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Monday – 06/06/2011

Star seeds and Wanderers

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

This is Monday, June 6, 2011 this is Wynn Free and we are live on BBS Radio and on a conference line. My co-host Terry Brown; are you there, Terry?

Terry: Here I am.

Wynn: There’s Terry, formerly known as the shy Terry Brown.

This call is getting hotter and hotter, and what’s so neat is that we have these phenomenal sources. I call them sources; it’s like energies; they have names. They give themselves names to us anyway because it’s easier for us. They give their names to different people at different times. The amazing thing is that they say they are at the beginning of the universe, they are outside of time and they can connect with us on the call. They could connect with you regardless of if you’re on the call or not, but the problem is that it’s really hard to connect with an energy that doesn’t have a physical representation in a body. We’ve learned, just through trial and error, that they could be on this call energetically and apparently this is a very rare thing to occur.

By connecting with their energies, automatically - for some people it’s very fast and for other people it can take months. If you dedicate, if you consider that this might be true and you keep coming into these calls you stand a really good chance of making that connection. There are a lot of benefits to making that connection because suddenly when you start to hold the energy of the connection, you start to understand what it means to be in this realm but not of it. Part of you is holding the space of other dimensions, and the things that happen down here aren’t so traumatic. You can roll with the punches of things that happen. As you create intentions your intentions, your intentions become far more powerful because it’s no longer your intentions, it’s your intentions plus our intentions and their intentions all coming together. They work with intentions, as long as they fulfill the criteria of being for the highest good of all concerned and not violating free will.

Sometimes that’s tough, because we want things to happen and it may not be in the cards for it to happen. Sometimes a healing for someone we care about – and then, sometimes it happens. A lot of it has to do with the openness of the person you want healing for. The openness of the person does not mean that they have to be on these calls listening to the calls; it means their energetic openness to you. How well do you energetically connect with the person? The way it seems to work is that if you start connecting with the energies on the call, and then you’re connected energetically to someone in your life, the energies can flow through you to that person. You almost don’t have to do anything or explain anything, they feel it.

I started talking to these guys, and I started to experience personally that energetic connection. At first I thought it was my imagination; first I thought “I must be making a mistake.” Then when I would give talks the room would just turn to light. What I realized was: when I held the connection then other people could connect with the energy through me. It kind of spreads and it’s not logical. If you’re trying to understand it in your mind it doesn’t make logical sense, because we think of knowing something, we want to talk to it: “How are you doing today? What did you have for breakfast?” Just to be able to feel someone’s energy. Try it – right now, think of someone in your life that you care about and send them light and see if it comes back to you. That’s like a little reference point.

Here’s a good example: think of Terry, let’s all send loving energy to Terry. Do you notice how you can feel that bubbly energy in your heart come back? I’m sure she felt it. T

This has been a big experiment, because I don’t know what I’m doing and they don’t tell me what to do. I won’t say they don’t know what they’re doing, but they don’t know how to make it work in this realm. It’s very tricky down here, and oftentimes they try to make things work with someone and the person goes on an ego trip or he thinks he’s holier than thou. I had other lifetimes where I was like that, so I know the pit-falls. The more ordinary you are the easier it is for the energies to work through you. That’s one of the keys: to be ordinary and transparent so that you can hold the space of those energies. All of you can learn how to do that; you’re learning how to do that. Those of you that want to learn how to do that (and that) keep coming into the calls. You may be able to do it without coming into these calls or you may have someone else that can help you with that. This is an unusual opportunity to do it where we’re not charging any money; it happens often enough – we do enough calls a week so that you have plenty of chance to immerse yourself in this experience.

