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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences

Monday Ė 04/18/2011

Synchronicities, Miracles, Personal Transformation

Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Wynn: Welcome. I didnít talk to anybody beforehand so this is not pre-arranged, so I donít know what people are going to say. I do know over the course of time that weíve been doing these calls, a lot of people have sent me emails and have had many amazing things happen for them as a result of being on the calls. You know thereís this theory, I call it a theory, because when you deal with invisible realms you canít see it, but itís the response that happens that says ďHmm, I think this is really working.Ē

We have a voice that speaks through Terry that identifies itself as these two group souls that formed an association in another dimension so they could talk to us. One is the Ra group and one is Elohim group, and both of them have the ability to connect with our fields. Humans have energy fields that are expansive.

We donít see our fields, but itís pretty clear that most people who are spiritual and metaphysical have some idea that thereís such a thing as a human energy field. Even the healing art of acupuncture is based on energy fields. We have an energy field, and we have a matrix that is not limited in its expansion; it can go on

ad infinitum. For most people it is limited because to have a body in this realm usually ends up causing whatís called Ďcontractioní of your energy field. Thereís a veil; thereís a block to the energy. So, itís not easy to get through that block.

Our sources exist on the other side of the block and in our conversations with them weíve been learning how to feel their energies through the block. Many people have had experiences; and tinglings and expansions and lifting of depressions, and healings, and synchronicities Ė etc. etc. Thatís what happens when your energy field expands, because in this realm things follow certain laws Ė the laws of the physical realm. In the higher dimensions, things are fluid. Theyíre not so rigid as they are here, and the laws are different and maybe in some certain places, there are no laws. When you can create a bridge between dimensions, you create the possibility of transforming or changing what would be the physical laws of this dimension.

We can say that in theory, but on these calls there have been a number of things that have happened and Iím sure there are things that have happened that I donít know about because people donít always tell me. I get emails from people quite often about some kind of phenomenal event that happened to them. A phenomenal event could be a healing, it could be a synchronicity, it could be a lifting of an attitude or a pattern that youíve had for your whole life or a good part of it - and suddenly, by magic, itís dissolved away and youíre not in that pattern any more. Weíve had a lot of people that have had that. It could be a number of things; anything is possible when you start expanding your field.

How do you expand your field? If I could say that in words if everyone would do it and weíd have a different planet. Itís not exactly something you can do with your mind. I would say maybe itís akin to the experience of love. Like, if you love somebody the first time youíre with them you feel this exhilaration and you keep feeling it, keep feeling it and then, before you know it, youíre in a whole different state of mind because youíre feeling the love and unity. How did you get to feel that? By example Ė somehow you were in the field of that person and you felt their field and it was directed towards you and it actually combined with your field. When you have love, whether itís spiritual love or romantic love, there are fields that combine. People combine fields.

On this call we are experiencing fields from non-physical entities Ė in fact, they donít have bodies as far as I know. We canít see them, but we can feel their energies when they show up. Thatís the amazing thing.

By coming into the line, you have the potential to expand your field. I canít promise that will happen for everyone, but it happens for a lot of people, and I guess one of the reasons it happens is because youíre ready for it to happen. If you want to expand your field you have to be willing to let go of something, you have to be willing to let go of your contraction; you have to be willing to let go of the fear of the unknown, because itís a new experience. If youíre afraid of the unknown, youíll hold yourself in contraction to that expansion and you have to come to those things and you have to come them, maybe to start with, by trusting what weíre doing. Thatís why you have to come to the calls for a while, to make sure you trust it, make sure there are no agendas, (make sure) that nothing is trying to control you. When you open up to energies that you canít see, you have to decide Ė you see that person just hung up. They didnít want to go into the unknown. You have to decide that you trust the circumstance and be open to the circumstance.

Normally on our Monday calls, they vary Ė but, oftentimes I pick a topic and we question our sources and thatís one way to decide if you trust them Ė listen to the answers, listen to the feeling you get, your intuitions. The Elohim say they created the physical universe and we had a whole series of questions about how they created it. I would listen to their answers very carefully and say ďHmm, it makes sense, Terry couldnít make that up.Ē Theyíre consistent over years; if I ask them anything now compared to what I asked five years ago, thereís a consistency in the point of view.

This is like opening up to a new relationship, which is not a casual thing, itís not a one-night stand. It will stay with you the rest of your life; it will enhance your life. It will stay with you beyond your life Ė I believe thatís true. IĎm still here so I canít say for sure, but I have the idea that when you learn to connect with energies that are outside of this realm and you really connect with them and you become familiar with them, then when you die youíll still be connected to those energies. So that protects you from a lot of other possibilities that could happen when you die that might not be so pleasant.

