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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences

Monday – 05/23/2011

One Size Does(n’t) Fit All?

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

This is May 23rd, 2011 and this Wynn in Sedona and Terry in Phoenix. This is our Monday night conference call. We have an interesting topic, but the real topic is going to be far more deep than the topic I announced. I think the topic was “One Size Doesn’t Fit All.” But, ever since I sent that out, I’ve been thinking about it and I was thinking that maybe one size does fit all; and, how does that work? What I was thinking when I put that idea out for a topic is how individual we all are. That we are looking for simple things - and you know what? If there was a simple thing that one person could say “Do this, think that, believe this”, our world wouldn’t be in a quandary now, because everyone would have done it already. Even the best of the best have failed to create something so simple that everyone could apply it and shift.

Of course, as we’re learning on our calls, each of us has a very unique energy signature. And each of us – okay, let’s just take a look at one point: Somewhere in the universe right now, at this moment there is a core of energy and that core of energy spreads out into the entire universe. The universe is made of that energy and somewhere at the core of energy which we call the center of the universe, exists an intelligence or a group of intelligence, that have called themselves the Elohim. They are able to manifest to us, to go through all those fields to get here and talk through Terry; not only talk through Terry but to come in as an energy that we all feel. Each of us started at that core of the universe sometime in the distant past – came in and took a body, or the energy formed around the body. You know, there is one question we asked that I thought was extremely fascinating which was “How does a soul get attached to a body?” Well, they said it started with the DNA, and then the DNA would pull in the soul or would create an energy around it that would come and differentiate itself. That’s a very interesting idea and of course in this kind of information I never say anybody, they should believe it because I can’t even prove that. But, it’s a very interesting concept: that, if you create a certain form of DNA, the DNA then pulls in the energy and forms it around the DNA so that it has a unique, individual energy signature. Prior to that, there was no individuated energy.

So, this is an interesting idea about cloning – if somebody clones themselves and they make an exact DNA copy of themselves - then what would happen to the energy that gets pulled into that clone? Is it the same soul as the original person? Is it a duplicate of that soul? Is it very similar? Does it have the memories immediately? I think I’ll ask that question; although, we’re not into cloning (but) just to understand the nature of life, of how that works. In any case, when we started out we were kind of fairly innocent and pure in one respect, but not necessarily very evolved – innocent and simple. Then, over many, many eons of lifetimes we started to keep re-forming and re-creating that signature that was us, that energy signature, which some people call a soul – to the present time, when we have, each of us, a very complex energy signature. We sit here in our bodies and in our conscious minds and we want things to change and get different and we say “How do we do that?” Obviously, there are going to be certain techniques, which our energy signature, our very unique way of being, is going to respond to a certain thing where someone else would respond to something completely different. The system of yoga in India actually takes this into consideration. They have – I’m not going to remember them all – but they have four or five different kinds of yoga; and they say depending upon a person’s nature that they would gravitate to one yoga or another.

For example, there is Bkati Yoga. ‘Bkati’ is devotion. So, those people that love to pray, go to church, have a woman who is devoted to her man… there is a quality of devotion that a whole yoga is formed around. All the exercises in that particular yoga are going to connect with devotion. Then there is another kind of yoga – let me see if I remember the name – it might be called Jnana Yoga, I’m not sure. But, it’s the yoga of wisdom and it has to do with learning the deep understandings of the way things work and to appeal to a person whose nature is looking for wisdom. Of course, the most popular form of yoga is Hatha Yoga, and Hatha Yoga has to do with the physical body moving into different postures. That’s the one that most people go to when they attend the local yoga classes – Hatha Yoga. I think there is more yoga(s) than that. It doesn’t mean that you’re just one or the other; I mean obviously you can be devotional and wise at the same time and you can have a physical body so you can do Hatha Yoga, but it’s “Where is the leaning for you?” It has to do with your entire track and all the energy signatures that you’ve picked up from the beginning of your individuation.

