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BBS Internet Radio Monday Calls; 2011
Monday – 04/25/2011
How is radiation going to impact our planet?
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
Audio Link -
Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Terry:  Good afternoon, good evening, good morning where ever you
are out there in BBS land when ever you listen to the audio, or
when ever you read the transcript.  This is Terry Brown
introducing the Wynn Free Monday Night BBS Show.  It’s an
internet radio show that can be heard across the world.
I never know what the subject is going to be but Wynn will
announce that at some point after he comes on.  He has some very,
very unique topics and if someone wishes to listen to them, they
can go to BBS Radio to the Archives every Monday night since
2007, he’s been doing the show. That’s the audio.  You can go
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you can find out more about what we’re doing.
Wynn’s going to be on in a moment.  He’s patching in the
conference line where people are on the telephone and they’re
listening on the telephone.  The other part of the audience right
now is listening on BBS Radio.  So it is the 25 of April, 2011
and we’re ready for Wynn on the Monday night Wynn Free Show.
Wynn, are you here with us?  He’s going to be patched in in a
moment.  We are broadcasting here from Sedona,, Arizona.  It
sounds like Wynn is about ready to come in.  Hello Wynn.
Wynn:  Terry, you were awesome!  I didn’t want to come in!
(Audience):  She was! 
Terry:  Ladies and gentlemen,  Wynn Free…
Wynn:  If you go back and listen to the archives from 2007,
you’ll hear … could you sound like you did in 2007, Terry?
Act like you sounded when you first started talking on the call.
Terry:  That’s not hard to do; it would just be a big silence.
Wynn:  You notice when I put her on the spot, she went into a
Terry:   That’s exactly how it would sound in 2007.
Wynn:  She was kind of demonstrating…  I laugh because Terry is
really shy. 
(Audience):  You wouldn’t know it.
Wynn:  There’s a dog saying, “That’s right.”
-dog barking-
Terry:  We’ve got quite a few dogs and cats on the line lately.

Chris:  Sophy!
Wynn:  Who was that?  Chris in Memphis?
Chris:  I wish to remain anonymous.
Wynn:  You’re going to have to do two things to remain
anonymous.  Number one is you’re going to have to have your dog
stop barking.  Number two –
Terry:  And you’re going to have to change your voice.
Chris:  He’s (the dog's) talking to me.
Wynn:  You’re going to have to change your accent, okay?
Chris:  I don’t have that much of a southern accent. 
Wynn:  Well, let’s take a vote:  How many think Chris has a
southern accent?
(Audience):  Me.  Me.  Me.  Me.
Gjis:  It’s very recognizable.
Wynn:  How many think Chris doesn’t have an accent?
Chris:  You’re all crazy.
Wynn:  That was an example of Terry talking again, in 2007.
Chris:  Look out man, we’re in for some really bad storms
again, there are also tornadoes in Arkansas .
Wynn:  Wait a second Chris, I’m going to mute you, man.
You’re drowning out Terry, okay.
Chris:  I’ll go back to my cage.
Terry:  I used to live in Florida, and I got a southern accent
and I didn’t know I had it.
Wynn:  Well I don’t think you have one now, do you think you
have a southern accent?
Terry:  No, I pick up the accents of wherever I go.
Wynn:  You’re starting to sound like an alien.
Chris:  Would that be the grey dialect, or reptilian?
Wynn:  Chris is now muted.  I’m sorry we had to mute the rest
of you to get rid of Chris, but … this is Wynn and you’re
muted but welcome to our call.  In any case, there’s a reason
why we do this at the beginning of the calls, some of you figured
it out.
There is a predisposition, there’s a fine line between
realizing your Divine nature and realizing your ordinariness.
Sometimes when people realize their divinity we could call it -
what does it mean to realize your divinity?  It means to have the
conscious awareness that you are part of all that is.  Not an
idea, not a belief, but the awareness of it; and, that you’re
part of creation, part of creator and you are in this realm as
part of all that is and when that happens, when you have that
realization, usually at first people are very protective of it,
because other people don’t know how to relate to it.  They’re
not used to relating to other people and they don’t know how to
relate to other people - out of that realization, out of the
realization that you’re a divine being the physical realm.
