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Monday – 04/11/2011
How to avoid getting trapped by the negative
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
Audio Link -
Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Wynn:  This is Monday April 11th, 2011, Wynn Free and Terry in
Camp Verde Arizona.  This is our internet conference call - if
you hear that noise in the background – what’s your name?
Kelly:  Kelly.
Wynn:  Kelly.  If you listen to my conference call tonight,
you’re going to be on it.
Kelly:    Okay.
Wynn:  Anna Lee is our host, we have three hosts here: we have
the heavenly host, we have Wynn the earthly host and we have Anna
Lee who is the Starbucks host.  Right?
Kelly:  That’s right.
Wynn:  That’s right.
Kelly:    Will I be able to go online?
Wynn:  Yeah.  Sign up to everything I told you about.  You’ll
get all kinds of messages and you can listen in.  Are you ready?
Kelly:   I would be very interested.
Wynn:  I know you would; send me an email if you sign up and
I’ll make sure you get everything down right.  You know how we
put crystal kids in the light?  Anna Lee is an undiscovered
crystal kid.  Come here a second.  She’s never heard this
before but I can tell them.  I should take a picture of you.
Let’s see if I can take a picture.  I can take a picture, this
is new here.  There she is – she’s very photogenic.  Those of
you who are listening, when we send out the replays we’ll make
sure we send out a picture.  We got her.  I hope.  Yep.  So,
crystal - what it is: our planet is going through this big shift
right now.  A lot of kind of angelic beings came in from higher
realms to help with the shift, but once they’re here they
don’t remember.  That’s what a crystal kid is.
Kelly:  For the past week, I’ve been dreaming about the end of
the world.
Wynn:  Okay, come into our conference calls, don’t tell that to
everybody.  I’m on the air.  Terry are you there?
Terry:  I’m here.
Wynn:  You’re there?
Terry:  I’m right here, yes.
Wynn:  Actually there’s more to it.  When you start coming into
our calls you’ll understand the big picture okay?  Yeah, this
is the big picture; this will fill in the dots.
Kelly:  It’s scary.
Wynn:  This is why you’re here, I think.  Check it out and see
if it makes sense, okay?
Kelly:  Okay.
Wynn:  In any case, we do this three times a week, so you can
call in, you can say hello to everybody, you’ll feel connected
to everything, okay.  Just make sure you figure out everything.
I have to get back to work.  This is not work, but you know.
That’s right here at Starbucks on 17 Freeway on the way to
What we’re going to do today, if you got my email which I sent
out five minutes before the show, so you probably didn’t, but
– I wanted to have a conversation with—how did I put the
headline: do you recognize the boogeyman?  If you watch movies,
in movies the boogey man is always recognizable because he looks
really bad.  He looks scary; he looks like he’s going to get
you.  But in reality, the boogey man most often, or very often,
does not look scary, and in fact he looks like something or
someone you’d really like to know.  Jesus kind of called it
correctly when he – I believe it was Jesus, he talked about the
wolf in sheep’s clothing.  In the course of the last seven or
eight years, I’ve learned a lot about boogey men, how they
work, the reality of them – probably more than I want to
completely share on this call.  I do want to share enough so that
you guys have some idea what is out there and what could present
itself to you and perhaps learn to how to think twice.  As much
as we’re committed to being here, at some point we probably
won’t and you’re going to be on your own, at some point in
the future.  I need to make sure you have the tools to know how
to cope and how to discern if that point comes.  I think it’s a
little noisy here so I’m going to try to find a more quiet
spot.  This is Wynn and Terry on 17 Freeway in Camp Verde.  Here
we go – we’ll try this, it’s a more quiet spot.
So I’m going to share, I’ll take a few minutes and share a
little bit about some of the things I’ve learned about the
negative.  If you’ve studied the Carla Rueckert material, she
says - she doesn’t call it ‘positive’ and ‘negative’,
she calls it service-to-self and service-to-others.  The
distinctions of service-to-self and service-to-others go up very,
very high in the realms.  In fact, they can both go equally high
up to one point, and that one point comes when the Law of One
activates and the Law of One by the time you hit the Law of One,
there’s no more hierarchy because everyone’s part of you.
