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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Monday – 05/09/2011
Sex and Orgasm
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Wynn:  Hello everybody this is Monday, May 9th. (2011).   My name
is Wynn Free with my co-host Terry Brown.  We’re doing a
simulcast today and it’s a simulcast between BBS Radio and our
telephone conference line.  We have a bunch of people on the
conference line.  The advantage of being on the conference line
is sometimes you get a chance to ask questions; sometimes the
energy – can some of you feel the energy being stronger on the
conference line than over the internet?
Caller:  I think you’re able to interact more and you have a
more personal one-on-one contact with each other.
Wynn:  And, you can say “hello” to each other at the
beginning.  If any of you want to come in on the conference line
you’re certainly welcome to.  I’ll give you the phone number,
it is 712-432-1600 and the pin is 368522#.
One of the things about the conference line is we always say
“hello” to everybody at the beginning of the line.  Kind of
like you’re more connected,  because there’s “hello”, but
what amazes me is the emails I get from people who I don’t
know, whom I never knew existed who have been listening to our
calls and on the conference line;  you know, there’s people
that always don’t say “hello”.  They start listening for a
few months and they have this huge epiphany reaction, something
shifts for them dramatically.  You don’t have to be on the line
to get the energies, but for many people grounding it in a
“Hello, how are you?  I know Wynn, Wynn knows me…” helps to
make or solidify the connection.
Now that I’ve said all that, we had a couple of people check
in.  Does anyone want to say “hello” and their city?
Chris:  It’s Chris in Memphis .
Wynn:  Chris?
Chris:  Hey.
Wynn:  Now Chris is one of those guys that had this great
transformation on our line.  He’s been unemployed all his life,
and then when he started coming on the line he got a job.
Chris:  Well, we’ll have to discuss that in private!
Michael:  I’m sure as heck not going to tell you who I am.
Gjis:  Welcome to the call Michael.
Michael:  Not after that one, gee!
Wynn:  That’s Michael.
Michael:  Speaking… greetings.
Raleigh:  Hi - Raleigh and Dave from Fallbrook.
Wynn:  Hi Raleigh and Dave.  Raleigh, this guy Dave is with you
on all your calls.  Does that mean you’re an item?
Raleigh:  Correct.  He’s living with me now.
Wynn:  That’s wonderful!
Raleigh:  Yes, thank you.
Wynn:  Dave, you are a lucky man.
Dave:  Definitely, thank you.
Wynn:  Anyone else want to say “hello”, their name and their
Cinda:  This is Cinda from Phoenix .
Wynn:  Hi Cinda.
Cinda:  Hi Wynn.
Wynn:  How’s the weather in Phoenix ?
Cinda:  Really gorgeous today.
Wynn:  Great.  I won’t announce as a celebrity; we only do that
one time!  Alright - anyone else want to say “hello”?  Hey,
Michael I thought you weren’t going to be on the call today.
Michael:  Well I wasn’t going to be on for very long.  I’ve
got to leave shortly, but I thought I’d get on the line and see
how it went for as long as I could stay on.
Wynn:  Good, okay.  I want you guys that are listening to know
that most of us have never met; although I did meet Raleigh and I
did meet Michael.  Raleigh came to one of our shows in Los
Angeles .  The amazing thing about this line is the people that
keep coming on get to be really friendly with each other.  It
kind of becomes a community without a physical place, a telephone
community, right?
Caller(s):  Um hum.
Wynn:  Sometimes, we get closer than the people that are in our
physical community because there’s an energy present here that
lifts the vibration so people – how do I say this? – will
feel like this is a group that understands which – maybe it is;
at least someone here understands.  The understanding comes from
– you see, the crazy thing is – the understanding comes from
energies in other dimensions.  So, it’s a small group on the
phone, but a big group in the ethers.
Anyone else want to say ‘hello,’ their name and their city?
It’s natural that we’ll have a number of people checking in
tonight that don’t want to say “Hello” that never showed up
before, because the topic is – Terry  doesn’t even know, I
don’t think.  Maybe she does, because she heard me talking to
Don.  The topic is “Sex”.
Wynn:  (Cat meows).  Do I hear Zeke?
Cinda:  No, that wasn’t Zeke.
Wynn:  That wasn’t Zeke?
Cinda:  Nope, that must have been someone else’s cat, nope.
