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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Monday – 05/16/2011
Summing up DNA as a cosmic blueprint
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Terry:  Hello everyone.  This is Terry Brown, the co-host of the
Wynn Free Monday night radio show.  We welcome everybody on BBS
Radio and on the conference line, as this is a simulcast between
BBS Radio and the conference line where people can call in and
they can ask questions.  I want to introduce Wynn Free, the star
of the show.  Wynn – are you there?
Wynn:  Don’t call me the “star of the show” –gees!  What
an insult.
Gjis:  Terry I love you!
Others:  I love you Terry.  Way to go, Terry.
Michael: Subtlety is your middle name.
Wynn: You know what?  The fact of the matter is, Terry is the
star of the show and I’m just the Master of Ceremonies.  Well,
she’s the 'star to the stars' – right?
Lisa:  That’s right.
Wynn:  Is that right, Terry?
Terry:  huh?
Wynn:  Oh well - I’m putting her on the spot.  Well, if you
happen to be listening for the first time - this is, as Terry
said, a simulcast where things that are impossible happen.  Lord
knows, we need impossible things right now on Planet Earth.  Many
of you who are listening to the call are watching our world go
through states of transformation, break down, tsunamis,
terrorists.  The interesting thing is, as the author of The
Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, I started writing about all of that
in the year 2000 when I was studying the channelings of David
When I was writing that, I was saying, “Can this be true?”
It was not so obvious what would be happening on our planet at
that time, and yet this group soul started saying it through
Wilcock, through his channelings or transmissions or messages.
And, here we are, and we’re in the middle of it.  And, we’re
in for what is called a “dimensional shift.”
The most important thing here is, if all the stuff that I’ve
been exposed to is correct, that we need to stay in the center of
the storm.  And, to stay in the center of the storm – it’s
not easy to do that by yourself.  We need energies of each other
to hold the space.  When you’re just by yourself, you’re
fragile.  Everything can pull you this way, that way.  And, the
center of the storm is a crucial place to be, but you move
slightly and you catch the winds and you get blown out of the
Really, the purpose of these calls and the work I’m doing is to
help people stay in the center of the storm.  It takes practice,
it takes discipline, it takes high intention and it takes friends
in high places; we’re lucky enough to have that.   And, it
takes each other.  It takes loving connection with each other.
There’s a lot of things going on around these calls that are
helping people to do that and if you judge by the results, it’s
working.  It’s working for the people who make it work for
them.  Nothing works unless you make it work.  Making it work
means reaching back; it means putting an effort forward.  Some of
you are finding the things you need to stay in the center of the
storm in other ways, or you use the information on these calls
and then take it into the energies you’re working with and you
can hold it.  And, that’s wonderful.  This is something that
anyone can take it at their own level, and there are a lot of
levels of connection if you choose, and there’s a lot of levels
of information that can help you understand things and operate
better.  But, it’s really important that you make the intention
to stay at the center of the storm.  A lot of times when people
get that idea “Oh, oh I’d better get in the center of the
storm” the first thing that comes up is fear. "What if I
can’t get there?"  Well, that’s just part of the path.  You
have to go through your fear; you have to keep taking one step in
front of the other, and do what it takes.
One of the best programs we have, if you’re one of those people
who feel disconnected, is something called ‘Team Shift.’
Everything we do, I do, I look at it as experimental because I
don’t know if it’s going to work until it works.  We’ve
been running the Team Shift program for I guess about a year or
longer, and it has room to support a lot more people.  The way it
works is: we have small groups of three to five to six people
meeting every day for ten minutes, and they call in the light.
Calling in the light is when we invoke the higher forces.  So if
you’re going to be in Team Shift you should at least be on our
calls enough to say, “Hmm, maybe they’re really calling in
the higher forces.”
You know, the fact that we’re doing this is a semi-miracle,
because Terry and I are both pretty… in some ways – how would
I say it?  Neither of us has had the easiest time functioning in
the physical realm for most of our lives.  And here, we’re
doing something, we’re creating something and people are paying
attention.  I don’t think of myself as different from you; I
just have these amazing experiences that, doing these calls is my
way of taking responsibility for the experiences - when I knew
they were real.  And, it had to do with communications with
intelligences in other realms that could help us help each other,
help the planet and the understanding of how the universe works.
Some of the stuff we present on these calls, I don’t believe
has ever been put out to a public audience; and, perhaps not even
to a private audience because there are things that we’re
learning that you couldn’t figure out scientifically, you
couldn’t figure out by studying history.  It has to come from
what I call interdimensional sources who are outside of time, and
have observed and connected with us through time over tens of
thousands of years.  Learning from their perspective what
evolution really is; what it means to evolve as a human.
