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                                                                          June 1, 2011 with the Ra'An

Hello Everybody. This is Wednesday, June 1st on our call where we are going to ask questions that you folks have submitted. Some of you who keep checking into the calls come to realize that this is a 'seat of the pants' operation. Usually when you come on some kind of call you think of corporations and all these support systems and somebody is making a lot of money. I wish that were the case, but this is here only because Terry has been dedicated, I have been crazy, Daphne came into my life. Gary in Redondo Beach is sending things out, Jim is translating emails, and Suzanne is doing transcriptions and nobody is getting paid. It's only because there is a little small army of volunteers that are all doing a little thing, that have made it possible for us to have gotten as far as we have gotten. Of course, if you are listening to this and you have some kind of talent, you don't even have to have a talent, you have time, and you want to send a response to message a day, maybe there is something you can do. Because if enough people will spend two hours a week we now have a lot of things happening. Also Joe, I thank Joe, because he has done a huge amount of downloading of calls and somewhere in the future we are going to have archives. We have so many great calls and so much information. There are a lot of things that come down to me and only I can do them so I have be careful about my own time and energy. I wish I had about six of me.

Many of you asked questions tonight and we have some great questions. If you are listening to this call and you haven't availed yourself of the opportunity of asking a question, please do so. It's really unusual that we are given this opportunity and we are not charging for it. Again, if we are talking to a Source that created the physical universe, that's what they say they are, and you get a chance to ask them a question I can understand why you wouldn't do it, because who wants the responsibility of the answer. I don't even want the responsibility of doing what I am doing, except I can't help but know it. You wonder why people would choose ignorance. Why they would choose to not pay attention. The reason, people don't want the responsibility.

On that note I am going to stop talking and call in the light.

(Wynn calls in the light)

We await the identification of our Sources. They have made a coalition on the other side of two groups and they call themselves, Ra'An.

Ra'An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is June 1st, 2011. We are pleased to move into the earth plane and to greet each and every one of you who is on the line and listens to the replay lines at a later time. We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with each and every one of you. We are there for you. We are there to answer questions. So you ask so you shall receive. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes we do. Our first question tonight has to do with what some people call Inner Earth. Supposedly there is life; beings in Inner Earth, under the ground some distance. I would like to ask, what if anything, would be in our highest good to know about this life that is in earth?

Ra'An: There are many layers of life in earth. There are the layers of the rocks and the minerals and the solid matter that is in earth, but there is other life in earth and that is the smaller forms of life; the bacteria, the life matter that once has lived and it is now residue in the earth and there are other life forms in earth that are of a higher nature who do not wish to be shown and to keep their own anonymity. The earth is home to many species. There are also species that are in a different wave form and travel in parallel sync with the earth plane. There are individuals who have gotten stuck within the earth and they are ghost forms within the earth and do not know they can move outside of the earth and can resume other lifetimes as they seek to continue the life that they had before. There are other life forms that live underground. There are tunnels and caves, within which life forms seek to take shelter or build survival camp sites. Do you have further questions on that subject?

Wynn: Well, if we were going to look at life forms in earth and let's just say, 3D life forms, we can assume there are other life forms that are multidimensional or different dimensions. But 3D life forms, are they humanoid in their body type and is there a dispensation of Service to Self and Service to Others that are in the center or in the earth?

Ra'An: There are other forms that use the earth as a respite and move inter-dimensionally in a 3D form into the earth plane and then exist in their time of respite in the 3D plane such as the Bigfoot.

Wynn: So Service to Others and Service to Others? What would be the division, like ten percent Service to Others? What would the numbers be, are there thousands of beings, millions of beings?

Ra'An: There are thousands of beings and some of them are very Service to Self and some of them are not as Service to Self but are maybe 40 to 60 percent Service to Self and some that are 80 percent Service to Self. There are Greys that have bases below the earth and life as their home base below the earth. They are Service to Self to a great degree, 70 to 80 percent or more.

Wynn: Do these beings that are living in the earth do many of them go to the surface through openings or are they pretty much stuck in the earth?

