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                                                                   Ra'An for Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Today is April 6th, and my name is Wynn Free. I am here with Terry Brown. On Wednesday night where we have questions that are submitted. So we have some questions for tonight and although we already have the energy present, calling in the light is just creating a group of intention. Each of you is a multi-dimensional being on planet earth, but for most of us we are contracted and experience things through our physical senses. At different times we all have experienced multi-dimensional connections. For example, have you ever been on a high mountain and look down at the wide expanse and feel a tingle go through your body and feel connected and one with everything? Or maybe you have been in a concert and the whole audience is connected and you could feel the connection and that was a multi-dimensional experience. Here all we have is our phone lines and our voices and the rooms we are in all over the world and we are not going to tops of mountains. We are not going to concerts and yet the Elohim have said they can feel each of us on the line and send energy back on the line. We create a group intention as we call in the light.


(Wynn Calls in the Light)


Right now I would like to send healing energy to Carla and to Carolyn and to Dee's husband and anyone else you know who needs healing energy and love-light, and it's not just you sending but it's all of us and our Sources. (Pause for this)


I would like to send the light to Japan to all those people who have been upset and homeless, the economy,  to the mediation of the radiation. I would like to send healing energy to the New Madrid fault line in St. Louis, to San Francisco, California, to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge fault line and to the entire area around the Ring of Fire, and to the various conflicts that are going on; the struggles for power in this realm and ask that positive energy be sent to those who are service to others for the highest good of all humanity making those decisions. We take a moment and let our Sources respond to that and then we will ask our questions.


Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator, April 6, 2011 and we also reaffirm and send love-light to the fault lines and we send love-light to everyone on the line and to every person who is asking a question, every person who will listen to the audio later and to every person who will read the transcript and we thank Suzanne Hayes for her wonderful transcriptions. We thank Wynn Free and Terry Brown and every single person who is contributing to this and allowing us to come through and to bring love-light into the third dimension and we ask if you have questions.


Wynn: Thank you.

And while thanking people for transcriptions, we also thank Connie O'Brien, and Gina in Hawaii and Gary in sending them out and putting them out and Jim for putting them up on the internet.

On that note we have a question from Daniella. How can I promote my emotional healing so I can move on from a past relationship. I am getting ready to embark on a new stage in my life and having a difficult time in adjusting to the changes which are occurring. Thank you very much.


Ra'An: Change in relationship, change in location and change in occupation, since these things are so grounding for a person, can be very hard and the transition can take some time as an individual is so connected. We take a look at this, and we see the connections and we see that in your life there is an area of focus that interests you, a hard driven interest that is your interest, and that can be the bridge in the change as you refocus your attentions from the past relationship to current things that bring you joy, that hold your interest. You can go to various shops and look around. You can move into areas that bring you joy. See a movie that you would like and treat yourself well. Treat yourself to times that you know will bring you joy or a longer joy for the time you are doing it and that will help you to refocus. It boils down to a refocusing. Sometimes when an individual is in a change it is hard to see that there will be future joys and future connections that will bring you to a new level of growth and a new level of happiness and a new level of interest. It takes time to redo the connections and bring to yourself the higher level the more rewarding and fulfilling level and benefit of the new connections. We send you love as we know this is a difficult process. As you make the connections and as some time passes and allows you to reconnect in ways that bring you more fulfillment, you will shed the agonies of disconnection which can be sad and hard.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Willie in New Jersey. There are a number of people talking about something happening on May 21st as if it is judgment day. Is there something special about that date that we should be paying special attention to? That's this year, 2011.


