh my gosh somebody

might kidnap my child in here” and then somebody else might

pick up that thought and think, “Oh I feel like somebody’s

thinking I’m going to kidnap the kid.” 

It comes down to all of us in our realm and you in your realm and

individuals within your realm, we are all connected and so

thoughts bleed through.  It is typical for people to be very

telepathic, and it is an anomaly within your realm that they rely

so much on verbal, but the thoughts do bleed through.
somebody had been say a murderer in a past life, then in the

current life they might feel that they deserve the other side of

the coin, as like to get murdered.  Then they may pull it in on

themselves.  So there are all sorts of variations here.

Wynn:  I see.  Once you identify a pattern like this, you

say, “Okay I was a murderer and now I’m going to pull in a

murderer” or “I was drowned and now I’m scared of water”

or “I was hit by a car now I’m afraid to drive in cars,” or

“I was abused and now I’m afraid to be vulnerable.”  And

“I’m scared,” or at least, "I have to dominate." Once a

person can identify the pattern, how do they free themselves from

the pattern?

Ra’An:  One thing would be is if a person experiences a

traumatic incident to detoxify themselves, debrief themselves,

find somebody to tell about it and work through it until they can

let it go.  Then, they do not carry it with them.  

thing is, if a person hangs around in the third density
too many 
lifetimes, then they do not get a chance to debrief; particularly

if they’re living and then they die in a traumatic way and they

do not go back to heaven realm to get detoxified, to get

debriefed, to let it go and to re-establish their own sense of

health and wellbeing, and they can build up traumas that then are

hard to handle if they move from lifetime to lifetime without

going back to the heaven realm to talk about it, to be debriefed

and to again know the love of the heaven realm.

Wynn:  Another question here is Grace – I have this idea that

maybe this works with the Elohim better than the Ra group, I’m

not sure.  I know we’re getting a lot of wisdom of the

understanding of this realm; I have the hypothesis that the Ra

group is really helping in this understanding of this.  In the

element of Grace, let’s suppose a person becomes aware of a

particular pattern and they pray.  They’ve learned to connect

with higher realms, and they pray for the release of that

pattern.  Can that work?  How does that work?

Ra’An:  That also can work in that Grace is a certain section

(of the Elohim) and it is in charge of Grace.  It is a certain

section within the Elohim group.  Upon praying, one can have

Grace move in and can move little sparklets of energy to break up

the connections that are holding the pattern in place and (the

individual) can learn to let it go.  

The reason why it is 
difficult to let a pattern go is because there
is an incomplete 
communication (and perhaps a misconception
has been formed) 
within what happened and (in) the trauma, and
the individual 
keeps on trying to communicate (and perhaps labors
under some 
misconception that skews their reality of things and
keeps the 
pattern going).

For instance, in the incident with Terry and the spilling of the

ginger ale, she wanted desperately to communicate – she was at

the party.  She wanted desperately to connect with the people

at the party, to have them wish her happy birthday; to have a

gift given to her, to give and take.  She had been looking

forward to it for so many weeks before the party and then it all

went wrong.  There was this tremendous communication that

didn’t get fulfilled (and the misconception that she ruined

everything, and then there was rage produced by the injustice of

it.)  So that is the reason why these patterns hang around,

because there’s something incomplete, (something misconceived

and/or unjust.) 

(Another example might be) perhaps a person in some way got

murdered and they were in the middle of something in another

life, and they suddenly got murdered.  They had all these

things going on, and suddenly nobody could talk to them or they

couldn’t talk to anybody and that’s why there is this

tremendous, “Hey what happened?”  It’s like there was

just this big incompletion, so when somebody dies (suddenly) then

there is more of a chance of an incompletion and the more of a

chance that they keep trying to work out the completion of

whatever it is and hanging around in the realm.

Like the incidence of the person that owned the complex of

apartments and was totally connected.  This is one of the

incidents that we had come up that we were dealing with in one of

our readings.  This individual just kept going around and

trying to talk to the people in the apartments; he owned it and

this was a matter of pride for him that he owned these apartments

and then suddenly he died.  He was hanging on and connected, so

connected with his pride in owning these apartments that he

couldn’t let it go and he just kept walking around to the

apartments and trying to talk to the people and they didn’t

talk to him.  He had this huge incompletion; he wanted

everything to keep going the way it was, but he was no longer

alive to make it happen. 

That’s one of the reasons that these patterns hang on and

people hang on to something from the past because something
incomplete.  If you can see it, then you say, “Oh well

that’s what happened.  Okay, now I can see that these people

are really friendly.”  The whole thing will re-arrange in

time, and there can be a completion when somebody listens,

somebody heard, somebody made the completion happen of the

communication.  Somebody heard.