How can there be hierarchy when it’s all you?  If you are of a
negative path and you’re going up into high negative, you can
go all the way to the top and you might think you might have to
fall back and start over again if you’re going to go positive,
but that’s no really true.  You can just switch.
How does the negative work, and why is it that according to Carla
Rueckert to move through the realms of the negative you need to
be 95% negative but to move through the realms on the positive
you only need to be 51%.  Why are those numbers those numbers –
why is that?  I thought about that for a long time to figure that
out for myself and I kind of think I intuitively got it.  The
deal with the negative is that it constantly has to absorb energy
from that which is below it.  It doesn’t get energy from that
which is above it.  It needs to manipulate everything and
everyone under its umbrella, including the positive.  It
doesn’t care whether you’re positive or negative.  It just
cares if it can get your energy pointed in its direction.  If you
get enough energy pointed in your direction, you can then evolve
through the realms in a constant kind of ‘manipulation’ I
guess is the right word, to get energy.  The thing about the
negative is that when it stops getting energy, it suddenly goes
empty.  There’s not a lot of room for self-contemplation, for
long walks by yourself – maybe there is, I don’t know.  But,
there’s emptiness.  Because, as soon as the energy stops coming
towards you, it’s empty so you need more – you need more.
That’s why you need you such a high percentage of being
service-to-self to keep moving upwards, because as soon as the
energy is not hitting you, you’re empty.
Service-to-others allows you to feel energy – I won’t say
‘all the time’ – but, a higher percentage of the time
because, if no one is pointing energy towards you, you can still
connect with energy.  You can connect with energy empathetically.
 You can watch television and feel people.  You can walk down the
street and feel people without trying to organize their energy,
whereas - a service-to-self person would be always attempting to
organize energy and pointing energy towards it.  It’s not
obvious when people are doing that.  It’s not obvious because
they can be presenting things of great value to you.  When I say
people I don’t mean just people; I mean people and spirits.
There were a couple of times with Terry where we had spirit-forms
come in of famous names, and when we asked them to leave, they
wouldn’t leave.  Do you want to tell that story – let’s not
say the name of the entity – Terry, are you on?
Terry:  I’m here.
Wynn:  Don’t say the name, just say what happened.
Terry:  I won’t say the name…
Wynn:  I had gone to a talk, right, and somebody was channeling
that entity – is that right?  And then when I came back they
were trying to come through – I can’t remember.  You tell the
story, okay?
Terry:  Okay.  This entity, we were channeling and this entity
tried to come through and would just bust into the comm line,
just bust into the frequency.  I said I didn’t want to channel
that entity, and it just tried anyway to come on in and we had to
end the session.  I had another time, it was a different entity
and it came in and there was a question somebody asked about a
certain entity and the entity came in and was very enthusiastic.
We explained to the entity that we weren’t channeling that
entity right then and we didn’t want to, and it just kept on
trying to get through and so we had to end session then, too.
But the first entity I had felt was negative; the second entity I
had felt that may have been positive, but we were not channeling
that entity right then and we wanted to stay on track with what
we were doing.
Wynn:  But, he didn’t want to leave, right?
Terry:  He didn’t want to leave, no.  He just kept on and on
and so we ended session.
Wynn:  So that was an example of that entity not honoring free
will.  Actually that particular entity is quite renowned.  Many
people channel him; I don’t know if it’s that entity.  He
said it was that entity.  We felt it was that entity.  In
channeling, there’s a great deal of mystery involved where you
don’t really…  it’s not like you go and meet somebody and
you see their face and you say, “Oh, that’s Wynn” or
“That’s Terry” or “That’s Gjis”.  You’ve got
invisible realms and voices, and somebody says they’re
somebody.  You would have to assume that the negative is going to
say they’re somebody and not be who they say.
One of the things with people who channel is very often they
become endeared with their own channelings.  In fact, this is
something to look at with channeling – look at the person who
is channeling.  Does that person relish the recognition?  Are
they attached to the attention that’s being paid to them?
