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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Monday – 05/02/2011
How to Change the World and Increase the Speed of Things
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Wynn:  Welcome everybody; this is Monday May 2nd, 2011.  I was
just giving a little introduction to say that the basic
foundation idea of all the work we’re doing connects to what
our source, two group souls that identify themselves as group
souls, and I think they are.  But, I tell everyone you can hear
our stories and make up your own mind.  Their operating principle
is what they call the ‘Law of One’ which has to do with ideas
that you’ve probably already been exposed to:  i.e., “We’re
all one”, “when two or more are gathered”, “as you do it
to the smallest of these”.  We have been learning as a group
and I’ve been learning just along with everyone else, is,
“How do you make that real?”  “How do you experience
oneness?”  Not just have it as an idea but as an experience.
All of us have experienced oneness, perhaps not with the entire
universe, but if we’re lucky we may have experienced it with
our spouse, our children, our cats, our relatives.  Even a famous
entertainer that you identify with and you just feel connected
with them and you say “I understand them.”  So, we all have
experienced oneness, but when you start moving into the Law of
One, you up the ante because now the oneness goes into the realm
of unconditional love.  Because, once you get into a larger
experience of oneness – now, what would be a larger experience?
 Maybe, if you go to church, you feel one, have a sense of
oneness and belonging with all the members of your church;
that’s larger.  Maybe you have a pride for your city.  Your
city has a community; that’s moving into a kind of oneness.
Maybe you have a pride for your country – nationalism –
that’s oneness, but that’s smaller levels of oneness.  When
you get into the Law of One, it means that you are one with
everything, everyone - even things that are negative.  You start
to look at it all and you start to comprehend how it all works,
how to be compassionate, how to let go of little grievances
towards people, how to forgive yourself.
Let’s say at the very highest level of oneness there are beings
that are very large – energies, they’re energy beings, and
sometimes they take the role of God in this realm.  And, we are
all part of them but we usually don’t feel that.  We’re lucky
enough, most of us, if we can love our husband and our children.
We are going to call on everyone to make at least the image and
vision, because things start with visualization, that you have
greater degree of oneness possible than you’ve experienced.
Our topic tonight is “How to make things happen faster”, how
to increase the speed of things.  On an individual level, it’s
how do you expand into a greater awareness of this concept called
“oneness”; how do you do that?  On a bigger level, how do we
change the world?  How do we, as individuals, change the planet?
Because we need to do that right now – the planet’s really
screwing up, and it’s screwing up probably because of the
factions of people on the planet that do not experience what
we’re talking about, don’t even experience that’s possible
and they have individual agendas for smaller groups that somehow
come out to: “I win and you lose.”  And, “I win, you
lose” is not the Law of One.  I win and you win, and of course,
my name is Wynn – so now we have a “win, win, Wynn”
situation – how do we expand into that?
Of course, this is free will so you don’t have to do it, but
that is going to be the point of our talk tonight.  We are going
to have the chance to communicate with these sources.  Of course,
if you haven’t read my story please do; (because) I’m not
doing this because I woke up one day and said “Hmm, I want to
tell everybody about oneness.”  This all happened to me because
- many of the people on the line know the story in and out so
I’m not going to tell it, but my personal experience – I had
this unusual situation where people around me, two people,
started to communicate with a voice, an intelligence, that
identified itself as coming from this higher place.  I’m very
skeptical; I always tell people “You should be skeptical too.
You shouldn’t believe anything until you integrate it
experientially.”  When these voices started talking to me and
they identified themselves, I didn’t believe they were who they
said they were.  I couldn’t believe it, it was too casual.  One
of the voices said it was the Council of Elohim, and when I
looked up the word ‘Elohim’ it said the Elohim were the
Creator Gods of the physical universe.  I couldn’t believe they
were talking to me.  I said, “Maybe (it’s) somebody is making
it up, or maybe my girlfriend is crazy”, but all these
phenomena would happen, like people started getting healed.  They
started to make very accurate future predictions, and I suppose
after about a year I started to think, “Maybe they are who they
say they are” and after two or three years, I became certain of it.
