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                                                                            Ra'An for May 18, 2011

This is Wednesday, May 18th, and my name is Wynn Free with Terry Brown and we are going to ask questions of our Sources tonight which you folks have submitted. We have a few questions tonight. Are you ready Terry?

Terry: Yes

Wynn: (Wynn calls in the light)

We wait for our Sources to identify themselves.

Ra'An: This is Ra'An. We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is May 18th, 2011 and it brings us joy to come into your realm and touch base with each and every person on the line. As we do it we expand our field to include all the Light-workers who work in the plane of the 3rd dimension earth. We are here to answer your questions and we are available to you twenty-four hours a day and you do not need a telephone line to ask. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes. We have two people who have health questions and just let me make a disclaimer. We cannot diagnose, but sometimes there's a good suggestion that comes through, so check it out with your medical professional if you are going to try to apply it. This is from Dee Collier and she is on the line. Her husband is suffering from bad headaches. What can he do to alleviate some of this pain or fix him from these headaches?

Ra'An: Thank you for your question. When one lives in the third dimension and has a third dimensional body, it requires hydration to make sure the body can repair itself and has enough liquids to function. There are also, besides water for proper hydration, there are also things that a person can do to give the proper nutrients to the brain like omega oils. We see that there may be other factors in this case we will take that under submission.

Wynn: Thank you.

I want to say there are two things that I have learned works for headaches, which there was a period in my life when I had headaches quite often and one of them is to put your neck under as hot water as you can when you are in the shower and it tends to loosen the muscles and get the blood flowing. The other thing is sex. You might try seducing your husband. It's not like being horny, it's like all those feelings get suppressed and if you can open them up because it shoots a huge amount of energy into your head and releases headaches. That would be my answer added to that. Thank you for your question. Would our Sources want to make any comments about my answer before we move on?

Ra'An: Yes, these are all helpful. Sex also helps when the male ejaculates. If there are a number of ejaculations in a month it helps to ward off prostrate cancer. Also as a person gets older, concerning the brain, if there is not enough hydration and enough nutrients, that the brain surroundings need to repair itself which can also create problems, eventually moving into memory problems. However, that is the extent of what we are going to say at this time.

Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question from Jean, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She says: I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2000. Could you please comment on my situation?

This is Wynn. I would like to comment on this as well. As you know Lupus is the thing they fixed in my sister. My sister had cancer and she had an operation and they said it would help. When she survived the operation I would call her up all the time and tell her jokes and be the cheer-up committee. She started telling the jokes to the nurses and she was in total joy and all the nurses would come around and ask her what was her joke for the day. Three weeks later they did a test on her and said her Lupus was gone and that never happens. When we channeled about it, they said they took like a big filter and filtered her blood but they also said that if I hadn't done that cheer-up committee then they couldn't have healed her. There was a key there which means she had to get into a state of joy, of fun and let go of her seriousness so the healing could occur. Now I'm not sure if that's true for anyone else but I have an idea it is. When we start to let go and be in the moment and have fun, we open ourselves up to healing. I turn it over to our Sources to comment on Jean's question.

Ra'An: There is a lower electrical potential in the glandular systems which is opening up the body to this disorder and we see that one of the things that can be done is the reestablishment of the correct electrical potential in the glandular system. With your sister, it was the cheer-up committee, the jokes, that helped to raise the potential. It was the attention and caring that your sister got and the two way communication. There are a couple of doctors in the United States that work in this area, however one is in Texas and one is in Arizona. We suggest you get in touch with Wynn for further information.

Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Alana in Niagara Falls and her question is concerning energies coming from electro-magnetic sources that we are exposed to. She mentions wireless routers, mobile phones etc. Is there a crystal or set of crystals that will offset, dissipate and reduce effects coming from those devices. I will add to that question and ask, if not crystals, is there anything else? There are people who have funny little pyramids that they put around that they think dissipate it. There are people who put funny little things in their cell phones that they think will dissipate it and can you comment on the ability to dissipate those kinds of things which have been proven to not be good for humans and how they work?

