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                                                                     Ra'An- Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome everybody, this is Wynn Free and this is our Wednesday night conference call where we bring in our Sources and we ask questions that you all have submitted. Thank you for being here and thank you all for submitted questions and for supporting the work we are doing. Terry and I are actually on the road. We are in the Los Angeles, California area. We are in Orange County and as usual when we are on the road we are in parking lots. I am sitting at a table in Starbucks and Terry is in the car. Many of you may not know this but we go into separate rooms because it helps us get in the zone to do it, and some people wonder why do we do three calls a week. Why do we do all this? Why don't we charge for it which a lot of people do and I thought I would answer that for you. When I was first studying the Wilcock channelings, I got the idea that there was something going on that had to do with the division of souls. There would be souls that would graduate from this realm and those who would repeat, and no one wants to say that, including me, because it could create fear. Besides all the other things going on on our planet, there's this thing that says, Oh my god, what if I don't graduate? I think it is good for people to know the game that is being played and the stakes that are involved because this idea of graduation is not something that many people talk about. In fact many of the New Age people say, that all of humanity is graduating to a new place and that is not the information we are getting. We're getting in one answer to a question that it's going to be 5 to 30 percent that graduate and the rest will be cycle repeaters. So there are a huge amount of people that are something in between. You don't have to be on these calls to graduate. Terry and I were in an Italian restaurant today having lunch which was locally owned. The owner was a beautiful guy and I saw all these locals who were coming to this restaurant and found a haven; a place. They were talking to each other and the restaurant was holding space of loving energy. The owner had a business and a restaurant but he was involved in loving his customers. He's probably a Roman Catholic, he probably knows nothing about metaphysics but irregardless, he was creating this loving space for his customers. We watched as the customers were leaving the restaurant and I spoke to one guy who says he comes there every day for lunch and I believe that owner is creating a space which is going to cause people to graduate this realm. I suspect this owner was there every day and was creating a space for this customers and it's that aspect of the way things work which says, if I am going to tell people that there is going to be a division of souls, I had to give people the greatest change to learn how to be loving.

What we do is we call in the light; we evoke the energy and the Sources that are talking to us have explained themselves as two huge group souls, both of which are pure energy. One of them is made up of graduates of this realm, who went through a series of lifetimes, and got off the wheel of reincarnation, and the other is a group of energies that never took bodies, that were at the beginning of creation, who were here before there was a physical universe and they created the physical universe and they are called the Elohim. The other group soul is called the Ra Group and historically Elohim is the name for God in the Mormons and in the Old Testament and they say they are the same. I can't prove this but we have had numerous conversations with them where we asked them how they created this realm. All these different questions and it did not seem possible that Terry could possibly know the answers of these questions, yet we got answers. We talk to them live three times each week on these calls and you can listen and read their answers. Both the Elohim and the Ra groups are conglomerate and the interesting thing about the two groups is that the Elohim Group seems to have more power than the Ra Group, they are huge energies at the beginning of creation who can beam through time and end up in this realm in what they call 'love light energy'. The Ra Group have more wisdom than the Elohim Group as to what it is like to be human, because they were human on some other planet and they went through many many lifetimes of evolution and they graduated and so they are able to share the wisdom of what it took to graduate from this realm. The Source that talks to us is Ra'An which is a combination of the Elohim and the Ra Group.

Terry is one of those special people who is able to tap into the energy of these group souls and we are all very blessed that she has agreed to take the role of being here three times a week so she can share these Sources and their points of view on things. I have known Terry for thirty years and there is no way she could know and tap into the kind of wisdom that come through her when we do these calls. The first thing we are going to do is to evoke a group consciousness and we have an invocation for that. It is me creating an intent and if you feel comfortable just be neutral and go along with it and you may feel some energies and we do this.

(Wynn calls in the light)

Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with each and every one of you make contact with each and every person on the line and are open to connection back. We make ourselves available for assistance to anyone twenty-four/seven and are available. All one has to do is just to ask. If it for the highest good and the intention is high then we work with that person for the achievement of that goal. We are mindful of your questions concerning the ear noises. There are a number of reasons for ear noises. One of the reasons is because of earthquake activity. It creates different vibrations and resonances and pitches; sounds which ring, vibrations that transverse through the earth, through the atmosphere and the ear can pick up and vibrate with these certain circumstances. This is only one of the reasons for ear noises. Another reason is a degradation of the small bone in the area of the ear which resonates them not succinctly but resonates them in a more fuzzy manner as the bones have degraded and are not so well defined. In a case where an individual has a degradation within the small bones of the ear, what is generally needed is for the healing of the ear. The organs, when they are functioning correctly will help heal this area. One of the areas which needs to function properly clearly is the kidney area so that toxins may be taken off as the ear heals. We can send healing energy and we are thinking here of Gary, particularly, we can send healing energy in the area of the ear. The ear then needs to pick up nutrients needed for healing. When the ear bones become stronger then the hissing can stop. We again suggest Dr. Marshall's protocol and this would be for everyone who hears noises if they determine this has something to do with the ear itself and not the ringing of the earth. Having the ear respond is a normal action of the ear and the ear then can help the person to know more about their environment. Concerning the protocol that Dr. Marshall has for tinnitus, there are certain target capsules which have to do with specific organs in the body that can help the ear heal and histono of the protocol and again the number for Dr. Marshall for advice or information concerning the availability of the protocol is 1 310 320 1132. We suggest at this time as the earth has been shifting and there has been many earthquakes in the United States, although they are small, they still may create a tone in the ears. One may listen and when there is an earthquake far away, for instance in Japan, there can be a distant tone in the ear, very dim. This can be heard. This is some information on the area of the ear and we send love light to Gary for healing for the ear and the utilization of nutrients for strengthening of the ear. Do you have questions?

Wynn: How can one tell if the ringing in their ear is due to some type of psychic sensitivity or a physical dysfunction?

Ra'An: When one gets very very sensitive, then one can sense this. There is a difference in the time period and the frequency of what is felt or heard in the earth. In the earthquakes one may keep a record in a book and may then see by correlation whether or not there is a following earthquake and they catalog the frequencies and the volleys and the direction. As one becomes more sensitive, they may determine that there is a direction involved in these small tones that are involved with earthquakes. One may learn to sense what direction these are coming from. From the west and very dim, very faint, maybe a precursor to maybe an earthquake, maybe even a strong one in Japan. To the east, if one is in California, let's say in Los Angeles to the east and stronger, may be a precursor an earthquake east of Los Angeles, perhaps on the San Andreas or in the desert. So direction of sound is something that one can learn to discern and if there is direction connection with it then it is not something going wrong with the ear. If it seems as if it has no direction and seems to be in the ear itself, then something is going wrong, then it can be traced to the ear.

Wynn: Thank you.

Now one person had asked about the possibility that ringing of the ear is an indication of an inter-dimensional connection, for example with the angels or could even be with something negative. Could you comment on that. Is that a possibility?

Ra'An: That is a possibility and it is a possible that it could be projected frequencies from such a device as HARRP which could then create voices in the head, however these voices if they are projected, do not necessarily have to occur in the ear, it could occur in the frontal lobes or some other part of the body where the individual would hear the voice. It can be an angelic force. One needs to become very quiet and then discern what the significance is. Is it a message? Is it angelic? Is is deceptive or scary? There are logically explanations for all of these phenomena and it is comes to discernment to isolate out what is the connection remembering that there are logically explanations for these phenomena.

Wynn: Thank you.

So one has to be very careful about immediately assuming that voices or sounds are positive.

Ra'An: That is correct. Even if one say, is generating voices from within their own sphere, even if they have a thought pattern which is saying a certain thing does not mean it is positive. It all needs to be evaluated and one should not act on these. They need to determine what is the Source and they need to, within their own self and their own sense of ethics and their beingness, which is their GPS to rely on. Within their own self to have their own center and if there are ideas or voices or sounds that do not seem resonate with their own sense of ethics and truth they should continue to look for the source of that and should disregard it in connection with acting on it. There can be past life forces from implants that play over in one's mind like a tune and should not be acted upon. There could be positives and negatives that pop into the head so that when someone thinks I can, then they might think I can't and this something that should not be acted upon but merely observed and in the observation, somewhere in there is a kernel of truth as to where this has come from and one should disregard it in turns of a sense of direction on their path.

Wynn: You know that I would add that in the course of all our questions and answers I have learned, I have, and this seems to be true, that there are a bunch of artificially created voices that have spoken to quite a few people, that seems to indicate that there are a bunch of space ships out there that are waiting to save our planet from disaster and that there are many people, including some with websites, saying there's nothing to worry about because there's a space ship that's going to save us. It's been in our questions about that, that that was not true and that was one of those circumstances where voices were projected artificially to give an indication to people. Could you make a comment about that, and can you make a comment, if you choose to as to why a negative source would want to give this information?