There are many ways that people have talked about evolution in
spiritual terms.  They talk about God-realization.  They talk
about Enlightenment.  They talk about being clear.  You know
there are many words, from a human perspective, that relate to
advancement that most humans don’t have but might like to
attain to if they knew it was possible.  And, we’ve discovered
a whole new way of looking at that particular phenomena which
otherwise is somewhat of a mystery; it has been for me.  I mean,
I read about that when I was young and I said, “Oh boy, someday
I might get God-realized and I’m just going to walk around and
glow all the time.  I’ll feel perfectly great all the time, and
I’ll know everything.”  Maybe some of you have had that idea.
 So you go to this weekend seminar and sit at the seat of this
guru or that guru.  And somehow, even though there are some
really amazing experiences, you come back to yourself.  And I
used to say “Well when do I get to glow all the time?  When do
I get to God-realization?”
Then I had this experience of communicating with this
intelligence that said they were a group soul, and that they call
themselves the Elohim.  Throughout history, or many times in
history, the Elohim has been one of the names for God.  When I
asked them about it, they said, “Well, we don’t really like
being worshipped; we’d rather be your friend.  We’re just in
another dimension and we can impact your realm and when we do
impact things it’s very powerful on your level.  People tend to
give up their power when they see that kind of power
demonstrated.  But, it’s not our desire to have you give up
your power; it’s…”  They may correct me; whenever I talk
for them, I may not get it exactly right.  “We can help humans
to evolve.”
There are some rather important aspects of evolving, because we
don’t see beginning points and end points.  So we only see our
little life and we’re born and we die and we see our friends
and we read the newspaper – when I say beginning points and end
points, I mean the beginning point of where we started from.
Where did we come from?  How did that start?  What happened from
then until now?  Why is reincarnation in existence?  What happens
when you die?  What are the different outcomes that can happen
when you die?  Where do you go?  Are there different places where
you can go?  We have explored all those things with a fine-tooth
comb and many of the things we’ve learned – because I’m
part of the learning here, I don’t know these things – fit
into history, fit into religion.  But, from a point of view that
doesn’t have to do with belief or faith.  If we want to become
God-realized, and we’re talking to a source that we’ve
thought of as God, and they say, “We don’t want to be God; we
want to be your friends.” it’s like:  Where do we go from
The goal is to have friends in high places, because in the
biggest sphere of the way of looking at things, the universe is
one being, one energy – which our Sources call the ‘Law of
One’.  We all derive from the same energy; and, at one point,
we were undifferentiated and not separated.  And then we became
separated and then we forgot, and then there’s the path
backwards to that energy which we go through all these many
lifetimes to go somewhere.  Where are we going and how does that
The topic tonight was a continuation of DNA and its connection to
the cosmos.  We discovered a lot of things in this ongoing
discussion about DNA; and it’s always extremely fascinating
because we’re going into a realm that humans can’t ever
figure out on their own.  We have to see how the answers make
sense in a real level.  So, here are some of the things, as I
recall, from our previous conversations in this relationship to
DNA and soul evolution.   They can correct me if I got something
DNA could be looked upon as a microcosm for the entire universe.
DNA is the basic building-block of life: all life forms start
with DNA.  When I say a ‘microcosm for the universe’ it would
be, if we were able to study DNA, we could also learn a lot about
the universe which is the bigger part of it.  So, microcosm and
macrocosm, where something very small is the reflection of
something very big.  If that’s the case that means on some
level we have the potential for being the universe inside of us.
How does this potential work?  DNA has twelve strands and the
strands are either open or closed.  I am in no way a genetic
scientist, so I may get this wrong.  I’ll do my best just
through my own understanding.
When a strand of DNA opens, it opens you up to a certain aspect
of the universe, or a certain aspect of yourself.  And, the first
seven DNA strands approximately represent the first seven
chakras, and the next five represent expansions outside of your
body.  In fact they said the eighth one represents the place
above your head, about a foot.  Everyone has different strands
activated at different levels, and what activates a strand of
DNA?  How does it get activated?
Well, you have a chakra system which represents areas of your
body where there is energy centers that are open or closed to
various degrees.  Like, your heart chakra, your power chakra;
your heart chakra would be your fourth chakra.  Your fifth chakra
would be your throat chakra.  Your sixth chakra would be what
they call your “third eye”, and your seventh chakra is the
crown chakra at the top of your head; and then there’s the
pineal gland which has something to do with all of this.  When a
chakra is opened, it brings in a certain energy through that
chakra which then impacts the strand of DNA associated with it.