Wynn:  We also have a community of cats on the line that say
“hello” to each other.  In any case, I’m going to mute
everybody and we’ll get started because this is a really
interesting topic.  The topic tonight, it’s a good thing Terry
is not answering this because she would be so shy she would run
away.  The topic – do you know what the topic is Terry?
Terry:  I heard you say earlier.
Wynn:  I would suspect when we bring in our sources and ask these
questions, we’re going to get kind of a preponderance of Ra
group energy since the Elohim, by and large, don’t have the
experience of this - except vicariously.  We’re going to find
out if they’re really vicarious.  Are we ever alone, or is
someone watching?
I don’t think these topics have ever been discussed in a public
forum, because the topic is “Sex and Orgasms”.  The last time
we tried to have a conversation with the Elohim on this topic,
which we did, the question, or the topic was “How did Sex get
started?” and we had a long conversation about how they got two
amoebas together exchanging energies.  That was the beginning of
sex in the physical universe.  So, we never got to humans.  Today
we’re going to focus on humans.
That is a very serious topic; it’s something that all of us
have to deal with; most of us, I would say most of us have to
deal with it.  Even if were not dealing with it, on some level we
have the urges and if we … maybe we’re suppressing them.
What does it mean?  How does that interrelate to the big picture,
because it is part of the big picture.  How do we balance that
part of our human experience?
We’re going to call in the light – calling in the light is
another way of invoking the Law of One, invoking a group energy.
Many people feel the energy on the call, and if you want to feel
the energy you can shut your eyes, take your shoes off, be in a
quiet place.  Don’t have the television on in the background,
and you may notice a tingling, some people get goose bumps, some
people feel sensations on the top of their head, some people get
very relaxed and some people fall asleep, like Chris.  Oh good,
he’s muted.  But, even falling asleep is good, because
sometimes this is what I think can happen when you fall asleep on
this line:  It allows interdimensional energies to work with you
and help lift karmic patterns, help balance energies that would
be harder to balance if you were awake.  Some of us have to do
Even I do that sometimes; there’s times when I do these calls
(I never said this before), but I find myself kind of like half
asleep in between questions and then waking up, “Oops!  Time
for the next question.”  It’s amazing how part of my
consciousness is tracking the call, and part of it is spacing
out.  I think the reason is that… it’s a good thing Terry
doesn’t do that.  We’d really be in trouble; she does it
after the calls, she sleeps for a long time oftentimes.  Because
we create a group energy, we’re processing the group energy.
Sometimes I’m really on top of processing it and sometimes
I’m not.  Sometimes if there are a lot of new people it’s an
exceptional exercise in processing the energy.  For the last
while – I have to give thanks to the people that keep coming
into the calls, because they are actually helping to hold the
space for processing, which means we can have a lot of new people
on these calls, and the energy will sustain.
Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to
surround and protect each person on this call and each person who
listens to the replays; and, (we ask that) any negativity be
taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the
highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of
energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the
galaxies, through the center of our galaxy, through the planetary
fields, through the sun, through the outer energy fields of the
earth, through our bodies and into the earth.  Right now, we
invoke - all of those who would free-willingly choose - a group
energy connection, a blending of energies in other dimensions of
us.  We invite – I should say, while maintaining the sovereign
integrity of our souls.  And, we invite those sources who are
positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join
with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has
access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.
Some of you noticed that shift of energy when I invited them to
join us.  We are now a huge energy conglomerate – I don’t
know if ‘conglomerate’ is the right word – a huge blended
energy of all of us, as many of them as they would contribute to
work with us, and all of you who are listening on the replay
lines, who, even though you’re not here on this call, you’re
here on the projected futures of this call.  Your energies are
still here.  Do we have a source ready to answer our questions?
Ra’An:  Yes.  We greet you in the love light of the One
Infinite Creator.  We had technical difficulties and we are on
the conference line.  If it’s all ‘a go’, we can continue.
Wynn:  Okay.  Hopefully I’m still connected to BBS Radio, and
we’re on the air.
Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite
Creator.  It is our delight and joy to join you this evening on
“The Wynn Show.”  We are available to answer any of your
questions.  Do you have questions?
Wynn:  Well, yeah – the topic tonight is “The Mystery of the
Orgasm”, which I think was a book by Wilhelm Reich years ago.