I think another benefit of connecting with these energies is that when you leave this realm, and we’re all going to die, the energetic connections that you’ve made are going to go with you. One of the reasons people reincarnate is because they make energetic connections in this realm with people and when they die they feel incomplete and they have to want to come back and keep completing all of those connections. Sometimes, they really care about someone – and, you don’t remember this once you’re in a body – but you came in particularly in a very active, loving service so that you could be with that person you cared about. If you weren’t there for them, then they may not ever get a chance to evolve; it’s a very special relationship(s) of deep, loving connection.

There’s nothing wrong with coming back in this realm, but it’s good to come back because you choose to, not because you have to. When you connect with these sources there is a good chance you’ll have more choices. Also, I should say it’s a great sacrifice every time you come back into this realm, because in spite of your intentions, in spite of your desires to be of service, this realm has so many traps in it that it’s so easy to fall into a trap and get caught in endless cycles of reincarnation again, even though you’ve graduated from this realm.

That’s the topic that we’re going to talk about tonight: Star seeds and Wanderers. Many many people, millions of people (maybe more) who are alive in bodies have come in from higher dimensions; once they’re here they got trapped. Thank you all for saying ‘hello’, and special thanks to all the new people on the line. I know at least a couple of my lifetimes; I know that I came back and got screwed up again many times. In fact, there’s a couple of exalted lifetimes I had that I’m pretty sure were real. I also know that (they said that) I came in many times and was an orphan, died young, all kinds of times when it didn’t stick. Coming in from a higher realm doesn’t mean that it’s smooth sailing. In fact, sometimes it’s rougher than people who are just able to go and track this realm and the things that seem to be, or having a wonderful love relationship (romantic), or having lots of money, or having a beautiful family. Those are good things; oftentimes people come into incarnations, for example, because they got into really good families; they have children and then they reincarnate again as the grandchildren or the great-great-grandchildren. There is something they know intuitively through having children in the right way that sets you up in the future to have the potential to have a life in that same family. That’s another reason having children is such an attractive thing for many people.

Also, it can hook you into reincarnation; because now you have a whole group of people down here you care about, i.e. your family. I remember one time somebody had a reading and it was brought up that their mission in this life was to get out of tribal consciousness. This person had a wife and four kids and he was totally dedicated to his family, he was a really good breadwinner and he had something that was missing for him. You see you can become part of a family, you can become part of a group – even in religion – and it becomes a tribe because it’s not unconditional love, its love within a small circuit. It can become very addictive and when you attempt to move out of that, it doesn’t mean you have to leave your family. You’ll probably be a better family member once you move into the Law of One, or unconditional love, or being able to hold the loving space in your heart no matter who is around you. One of the predispositions in this realm is “tribalness” and whether that be a family, whether that be a religion, whether that be nationalism, there are many many different kinds of ways of being part of a tribe. There’s a great sense of reward in belonging, except you’re belonging to the physical realm. When you’re belonging here, you have to keep reincarnating here.

Star seeds’ and ‘Wanderers’ are the two names our sources have given for people that come from higher dimensions that take on bodies. We talk to two group souls, and they actually usually talk to us together and then they shift according to who is best at answering the question. Star seeds have been described as from the Elohim; the Elohim who came into this realm. Wanderers is the word Ra group uses for coming into this realm.

This classification of group souls – Elohim and Ra – is, for many people, a new distinction in the way the universe works. If you’re new and haven’t heard me describe this distinction: the Ra group is a huge group soul (that calls itself) a ‘social memory complex.’ It’s like a huge city or country of souls that are all working together to contribute to evolution. They’re made up of entities that have graduated from the physical universe; not necessarily on this planet, other planets or even other star systems. They get to a certain level and they group together and then they act as a team to help planetary populations that are still going through cycles of reincarnation, that are still stuck in this realm. According to my studies, the Ra group was who (spoke) through Edgar Cayce, the Ra group spoke through Carla Rueckert in 1981, the Ra group spoke many of the prophets in history, the Ra group was connected to the incident of Jesus and Jesus might have been a member of the Ra group.

