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                                                                       The Ra'An for May 4, 2011

This is May 4th, 2011 and we are doing our question and answer conference call. We have a bunch of good questions here and I will call in the light and then we will ask them.

(Wynn calls in the light)

We wait for our higher sources to show up and identify themselves.

Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. We are here with you this May 4th, 2011 focused to Terry and Wynn in Phoenix, Arizona and anchored with each and every person and available to each and every person who is on the line and each and every person who wishes to become connected to us. We are mindful that you have questions and we send each and every one of you great love and are with you and are available when you have questions to ask for assistance when you need assistance in the higher good and in accordance with the orientation and intentions of the persons who are asking, we work with that and can bring much solace and consistency and harmony into their lives and you move through the rounds in your existence on planet earth. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes. I am going to start with a question that I don't think I have ever asked and I think it would interesting to understand the answer to. All the time we refer to something called The One Infinite Creator. We have two group souls, the Elohim Group and the Ra Group. Could we understand the relationship or the connection that each of these groups has individually with what we call the One Infinite Creator. Is there a One Infinite Creator that has an intelligence, just as we talk to the Elohim, can you communicate to that intelligence and the relationship might be different between the Elohim Group and the Ra Group so maybe you could answer the question for the differences between the two groups if that is relevant.

Ra'An: Yes. A person asks the question at the frequency where they exist and in the spectrum of the visual and audio spectrum wherein they give and take communication. There are a range of frequencies and the spectrum goes way outside of the place where individuals on earth exist. We are from a very high frequency and the Ra Group is from a lower frequency than our group and we are moving into the earth field and the earth and All That Is, is part of the One Infinite Creator and there is an intelligence in everything even in the rocks and minerals and the lower levels. The cells of your body have an intelligence and is part of All That Is. So the One Infinite Creator applies to everything. Our relationship to everything and all in everything is one of being to merge with It and to bring back information from the intelligence of wherever or whatever it is. We can do this because we exist at a very high frequency and we can penetrate the frequency of lower levels also. Therefore, we can move with whatever it is and so the One Infinite Creator, the word Creator stands for the ability to create. All of everything has an intelligence that has an ability to create and whatever is existing is a part and parcel of that thing as they are creating it; as the intelligence in back of that particular thing is creating it. It is bonding it and holding it together much as gravity pulls an individual to the earth. It is an intelligence that is moving with the object it is near and summoning it to come close.

Wynn: Thank you.

For clarification. As humans, when we communicate with you, there is a predisposition to see you as separate from us, even though we are ultimately are part of the same energy. There is Terry in one room and I am in another, there are people all over the country in separate locations and people are not used to communicating with something they are part of. In terms of yourself and what we call the One Infinite Creator, I don't sense that there is separateness there in any kinds of communication. Sort of like instantaneous, like I don't even know. I don't want to put words to it but could you comment on that?

Ra'An: Yes, the intelligence, The All That Is, is One and It has the ability to manifest into different forms which then can be smaller than the whole but still is part of the One part of the All and reacts in coincidence with the All. It, us, the Elohim, can manifest into a consciousness that is able to communicate as we move out of All That Is, into specific layers and levels of manifestation; precipitation out into a creation that can communicate and can contact people and work with them. We also have the ability to deform ourselves back into the nothingness of the One, so therefore we can jump in and out of the All That Is.

Wynn: Thank you.

The Elohim can obviously make a choice and decision. We can ask for the Elohim, they can respond and we can feel the energy and the Elohim can choose to come into that space or not. Does what we call The One Infinite Creator, have this same sense of choice?

Ra'An: The One Infinite Creator in some place is a part of the whole and as such is a part of everything and is everything and therefore does have knowledge, however the manifest comes out of the whole and acts as a separate, so to say, entity or group. It is still part of All That Is. All That Is, tracks everything that goes on, much as a body has a heart and a liver and has knowledge of what is going on in all of it's parts. The body has knowledge of what is going on.

Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. This is from Gary and he wants to know what kinds of choices we make before we incarnate. Of course this is going to depend on different people. Different entities are probably going to have different choices depending on their evolutionary path. Gary wants to know what are the possibility of choices before we incarnate. Gary then asks just how far into a lifetime do the prior choices extend?

Ra'An: There is a yearning that occurs, a yearning for a completion or an experience or something to complete. There is a yearning for different entities that one has known before or different circumstances that one needs to experience as the next step in their journey. Therefore, one makes the choice, sometimes there are alternatives that a person can be presented with on the other side and the individual can then make a choice. If the individual has returned to heaven and gotten a debriefing in heaven, then they may also work with someone, an angel in heaven, that can guide them into choice. Much as an individual when they leave the 3rd dimension and move into heaven, much as they move into a higher frequency, then they are put into a situation where they lower their frequency to become compatible with the frequency of the earth plane. The choices are very much based upon the person's past and what the person's own desires are for learning and experience and how they envision role can proceed when they move into a body. They often choose their parents based upon past lifetimes with the parents or past lifetimes with people they have worked with and loved, and wish to continue their companionship with and feel comfortable with. Sometimes when a family member or friend passes the longing is so great to see them and be with them again, they both will choose coming back and choosing circumstances where the frequencies and the coincidences guide them to again be together. People tend to find what they need. The people they need to gain the experiences and the friendship they need.

Wynn: Thank you.

We have another question here. Since we are talking about the choices you make before you are born, the question about the choices you make after you die. This is from Lisa from San Francisco. She has had two different kinds of information presented to her and I will read her question. She says: For the longest time I have heard that information from various spiritual sources that what happens when we die is that old friends and family members that crossed before us are there waiting to greet us with open arms and love. The promise is that we will immediately reunited with those we still love but have previously lost. Now I am hearing again from various spiritual sources that not everyone has the same experience when crossing over. Not all of us meet our loved ones or maybe we do down the line after we have been on the other side for a while. The question is, which one is true? Thank you so much for answering my question.

Ra'An: Thank you.

When one moves into the heavenly realm, often times they will meet their relatives and close friends that maybe they are waiting for them to help them to readjust to their new life. Not all of the relatives are there and not all of the people from past lives as some of them have moved into other circumstances. So an individual may find a few or many of their friends waiting for them to welcome them and it is a beautiful experience to meet with them again and be able to talk with them again and share experiences again. What about people that do not experience that. If an individual do not have their heart open, if they are not feeling worthy and they have not that vibration in their soul matrix, they may attract an entity which is acting as a devil, a protagonist as someone who may tend to wish to bring them into a lower realm of dissatisfied souls and if a person is of that frequency when they cross over, they may attract a devil type entity to antagonize them or to attempt to pull them into a less satisfactory situation. So the whole story depends upon whether one's heart is open and they can move with the frequency of love to the higher realm, for frequencies of upset and hatred and revenge are of a lower frequency and make it harder to move into the heavenly realm but trip one up and attract other frequencies and entities and possibilities to one.

Wynn: Thank you.

Here is a message from Charmagne in Florida. She asks: If a person is ill and has absolutely no connection or belief in intelligence from another realm, does it still help that love-light be sent to them. Would that be a violation of free will?

Ra'An: No. That would not be a violation of free will, for as you send the love-light to them, it will either take or not take. It gives them a choice; a frequency to surround them that they can hold on to and a frequency to surround and bathe the body in a higher vibration that can help restore the potential of the body. One of the things that happens to an individual that is sick is that the body is moving into an area of lower potential; lower electrical potential. When The electrical potentials are high for the normal range for a body, then sickness cannot invade the body, however when lower electrical potentials move through the body or through a section of the body, bacterial and disease can then affect it. With a high electrical potential, then a body will be able to vibrate at the healthy frequency and ward off the lower frequency bacteria and diseases.

Wynn: Thank you.

Next question. This is from Pauline Chung in Los Angeles and she asks about visualization of a pyramid and she asks about helping with radiation but we can ask about many ways, if visualizing a pyramid, can help either an external place like putting it over a reactor in Japan or ourselves?