We started out a number of shows ago talking about how the
Elohim, the first instance of sex, when I think there were moving
two amoebas next to each other and managed to get them to
exchange energy.  Can we have, like, a quick look at how we went
from amoebas exchanging energies to all the rituals we have today
regarding sexual interchange?
Ra’An:  We, in our energy forms, worked with the developing
small forms, and over millions of years were able to see how they
would develop; and, we would make energy models of what would be
a delightful form of human that would be able to survive on the
planets.  This form was much the same from planet to planet.
Then the question “How to procreate the race?” came up, and
there were complex models made of how chemical reactions could
lead to procreation, and how to transform the chemical reactions
into one of the complex forms.  There were many years of trial
and error and many false starts, and when we would get a model
that worked fairly well, and then we’d find a few false starts
that ended up badly and the race, therefore, would not work.
Then we went back to the drawing board.  The procreation of the
races was worked out in theory before it was put into effect.
Wynn:  Were Elohim souls coming down and occupying those bodies,
those original bodies, at some point?  I know that according to
history and according to some of our previous conversations there
was a group – they’re sometimes called “Fallen Elohim”, I
don’t know if that’s the right term – but, the Annunaki
that engineered humans, but they were already in bodies, but,
they must have had the advanced bodies.  So, as you were
engineering bodies, were the souls new souls, or was the Elohim
occupying them?
Ra’An:  We would send souls down from our group to bravely
experiment and to occupy a body and then come back and report
what the feelings and sensations were, and see if the body could
operate independently, and we went - we would leave and see how
the race would fare.  It fared better when there was an Elohim
soul that occupied the body than when it was on remote.
Wynn:  Were the Elohim souls that occupied these first bodies
able to maintain communication with the celestial Elohim very
clearly, at that time?
Ra’An:  Yes, they were as they were not duplicating and messed
up by the lower dimensions.  They were pure; and as such had
their mission to go occupy the body, check it out, and see if it
was viable from the hands-on viewpoint, and then move back into
the higher realms to their unit of design and to report.
Wynn:  Now, eventually did they, they didn’t come back from the
bodies.  In Edgar Cayce it was said that was due to sex; that
they got sexually involved with some of the local creatures.  Was
it sex with the local creatures that caused the Elohim souls, the
pure Elohim souls, to get stuck in this realm and forget, take on
the veil of forgetfulness?
Ra’An:  The ones checking out the functionality of the beings,
the human beings, had strict orders that they were to follow.
Some of them got addicted to sex and did not want to return, and
eventually they would get disconnected from the (higher) realm.
Wynn:  Was it sex with each other they were getting addicted
with, or sex with the lower creatures in the realm?  Was it sex
with the lower creatures in the realm or sex with the other
Elohim beings in the realm that caused them to get disconnected?
Ra’An:  It was sex with the humans in the human realms that
causes them to get disconnected.
Wynn:  Somewhere in the Bible it says, “The sons of God mated
with daughters of man”; does that relate to that situation?
Ra’An:  It isn’t one time of having sex that is the problem;
it is many times of having sex.  And if it is done wisely, it
will not trap one in the third dimensional realm.
Wynn:  Okay.  Now we here are all humans and we’re all dealing
with our sexualities – the lack of it, too much of it,
obsession with it.  Obviously, every human is unique and that
they’re going to have a unique way of dealing with their
sexuality.  But, in general, there’s a number – some people
who are spiritual talk about that it’s good not to have sex.
What’s the word for that?  I forget.  To be celibate – and
that when you’re celibate you have a better connection with
spirituality and higher forces.  On the other hand, there are
people that – and we’ve even had this come up in our
channelings – that if one doesn’t have sex they could lose
their ability to ground in the lower chakras.  So could you
comment about that?
Ra’An:  When one does not hang on to a situation and moves
through it and stays in the now, then one can use sex as a tool
for growth and connection and procreation.  It can be a marvelous
tool.  The dangers are that one would get addicted to the
situation and become unfacile or inflexible about moving in and
out of situations.  When they would move from one lifetime to the
next, they may be hanging on to some fantasy.  When sex is joined
with distorted experiences, this can catapult one out of the
upper realms and keep them in the lower realms and provides the
path to be lost, for them to lose their way.