Sometimes people will insulate themselves, and when that happens
sometimes it looks like they’re on ego trips to other people.
They may not be, they may be, they may not be.
More often, they’re being aloof, they’re being protective of
their new space, and they spend a lot of time alone because
they’re don’t know how to share it with other people, and if
they try to talk about it, it almost certainly sounds like
you’re on an ego trip, because – “What??? You’re part of
all that is?  I’m not part of all that is??  Well…”  So,
immediately by talking about it, you’ve separated yourself from
the person you want to reach.  You can’t talk about it, you
have to be it.  Learning how to be it takes a little bit of
practice.  One of the things I’ve learned is that - I’ve
learned this doing these calls to tell you the truth.  Because,
when I first started doing the calls and I was talking about
having conversations with an intelligence that said they created
this realm, I said, “What are people going to think of me?  How
do I talk about that?”  Over time, I learned that the more
ordinary I was, the more human I was, the more people could
Because if you just talk about an intelligence that created this
realm that perhaps has played the part of God, one of the
intelligences that played the part of God throughout our history?
 Man, that’s intimidating.  How do you work with that in a real
way?  There’s a great tendency, and I had this and some of you
have had this – “Just tell me what to do, I’ll do it.”
Of course you would do it, except they don’t tell you what to
do because the trick of the whole thing is that if you’re
following orders you are now just following orders and you’re
not co creating.  The key is always to co-create.  You’re part
of them; they’re part of you.  When you can move into the space
of being part of them, now when you create an intention, when you
create an idea, of doing something you now have all these extra
spark plugs going.  Because it’s not just you it’s you and
them and it’s you and me, we’re extra spark plugs because
we’re co-creating these calls - because you’re listening to
these calls.  (Because) Terry and I are co-creating.  We’re
just, she’s she, I’m me and the combination of the two of us
is:  things happen that would not happen for either of us by
ourselves.  So, that’s the magic of co-creation.  There’s
spontaneity, there’s being in the moment, there’s relating to
people as who they are.  There’s not needing to have people say
to you, “Oh, aren’t you great?”  or this or that.  You can
do things and it doesn’t matter what people think.
Suddenly, everyone is attracted to what you’re doing because
when it matters what people think, then unconsciously people know
that you care what they think and they control you.  They control
you because they can use their thoughts to give approval to you.
By giving approval, you get a certain little blast of energy of
approval and that feels good – and, that’s human recognition,
that’s not a divine experience, this is a human experience.
The approval then makes you become dependent, and they then will
attempt to control you through their approval.  All of this
happens at such a subtle level that you don’t know it’s
And, if it’s happening you can’t blame the other person for
doing it.  You might even look and see that you do it; that you
use approval of others as a way of controlling them.  It’s not
bad, it’s just one of the ways that you start losing your
connection with all that is, because you start craving approval;
you start craving recognition.  Then when you don’t’ get it,
you’re feeling lonely, you’re feeling empty, and you’re in
this stuck place because you keep going, “How can I get more
approval?”  “Isn’t there somebody out there to love me?”
“I’m all abandoned, nobody will ever love me.”  It’s a
cycle that repeats itself, but it’s what came out here at the
beginning and I’ll just go with it.
The real topic is I think something that is on everyone’s mind
right now.  It relates to what’s going on in the world and how
this radiation is going to impact us.
A long time ago, when I was first having discussions through
Daphne, I asked them, “Is all life going to be destroyed on
this planet?”  The answer was “It was possible.”  There
would have to be a predisposition of negative choice - that was
their terminology, for that to occur.
This radiation that’s been leaking from Japanese reactors – I
get emails about it all the time – how dangerous it is, and how
the whole planet is going to get cancer, and blah blah.  On the
other hand, I ask questions about it to our sources.
