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                                                                         The Ra'An, April 27th, 2011

This is April 27th. My name is Wynn Free and this is our Wednesday question and answer call where we answer questions that you folks have submitted. As you may know, I have had voices talking to me for about eight years now and when this first started it took me about three years to believe that they were who they said they were. I don't expect anyone to believe anything until they test it for themselves. How do you test it? We all have something called instincts and intuition and when you have intelligences speaking through Terry, you can feel the energy of it and the wisdom in their answers. They say they are in another dimension and they say they are able to beam what they call love-light energy from their realm to our realm and that on this call they are paying attention to people and they can connect with us.

We do an invocation to oneness and to the light and to bring the energies together.

(Wynn calls in the light)

Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. It is our joy and honor to be with each and every one of you and to make contact and connection for those who wish it. We are available equally, whether on the line or off the line, whether you are listening to the audio or you are reading the transcript. We are available and we are here. Today is April 27th, 2011 and it brings us great joy to answer and assist in any way which is for the highest good. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes. Our first question is from Kim from Hilton Head, South Carolina. She has a hunch that in order for each one of us to become whole, or to reach our soul's purpose here on earth, we need to clear our contracts with people who we've had karma with. Is this true? For example, is it true we need to reconnect with people who have wronged us or vice -versa to clear those incidences via forgiveness and an open heart, or is this my own personal experience and belief?

To make this a little bit more clearer in my own words: Do we need to connect with the people with whom we have dysfunction with or can we clear that in ourselves and does that clear it, doing it ourselves or does both things work?

Ra'An: Thank you for your question. This is a very important question. Individuals, within their heart and soul build up an incomplete action, an incomplete communication, a desire for justice and it hangs in time with them, and they wish it to be completed and it is like an energy trap or hang up that brings them back to that incomplete action and they seek to have the homeostasis restored. They may have whole lifetimes where they seek to connect with the individual or similar individuals and seek somehow to have whatever it is righted or the communication restored or the injustice corrected. So, is it possible for an individual to do this without connecting with the individual? Yes, as in the great majority of the cases the individuals involved are not present and are not available within the 3rd density to work through this karma. If an individual can first of all, locate the pattern: the feeling of injustice, the feeling of being wronged or having wronged another. If they can connect within themselves to what it is, they do not need the other person present in their current life to be able to correct the karma. If they correct the karma within themselves which may involve forgiveness, may involve resetting their own system, much as one resets a watch to the correct time, if they reset their matrix, if they envision a forgiveness, if they send a communication to the individual who is no longer around or the memories are buried on the past track and the individuals do not exactly know what it is that is hanging them up, if they ask for what is needed for correction and then observe their thoughts, observe their interaction with others, as what happens when there is a karmic hang up, it usually creeps in to the interactions with others, even though those people are different individuals than the original karma was developed with.

If they observe themselves and see when something catches them up; catches their attention they become obsessed with something, then there is something there and instead of being upset by it, they could treat it as an opportunity, as a symptom that will lead them to more information which they may bring clearing in. If they observe, the will get more and more information about this and they will see what they need to clear, what they need to forgive, what is making them so angry on a certain topic, what is bringing them so much fear, what are the triggers? They may even write them in a book, a diary and just simply observe and ask that this pattern be cleared. We can also help by coming in and helping to clear the karmic pattern. The karmic pattern is there because the individual him or herself keeps putting it there. Would that particular individual clear it totally it would not be there to dog and track the person any longer.

Wynn: One of the things I have noticed is that when someone has a karmic pattern that that may have been established with someone even many lifetimes ago but if they are holding the energy of the pattern, they will keep attracting people into their lives that match that energy and have a similar workout with that new person. Am I accurate in that observation?

Ra'An: You are totally accurate in that it is as if when a person notices another person who is the other side of the coin. Say there was a victim and a perpetrator and when the victim notices a perpetrator, even a different person who reminds them of a perpetrator who has made them a victim sometime in the past, they can they wish and pull in, in their subconscious, that incident of trauma which is not healed and this person who reminds them of that is almost like a chance that it can be a different outcome. Like here's that person again and maybe this time it can be avoided or healed or something. However, while the person still has it so ground into their matrix and they attract the person who has done it to them, tracked the person on the other side of the coin, then they may relive the whole thing over again and as they go down their life track, lifetime after lifetime, they then bring in a whole series of these traumatic incidents, each time with the fresh thought, ok here we are again and this time it will be different. This time it will work out ok. This time the person will not do something to me and I can achieve harmony with them. It's as if they are trying over and over to find the way out of their karma but when they choose a person who is so similar or the same person, they will tend to call in the same trauma as both parties lock in and are seeking to work through this.