Then, I have this idea like, “How do I do this?  I think a lot
of people are going to find this valuable.”  I mean, if
you’re talking to a consciousness that created the universe and
you’re given an open door to ask questions about anything you
want, then I said to myself, “Well, I’m going to ask
questions; not only things I want to know, but what does everyone
want to know?”  And, we have hundreds of question and answer
sessions with them where they have explained things that I
don’t believe have ever been explained before.  One of the
interesting things is, I asked them “Do you guys really like to
be worshiped?”  Historically, the name ‘Elohim’ is the name
for God in the Old Testament, and of course both the Jewish
people and the Mormons use that name for God.  I said, ego“Are
you the same Elohim?”  And they said they were.  And I said
“Why are you talking to me?”  At the time my life was a total
mess, I figured they should talk to somebody that had it
together.  They said I was like a cosmic midwife and I didn’t
have ego about it and that it was a really important connection.
Over time, I started to see my own value in this and my own
talents and my own abilities, and that I really don’t have ego
about it; I don’t actually want to be celebrated, I don’t
want to be a big deal.  But, I do want to be of service because
it’s very rare to be having these kinds of communications and
this access - if they are who they say they are.  It’s even
rarer to do it publicly like this, where anyone can listen in.
The way that I have found is to tell you not to believe me; to
tell you kick my tires, read my story and if it resonates, come
back.  If you think it might be true, come back and keep
listening and if it doesn’t, it’s fine.  Go find something
else that works for you.
It is important right now to find something bigger than yourself;
to find something that helps you learn how to live in this
oneness - not to believe it, but how to live it in a reality; how
to have compassion.  It’s important – again, because this is
what my sources are saying, this is what these guys are saying
– explaining there’s going to be a division of souls and some
souls are going to graduate this realm, and some are going to
repeat.  How do you – if that’s true, then there is kind of
an urgency to make sure you know the criteria to graduate if you
like that idea.  Or, if their explanation is correct, you’re
going to end up having thousands of lifetimes in a very difficult
world like this one, or perhaps even worse.  This is an important
thing to explore and see how it resonates.
For those of you who have been followers of Jesus, it’s not so
different from what Jesus says – “one will be taken and one
will be left behind”, “the meek shall inherit the earth”
– it’s not different it’s just more detailed, it’s more
esoteric.  It’s not as simple as saying – at the time Jesus
was here, the kinds of explanations we’re talking about –
were way too sophisticated for the people.  But now people are
sophisticated; they want to know why they should believe
something.  They want to know, “How do I know this is real?”
Otherwise, they’re not going to go for it.  So, they put me in
the situation here, having a background as being a physics major,
having a background being scientific – they put me in the
position of explaining this to people, going by my experience so
you can decide if it’s real or not.
I will tell you, we’ve been doing these calls for a few years
now, and they’re getting better and better; I’m getting
better, I mean I’m getting more confident, I’m seeing how
it’s impacting people.  I get emails from people that tell me
they came on the calls and they got a job, or their life changed,
or they reconciled with their wife, or their children who they
haven’t heard from suddenly called them, or their breast cancer
went away.  There’s an energy on these calls, and if you can
tap into that energy...  Energy is energy we could say it’s the
energy of oneness, we could say it’s the energy of the quantum
field; we could say it’s the energy of these group souls coming
into this realm – we could say all of those ways are ways of
describing it.  The bottom line is, there’s something on these
calls to be experienced and if you keep coming back to them, I
would suggest at least come back for a couple of months and if
its dead energy at that point, then it’s not for you.  Some
people get it the first time, some people get it the second time.