On this call we are going to share - I hope youíll share since I havenít prearranged it and I donít know who is going to speak up Ė I hope some of you will share some of the things that have happened to you as a result of being on the call that fit into the category, the topic of this call. Did you have a miracle? Did you change an attitude? Can you say you used to be like this, and now youíre like this? I got an email from somebody in Las Vegas who is probably not on the call, but she said since sheís come on the call sheís had all these synchronicities, she was going broke - sheís got a job, sheís making a lot of money, she found a new boyfriend and itís all been very magical for her.

That may not be happening for you, and you may have something else going on and maybe you need to be on the calls longer, read the materials over and over again, until you unbrainwash yourself from all the belief patterns that weíve all held about our limitations. I guess Iíll start the ball rolling and Iíll tell two stories, I could probably tell ten stories, but Iíll two stories that I thought were extraordinary about things that happened on this line, or as a result of my connection with these sources.

Of course, the first one is my sister, which is the thing that really caught my attention when Daphne first started channeling. My sister was going in the hospital and I asked them if they could help my sister, because there was a serious chance that she wasnít going to survive and they said they could. So, she survived this serious operation and I thought it was coincidence at first, then a few weeks later I got a call from my brother in law Ė something strange really happened because Joanne had to go in for tests, and the nurse said ,ďThereís no cancer but thereís something wrong with the test because we canít measure your lupus, your lupus has disappeared.Ē Now I was fairly convinced that they did an intervention, because lupus never goes away. I did a follow-up channeling and I asked them, ďHow did you guys do that?Ē They said ďWell we projected a filter into her blood and took the lupus out.Ē I was overwhelmed Ė Ďoverwhelmedí is not even the right word. Iím dealing with a source, and Iím having conversations with them and you guys hear how casual our conversations are, and they just told me they projected a filter into my sisterís blood and took the lupus out which according to medicine, cannot happen.

I asked them at another point, ďCan you guys stop a nuclear weapon from going off?Ē And they said they could, but they needed enough people asking so they would have permission to do that. Their policy, as they have stated it, is to honor free will, which means they donít intrude unless theyíre asked. They can do interventions that are for the highest good of all concerned and donít violate the free will of anyone else.

I think thereís another aspect and that is some people need to go through something thatís very difficult because theyíre clearing a pattern by going through that. Although they would wish it to go away immediately because itís painful - they would miss a huge lesson if they didnít stay with them until they had actually gotten through the pattern. So, when you ask for something and it doesnít happen that may be one of the reasons. I was going to tell one more story.

This is a story of a synchronicity, and I'll share this, itís very funny actually. I forgot about this but Iíve been sharing it lately Ė this isnít exactly in relationship to these calls but at a certain point in my life I think they were teaching me the power of my own thoughts. Weíve heard, when you think things, thoughts are real, thoughts create reality. I had an episode and it was a period in my life when I was selling things at fairs and I was at this one fair that was very, very crowded in Orange County, and I found a parking place near my selling spot and we sold out of product. I had to drive from Orange County to LA to buy some more product, and I didnít want to lose my parking space. So I put a table in the parking space and I wrote a sign on the table that said if you park here you will get towed. I drove off and I hoped that my space would still be there when I came back. I came driving back and about five miles away from my destination there were all these clanking noises from the engine. I pulled into a gas station and I saw my water pump had blown; it was spouting water. So I was losing $100 and hour and I was not back at this fair and I was sitting in the gas station, twiddling my thumbs, saying, ďHow am I going to get back? How am I going to get this stuff back?Ē Three Hispanic guys were driving this huge flatbed tow truck; they were getting gas. I went up and I said ,ďHow much would you charge me to take my car five miles?Ē They said ď$35Ē and I whipped out my money really fast and they put me on their truck and they drove me the five miles.

Of course, I was going back to the spot that I had saved for myself and they were lowering the car and the spot was still there. They were pushing my vehicle into the spot. There were these two guys leaning on a beer truck right in front of me and they were laughing Ė really laughing their heads off. I couldnít imagine what was so funny. I asked them, ďHow come youíre laughing?Ē They said they saw my sign. This was the first time they ever saw anyone get towed back. What did my sign say? ďIf you park here you will be towed.Ē I should have said ďIf you park here after twelve noon, you will be towed.Ē I didnít say that; I said ďIf you park here you will be towed.Ē So I had been parked there so I was towed. I have to believe that I created that. It was an impossible synchronicity. Thatís the way things work when you start moving your energies into higher dimensions and integrating them with the earth plane; things happen that canít normally happen.