When we are working with channeled information, I am never going
to tell you to believe it at face value.  Put it in your computer
and consider it, but there’s no way - #1: there’s no way to
know scientifically that they are who they say they are.  #2:
there’s always a possible bleed-through from Terry’s own
consciousness.  Terry listens a lot to the radio; she listens to
George Noory, she could potentially pick up an idea, and suddenly
it blends in with the source message, and it may be part of
something that blended in.  #3: I don’t believe this happens. I
don’t believe this happens, but it’s possible - a negative
source could co-opt the channel and suddenly negate a positive
source and give wrong information.  Given all those three
possibilities, we can only take it, integrate it and watch it for
a while and see if it holds fast.
We’re going to be discussing topics tonight that I can’t
validate.  They’re going to answer questions that I can’t
personally validate myself.  I can validate certain wisdoms, like
even if you go back to Jesus, and Jesus said, “Where two or
more are gathered I am also present.”  I understand that, I
understand that we do that on this line that when we gather and
we create a group energy – there’s a certain energy that
comes in that’s not me, that’s not you, or it’s a
combination of all of us and the higher forces and it’s
magical, and it only happens when there’s people gathered.  I
can’t do it myself and sit around.  I can feel the energy
myself, but it’s never at the same level that happens when
we’re on this call together.  It’s a different quality of
Where Jesus said, “When two or more are gathered”, I don’t
need to believe that, I know that’s true.  There’s a number
of other things Jesus said; there’s a number of things our
sources say that I just know are true.  When they predicated a
newspaper headline in advance – nobody could validate that
until the newspaper headline happened.  When we talk about these
things, we’re not dictating truth for you; we’re dictating
here’s an interesting perspective from a source that has
demonstrated their ability. 
One thing I think many of us have experienced is the energy comes
in on this line and that feeling of love and care that goes
through you, that it’s an unusual experience because it’s
coming in not from me; it’s coming, maybe some of you that have
your chakras open feel it coming in from the top of your heads.
So our sources say that’s them – they say that.  You hear
this voice but that energy coming through is them, and so we have
this very precious experience of feeling energies from an
intelligence - I call it an intelligence, I don’t know what the
right word is - but an intelligence outside this dimension that
is fairly rare for people to feel and then we talk about it.
Terry - usually I say “Terry, do you have anything to say from
your human side?”  She says, “Let’s get on with it!”  Do
you have anything to say from your human side?
Terry:  I was noticing – we had, I think it was in early April
- it was really amazing because it started, it was raining, snow
was not predicted and it got kind of cold.  I woke up in the
middle of the night and I looked out the window and the snow was
gleaming like jewels; it looked was sparkling like a diamond
would sparkle.  These little rays of white would go *ding!”
And I thought, “That’s really unusual; does snow do that?”
I looked for a moon, because it seemed like a moon-lit night it
was so light out.  But yet, it was snowing and there were clouds
and I couldn’t find the moon.  So I just thought, “That’s
really strange.”
That night, it froze all the plums, it froze the persimmon trees
around here, it froze a lot of stuff and because it got cold.
But then, I went over to visit the neighbor and the neighbor
said, “You know, I think the snow was radioactive.”  So, I
went into the internet and I was looking on the internet and they
were talking about - there was radioactivity from Japan in a
storm that had hit Japan that was then expected to hit in the
western United States.
I just thought that was an interesting point that happened there,
and there was a little bit of radioactivity that was picked up in
the milk in Phoenix.  Anyway, those were two things from my human
side that I noted.
Wynn:  Thank you.  There was one video by a fairly respected
person that was on U-Tube that was almost indicating that
humanity was doomed, that the quantities of plutonium that are
being released from Japan had to be fatal; and, it only took a
small amount to kill somebody or to give them cancer.  So we did
some conversations about it, and channelings, and I asked and the
answers were very interesting.  Since we’re going to be talking
to them we will let you hear those answers live, because I’ll
ask them again.