 I mean, there are people who come into the calls for six months
and suddenly “wham” they email me and said “I got it!  I
felt it!  I know what you’re talking about.”  Because it’s
subtle; because it’s oneness it’s part of you.  It’s not
like something sits down next to you and says boom, “We’re
here.  This is the Elohim.”  You feel it; it’s part of
yourself.  It’s an extension of you.  It’s hard to put into
words until you have the experience.  It would be like telling a
guy who is color blind what colors are.  Where do you start?  All
I can say is, in the time we’ve been doing this many people
have had the experience.  And, once you have it you can’t take
it away.  It’s yours.  You own it; it doesn’t have to do with
me, it’s an extension that you can hold for the rest of your
The question is, “How do we do it faster?”  I know that
people who want the experience want it faster.  I know I want our
group to get bigger faster.  I know there are millions of people
out there that wish they knew this existed, but they don’t.
The challenge is, there is quote I sent out today from Margaret
Mead:  it’s always been a small group of people – I’m not
reading it directly – “a small group of people with a high
intention that cause great changes on the planet.”  I believe
that’s true, and we’re a small group of people.  Many of us
on this line have high intentions.  We’re going to have
conversations about how we do that.
One little thing that I’ve learned, and this is something that
I learned a little bit from Daphne, I learned it a little bit
from all my conversations and I learned it from just doing this
and watching how it works.  When you want to create something
that doesn’t exist already on the planet…  Of course, there
are many ways to do that:  You can build a house on a vacant lot
– it didn’t exist, and now it exists.  You called the
contractors.  When you want to do something big, something that
involves a change of consciousness, there’s something different
at work there.  It goes back to what Jesus said “when two or
more are gathered I am also present.”  Or: a small group of
people can change the world.  What happens is, if one person has
a vision, the vision is only with that person.  One person can
not create a change on the planet with their vision.  Two people
holding the same vision become astronomically more powerful.  The
reason for that is: the way things work is they have to get
established in other dimensions, and then download back into this
dimension.  There’s probably a new concept for some of you, but
think about it, it has to get established.  Everything in this
reality starts from outside this reality, particularly all of us.
 We all came in from other dimensions and took bodies.  The other
dimensions are real; every time we have a thought, every time we
do anything, we are changing vibrations.  Most people don’t
make permanent impact because they’re changing vibrations and
then they change right back again.  In order to change something
so that it sticks, it sticks to the other dimensions and some
people call that the grids, there has to be enough people holding
the energy all the time, or at least a percentage of the time, so
the idea is always being held in the other dimensions.  In which
case, at a certain point, it gets picked up and spreads like
I sometimes say “When everybody thought the world was flat, the
first guy that said it was round got in big trouble.”  Socrates
got in big trouble.  But then, Plato wrote books and every one
read the books and as people starting reading the books, it
started to spread.  Jesus got in big trouble; but then, he had
these disciples that were so impassioned that they kept holding
the vision, and before you know it, we have billions of people
aware of this one individual who made a huge impact on our
planet.  That doesn’t mean that impact now is all perfectly
positive; it doesn’t mean it hasn’t gotten distorted and
screwed up, because it has.  But, the original teachings are
still there; I’m quoting them:  “When two or more are
gathered” – that’s as true now as it was then – and many
other things that Jesus said.  I’m not a Bible person and I
don’t believe everything the Bible says, but I do believe the
things that I say, “That makes sense” and that I resonate
We are a group of people here, and those of you who keep
listening to these calls are helping to hold a vision.   I’m
going to stop talking; I’m going to call in the Light…
Wynn:  Alright.  Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the
light to surround and protect Terry, myself, everyone on this
call and everyone who listens to this call.  Right now, we see
the energy starting from the center of the universe, through the
galaxies, through the planets, through the outer energy fields of
the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.
We invoke, for those that would free-willingly choose to
participate, a group energy amongst all of us present going back
to the oneness that we exist in at the same time that we exist as
separate, individuated bodies on planet earth.  We invite those
sources to join with us and we create a huge group energy of all
of us and all of them.  We create a protected space that only the
positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must
leave now.