Ra'An: They can move out into the open and they can move back and forth using space travel or inter-dimensional travel so they are not totally stuck within the earth.

Wynn: The final question from the person who submitted this question and identifies herself as T but everyone knows who she is, is the Bermuda Triangle a portal to Inner Earth?

Ra'An: Yes, it is a stargate.

Wynn: So beings can use this and go back an forth through that triangle and I would assume there are other portals on our planet of a similar nature.

Ra'An: There is a stargate near Yemen.

Wynn: Yemen. Ok

Now we will go to our next question. I was going to have Cinda some on but I don't think she is on the line. I wanted her to make a comment. For those of you who are not aware. Cinda, who is coming on the line, did something very amazing in her life when she was young. It has to do with her question tonight. In any case, we have a question about the prison system. Supposedly prison is a rehabilitation place for people, but in the actuality, probably most people who have to be in prison would have to get worse before they get better. The reason I was calling attention to Cinda, was because, some of you may remember years ago, I think it was in the 1970's, there was prison uprising in Attica Prison in New York and the prisoners took the guards hostage for about thirty days. They make demands and negotiations and Governor Rockefeller sent the army or the national guard or whatever to rush that prison and they killed thirty prisons and ten guards and of course that was the end of the uprising. Cinda happened to make a movie of that when she was twenty three years old. She was so impassioned by it, that she did every part of the movie from funding it, to editing it to shooting the parts that needed to be shot and out of nothing, she created a movie that was nationally distributed, reviewed by the New York Times, and that was being shown in prisons at the time around the country and actually caused a lot of prison reform as I understand it. Are you on the line Cinda?

Cinda: Hi Wynn. I am on the line now.

Wynn: Somebody had asked the question tonight, which I am going to read, which is my headline question. She works in a prison and she describes it like a milder concentration camp without the gas chamber and she wanted to know why prisons have gotten so bad. I thought it so closely matched what you did, so I just told the story about Attica. As far as I was concerned, you did something that was totally impossible. You went from a nobody who was impassioned and made a move that had an impact not only on the watchers but on the prison system. On our last Monday call we talked about passion, making something happened and I know you had to be impassioned to go from zero to a hundred like that. Do you want to make any comments?

Cinda: Yeah. I was able to make an impact on how prison riots are treated. People don't go in with 12 gauge shot guns and shoot everybody anymore, but unfortunately the prison system hasn't gotten any better, and what's really scary, it's gotten bigger and bigger and bigger. We incarcerate more people than any other country in the world and we have one quarter of the world's total prison population.

Wynn: Would you like to be a guest on Monday night and talk about that?

Cinda: Yes.

Wynn: Everyone watch for the announcement on that. Now we will go back to the question. Now this person has posed a bunch of questions and what I have learned during my conversations is that everything is in the realm of probability vortices and each of us is creating our vote, so to speak, in consciousness. If there were not enough positive votes we would have the worst case scenario, and if there are enough positive votes the whole planet will shift. So when people ask, will this or that happen, I have noticed they don't answer it, because the deck is still being handed out and you and I are part of the positive votes. I am going to read the question as it stands and let our Sources answer as they see fit.

I work in a prison that is like a modern concentration camp without the gas chamber. I wonder why the US puts all the money into war and setting inmates up for failure and criminalizing people, rather than education that can fuel the economy. Do lawmakers not see those obvious errors? Are they planning to sink this country which feels like the Titanic? Is the economy going to blow up, leaving all besides the rich, homeless and on the streets? What is the purpose of all this madness in incarcerating one percent of us and throwing away the key, deciding to open the gates but without resources for those guys who cannot find work because of their history. Have a great day and do not forget to love yourself and others.

This is from a lady who works in a prison and sees these things first hand. I am going to turn this over to our Sources to address their comments on that.