Wynn: Everyone has seen somebody who had a relationship and they were complaining about that person and they separated and they had a new person and the new person had the same person and the old person, sometimes many people all in a row, thinking the other person is doing it but it's really their own pattern projected out.

Ra'An: Right. They keep choosing a similar person to work out the incident or the karma and since they have chosen a similar person, they tend to relive the original karmic incident.

Wynn: Another thing I would like to ask about on the same topic is that it seems to me that it is possible for someone to rise above a karmic pattern in an indirect way. For example if someone keeps coming into these calls or they have some other way to connect to high realms of spirit and they keep feeling this connection, that it seems to be that doing that over time will help become senior to the karmic pattern exists or another way to be of service. For example if Mother Teresa didn't go out everyday and help people she might be sitting at home lonely wishing she had a guy. Or something like that. By involving yourself in service there is an energy involved in service, it's like being on this line, it is an energy of upliftment and continuation to be of high service creates a release of some of the patterns that result from neediness or longing where you look for someone else to fulfill something. Am I accurate on this?

Ra'An: That is partially true, however if someone has a deep karmic pattern within their own matrix, one has to be careful that they simply do not cover it up with business and moving out of their own sphere and connecting with others in an effort to simply shove it under the rug. One has to clear it and be able to work with it to some degree.

Wynn: Thank you. The next question.

Is the earth manifested in all 12 dimensions and do we ascend to the level according to our open DNA strands which expand and allow access through consciousness and why aren't we yet aware or able to see life outside out own 3D existence?

Ra'An: When you are enmeshed in the 3rd density, you are giving and receiving within the frequencies of the 3rd dimension. Within the materials that are available to you that you are using to see through; your body systems, and the materials of the bones and tissues. These are grounded in a certain frequency and these do not easily translate to the higher dimensions.

The earth is shimmering in the lower dimensions and frequencies. It is stabilized by the higher dimensions as one has all 12 dimensions existing within it, however when one focuses upon the lower dimensions, that is what they give and take with, this is where they live. When one leaves the 3rd dimension, one can return to higher dimensions and then their focus shifts from the 3rd dimension to the higher dimension that they are in. We are in the 10th dimension and we have a different focus and feeling than in the 3rd dimension. The 3rd dimension has duality and it has fear which we do not experience normally.

Would you read another part of this question?

Wynn: Kim used the word ascend but ascend means different thing to different people. There is one idea that there is going to be a rapture and people are just going to disappear and ascend in their physical bodies and according to our information, that may happen to a rare few group of people and the indications were that all your chakras have to be open for that to occur. Then there are those who go to a level when they die according to the level they establish here and I think that is what she is asking about. Do we ascend according to our open DNA strands which expand and allow access through consciousness?

Ra'An: If we translate this into the open DNA strands, the openness of the activation of the DNA strands, then the individual has more flexibility to move into the higher dimensions. There is more momentum, more capability, more awareness, more atunement with the open DNA strands with the different strands activated. So one can ascend more easily and can move from the 3rd dimension to higher dimensions more easily when their DNA strands are open.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is a question about dreams. Regarding dreams. If dreams are supposed to be a way of processing and healing issues, why do we have such difficulty recalling them?

Ra'An: When you dream, you are in a different realm. You are in the creative pre-manifestation realm and it is a lighter form of creativity where one has a greater chance to maneuver with the elements of manifestation. This allows one to open up questions and situations they would ordinarily not open up and allows them to move in and out of situations easier. So why don't they remember the dreams? A lack of certain B vitamins can affect the remembering of dreams as the body systems when awake need to move the signals; the pictures of the dreams into the body system more. An individual in the dream is more capable of imaginative creativity and as they move out of the dream state and into awakeness, the sensations and a focus of the body are connected with their surroundings. When they are dreaming they are in a liquid state, more etherial, more mobile. When a person moves into the waking state, their whole focus, their whole attention moves out of the dream state and into the surrounding world; to the touch, the sounds, to the frequencies, the colors that their eyes bring to them and they have moved then, a different manifest state and the other state, the liquid state, can dissipate very fast.