So on that note I’m going to call in the light; the invocation
to the light.  Really, this is an invocation, a high intention on
my part, to create a vibration of oneness, where we all meet in
another dimension, a higher dimension, where our energies
co-mingle and our sources can co-mingle with our energies because
we are lifting our vibration above the veil.  That’s what this
invocation is, and if you’re listening to this call and you
haven’t listened to our Sunday calls, then I hope you take
advantage and listen, because we focus on creating this energy on
Sunday, we focus on it.  For many people, that focus helps to
bring them you into the experience.
Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to
surround and protect each person on this call and any negativity
be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the
highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of
energy radiating from the center of the universe through the
galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system,
through the sun, through the outer energy fields of our planet,
through our bodies and grounded into the earth, to the center of
the earth.  Right now we invoke a group energy connection, a
blending of our energy fields, which we can’t see but we can
feel.  There is something that happens when we do this and we
invite those sources that are positive, service to others,
honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected
space that only the positive has access and anything not of that
nature must leave now.  I await our sources to indicate their
presence with us.
Ra’An:  We are here.  This is Ra’an, April 25th 2011, planet
earth, Sedona , Arizona - focused as a touch down point with
Terry and Wynn and also contacting and touching and available to
each and every person watching, listening – on BBS, listening
on the conference line, looking at a transcript at any time
anyone may read or listen to this, and we send our love.
‘Send’ is a funny word because we are right there in all time
and a oneness with each and every one of you there.
We are mindful of the topic to do with radiation, and we are a
radiant energy but we do not make changes; we are a free-will
energy that is available and does not leave particles in it’s
wake, as does the radiation, as the radiation in part,
particularly when it is brought into the food supply, imparts
particles which remain in the thyroid or other areas of the body
and create an energy imbalance there.  So one of the things that
individuals can do when they have been exposed to radioactivity
is to raise their frequency, the frequency of their body, so that
the particles can move on and are not at this great divergence of
energy between the energy of the radioactive iodine, say, and the
energy of the rest of the body.  Do you have questions?
Wynn:  Yes.  Could you share how radiation got started?  Like,
radiation is an unusual property in this realm, it’s different
from anything else.  I wouldn’t be the first to say, “I
don’t understand it.”  In the history of creation how and why
– the idea of radiation, the radioactive rocks, come about?
Ra’An:  The radioactive materials have an imbalance.  There is
a higher energy that is in the core of the material and the outer
layers are somewhat destabilized and after they have been
utilized in the core of the reactor, they’re even further
destabilized so that they do not have the proper spins of the
exterior of the particle, and therefore there is a seeking out
from the core to grab, gain, pull into itself, energy.
The particles are imbalanced, and they burn as they are a very
high frequency, burning is a very, very high frequency – fire
is very high frequency.  We look at which way we should explain
this.  When this high frequency comes in contact with matter,
then the lower frequencies around it tend to collapse into the
higher frequencies.
We ourselves have a very high frequency, but we do not collapse
fields because we do not require energy be brought to us; we
bring our own complete energy.  Radioactivity has an incomplete
energy; fire has an incomplete energy, where it seeks to take by
force other energies and bring it to its frequency, trying to
complete itself.  Do you follow so far?
Wynn:  I do.
Ra’An:  So, when individuals work with reactive material, with
uranium, and they take its energy further, then it is so
destabilized, it needs the spinningness on the outside of it’s
orbits, of it’s particles, to come back to itself.  It craves
and it seeks; it gets heat from its surroundings, and it heats up
and tends to get hotter and hotter in frequency where you get a
meltdown as it is seeking so hard to complete itself because it
is missing parts of the stable molecule that makes up the
Uranium is somewhat destabilized, but then as you take heat out
of it, it becomes more and more destabilized until the point
where it grabs heat so hard it just heats up higher and higher
frequencies until it is melting and at huge temperatures because
it does not have the stabilization of the outer rings, the outer
orbits, the outer electrons, which are spinningnesses which
balance the core, and the core becomes destabilized and shrieking
out at a very high frequency and taking to itself heat, more
heat, to try to balance.  So with nuclear reactive waste - what
could be done would be to run it through magnetic processes of
bringing in materials where it could refurbish it’s molecular
orbital counts and reestablish the proper spins for it and it
will then stabilize.  Do you have further questions?