Ra'An: This is disinformation and there is a certain faction that is doing that, in order to give people a false sense of direction. Why are they doing that? They could at some later point use it to round up people and to use it for the detriment of those people.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Gary Brownlee in Redondo Beach. He is seventy-three years old and there is a lot of information that he would like to pass on before he dies, but with what is happening with the earth shift it seems rather futile at this time, too little, too late, in other words I think there is in all of us, we want to create a legacy for our children and other people, and yet, it seems like that may not be possible. Do you have any comments?

Ra'An: Yes, Gary, or anyone who is in this position can write down the information, a little bit at a time, when the inspiration strikes him, when he remembers that should be put out there and it doesn't even have to be in sequence. It can be put into sequence later but at least start to put this down.

Wynn: How about the question of like things are so chaotic and things are breaking down, is there going to be opportunity and time to share this kind of stuff with people?

Ra'An: By putting it down, one puts it down in the Akashic Record and as the hundredth monkey; when a hundred people gets the information then it can begin to be in the consensus. However, just putting it down, puts it into the Akashic plane, and it depends upon Gary's fervent intention to get this information out, because just a fervent intention to get it out, can take the place of a bunch of people getting the information, but putting it out there, putting it into words makes it available even if it does not get out to thousands of people.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question from Hermine in Canada and she has asked some question about her daughter. She is concerned about the drugs being given to her daughter for seizures and should she discontinue the medicine.

Now we cannot answer that question. It's too much responsibility and too much medical cross over and legally we cannot do that, but we can ask how can a person know they should attempt to try natural remedies and is there a way to intuit when it is necessary to go the traditional route and take the medications? She has Temporal Lobe and Grand Mal Seizures.

Ra'An: Thank you.

We attempt to make connection here. We make connection with the person asking the question and we suggest at this point that you can learn more information. You can look up, if you have internet, you can see the pros and cons of taking that medicine. We comment that there is always a logical reason that is at the basis of each phenomena. We see that certain things are not firing correctly which is backing up energy and starts the process of the seizure. We see that medicine, although it can keep it under control, has it's own side effects. Medicine is the symptom suppressor, rather than the cure. We suggest a detoxification, however, we suggest that it be done under medical supervision as too much detoxification could create the seizure. Again, Dr. Marshall has a wealth of information, as he works with hundreds of doctors across the continent and looks into areas which doctors reply upon him for information about cases that they have trouble resolving. We even look into other areas for the reasons for the seizures. We suggest that you might wish to contact Wynn and Terry for possible more information and give and take on that subject.

Wynn: Thank you.

Just letting you all know that we have no relationship with Dr. Marshall. We don't make any money from the references. Dr. Marshall is someone whom Terry has been using and studying for many years and she is part of the group energy we are channeling and so things come from Terry's mind as part of the group. Those of you who have been recommended to Dr. Marshall. I know one person who had great results and he told me, I would appreciate it if any of you have used his protocols so I have some track record of things that works.

Ra'An: We also have a comment regarding Dr. Marshall. The phone number which was given earlier. 310 320 1132, they can find out how they can ask these sorts of questions directly to Dr. Marshall on his weekly radio program.

Wynn: Thank you.

I am going to tag another question on what you didn't address. In my request about my sister who had a amazing phenomena of healing and didn't know I was asking the question, why was that permissible?

Ra'An: Your sister was also wishing to be healed. If one is not open to healing and another prays for them, they will not heal.

Wynn: Thank you.

So that when somebody asks a question like this, maybe they should talk to the person and say, are you open to this, being healed, and if they get their permission and if they get a yes, it might be an opening for their permission to do this.

Ra'An: Yes. They can always pray for the person, can ask that the person be healed, can in their own heart, can ask, and if it is for the highest good and the person is open, this can help.

Wynn: Thank you.

Last question is from Dennis and he asks about energizing objects. We know you can energize water by intent, you can change the crystalline structure of water at a molecular level. When you energize an object, how long can the water stay energized after you transform it?

Ra'An: It is open to other sources of re-energizing and if it is in a pristine area; an environment without other influences it can last three weeks.

Wynn: Thank you.

And if you and your family are having big arguments all the time, the water in your kitchen it would pick that up and probably not last very long.

Ra'An: Yes, that is correct as would the walls of the house.

Wynn: Thank you.

Thank you all for listening. Thank you Terry and all the people who are volunteering. I am going to stop the recording. Thank you all those who are listening to the replays. We will see many of you on Sundays. Sunday is our most powerful calls where we create group energies and group intention for healing and for the planet. We wish you all a loving good night and we will see you next time.





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