Each of us, in some degree, for our physical learning process in this realm, has to find those techniques, those paths that resonate with them, that are unique to them. Some people are vegetarians, some people love lots of meat. Some people are celibate, some people are sex maniacs, some people are this, that, the other thing. There are all these different natures that people have and probably Shakespeare, I think it was Shakespeare, that said “To thine own self be true.” Ultimately, only you can figure out your nature and what works for you.

Now I’m going to go into – this is where this gets really interesting – I’m going to go into a look at something that I was intuiting, because our groups always refer to ‘The Law of One.’ What happens in the Law of One? How does ‘oneness’ reconcile itself with individuality? How does that work? Now here is where I’m going to go off and speculate, then when we talk to our sources through Terry I’m going to get some clarification on my speculation.

Many people that are involved in spiritual groups today, spiritual awareness, talk about something called the ‘quantum field’, or ‘zero point energy’. There’s a physics principle, I believe it’s called the Heisenberg Principle, that discusses the wave/particle idea of matter. Let’s see if I get this correct. I didn’t study this exactly before this talk, so I hope I don’t make any gross mistakes in my physics.

At the smallest piece of matter, there are certain experiments where it behaves like a solid and other experiments that it behaves like a wave. It’s a particle then it’s a wave. For a long time, this stumped scientists. How could it be a particle, and how could it be a wave? The idea is that it blinks back and forth; it keeps going from wave to particle and wave to particle. When it needs to be a wave, the wave side of it will work on the measurements and when it needs to be a particle, the particle side will work. This is a very interesting concept, because if we apply this to our consciousness which is what we’re going to do today – we’re going to apply it to our consciousness – what if our consciousness was a wave and a particle? What if all of us were blinking on and off, all the time? And, when we’re on we’re in the physical world particle and when we’re off, we’re in the wave world: metaphysical? For most of us, we miss the blinking.

What I’m telling you is in no way truth. This is my putting stuff together and then we’re going to ask about it and see what they say, if I’m on the right track. If you look at a picture in a magazine, you will know that there are what is called little dots and there are so many dots that they form a picture and you don’t realize they’re dots. It’s the same thing with the television screen – they’re lines. There are so many lines that we don’t realize they’re lines, we see pictures. I’m going to propose that physical reality is similar in that we blink on and off, on and off, on and off – and, our consciousness pulls in all the places where we’re on and it looks like a continuum. But, it’s not really a continuum, it’s a blinking. When we’re in the particle phase, we are in a universe where everything is constructed and solid and ‘real’ so to speak. But, when we blink off we are in our non-physical existence. In the blink-off there’s no space or time, we disappear into nothingness just as if you took a picture in a newspaper, and instead of looking at all the dots you looked at all the spaces in-between the dots you’d have a blank picture, okay? Both exist, but we tend to flow it all together so that we only see what’s solid. My theory is, in that blink-off we are in the oneness, we are in the place of original creation, we are in the place of our sources – there is no separation, it’s all connected.

Sometimes when we talk, I suddenly stop talking and I say “Can you feel the space?” Now - in my theory here we are in the quantum space, and when we want to shift our lives all we need to do is blink into that space and insert some intentions and then the physical universe, the blink-on, starts to recreate. Now, that’s my theory – that’s how it feels when I think about it. That’s a very different way of looking at our sources, because oftentimes when we visualize the center of the universe we have something which is very far away. We know there are galaxies and galaxies and galaxies and planets and light years, etc. But, what if on the blink-off there was no distance and no time? Feel the energy when I stop talking.

So - the question is: If that’s true, how do we move into the blink-off and insert a re-creative energy so when we blink on something shifted for the better. I’m telling you a theory; there is no way to prove it. But, we are going to bring in our sources and question them about this, because if I’m correct we’re on the edge of a technique that can be applied to everyone’s life to bring in the things they want. Is it different from calling in the light? I don’t think so. When we’re calling in the light and we do “Father Mother God” we’re expanding through the entire – in our invocation anyway – physical universe and bringing energy in from the center of the universe. That’s what we say. What if what we are really doing is moving into the place where we’re blinked off, and there is no time or space and we’re coming close to anything and everything we think about and intend, because we’re on the blink-off of the field? In that space is where everything starts. I don’t even know if this makes sense to you guys, but we’re going run it up the flag, and … Terry? Terry’s conscious mind – are you there? Hello, Terry.