We all know the experience of occasionally feeling love.  When we
feel love: that’s the fourth chakra.  When you feel that
bursting of your heart; it doesn’t have to be bursting it can
be much more neutral than that.  But, for some people it comes
like that the first time it starts where you feel that radiance
– this is not an emotional feeling now, that’s a different
kind of love – it’s just a radiance around your chest.  And
when you do that, it connects with other people and they feel it.
 And when they do that, it connects with you.  We all know how it
feels, hopefully we know, we’ve had the experience of being in
an environment where there’s a loving energy and your heart
spontaneously opens.  When your heart opens, it starts a thing
that opens up your fourth chakra.  Normally, the interesting
thing I’ve learned, this was a great piece of understanding, is
that: the fourth chakra – it’s not like it glows and stays
open.  It’s like you need to create pathways in your life to
keep that chakra open consistently, because it can only respond
to the pathway.  Therefore, you go and you have some kind of
experience where it opens and then you do something else and it
closes and then you do something else and it opens again.  If you
want to keep it open, you have to constantly have experiences of
a fourth chakra nature.
One of the best ways to do that is to have a wonderful
relationship because now you have somebody that is always holding
a space of fourth chakra loving energy to you, and your fourth
chakra stays open all the time to that degree.  That doesn’t
mean all relationships are fourth chakra, because they’re not.
I’m talking about a good relationship; a good relationship will
hold that energy open.  Oftentimes it’s up to you to inspire
that energy in the person around you by listening to them, by
caring.  When you start to truly care, other people start to
truly respond.
The other chakras open by the use of the energy of that chakra.
For example, the fifth chakra - which is the throat chakra – if
I’m talking then I’m into my throat chakra.  I talk a lot so
I get a chance to keep the fifth chakra open.  If I talk and
I’m loving, I have the fifth chakra and the fourth chakra open,
so I’m leaving a fairly constant keeping of those DNA strands
open.  But, as soon as I switch directions and as soon as I do
something which is of a lower level, or be around a lower level
type connection with someone else which I sometimes do, those
chakras close.  It’s not like you just advance – it’s a
constant flow to keep chakras open.  So every moment is a chance
to open chakras.
You can also open your chakras, not only with other people, but
with the energies from other dimensions.  As you learn to feel
the energies of these groups souls – the Elohim group and the
Ra group – there is a kind of love that you can depend on that
is bigger and sometimes more dependable than a personal
relationship, because personal relationships can come and go and
people can change, and then when you’ve learned to open up your
fourth chakra in a personal relationship and then that
relationship falls apart, oftentimes people get devastated and
hurt, and it can take them years to recover.  So this bringing in
the on-going energy connection with these group souls, feeling a
sense of loving with them, is a way to keep your chakras open.
Everyone has different potentials and different growths depending
on their own, where they’re at.  So when you decide you want to
open your chakras, when you decide you want to evolve yourself,
you need to start moving your intention pointed towards higher
realms, towards higher connections.  I personally think the
easiest way to do it is by making the connection with these group
souls, because it’s not so easy to find things in the world
that you can depend on.  You can find groups you can go to that
will lift your energies and it’s good to do that, but then you
have to go back again.  You can, maybe if you’re lucky,
you’ll have a good friend and that friend and you will have a
heart-felt connection and you call them up everyday, and everyday
you call them up you move into that connection again and that’s
It’s not like an either/or situation; it’s not like; “Oh
God the Elohim love me.  I don’t have to live my life!”
That’s not true.  You’re in a body and you should be having,
or you could be having – it’s a possibility – that you
could be having fun down here, and having great friends and
having great experiences.  But, oftentimes it’s not so easy to
have that in this realm and people get very blocked.
So these are all little looks at what it takes to keep our
chakras open, and to keep our DNA activated.  You know, they tell
me they’re on the calls and they’re paying attention to you
during this call even while I’m talking about this.  So there
is a double-communication:  there’s the communication of what
I’m saying, and there’s the communication of other
dimensions.  Take a moment – let’s just be silent and be open
to being loved interdimensionally.  Be open to feeling the flow
of love through your energetic system without anyone present to
love you.  Let’s feel that…  (silence)
Now if you walked into a room; some of you felt it, some of you
felt a certain kind of reverence.  You can see how religions and
churches got started, because if someone was around that was
helping people tune into that connection, and then people were
all in a room and said, “Let’s tune into that connection”,
it’s very silent.  It’s very reverent.  And, it’s opening
up everyone’s DNA.