Wynn:  I would imagine that there would be two factors that would
be potentials for causing one to lose their way.  One is to have
sex without the heart chakra open, without the upper chakras
open, and so the experience is focused in just the lower chakras,
in which case it pulls people into the lower chakras and
disconnects them from the higher chakras.  Is that true?
Ra’An:  Yes.  That is correct.
Wynn:  Now how about if someone is opening up their higher
chakras, then it becomes a union of energy between two people
that is very profound and transformative?
Ra’An:  Yes.  It can be a sacred experience of joining.
Wynn:  Now how about if one is just doing it by self-service?
What are the implications of that?
Ra’An:  Well, this can relax the body and can take the tension
off and so, it could be of benefit.
Wynn:  And, when people are having let’s say, ‘good sex’,
sex where their higher chakras are open (or) opening, do
interdimensional sources participate?  Or, I’ve understood that
negative entities can actually enter into someone’s space when
their energies are open.  Could we have a little more
understanding of that?
Ra’An:  When an individual has a new partner, they need to take
care in choosing their partner wisely, as this is a really open
giving and taking.  If they would choose perhaps the wrong
partner, there could be a subtle action wherein the entities of
one person can move over the second person and attempt to fasten
down the relationship to orient them (in an attempt to) make the
second person love them.  So entities could enter in that way.
So, if the person is totally cognizant and aware and open to
someone that is of similar character, then the individual can
still recognize if another negative entity would come in.
At times, an entity may come into the union to attempt to become
a part of a body of a baby, and then this could be a good thing
if the union was seeking to procreate and if the entity coming in
was pure; which, it should be if the two individuals having the
procreation sex are pure.
Wynn:  Depending on the quality of the procreation - will that
make a difference on the quality of the entity, the baby, that
can come in?  In other words, if two people are having a kind of,
what we’ll call ‘low-level sex’ and they have a baby, will
they tend to get a baby of lower realm as opposed to people who
are having high-level sex?
Ra’An:  Yes.  The quality of the sexual encounter and the
quality of the people would attract a similar quality of child
who was attempting to come into the baby and a child, wherein
that child could experience the type of growth that the baby
Wynn:  Thank you.  Many religious groups are proponents,
spiritual/religious, are proponents of celibacy.  Giving up sex,
and joining a monastery and becoming a nun or a sister or a monk
– is there a benefit in doing that, or is that just something
that has to happen in order to create those kinds of communities
of people?
Ra’An:  There can be a benefit; it depends upon the training
and the structure.  If the training is towards the development of
the higher chakras and towards the development of the connection
of the individual, the areas of crown chakra connecting with the
higher forces - it can be a benefit to the individual, as the
energy that would normally go into the foundational chakra and
into the home and family and the desires for procreation would
end in the higher chakras and allow them to do that more.
There are many subjects, however it’s an individual (thing, a
person’s) more normal bent.  Part of the challenge to a group
of the priesthood is that yearning after sexual experience.  This
can be damaging to both him and to people that he comes in
contact with, particularly if he is seeking in secretive ways to
fulfill his yearning.
Wynn:  This is what happened to some of the priests in the
Catholic Church over the past few years that came to light.
Ra’An:  Yes.
Wynn:  So, in fact, those people were denying their sexuality,
but they really were not able to deny it; it was still latent as
an obsession to be expressed.
There are some things that connect with sexuality that many
people connect with it.  One of the things is possession;
possession of another being.  On the other hand, the dolphins as
I understand have no possessiveness.  They travel in pods and
that they openly have sexual connection with each other and they
all know about what everyone is doing.  And, dolphins are very
evolved, we hear.  So could you explain the ramifications of
possessiveness and that kind of open interaction that dolphins
Ra’An:  The whole grouping and social context of the dolphins
is different than that of humans, as they work in a pod and the
children can be raised by all of the adults.  With a human the
grouping is to be in families and pairs, and to raise the
children within that family group; this fosters possessiveness.
The dolphins have a greater understanding of the love between the
‘All That Is’ and their individual self, and they are not as
isolated in their connections as the human body.
The dolphins have the ability to get information from their
surroundings, from the centers of their brain, to communicate
with each other in a broader way, and to move interdimensionally.
 The humans are more isolated in that respect and it makes it
harder to share, and there is a greater distillation’ of desire
within the human psyche, which brings a person’s attention in
closer.  And, the dolphin’s attention is more defuse and they
have more give-and-take with the outside of their surroundings.
