Sunday Grid Healing call 6/12/11


Transcriber: Gina Brown

Wynn: Good morning everyone on the call and listening to the replay line. This is our Sunday grid healing call and it's one of our most amazing calls I think. Those who are regulars on the call many of you noticed this amazing phenomenon that on this call as we can feel energies from other realms. I'd say that's not so unusual as many other spiritual groups can feel the energy (when I was young I attended a spiritual group) but it has intelligence- there is a field that connects us all as we are all one field. As we’ve experiences on these calls there's this field of energy that connects us all. In that field energy there's intelligence. That intelligence can move and direct the field according to criteria of service and who's holding that field of energy in any given location. That's what we do on this call so these intelligences have a highway in this realm. People get healings, change attitudes, get connected. Sometimes it's hard to know on a planetary level but on a personal level we can feel the changes.

Terry often comes back and tells me she sees shifts then occasionally something gets reported that in the newspapers that normally wouldn't happen with cause-and-effect. What’s most unusual about these calls not only do we feel energies (if you don't, be patient with yourself it takes time to move your own stuff) it's a calm feeling, some people feel goosebumps – energy starts to come into the body and begins to tingle. Some can feel it in their bodies, some feel the energy moving to the bodies, some see flects and distortions in the air. Some who are very psychic and intuitive even may say that they've seen these beings - they see the energy coming into the space. It's different for each person depending on their makeup. Sometimes in between calls you feel a shift and their energies between the calls. Now you are developing a relationship with these intelligences with no bodies. They want to connect and help us. It's almost vital they help us at this time with the planet.

We did a call on wanderers and star seeds that we will be continuing next Monday and many of you chose to come into this realm to be a liason for these energies. You used to be one of them and you came from those groups- you volunteered to do this. It doesn't exalt you, but you are able to be of service like the ground crew- we are putting love light energy into Earth's core around us. We’ll now put things in the light – create intention and focus it as we said to ourselves or someone else or to worldly situation and ask for transformation for the highest good of all concerned and for free will. The emphasis is on planetary healing session and we can do some personal feelings and for others but let's limit it. Connect your energy with the other person inside you, because you are an energy conduit for the other person it's like magic. I am a conduit for these group souls like you are conduit for other people.

Suzanne, LA – I'd like to put in the light a 17-year-old old girl runaway and she's with horrible people now. We have a program for her to enter that’s drug related for troubled teens so I ask the energies to work with the love and the body and help her to accept the light to come towards her. Her name is Liberty or she's also called “Libby” Bunch.

Wynn: Stay centered in the love for her because you are her mom and she's automatically has a consciousness with you. If you worry she’ll pick up should pick up on it and that will not help her in her situation.

Suzanne I'm actually her aunt, so also send realization to her mom as she’s in denial that her daughter needs help.

Gary- Redondo Beach – I'd like to put my colleague in the light Cindy Pophager she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she lives in Sterling; Massachusetts.

Cinda- I put myself in the light, hand in the light, and my adrenal and endocrine system in the light for a whole body spiritual healing.

Jean- I put Mother Earth for ascension and rebirthing and the Missouri River from flooding.

Donna- New Jersey- I like to put me in the light for miracle of total body healing from a fall and for my neck and brain and to Jason and his mother. He's on psychiatric drugs and heart medication to help him to get off drugs and to solve his financial situation for his total body healing.

Jan- Ontario- Good morning Wynn and Terry I ask for guidance in continued spiritual growth to open the heart chakras and service to others.

Thomas-Darden; Tennessee. I’d like to put Holly Bobo in the light and the rain and the weather conditions and for our farmers.

Don- Florida- I like to put my younger son in the light as he has issues with drugs and alcohol.

Wynn: What your son's name?

Don: Steven.

Wynn: As I said before don't let your worry and concern get in the way of your love energy or he'll feel that. In the long term consistency will draw him to you. Everyone is a radio antenna and when you put out worry you're not putting out your best energies for him. When someone does detrimental things to themselves they think they’re no good and think others feel the same way about them, so support him.