Wynn:  Yes.  We didn’t quite address the question that I asked.
 The question that I asked was, “How and why did radioactive
materials become part of our universe?”  Was it something that
was created by some humanoid aliens at some point for some
reason, was it something that was created by the higher forces
because there was a reason for it to be here? What was the first
instance of radioactive material in this realm, and why?
Ra’An:  The radioactive material was formed in layers and
pockets wherein the surrounding materials, as they heated and
cooled did not provide – we wish a different track of thought
here – it provided a way for different elements to be formed,
and different substances to be formed based upon the cooling and
heating and spins available within the layers of matter as matter
manifested and condensed out of the various spinningnesses in an
The different spinningnesses around a core material formed
different elements.  Some of the elements were iron; or if you
take a look at the periodic chart you will see different
materials, they were formed as the matter congealed and came to
homeostasis in a different spin-status for different conditions.
So, it was a part of the natural creation of the universe.
Wynn:  So, it was a result of certain materials being in
proximity to other materials, and the interaction created this
phenomenon of radioactivity?
Ra’An:  That is correct.  That is correct.
Wynn:  Okay.  And, the radioactivity tends to screw up energy
fields, which then causes us to get sick or die?
Ra’An:  Yes.  Yes.
Wynn:  Trying to put it in the simplest of languages?
Ra’An:  Yes.  When an individual enters a radioactive area, the
symptoms are nausea as the body systems are beginning to be
affected by the radioactivity.  There is an interaction between
biological systems and radioactivity wherein the radioactivity
enters into the body system and begins to redirect the flow and
upset the matrix.
Wynn:  It was indicated that if a human was very focused and
centered, then their vibratory field would be strong enough to
not be impacted by the radiation, yes?
Ra’An:  That is correct.  Much as an individual who does a
fire-walk and is able to steel his body, make his body amenable
to different frequencies so the body is able to simply walk
through the hot coals without being burned, much as that is
possible it is possible since the fire, and the heat is a very
high frequency, that the person can harmonize with and walk
through the fire without getting burned.  So radioactivity is a
very high frequency and the individual, if he/she can move their
body to that frequency they can move through the radioactivity
without adverse affect.
Wynn:  Of course, fear would be the thing that would break down
the system so the person would be more vulnerable to being
damaged?  Is that true?
Ra’An:  Fear would move them to a lower frequency which would
place the discrepancy between the frequencies of the radiation
and the individual at a greater level and they would receive more
Wynn:  Okay.  From the Elohim’s point of view and the Ra
group’s point of view, since you’re at the beginning of the
universe, do you have the ability to shift radiation and go into
it – so, is that a violation of free will for you to do that?
Or, do you have the ability to do that?  Can we ask for that?
Ra’An:  We have the ability to do that; however, it is
dependent upon consensus reality.  The more solidly that people
believe that they will be injured by radioactivity and that
radioactivity is a stable fact, they are placing in it an
encasement in that frequency and placing the discrepancy between
their frequencies very high, at a very high discrepancy.  So,
once this is set into consensus reality, it is harder to simply
move the radioactivity around in frequency.
Wynn:  Because the people are holding it in place by their own
thought forms?
Ra’An:  That’s correct.
Wynn:  So maybe in some ways, it’s not good to know about
radioactivity and go about your life as if it didn’t exist.
(Because) If you hear it on the news for example, it could create
the fear that causes more vulnerability to it?
Ra’An:  Well, yes and no, in that people are affected by
consensus reality whether or not they pay attention to it, and if
they were aware of this factor and aware of the ability to
increase their frequency to be able to harmonize with
radioactivity, then they would have a chance to take this into
account and to move into a higher state.
Wynn:  So in terms of what would be in our highest good to know?
Can you share the potential impact of the radioactive-release
materials in Japan?