The humans, due to the construction of the body, are more
localized and as such their relationships are more comfortable to
them in the majority of cases when they are so localized with a
husband and a wife and a family.
Wynn:  Thank you.  I think that a really good question here would
be two questions.  It’s like “How do we go from where we are
to where we want to be?”  There are two circumstances.  One is:
 someone is in a relationship; they’re committed to the
relationship.  Maybe they even have children, but they’ve lost
the intimacy, they’ve lost the exchange.  Their sexuality is
not balancing them in the way perhaps it did when they were first
starting.  How does a couple bring back those feelings of that
connection when they’ve lost it and they’re still committed
to each other?
Ra’An:  This would be a question for the Ra group, and give us
a moment.
Much as you have a refresh button on the computer, then one can
reset and can let go of all the extraneous things that have
happened that may clog up the relationship - memories that one
reacted negatively in what happened; and they can seek to let
that go and to reset.  And, if both partners can reset, and work
with each other to attempt to get rid of the baggage and luggage
that they are carrying and the memories that were hard, and let
them go – and then do something nice for each other.  Give each
other some flowers, or treat them to a play, something that they
like.  If you have the cooperation of both partners, then you can
make some progress in this way.
Wynn:  Thank you.  One of the things that sometimes happens in a
really deteriorating relationship, is the people – one partner
- wants to create a successful intimacy and the other doesn’t,
but they’re possessive and they won’t let that person see
anyone else.  How does someone deal with this?
Ra’An:  Give us a moment.  One can experiment with the
different means or methods available to pamper oneself and to
treat oneself very, very good; and, to talk with the partner and
ask/seek to understand the partner’s desired habits, and what
the thoughts are within the pattern of the person that the person
does not want to move forward in the sexual experience at this
same frequency. Oftentimes, when one can talk about it, one can
learn more about what the partner is desiring.
Also, a partner may have things going on that they don’t wish
to move into a sexual experience right then, and maybe it is just
that they are in the middle of something they wish to finish; or,
maybe it is something that they are wired at the time and they
can relax later. Maybe a turn-down is just a temporary thing;
maybe the person can be wooed with flowers and sweet talk to get
them into the mood and beyond that, or maybe one can massage the
partner and bring the partner into a mood that they would like to
move into a sexual encounter.
Wynn:  One of the things I’ve noticed is that sometimes when
people are not having sexual expression, they tend to get
withdrawn and they don’t seem attractive, and then it’s hard
for them to make the connection to get things started.
That could be for a person that’s alone, that’s living alone
– they tend to have an aura of aloneness, and ‘Keep Away’.
Underneath, they don’t really feel that way, but it’s in
their space.  How can a person move through that so that they
don’t put that energy out so that they can attract the
experience that they want?
Ra’An:  They can take on an activity that brings them out of
it, to remember back on what activities enlivened them and make
them laugh, telling jokes to them and telling jokes to oneself;
reading jokes, until they can break that mood.  And, putting
themselves in an environment where they break that mood; getting
a massage from a masseuse, something that can help with their
body reactions.  Taking a bath in a Jacuzzi; something to move
them, move their energy, and move their energy out so they can
begin to project outward.
Wynn:  Thank you.  I would think that one of the topics we talk
about very often is graduation of this realm, and that it’s
important for a person to get their energies open and loose and
loving, and if they’ve avoided dealing with their sexuality it
could impact their ability to express love and keep an open heart
in general.
Ra’An:  Yes.
Wynn:  Is that true?
Ra’An:  Yes.
Wynn:  Yeah.  So, a really good connection could help propel
someone towards that 51% heart opening for graduation.
Ra’An:  Yes.  There are other things one can do to open the
heart; however, to be in a situation with other people with
give-and-take, where they can feel love; to have a close animal
that they can have a good friendship with - these all can also
Wynn:  So if a person does not have a good intimate relationship,
they can find a way to get their heart open.  The important thing
is to move from that place where they feel closed in and
oppressed into some kind of activity where their energy flows
with other people.  That’s like a first step.
Ra’An:  Yes, that is.  Also, when an individual is depressed
there can also be factors that they see at the time, (like) a
specific day making their depression deeper – and see what
makes their depression lighter, and see if there are any specific
issues in their life that are weighing down on them.  Like, an
individual in one’s surroundings that is abusive that the
circumstances could be changed.