Edna- I'd like to put my right elbow injury for healing in the light.

Wynn: Anyone else?

Lori- San Carlos: Hi Wynn and Terry I'd like to put all negative thoughts of the collective for cataclysm and fear and poverty consciousness for healing and transformation to positive love for healing and to bless and free the powers of nature from imperfection and impurities. I also like to add my cousin Jack Rushton and we were planning his funeral he's a quadriplegic while he woke up and he's back to normal we were going to unplug him and he came out of the coma and it's really miraculous and unexpected and this happened just a few days after we put him in the light last week.

Donna- I like to get the energy to dissolve HAARP and the weather being manipulated also the chem trail resolutions as well. I can feel the weather changes and I can't take it anymore so I send it back from where it came.

Susan- Mesa- I've a friend Eleanor and she was diagnosed with liver cancer and she's had traditional treatment but I ask that she be put in the light for healing.

Jean- South Dakota- All animals and all the children in the light and the new Madrid fault and that's it.

Michael: I'd like to put the energy of transformation and of allowing to reduce the resistance so everyone can take their next step and I like to put in the energy of discernment as a lot of things don't make sense out there and free speech and Internet neutrality and I put myself in the light for healing.

Joanna- Eureka- I put myself in the light for healing and I have nowhere to go to a safe place to live and it's very tough out there and for others in the same situation for diagnosis and a safe living place.

Wynn: Okay and next.

Marcia- I like to put my friend Jim Cole and his safety and life and protection for all who manufacture holistic modalities that they have freedom and that they aren’t harmed and funding for all food intended folks and a divine intervention of the dissolution of the cruelty of factory farms, raw milk and to end cruelty.

Wynn: Thank you.

Ann- Tahoe- The air, water, Earth in the light and make sure the rocks, trees, all hoping to harmonize balance and healing within.

Wynn: Does anybody have any planetary things to put in the light?

Marcia: Farmers.

Lori- San Carlos-All the food and water sources everywhere.

Cinda- the Whales and Dolphins in the light especially those in the West Coast.

Ann: And thank them.

Cinda: And thank them.

Marcia: To find all radiation affecting them on top of that.

Wynn: Let's put radiation in Japan and whatever can be done to transmute it and half life it and anything that can be done in the area. What is actually happening is way worse than what has been reported on the news even though a lot of it is not being reported anymore.

Gary: Intervention in Syria

Horst- Ontario Canada- The hearts of the leaders of all nationalities and the nations and the hearts of the commanders of HAARP and military also a personal healing and for Danielle.

Wynn: How is she?

Horst: I don't know I don't have any new information.

Cindy- Peoria- I ask the water and flooding and to make it to its destination with the least amount of damage.

Wynn: And next.

Lisa: I'd like to put planet Earth and the freedom to buy supplements and grow food.

Donna- I'd like put myself and my daughter Danielle in the light for reunion and relationship help.

Marcia GMO’s in the light and divine intervention to restore the DNA of original seeds on Earth.

Caller: And the care of the magnetic grid of the planet is damaged by HAARP projects.

Wynn: My understanding is that the grids are changing because of the shift.

Caller: No, I don't agree with that.

Wynn: (calls in the light) Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect everyone on this line. We see ourselves radiating the flow of energy through the center of the universe down through our galaxy down to the solar system down to the planetary fields and through our bodies and through the center of the Earth. We invoke our positive sources to join us as we maintain the sovereign integrity of our souls and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. We now turn it over to our Sources who will give us a verbal message as we connect with our Sources

Terry: ( RA’AN ) We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator. In these times we're in life on your planet for some is more difficult- we form a band of loving energy and safety for each and every one of you and we connect to those who seek connection and who have asked. We see what you've asked for to be integrated and for negativity to be dissolved and healing brought to your soul matrix connections. We take a moment as we connect and bring in the Dolphins and Whales as they are of a higher nature and can experience the higher energies and love. The Dolphins and Whales as a group of the energies when we do these connections, harmonize with our group intention for healing. For the planet, for the children, for the teachers, for the individuals who are in any way having a hard time coping in 3-D through health, financial deprivation or through distribution problems in the area of food with the ability to purchase adequate food or through interferences based upon individuals making and distributing organic foods to sustain life to the highest degree. We are here with you- you're not alone. There's assistance available and when you ask for assistance it's heard. We are there.