Ra'An: We take a look at this date and we take a look at the individuals who are promoting this date and putting up billboards and putting out propaganda that the world will be ending and this will be the beginning of the end and the end will come by October. We do not agree with this analysis as we see continued life, and we do not see that these predictions are correct. There are difficulties that may arise, however, it is not the end of the world and as we look at this we do not see May 21st as a difficult date, however, there is another factor that we need to look at here, in that there are possible interventions of individuals that add a wild card to the scene. We see that there will be some problems. We do not look necessarily at the date. There are other predictions other than the May date for the ending of the world, and these predictions are based upon what is moving forward and what has been moved forward in the earth plane, and one of them is the New Madrid fault, as there are difficulties upon the pressure build up in the New Madrid area. We do not have a clear picture based upon so many factors involved of the future of the fault and possible intervention in this area, both positive and negative. We see other pressure build ups.


Wynn: Interventions would mean man made interventions that could possibly stimulate certain events.


Ra'An: That's correct.


Wynn: Thank you.

The next question is from Horst in Canada. Sometimes people ask about a certain channel or a certain person and you ask if we could validate if it's either positive or negative or if it is connected with either the Elohim or Ra and I don't like to ask those questions, because I don't want to put out an opinion or preconception about someone else's teachings. Occasionally it comes across where it happens like Horst has mentioned Eric Pearle, Reconnective Healing, connecting with Ra. The reason that came about was that Terry went into a session where he was talking and she had certain things occur during that session where she felt the Ra connection and it was fairly substantial events that put her to that, but we did not go out of our way and ask is Eric Pearle connected to Ra. So instead of asking in particular about the groups Horst is asking about, I will ask the general question, out of the many people who channel, like Reiki and those are not channelings, but people are bringing obviously interdimensional energy through. There can be things that look positive that are lesser than. This does not mean they are totally evil but they are not from the highest of realms. This is two questions. When one in involved in hearing channelings, is there a way to scrutinize and determine if that Source is connected with the Ra Group or the Elohim Group?


Ra'An: The best way, and many people are not attuned to be able to do this, is to sense the energies that are coming through and one can place their hand on the writing or one can listen to the words and go back to the energies behind it and see if those are the Ra energies, or if they are the Elohim frequencies, which are much higher. Ra frequencies have an element of the earth in them, as the Ra Group have taken on elements of the 3rd dimension by having lived in the 3rd dimension. The Elohim have not lived in the 3rd dimension, we are visitors and so we have not taken on the elements of the grounding within the earth plane. This would be the best way to recognize the two frequencies and then to check them out against the frequencies and see if the channeling frequency fits in with either of those frequencies.

The angelic realm frequency is a different frequency than either the Ra or the Elohim frequencies. The other way is to see how the information resonates with information that has come through the Elohim realm and information that has come through the Ra realm.


Wynn: Thank you.

Could we expect that if somebody was on our calls and felt the energy on these calls that they might have a reference point for evaluating other stuff?


Ra'An: Yes


Wynn: Thank you.

Adding another question. It seems to me from my own experience that Ra energy is closer to my body, more inside of me and around me, whereas the Elohim energy is all over the room and really expansive. Am I accurate slightly when I give that kind of differentiation?


Ra'An: Yes. The reason for this that your body contains elements of the earth and the Ra energy contains elements of the 3rd dimension which then resonates the elements in your body. The Elohim is a much higher frequency and does not resonates so much the elements of your body.


Wynn: Thank you.

The second part of this question was about healing techniques such as Reiki and those who do healing through their hands. What would be the criteria of understanding if the Ra Group or the Elohim group or both, are connected with the transmission of energies. Another aspect is that people can feel energies from another person so if a person is bringing their hands near somebody, it's possible that they are just transmitting their own psychic energies to that person, which might also be healing, so can you give us some discernment on these variations?


Ra'An: The answer to the first part of the question applies to the answer to the second part of the question. One can get discernment and see whether the energies coming through are the energies of the Elohim or the Ra Group, otherwise they may be the energies of the person who is doing the Reiki, they may be bringing through other energies from other groups, they may be bringing through energies of the angelic realm. It is a recognition of the particular energies of the Ra and Elohim Groups that we are looking at here.


Wynn: Thank you.

So that even if a person is saying they are a Reiki therapist,they could be bringing through their own energies and not even the energies of the Reiki group. Is that variation possible?