Terry: Yes, I’m here. I’m here.

Wynn: I used to be a physics major, so some of this stuff about quantum physics I remember way back when - I really did lose total interest in being a physics professor at one point, but nonetheless - there’s the part of mind that still thinks that way. Terry, you used to study physics as well, right?

Terry: Yes, I have a degree in physics.

Wynn: You’re ahead of me. Okay. What college did you go to?

Terry: Lewis and Clark College.

Wynn: Lewis and Clark – that was in the middle of the country somewhere, right?

Terry: It was across the river from Reed College in Oregon.

Wynn: I love Lewis and Clark. I saw a TV show on them. Do you guys know about Lewis and Clark? They were these two guys that decided to explore the United States and to lay out new territory and they had to make friends with Indians, there was just the two of them. I forget how they were traveling. When they came back, one was made a public servant and the other couldn’t handle it, he was such a hero he couldn’t stand the recognition. I think he died. There was a beautiful show on PBS one time. From your conscious mind point of view about what I just said – does any of that make any sense to you?

Terry: Yes. Yes. I probably would put a little different slant on it – and that slant would be that… up there I’m starting to go into the channeling mode.

Wynn: Alright, let’s just forget you and we’ll just talk to them, okay? You don’t mind, do you?

Terry: No. The other thing that I’m picking up is the extreme ??? attention of the people in the area of Joplin that are focused on the news forums coming through right now. It seems like they might want to do something…

Wynn: Maybe before I go into my topic, maybe we’ll just bring that up and see if we can’t send some group energy in that area. Okay?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Okay.

Gijs: Wynn, will you back away from the microphone a little bit? You’re breathing in it and also sometimes it doesn’t sound so good.

Wynn: Is that better for now?

Gijs: Yes.

Wynn: Thank you. I never heard Johnny Carson’s producer come on and say “Johnny, back away from the microphone.” Of course, he probably had tele-prompters.

Terry: Johnny never breathed into the mic.

Wynn: He probably had mic-guards – you know, foam and stuff.

Wynn: Or else, if he did something wrong they’d run up to him with a teleprompter and say “Johnny, get away from the microphone.”

Gijs: Hey Wynn – was it one size fits all related to last week’s topic?

Wynn: Was I talking about condoms last week? That was my subconscious that just put that in, forget that, cancel that. This is a spiritual show. What was last week’s topic?

Gijs: Sex.

Wynn: Sex. Oh, I see. See I can’t remember. That’s what happens. That’s why people that start doing this stuff suddenly can’t remember stuff because they start living in the spaces and the memory is in the other section. That’s my theory anyway.

In any case, let’s call in the light and let’s start off bringing energy into the Missouri area however it should be done, and then we’ll go into this topic. We can go over a little bit tonight, but not too long because then Terry starts bitching. She says “I have to sleep all the time.” Are you laughing about that, Terry?

Terry: Mhm.

Wynn: It’s true, isn’t it?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Yes. She says “You better be sure and stop at seven.” Actually, it really is true. Terry does this so easily and seamlessly it seems like there is no repercussions. Having observed her for a long time in this process – one of the things that I do imagine that it’s possible to go into the field and do this with no repercussions, I guess it’s possible. But in general, moving back and forth from this nothingness to somethingness and nothingness to somethingness … the somethingness part of us always has some drag. Plus, when we meet everyone else in the nothingness and then we go into somethingness we carry a little bit of energy from everybody into it. I’ll tell you a story where I learned this.

It was a couple of years ago and I had come to Sedona and I decided I was going to do a public talk and there was a little restaurant that had a free room that they would give me, their banquet room, to do a talk if people ate dinner. We did a talk, and then we took a dinner break and then I came back to talk again. That seems simple enough; but, what I found out was I made a terrible error in organizing my talk that way. What happened was – when I’m talking and when Terry’s channeling, we are in the midst of creating a group energy. Another way of putting it is: we are – it’s my theory here – is we are going into the wave part of consciousness where there is no existence. There’s nothingness. Those of you that are feeling the energy are coming into that with us – we’re going into it as a group.