On that note, Iím going to shut up and if anyone on the line would like to share something of their experience Ė remember, it can be a synchronicity, a miracle, a personal transformation.

Dee: Wynn, itís Dee from Missouri. Itís good to be here, Iíve been gone a little while. I would like to share two things if I could and I'll hurry.

One: the miracle wasnít with me, it was with my husband, as you know. Iíve been coming on the calls for quite a while and heís been pretty sick and heís gone through some procedures with the doctor and the hospitals and different things. I wanted to say, I pray of course, to my higher powers every night, but I started including the Ra and Elohim in my prayers and asking for things. And, my husband is getting better. Heís not perfect of course, but heís getting better. In the last three days heís had a quality of life that he hasnít had for a long, long time. I attribute that to me coming on these calls and getting the energies and them being in my life daily.

The other thing, I would call this a miracle too Ė Iím growing as a person. Iím realizing things that I never realized before, kind of like patterns that Iíve lived all my life. Iíve lived a terrible life of abuse; not that I want sympathy, I donít. Iíve learned a lot from it and Iím glad I went through what I went through. Anyhow, just the other day a lady called me that doesnít even know me, she said that she was proud of me. It was sweet of her to say that, itís nice to get praise. It dawned on me that ďI need to be proud of myself.Ē I donít need validation as far as what I do or to go to somebody and have them approve Ė Ďapprovalí, thatís my word. I realize now that I donít need other peopleís approval, I need my approval. Iím growing so much as a person itís ridiculous, and Iím growing at a very fast rate. I actually have asked on the Wednesday night call several times of the Raían what they thought I should be doing. I know now what I should be doing and Iím working toward that; itís going to be where I can help people, which is wonderful. To grow as a person and realize who you are and what you are and (to know) the things that you really need to be learning. Like you were saying, Iíve learned some really neat lessons lately and I didnít take them as bad, I took them as, ďHey, thatís a good lesson.Ē A year ago even I wouldnít even thought that. I wouldnít even thought I was learning a lesson. Iím very grateful to be on these calls and in the energy. I feel the energy daily in my life, itís not just on these calls now, itís with me always. Itís very beneficial to me. I donít think I could get through the things that Iíve been going through if it wasnít for you and Terry and the Raían.

Wynn: Thank you. Iím just like a facilitator. I get credit for showing up.

Dee: You showing up and Terry showing up and everybody being there Ė even everybody on the calls, itís a group-thing and it works. It works in my life.

Wynn: Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing. Anyone else?

Chris: Hey Wynn, itís Chris. Since Iíve been on the calls, Iíve given up those addiction issues which I later learned have plagued me for a couple of lifetimes. Iíve learned to deal with the fear. Also, Iíve learned that I had attached entities to me from past lives and they supposedly got them to cross over so I think thatís lifted a lot off of me. So I can get back to being my higher self instead of that lower, more human side - covering up the scary stuff that happened when I was a kid with all the visitations and negative entities and all that that has gone on, all that.

Wynn: Youíve felt a lot more protected since youíve been on the calls, yeah?

Chris: Oh right, definitely. I know part of itís that, the other part of it is Iíve given up some of the things that I was into that the negative use and I would allow in.

Wynn: Okay, thank you. Also weíre taking calls over the phone, if anyone calls BBS Ė 530-413-4515.

Wynn: Hopefully itíll work. Just tell Seth and heíll interrupt me and weíll put you on. If someone else is talking, if youíre calling on the BBS number and someone else is talking, just stay in the background and let them finish and announce yourself when theyíre done. Anyone else?

Julie: Hello. Iíve had a lot of help from what I call the good energies, I call them. I had suffered from depression for many years, but recently I had an awful lot of grief and I was panicking, so out of control. I took a walk and I had forgotten to ask for help from this group. I was really desperate and I asked them to ground me and take away the stress. I immediately felt better Ė it doesnít sound like much, the truth is I canít prove most of the things that come to mind that have been helps and miracles and things, so I will go onto something thatís more tangible because itís the only thing that I say is entirely up to them and itís really tangible.

I met Wynn and Terry at the Conscious Life Expo on Valentineís Day, February 14th, 2010, I didnít know what I was doing at the booth, Iíd never heard of the Elohim and the Ra and I ended up buying their booklet. I just had to buy it and I took it away. I came on the call one time, and then I went to Venice Beach with a friend and I came back. On March the 8th at 6:00 p.m. I called Wynn and I begged him for help, I was lying on my bed and I felt like I was dying. I had the swine flu, I had been screaming for hours. Really, I was just in agony. I felt like I was dying, but really I wanted to leave it was so bad. I could not help myself at all. I managed to drag my land line onto the bed, dialed the number and I donít know what I said: ďIím dying here, is there anything you can do?Ē He said something like ďItís not a healing call tonight, but if youĒ Ė I forget exactly what he said Ė but anyway, he said enough for me to understand that I should ask the energies to help me, and I followed his direction and the next thing I knew, the pain was gone.