Ultimately, you have to be active to keep this all open.  You
can’t just be passive.  It takes some active promotion on your
part.  Otherwise it just dies.  You can come into these calls and
feel the energy, but ultimately you have to create, in this
realm, your own manifestation.  That is path to mastery here, to
be able to manifest, to hold this energy open and help other
people hold it open.  It doesn’t matter how you do that.  You
can be sitting as a receptionist in a legal office, like Terry
did, and hold the space and other people just feel it.  You just
change the energy.  Then when you do that, you’re changing the
energy for yourself.
You could go into the same office and it could be a nightmare; it
could be a bunch of attorneys fighting with each other.  So
it’s learning that – what was that famous movie: “If you
come, they will follow”?  I’ve had to learn that.  I said,
“I’m coming to these calls every week, three times a week.
How do I know they’re going to be there?  I don’t want to do
this myself; I can’t do it myself.”  I had to keep coming,
and every time I would they’d be here.  It wasn’t even
required that I was in a good mood; sometimes I wasn’t in a
good mood, but I still came and they showed up.  Sometimes I
didn’t want to do it, and I still came and they showed up.
That’s an amazing thing to learn.  Why don’t you try, every
day, to take a moment of meditation?  Or, listen to the opening
of our Sunday grid healing where I do that meditation and shut
your eyes and do it at the same time and say, “If I show up,
will they come?”  And see if they do.  They will!  They will!
This is how you do it – don’t just say, “Where are you?
Where are you?” - make a space, and let them know you’re
going to be there everyday so that they can ‘adjust their own
schedules’, so to speak.
We have this program called ‘Team Shift’ which works for
people; it’s been working really well for people, where a small
group of people meet every day at the same time.  They’ve
learned that when they show up the energies show up.  It
doesn’t matter how you feel beforehand.  It’s like it’s an
evolving process; as you learn and train yourself to tune into
these energies, you just start to do it - everywhere.  It sounds
simple, but it’s not so simple because every individual has
patterns, resistance, disbelief, all kinds of things that would
make one say, “This is not possible.”
I suggest that if you do any of these things you do it as your
own experiment.
Oh, oh – my phone is going to go dead and that’s going to
close our connection with BBS Radio.  Just a moment let me see
– oh, wait it’s charging again, maybe we can save this, okay?
 I have ordered batteries for my phone; I ordered them the second
time, and hopefully they’ll be here tomorrow.  I didn’t get
them the first time.  My battery has gotten weak.  It’s really
embarrassing that I keep having this problem when we do these
calls.  I think I’ll take the phone and plug it into another
computer.  We operate, in case you guys don’t know it, on a
pretty small budget.  Some of you have been sending us donations
and that is very much appreciated.  Keeping on a small budget
allows us to be totally – how would I say it? – no one
controls what we do here.  For this kind of work, it’s very
important that no one controls it, because then it loses its
authenticity.  So I don’t report to anybody.  When my cell
phone battery goes dead, and you say “Why didn’t you do
this?” and “Why don’t you do that?”  This is not yet at
the place of a high degree of professionalism and you’ll have
to excuse us, but I will say we do the best that we can.  So far,
we’ve been doing – it’s actually fairly impossible and very
rare that somebody is doing this in this realm, so they say.  So
I thank all of you who have been supporting it.  Occasionally
you’ll see a donation button; if you see it - $3, $4, $5.  And
if you’re well-to-do we appreciate thousands of dollars, but
that’s never happened yet.  It also makes us feel that what
we’re doing it working; received.  Because, otherwise what do I
need to do this for?  We’re certainly not getting rich on it,
but we are changing people’s lives.  I know that – I get
emails all the time from people who have synchronicities, who
have had healings, and there’s no other explanation for it
except that it’s real and it’s working.  On that note – let
me see if my battery is charging because I don’t want to go.
Okay, we’re charging.  I think we’ll probably run a little
long tonight because I don’t’ think they have another show
after us.  My battery is charging.
Terry:  I wanted to remind you that I’m not on BBS Radio.
Wynn:  You’re on BBS Radio through the conference line, okay?
Terry:  Okay.
Wynn:  In other words, as long as you’re on … everyone’s
muted and you’re unmuted.  So, you’re a moderator.  So
you’re on BBS Radio by nature of being on the conference line
as long as I’m still on BBS Radio, okay?