I’m kind of getting used to holding this energy. Terry is getting more used to it. Many times, people on this call or people that are hearing us for the first time are not used to it. What happened at this dinner is I created – when I say “I created”, I did not do it. I just showed up and talked. But, I experienced a group energy forming as I was talking. And then we ate dinner and when we stopped to eat dinner, the group energy totally fell apart. It was like I was in this energy that was being pulled apart, almost like (you know) how they take a body and if they’re going to pull a body apart they attach things to the arms and the legs and horses go each different way? That’s how it felt my energy field was; I was in the group energy and as soon as we ate dinner it was like it went back to the individual energies: “How are you doing?” “What’s going on?” “We really liked that” - and everyone was engaged in an energy of separation, not terrible separation, about like “Oh, let’s get to know these people. We live in the same town.” I’m sitting there, and as that separation occurred I was in the middle of it and I started getting headaches; I started getting nauseous. I was sitting there, I couldn’t eat my dinner. I told everybody “Excuse me, I’m going to have to leave.” I went out and sat on my car until everybody finished dinner. I came back and I was still separated. I was still like fragmented, and I had a huge, throbbing headache and I tried really hard and I pulled it together and I got the group energy to come back in, but I still had the headache for the rest of the evening.

When we’re doing these calls, I think something similar happens that on the call there is a group energy; we’re actually part of you, you’re part of us for the moment. When the call ends there’s a certain rehabilitation time so that we come back to ourselves. It’s probably true for some of you as you get used to holding these frequencies. When the calls ends you feel the frequencies on the call and you now have to go back and you’re dealing with yourself as a father, or a husband, or a wife, or going to work. Each moment, the deal is, even though we may be moving into this quantum field on this call, when the call is over it’s a new moment. Can you step into the next moment and recreate being in the space of that moment?

Oftentimes, people don’t learn how to do that quickly, and so when they look back at this and say “Well, that was awesome” or “That was great” or they’ll put me on a pedestal and it’s not me. You’re doing it; except, I’ve learned to be in the space. It’s not a linear process; I don’t know how to tell you how to do that, other than share my experiences and you have to pick it up and take it home and do it yourself. The idea of being in the space instead of in the solid part, and seeing your life as a blinking consciousness that’s moving from solid to ‘field’ or wave, and start looking for the wave and then you move into that place of recreation in not only your life but the physical universe you live in. Now I’ll shut up and what time is it? It’s 6:42 – luckily we can go over so people won’t be too mad at me, and we will talk about… there is some possibility I might go off when I put this power cord in and I want to put it in before I start so I don’t get desperate.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of our galaxy through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, operating in and honoring The Law of One, to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. We await for our sources to identify themselves.

I don’t hear anything. Terry, we don’t hear you. I wonder if she bleeped out. Sometimes she drops her phone or something, and then she calls back into the conference line directly. Why don’t we just hold the space of the space and feel the energies that come in.

In fact, while we’re waiting for Terry, why don’t I open up the line because I’m just curious if what I said made sense to you? If you have cognitions about how things work… Okay, everyone is unmuted and Terry may come in and then we’re just going to immediately re-mute you all, but does anyone want to make a comment, if they had cognitions on that? Terry, are you there? No.

Dee: Wynn, this is Dee Collier.

Wynn: Yes, go ahead Dee.

Dee: I think what you said is brilliant, just so you know. I’m studying physics and I haven’t got my degree yet, but soon. It makes a lot of sense about blinking in and out of the physical and the waves. I’ve been learning that when we… Is that Terry?

Terry: Yeah.

Dee: There she is. I’ll be quiet.

Terry: Can you hear me? Yes, BBS dropped me out.

Wynn: This is happening every week. Okay, Dee thank you for sharing that.

Dee: Thank you.

Anyone else want to make a comment before we go back to Terry?

Wynn, you are breathing in the mic again.

Terry: Yeah, we can’t hear you because of breathing in the mic.