We are aware of your requests of transformation of HAARP and other negative programs that bring imbalance in your sphere. The sphere has its own correction but when put in HAARP to change the weather and change the configuration of energy on the higher atmosphere there are adjustments Earth makes that are not considered within the long-range plans of individuals they only consider short range immediate effects. They don't take into account the other effects . We do not see these programs lasting forever and we thank you for pointing out what you've seen.

These problems of strange weather are not coming from the reconfiguration of energy due to the position of the planet in the galaxy. They are using these energies to cover what they are doing however, these energies of the planet are being shifted by the location of the planet in the galaxy and these energies are making changes also and are bringing some benefit to mankind and the atmosphere surrounding the planet. People are becoming more psychic and connected with the higher realms. It is easier to move evolution of mankind into a higher place at a higher rate of change towards good and also bringing in children of higher frequencies- they have higher frequencies and abilities and perceptions and (entities of lower vibration) are unable to succeed or take bodies in the Earth sphere right now.

We send love light to Liberty as she's a child of the higher energies and as her name signifies she's seeking liberty as she comes from a place of liberty and we send love and light to her.

We send love and light to each and every person who asked for personal healing all the same time and each and every one of you for healing for that specific area. It's with appreciation that we thank you for your vulnerability to ask. It's the first step in creating a situation for change to be brought through.

We send love and light to Danielle in Canada for healing and further establishment for viable nerve system and healing within her body.

We send love light to Donna and to the individual she's praying for and connection of a higher nature which is already there with her daughter Danielle.

We send love and light to the Internet -the place where information is made available. We send love and light towards making the internet strong in this manner.

We take a look at Syria and the people striving for freedom of expression and to throw off the binding situations.

We take all Japan's nuclear reactors and transmutation of radioactive substances. We move through these reactors and work through the radiation and the radioactive particles and we transmute and we extend our field to all the radioactive particles and work with the individuals affected to strengthen their system so that they are not so affected.

We ask that any area of flooding be receded and the ground be able to handle it quickly and adequately. All other things that others put in the light: Jim Cole- strengthening of his system to be able to handle detriment that has come his way and gain discernment to respond and how to connect so he can be of service in a manner he’s so good at.

We send love and light to Holly Bobo who has crossed over and help to her in any negative connection via the perpetrator that be cut and that she may move into complete healing.

We send love and light to Steven that he may come out of his alcohol state and may gradually climb up to to solid ground.

We send love and light to any part of anybody listening such as Edna whose asked for that healing of that part of the body.

We send love and light to Earth for rebirth and strengthening of the grid system and magnetic fields.

We send love and light to Cindy for her problems with her breast.

We send love and light to Jason that he eventually have wider choices so he can get off the drugs eventually as there is a dependency to help alleviate tension for only a short time. So much is forgotten that leads a person into a box which can connect them to farther falling down forces. It's only a short fix and it's not even a fix at all.

We send love light to Joanna for a safe place to live and for an environment where people may give her proper love she so disturbing by proper change in location.

We send love and light to the person with liver cancer for healing.

We send love and light to the New Madrid fault that it may take all the water that's moved past it and may remain strong as it's held up.

We send love and light to all the people everywhere for continued growth that they've open up their heart channels.

We send love and light to Cinda for her entire body system and endocrine system and her hand.

We send love and light to the leaders of all the nations to open up their hearts and to have and make different choices and they have help to see their own future to open up their hearts.

We send love and light to farmers everywhere as they are so important. We send love and light to each and every person on the line and we have a profound appreciation for this connection as we feel like a family who has discovered parts of the family who are on a travel journey and are now in communication with the rest of their family which is the higher aspects of all and it's our group the Elohim and the RA group. We love each and every one of you more than you can possibly imagine. Adonai. We leave but we do not leave.







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