I was out of my body for 45 minutes because I have no recollection from 6:00 when I called until just a few minutes before 7:00 when I heard them say the call is over, at which point I was lying in the bed and the pain was completely gone. This was pain that had been going on for well over 24 hours, and I was fine. I was not completely cured from the swine flu, but I was cured enough not to want to die and to be able to sleep and not have to go to the emergency room. Thatís for sure definitely for me, because the mind will doubt everything else and question it and ďMaybe there was intervention from this group, that groupĒ and I was doing this, that Ė and I was doing other things. But with this, itís clear to me that this was the intervention of this group and the good intentions of everybody on the line also, who completely assisted me beyond that point with their asking and their good will for me. Thatís all I have to say.

Wynn: Thank you, Julie. Did anyone phone in thatís on the line? Okay, anyone on the conference call?

Gijs: Yes, Wynn I would like to share something. This is Gijs from Magalia. This was the first call this year, this was on a Sunday. My son, Eddy, the day before, he was seven but now heís eight. He had said to me on New Yearís Day, he said ďThe number one gift Iíd like to receive this year is for my warts to be gone.Ē He had these for over a year. The next Sunday call, a gentleman asked for help with his warts and then I kind of tagged onto that. On Monday, the very next day, Monday morning Ė my wife who is very skeptical about the calls I do with you folks, she called me at my work she said ďI canít believe it but Eddyís warts are disappearing.Ē So that happened overnight, itís just a miracle. And they have gone all the way now.

Wynn: How long did he have them before?

Gijs: He had those for over a year.

Wynn: Wow.

Gijs: It was really like a miracle.

Wynn: Okay. Anyone else?

Lisa: Hello.

Wynn: Who is that?

Lisa: Lisa from San Francisco. Two or three Sundays ago, when we had our call I mentioned about my brother. Itís been very difficult trying to get along with him and I mentioned that he was driving me crazy but I was going to pray for his happiness. When the Raían were making their comments they sent love and light to my brother and me and I thought that was really nice.

For some time now, since my mother died actually eleven years ago, my brother is in charge of a medical trust for me and so weíve had to be in touch. I found him to be very emotionally disturbed, sometimes even somewhat sociopathic or totally unaware of another personís feelings. Heís been very cruel, very mean-spirited. I donít know what I did, what he has against me, what he thinks I did to him. He gets his feelings hurt over every little thing and heís always making up stories about me, about terrible things I am and do and I just donít know where he gets his ideas. I end up having very bizarre experiences with him. So when he starts yelling at me in an authoritarian tone, I say something really calm and relaxed, and I simply tell him Iím going to get off the phone now. Then he gets from that I was screaming my head off, which I never did. Itís like he canít hear me be calm because heís not calm.

Anyway, I was really hoping that we could be close, and it doesnít seem like thatís possible. Every time I talk to him itís like ďOh, what is it now?Ē, or every time he sends me a letter. That afternoon after the Raían said that weíre sending love and light to you and your brother, my brother called me hours after the call and we had to talk about what was going on with the trust. I have never heard him sound so cool, calm and collected and no insults, no treating me with disrespect Ė I just donít know where it comes from. It was so unusual a call, and I ended up finding myself saying ďNice talkingĒ, which I never say to him because itís never nice, and not only that but the following Sunday he had to call me and it was the same thing. We could stay on the phone for more than fifteen minutes without him getting excited. Heís very excitable. And, the same thing happened.

If nothing else happens, Iím sure that those two calls were a result of me being on line on the conference call and the Raían putting their energies out for both of us. It was very, very noticeable, the difference. I wanted to share that.

Wynn: Thank you. I have to say ďThis little miracle here that weíre actually doing this.Ē Going from the place where I first had this experience of talking to these guys and saying for three years ďCan this be real? Can this be real? Can this be real?Ē Suddenly, we have a group of people listening to these calls, probably in the hundreds, that itís making a difference for many of their lives. Itís kind of like magic. Iím sitting here watching it and saying, ďMan how are we doing this?Ē

Some of you have been on the calls for two or three years and probably have noticed how my attitude has changed, now more confident. I was almost scared to say directly what was going on because I didnít think anyone would believe it. I used to start the calls all the time by telling my story and telling the story of how I met Daphne and Terry. Then people would complain ďWynn weíre so sick of hearing your story.Ē I didnít really know how to introduce it, because I donít want people to believe it blindly.