Caller: Stop breathing, Wynn. Stop breathing.

Stop breathing thank you.

Caller: You can’t be breathing and talking at the same time.

Caller: Poor guy.

Terry: Okay, forget my breathing for a moment. Did that make sense? Anybody else? Did I go over your head? Did I drop out? Can you understand it?

Caller: It made sense.

Wynn: It made sense, okay.

The goal of all this stuff is trying to look at things in new ways so that you all can understand this experience of what we sometimes call “group energy”, what we sometimes call “connecting to the universe.” I’m trying to understand it so I’m sure, especially when you start to feel the energies you say “How does that work? How do we feel that energy? We’re all in different locations. ” I’m suggesting that in this quantum field, the Elohim has a highway to our hearts and our souls, and when we move into that and we ask them to show up they can.

Terry: You dropped me off!

Wynn: I dropped you off?

Terry: What happened to them? Can you hear them?

Terry: Hello. Can you hear me?

Wynn: I hear you.

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: Is anyone listening on BBS Radio? Okay, Terry let’s just move on; I hear you. Re-muted. Terry, are you there? Hello, Terry.

Terry: Wynn, can you hear me?

Wynn: Terry? Yes are you muted? I just muted everybody and I muted you as well. You’re the person.

Terry: Okay. You dropped off BBS it was you in the conference line that dropped off BBS.

Wynn: I didn’t drop off, they dropped me off. Interestingly enough, I told Seth if I dropped off to just call in the conference line and put me on. Let’s just continue and if he calls in he calls in.

Terry: Let me tell him because he can’t find you. Hello? Seth? Wynn says that if he dropped off to call him on the conference line. Okay great. Nobody is on right now, right?

Wynn: Yes! Everyone is on the conference line. People are listening to us.

Terry: Right.

Wynn: So let’s just move in, I told him how to do that earlier.

Terry: Okay, you can put me on.

Wynn: I’m going to mute everybody Terry.

Terry: Wynn – okay I’ve got two phones here. I’m going to go and finish the channeling. I was live and I was in the middle of the channeling; so, I’m going to go and finish the channeling on BBS Radio because we have an audience there.

Caller: I want to hear it!

Wynn: We’ll have to figure that out.

Terry: Okay, I can’t hear both at the same time.

Caller: We can listen to the replay line.

Wynn: You can listen to the replay okay. I’m not on? Terry? Hello? Did you ever feel abandoned?

Caller: Oh my Lord yes.

Gijs: If you be quiet you can hear her.

(Terry talking in the background)

Gijs: You’re breathing in the phone Wynn.

Ra’an: So they should be joining us soon. We were in the middle of the channeling and we are now beginning a channeling. The question that was asked in ???

Terry: Bring the people on the conference line and Wynn on the conference line back onto BBS so they should be joining us soon. Give us a moment. … again we send our best, we send energy of this moment of love light to the clouds and weather in the midwest. We speak slowly as we do this. We are mindful of the questions that were asked and the wave/particle information.

When an individual moves into our realm it is an area with no time, no manifestation. This allows us to be able to move in and out of manifestation and back out of manifestation. When one moves from the physical realm out of manifestation, they have no ego. The ego does not follow into a ‘no-time zone’.

But, in our realm, in the realm of the Elohim, it is an area with little time or no time and the time in our zone goes much faster than the time in the third dimension. It is very slow in the third dimension and from the higher realms one can move into an area of no time. This gives them a jump off place to move from any position to any position. So, when you say that we move from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the solar system, we are born of non-linear and we cannot move through space, locations, time but we can simply be there non-linearly; so, in the area of no time what you say one enters at a state blink-off. In this area there is no time, no space, no ego, no pride. This gives you some clues as to how you can translate into no time, and it is easy to do or hard to do depending upon the baggage you carry with you. Do you have questions? Are you on the line?

Wynn: Can you hear me?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Okay, first of all I want to mute everybody because we’re having background noise. Then I want you to do ‘*6’, Terry to do ‘*6’, to unmute. Okay. Are you there, Terry? Star six. Okay, that’s not working. Terry, are you there?