All of that stuff you shouldn’t believe until you study the materials; I did a lot of study to come to the place where I was fairly sure of my conclusions. You shouldn’t believe me; if you haven’t read “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” I highly recommend reading it because half the book is the Ra group. These groups souls say as you read their words, their energy is embedded in their words, just as when Terry channels their energy is embedded in and around Terry’s voice. Reading their words help speed this process of connecting with them. The Ra group has said in a book “as you study us we study you”. So, they can feel us. Some of you are feeling an energy around you; they don’t intrude. If this idea of connecting to an energy in another dimension scares you, or you’re concerned about it, or you’re not sure that it’s positive - they won’t come into your space until you’re comfortable. You can listen to these calls and read the books and decide when and If you get comfortable with that, and if you don’t then this is not the right place for you.

The Ra group is wiser to the ways of the world than the Elohim group; they’re wiser because they’ve had thousands of reincarnation episodes. They’ve had all the experience of this realm; they have somewhat of a direct experience of the suffering here. If they didn’t do what they did, there is a good chance this realm would just float off and be a slave realm owned by the negative. They have worked very closely with humanity, and they work closely with us because they can work closely with us. The Elohim group, even though they have Star seeds, by and large (they) have not come into this realm. They work at a distance, but even that is not exactly true, because as soon as you have learned the Elohim comes in as huge light energy and is very expansive and some of you can sense the expansion when they’re connecting with you.

The Ra group can feel like they’re inside of you; they’re very close. It’s like having a bunch of angels all over your body surrounding you, touching you and being up close. The Ra group can come into your dreams and if you follow the protocols in “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” you can get dream messages from them. That’s what happened to me when I was two years into writing the book and Daphne started channeling; and I asked them and they said “Write your dreams down” and it was crazy because suddenly I’m getting dream messages and I’m thinking “Am I crazy? Can this be real? I must be missing something.” It just kept proving itself over and over to me.

You have to let it prove itself to you; you can’t believe this. This is not something to believe, it’s not a religion. It’s an interaction that has the potential to validate for yourself. For those of you who come under the category of Star seeds and Wanderers, many of the people who are paying attention to my work fit into that category or else they wouldn’t be interested. They’d look for something else. If you come into that category, then the energies will flow more easily because in a sense these energies might be looked at as home, that somewhere you came from those groups and you have an easy resonance to their energies. When you’re on this line if you feel that energy space it says “This is familiar” even if you’ve never experienced it before it feels familiar, because you did experience maybe many lifetimes ago, before you came into physical bodies.

It’s an interesting mechanism by which the universe evolved with us. It evolves itself by having he source of energy – the creation of the universe source – available to connect but they need someone down here to make the connection otherwise they’re just too far away. Then you have the graduates who work more closely, and start talking to prophets and religions and spiritual groups in many cases who are connected to the Ra group and occasionally with the Elohim group. It’s a new look; I say on my website, a new way of understanding the universe. I thought when I first said that, “Who am I to have this new way of understanding the universe?” That’s where you have to read my story, you have to read the books so that your conscious mind can assimilate all the things that seem to indicate that I’ve got it right; that this is a correct viewpoint – not because I say so but because there are many things that tie together. Anyone can look at them and find them if they look. They are scattered throughout history, and I would never even have known to look.

In today’s time period one of the things that is different than at any other time in history is the internet - if you want to look for something it is really easy to find. You don’t have to go to the library, you don’t have to buy books – everything in the world, in some level, is on the internet. I can say that if it was not for the internet I wouldn’t be doing this right now because I couldn’t have done all the research, the cross-referencing that would have convinced me that this was real. I wouldn’t have had the time to do it; I wouldn’t have had the resources to do it. Now, anyone can follow in my tracks and do the research if you know the thing to search for it will come up say “Wow, that fits with this and this fits with this.” It’s a really coherent explanation of evolution.