Wynn: Thank you.

How does it work when people have per-cognitive dreams: dreams that predict the future?

Ra'An: Time brings in incidents. Incidents bleeds through into the time before the incident where the incident is in the process within the manifest world of coming further and further into the manifest world. As time moves toward the incident, it gets more and more fixed, more and more anchored or fixed into the realm, the manifest realm. At some point, perhaps the predictive dream could be realized and if the circumstances that were in the process of coming into the manifest realm were changed, then the incident or event could be changed. Predictive dreams can be used to aid a person to foresee what may come about if there are not changes in the sequence of events leading up to the predicted event.

Wynn: So, in other words, we have the word probability or possibility vortex about future events. Like all this stuff that is people's consciousness that is in a creation level that is creating future events. So all those possibilities exist now, so a person could theoretically pull in one or another and have it turn into a dream. Is that correct?

Ra'An: That is correct. Even more than one person may dream of an event that is about to happen. As the event becomes closer in time, it has more elements extending into cognizant reality in the 3rd dimension and more and more people then, can pick those up.

Wynn: Thank you.

Now it could be that two different people could dream about the same event because there are two different probability vortices existing, or there may be one vortex that happens in another dimension and one that is this dimension. Could those two things be two different dreams that two people might pick up depending on their own expansion?

Ra'An: Both of those are possible.

Wynn: So dreams are never to be believed blindly and maybe sometimes, especially if it's in the distance, there is the potential to change the thought patterns of consensus that would cause a different outcome to occur because that happened down the road.

Ra'An: That is correct.

Wynn: Which is one reason why it's good to have more people on our line because we are a group that is creating other possibilities.

Ra'An: Yes, and giving other possibilities a better chance.

Wynn: Thank you.

I will now ask about Jean. She was leaving her daughter's house in South Dakota a few months ago, and looked up in the sky and saw a beautiful pink orb that was the size of a basketball from the seat of her car. She wants to know if you could explain what that was?

Ra'An: That was one of our fellow from the Elohim what was checking in and sending love-light and watching over.

Wynn: Were they particularly there because of Jean?

Ra'An: Yes

Wynn: Thank you.

Now we will do a few people who have healing things. One of those is from Gjis whose nephew Mark got severely burned on his face, breast and shoulder and is being treated in a burn center in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. First I'll say, can you help that situation, can you look in on it and is there anything Gjis can do, suggestions in support of the healing of his nephew who gets tired very quickly during visits. Gjis isn't visiting him, he's in the United States.

Ra'An: Thank you.

We are looking at this situation. There is a fixity about the burn. There is a healing cycle. This individuals has a certain amount of fear concerning this and the pain also, which is self perpetuating in the burn. We are silent as we are looking at the situation. (pause).

There is a certain amount of healing that this individual needs to go through at this point. We will continue to look in on this person. There is a certain amount of resistance and that is creating pain as the resistance creates stuck-ness so that the pain cannot simply leave and be gone.

Wynn: Thank you.

This question is from Dee Hall in Ohio. She is scheduled for surgery call microdisctomy on her L5S1 disk on May 6 which was originally scheduled for March 15th and she delayed it which she wishes she hadn't because the disk is getting worse and putting more pressure on her sciatic nerve. She asks for healing. She has been in pain for four and a half years. She is at the point where she can't get up walking for long before the pain hits her lower back and down her left leg. She just asks for help and support in this.

Ra'An: Thank you.

We are looking at the situation. We will continue to look in on her. Do you have another one?

Wynn: That's our final question for tonight. Maybe we'll just take a moment to gather our energies together and send love and light to Japan, to the radiation in Japan, to the disabling of it and the negative impact on people. Anywhere that radiation is going, moving through the air and water. We send love light to the Middle East for peace. We send it to the New Madrid fault in the middle of our country for any mitigation that is possible in reducing an earthquake there or anywhere else on our planet that there is a potential for a devastating earthquake we are asking for mitigation.

On that note we will bring is session to a close and thank everyone who is supporting us and being here on the replay lines, on the downloads. We send blessings your way and courage and strength to withstand all the things that are happening on our planet which is the middle of a shift right now. So we say goodbye.







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