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May 11, 2011 with the Ra'An

This is Wednesday, May 11th coming up on Friday the 13th in two days. We are recording and this the call where we answer questions from those who have submitted them. We have some great questions tonight.

We wanted Gjis to share his experiences with us tonight.

Gjis: What I want to share is that my son, made a wish for the New Year that his warts to be gone from his hands and then the next day we had the first call of the new year and there was a gentlemen from the East Coast who requested for his warts to be gone from his hands and I asked, hey Wynn can you add this for Eddy as well. Then the next day, Monday, I was at work and my wife called and said, just check this out, I am just looking at Eddy's warts and they are starting to disappear. Less than a day later, this is just mind blowing.

More recently my nephew was pretty badly wounded. He was badly burned by getting fuel all over him and he was laying in the burn center and then we did the the healing Sunday. A week later, day before yesterday, Monday, we get a call that all of a sudden the doctors say you are healed enough and you can go home which is another amazing thing.

Wynn: How long was he supposed to be in the hospital?

Gjis: For a month. He was going to have surgery and now it's going great.

Wynn: You have been feeling a connection for a long time. How did that start?

Gjis: Just coming into the calls and they resonate and all the reading. The calls are amazing.

Wynn: So this is working. Thank you Gjis for sharing that.

Wynn: (Wynn calls in the light)

We wait for our Sources to address us.

Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is May 11th, 2011 and we extend over the United States and we extend over the New Madrid fault and the flooding that is going on in the Mississippi river and we extend out thoughts and compassion and energies to the area that it may recover quickly and we are speaking slowly as we are there and working as we speak, that the flood may move on and off the land and restore the land then and allow people to rebuild their lives. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes we do. Do you have any comments on the things I said prior to introducing you?

Ra'An: We are working with areas wherein individuals ask and have the intention for getting better or healing or changing in accordance with the highest good. We are lending our assistance to bring through the law of change that we are thus allowed by the agreements to bring through; the Law of One and the bypassing of the viscosity of the conditions that humans experience. We are mindful of the question that someone has asked as to how they can connect with us. We are there for connection and we hear your prayers. We hear what you are intending and hoping and desiring for. When, within your own matrix, you align yourself toward the change, then we are allowed to help with the change. When one is not aligned with the change and is believing in another outcome, it is very hard to move against that viscosity and bring a change about because we need to take your will into account. One of the ways you can tell that we are there and we are listening and hearing is that we make a connection and at times you can hear, if you are very finely tuned, us manifest concepts to you. As we share space with you, you might sense our color of light pink. You may feel a little heady, a little partly connected with not only your own space grounding but with the higher realm. You may see steps of gold as our liquid DW-40 lubricates stuck places in your matrix and allows a flow to begin within your space which then can facilitate changes, not only in the mind but in the body for instance for healing burns or in dissolving moles or warts. The physical laws which you experience, are based upon viscosity and when the flow can be introduced then there can be changes which can be classified as miracles by your people. However, the 3rd density responds in accordance to intention.

When one wants change, the discrepancy between the condition they find themselves in and the condition they wish to be in. If they side with the condition they don't want to be in and if they picture that as the only reality and their intention starts to expect and anticipate the continuation of that, it can stop the change. However, the other side of the coin is: If there is a condition and they really do not accept that condition as it is, then they put a fixation on the discrepancy between the ideal condition and the unwanted condition. If they accept the unwanted condition as it is, then it can change. This may seem hard to have these two opposing views. In order to totally be able to change conditions at will, one can adopt an non-linearity. In this non-linearity, one can totally accept the condition as it is and totally see it changing. Those are our comments. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes, from Lisa. What would you recommend for Lisa, who just came out of the hospital and is on the line. She wants to evoke a healing for herself.

Ra'An: There are a number of factors involved. When one labels a disease then one can feel they are subject to all the results and symptoms of that disease. Lisa feels as if she is floating right now, and she can, in that state, more easily bring in our energies to heal. What we said earlier about accepting conditions at the same time as leaving the condition is different in ideally healed is a start. Also to increase the electrical potential of the body so the body can handle the trauma that it is under from the Lupus. When the electrical potential within the body is the ideal potential for the different organs, as we are speaking slowly as we are looking and are there.