You can take a moment, shut your eyes, and you may feel an
energy, you may feel a sense of peacefulness, you may feel a
connection.  Those are all indications that you are tapping into
the oneness.  So, we invite our sources to greet us through Terry
and we’ll ask some questions.
Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite
Creator.  This is May 2nd, 2011 and we are delighted to be with
each and every one of you.  We are not only on the BBS Radio or
on the conference line.  We are through the ethers and we are
non-linear and we are connected with each and everyone to the
degree that the individual wishes to become connected.  We can
hear your questions; we can hear what you request of us.  We are
here to give assistance and to bring love light into your realm
so that you have a connection with home.  Do you have questions?
Wynn:  Yes.  I would say everyone that’s listening to this call
has something that they would like to transform, both personally
and planetarially, something that they wish would change.  And,
we want to discuss the operatives of how change occurs.  I have
this idea that it starts out with a group of people, maybe one
person, but it turns into a group who share a common vision that
penetrates into other dimensions, and then it starts working on
the collective.  And, before you know it - it maybe hundreds of
years - but over a certain period of time (there’s not that
much time now), we want to understand how this process works
better so that we can all participate in creating the changes
that we would like to see.  Could you share anything about this
Ra’An:  Yes.  You had mentioned earlier on the call that
getting something started is harder than to take something that
already has momentum and doing something with it, as something
that is not in the realm is created by individuals.  Oftentimes
it is not in the consensus reality; it is not in the computer
program so to speak.  To get it into the programming of the cells
of the people, of the consciousness of the surroundings can be
incredibly hard, as individuals are in a so-called ‘program’
already.  For them to move into a new program can come up against
the old program and create much resistance.  So, the hardest part
of getting a change to happen is at the beginning of the change.
There is a thing that one can do, and we send it out to you as a
framework to help change occur faster.  That is: time can go at
different speeds depending upon your frequency.  If you can raise
your frequency then time can appear to speed by; but in the
actual realm, the third dimension, time is slower.
So, if you take an hour within your realm and you operate at the
speed and frequency of your realm, it is one hour.  But if you
move your frequency higher, you can set us as an example of a
higher frequency, you can increase the amount of time within that
hour.  So, although your clock will go around one hour, you will
be able to get much more done.  Things move faster at the higher
frequency, and therefore you can accomplish more in a shorter
amount of time.  Also, in the higher frequency, you have momentum
going; it’s easier to get momentum going because things are
moving faster and so when you bring that package into your realm,
the sphere around you that you mold with your creative mind, you
can make it into a time where you can get more done and you can
be more creative.  That is one way to increase what you can get
When you bring that increased rate of time into your sphere, you
can not only do it for yourself but you can do it for your
activity, for your surroundings; and therefore you can accomplish
a great deal in a shorter amount of time.  Go ahead and ask your
Wynn:  First question is:  because we have this shift that’s
happening and this cycle-end, to my understanding, there is more
energy flooding the planet.  Does that mean it would be
theoretically easier to do it now than it would have been a
hundred years ago or five hundred years ago?
Ra’An:  That is correct; it is easier to do it now as there is
more energy, more momentum of particles - and therefore easier to
get momentum changed and to get momentum and change going in a
different direction.
Wynn:  Thank you.  Let me ask some ways that I’ve heard that
people can change their frequency.  Because, probably, when we
talk about changing our frequency, we also have to go above our
own patterns.  In other words, if we’re going to like move to a
higher frequency, we all have our own patterns that keep us in
the lower frequency and so the questions are:  how do we raise
our frequency?  I could ask this as an open-ended question first,
and then I’ll bring up some ways that I have read, heard or
even applied to myself that I’ve seen work and get your
viewpoints on those ways.  So, how do we raise our frequency as
an open-ended question?