Ra'An: Yes


Wynn: In this kind of situation, when you are doing these kinds of transmissions, is it possible to pick up a negative energy or negative entity through someone who is less than at the highest levels?


Ra'An: It is possible. We do not wish to install fear, but it is possible. We want to send love-light to Sai Baba and we feel the connection with Sai Baba at this time who is in the hospital in India. We send love-light and feel Sai Baba's connection at this moment and he has great thoughts.


Wynn: Thank you.

Next question.

There is schizophrenia in my mother's family on her father's side and it has showed up a lot in her family. My mother, her brother and one of her sister's was diagnosed with it. They are all deceased now. One of my sisters has been diagnosed and my other sister has a mild form of it with her paranoia. I have always wondered about the origins about the voices they proclaim to hear. Is it in any way similar to what Terry and Daphne hear? Is it a negative or positive Source they are hearing. Is it just delusion in their mind? My sister takes psychotic meds to quiet the voices in her head. From what she has told me in the past, they are more mischievous or annoying than anything else.

Of course the question here is about this woman's particular family and we could address that question and I will add the second part which is how would people know if a voice which is coming through is positive and how would someone deal with someone who has been diagnosed as schizophrenic and could be connecting with higher positive intelligences?


Ra'An: A individual that is connecting with higher Sources does not have a mischievous or annoying connection, as the higher Sources work with free will they would not be of that nature. So in this particular family there is a tendency in a deficiency in magnesium and also the individuals also within the family have a pattern of dealing with each other which has been handed down which tends to be a composite of their core personality and split it off from itself, and then they can have voices. If an individual observes the voices, and gives them love, and gives them care and releases them, it can be of a benefit to the individual in that general state. Does that help?


Wynn: Yes, thanks.

Next question. This is about my son Jamie who resides in Martinsburg, West Virginia. He has been addicted to drugs for about twenty five years and he desperately wants to get rid of this scourge. Through the years he has tried everything and recently was clean for thirty-six days. Things seem different and I allowed myself to be optimistic. He has been off and running for three days and I don't see it stopping. (on drugs) Every time I pray for him and ask for help, things seem to get worse, if that's possible. My question is, could he be possessed? We need help. What can I do? I always read the transcripts. Jamie is forty years old.

This is from Terry in Florida.


Ra'An: Jamie is on his own difficult path, and he is moving to resolve his problems. We see also that Jamie has not asked this question but it is his very caring mother. We generally wish the individual himself to ask the question because that then indicates that individual's commitment to resolving the problem. We see the difficulties involved in this case and we suggest that you keep praying for him and not making him wrong but listening to him, and seeing what he is saying and what he is needing within his personality. We do see this difficult situation, and if he were to ask we could give more information.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have one more question for tonight and it's from Jett in Holland and this is an interesting question which never occurred to me. I was told that it's possible that we could all join together in our sleep of all those who want to heal Japan and send love and light there. Is it right that we can decide to join before sleeping to join and are we there then?

So the whole interesting idea is, can a group of people make an intention before they go to sleep, in terms of a healing or prayer, and have their energies working in the sleep state because they made that intention?


Ra'An: Yes that is true. You can, as a group you can do that or as an individual, you can also ask that you can dream for healing and then you not only connect with the group that is asking for healing who are not in Japan but you also connect with the individuals who are in Japan who are asking for healing for their own people and their own families and their own loved ones.


Wynn: Thank you.

We have a program called Team Shift where groups of people, five or six, get on the phone each day and put their things in the light and for the people who are doing it we get great feedback helping people to stay focused and centered and connected because on these calls, you know this is like an audience and people don't inter-relate. If you are interested in that, go to the website which is: and just fill out the paperwork and someone will call you and help put it together. We have a group in Europe, we have several groups in the United States.


That is our questions for the day. Thank you for submitting questions. Thank you all who are listening and supporting us and sending us money and all those who are volunteering.

Everybody before they go to sleep send love-light and healing to Japan and we will see you on Sunday.







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