Terry: I am here. I can hear you perfectly.

Wynn: Did you press *6 when I had mentioned that? Not now, not now – I have to mute everybody and then do it, okay? Let me try it again, I think everyone has muted themselves by this time because the line has quieted down but let me try. Now is the time to press ‘*6’ and talk and see if I hear you. No, I don’t hear you.

Ra'An: We are on BBS Radio at this time.

Wynn: Now I hear you, now I hear you – okay? Are you there?

Ra'An: We are on BBS Radio.

Wynn: You’re also on the conference line – I can hear you on the conference line, okay?

Ra’an: Thank you. Do you have further questions for us?

Wynn: In the idea of the consciousness blinking on and off, is there any – from a human standpoint – substantiation for looking at it that way that can be helpful for a human? In other words, the theory is that you exist in the place where things blink off, and we exist more in the space where things blink on. We have a predisposition to observe the blink-ons than the blink-offs. But when we can let go of the blink-ons enough and move into the blink-off we become open to the field that connects with all that is. That’s the theory, okay?

Ra’an: That is correct. It may take practice to stay for any amount of time in the field of the other side which is no field as one cannot carry baggage with them; they cannot carry pride and ego and self-importance and move in instead into a realm of all that is, which is – at that point – unmanifest.

Wynn: When we learn how to do this, it’s kind of like we go into the field of all that is and then we drop a little bit of thought in there for the highest good to make something shift in the field of all that isn’t. Or, the physical universe where everything is differentiated and we can go back and forth and then we can start initiating changes in this realm. Which is kind of what happens – I’m just speculating here – when we call in the light and we ask for healings, or we ask to send the energy somewhere.

Ra’an: Yes, if it is for the highest good.

Wynn: Mhm. If it’s not for the highest good, then the energy doesn’t flow through the void. Something like that?

Ra’an: Then it would be hard to stay in the other side.

Wynn: Mhm. Of course we could make a mistake and think it’s for the highest good and it’s not and then it just doesn’t happen.

Ra’an: Then the gears, the works of all that is, would tend to delete it.

Wynn: Mhm.

Ra’an: It’s not in the short run; in the long run.

Wynn: Mhm. Now we were going to do some work on Joplin, Missouri. Did you do that while I was or Terry was, off the line?

Ra’an: Yes; however we were on the line with the BBS audience and it would pay to do it again as there is continued storms in the area based upon the coming-together of air currents from the Gulf and from the Rockies; and so rather than totally look at the area above Joplin and it’s surroundings we could extend the area looked at to the west and to the south. We take a moment and ask that …

Wynn: Go ahead.

Ra’an: We are speaking slowly as we are there – that there be a change in the storm for the better. It is not only one area; it is many areas that are undergoing severe storms, so we back up our focus and send love light to the broad area. Thank you.

Wynn: You know on the Sunday grid healing we had asked for a lot of healing and intervention in terms of the New Madrid fault, but we didn’t say anything about tornadoes. If we’d said something about tornados, might that have been included, or was this tornado something that had to occur regardless?

Ra’an: Based upon all the factors involved, it had to occur; however if we had looked broader at the time we may have eased some of it.

Wynn: When we ask for help in a certain area, could we include like the catch-all, like ‘whatever needs to be done for the highest good to keep that area safe; and that would cover these kinds of events?

Ra’an: It is best to ask more specifically, and that it is not only this area that needs to be looked at, it is other areas leading into this area.

Wynn: Mhm. How can we know how to ask; there was no way to anticipate… at least, I had no way of anticipating a tornado.

Ra’an: There have been numerous tornadoes in the area, and numerous copious quantities of floods, flooding water and that can be addressed also.

Wynn: Maybe we could ask you when we do this, to say “Is there anything else we should address?” Would that… pardon me?

Ra’an: Yes.

Wynn: That would be an okay protocol?

Ra’an: Yes.

Wynn: So if there is something we should address and don’t know it, we’ll ask and then you can mention it. Okay.

Can you explain in the creation of the Universe, how this particle field got started? Why was it necessary to have a particle field variation as part of the functioning of a working universe?