There is liver damage which we see in this case which makes it harder because there is a toxicity. The reestablishment of potential can be worked on by telling jokes, by laughing, by finding funny things that one can release charge on. This can help. Also know that this condition is of a time in this life and is not the soul condition. The soul is good and healthy and is part of All That Is and is the other side. We send energy through the being. She can remember this energy and call on us to help bring electrical potential upward.

She can also listen to the first part of this channeling. That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

Lisa, I would suggest that you get the audio for this channeling and play it at least once every day. Let us know what happens.

The next question is a question that a number of people would be impacted by this understanding. This has to do is, when a committed relationship breaks apart due to one party leaving another, the one left has pain that is referred to as heart ache or heart break. Can this pain be beneficial in any way and what's the best way to overcome this pain?

Ra'An: This pain is a very natural reaction and is the result of the breaking apart of the connections. Connections support and buoy one up and then when the connections are broken there is a loss of support; the buoying up of one. Even when it has been a bad relationship, there would be parts of it that the person would have felt supported by and helped by the presence of another one there that one can bounce things off, and interact with and communicate with. There is a period of grieving when there is the break up of a committed relationship which is normal. The person who is left can go through the period of grieving and then find ways to interact again. To find activities involving other people. A pot luck, a book club, a political meeting, something the person has interest in. Even though they might not feel like going, can rouse themselves and then can go. Some place where they can meet others. The library and study and can look around and have extraneous conversations and have other people around to go to Starbucks. To find something that they are interested in and someone that is also interested in that. They can get on the internet and go into some Yahoo groups and connect up. Facebook is a place that shows that people are interested in connecting with each other. As they make new connections they could learn from the past and see what qualities within the partner that has left that were not optimum. They can begin to seek a partner that would have more optimum characteristics and would not let them down. That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

This question sort of relates to the first question and that is: If someone is in a relationship where there is abuse. In this particular case the relationship is not an intimate relationship but with my verbally abusive sister. She says, I am torn between compassion and the need to protect myself. My compassion stems from knowing she was abused sometime in her life. She totally absorbed the abuse as normal. I have tried being loving and supportive of her stresses. I have avoided her. I have stood up to her and set limits. I have put her into love-light for her own sake and for those subjected to her abuse. Nothing has seemed to work, every time I see her or talk to her, I am either on tender-hooks waiting for her to fly into a rage or I come away feeling toxic, beaten up emotionally and feeling crazy. She yells, she criticizes, accuses, belittles and in her mind it's all justifiable because in her words, it makes me feel better. When is it time to give up on someone in a relationship and is that the loving thing to do?

Ra'An: It is hard to hear abuse and the individuals in the 3rd dimension have another factor to deal with and that is the animal instinct of the bodies in 3rd dimension, so that one is expressing verbal abuse on another, it tends to kick up the desire to defend oneself and to protect oneself. It is not a good relationship to simply take abuse. One reason to go into an abusive situation would be to purify it. If one is not able to purify it then it is best to stay out of that relationship. Being your sister, it is hard in a family relationship to back off from that and there is the desire within the family group for the protection of the family and the love between the family members and the desire to assist the family members in the group. So it is a difficult situation to back off. She feels so much rage that she feels the necessity to get it out and if she does not get it out and bottles it up, then that is an explosive situation for her. It is not good for you to have to experience such verbal abuse as it does not further your welfare. You have your own defenses and have tried many ways of handling this. One thing that we can do is look at your sister and place love-light in her sphere that she would perhaps sense and reach towards and she could then find help for herself so she would not have to spread such animosity among true friends. That is our answer for now.

Wynn: Thank you.

The second part of her question is she learning anything from this relationship?

Ra'An: The lesson as you search yourself to see what you may have learned. At times, a difficult relationship can bring up issues within yourself that you can see the necessity within your own self. A person can learn more about themselves through having had a difficult relationship.

Wynn: That is the last question we are going to take tonight. I appreciate and thank all of you for asking such high quality questions that are meaningful to many people. We thank everyone who is volunteering and everyone on the line and we thank Terry and our Sources. We will be on again Sunday on our grid healing and if you have never listened it is very powerful in terms of energies coming in. I am sure that coming into these calls regularly can help you tap into this higher energy and I hope you take advantage of this. See you all next time.





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