Wynn:  Chris talked about the idea of you could use the word

‘haunted’ where you have discarnate beings connecting with

you.  I would assume, when you start talking about discarnate

beings, you could talk about everything from a discarnate being

that’s a ghost to some evil reptilian that is hooking into

somebody’s energy.  In those cases, would there have been –

I’ll just give a whole number of things -could there have been

a past life circumstance that allowed that openness; for example,

somebody was a witch and they were calling in beings, or a

satanic worshipper calling in beings; or maybe drugs or alcohol

in this lifetime – or even in another lifetime?  Maybe a

person wasn’t doing it this lifetime but that they opened up

the portal to other dimensions and they were reaping the openness

of that portal in this lifetime.  Can you give some insight on


Ra’An:  If a person gets into the satanic energy, then they

are opening up a portal to many unhappy beings that are trying to

figure it out; and drugs can lead into something wherein an

individual is letting themselves go and is not taking

responsibility for their own space and time, and then can open up

to other beings to come in and take over and not even necessarily

satanic beings but other discarnate beings that are around and

are looking for opportunities to again express themselves in the

physical plane.

Wynn:  Thank you.  How would one close these portals if one

became aware of it and say, “Okay I don’t want this


Ra’An:  One could become familiar with frequencies, as each

thing has it’s own peculiar frequency and to learn to move out

of the offending frequency and in moving out of the offending

frequency, they can close the portal and the opening for the

connection of a negative being to close terminals with them (or)

to move to connect with them at a certain frequency.

This is how synchronicities happen - when an individual is

putting out a certain energy of connection, then they will

connect at the frequency of where they are at and what they are

looking for.  If they are looking and moving at an energy or a

frequency that is the same frequency as a negative being, then

this is a non-linear connection and one in doing this can connect

with a negative being that is clear across town.  This is like

a GPS homing signal that the negative individual can hone in on

the person and can find the way to meet them, or to somehow

synchronize with them and have a connection and move it into the

physical realm.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Can music open up portals into both

positive and negative realms?  There’s a lot of music of all

kinds of different natures, and some of it is very cacophonic and

angry and discordant and other (music) is very beautiful and

harmonic. Can music impact the ability of a person to connect

with both positive and negative stuff from other realms?

Ra’An:  Music frequencies have – we search for the words

– ‘harmonics’, and the music frequencies all resonate

within themselves.  Now, there could be a connection between a

certain negative frequency that individuals with a certain

negative frequency may begin to love the music.  It is unlikely

that the frequencies of the music would exactly match the

frequencies of a particular negative person’s orientation to

hook up negative people (but it is possible). We look at say

certain hypnotic drug music. It could put a person into a trance

that would allow opportunity for other entities to move in and

also could lull the person into taking drugs and to move further

into the state of oblivion.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Suppose a person has sex with someone that

has an entity or attachments.  Can those attachments move from

one person to the other, or even connect with both of them if

they have an intimate connection?

Ra’An:  An individual in having sex indiscriminately can move

into a situation where an individual can send out attachments or

entities to the other person to help them to make connection with

that person and that person can have their judgment affected by

this and can be negatively affected by that, yes.

Wynn:  Okay, thank you.  You know what, we’ve gone a long

time tonight.  It’s 7:48.  Don said there is nobody coming

on after us so we could go on.  We did, and I think we’ll

bring it to a close right now, at least the question-asking part

of it.  I thought maybe we would take a moment, few minutes of

silence.  We could all ask for help in a prayer-like way for

whatever traumas we have that are impacting us.  We could also

take a moment right now – let’s send our light and love to

Carla Rueckert to Carol Sabin who is in the hospital in England,

and to anyone else who is paying attention to our group that

needs some healing.  Let’s do the healing first,

okay?  Take a moment…

Let’s take a moment and do the radiation from Japan, the

radiation and the negation of its affect and however it can be

worked on to deconstruct its negative impact. 

And, let’s just do ourselves and let’s take our patterns,

whatever patterns we have that are obstacles for us and put the

light around the pattern.  Love the pattern and release it and

ask that it be lifted from our matrix if that’s possible.

Thank you so much for holding for the energy and being on the


So the exercise is: let’s get rid of all our (difficult or

negative) patterns in the next week.  Maybe we should do a

workshop one time where people can talk about their

patterns.  Just by talking about it, they indicated that’s

really a good way of helping to release things.  I’ll hold

that idea open.  Send me an email if it’s something you think

would be helpful to you and that will encourage me.  Thanks to

everyone – thanks, Terry.  Thanks Gjis for hosting.  Thanks

BBS, thanks the transcriptionists – yeah.

Gijs:  Thank you Wynn.

Wynn:  Me?  Okay, thank me.

Chris:  That was an awesome call tonight.

Wynn:  Was it?

Callers:  Yeah.

Wynn:  I look forward to reading the transcriptions; I think

there were a lot of things there, there was really a lot of stuff

in there.  So thank Terry for letting us go over and being on

the line and holding for such a long period of addressing this


Gijs:  Thank you very much Ra’an.

Chris:  Thanks, Terry.

Wynn:  We’re still on BBS, so thank Don for letting us go

over.  We’ll see you Wednesday.  Over and out.

GOOD NIGHT (from all)

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