When you come into these calls, we have the most amazing conversations with our sources. We bring up any topic, and I ask questions and they answer them and certainly Terry does not have the knowledge, not close, to the kinds of questions that I ask her. We can’t be making it up; Terry cannot be delusional – and, then we have miracles! People come on the calls and something phenomenal happens. You just have to keep watching and paying attention. I’m saying all this because we have a lot of new people on the line and I want to encourage you that the fact that you are here: (they’ve said) this is a very rare event that we’re doing here publicly so please take advantage of it. Come into the calls as much as you want and as much as it adds something to you. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s fine if you think we’re all crazy, that’s fine. For many of you this is going to make an incredible difference in your evolutionary path. It’s like a turbo on your path; it’s a turbo-charge. Otherwise you’re just stumbling around in life falling over yourself, many of us. Not all of us, but many of us – getting into bad relationships. You know it’s hard to find something that reflects the purity of your soul back to you. I believe that happens on these calls.

I’m not doing it, I’m a facilitator. My job is to be neutral, ordinary, and transparent and let things unfold. On that note, I’m going to call in the light. The light is already here. When you say an invocation then people think there’s magic in the invocation like, abracadabra. This invocation is actually intentions; it’s a group of intentions, and if you just say it, mumble it - you might as well say ‘coca cola’. But, if you can mean it when you say it and you can track the intent it helps focus the energies. It’s easy for me to do it because the energy is already here. How do I know it’s here? Take a moment and shut your eyes and feel the top of your head. Some of you notice: that we can stop and the energy doesn’t stop, the energy is there. I’m not entertaining you because if I were entertaining you when I would stop talking it would feel awkward, it would feel empty. Like a comedian on stage is telling all these jokes and suddenly stops and says “Ok guys, let’s feel the energy”, people would laugh but he couldn’t do that for very long because he works on a worldly level of telling jokes and keeping people entertained.

This is not entertainment. Take a moment again – we could spend twenty minutes doing a meditation and feeling the energies, because these are the energies of the higher realms I believe. It comes in from the top of your head, your crown chakra. We’re going to do that invocation, and we’re going to ask questions about star seeds and wanderers that perhaps no one in history has ever answered before. Even this idea – how do you know that’s true? When you’re in this realm, if somebody made up that idea from this realm, where would they be? People would think they were crazy – “Oh, you’re from another dimension.” Yet, in science fiction, this is a fairly common idea. There’s a book called “A Stranger in a Strange Land” that is the title of a science fiction book by Robert Hardland that describes wanderers. Terry are you there?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: Before we do this, I want to mention that Dee Collier’s husband is having a hard time with his health problems. I don’t do this for everybody but if somebody is on the calls regularly I do it because I know they are connecting to the energies. If somebody hears the call for the first time and somebody is sick, we just have too many people and it’s not a wise use of time for the highest good of everybody. But when somebody is checking into the calls all the time, then it’s kind of like they have a family feeling that develops. After we call in the light maybe they can send some energy towards Dee’s husband.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here, and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe through the galaxies, through the planets, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now we invoke a group energy for all of those who free-willingly choose to participate. We maintain the sovereign integrity of our souls; so in creating a group energy, we’re not losing ourselves, we’re just connecting to something that always exists; at the same time, we’re still in our separate human body. We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. Take a moment before they talk to us and feel the energy again in the silence and see if you notice a shift. I turn it over to Terry.

Ra’an: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is June 6th, 2011 and we are permeating the atmosphere, the bridge around planet earth and are observant of those individuals who are wishing to connect and reaching to connect with us; and with joy we connect as it has been a long time since we have had such an opportunity as each and every one of you on the call that is open to connecting. It’s been a long time since there have been so many people reaching to connect, and we ask if you have questions.