Ra'An: If the pyramid is visualized with the intention of limiting the radiation or redistributing the radiation and keeping it within the reactor itself, then this would be of benefit. Visualizing it over oneself. Give us a moment. This can also be of benefit but this should not be done consistently but to give it 5 minutes and this can definitely be of benefit to a person's body.

Wynn: Thank You.

Do you have any comments about sending jokes around to keep everyone's energy up and increase their potential for healing. Do you have any comments on that?

Ra'An: Thank you. That is correct. Jokes usually have an unacceptable aspect to them or concept that is so ridiculous that it is funny and in laughing, people get rid of charge that has built up, perhaps on the unwanted concept or idea and it helps raise the tone level of the individual so they do not carry so much back charge on subjects around them enables them to restore more correct, more ideal electrical potentials to their body which then can enhance healing.

Wynn: Thank you.

Our last question for tonight is from Kim in Hilton Head, South Carolina who is a body worker, wholistic practitioner and her question is applicable to everyone who does healing on other people and she says it applies anyone who comes into contact with people, even hospitals as well as other energies that reside outside this realm. She says: I recently had an incident where I had been working daily on an individual's painful shoulder, neck and arm for a week and lo and behold I think I took this pain on and now I am suffering with it. I don't usually do this but for some reason I did with this particular client. I also had another thought in this particular incident and was wondering if this plays a role in my shoulder, back and neck pain and that is my deep tissue body work. I just recently started using a wooden tool in the hand that has the pain. I wonder if by using this tool, it is in fact, preventing the flow of energy and it is all lodged back up in the shoulder area. If I did take this clients pain other methods by which we can protect ourselves so that we do not let other people's energies penetrate our own auric field. Are rituals like performing an auric comb out of one's hair while standing in front of a mirror, or washing one's hands or using protective stones help? If rituals don't help then please tell me what does.

Wynn: So now there are three questions there. The first question has to do with picking up pain from other people and internalizing it. The second one has to do is using a wooden tool when she is doing massage and if the tool is causing her to pick up pain rather than flowing it through her and the third question is how is the best way to release this pain when you have gotten it, when it's internalized. She gives a couple of choices there: Auric combs, washing hands and protective stones. What is your suggestion. Thank you.

Ra'An: An answer to your first question is that when one works with another person, one is sharing energy fields with them and the formation, the way that the matrix of the person one is working with, is out of place, may then, be shared with the matrix of the healer and then can instigate pain much like the patient has. So there is a tendency who are healers to pick up from the patient, the formation within their body which is then experienced as pain. When one is with a patient, one can realize that that is the patient's pain, that is not the individual's pain. This type of pain should go away, unless it has triggered something within the person. We are reminded as an example, something that happened to Terry one time. She walked into a room and she was feeling fine before she walked in she thought oh, I'm getting a cold and she then went into her auric field where this picked up at first and began to disassemble the particles or the formation of the copying of particles that were stopping up the individual in the room who had a cold. So as she walked in she thought, oh I have a cold. I didn't know I had a cold and she began to dissolve the auric particles that was invading her space and the other person in the room who really had a cold, looked at her and said, my cold is suddenly going way. So there is an answer to your third question that there is a technique where you can look at the pain while it is still in the aura and you can dissolve this pain. This takes total looking at it, not trying to dodge it, or get away from it, or not experience it, but totally get the idea of it, see exactly and observe what is there and then there is a procedure which is hard to describe because it is totally working with the concepts or manifestations in the aura to dissolve it, to let it subside, to move it into less and less and less until it is gone. You can tell when it is working because the pain begins to flow less as you do that. In answer to your second question, the wood is not creating the pain. We suggest that you move the pain off since the pain has been triggered by the patient that you see, first of all, if you can spot it and then dissolve it. If it does not dissolve, then there is something in your own system and needs to be worked with on a one to one basis with your own self as it has been merely triggered by the situation with the other. That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

On that note we will end tonight's call. You are all un-muted, so all of you can say goodbye to all the people on the replays and the downloads. Thank you Terry and goodnight to everyone.






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