Ra’An:  We would say that there has been, even before Japan , a
huge release of radioactive material.  If we use radioactive
material, as the American Government particularly uses
radioactive material in their missiles and their bombs, they
expose – it is in the form of depleted uranium – and they
expose individuals who come in contact with the dust or materials
from these bombs; that already is increasing a higher rate of
children deformities in Iraq.  If we look at the earth, we see
that there are areas where already there is too high (levels of
radiation), even within that area, it is focused, localized into
spots and this creates birth defects which then can even be
passed onto another generation.
So looking further than to Japan , as we look over the area of
Fukushima, we see an area that is laden with radioactivity and
within a ring around the city, around the reactors, that is
creating a tendency – it is hard for a body within this area,
within the frequency of the human range – to survive in this
area.  We see that it has moved up into the atmosphere; we do see
a dusting, a very far-reaching range, which we see it moving up
in the air and then falling and coming into the rain and coming
into the snow in areas along the line of the stream of flow of
air which moves east from Japan and to some degree in some other
There is a background radiation at all times; and, this
background level varies also – there is also gamma radiation
from the sun.  Not all radiation is bad, as it - some radiation -
can be used by the body much as a marker, a marker or level that
the body can use as a reference point to build around, to operate
from, as much as someone might live near a mountain and when they
come home, “Oh yeah, there’s the mountain, it’s the
marker.”  So radioactive activity is a sort of a marker for the
matrix of a body.
Wynn:  I’ve read on the internet that there’s been posted
about the positive aspects of radiation for health, even - maybe
not high doses, but low doses.  Some people say it has a positive
Ra’An:  Yes, and it does have a positive impact because the
matrix can use it as one of its markers.  A body gets used to a
certain level of radiation, using it for a reference point.  The
individual then, if they experience a sudden heightening of this
and are aware that they can move their frequency with it.  It’s
telling the body, we could tell bodies everywhere that they can
move with the marker, with the radiation marker, and instead of
being doggedly fixed at a certain level of radiation in their
comfort zone, can move with the marker.  Then, that would greatly
enhance the human race’s ability to withstand radiation.
Wynn:  Thank you.  What can we expect in this country from the
radiation that’s been coming from Japan?  What are some of the
possible outcomes from it?  Will it become dangerous?
Ra’An:  You can expect a higher incidence of cancer,
particularly in the farmlands where individuals are drinking more
milk and growing food and eating it fresh, as they - once the
milk and vegetables have gone to stores, the iodine level has
fallen and they have not eaten the foods fresh.
Wynn:  Could we say that organic milk might be more dangerous
than homogenized milk?
Ra’An:  It is more a factor of the amount of time before the
milk is drunk. As giving it a little more time gives the chance
for the radioactive iodine, which lasts eight days, to be
Wynn:  How about water?  Are they dumping radioactive water into
the oceans right now?  If so, how will that impact us?
Ra’An:  They have been dumping radioactive water into the ocean
and there has been leakage into the ocean.  We put out that the
half life of all radiation can be shortened and lowered in the
time that it is harmful.  Much radiation lasts 600 years or more
so that something like this we ask that can be shortened, but it
is still a long time.  Better we ask that the individual bodies
have a different ability instead of to rely upon the certain
background radiation marker, to be able to be more flexible and
to move with the markers and to release radioactivity back out of
their body.
Wynn:  Thank you.  Any other particular tips on how people can
deal with these enhanced levels of radiation?  Should they stay
indoors more?  Are there certain foods which are more dangerous?
I mean, any ways of protecting ourselves?  We know potassium
iodide or iodine helps protect the thyroid, but there are other
sources of radiation as well.
Ra’An:  Yes.  They can eat kelp, which has iodine in it.  They
can wash their vegetables carefully.  They can ask to have their
own frequency heightened of their own body so that they can be
invisible to the radiation, so to speak.They can watch the
weather patterns where storms are coming from the area of Japan.
Those are our comments.
