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                                                                         Ra'An for May 25th, 2011

This is May 25th. My name is Wynn Free and we have our Wednesday question and answer session where we answer questions that you have submitted and we have some great questions for tonight. I would like to thank everyone who submitted questions and if you come up with a question yourself, please submit it to

I prefer if you are going to ask a question that you've been reading our emails or occasionally attending our calls so you generally understand the format of what works here and what doesn't. Those people who have been on the calls regularly and have listened to the answers will note that this is not a psychic hot line. Often times when people ask questions for the first time and they haven't really paid attention to our work, they ask a question like, tell me what to do. When a source answsers a question and says, this is what you should do, they are robbing you of one of the most important lessons in this realm which is discernment.

The real question is in any situation where you wonder what to do, is how do I know myself what to do? I have all these choices in front of me. How do I pick something?

So we will get started on the questions for this evening. I do a little ritual of invocation and the energies are already together but this is my way and by saying it, it helps bring it together.

(Wynn calls in the light)

We wait for our Sources to make themselves present with us verbally.

Ra'An: We greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra'An on this 25th of May, 2011 and we are delighted to come into your realm and to touch base and make contact and communicate with each and every one of you. You retain your own sovereign identity and your own control, in fact, one of the things that we seek is to establish that everyone will do the best when they are their own power center in love. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes we do. I am going to start our with a question from Mary. We have covered this many times. I will give a little bit of my own answer and then I will turn it over to you, and you can correct me or clarify it. The question is: So many people are claiming to be able to channel today. Please discuss why this is suddenly possible. Are they channeling the light or are dark beings able to channel as easily as higher beings? How can one tell if a channeled Source is of the light? When they start out seeming to be of the higher vibrations and later become evident they are do not have the highest intentions. How can we not be led astray? Many people are taken in by people claiming to channel higher beings, even masters, who do not seem to be of the light. But many people are also channeling truth that deserves not to be missed.

If our Source doesn't mind, I would like to share some things because that is something that I have had to personally evaluate and deal with, because when I was first exposed to the circumstance of voices talking to me, I had this very concern about how do I know I can trust this? Who is this? So I spent a long time just talking to them and asking them questions. They never said, here's our message, go give it to the people. They just said, just ask us questions. I probably spent two to three years just asking questions and when I started sharing it I did not say, ok world, I have this great message. I did it with a small group of people and I wanted to see, how did people respond to this? How did it add to their lives? How did they grow? I wanted to see tangible results because I knew already that just because something is channeled it didn't necessarily have to be positive. I knew that there were very negative beings that were mimicking light and were talking through people and misleading them. I also knew as I studied all these materials, that it was possible for a person to start out bringing in a light energy, to shift and bring in a misleading energy. Because when you give up your power to a Source, even if it's a light source, you also then give up your guard and tend to trust them all the time. The negative is very high negative and the negative knows all the tricks in the games and they know the vocabulary we are using and they will come in using the same vocabulary but they have an agenda. You have to watch it for a while to pick up their agenda. Even if someone is a personal channel and you are talking to a Source and the Source is saying, we are so glad we found you, you have this great thing we're going to put upon you and they cater to your ego and if you have any kind of vanity, your ego will inflate and you will think you are special and now you will be under their control. You do have to look at the channel and you have to look at their own level of wisdom and be constantly vigilant. The best information any channel gives is something you can take home and apply to your life and it works. That is the way of validating stuff. Believing it is just in your mind.

Lots of people want all kinds of details like will planet X hit the earth? How are we going to ascend? How does that work? I came to the conclusion that most of those answers didn't matter. I 'll tell you what matters. If planet X is going to hit the earth tomorrow, that I could be ready to die and I knew that I had made my connection to higher sources. It doesn't matter if planet X hits, because whether we are going to die from planet X hitting or whether we are going to die from a heart attack or if we are going to die in an earthquake, we're all going to die. So at that moment can you be at peace with it. That's what matters. On that note I am going to turn it over to our Sources, who have identified themselves as a conglomerate of two group souls, one group soul is made up of graduates of this realm and the other group soul created the physical universe. Now I can't prove they are who they say they are, but I can tell you that within the context of their answers, the group soul that graduated this realm has great wisdom and the other group soul has the ability to send great light energy into this realm and rearrange molecules and create miracles. So between the two of them, their answers are always consistent, never every dis-empowering and is that who we are talking to? You can decide. I will turn this over to Terry and she is a voice for them.