Wynn:  When people are having really loving beautiful sex, do you
guys ever join with the energies?  When people are having
beautiful, loving sex, do you guys ever feel the energies of that
in your realm?
Ra’An:  Yes, we can.  Not only we, but other people also can.
Individuals who are discarnate that may be looking for a body
also can.
Wynn:  So there’s not a lot of privacy?
Ra’An:  Not in the sense that you would term ‘privacy’.
Wynn:  Right.  Okay.  I think I’ve covered the topics that I
had planned; maybe if anyone out there wants to ask a question,
only question(s) on this topic, is that okay with you if we let a
couple of questions come through?
Ra’An:  Alright.
Raleigh:  Hi, this Raleigh and I would like to know if a couple
should be married, if that makes a difference, in having sex
relationships how loving or powerful it is.
Wynn:  That’s a very good question.  Of course we know intimacy
with married couples that have terrible sexual relationships and
some that have great.  Could our sources explain the value of a
marriage commitment in relationship to sex?
Ra’An:  Sometimes the people wait and have sex after they are
married.  It is an extra added commitment to the marriage and it
sets the sexual experience aside as more sacred, and it can be a
greater bond.
With an individual who has sex before marriage then it can be
also a great experience that can lead into commitment.  It
depends upon the attitude and the upbringing and on the diligence
and intention of the two people to create a good relationship.
Wynn:  Thank you.
Raleigh:  Thank you.
Wynn:  I would like to ask the question:  I would assume, but it
would like to hear you say it, that the answers that we’re
giving here are true for both heterosexual and same-sex sexual
interchanges.  Could we say that’s true?
Ra’An:  That is correct.
Wynn:  Thank you.  Thank you for your question, Raleigh .  Anyone
else have a question?  -silence-
Raleigh:  I have another question if that’s okay.
Do they have any suggestions on how to start a sexual act?  Is
there something that would make it more sacred?
Ra’An:  Thank you.  Before starting a sexual act one can
communicate with the partner; one can do it slowly so that the
body is prepared, as if things move too fast then it can, the
body can, and its preparation can lag behind then it won’t be
as great an experience.  The body responds and one needs to keep
pace with how the body is responding and observe one’s partner
to make sure that the sex is in synch.  One is not rushing ahead
or creating pain for the other.
Before the act, when one has something to eat or to drink it can
help prepare the body for sex, as it gets the fluids in the body
flowing; although do not eat too much.  Then it would make the
people drowsy, but something stimulating before the sexual act to
set the scene for the act.  This will also help the body move
into preparedness for the act, like beautiful music that they
both like, or say – wine that they both like.  (Or) some drink
that they both like; and clean sheets and a clean, organized
space would all help.  Those are our comments.
Raleigh:  Thank you.
Wynn:  Thank you.
I think we’ll close with one final question; we’re going a
little over because there was space on BBS to do that.  That is:
Could you explain a little bit about the differences in natures
of men and women so that the men on the line could help
understand women better, and the women might understand men
Ra’An:  One of them is for the women that the men understand
the woman’s body will get ready and begin to secrete a
substance that can help make the body more ready and help with
the penetration of the man.  If the woman is not made ready, then
the joy, the sense of joy, will be lessened.  It can create pain
and antagonism following by the woman.  If the man can learn to
sense the tides and rhythms of the female body, the response -
see how it is responding, then they will be able to move into
satisfaction of the partner and then the partner will naturally
unfold beauty for the man.
For the woman that is working to have sex, moving to have sex
with the man, then there are sensitive areas that she can work
with and she can find these areas by manipulation and seeing what
arouses the man more and what will bring the man to the sexual
orgasm, as sometimes the stroking of the balls can help elicit
the orgasm.
The same with the man, as he can explore and see which areas are
very sensitive and responsive in the woman, and an area that may
be responsive later may not be responsive at the start if one is
moving too fast.
Wynn:  Thank you very much.  We’ll bring this show to a close
– I thank everyone, I thank Terry so much for being here and
being available to answer these questions; and, all of you for
holding the energy and all of you on the replay lines.
We’ll see you again Wednesday. When you submit questions:, and we’ll be asking them on our
Wednesday call.  We’ll see you all next time!  Thank you.

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