Terry:  Right.  If your phone goes dead, you’re not - right?
Wynn:  Yeah, that’s why I wanted to make sure it’s charged
because otherwise I could have called in on the Skype line; but,
it’s charging it looks like I’m okay.  What it is the battery
has gotten so low, so weak, that it goes for about forty minutes
instead of a few hours.
Gjis:  Wynn, do you have a back up plan in case it fails?
Wynn:  Well, the backup plan – it’s not going to fail, it’s
charging.  I can see it.
Gjis:  Okay.  Yeah.
Wynn:  It’s not going to fail.  If it failed, what would we do?
 I’d go on Skype and I’d call BBS directly, but it would
screw up everything.  So we’re not going to fail; we’ll be
I’m talking a lot now and I didn’t mean to talk so much but
we can go a little longer.  I’m just like the opening act here,
and we’re going to bring our guys in through Terry, and we will
get some of the refinements of how all this DNA/chakra/evolution
works, because on one hand we’re gaining knowledge.  On the
other hand, we’re getting critical information about how to
keep ourselves open, because our planet is in a great
transformation right now.
Some of you have noticed there are people running around in fear,
their fear of what’s going to happen?  It’s silly to be
afraid of dying, because if you’re going to be afraid of dying,
then you may as well be afraid every moment of your life because
you’re going to die!  I’d be afraid of not knowing what
happens when you die, not knowing the rules of the game.  We’re
learning the rules of the game; we know historically there are
many civilizations that have fallen; that Atlantis went into the
ocean; that Mu went into the ocean; that there was a planet
called Maldek that exploded into asteroids.  We know that Hitler
killed millions of Jews.  There are horrible things that happen
in the Universe, and one of the things we’re learning is how to
navigate in this realm and be as successful in this realm as we
The other thing we’re learning is that there are other realms
and to make sure that when we leave this realm that we have the
best transition possible.  And, that’s possibly more important
than navigating this realm.  As the Elohim would say - and you
know, after talking to them for this period of time - I start –
and those of you that are on the line often start – to get this
perspective:  you know, well this is just one lifetime in many
and this is one planet in many, and this is one opportunity in
many and everyone is eternal and we go on and on.  Once you can
really integrate that, it gets rid of a lot of fear.  When your
time comes, your time comes.  But the key is, we do go on and on,
but there are different future potentials, and how do we create
the best future potentials for ourselves?  I think it’s in this
area that faith comes into play, because we’re not there, we
can’t prove this to ourselves.  Although the fact that we’ve
been doing this for so long, the fact that there have been so
many synchronicities and miracles, and information – it really
is hard to explain how it’s all occurring if it’s not real.
I was talking about ‘Team Shift’: for those of you that feel
that you would like an on-going support system to help you keep
your energies open, then go to and
fill out, do all the paperwork.  I’m supposed to charge for it,
but I don’t charge for it.  Some day I might surprise you and
charge, but the key to this is:  I want to make the indelible
point that we’re not doing this as a business.  Although on
some level it has to ground as a business to expand, to reach
more people and to support ourselves, the intent is way higher
than just to see how many people we can get sending us money for
any particular thing.  The people
who come in every day and say ‘hello’ to each other on the
phone and call in the light are having phenomenal experiences.
One Monday we’ll bring some of them on the line to share
what’s happened to them as a result.
One of the things is: don’t feel like you have to be together
to do this!  Nobody’s together, we need each other.  This is a
way – just try it.  If it doesn’t work, quit it.  If
everyone’s nasty to you, quit it.  Don’t worry about – one
of the things about feeling bad about yourself is it’s hard to
take action, and you think people are going to judge you.  Try it
out.  This group is really well-conditioned to not make
judgments, the people that have been around for a while.  It’s
an opportunity for you maybe – maybe that one phone call to
Team Shift and participating can shift your path and help you
keep your heart open.  Now we’ll call in the light.
Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to
surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken
to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good
of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy
radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies,
through our bodies, into the center of the earth.  (I did that
fast.)  Right now we invoke a group energy and we invite those
sources that are positive, service-to-others - to join with our
energies and we create a protected space that only the positive
has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.  Do
we have our sources present?
Ra’An:  Yes, this is Ra’An, and we greet you in the love
light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is May 16th, 2011 and we
reach out and we are available to each and every person that
hears this call, to each and every person that hears the audio,
to each and every person that reads the transcript.  And, we are
available to answer your questions.