Ra’An:  You can raise your frequency – it is a feeling you
can get if you read the book Questions and Answers with the
Elohim you can get a sense of the higher frequency.  If you come
into the calls you can get a sense of the higher frequency.  It
is like being a radio dial and a radio moving with a different
frequency as you change the dial; the whole matrix of the soul
can move, and that is one thing that the tunnel of light that
people can choose to go through after they die – does.  It
changes the frequency of the individual to the higher frequency
of heaven so they can actually experience and manifest a change,
in frequency in the tunnel of light to bring them in a
harmonizing frequency with heaven and even higher realms.
Wynn:  I know on our Sunday grid healing, that’s probably our
longest call, and yet I’ve noticed how the time seems to go
faster and faster; I would say it seems to me that more and more
people on the call are holding a higher frequency, which then
tends to pull someone that’s new into that higher frequency.
Whereas, if you only have new people, everyone is sluggish and it
can take a long time, if at all, to get the energies moving.  Is
that an accurate way of looking at that?
Ra’An:  Yes – this is our experience also.  When we first
started doing the calling, we would come in we would notice this
huge discrepancy between our speed and the speed of the realm,
the individuals in the realm, and Terry’s speed.  When we have
been on the call now for a while, there has become an ability
within Terry, and also many of the people on the line, to move
with the frequencies and also with your preamble to bring people
to the higher frequencies, and so we do not experience such a
discrepancy now between yourselves and Terry and our group.
Wynn:   I think everyone has noticed, everyone on the planet
notices, there are certain events they participate in where time
moves fast and other events where time moves slow.  For example,
if you go to a wonderful music concert and it has the right
uplifted energy, you could spend two or three hours and it seems
“Where did that go?”  whereas, if you’re sick or arguing,
or extremely unhappy, or lonely, time moves much more slowly.  In
those circumstances, are people actually moving into other
dimensions and other timelines?
Ra’An:  Yes they are.  Whereas the music, the music strums the
vibrations of the body and brings them to the frequencies, a
different frequency, than they have been at.  It gets the DNA
moving, and the DNA can then connect more easily with the higher
realms and take someone into a faster experience of time.
Wynn:   So let me ask some specific questions about raising
frequency.  Some people would say changing your diet can help
raise your frequency.  Can you comment on this?
Ra’An:  Yes.  That is very true, because matter can lodge in
the body, and this matter then has a certain immobility and a
lack of clarity wherein resonances within the body cannot be
carried out easily and it weigh(t)s the body down; which then the
soul, the matrix experience, has a slowing down and a weighting
A person who has not chosen a good diet may be tired and
sluggish.  A person who has chosen a good diet may have lots of
energy and radiate out that other people can see and resonate
Wynn:  I would say if you were going to say “What’s a good
diet?”  I don’t think you could say “One diet fits all.”
You could say some people are vegetarians, some people seem to
think they need to eat meat to ground them – are there some
general guidelines for diet, across the board, that everyone
could benefit from?
Ra’An:  Vegetables are very good that individuals, were they to
have a lot of vegetables in their diet, would then have a cleaner
burning system, and they’d have the ability to build cells that
were more viable than say a more impure diet, wherein one may be
eating tainted food or meat that was not properly grown; soda pop
that then was laced with fake sugars that were poisonous in
reality; vitamins made from petroleum products, they do not make
the cell resonance that live vitamins have.  There are many good
books on diet and the use of vegetables in diet.
Wynn:  I notice when I eat a lot of vegetables that I’m less
constipated, things move through my system better.  It seems to
me that being constipated really makes one sluggish and slows
your frequency down.
Ra’An:  Yes, it makes one groggy and tired and not as connected
with their surroundings.
Wynn:  Am I correct in saying you can’t give people ‘one size
fits all’ on diet?  Like in terms of saying “be a
vegetarian” or “eat meat” or “eat fish” or “eat
chicken.”  I mean, in general is that something people have to
come to terms with in their own chemistry, body chemistry?