Wynn:  Thank you.  If we had more people on this line having more
impact on consensus reality, could that make a significant
difference to this kind of a problem?
Ra’An:  Definitely.  The more people that you have on the line
the more difference it makes to consensus reality.  Also the more
passionate each individual is and the more intention they carry
that would make the difference for ten people if they have enough
intention and passion.
Wynn:  You mean ten people could be very powerful, that provide
intention and passion?
Ra’An:  Yes.  But one person can be equal to ten people if they
are passionate enough and have enough intention.
Wynn:  So this is what Jesus said, “With the faith of a mustard
seed you can move a mountain”?
Ra’An:  Yes.
Wynn:  Same idea?
Ra’An:  Yes.
Wynn:  We’re going over.  I think it’s okay.  If Seth is on
and we have to get off, just come on and interrupt us Seth.
I’ll ask the question - is there anything else you’d like to
share on this topic before we move on?
Ra’An:  We look at the area and we do see the human race has an
ability to adjust, and there is something where one individual
may have genetically the strength to withstand the radiation
without a problem; another may not genetically be so inclined, or
a combination of the genetics and willfulness (will make a
difference) and having not enough intention, not enough
stick-to-itiveness or steadfastness, these individuals then would
be weeded out and the stronger individual who was able to move,
the individual who was strong enough to move his matrix with the
conditions would be able to then co-create.  The individuals that
were stronger would be able to make the whole race stronger.
Wynn:  Thank you.  I’m going to take a moment right now and ask
all of you to bring your intention to a high place and take a
moment of silence to put your vote in for the shifting of the
consensus reality; let’s just shut out eyes and hold that space
of “no radiation”, disabling of radiation, no harm.
Ra’An:  We suggest not “no radiation”, but an optimum
Wynn:  An optimal level of radiation for health.
Ra’An:  Yes.
Wynn:  Thank you.  Okay, I’d like to just mention to all of you
that what we just did is something we do every Sunday on our grid
healing.  I hope you will join us and add your intentions to that
program.  I also want to announce that I’m going to do
something in the next few days.
One of the challenges to this group is how to make it expand and
how to introduce it to more people in a way that flows.  I know
many of you have talked to your friends and oftentimes they run
the other direction – it’s very hard to explain.  One of the
things I am going to do and I hope you all will help on this.  I
have a book called The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want
to Talk to You.  Many of you have read that and we have been
selling it for $16 at In the next couple of
days, I’m going to do a two week give-away of that download and
I want you all to share it with everyone you know.  I’ll be
putting up a link and when people get the download, after a
couple of weeks they’ll automatically end up in messageaday.
Of course they can unsubscribe any time they want but it’ll
give them the opportunity to understand what we’re doing.
Most of you, if you note, when you subscribed to messageaday you
really didn’t know what it was.  You came in to read some
excerpts from my book; you saw some Google Ad Words.  You can’t
really tell people what this is until they move themselves, and
they need something to help them move themselves.  So I am hoping
that doing the book give-away, maybe if everyone sends it to two
or three people and they send it to two or three people suddenly
we can start a roll going and then have thousands of new people
in our group.  So pay attention this week for a notice and a link
on that, and I hope you’ll support that and pass it around.
On that note - I thank BBS for letting us go over and we’ll
bring this session to a close.  Thanks everyone that’s
listening, everyone that’s listening to the replays and
everyone that is volunteering to help keep this show on the road
– particularly the people who are coming into the conference
call.  All of those people are actually helping hold the energy
for these calls to take place.  This is a group call even though
most of you are just listening, some of you experience how your
energy is connecting and creating the space so this can be made
public.  It’s very rare to do this in a public way like this,
and have protection and you folks are creating it.  So I thank
you all, the lines are open.  You can say goodbye, everyone will
hear you – we’re still recording.  We’ll see you next time!
Everyone:  Good night (from all) and thank you!
Chris:  Goodbye brother Wynn!
Wynn:  Good night, Chris.
Lisa:  Good night, Terry.
Terry:  Good night.

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