You are looking into the greater universe and connections with
the Universe when you bring up the connection of the chakras and
the electrical systems and connections of the body and how it is
connected and located within the earth sphere, within the plane
of the earth which is of a lower frequency than the higher
realms.  Do you have questions?
Wynn:  I did a kind of synopsis of my understanding of how things
work based on many of our conversations; did I have that fairly
well correct?  Did I make any errors in the way I described that?
Ra’An:  You have it fairly well-developed, and we check back
over your talk.  Give us a moment.  Your talk was fairly accurate
in the way the chakras connect and the DNA connects and the
opening of the chakra systems and the closing of the chakra
We have a couple of comments.  One of them is that in the third
dimension the relationship between the chakra system and the
surroundings is geared to respond.  The chakra system is geared
to respond, as conditions warrant, and you are totally right (in)
that the opening of the chakra is more available to the
individual when they are connected with a loving environment;
however, as a creature who is living in the third dimension, it
is also through experience, through the animal nature of the body
set to close when conditions become difficult as a protection for
the emotions and the survival of the delicate connections within
the human body.  Give us a moment.
Therefore, the opening and closing is in alignment with
conditions in the surroundings, so you are entirely correct that
one will have a more open chakra when they are in a condition
that allows them safely to expand and communicate and relate with
another.  The relation of the DNA is that the DNA is responding
to high frequencies at a condition where the higher vibrations of
other external bodies, star systems, other planets have an
influence upon the DNA and help form and hold into place the DNA.
Wynn:  In order to receive the influences of those other star
systems, then the requisite chakras would have to be open, yes,
for those influences to in stream?
Ra’An:  The chakras don’t have to be open or closed for the
DNA to respond to the other star systems to solar bodies as it is
affecting the body at all times, and the energies are strumming
the DNA as though it were a string on a guitar.  So, the body is
under the influence these systems, whether or not the chakra is
open; however, there is an influence of the DNA on … there is
an influence caused in the DNA by whether the chakras are open or
not.  Also, as when the chakras are open it allows for a greater
in streaming of the energies from the star systems, from the
other planets; and the individual then can become more psychic
and perceptive and intelligent when his systems, his chakra
systems, are open and he is more in alignment then with the star
systems and can take in greater information and greater energy.
Wynn:  When we talk about the star systems, how far does the
influence go?  Is it the closer star systems or is it the star
systems in the entire universe that are impacting the DNA?
Ra’An:  The star systems mainly in the solar system and then in
your galaxy, although there is influence by other star systems.
Any star system that moves light into your sphere.
Wynn:  So, what we’re talking about here is the basis for
astrology, yes?
Ra’An:  Yes.  This is what astrology is based upon, and as the
individual is born it is set into the individual’s body and the
individuals are ‘dancing with the stars’ so to say, in that
they tend to ride in on a zodiac sign and – the channel does
not understand what she’s saying now – the zodiac sign, so
that they may receive a familiar alignment.
Wynn:  At an earlier time in my life I did astrology charts and
it was one of the first things that opened me up to a greater
look at the universe, because I was skeptical at first.  One of
the things that was very compelling to me was - in my skepticism
sometimes I would meet somebody of a certain astrological
configuration, and immediately it reminded me of someone else who
had the same configuration, and I would guess their sign.  And I
started to realize that they were moving energies in me, the
other person based on the astrology would move energies inside me
that I could feel, and I started to identify the energies that
were moving in me and then guess their sign correctly.
That was an amazing experience because I could feel the energies,
even when I was skeptical.  So in trying to understand that in my
logical mind it was like each of us carries the imprint of the
star systems in the way they were at the time we were born.
It’s almost – let’s see, what’s the word? – like an
imprint in your system.  I guess that would be in your DNA, and
that other people carry the imprint of their systems with them,
and when people come together those imprints immediately start
interacting and we respond in very unique ways depending upon the
person who is in our physical sphere at that time.  Is that
Ra’An:  Yes.  Yes, it provides a grounding for each individual
and they feel - although this is at a subconscious level - their
DNA is oriented to that particular configuration and they are
operable within that framework and use it as an anchor, a
grounding and a reference point.
Wynn:  We know there are twelve strands of DNA.  What is the
difference in the way astrological configurations affect DNA and
just opening to the environment affects DNA?  For example, do the
astrological configurations affect all twelve strands, or does it
affect the higher strands, or the lower strands?  Obviously there
are only twelve variations, but I think there are sub variations
in that which I don’t quite understand.  How does that work?