Because if they are attached to the attention that’s being paid
to them, there’s a good chance that there is some mixed
polarity potential, which means a negative source could come
through them.  Once you’re attached to the attention, you
become attached to pleasing people.  Once you become attached to
pleasing people, then it’s like “What can I share with you
that you’re going to like?”  And, once I’m doing that,
there’s a compromise in the energy, in the intent on my part.
And, that compromise, mine or Terry’s, allows the potential for
a negative source.  When a negative source comes in, they then
will do things to lead people astray.
If you read The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce there’s the whole
story of the negative source that came through Cayce as indicated
in the book.  In this particular care, I am fairly sure that
channeling was accurate, the information from Wilcock.  The
reason was, thirty years ago when I read Edgar Cayce and there
was this doomsday prophecy about everything falling into the
ocean.  Then there was, a little bit later, in another channeling
it said, “These changes will come gradually.”  Man! That
stuck in my mind.  I said, “Why is there a doomsday prophecy,
and then later these changes will come gradually?”  Then
Wilcock, if you read The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce there’s
the section where they actually talk about that, and say that
source with the doomsday prophecy was negative.  If enough people
make a doomsday prophecy and talk about it, that actually is
creating a consensus reality that can bring it about.  The
amazing thing that we who are checking into this line are
learning that there are not things that are destined to occur;
there are things that we are creating to occur – we as humans,
as a collective.  If we change the way we create, then future
events will happen differently.
When people make prophecies, it’s based on energies of the
collective that have been happening for many years.  For example,
if Edgar Cayce made that prophecy and people repeat it over and
over again, it’s putting energy into that prophecy.  Terry and
I had a private channeling lately and we were talking about some
of this stuff and they were saying how incredibly powerful it was
when people would be assuming something would be happening and
were talking about it as if it was happening.  If somebody today
says something prophetically, that something is going to happen,
then that person is actually casting their vote for that
particular thing to happen.  In the highest truth, there is
nothing that has to happen except what we create.
Wynn:   Before I get emails saying I talk too much, are you ready
Terry:  Yeah.
Wynn:  Okay.  I’m in public place outside on a patio, and Terry
is in the car so she’s kind of in an energetic space.  We’re
going to talk about boogey men.  The fact that I call them
‘boogey men’ is almost a wrong way to identify it because
that immediately says fear, devil, run, hide, don’t get me, the
boogey man is going to get you.  So let me apologize for using
that word and correct it to a word which is less loaded.  We’ll
call it just the negative, the service-to-self.  The bottom line
is, there are people, there are energies, there are spirits –
that will trap you.  You don’t know you’re trapped until
it’s too late often times.  You need to be able to identify
these things before you get trapped and know how to go the other
direction and shut the energies down.  I’m going to call in the
Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to
surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line and
everyone who listens to the replays.  We now see the energy
radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies,
through our galaxy, through the solar system, through the outer
energies of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of
the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection for
all those who would free-willingly choose to participate on this
line.  We invite those source that are positive,
service-to-others to join with us and we create a protected a
space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of
that nature must leave now.
Take a moment and shut your eyes, feel the energy.  While we’re
feeling it, let’s send it to Carla Rueckert, to everyone who is
listening to this that needs a healing; to Caroline Sabin who is
in the hospital in London; to Dee’s husband; and anyone else.
Put it in your consciousness - see them in your space and send
them this love light energy.  Do we have an introductory comment
on how to avoid getting trapped by the negative?
Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite
Creator.  This is Ra’an, April 11th 2011, through BBS Radio and
the conference call.  Welcome to everybody who will listen to the
call later or read any transcripts.  We send you love and
greetings and warmth and caring, and we are here to answer your
questions and we have a few comments to make on the negative.