Ra'An: Thank you. This is Ra'An. We are mindful of your question. One needs discernment when looking at channeled information because unless a channel has great ability to step aside and let the channeled information come through, then they may enter their own prejudices, their own wisdom, their own thoughts into the channeling. When they are able to step aside into the no time zone and be a part of All That Is, then they can most accurately see and bring through the answers to the question. The veil prevents the many channelers from totally connecting and seeing through the elements of the veil, which are the elements of the body, the elements of the food in the stomach, the elements that the person has taken on in their own orientation. When an individual first comes into a channeling situation they can listen and can still maintain their own center, their own vigilance, their own knowledge, their own point of view and take whatever can apply and make use of and let the rest of it go as not applying to them at that particular time. Many who channel lower sources, then take on, even if they are doing totally accurate channeling and bringing through what the source is saying, they can bring through distortions as in the earth plane, or even in some of the lower angelic realms, the individual can arrive in that realm with distortions in their thought processes and these distortions can be brought through, even if the channel is accurately bringing through a source. So one must use their own discernment and they must see if the wisdom coordinates and resonates and is consistent and applies and they must keep their vigilance up as it is relatively easy for a channel to bring forth their own prejudice into the channeling. Not all prejudice brought forth into the channeling is harmful in that it might be great wisdom that the channeler knows. We hope that sheds some light on that.

Wynn: Thank you.

Now I am going to ask a question that I have never asked. Often times when people ask a health question Terry in the course of the channeling brings through a recommendation of Dr. Marshall with his phone number. How does that work? Is that a distortion of Terry or is that a combination, where because Terry knows that you concur that Dr. Marshall is the very best choice for a resolution in health. Could you explain that?

Ra'An: There are other doctors also that have great knowledge and sometimes when information is brought through concerning a health practitioner, it is recommending other practitioners. With Dr.Marshall, he has made a breakthrough study of the diseases and categorized them in level areas of problem that move from individuation to a general knowledge of how a body works. In the attempt to ground health questions and their answers and bring solutions into the earth realm. This is one of the levels which can be brought through and provide solutions for people. There are other areas of solutions that are beyond your means or beyond the means of your doctors. We have access to some of these means with frequency healing. There are hard. Other healing have to due with electrical potential healings and even others that are beyond that scope. To still ground the healing, it is an area that we have more capability to provide more answers, however, it is a grounding within a level of health that is available to individuals.

Wynn: Thank you.

I have another question, and that is: At one point we were using a Rife Machine. For those of you who do not know what that is, a Rife Machine sends frequencies out that can kill pathogens in your body and it works on the same principle as an opera singer that can break a glass. When you have a vibration that matches the frequency of the glass, the glass shatters. So everything in your body that is a pathogen, has a size and if you have a vibration that matches the size of that pathogen, the theory is that when you run that frequency through your body, the pathogen explodes. This is not a legal technology. Many many people have had huge results with this device. The guy who invented it in the 20's or 30's after he invented it in San Diego. Lowel Rife asked for the hospitals to send him their worse cancer patients and he cured them and there was an article in the San Diego Tribune of all these doctors giving testimony to his device and shortly thereafter his laboratory was destroyed and he ended up impoverished and in a nursing home. Some people have the theory that the drug companies have huge vested interests in not having these kinds of devices available to the public. The question is, I had a Rife Machine and I was experimenting with it and I happened to ask in a channeling, what frequencies would be good for this person and then they said a bunch of frequencies and what frequencies would be good for this other person and they gave a bunch of frequencies and I was quite amazed because I didn't know I could get such precise information. I actually got that from both Daphne and Terry. Then I asked what question would be good for this person and they said don't bother with the machine, we'll just send the frequencies. The question is, and I don't want to get in trouble with FDA health stuff in healing, but could we do a conference call and have a bunch of people on the phone and have them send the frequencies each one needs for healing and balancing. Is that possible?