Ra’An:  The astrological configuration interacts with the DNA
and aligns the DNA in accordance with the path and pattern of
energies in streaming from the star systems.  The … give us a
moment.  The DNA responds to the energies in streaming from the
star systems and resonates.  The resonant nature is greater in
the strands of DNA that are used in connection with the chakra
system that is known and to a lesser degree, the other strands
are resonated by the higher energies and frequencies.  As the
individual expands their connection with all that is, more of the
strands can vibrate more strongly and bring the individual to
realizations and perceptions they would not have otherwise had.
Wynn:  I also have this idea that there is a very unique way that
the planet earth imprints DNA, or connection.  Like, if you took
a human to another planet, how… when we had people walking on
the moon if that was actually true, when that happens, what’s
the impact of the shift of the human body from the earth place to
another place?
Ra’An:  There is a very great influence upon the body as when
an individual does not have the strong interaction that is in the
connection with the earth plane, then there is a different, a
whole different, pattern of the integrity of the muscles and the
cells of the body, as the influence can be lessened - depending
upon if the individual’s in space or if the individual’s on
the moon – and with the lessened impact of the earth and its
attractions does not then exercise the muscles.  Individuals as
they exist in their daily life, just by virtue of the fact of
being on the earth’s surface, get exercise in the resistance
their muscles feel to standing, to holding erect, and this helps
shape and form the muscles and keep them in their confirmation.
Wynn:  Is DNA a template for all life forms in the entire
Ra’An:  Yes, the DNA is a template that is throughout the
universe.  It is formed from the resultant spinning energies of
the body, the celestial body, wherein the individual is
developed, the body systems are developed, and live.
Wynn:  So DNA is the template, so that means all alien life
forms:  grays, Orions – all have DNA-based systems.  If
somebody is from a certain planet and they move to another
planet, can they do that successfully and stay there?  Does their
DNA re-adjust to the new planet, or do they have a limited time
to be there before things start breaking down, for example.
Ra’An:  It depends upon what body they inhabit.  Some bodies,
over time, lose their template.  And, as they lose their original
template and move away from it based upon what it takes to
survive in that plane, they may run into difficulty with
surviving even on that plane or on another planet; however, an
individual can, if they are flexible, adapt and can move into
life on another planet.  The gravity may be stronger; the DNA may
develop a slightly different characteristic to adapt to the new
Wynn:  Thank you.  So, I think the bottom-line question really
is:  How do you make this useful as a human?  How do we adapt
this information about DNA and all the influences so that we can
have the best experience.
Oh!  Let me ask this question:  I put out the idea that a human,
by opening up to the energies of feeling loved by the group souls
could open their DNA.  Is it possible for a human to open up to
such a degree that they become more detached from the need for
human experience to do that, or is there always the need for
human experience?  We could take a look at Mother Theresa, who
was very dedicated to service.  But, she still human experience
because she was in service all the time to humans.  How about
some expansion and understanding of that particular concept?
Ra’An:  When an individual leaves this realm, they may take the
memory of the DNA at a more thinner level, at a more ethereal
level, and may then use it to help form their heavenly body,
which is similar to the human body.  And, they can move into the
different realm and have different characteristics than other
individuals that are in that realm.
Wynn:  So the DNA is still activated when you die?
Ra’An:  That is correct – the memory of the DNA moves with
the individual and they manifest in the other realms based upon
the memory of the form and substance of their DNA experience.
Wynn:  We notice that many people look like their past lives, but
some people look like their mother or their father.  Some people
– of course most people don’t know about their past lives.
How is the appearance regulated with all the different variations
of DNA?  For example, astrologically it says when people have
certain astrological configurations, their faces are fatter,
their bodies are taller and thinner – so is there a way to
understand how that mish-mash works that turns into a physical
Ra’An:  Everything is in the now; everything is created over
and over again in time.  It is created in the now and all of the
factors of the past experience move into the creation.  When an
individual is born they may look more like their parents, but as
they move with the body over time, they may bring the past
memories of the DNA into their body and the body may, as they
grow older, look more and more like they did in their past life.
Wynn:  I see.  So, every life that a person has would be like
that if they happened to be a resonance of a certain particular
past life in that life.  If they’re duplicating patterns of
that life, they would start to look like that person.  If they
started to duplicate the patterns of another past lifetime, they
might start to look like that person.  Yes?
Ra’An:  That is correct.  Generally there are similarities in
the lifetimes between how the individual looks, with the body
form, the facial features and the height and the weight of the
individual, as in the past they have gotten comfortable with that
form and move it into their present form.