If you notice I choose my words carefully and I oftentimes say, ďThe voice that communicates through Terry,Ē They identify themselves this way, because thereís no way to prove it but by the results, by the things that are happening for the people that are on the calls. Terry, did you want to share anything?

Terry: Just doing these calls has been like a miracle. To be able to be with the Elohim, say when theyíre looking over the earth and theyíre talking to a hurricane or they are talking to a storm Ė to see everything from that perspective has been really amazing. To see harsh energy on the phone line dissipating, or energy shifting. Itís been a real honor to be a part of it.

Wynn: Thank you.

Anyone else want to share anything? For those of you that are listening and say, ďHmm I want that to happen for me,Ē weíre going to do a channeling and weíll share, weíll ask them, how can people have this kind of stuff and bring it into their life and have it happen for them?

Weíre going to call in the light Ė calling in the light is my short-hand invocation to bring their energies in. Many of you who are on the calls start to tune into the energy, I donít have to do that, the energy is just here. You guys are bringing the energy here that are carrying it and we hit the ground running. This is the formal way that I have taught myself:

WYNN CALLS IN THE LIGHT: Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here, and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the energies of all the planetary fields in our solar system including the Sun; through the energy field of the earth coming in on our crown chakra, moving through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a blending of all of our energies, coming together in another dimension in oneness. For those that want to participate in this, this is a free will call. We invite our sources to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. We just let our sources introduce themselves, and I thank them on behalf of all the people that theyíve interacted with energetically and on this call and maybe they can share what they would like to share regarding this topic.

Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is the 18th of April 2011, and we are not only on the BBS line, moving through the airways, moving through the electronic equipment, but we are also free-roaming, in and through the dimension, the third dimension. We make contact with each and every person who wishes to have contact made; every person who is listening, who is reading the transcript at some later time and are available to each and every one of you.

We are delighted to make contact, as your realm is often very hard to contact. It is like a long-lost brother that has gotten lost and suddenly one finds and makes contact and can communicate again with that person. And we send our love to each and every one of you, and we see that if each and every one of you needs any assistance, 24/7, we are there and we can hear you. You are making connection, even though sometimes in your realm it doesnít feel like thereís an answer, it feels like no one has heard. We are of such high frequency that it is hard for individuals in the third density to feel that they have been heard. However, we are hearing you, and we can provide assistance when it is for the highest good. We send our love, and we thank you for this opportunity to connect with you. Adonai.

Wynn: Can we ask a question?

Ra'An: Alright.

Wynn: The question is, for those people who are listening, saying, ďI donít feel anything. Where are they?Ē What can they do to help them make a real connection?

Ra'An: They can get a copy of the book, Questions and Answers with Elohim (The Creator Gods of this Universe want to Talk to You) and a copy of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce book and see if they can feel the energy.

See also if you can feel any changes within your own space on how you yourself feel. Is there a softening of the energy? Do you move into a more cheerful space where everything feels like itís going to be okay, even if itís for an instant? There is the energy that rides with us in the connection. Just feeling, this energy, can help you stabilize and can help you bring the things to yourself that are helpful and are good for the soul.

When you feel those things, there is another aspect of this that you are sensing with your body. So when you sense this you may think that is part of your mind but observe this phenomena. Although the energy connection has triggered the mind and the body, it is the trigger from us that has set this into motion. This is something that we have noted, and just because it is in your mind then do not assume that it is of your mind.

Wynn: Thank you all for being here, we look forward to our next call on Wednesday people submit us questions and sometimes healings, and requesting those things. If you want to be included in the Wednesday call, send your question to I try to give preference to people who have never asked a question before first. If youíve never asked one, take advantage and send it I canít promise Iíll ask it, but thereís a good chance I will.

Thanks everyone who came forward to share their experiences tonight. Thank Terry and all the people volunteering. I also thank everybody who is listening to all the replays, because they said the same energy is on the replay line as it is on the call. All of you are doing a great service just by being here, and helping to anchor these energies into physical reality. You may not understand that at first, but after a while youíll get it, that you start to learn how to hold these higher energies in your field and you start, without trying, just uplifting the people around you. Itís really important now, because with all these changes going on there is so much potential for fear and panic about whatís going to happen, and we need it to hold the space of peace.

On that note, Iíll say goodbye to everyone. 







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Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly. Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is meant for the person asking the question and you have the privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain insights from the answer. However,  even though the circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer applies to you.. This is not meant to replace seeing your doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner.  Some people get healings here, so you can be open to it.