Ra'An: We are available 24/7 when a person asks to be available to them and in our tool box are the frequencies. When you ground it into a telephone call, you run the risk of entering into a illegal zone and it is illegal to use Rife frequencies to heal, therefore, we have a space, in that people generally recognize, not everyone, but many recognize the power of prayer and the healing that can come in through the power of prayer. We would prefer, rather than a telephone call where it can stand out, to do one on one with individuals, perhaps they can ask in their Team Shift call for healing and then we can apply our whole tool box for healing. It is not only frequencies that are healing, there are also the reestablish of the correct potentials. One of the dangers of taking strong medicines is that it can enforce the disease and keep the frequencies of the medicines opposing the disease, and keeping the disease within certain limits, and making it harder to bring total healing.

Wynn: Thank you.

If I have perked any of your interests up, if you do research on Rife Machines, there are two kinds. One that sends electrical current through your body and you hold on to these two tubes and the other that you stand near a tube that radiates energy and you don't touch anything. The one which sends electrical currents through your body are fairly cheap, five hundreds dollars or so. There are loads of information on frequencies on the internet. It is public information, all the frequencies that works for what. On that note, the next question is from Dee Collier.

After attending the last two calls, I found myself really attuned to the energies and it seemed to me that they were speaking to me in my head. On Wednesday, they literally had to speak the words coming into my head, sharing something with me about my life that I have been asking them to ask me with. I am not sure it was them talking to me or just my ego thoughts going crazy. I feel it was them and they even told me it was ok for me to ask if it was them. Could you please ask them if they were communicating with me on these occasions and if so, is there anything I can be doing to help myself while waiting for what they said would take place?

Ra'An: Thank you. We are communicating with you and we are around you and you can wait and see, and we are sending you love-light.

Wynn: Thank you.

There's an example of someone who comes on our line regularly and so this is like a ramping up thing. The more this happens to us the more we are proving the reality of this to be something that's possible, while in most people's minds this is not possible. In my mind it was not possible. It's very easy to think you are crazy or the person who is channeling is crazy or why would this be happening to me. So you have to be patient. When you come into these calls, there is a very good chance that you will have some kind of personal experience. Now when it comes to being scientific, take Gjis as an example, who put his son in the light for healing of warts and he did not tell his son so there was no chance of suggestion. He had had warts for a couple of years and the next day the warts started going away.

Another time Terry said a strange name and the next day I get an email from a lady in Turkey who said they had said hello to her by name on the line. This happens all the time.

There was a very good question here from a fellow named Chris and in his question, he wanted them to prove themselves to him. Now you know, this is an interesting thing and I will tell you, that from my experience, they have no interest in proving themselves to you by knowing something or expressing some kind of phenomenal information about you personally in a public way to convince you. Anyone who listens to these calls there are so many things that happen. If you read the Ra Material by Carla Ruckert and this really resonated with me. They said in working with your planetary population, they have tried many different approaches and the implication was that they tried miracles, they tried setting people up that were phenomenal and they said, over long periods of time is to make them curious and make them reach back. The curiosity creates the co-creation, the reaching back creates the co-creation, and the proof creates blind belief and following and blind belief and following does not create spiritual evolution. Co-creation with each other and with them creates transformation. I will read his question and that was my answer and I'll let them deal with it as they want. He is asking for very specific information.

As a musician he had a huge gig offer that fell through and he's asking the kinds of questions about that, that I don't think are appropriate on this call. Apparently he is very disappointed in fact that it fell through and it sounds like he was going to be working with a big artist. He asks: In your opinion, is it appropriate to ask what the name of the artist in my big gig was, for the purpose of cross checking their answer since I obviously know who it was. I don't find it 100% necessary to do so and nobody else would know if it was correct anyway, but I have struggle trusting Source in this way at time so I am inclined to purpose this idea to do and I am fine with the decision either way.