Ra'An: Yes. There is starting with cell phones. There are cell phone protectors which can be put on a phone that are microwave protectors which limit them in what can reach the head. There are similar devices that one can install in their house or around their house that can process the wave forms and turn them into a harmless wave form. One could contact Dr. Marshall at 310 320 1132 to get more information on these devices. These waves are intersecting the body and interference with the body's own circuitry and this can be detrimental leeching off energy in strange ways from the body and exposing the person to lower potentials which can disrupt the body functions.

Wynn: Thank you.

Let me just add something to that question. Quartz crystals which are used for healing and the crystalline structure of quartz crystals is supposed to interface dimensions. There are people who use crystals as a way of healing themselves. Can you comment on that methodology of balancing the energies in your body by using crystals. Some people put them around their body, on their chest, on their forehead. Does that help?

Ra'An: That can help stabilize. The answer is yes, however the crystals do different things depending upon the size and the shape. A crystal is a condenser and re-directer of energy and can help bring in or magnify energy from the person or from another source to the person.

Wynn: Thank you.

Another question comes from Tom. It is an interesting technique. It's where you put a certain kind of mattress or pad on your bed and you run a wire from the pad to the earth; to an earth ground. In the case of this company, they run it into the ground of the house wiring. Supposedly, sleeping on that is a positive benefit but do you have any comment on that efficacy of that from a health point of view and what kinds of things that would be good for, if it is good.

Ra'An: Does this pad have circuitry or metal that just grounds the pad?

Wynn: I don't believe the pad has circuitry but I believe it has metallic filaments in it that connect with the body. You don't feel the filaments but it makes the grounding spread through the pad.

Ra'An: Yes, this can be beneficial to the person to have bleed offs and ground their own excess work, tension energy.

Wynn: Anything particularly for healing or just for generally good healing?

Ra'An: Yes, it is good for healing because it helps establish the more correct potentials for the body and helps the body to reestablish which can be of a healing nature.

Wynn: If anyone is interested in checking out those devices the website is called

The next question is from Mara and she talks about Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. She asks are all the vaccines responsible for those and is the medication causing more harm than good? My child has ADD and we use many alternative treatments: bio feedback, crystals energy work, no medication just vitamin supplements. Are these good ideas?

Ra'An: These are good but you have more.

Wynn: Well I was just going to say and we have discussed this topic in the past and I recall, and I am fairly sure this is accurate, there has been a lot of ADD amongst young people in the past twenty or thirty years and that as we have learned if you are reading our books and listening to the calls, we are in this place where there is a huge amount of energy streaming to the planet and many of the children are very evolved. They have come in very advanced with their DNA highly activated. They have come from very high places and when they get into this realm, they have all this energy and they have to try to contain it in this small unit of their body and it makes them hyper. In my opinion, the real solution to this is for the person to find something where their circuits are used, like music, art, or a good relationship, walking, being of service, some kind of outlet for all this incredible energy because they cannot fit themselves into the regular world because their energy is too big. That's my opinion. I turn it over to our Sources.

Ra'An: Thank you.

Another cause of ADD is the disruption within the circuits of the body. Chaos, which can be caused by different factors not only by vaccines. The keeping on of the television, the over stimulation of the child's circuits so that the child does not get the chance to develop of his own center; his own circuitry, to become an achiever in something the person is really interested and passionate about. So work with the individual child and their development and find out what their interests are and have them develop those interests to do things they can be proud of and find their place in society, instead of having disjointing stimuli from say a TV.

Wynn: Thank you.

I am sure I would have been diagnosed with ADD but they would have used the word neurotic, a word they don't use anymore. It wasn't until I started hitch hiking around the country playing music that I got all my fuses going and was kind of relaxed. More in a state of balance.

Dee, I am going to pass on your second question for tonight. It's a good question and submit it for next week as Terry is tired.

On that note we will bring this session to a close. Thank everyone for being here and thank Terry for being here. We will see many of you on Sunday when we do our grid healing. Have a good rest of the day.






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