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                                                                              Ra'An Transcription

                                                                           June 8, 2011 Wednesday


This is Wednesday, June 8, 2011, and this is the question and answer call because people submit questions and we answer them.

There is a lady on the line, Diane, who came to my very first public talk where I talked about the Elohim talking to me. Prior to that I was only talking about the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, and it was in Pasadena and we did a workshop afterward. Of course, I had no idea how to do this. I never knew how it would go or what would happen and I never dreamed we would be doing public channelings with a voice that says they are the creator gods of this realm and people would take it seriously and not only that, I did not want to be solemn.  I wanted to be myself and to be sure that we never ever had anything negative come through, because when you do a public channeling like this once it's done, it's done. You can't take it back. It's been like going to the university of the cosmos for the past years and learning how to do this. Terry has been very dedicated and her intent is so high I am never concerned that there will be a bleed through from anything negative. When she channels these groups, she is part of the group. She has a very nice conscious mind and so it is fine.


In any case, we are going to do an invocation, bring in the light, which we already have but this is the formal way of doing it.


(Wynn calls in the light)


We await the identification of our Sources for tonight's questions.


Ra'An: This is Ra'An and we greet you in the love-light of the One Infinite Creator. This is June 8th, 2011 and we are pleased to make this connection and move through your sphere and connect with each and every person on the line who wishes to be connected. We are here and are available to each and every one of you. We bring a whiff within the fragrances that we bring. We bring a whiff of home. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes we do. This is a general question. When our karma has been balanced and resolved, is it possible for the Higher Self soul to answer no to our request for pain free health?


Ra'An: Thank you for your question. Pain free health involves a working of the body, wherein the body is at the correct potential for the operation of each organ in the body and the organs have their correct potential. When the potential is low, when there is not enough electrical charge in a body system then that system experiences pain. It is an acidic type of balance that that part of the body is in. To correct the pain, the individual body system needs to move into the correct potential. This potential would be a more alkaline outlay; a more alkaline setting, as the alkalinity become higher, then the body has more electrons available. These electrons when they are of a sufficient number and can create healing with the body system, then the body system can heal and release it's pain. If the individual intention is for healing, yet the individual has a body system that is acidic and in a low electrical potential, that needs to be raised for the pain to be released. Telling jokes can release charge and can in some ways increase the electrical potential and free up the system. There has been people who have laughed themselves to be healed. If the individual is asking to be healed but yet still abusing the body, then if the Elohim and the higher forces heal the body, yet the individual keeps the same acidic body then eventually the healing will erode. There are ways to navigate through life with a body form that will enable the body to move without pain. So if the answer is no to the lessening of the pain, it is because all of the aspects considered within the body system and the intention of the person and their dietary habits and their thought processes, as not only physical things like food can lower the body potential, but also thoughts can depress the system. You notice when there is danger suddenly the body perks up and becomes more alert. There is a chemical reaction and this reaction sets the adrenaline going so the body does react chemically to what is going on in the surroundings. If there are surroundings that are particularly difficult and trigger the adrenaline to be released often, then this can deplete the adrenal system. So it is a complex series of equations that end up in a result of where the person physically is at any one time. Some persons to get rid of pain can be moved easily to a higher potential and the pain can leave. Other individuals have many layers of impacted abuse or stickiness in the area of the body, for instance, the thought processes in relationship to the food eaten would be two levels that one would need to move through. If the food eaten was of a more acidic nature and the thoughts were more depressed or the person was under stress. To move through different layers would involve the removing of different influences in the body. It is not necessarily true that it would take longer if there were many layers, if the person was open to the changes. If the person prays and the pain continues, do not give up your prayers. At first, the prayer may not catch because another layer is not being addressed by the person or it is close to healing. As the person continues to pray, then they may find coincidences, information, as when they pray they become alerted to the fact that there is something to be learned, or to be connected with; there is something that can be done. So the more a person would pray for a certain outcome, the more alert he becomes to solutions within the environment.


We wish to give, at some point, a little more information about autism in children. That is the answer to your question.


Wynn: Thank you. I had asked when do you know when your karma is balanced and resolved.


Ra'An: Thank you. That is a wonderful question as some people do not know when their karma is balanced and when it is resolved and they may have an overpayment of their debt as they make it their habit, and as a way of life they may continue a karmic pattern. If a person senses a duty to complete a karmic pattern, as they reach the completion point, it lightens. If they are sensitive to that then they can use this as a trigger to let the karma go.


Wynn: Thank you.

This is from Ame, not sure how to pronounce her name. I feel like I have been on a spiritual path search for many years, trying to uncover my soul's purpose, passion, life path and gifts, but to no avail. I have tried meditating, recording dreams, journaling, read many books on the matter and have asked for guidance through prayer but have still not discovered the answer. What would Source energy suggest I do in order to discover these answers?


Ra'An: This is a very good question. You can look at what you are actually doing in your life as this will give you clues as to what your path and purpose are. Sometimes when something is there, much as the surroundings in your environment and in your desire to help, you can observe your inclinations and you can get clues. If it is positive and brings you joy then move ahead. If it is not positive, then it may not be your path. How can you know when it's positive? If you resonate, if your life force picks up, if your life's force gets stronger, if you experience love, even a little bit, or if you experience joy in the giving of an action. If you experience an interaction. You can distinguish between joy without strings and joy that is seeking a thing in return. If it is merely seeking joy at seeing another's radiant face or at walking down a path and communing with nature. It does not have to be something really big. It can be the little things. Observe what brings you joy and what moves you as love can provide much fulfillment and can come from just the simplest things. If you learn to live with love, then this can be one of the greatest purposes there is.