I am putting this out because I wanted to just explain the way this works and I don't think they will answer but why it would not even be good for the evolution of this group to have a Source that would demonstrate omniscience this way. This might put the whole group in danger because they would want to use me to find where the enemies were and this and that. On that note I'll turn it over to our Sources.

Ra'An: Thank you. We see that there was one person who was against this going forward, however we do not wish to bring forth more information and we do not wish to set ourselves as a omniscient group that is a source of bringing through such answers.

Wynn: Thank you.

Our lead question for tonight is why are we having such intense storms now. When I wrote the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce there was all kinds of things in that book that was predicting what we are going through now. For example, Chris, if you go back and read that book and you read all the things in that, there are so many things in that which came true and so many things that David was predicting that happened and I don't really think you could read that book unless you have blinders on and not have some indication that there is something going on with these Sources.

That being said, it is no excuse with giving up your power because that's the problem with miracles and omniscience. It's very tempting for people to give up their own  power and depend on something outside themselves in a way that is not co-creative.

We have learned that we are in something called a dimensional shift. We have learned that there is an energy that is flowing starting at the center of the universe that is higher than it ever has been in the recorded history of mankind. This energy is reaching a peak on earth and there are good aspects to it and there are difficult aspects to it. One of the good aspects of it, is that if we apply ourselves, it is allowing us to grow and expand and experience more psychic-ness and more people are channeling than ever before but it is also stimulating earth changes and that is is also indicated that some of these things can be mediated by the strong energies of humans holding space in the physical 3rd dimensional realm. So we are going to have increased earth changes and the storms we have experienced in the Midwest are probably because of that. But I will turn it over to our Sources to give their view.

Ra'An: Thank you.

All is intelligence. The rocks, the water. There is an intelligence in the clouds and the moisture. There is an intelligence in all. When the elements are irritated, they are disturbed as as part of their irritation they can move into negativity. The moisture from one direction, from the south, the winds from the south and the winds from the west, when combining in the way they have been, creating circular spinning motions and these spinning motions are the antithesis to harmony in the air currents and there is extreme anger at the disturbances. The circular air moving is very irritated and has the rudimentary consciousness and a desire to take out it's irritation. There can be some amelioration of the conditions by prayer and sending love-light to these forces. It is very difficult now in the Midwest as these patterns move through and on into Ohio and east. There is great thunderstorm activity as these forces collide. Essentially this is the reason for this great difficulty this season in this area. That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

I promised Terry I would not let this run on too long. She gets very tired during these channelings and I know that Dee had a question on electrical potentials and I have not forgotten your question. For everyone else, thank you so much for being here. Do we have any closing statements from our Sources?

Ra'An: We are mindful of the difficulties and the very harsh conditions in the middle of the country and the harsh conditions from people in some areas of Japan and Pakistan and other countries. We say that, when you send prayers, these prayers are heard and taken into account in these situations, not randomly but your prayers are always heard and sometimes based on the highest good they appear to not be answered but they are always heard. Based upon the highest good they can be granted so this is a time for prayer.


Wynn: I would like to suggest to all of you that we have a program called Team Shift where we coordinate small groups of say five people who meet on the phone for ten minutes a day, putting issues and planetary issues in the light and this a way to help you to stay connected to the energies and a way to increase your chances that your prayers connect. Now you don't need to do this but for many people it has helped tremendously. So if you are interested, you can go to and fill out the forms. We haven't been charging for this. This is small groups that can replicate themselves and help people hold the space of these higher frequencies while our planet is going through such massive changes right now.

I thank our Sources, I thank Terry and all the people who have been volunteering to make this possible. If you haven't come to our grid healing they are at Sunday morning at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. Put it on the calendar. They are very powerful and it where we focus on group energies and prayers to shift ourselves and our planet. Usually I send out notices an hour before the calls but we also have all the calls listed. We also have a web page at







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