Ra'An: Thank you. We appreciate your question as the prison system is much in need of overhaul. The individuals in the prison systems need individuals like you that can help them stabilize in their situation. Some of the criminals cannot be helped as they are unwilling or unable to make a change and they can be housed with a minimal of love and light because they do not understand or respond and they speak the language of destruction but the larger portion of the prison population can respond and can rehabilitate and are open to change and can respond by care and the gesturing of response to them and their needs. There can be a great opportunity within the prison system, their quirks, their distortions and their sticking out there to be worked with. It is a communication that they have put out there that can then be worked with and they can be helped. The country in general does not know this or have the technology, however a technology is not as good as a simple gesturing of kind acts. If the prisoners would have an example that they could follow, not all the prisoners, but many of them, they could change their life for the better and get control of their life and interfacing with others and communicating with others. The country could profit by a sounder prison system and the rehabilitation of many of these individuals. There is a tendency on some who run the prison systems to take out their own anger, their own inadequacies on this section of the society and feel they are justified in doing this. This does not help the system. There is a movement to make life difficult, if not impossible for many people, not only in the United States but in other countries. It is the unseen, rich and controlling financiers that are seeking to express their obsession with control. So some of what you say is correct, that there is effort to subjugate the people as a whole and to move the country into more of a third world country. That is our answer.

Wynn: Of course this goes beyond just the prison system, this is all life. Rising prices, rising gas, the destabilizing of the economy, printing money that has no back up, chem trails, it's all part of the same agenda and some people have not woken up to that agenda yet because it's hard to believe that that agenda could be having such a voice in the control of our planet.

Ok. The next question is from Cary Jones. She is having severe pain in the back of her head and neck and was wondering if she could get some comment on that situation and what might work that she could get relief?

Ra'An: Thank you.

Pain is symptom of low voltage, low electrical potential in that area. It is a disconnection of that area with the surrounding area. We are taking a look. Where is Cary located?

Cary: I am in South Dakota.

Wynn: Does our Source have any more questions for Cary?

Ra'An: We suggest that if this pain continues and we will work with you, however if you find it continuing, email Wynn and ask for information that can investigate this pain. We see that there is an avoidance of life force in this area of disconnection at this time. We suggest drinking enough water each day as the area of the head needs proper hydration to help maintain it's proper balance. We suggest that make sure your body be alkalized so that it is not too acid. Acidity tends to tear up the connections within the body. Alkalinity helps to preserve the connections, however, if a person gets too acid, then they may start leeching calcium and other minerals from the bones that can then create a situation of pain. We also suggest taking enough omega 3 and 6 oils so that your body have the proper lubrication in the area of the brain and in the joints.

Wynn: Thank you.

I will just add, that one of the things that works for me and I read this a long time ago is very simple. Make your shower as hot as you can stand it and put your neck and shoulders under the hot water for about five minutes and make it hotter as you go because the hot water opens up a lot of circulation and when the circulation opens up, the headache can go away. That's been my experience.

We have two more questions.

This is from Chris Blair in Tennessee and he says he has really been growing spiritually but at the same time he has had a speed up of health problems over the past two years. Diabetes, asthma and insomnia. Why is it that I am growing spiritually but my health is getting worse and do you have any suggestions?

Ra'An: Yes. We suggest that you get enough sea salt or Himalayan salt in your diet. We also see that some of the glands within your body are not supporting the glandular system that your body needs. There are certain nutrients that can help. One of them is to sleep and your body then repairs within the pituitary gland it manufactures melatonin that helps you sleep better. The hours of sleeping when this occurs is ten o'clock to two o'clock are the best hours for this. Sleep in the dark with the lights out. There is some very good melatonin on the market to jump start this process in sleeping. There are some sold by Dr. Marshall, and it is a liquid and it only takes a couple of drops under the tongue. Sleep is important. Nutrients are important for the proper digestion of your food and depends upon hydrochloric acid that is manufactured within your body from salt which is one reason for having enough salt each day so your body has raw materials for the digestion of your food. Also, raw food has enzymes, that when cooked can be destroyed and it becomes harder to digest your food when you do not have these enzymes and the hydrochloric acid within your stomach. This can be studied more through information from Dr. Marshall and the information could be asked about by calling 1 310 320 1132. It is important to maintain the proper electrical balance within your organs and if you are having trouble it can indicate an imbalance in your endocrine system and it can indicate a low thyroid, which when the proper electrical potential is established can move you better health. You can contact Wynn for more information.