One of the things that happens in the third density is
individuals enter into duality.  Are they going to go on the
trip, are they not gong to go on the trip?  Are they going to
plant a garden, are they not going t plant a garden?  Are they
going to live to be a hundred, or are they not going to live to
be a hundred?  There is a duality when one checks into the third
density, and it is this duality that is the germinating seeds for
negativity.  The animal spirits who is in a ‘cat mode’ who is
attempting to make the kill, to have the food, to be able to
survive.  So living in the third density places one in the
jeopardy of coming in contact with negativity.  There is a flip
side to things in the third density, and it is a very good
exercise for an individual who goes into the third density to be
able to live and learn to have the discipline to bring through
love light in circumstances and enter love light into their life
and make the connection between their home base, their true
nature and the animal nature that they come in contact with in
the third density.  Do you have questions?
Wynn:  It seems to me that one of the ways – I can say that
I’ve been around for quite some time in this realm.  In the
past eight years, I have learned things beyond the scope of
anything I could even image I would have learned to the point
where I believe I have some idea of how things work.  I don’t
believe if I had this learning experience that I would be immune
from connecting with something negative and getting tricked.  It
seems like it’s a little unfair, because it’s so
sophisticated the way the negative works, unless somebody comes
into something like this and hears some signs of things to look
for, they could easily get hooked.  It seems to me that the way
the negative hooks you is through creating obligation of some
sort or another.  I know obligation is necessary for 3D life -
there’s agreements that people make – landlords and tenants
and husbands and wives.  There’s obligation.  How can you tell
when it’s okay to enter into an obligation and there’s not a
negative thing on the other side, sucking you in to trap you?
Ra’An:  This is a good question, as there is that survival
side, wherein individuals tend to wish to suck energy in to
increase their own survival as they have forgotten that their
life is not all that exists, and they think that their life is
all that exists.  So, they attempt to bring energy to themselves,
and money and power and to increase their own survival while they
can.  They feel that there is no path that moves into future
time, and will carry them past death, and into a transition and
into a rebirth, and into a whole new life.  So one needs to be
alert and to watch for the signs that they have been led in to a
one way street.
One can be alert in their contacts with others that the others
are service-to-other people.  Do they pull energy only to
themselves for their own betterment and give energy as a lure or
bait to pull in more energy, or do they selflessly give?  What is
their viewpoint of self?  Do they see others as part of
themselves, or do they see themselves as a separate entity that
is separated and not connected and of a more isolated nature, or
do they connect with others and give and take?  There is a
feeling one can get in the connection with others of whether
these others are service-to-others or service-to-self.  We say
that not everything all the time will go correctly, and when one
thinks that they have been drawn in to move to get out of the
situation and to reestablish themselves as there are
service-to-other people out there (with whom) the give and take
will be of great significance. 
Wynn:  There are some very overt service-to-self things, maybe
perhaps like a mob.  I don’t want to use the word of a
particular mob, but you know what I mean – a mob that extorts
money, that’s engaged in stuff that loans you money and then
controls you for the rest of your life.  We’ve all seen that on
TV and I believe it works that way in real life and that once
you’re under their auspices, you can’t get out.  That’s one
kind of obligation of service-to-self hooking somebody.  Then
there’s another kind of service-to-self which is more of an –
I’ll just describe this and let them comment on it.
We had a whole session on entrainment, how when you pay attention
to something, you’re giving energy to it and when you’re
giving energy to something there’s a back-and-forth energy and
there’s an entrainment where your energy falls into a certain
level of the hologram, depending on the level of entrainment.
That can be very positive or very negative, depending.  For
example, we do these calls three times a week.  If you’re
listening three times a week and if you’re reading our material
there’s a fairly good chance you’re getting entrained to a
certain energy which is connected from very high celestial realms
which will teach you how to make those connections for yourself
over time.  That would be a kind of entrainment – an
entrainment into high realms of spirit.
Then you could take somebody like a Hitler who is charismatic and
who can stand in front of a group of people and move them very
emotionally, and even will lift their spirits, but yet he’s
entraining them into service-to-self mission where he convinced
millions of people that it was okay to exterminate Jews.  In that
case, the people are not getting involved in an obligatory
relationship like with the mob, but they’re getting entrained
to a service-to-self frequency and I would imagine that if you
allow that to occur for you, it will greatly impact your future
lifetimes.  But I don’t know, because I can’t see that.