Wynn:  I see, thank you.  So the final question is if you’re
going to recapitulate:  if a human is going to take advantage of
this knowledge, and they want to be at the highest level of
evolution possible and they want to activate their DNA – it’s
probably a complex answer and it’s going to be different from
person to person to person.  But, if you want to tackle
approaching that I’m sure people would appreciate understanding
what they can do to keep their level of evolutionary advancement
at the highest state.
Ra’An:  They can keep their heart open and be flexible, as
flexibility in attitude and tone allow them to move with the
changes and to upgrade their DNA, as the energies in streaming
into the planetary system can strum, so to speak, their DNA and
open it up to the higher energies and can open it up as it does
that to inner communication with others and make the availability
of remote vision available, of telepathy available; as if one
remains in a closed-off condition, they shut out possibilities
for higher connection with their surroundings and with others.
Wynn:  I remember a teacher I had many years ago, he said the
first law of spirit was acceptance.  It seems to me acceptance is
another word for flexibility; in other words, if you’re in the
middle of an experience it doesn’t mean you don’t have to
choose another experience, but particularly if it’s an
uncomfortable experience, to allow yourself to flow through that
to be flexible to walk around it – sometimes I tell people like
water flows around rock – if you have a difficult relationship,
learn how to flow with it, to accept it but not let it trap you
and that’s a very fast way through things.  When you reject an
experience you’re in the middle of, it seems like you
perpetuate it and it doesn’t change.  It’s kind of a trick,
because people say, “I don’t want to accept this because
it’s painful” but if they are always in a state of resistance
it seems like they keep that circumstance alive through their
Ra’An:  That is correct.  It is like a more ethereal
manifestation of an item.  A rock in the middle of the road is
very solid.  Something that one does not want to accept is also
similar to a rock in the middle of the road, a hindrance to the
passage of the individual through the difficult time as if they
don’t accept it, then it remains there as an obstacle to them.
However, acceptance does not mean liking it, or going along with
it, even.  Or, siding with it – it does not mean that.  It
means simply acknowledging that it is there, the obstacle is
there, the thing one doesn’t like is there.  By acknowledging
it, that it is there, one does not have to like it or take it on
to be their own.  They can simply acknowledge it and as such,
they give up the obstacle and can move around it and can let it
go and can then re-adjust their life without it, without the
obstacle.  Does that make sense?
Wynn:  Yes.  And I imagine that would hold true for any obstacle,
like:  I don’t have a job, I have a difficult relationship, my
family doesn’t love me, I’m sick, I have this problem in my
body.  Anything like that - if you can accept it you give
yourself the power to move through it.  But if you’re in a
constant state of resistance to it, you let it perpetuate more.
Ra’An:  Yes, when one rejects it, it remains there as a fact, a
fact of life.  However, if one can take it apart, analyze it, see
what it is, what it consists of, then often the obstacle can
simply dissolve and they can move past the obstacle.
Wynn:  Even on a cosmic level or on a planetary level, even on
the things that we look at that are negative in this realm –
negative groups, negative agendas – there is a similar process
of flowing around them and not resisting them, whereas resisting
them would give them actually more power.  Yes?
Ra’An:  That is correct - when one resists something that is
what they generally get.
Wynn:  There is a saying which goes “that which you resist,
Ra’An:  Yes.  That is very true.
Wynn:  Okay.  We’ve been going for a long time and I thank you
for being with us tonight and hanging in on this really
interesting subject.  I hope our audience liked it and
appreciated it and got something out of it.  Do you have any
closing words before we say goodbye?
Ra’An:  We send love to each and every person on the line.  You
have undertaken a difficult job - to manifest your lives in the
third dimension.  And, it is a playing-ground for much
opportunity for learning and strengthening your soul.  Adonai.
Wynn:  Thank you everyone who is on the line and listening, and
we’ll see you next time.  This is Wynn free with Terry Brown
bringing forth that information and our sources, our conglomerate
energy.  They identify themselves as part of the Ra group and
part of the Elohim group, and they are two group souls that have
played parts in the history of our planet, they say, in terms of
helping us grow and evolve.  We are honored to be able to bring
their voice to all of you who are listening.
Good night to all.
Edna:  Thank you, Wynn.  Thank you, Terry.
Lisa:  That was very interesting.
Wynn:  Were you able to follow it?
Lisa:  Yes.
Gijs:  It’s getting better and better.  Thank you, Ra’An and
Wynn and Terry.
All:  Good night everyone and thank you.

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