Wynn: Why don't they have telephones? They could have made a better system. In any case, Chris, we don't get any money from referring people to Dr. Marshall. He is somebody who Terry has tracked in her conscious mind for many years. In any case.

The last question is from Nancy Jones in Florida. This is kind of funny on one level and kind of serious on another. Questions regarding ascension, graduation and harvest. Those of you who have really studied our material, and this is probably one of the most important things, except by doing these calls we are actually creating the energy that helps lift the vibration. The key to this is, there is something happening that has not happened in 75,000 years. Normally we just keep incarnating and reincarnating back on earth, and in present time, in this period, there is not going to be everyone reincarnating on earth because the earth is lifting it's vibration and unless your heart chakra is open, it means you have to repeat the lower realm and maybe have thousands of lifetimes in the third chakra arena but on another planet in another star system. So it has to do with the earth has been a third chakra, power based planet, moving to the heart chakra, and if you want to move with it, your heart has to be open slightly more than half. In the course of all the conversations about this, there has been this idea of Ascension, which is moving into this new earth with your body. In our conversations with our Sources they have indicated that is going to be a fairly rare phenomenon for most people. Most people are not going to have that phenomenon occur. They have said, that in order to qualify for leaving this dimension with your body and ending up in another dimension with your body, all seven of your chakras have to be open. They said, most people are not going to qualify to have all their chakras open so they are not going to eligible for moving through dimensions in their bodies. Now many people will graduate because their heart chakra is open and the way they have described it, is that means that you will drop your body in some kind of death and with your heart chakra being open, you will end up reincarnating or taking a body in this higher dimensional earth; this 4th chakra earth as long as your heart chakra is open. I think they call that an astral graduation so to speak. With that as a precursor, I will read Nancy's question. She is concerned about some of the aspects of our body that might be impacting this graduation process. She asks: Will it matter how fat or skinny you are or how healthy or unhealthy you are when it comes to ascension, graduation, harvest? Is it simply having your heart chakra open by 51% regardless of what type of preparation or knowledge you have about the changes that are coming. I know I have asked about that question and they said whether people knew about it or not, that is not relevant. What is relevant is the open heart. This will be our last question for tonight and I turn it over to our Sources through Terry to address this. Thank you.

Ra'An: Thank you for your question. It is a very good question. No, it does not matter whether you are fat or skinny or what your body shape is or size. It depends upon your open heart because if a heart is open they can be available then to move into the loving space which is able to translate you through to the higher dimensions and at the higher dimensions one can find the love light and you can become debriefed from this life and to then be available to move into the higher earth and it can be one of the places which individuals have the opportunity to go when they leave this life. One necessarily would not want to take their body with them as it is a pleasant surprise to many people when they translate over with an open heart that they are able to drop many of the disabilities that go with having a body or being overweight or being underweight or being with possible diseases. They still have a body when they translate, however it is not a clunky body, it is a more streamlined body with many abilities that are not available to one when they are in the heavy body of the composite life that moves with them through the earth plane. They leave much of that behind and have much more control over their own movement.

Wynn: Thank you.

It is my understanding that if you can keep your heart 51% open, slightly more than half, even if you are screwed up in many ways, there is kind of a team that greet you, Ra angelic beings that work with you to bring you back into a better balance for your next episode of reincarnation. I think people would like to know about that.

Ra'An: Yes. The angelic realms offer assistance when one is in transition and can guide one to the tunnel of light that can transport them to the new frequencies where they will be able to meet people that they have previously known that maybe waiting for them or angels who are there to welcome them and to assist. If one does not have an open heart, if they have a closed heart they may, due to the different frequencies, not be able to move into the angelic realm, but may move into the frequencies of darkness or obsession or they may be grounded, so to speak and not able to move into the higher realms. It is their own ambiance; their own homing in of intention and frequency and love that can bring them to the higher planes where they can receive guidance, companionship and growth.

Wynn: Thank you.

Well, we are going to bring this session to a close for tonight. Hopefully Terry won't be too tired. Thank you all for being here and those who submitted questions and goodnight.







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