Wynn: Thank you.

I might mention that if you are not coming into the Sunday calls, you should come into the Sunday calls for a whole series for at least a month. You should download it and listen to the meditation I do on Sundays. It's not long, about twelve minutes and it's a personal meditation where we bring the energies in and see if you can feel the energies. Play it once a day, the twelve minutes and see if you can feel the energies. Meditations are just techniques, and unless they come with an expanded matrix, you are still bouncing off your own walls. Some people have mantras where they repeat a word in order to get into a meditative state. If somebody gave you a mantra which made you totally loved when they gave it to you and they attached all those energies to the words and when you said those words it would invoke all those energies again. On the other hand, if you read those words in a book and kept saying them over and over again, it might be a lot harder to connect with the energy because we relate to things according to how they are delivered to us. Some people chase around, looking for this technique and that technique, but in most cases they don't find what they are looking for, because the key is the love, care and energy from the higher realms that gets transmitted into your body system, making that connection. That's what meditation has the potential for. So come to our Sunday calls and see if you can feel the energies and if you do, you might want to join our Team Shift program where people meet for ten minutes a day and they call in the light like we did and they alternate. This has been like a test program and I said, I don't know if this will work. If you need me to call in the light and you have to keep coming back in, that's dependence and I don't really like dependence, so you can learn on Team Shift, you can do it yourself. I don't have an exclusive on it. It helps you learn to have a high intent. It's a small group of people that get to know each other and you don't have to feel so isolated out there. If that's appealing, then go to and just fill out the form and Edna will get back with you and get you into Team Shift.


Now we have a question from Philip who lives in Topanga Canyon, California, and he has a very sophisticated knowledge about esoteric metaphysical things and he even uses words here in his question that I am not sure what they are, although I think I do. I am going to interpret his words and I hope I get it right. This is about Buddhism. There are two kinds of Buddhism and one of them is, you become enlightened and sit in a cave and withdraw from the world and the other kind of Buddhism is where you are in the world and the resolution is that until each person is free in the world, you are not free. There are two different approaches We are going to get our Sources take on this. Certainly Jesus presented the second kind of Buddhism, although I don't really like to call him a Buddhist. I turn this question over to or Sources and the question Philip is asking is he wants to know what is the better way to lead people he is influencing on the path.


Ra'An: Thank you. There is, as you mention free will and individuals who are on their path, or not on their path in the 3rd dimension or even lower, are sometimes so ingrained into demonic influence that it is hard, if not impossible, at that particular time, to interface with them. So a path that would include all individuals and helping all could go on endlessly and even expose one to evil and harsh circumstances where there would be no purpose as the number of spirits in that circumstance would drag one down. You are the source and so to work with those who are ready for change can be a good middle road. Also, when you mentioned staying in the realm or staying in the project until all souls are brought home or moved to a better place, can take a tole on the individual. We would recommend that the individual come home to the higher realms to replenish and refurbish themselves; to come back and drink from the fountain of love and to replenish their own resources before they would go back and undertake more life points in their service to mankind. The other way, the opposite side of the coin, to sit in a cave and to meditate and become spiritual in that way, we see that an individual can make progress that way, however, with give and take from their fellows and doing service for mankind, can provide a whole growth experience and upliftment that one cannot find in living in a meditative state totally. In a meditative state, one often seeks to find the higher realms. When they are in the 3rd dimension, often they have come to the 3rd dimension to interact and to grow and to provide service, and if they hide out or seclude themselves in a cave in their meditative state commune with the higher forces, it is an attempt to escape from living their life. Contact with difficulties and lessons that can be learned within life in the 3rd dimension. If they are using the meditative state as an escape then that would not be recommended. If they are using the meditative state in purification then it could have a place. So it is a choice that an individual would make. Those are our comments on those choices.


Wynn: Thank you. That is a great answer. I was wondering how are they going to answer that. I think when a person moves into a spiritual place, it's like a seed that is growing and they need a lot of seclusion. They are sensitive to other people's energies and they are moving out of patterns that other people are still projecting on them. So they want to move out of those patterns and they don't want to be around people and they might spend a lot of time alone. Maybe they might even spend a couple of lifetimes alone, who know these processes take. At a certain point, if they are really succeeding in their work, they get to the place where they can be around other people and they don't get pulled off center. They stay right in the middle of themselves. Because they are around people they do far more service then they would have done just staying alone but they don't have to stay alone anymore because they have gotten strong in keeping their energies together. So those are some of my thoughts on that and it's not this way or that way.

Another thing is that if you are committing yourself to every creature to get redeemed, in this realm there are a huge amount beings who don't want to get redeemed, they want to stay here and do what they are doing. So why would you want to commit yourself to people who are not making an attempt to uplift themselves or move into the Law of One.

Those people are going to come back many lifetimes so now you are going to have to come back many lifetimes and probably fail for a million years until they get tired of this realm and so those are just other thoughts of mine on this.

We have a question from Chase and Gary which we will get to next week. On that note we will bring this session to a close. Again I mention Team Shift, it's very powerful and if you do it, commit to it for at least a month, don't just go in once and say oh, it's not working. There is a lot of balancing of energies and it is a very great opportunity to find fellow human beings who are on a higher path. When people who are on a higher path come together, it creates opportunities that don't exist when you are just around people who are living in the world in worldly ways. It creates interactions and often times people on a higher path often feel isolated and this is great opportunity for free to do something that might work for you.

I thank everybody, I thank all of you. I thank the volunteers. I thank Terry and Daphne.









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