Wynn: Our topic tonight is Star seeds and Wanderers and the idea that there are many people on our planet who volunteered to come here to be of service. According to the Carla Rueckert channelings, there are more Ra group people here and that 90% of them get lost once they come back down. They caught up in, I think the word she used was the ‘maelstrom’ in this level, in this realm. I think they know that on the other side that when somebody volunteers to come here, they know there’s a 90% chance they’ll get lost but they still come. I think they do that because the 10% that doesn’t get lost makes a tremendous difference in this realm. We’ll just focus on the Ra wanderers, and why don’t I just let you discourse on wanderers?

Ra’an: Thank you. When an individual from the other side decides to incarnate into a body in the third dimension they do not take into account, in most cases, the body systems that they will be inhabiting in the earth system. On the other side they have a body which is more of an astral body, and this body is very much in the individual’s control and at their beck and call and working in harmony with the individual. Once the individual moves into the earth’s plane, they take on a third dimensional body which is more remote and has more body systems operating that are dependent upon the intake and the outgo of energy sources, such as water and food and minerals, vitamins. These can become out of balance and the body becomes harder to control and the body then can take on an atmosphere or life of it’s own; which it is harder to keep in harmony with it. The individual coming from the other side often does not realize that as they move into the veil of the body, the veil of the consensus reality of the others around them, the veil of the family and their prejudices and beliefs – that, as they take on these new ideas and these new cloakings, that it can disrupt their own sensor and can move a being more partially into the third dimension than they would have thought when they were moving from, say the fifth dimension to the third dimension.

This then is reason that many get lost in that they take on the cloaking of the third dimensional belief systems, the third dimensional body systems, the third dimensional problems that can go wrong with body systems and they become immersed, enmeshed in that; as Carla Rueckert would say, the ‘maelstroms of life in the third dimension’. It embroils them in their energies, make tensions in the realm, and they forget why they have come and where they have come from. Those are our comments.

Wynn: How can a person tell if they are a Ra wanderer?

Ra’an: To some degree it will resonate with them. The idea of Ra, the energy once they can sense the energy of the Ra group such as carried in the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce”, it carries Ra energy. An individual then can sense the energies if it resonates with them as familiar energy of home, or a fulfilling energy, then they may have come from the Ra group.

Wynn: One way is that people in the Ra group will resonate with the words of the Ra group, and will identify and connect easily with the wisdom of the Ra group when they read it, yes?

Ra’an: That is correct.

Wynn: How many people, if this can be looked at, are on this planet right now who chose to come back here from the Ra group?

Ra’an: We get sixty million.

Wynn: 60,000,000. Thank you. A question that I asked is, we hear that 90% of them got lost according to Carla Rueckert – on the other side do they not notice that guys are getting lost? Is that information not available?

Ra’an: Yes. Particularly the Elohim notices and the Ra group, some sections of the Ra group also notice, and these individuals are sorely missed. There, among some groups, there is frustration in that they wish to see and be with their friends again, and they feel that their friends aren’t going to be coming back and it is very frustrating for some of us on the other side.

Wynn: Do all members of the Ra group on the other side have astral bodies, or do they fan out into higher dimensions and some of them are pure energy and then the lower ones are fanned out into astral? Which is the correct viewpoint on that?

Ra’an: There are the many with the astral-type bodies, and they can live in an astral-type setting with buildings and rivers and surroundings that they can move in and out of, and the others can, and some prefer it, to not have an astral body in the nature of a human, but to have the astral body in the nature of a ball of energy such as an orb. It makes it easier to travel if the form is of an orb configuration.

Wynn: When we see an orb, is an orb an indication of one soul? And, are orbs always from the Ra group?

Ra’an: Orbs are not always from the Ra group, and it can be one or more souls.

Wynn: Can orbs be of the negative as well?

Ra’an: Give us a moment. Orbs are generally of the positive.

Wynn: Thank you. We’re coming up on 7:00; and, I’d like to ask about the Elohim and maybe it’d be wise to close now on Terry’s behalf and then just continue on the Elohim/Star seeds next week?

Ra’an: You can ask one last question and then continue next week.