That’s the question I would ask – if a person has allowed to
get into the entrainment frequencies of a service to self being,
how did that impact them when they leave this realm?
Ra’An:  If one follows the energy trail, and they are used to
getting their energy from a service-to-self pattern, they are
unlikely to change unless they change while they are still in the
third density.  However, if they move into the transition period
after their physical body passes away and they are used to this
pattern, they may still try to suck energy from others and they
may, whatever choice they make as to their future - after their
body passes on, they will still carry this pattern until the
point where they would see the need to change the pattern, and
change the pattern.  They would likely come back to reinstate the
pattern with friends that they had been in a pattern with before.
 Look at what is the payback with energy?
Often, their desire to bring energy to them from others is based
on a lack of self worth, where they do not give themselves credit
and they do not give themselves love and they do not honor and
respect their own being and they attempt then to collect energy
from others into their space to give them selves worth.  This
will never work, as it is trying to fill up an empty hole that
devours all the energy and does not replace it with self worth,
self-giving, self-love.  So there is a bottom line to begin to
find things that one can give themselves credit for, as that they
are the source of their power and to begin to love themselves and
like a flower that has been wilted, to become strong and to
regain its stature and then, and only then, can they truly give
and take.
Wynn:  Thank you.  A fine refinement of this is - I have observed
with my own eyes many very beautiful people who are members of
churches that I believe at the top of the church they’re
guided, the church is guided, by negative sources.  When you have
somebody who is a totally loving and self – apparently –
loving themselves and feeling worthy, but as a member of a church
or organization that has a negative source at its core, how does
that impact the karmic development of that person?
Ra’An:  The individual can grow; whoever can be stifled at a
certain level that ii is hard to grow beyond, because the part of
the organization is taking energy so the individual may try very,
very hard to give energy, to give service and may feel a limit in
their growth because, at a certain point, the relationship
between the individual and the part of the organization is a
dead-end and the individual cannot move past the limitation set,
an example set, by the heart of the organization.
Wynn:  Thank you.  So one has to be rather careful about their
affiliations with organizations?
Ra’An:  Yes.
Wynn:  It’s 6:49 p.m.   How about affiliations with people?
Let’s suppose you’re a service-to- other orientation person
and you suddenly marry a person who is very service-to-self.  How
is that going to impact your karmic evolution?
Ra’An:  It depends upon your reaction to it.  If one has a
tendency, if they have gone into a relationship and are taking
vows and commitments to that individual, they may limit their own
growth and keep trying to bring the other person up to their
level.  However, their level is limited by the level of the other
person that they have chosen to spend so much time and commitment
with.  If they don’t move out of that relationship, but stay in
that relationship, it could set a limit upon the amount of growth
that they can have.  However, even so, they could realize, be
aware, of that limitation and then allow and grant beingness to
that other person to be as they are, and to give them love and
caring and yet to redefine themselves in other spheres that they
may continue to grow spiritually, and connecting with the higher
realms, and learning and getting disciplines within their own
being and learning to love themselves and to simply treat the
relationship as a matter of fact; it is what it is, and to
provide stability for the other person in spite of the detriment
of the other person being service-to-self.  In other words, to be
able to co-exist non-linearly with a faction that is of a lesser
mode of operation.
Wynn:  I’ve seen this work for certain people, where they have
a relationship based on security and maybe a sexual interchange,
but the person who is more evolved will go out and seek spiritual
groups and things to participate with outside of the
relationship.  The relationship is actually giving them a certain
grounding stability so that they can do that.  I’ve seen that
happen a number of times with people.
It’s 6:52 p.m., 6:53.  I’m going to say we have to stop this
call right now.  Thank you so much for the insight on this topic.
 Before we hang up do you want to say goodbye to everybody who is
listening on BBS and on replays?
Callers:  Bye BBS.  Goodbye and thank you.  Bye.
Wynn:  Thank you all for helping to hold the energy.  This is
Monday; Wednesday we take questions at, if you
have questions send them in.  We may ask your question.

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