Ra’An:  Yes.  Yes, they do.  There are some general guidelines,
like soda pop is not a good thing to drink in general.  These
fake sugars are not a good thing that can gradually act like a
toxic substance to the body.  To keep a clean body, to perhaps
even stand one day of every so often drinking water or having
vegetable juice, fresh vegetable juice, is very good to help the
body stay clean.  To keep good hygiene, to take very good care of
the teeth so that the teeth do not collect plaque and many
diseases come about when the teeth are not taken care of, or
toxic materials are used to fill cavities in the teeth.
Wynn:  Thank you.  So moving on from diet, let’s look at the
Jesus said “when two or more are gathered, I am also
present”.  Now obviously, he didn’t mean him/his body; his
body doesn’t become present, his physical body, when two or
more are gathered.  I have a feeling that when two or more are
gathered for a higher purpose, a spiritual purpose, there’s
automatically an increase in frequency.  Could you explain a
little how that works?
Ra’An:  When two or more are together and are radiating to each
other, it makes a bigger resonance between the two that can then
intake higher frequencies more easily, as one radiates energy to
the other, then it vibrates the cells of the other’s body and
matrix, and like strumming of an instrument then it raises the
whole energy to a higher frequency, assuming that the people are
not in a big argument, which you could then say they really are
not gathered together, they’re in opposition and defiance and
there is a disconnection really, between them.  But, when people
are connected and in harmony, it creates a radiance, and, every
soul needs this connection, and they can only get it from
another.  When they are in greater harmony, the greater harmony
that they are in, the more they can bring in the higher
frequencies and the higher beings.
Wynn:  Now how about personal intimacy, how does that connect
with “when two or more are gathered”?
Ra’An:  The same principles apply – if one is intimate with
another, when one is with another it depends upon their level of
feeling connected.  If they are together but are possessive; if
they are together but are not honoring the relationship with the
other and are merely owning it or taking advantage, then it will
be as a disconnection and the frequencies will not totally
resonate with each other.
Wynn:  Thank you.  I think one of the biggest things that many
people experience is loneliness, feeling kind of empty and every
day they get up and they go through their lives and they know
there is something in them that can be fulfilled and it’s not
being fulfilled.  It seems like loneliness is one of those things
that can keep a person from lifting into higher frequencies.  How
can a person deal with loneliness?
Ra’An:  When one is lonely then they have that program going
right then and so it propagates more loneliness.  So, if they
would raise their creative level and have them walk their body
out of the door, go to visit someone, go to an old folks home, go
talk to people, go to Starbucks, go and hang out where other
people are, go to a dance.  Even if they are in a city and they
know no one, they can still go to a function and then they can
begin to talk to others and start to create relationships.
Wynn:  I know that there’s this propensity, when you’re
feeling that way, that you think that no one is going to like you
and you’re going to be an imposition.  When I’ve had those
experiences in my life I’ve always found that when I walked out
the door and did something, the feeling would go away.  But,
there was a lot of resistance to just walking out the door,
because now people might judge me, or see my loneliness and judge
that.  So I know the power of walking out the door.  That gets
the energies moving.
What happens is, once you get the energy moving you go home and
you don’t feel so lonely; you feel connected, even though you
are still in the same alone circumstance.  I also know for
myself, as soon as I get involved with   = technical difficulties
(51:26) =
Gijs:  This has been an interesting call tonight, with raising
the frequencies and it’s a very interesting call and getting
things done quicker, and time moving faster.
Terry:  That’s the thing, at the beginning of the calls the
Elohim felt like our realm was so slow.   Now I feel like the
calls are almost shorter; they’re faster and they’re shorter
(and the Elohim haven’t commented in a while about the calls
being slow.).
Gijs:  Yes.
Terry:  Yes.  Okay.  So, why don’t we end the call for today?
Gijs:  Thank you Terry and everybody.
All:  Thank you very much!  Thank you, Terry.  Thanks, Gjis.
Good night.
Terry:  Okay, thank you everybody.  Love to everybody.
Bye (from all)
Gijs:  Thank you Ra’An, thank you Wynn.

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applies to you.. This is not meant to replace seeing your
doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner.  Some people
get healings here, so you can be open to it.