Ra’an: It is the basis for life and the basis for the manifestation of physical matter and physicalities. It is why life developed, why physicalities developed. Without the basics, physicality would not have developed. It is part of the whoop and wharf of the foundation of matter.

Wynn: When we use “whoop and wharf”, is that another way of saying “particle wave”?

Ra’an: It is a word for indicating the basis, the building blocks, of matter.

Wynn: I remember when we first talked about the creation of the universe, we talked about two Elohim souls or more would send waves out, and where the waves intersected there would be – if I have my memory correct – something would persist. There would be a beginning of physicality. We know in physics that when waves intersect you get harmonics. In physics, we get a new frequency – two new frequencies at least – that are different from the frequencies of the original waves. You get the two frequencies added together and you get the two frequencies subtracted, which are called harmonics. How did this principle engage itself in this aspect of the beginning of creation, if it did?

Ra’an: The formation of matter came about when there was the intersection of the waves, and the formation of matter did not come about until they blinked on and off at a certain frequency, and then matter began it’s apparency.

Wynn: Now I’ll never understand, I don’t think I can grasp that, in my conscious mind, how that works. I just have to go on faith that it works that way that when frequencies came together there was something unique in the properties that created persistence or solidification as a result of the frequencies coming together. Of course, all frequencies, all waves – if they’re sine waves (I don’t know if you guys know what a sine wave is, but a frequency is something that goes on and off, on and off – boom boom boom boom boom). A square would indicate that when it came on it came on it came on at full amplitude and when it turned off it would be zero. So, it would be like turning a light switch on and off, on and off so many times per second.

A sine wave is a wave that reaches it’s full amplitude slowly and then declines slowly. Of course, when I say “slowly” when we’re talking about high frequencies, it’s very fast. But, if you looked at it, and you could see the wave, you could see it didn’t just come on and then go off - it would go off slowly. Were the frequencies of the original creation, were they sine waves?

Ra’an: They would create as you had a spinning torrid and you had a second spinning torrid and these spinning torrids moved into each other’s fields, at some point the torrid energies would intersect with each other, and as they intersected they would create interference with their motion, with each one’s individual motion. This interference created a little time delay in the motion, and thus time was born. The blinking, the spinningness, also created time in the spinning, but when the two intersected it created an interference pattern which was a slower time. Now one could graph that and the resulting graph could be a short, sensitive so quick, a short square wave, but not a typical square wave; but, not a sine wave. Does this make more sense?

Wynn: Yes. When two people gather together with a common purpose and a high intention, I believe there is a predisposition for both of them to help lift each other’s consciousness due the space where it’s harder for them to do it individually, which is why I do Team Shift calls, why we do group calls. Because, if we could do it individually I would just say “Okay guys, I’m here, here’s what I pray for the highest good.” But I can’t do that myself; it needs a group down here. In a certain way, when a group comes together are we all projecting energies out that create interference patterns that start potential for recreation of physical manifestations?

Ra’an: When an individual is in synch with another individual as you do on the call, then you move together. When an individual is with another and they are; each individual is in motion and then they get together and harmonize, they can help bring up the motion of the other. It’s when a person is in motion that it’s easier to reach one’s goals.

Wynn: So individuals coming together create more motion, more …

Ra’an: That is correct.

Wynn: In truth, this is really the physics of prayer. Could we say that?

Ra’an: Yes.

Wynn: Group prayer, anyway –

Ra’an: Yes.

Wynn: On that note, I think we’ll bring this call to end, and it is 7:17 and I thank you for being with us and answering our questions. For a moment all of you on the line could open up to the quantum space of nothingness. Let’s take a moment of silence and let these energies permeate us for the highest good.

Okay, so we say goodnight to everyone on the call, on the replays, on the downloads. Thank you for being here, thank you for being part of this work we’re doing and we’ll see you again Wednesday. Submit your questions to I thank Terry so much for dedicating herself to this work and I thank all the people who are volunteering – Suzanne, Connie, Gijs, Gary, Edna and Gena – that makes this possible. We will see you soon!






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