Wynn: Okay. The Ra group members that come here are called wanderers, and could you tell us a little bit about Elohim souls that take on bodies? How many Elohim souls have bodies in this realm?

Ra’an: Give us a moment. Elohim souls do not take on a body as readily, if you mean the third dimension and the third density in general.

Wynn: I’m thinking more of just on planet earth.

Ra’an: Yes. We would say approximately twelve million.

Wynn: Okay. And Elohim souls…

Ra’an: They generally group together. They generally come in groups, such as in the Mormons.

Wynn: They come in as groups because they think there is going to be more support and less chance of getting lost, yes?

Ra’an: That’s correct.

Wynn: Ra group does not do the same thing; they don’t come in as groups?

Ra’an: They are more wanderers, and they move into different situations.

Wynn: Okay, we’ll continue this next week. We’ll find out more about the Elohim star seeds; we may ask some questions about Mormons, and see what comes up.

For my own comments, I know that I have observed the differences after having all this cosmology in my face all the time that I started paying careful attention. I started to, just for your own understanding, I can tell you my view of what I would consider a really old Ra soul and an Elohim soul. Pick people that you all know of, and you could pick for example – I’ve never asked this as a question – somebody like Leonard Cohen, the singer, who had all those wise songs and perhaps even Bob Dylan, perhaps - were Ra wanderers, and very evolved Ra wanderers because they demonstrate the wisdom of this realm in their songs.

I believe I’m a Ra wanderer. You don’t have to be that wise to be a Ra wanderer, but I’m giving you examples that I think are true. If you take an Elohim star seed, you would look at Donnie and Marie Osmond when they were younger. They’ve gotten into this realm and you can see they’ve had children that have had problems, they’ve had relationship problems – you can see how it gets screwed up. When they were younger, they had this beautiful angelic radiance and love, and it was unusual. To me, that is one of the signs of an Elohim star seed.

The Elohim, when they come into this realm, don’t have the wisdom of this realm, the maneuverability. But, they have a lot of power, and a lot of charisma and a lot of angelic energy before they get screwed up, if they get screwed up. They also can turn negative; because they have power they can have the ability to control other people. They don’t know why they’re here, they don’t remember it. But, they know because of their ability to control people they can create subservience and making life easier in this realm by having people subservient to them.

Even historically, when you use the religious terminology which all of this fits in with religious terminology but not in such a limited vocabulary. If we talk about fallen angels you could be looking at Elohim souls that came into this realm and had a lot of power and were able to use their power to try to create control mechanisms over others in the realm.

Gjis: Wynn, can you send some love light to Dee Collier’s husband?

Wynn: Yeah, maybe we can close and if there is any message to Dee Collier for her husband you can include that in the closing and we’ll say goodbye. Thank you, Gjis, for reminding me.

Do our sources have any closing comments?

Ra’an: Thank you. We see that there is more than one source of pain, and pain is an imbalance in electrical potential in an area; and we suggest Dee get other information on possible consultant doctor from Terry and Wynn, and we send love light to Dee and her husband and also everyone on the line; and thank everyone for your participation. Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you. Thank you all for being here. Take a moment; let’s send love to Dee’s husband. We don’t usually do this on our Monday calls, but we do take questions on stuff like this on our Wednesday calls and it’s always better if someone has been on the calls regularly, the energy flows better. Otherwise, people actually are not connecting to the energy and they just expect magic to happen. Sometimes magic happens; but usually it’s with people that have connected to the energy. The more you connect to the energy, the more you can be a relay station for the energy and the people you care about. It’s just like we’re being a relay station here on this call for our planet, and without a relay station, no one can feel the energy. People are insulated in their own lives.

On that note, I thank you all for being here. And, if you have questions for Wednesday’s call: Don’t try to sensor, just as long as you’re willing to have it asked publicly there’s a good change we’ll ask it. We’ll see you all next time.







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